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So, you’ve got a hangover. You went out drinking and now you’ve got a throbbing head, upset stomach, you are trembling, experiencing fatigue, and dry mouth. You’re not alone. About 75% of people who drink to the point of intoxication report experiencing a hangover at least some of the time. You are not alone!

A hangover is a terrible way to end a night of fun and it can cause you to miss out on important life events and work the following day (if not several days!) This article will give you 8 suggestions on how to get rid of a hangover, or even prevent it from happening in the first place, so you can still have a fun night out and feel fine and refreshed the following day.

1. Drink water.

Water will help to treat the dehydration portion of the hangover and can improve your headache symptoms. While you’re out drinking, try to have at least one glass of water for every alcoholic drink that you drink. Then, try to drink a tall glass of water before you go to bed and another one when you wake up in the morning.

Continue to drink water throughout the day to ensure that you stay hydrated. You will be surprised at how much water loss you experience after a night on the sauce!

2. Eat complex carbohydrates.

Bland, carb-containing foods like toast or crackers may help to treat the low-blood sugar issues caused by alcohol. Eating these foods can help to ease the symptoms of nausea that you feel while hung over.

There is a reason they call it ‘drunk food!’ While it may not be the healthiest, consider indulging in your favorite pizza, pasta, or Asian food after a late night of drinking to help avoid a hangover. This will also help soak up the excess liquor in your system.

3. Load up on electrolytes.

Foods that are high in the electrolytes salt and potassium can help to decrease the dehydration that you experience during a hangover. Try eating a banana and a pretzel, but other potassium rich foods should do the job as well. Consider trying Swiss chard, dried apricots, and potatoes along with something salty.

4. Drink ginger or peppermint tea.

Certain types of herbal teas are known for their stomach-calming effects. Ginger and peppermint tea can be particularly effective at helping to treat the nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea symptoms associated with alcohol. Because alcohol can also lower your immune system, this is a great way to fight off a cold at the same time!

5. Get enough sleep.

When a friend tells you to “sleep it off”, they might not be wrong. Getting enough sleep can help you fight off the fatigue that you experience with your hangover and can help get you back to normal sooner. Getting enough sleep is an important step any day of the week, of course!

6. Try an aspirin or ibuprofen.

If your headache symptoms continue, an anti-inflammatory drug like Aspirin or Advil can help to relieve the pain. It should be noted, however, that those drugs are hard on the stomach and should be avoided if you are experiencing nausea or gastro-intestinal pain. You should also avoid taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) after a hangover because alcohol metabolism makes acetaminophen more toxic to the liver.

Of course, the best cure for a hangover is really prevention. The following tips will help you to plan your night so that you can avoid having to deal with a hangover in the first place.

7. Consume alcohol in moderation.

The severity of a hangover is proportional to the amount of alcohol that you drink. If you drink more alcohol, your hangover will be worse. If you drink less, your hangover won’t be as bad. The Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines can help you to make smarter decisions when it comes to drinking so that you’re less likely to feel the nasty effects of a hangover afterwards.

8. Choose alcohol that is low in congeners.

The severity of an alcohol hangover can be associated with the type of alcohol you drink. If you want to minimize your chances of a hangover, choose clear drinks like vodka and gin. Darker drinks like bourbon, brandy, and red wine are more likely to give you a hangover.

Lastly, it’s important to note that drinking more alcohol will not cure your hangover. Having another alcoholic drink will just increase the amount of toxins in your body and will result in an even worse hangover when you get to that stage.

Alcohol suppresses the body’s natural anti-dieuretic hormone, causing people to urinate more and become dehydrated. As the body works to correct the dehydration and restore fluid balances, it slows blood vessels in and around the brain. The brain then dilates its blood vessels to compensate and that can cause swelling and pain. Alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach. Alcohol causes stomach inflammation and can increase the amount of secretions from the pancreas and intestines, causing nausea and diarrhea. The fatigue and trembling you feel is caused by a lack of sleep mixed with the dehydration and physical irritation.

Hangovers are the worst. No one wants to spend a whole day feeling terrible after a fun night out. The tips above can help you avoid all of the negative effects of a hangover so that you can have fun and feel good. Staying hydrated, consuming carbohydrates and electrolytes, drinking herbal tea, getting enough sleep, and certain medications can all help you get rid of a hangover once you have overindulged. But really, prevention is key. Drinking low-congener beverages in moderation can help you to avoid the need to cure a hangover in the first place.

