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Identifying the Root of the Problem

Imagine this — you’re shampooing your hair in your shower room when the phone suddenly rings. You answer the call and leave your hair half-rinsed. This careless act leaves your hair lifeless. Say hello to hair build-up!

Hair build up may be caused by different factors, on top of which are hair products you usually use like curling iron, shampoo, hairspray or gel sticks. The residues left on your hair contribute to the development of build-up, especially when these residues mix with mineral deposits in the water.

Hair build-up must be removed because it prevents thorough conditioning and cleansing. Hair build-up prevents you from styling your hair the way you want it to, because the build-up blocks the chemicals from entering the shaft of your hair. Can you imagine not being able to dye or perm your hair? Learn how to get rid of hair build-up with these easy-to-follow tips:

Removing Hairspray Residue Build-Up

Aside from your hair’s natural grease, you can also develop hair build-up by using hair products excessively. Hairspray is a common product that causes build-up because it sticks hair together with just a few droplets of resins or chemical glue. The hard films that gather the strands of your hair together is the polymer resin. Even when you expose your hair to high humidity, your hairstyle will still look the same because hairspray is designed to be water resistant. Hair build-ups are formed because residues cannot be easily washed off using water alone.

Sometimes, a high quality shampoo can wash residues off. Then again, if you use hairspray and a styling heated tool at the same time, hair build can’t be washed off with soap or shampoo. You will have to use products with strong chemicals to fight the build up.

Resins are soluble in solvents. You can remove hair build up from hairspray residue with rubbing alcohol. You can also use ethanol or a nail polish remover that has ethyl acetate or acetone.

Decreasing Grease Build-Up

The presence of grease in your hair signifies that build-up is about to form. Hair build-up due to greasy hair does not only make your hair difficult to manage but also makes your hair look unpleasing. Follow these easy tips to banish greasy hair and build-up.

1. Daily Hair-Washing If you wash your hair everyday, you’ll basically have no problems as hair build-up will not have a chance. Daily hair washing means clearing out hair grease everyday.

2. Products Made for Oily Hair — Buy hair products like shampoos and conditioners that are labeled with tags such as “for dry hair”, or “for thick hair only.” To avoid grease hair build-up, use products made for oily hair only. Some manufacturers run an oily hair care line that you will find helpful in reducing hair grease. If you reduce the grease on your hair, you will also be preventing grease build-up to form.

3. Use Moderately – The amount of shampoo or conditioner you use on your hair does not determine how much grease you are removing. Use shampoo and conditioner moderately because using too much of these hair products will take away the natural oil on your hair. The pores on your scalp may also get clogged, leading to more hair grease and build-up formation.

After using your favorite shampoo and conditioner, make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. Whatever is left of the shampoo or conditioner will clog the pores on your scalp.

Last Minute Tips

You may not believe it, but vinegar can do wonders on your hair. Since vinegar is acidic, it effectively takes away the silicone forms found in conditioners and shampoos. Vingear breaks done extra oils and removes excess glycerin from your crown. The acid smoothens your hair shaft, making the strands less prone to damage and breakage. In short, vinegar does not only help you get rid of hair build-up but also makes your hair shiny.

The good thing about using vinegar is that you don’t have to tolerate its stench everytime you use it on your hair. You can combine it with different spices, flowers or herbs like rose hips, parsley, rosemary, lavender buds, chamomile and calenmdula petals. Use these spices, flowers and herbs if you can’t take the smell of vinegar on your hair.

With these easy-to-follow steps, getting rid of hair build-up can be easy. Get that build-up off your hair before you turn off all the guys.

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  1. Ther best way for me to get rid of builup is a sugar-shampoo-mix scalp scrub. After a soft massage all over, I can feel my scalp thanking me….

    I use brown sugar (dissolves less easily) but white sugar will also do, and organic shampoo.

  2. Follow the advice here and your hair will stay dry and unmanageable. Previous commenter Alice is on the right track. Avoid silicones and polyquaterniums in styling products and harsh sulfates in shampoos and you’ll be fine.

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