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With the hot and humid summer months just around the corner the gnats will be breeding and multiplying. These pesky insects come out at dusk and swarm almost everywhere. Inside, these insects will be seen by the fruit bowl and in your sink drains.


If there are any decaying or fermenting areas around, you are going to have to collect and dispose of the substance because this is where the female gnat is going to put her 300 eggs. If you see any gnats in your plants, you?ll want to buy some sand and place a thick layer on the top soil of the plant pot. You can bake the sand too in case any gnats are in the sand. Let the soil dry out by the sunlight. Gnats are known as fruit flies or vinegar flies because of their attraction to the smell of vinegar and rotten foods.

Purchasing bags of soil might have the larvae inside it. Adult gnats lay their eggs in the soil and in 2 weeks, the eggs hatch and become adult gnats. This is going to destroy the roots of the plants but you can kill the larvae with a larvicide called gnatrol.

Cleaning your garden is another way to rid yourself of the gnats. You will have to find their breeding ground so you?ll want to look near any water that is stagnant or near a water fountain or a bird bath. Not only are gnats attracted to any standing water, they are attracted to light. Replace incandescent light bulbs and put in sodium light bulbs. Any other sort of garbage in your yard should also be cleaned.

One home remedy is to mix mint leaves, stems and cooking oil in a blender, strain this mixture and pour it into a spray bottle and spray the area. Another way you can rid the gnats is if you have a moist soil, you can rake the dirt and let the sunlight hit it so that it can dry to prevent fungus from growing. You can use some sprays to treat the soil afterwards. These sprays are found wherever gardening supplies are sold. A bowl of apple cider vinegar with saran wrap and you can puncture some holes in the plastic will work too. Place it outside and watch as the gnats will be attracted to the cider and get trapped. Gnats love the smell of vinegar, if you mix vinegar with dish soap water; the gnats will go to this mixture and become trapped in the soap.

There are many ways to get rid of gnats but you will need to be patient and soon enough, the pesky insects will not be a problem for you.