Note: This information is not a substitute for medical advice. If your hangover persists or worsens, please seek the advice of a medical professional. Please seek the attention of an emergency medical professional if you think someone has the symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

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  1. Prevention:
    I found it helpful to drink 1-2 glases of Milk
    some hours before Drinking, now that also depend what you going to drink since not all goes well with milk.
    But it works like a charm for Beer.
    what it does it slow down the alkohol
    But dont drink Milk in-between alkohol just hour before you start.

    Extra sleep, find a confortable posistion
    i find it useful to put a extra (smale)pillow bellow normal pillow
    for the neck this is very confortable and can actualy easy the pain

    it may help a bit to have a bedroom with good ventilation
    if is summer then have a fan on (make sure not to sleep naked with fan on or you may get a cold) and have windows open.

    Oh and more prevention:
    Mixing drinks give you hang-over
    BUT we not talking about only mixing vodka or whisky
    Even mixing different Beer brands can give you hang-over.

    Best to stick to 1 or 2 beer brands
    not try every beer brands you see 🙂

    If you drink Bud try to avoid drink other beers
    i find that drinking other beers than bud if you had atleast 2 buds
    give you headache

    Try to stick to german mild beers
    they are better than for example american bud.

    And the biggest prevention is
    Dont drink as there is no tomorow
    balance and have fun 🙂

    hope this help

  2. Peanuts are the magic ingriedient against hangovers.

    A sandwitch with peanutbutter is probably the last thing you think about after waking up with a midieval hangover, but within 15 minutes after eating it you feel truly revived.
    I’ve tried it on way too many occasions and it always works.

    It probably has something to do with it’s high contents of vitamins (B) and minerals.
    Especially minerals disappear into the toilet together with the excessive amount of waste water your kidneys produce after drinking too much.

  3. I find Drinking lots of water throughout the day, and get lots of rest and eating pizza. Food tastes so much better when you are hungover.


  5. before going to bed. pound down about 4-5 glasses of water. even if you think your going to toss your cookies.. drink one more.. and the next day.. get out of the house!! staying inside a room on a couch in a stuffy room makes it worse. go outside.. breath fresh air. play some kind of sport/ you feel way better

  6. I always buy Chaser before, knowing i’ll most likely get a hangover the next day. Follow directions and you’ll feel great tomorrow! It Works!

  7. man last night i chugged 7 shots mixed with a glass of coke in 1 minute and 15 seconds and i have a massive hangover eat peanut butter and bbq beans and it will go away

  8. 1. Beat an egg yolk with a fork til it is a pale lemon yellow in color. This should take almost 7 minutes, it you can stand it.
    2. Add orange juice to the beaten yolk. Mix well.
    3. Pour in 1 envelope Brewer’s Yeast and mix also.
    4. Drink all cold and fast.
    5. Symptons are gone in..oh…10 minutes or less!

  9. Stick to as few types of drinks as possible. Drink at least 3 glasses of water before bed and again on waking. Eat something light before bed and again on waking, it helps absorb any alcohol left in the stomach.
    Also, have a glass of fruit juice and double the recomended intake of fruit and veg as most brands of multi-vitamins actually come out the other end when you go to the toilet!
    If your a typical binge drinker, make milk thistle part of your daily diet – its a natural supplement that helps your liver repair itself and so speeds up alcohol breakdown.

  10. Before going out set a 20 oz bottle of water next to your bed, when you get back chug it before going to sleep. Leaving it by your bed will ensure that you remember to drink it.

  11. Before you go to bed, drink water and eat a candy bar. Just one of those little ones will do. In the morning drink something sweet (coffee with lots of sugar or sprite). And more water. You should be drinking on water all night long.

  12. I know that the forum says dont take any kind of tylenol etc… before going to bed but this is what I do, when I am done drinking i take 2 tylenol tablets, (because i ALWAYS get TERRIBLE hangovers) about a half hour before i plan on crashing. I always mixed my alcohols, i am a big everclear,vodka, budlight drinker so as you can imagine, hangovers for me is pretty easy to come by. but back to my story if you take 2 tylenols before crashing you will wake up feeling GREAT!

