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Hand wrinkles not only look unflattering, they also give away someone’s age. Leave them alone for a long time and they will increase, making your hands look even worse. Those wrinkles, permanent as they may seem, can actually be removed through proper measures, topical solutions and cosmetic surgery. You can try the various solutions, so you can preserve your skin’s youth.

Hand Wrinkle Removal

Hand wrinkles, depending on their severity, can be addressed by particular methods. Faint wrinkles are removed by using simple techniques like the application of hand cream or chemical peel. Deep wrinkles and discolorations, on the other hand, can only be removed through surgery. You have the option of trying the simplest methods first before opting for surgery. Better yet, you can consult your dermatologist so you can be advised on which treatment method to apply.

  • Hand Cream – Hand creams are specially formulated to moisturize and soften skin. Incidentally, they can also remove faint wrinkles, given their skin-smoothening property. Rub a generous amount of cream at the back of your hands and the faint wrinkles will gradually fade. Once they disappear, continue applying the cream regularly, since it can prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Drink Lots of Water – Drinking water hydrates the body, keeping skin soft and supple. Given its benefit on your skin, you can combine the habit of drinking lots of water with the other treatments. Your well-hydrated skin will eventually straighten out and lose wrinkles, paving the way for younger-looking skin. Maintain the habit even after the wrinkles have disappeared. Proper skin hydration lowers the chances for wrinkles to reappear.
  • Hand Chemical Peel – The chemical peel is a pretty effective solution for treating hand wrinkles. Its potent formulation causes the skin to peel, removing layers of dead cells, including wrinkles. Apply a good amount on your hand. During the next few days, your skin will dry up then flake off. Peel off the flaking skin to reveal your hand with zero or a reduced number of wrinkles. In its absence, you can substitute it with a strongly formulated facial peel.
  • Dermatologists’ Chemical Peel – If the commercially sold products do not produce your desired results, you can visit your dermatologist. He or she will apply a series of chemicals, much stronger than regular chemical peels, that let your skin peel off. After removing the layers of dead skin, you might be surprised with the results.
  • Cosmetic Surgery – If all the other methods don’t work, your only recourse is to have the wrinkles surgically removed. Dermatologists use a sand blaster-like device that tapers off crumpled layers of skin. The surface is then polished, producing young and healthy-looking skin. Aside from removing wrinkles, the treatment is also used for modifying skin tone and preserving the skin’s youthful appearance. The only drawback is, the surgical procedure is quite pricey, so better have some cash to spare.

Removing wrinkles require some patience. It may take several applications before the effects of the hand cream take effect. As for the chemical peel, the peeling period lasts for about two to three days. Just switch methods, if there is no or very little progress after a few applications. Consult your dermatologist from time to time, other solutions can be administered.

Hand Wrinkle Prevention

Hand wrinkles, after their removal, can always make a comeback, if you don’t give proper care to your skin. After all, they are the formal signs of aging. In addition, constant exposure to chemicals and ultraviolet rays hasten the appearance of these things. You must do the necessary measures to keep your skin guarded from wrinkles.

  • Eat a Balanced Diet – Eating a balanced diet leads to having smooth glowing skin. Nutritious food help preserve the skin’s natural beauty, preventing the early appearance of wrinkles. Combine the diet with lots of water, so the skin will be properly hydrated, which keeps the appearance of wrinkles at bay.
  • Wear Sunblock on Your Hands during Hot Days – Harsh ultraviolet rays can dry and irritate skin, promoting the appearance of hand wrinkles. Protect your hands from exposure to too much sunlight by wearing sunscreen. Apply liberal amounts to the back of your hands and they will stay hydrated, even during the hottest days of summer.
  • Wear Gloves when Using Chemicals – Doing the laundry and cleaning involve the use of chemicals that can irritate your skin. Clearly, you need a form of protection. Wear rubber gloves when handling chemicals, so your hands are shielded from their harsh effects.
  • Hand Cream – Hand cream not only removes wrinkles, it also prevents them from appearing. Purchase a reputable brand and include its use in your daily routine.
  • Consult Your Dermatologist – The dermatologist, trained to treat every skin condition, can give you the best advice and skin care products to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. He or she can administer the right treatments and apply the best wrinkle prevention methods on your hands.

The means for preventing the appearance of skin wrinkles work best when combined. Properly apply each of the preventive measures and chances are, your skin will stay healthy for a pretty long time.

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