  13. WELL. Your head is pounding, your body’s aching, and you are extremely dehydrated. Sucks.. um first thing’s first. Have an enormous glass of ice water. Oh yeah pee too. Drink 2 cups of coffee. take a showerrrrr. It’ll make you feel so much better and clean. I hope you didn’t mix drinks the night before, that would be dumb. The phrase above about drinking beer before liquor, couldn’t be any more true. Never ever do it in drunk-quantities or you will throw up. Guaranteed 😉 Okay well now that you’re clean and somewhat energized, take someone Tylenol extra strength, please. Sit on the couch and ponder the stupid crap you did last night or watch tv or something. Sleep. Whatever. Listening to music helps definately. Drink more coffee and tea. This advise is from experience, and it works for me I suppose. Enjoy.

  14. Warning!- Do not take tylenol for hangovers or w/ alchohol. It is scientically proven that the combination is toxic to your liver. There is no reason to do this. Doubt it? Just look it up.

  15. set your alarm for at least 3 hours before you need to get up. get up and drink as much water as you can stomach, along with 2 asprin. go back to bed and wake up a couple hours later hangover free. this works all the time for me!

  16. Just before going to bed on the night you have been drinking drink a bottle of sports drink such as Powerade or Gatorade. That stuff works a charm!! But don’ forget in the morning to drink water, you cant just drink the sports drink!!

  17. Well lets see, what always works for me is eating something small while drinking, for example chips or crackers… it should do the trick if you remember to do it.

  18. I eat a meal at least an hour before drinking. I drink at least 1 bottle of water and 2 tylenol before bed, 1 bottle of water in the morning and a “20 oz. Pepsi” is always my choice of beverage for the “morning after”

  19. Well, these are all good. Here are the ones I have personally found helpful.

    If you are out partying late, don’t keep drinking the whole time up until you leave. Drink one last drink and stay for a while longer. If you’re at a club, stay past last call [2:00 where I live] and dance it off. This has always worked for me! Whatever you choose to do, don’t go to bed until you feel sober. If you go to sleep drunk, chances are you’ll wake up with a nasty hangover.

    I never have an appetite during a hangover, so I really don’t feel like eating, but it does help. Drinking juice or water is very important!!

    I have not tried this, but a friend told me if you have a hangover, take Airborne. You can buy it at the drug stores [or pretty much any wal-mart equivalent] and it’s a tablet that you dissolve in water like an alka seltzer. It is meant to boost your immunity, but apparently it works for hangovers as well. He claims it’s his miracle hangover cure. I have not tried it yet, but I will if the need ever arises.

    Hope you all found some of this useful!

  20. If you have Vicodin, Skelaxin, Flexoril, Ibuprofen 800mg…Take it…This will allow you to be knocked out so you sleep through the hangover and wake up feeling better…Drink Blue Gatorade or Powerade…Drink Tomato juice-anything with Tomato, Lastly, take a compazine to reduce naseau…Wake up and go to McDonalds, grease helps….

    Also, try Mona Vie with acai berry

  21. Drink a 20 oz. Big Red and eat a bag of M&M’s with peanuts and/or a 20 oz. Hawaiian Punch, when you wake up.That will do the job, you’ll feel as good as new.Also you might want to try a quickie… you know what I mean. lol.

  22. Eat a bowl of wheatabix before eating anything else! I find it prepare’s my stomach for other food….or maybe even another bowl! lol!

  23. Eat be4 you drink
    -keeps you from going over the edge wasted

    drink lots of water be4 you go to bed
    -you’ll wake up without body aches or headache

    don’t mix wine with anything
    -just trust me… it’s not worth it

    don’t drink tequila in cold weather
    -I don’t know why, but if you are wasted from tequila a blast of
    cold air WILL knock you flat on your a**.

    stay away from hot-tubs. Increased body heat increases blood flow.
    the faster the liquor circulates the more drunk you’ll get faster.

    drop the advil, aleve, ibprophen
    anti-inflammatories thin blood to make it flow better through a
    swollen muscles/joings. alcohol also thins blood dramatically.
    Thin blood increases circluation increasing catastrophic

    eat non-acidic foods in the morning
    -the alcohol skyrockets acid production. Fight it with a base. Try
    antacids, milk, or bread (to soak up the liquor).

    If your drunk reaches the not-fun stage
    uncontrollable spinning, stumbling, slurring.

    Get it out, ie. make yourself puke. Do it on your terms before your body makes you (believe me you’ll feel a lot better). You don’t have to jam your finger down your throat, just compress your abdomen and try to burp really hard. Drink water to replenish fluids and QUIT drinking. You’ll recover to avoid making that mistake another day.

  24. BLOODY MARY(S)! ! ! !
    also, this can be combined with huevos rancheros.

    this works surprisingly well.

    go for a walk. or: take some excedrin, drink water, sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.

  25. Milk Thistle before and after a night of drinking works wonders. It also helps repair the damage you do to your liver.

  26. Drink 4oz of Monavie before ending your night of fun. Works great also this nutrition beverage is great to mix with vodka or rum during your party, also dont forget your water during and after.

  27. what you need to do is drink a lot of water.
    water is like god at this point.
    you need a lot of ice water.
    also. eat some crackers or something really light.
    you will be so greatful of this later.
    before you drink always eat something.
    but NEVER eat mcdonalds, soups, or anything hard on your stomach.
    eat some white pizza (no sauce)
    it will help.
    and in the morning take medicine. (i always take one more then recommended)
    and an energy drink. you will need that.

  28. BEFORE you go to bed, eat something high-carb, like a bagel, or pasta, or whatever bread you have lying around, and, like everyone’s saying, drink as much water as you can stand.

    AFTER you wake up, go poo, take Ibuprofen, and take a trip to McDonald’s. The greasiest meal on the menu should do it. This seriously works every time. Just don’t skip a step.

  29. Midol. Take two in the morning (men and women both) with a bunch of water. And guys, don’t worry it won’t make you grow tits.

  30. drink water befor bed and in the morrning drink loads of fresh oranged juice sit on the bog as it cleans u out lol. you be right as rain

  31. I along with two other friends have just had a 3 day drinking binge, I tell you there is no cure for that, lay on your bed and get as comfortable as possible, keep drinking water inbetween vommiting! should be better in around another 10-12 hours

  32. well well…..alot of crap on here and its all the same old BS….what really works is when you get up finally, take a antiflammitory, or some kind of pain killer, anything strong. and take that with a sports drink and stay outside, go shooting or fishing…seriously… it works, soon you will feel like a margarita or 2. yeahhhhhh and booze and cocaine is a no no….that kind of hangover is impossible to get rid of…thats like a 2-3 day hangover f**k that!!

  33. Drink a Resurrect before you go out and then another when you wake up, there will be no signs of a hangover..

  34. After you’ve been drinking, have like a jug of water before you go 2 sleep. It doesn’t really make you need 2 go to the toilet lots or anything. And then keep drinking water when you wake up. Eating is also good. lol

  35. Eat carbs, such as toast, pasta, and also fruit. Gte up early and take plenty of water, even if it makes you sick. Avoid food if you’re vomiting, and just drink water until you can handle food again. If you’ve got a stoking headache, an Alko-Seltzer (spelling?) works for me. Also, on the night of your driking try and get fresh air and open the window befor eyou go to bed, fresh air helps a lot, especially if you’ev been smoking cigarettes as well – a suffy room will worsen the effects of a hangover. A fried breakfast often helps as well

  36. “If you have Vicodin, Skelaxin, Flexoril, Ibuprofen 800mg…Take it…”

    Some of these drugs contain asap (tylenol) DO NOT take tylenol or products that contain tylenol while your drinking or for a hangover. Unless you hate your liver and want it to fail…then go right ahead.

  37. I strongly recommend having a LOT of sex after drinking. Stay up all night, drink water in between and after, and you’ll be feeling no pain.

  38. As tom Lansing said, stay up all night and have a lot of sex. Honestly, the most important thing and tip I have seen is to wait until you are feeling more sober before you go to sleep. NEVER go to sleep drunk. That is a guaranteed hangover. Definately, the other most important tip is, be sensible about how much you drink.

    Prevention:Like everyone said, drink a lot of water, and eat a big meal an hour or two before you eat. Avoid stuff like fried chicken though. Go for something like pot roast or peanut butter

    “cures”: There is no cure for a BAD hangover, but all I can say is def don’t eat greasy food like they been saying. Eat peaches and pickles. Drink lots of water. Try to get as comfortable as possible and try not to choke on your own throw up

  39. i tried evrything of oll this .. it aint working on me … i had a big party last night …i drank abut a full bottle of absolute alll alone … and i am writting this in A huge hangover ,,what to do i can tget rid of it

  40. I always drink a glass of water before I go to bed and then take two advil a whole lemon. Lemon breaks down allot of the **** in your body and helps clean out the chemicals your liver is creating by breaking down the alcohol in your body. It works!!

  41. If your anything like me and your really bad at being sick, then i think the best thing to do is just sit by the toilet and just cry! I have just done it for the past 8 hours and after just eating a fruit bag from mac donalds i finally feel ok!

  42. I usually take two ‘chasers’ with my first drink. I will limit my drinks to how many I KNOW my body can handle (there’s no point to drinking yourself silly anyways) and then once I stop dirnking for the night, I will drink two FULL glasses of ice cold water and take a multi-vitamin before I go to bed. I know it sounds like a lot of things to do when you just want to have fun, but trust me, if your a health nut like me, it’ll works like a charm!!!

    Main thing though: HYDRATE before you sleep on it.

  43. The active ingredient in the Chaser pills is Calcium Carbonate, which is the same as the active ingredient in TUMS antacids. When I drink, I usually take Cimetidine (Tagamet HB) before I go out, then approx. 1 Antacid (TUMS) for each drink I have. Then before going to sleep, I drink a 32 oz of Gatorade. With this regimen, I can drink pretty much everything I see, get wasted, and wake up the next morning feeling great. On the few occasions that I wake up still feeling blah, I go for a quick run (2mi), after my shower I’ll be great. The only time it doesn’t work perfectly is when I drink so much that I’m still drunk the next day. Will work as a day after treatment as well, but just not as effectively.

    Another trick that seems to work for me is wearing a breathe right strip while sleeping the drunk off.

  44. ok when i drink i dont get the hangover headache just the queezyness but ive learned that if i drink a lot of water while drinking b4 bed in the morning and all day everything will be okay. Also try a Carnation Breakfast Protein drink u mix them with milk and they are a miracle when it comes to hangovers (especially when the mere thought of eating makes u wanna get sick)

  45. I found that if I am going to drink alot, I take one beer with me when I am going to sleep and open it and take a small sip out of it and leave it by the bed/couch, then I do the same but leave the second one in the fridge, then go to sleep. When I wake up, I finish the flat, semi-cool beer while picking up a little around the area. Once the first is finished, I get the second out of the fridge and drink that one slower than usual. The would have been hangover is then avoided altogether no matter how tanked I was the night before.

  46. this one is tried and tested and it really works. before starting the drinking session,drink a glass of water with a pinch of salt,i know i know it taste bad but come to think of,does alcohol tastes good?nuh,its not.and its just 1 glass is enough.and also you can try to drink a glass of milk before and after the drinking session.this is to avoid hangovers,especially if you have work the next morning dude!

  47. and you could also try to drink lots of orange juice. dont stick with the idea that caffiene (softdrinks and coffee) helps with hangover. its me….caffiene will produce more stress and it contains some mixture not good for hangover.

  48. I drink water, cranberry juice, eat something, then run a few miles wearing clothes that are warmer than you need givin’ the weather outside. Works like a charm.

  49. Drinking Coffee is the last thing you want to do as Coffee dehydrates you, that isn’t something you want to do when hungover.

    Drink plenty of water or those energy drinks. Definitely drink water before going to bed (i always take painkillers also before sleeping – i know this story says not to but they’ve always worked great for me, if i dont take them i feel like ****, if i do take them i wake up feeling refreshed).

    eat a good breakfast, don’t over-sleep, go to the toilet for a ****, and take a shower and you’ll feel great. I always feel so much better after going for a **** after a nights drinking! 15 mins later u’ll feel yourself and ready for the pub again!

  50. k soo what my mother told me and i have been doing for years now is that
    if u stand on your head for 30 seconds and close your eyes and count from 10 to 1 backwards it will relieve the headache because more blood is rushing to your head.

  51. Ok, so I have to agree with Tom Lansing! I know this sounds funny, but having sex actually wears out some energy. It really does work. Of course, I need to state that I only recommend this for people over the age of 18 to take this advise. Also, please choose a responsible partner. If you are under 18 or are not dating anyone, go for a swim or run or something that challenges your body physically.

    As for the water, if you drink water that’s great. I don’t! I also never feel like eating the next morning either. JUST HAVE SEX!!!! LMAO

  52. i am vrey drunkk right now

    and i didnt have then intension of getting this drunk when i started. i am light so two glases of vodka will finish me

    and i’ve had 5 already. these all say to not sleep but im tierd and im going to bed

    hopefully the water works and i will be haveing mickey dees tomorrow wen i get up befoer i go to work

    habe an ammmaszing nighte pieople

  53. I have ben told to drink prickly pare juce 5 hr. before drinking. but never have i seen the stuf… so here is what i do… fill a cup with pepto-mismol. drop in an alkiselsor. grab 4 low strangth asprin “it isnt as hard on youre liver” and down all that ****. mmmmmmm if u can hold that down u should b cured shortly… if not have youre buddy smak u over the back of the head with a large pot or pan.

  54. GRAVOL!!!!my sister discovered this and i took it after a wedding with horribly cheap wine. works amazing for nausea!! wake up a few hours before u need to, just to take it. i woulndt recommend taking it once u are up for the day, as it makes u super tired for the first couple hours. i would rather be super tired than feel like **** tho. ive tried literally everything….i swear by this stuff. i went from vomitting for the first time in years, to feeling like i never had drank, in a matter of an hour!!!

  55. when you have a hangover its best to drink water or milk and to have a shower make sure you drink lots of water or milk also get some fresh air and also eat food that is good for you like friut try not to eat food that contains fat. this works for me but everybody is diffrent so good luck.

  56. Top Ramen noodles is a good food to eat the morning with a hangover. It doesn’t make sense but it works.

  57. I think the best way to get nutrients back into your body is to make a smoothie. For best results use frozen fruit (except banana). Frozen fruit is easier to keep and ensures you always have fruit on hand. With the fruit ground up, your body can absorb vitamins better and the yogurt has probiotics that will clean up your digestive system. Coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage, so it replaces your electrolytes without all the additives that gatorade has, it has a strong flavor but you won’t taste it in the smoothie. I always feel more energized after I have one. If I don’t have stuff for this, I just have a big glass or two of chocolate milk!

    1/2 banana
    few strawberries
    few pineapple chunks
    maybe some raspberries, whatever you like!
    8 oz. liquid of choice ( I like half coconut water, half blueberry pomegranate juice)
    scoop vanilla yogurt

    Blend ingredients in a blender or magic bullet and serve.

  58. mmkay
    so yeah
    i was rlly bawmbed this one night
    and i felt like death the next day
    but then
    all i did was take an advil
    and i felt soooo much better in like
    20 minutes
    oh and yess
    drink lots of watterr

  59. After working at a New Orleans bar for a few years I figured on two things.1) I would come home drunk and 2) I would come home drunk. I decided on advil for this reason. If I take and advil the night before drinking and take an advil and a fulle glass of water before bed I wake up with a clean pyloric valve and my system doesnt even know I had any alchohol.

  60. All of you are suggesting super healthy options us Brits eat a breakfast fry-up the next day i.e. sausages,eggs,beans,toast… and whatever else is in that particular English breakfast. It cures your hangover easily.

  61. I always drink a large glass of milk before I start drinking. Sounds weird but, hey, it works for me. And I never mix any alcohols together. I pick one drink & thats what I stick with all night.

  62. Wow. The only that I had left to drink was Gatorade. After having some shots of Vodka I drank it and immediately sobered up. I didn’t know that it was an effective way to cure a hangover. Thank you. This page really helped.

  63. there was a youtube video where oprah was talking to a doctor and said its okay to take asprin before bed; the doctor agreed

  64. Ibuprofen is NOT processed in the liver! Acetaminophen is processed by the liver and should be avoided while drinking. However, all over-the-counter painkillers are not the same. Ibuprofen is actually an anti-diuretic, which helps the body maintain fluids: crucial for the body during the transition from drunk to hungover.

  65. If you have any sense at all, keep crackers (or bread) and a lot of water with you while you drink. After you are done with your ambitious needs of alcohol, eat the crackers and drink water. Some medications will mess with the alcohol in your digestive system and blood, so have medication in the morning.

  66. I keep a container of purified goat urine in the fridge; whenever I’m in this type of situation, I drink a cup and the taste of it makes me forget all about my hangover!

  67. Many times, the thing that made me able to function the next day is Pepto-Bismol, it says right on the label relieves upset stomach associated with overindulgence in food and drink. Works for me because usually the nausea is the biggest problem because once I can keep some Advil down, the worst is over. And Yeah, as others have posted Advil isn’t processed in the liver, but the stomach. Tylenol is processed in the liver making it the most commonly overdosed OTC drug and the worst possible thing to take after drinking.

  68. After a glass of water and a bottle of Gatorade, I eat a bowl of soup. It has the sodium to hold in fluids and other nutrients your body needs. Then, ON A FULL STOMACH, take an ibuprofen which holds in nutrients. From there, take a multivitamin, eat some fruit, and exercise just a little to get the blood flowing. By the time Im through with this list, I feel like a new person.

  69. ok so im hungover.
    actually i feel more drunk now than i did last night

    symptoms :
    1) headache
    2) eyes hurt
    3) dizzyness

    … McDonals is the answer 😉

  70. i am a casual drinker but since the age of 17 ive get hangovers all time after i drink,i am now 25 and there worst now then ever.I dont want to quit drinking but i dont want to feel like crap the next day its hard when u have kids and being hungover.Do those pills they sell work??????????

  71. 5-hour energy and a gatorade. 5- hour energy is essentially a vitimian shot (like they give people in the hospbital when they have alcohol poisoning), and the gatorade will restore sodium levels and help you maintian fluid levels again.

    Sorry about the missspellings, 15 beers and 3 stoli martinis hurts in the morning

  72. wow this is so not helping. i just want my hangover to go away already so i can drink more tonightt. ahhh im going to go smoke a blunt. that might help cause advil sure as hell didnt.

  73. look. i agree. this page does not help at all. all i’ve gotten from an hour of researching on how to get rid of hangovers is to 1. stay hydrated, 2. eat food and 3. sleep. dude a 3 year old could figure this out. Are these not the three basic functions to live? lol. Yeah sex helps alot too.

    for me, i typically try to stay away as much as i can from sugar. before in the past, i used to chug a whole liter of orange juice. i found that this not only intensified my hangover but also speeded up my heartrate. i understand alcohol is a depressent but speedin up ur heart rate with a load of sugar is just going to hurt you. and dont think just because u slept u can drive. my cousin got a d.u.i 12 hours after he drank and in the next morning too! this is because sleepin doesn’t immediately kill the hangover. this is why u have a hangover when u wake up. because alcohol is probably still processing thru ur system.

    i’m writin this because i drank a whole bottle of patron last night to myself (yeah i was wit other ppl but) i drank this whole bottle n i ended up pukin hella, my stomach and throat feels like it’s swollen on the inside. it’s not cool. dont drnk so much! at the time it feels right to drink more but …. come on! drink moderately. someone almost had to get their stomach pumped last night. someone was pukin out blood. ask urself, do u want to b in these kind of situations? do u want to b the victim in these situations??

  74. Juice causes an acidic reaction and makes me vomit & feel worse when I am recovering from a hangover. I wouldn’t recommend juice if you have a weak stomach. Lots of sleep, 2 WASA crackers or plain oatmeal, WATER, Caffeine, & constant cold air blowing on me is what helps most~

  75. I went out and got really drunk lastnight. Next day cure .. Bloody mary to sustain alcohol level and a big plate of bisquits and gravy. Works everytime. Make sure when your drunk by the time you get home.. to drink tons of water if you remember and try to eat some bread. Another thing.. Go swimming. The chlorine in the pool also sometimes helps.. six shots, about 10 vodka tonics.. i feel great today because i followed my remedies…

  76. Since traveling in Brazil I use Engov to kill all hangovers. That’s what they use there for carnaval. Take one tablet with your first drink and one with your last. Then, the next morning, you’ll feel well enough to go running… It’s cheap and quick.

  77. read this it works…. i drank four kegs and 9 bottles of vodka as a warm up then 2 wine coolers to do me dirty and i woke up with a tum tum ache…. u have to call ur best friend and say “hey can u run and get me some cat food for my cat”… when he gets to ur house u start laughin and say “my cat got hit by a car yestrerday”.. lol omfg hahah wtf.. hopefully he gets mad and punches u in the stomache and u throw up all over his/her favorite sneakers and then ur not hung over anymore… ur welcome

  78. Getting rid of a hangover!!! UMMM.. also depends on HOW much u consumed. Well, what I recommend is this.. GO buy Pedia-lite or gatorade.. Pedi-lite actually has a lot of electrolytes that will help in the dehydration . Eat a Banana .. Depending on your weight might want to eat 2.Last one have a mini shit of vinegar. Fruits as well kick ass.. SO yeah, thats what I do..

  79. im wakin up wit a killer headache and i kno my sis is gonna feel it wen she get up bad, but my tip is 2 smoke big ass blunts all day thats my cure 4 everything and if u cant get it thats ur bad hangover

  80. to get rid of that sick,queezy feeling after a night of drinking all you need to do is slice a lemon sprinkle it with some salt and eat it. this gets rid of that sick feeling. promise this really works!! Lemon & gatorade. try it.

  81. Stayed up all night drank WAY to much went to bed at 7 in the morning and wokeup at noon covered in puke and I feel like I’m dying. Its. 5:40pm now and I slept allday, ate nothing and drank no water. If I do I have to puke. This is horrible I hate drinking. Why isn’t there any cures for a hangover?!!!?!?!!!

  82. I drank WAY too much last night and woke up this morning feeling extremely nauseous and weak. What I find that works for people like me who have really sensitive stomachs is DO NOT LAY DOWN this will make you even more nauseous when you have to get up or move, just sit up in bed, take deep breaths and sip on lots of water. Have a fan blowing on you as well. If you easily get headaches, take a bayer or 2, ibuprofen for some people upsets their stomach even more! Hope this helps.

  83. Allright had 4 citres colas 2 shot of vodka and 3 long island ice tea fuck got home around 5 am puked up all in my bathroom woke up with a nasty hungover 🙁 well my tips are
    1. Drink 1 beer that help meh with my stomach
    2.hit bugerking and eat a lot
    3.if you feel like throwing up do so I kno its nasty but u will feel so much betta
    4.sleep a lot I perfer sleepin siting down
    5.get well so u can start drink again

  84. well drink a shit load of water,pray,and sleep..
    last night i drank and smoked so much i was pased out but i was still talkin to people and they had to drag me 2 da car..dont smoke weed when you already throwing up.

  85. I was watching that show doctors on tv and they said drink pickle juice or vinegar plus of coarse waters goood but the vin. and pickle juice def help i recomend the pickle juice it tatse better it really does work i wouldnt say it got rid of the hangover but it sure the hell made me feel alot better

  86. Instead of drinking more in the am or smokin a blunt, just take 3 ibuprofen before you go to sleep…it works every single time…I just wish I was sober enough to remember last night

  87. So i’m just like everyone else and had a few drinks too many. i felt like hell the next morning and a trick that works for me after i’ve thrown up for an hour, is to get up and moving around. laying in bed just gives me the spins and makes it a lot worse. since i can’t eat anything really with out getting sick, i eat sun flower seeds. they’re salty which helps a lot, and they aren’t too hard on your stomach. for drinks i’ve got a yellow gatorade and some sprite. i feel a lot better so far. hope it helps you too!

  88. Maaan I was drinking for 4 days straight only going to bed to wake up and drink some more, Today I woke up with same thoughts get up and drink more, but i stoped my self from doing this, I feel like my had has no oxygen, and i know if i drink a shot everything will be good smooth… but 2 hours later it will be more shots then more and then another day will be waisted!!!!I hope pickle juice will work need to go try that, DRINKING DRINKING only cause problem in life all around.

  89. Hey I am not going to drink again if alcohol makes me feel this bad. I seriously can’t remember last night am lucky I made it home.

  90. I’m never drinking again! Especially not Blue Moon, I’m lucky I didn’t die last night! But I’m pretty proud of myself though, I haven’t thrown up yet and I got up like around 7 am to make breakfast so I’m glad the whole day wasn’t a waste just because of a hangover…

  91. The best way to keep fom gettin a hangover is to wake up about 3 hours after you pass out, set your alarm clock, and drink alot of water. Stay up for about 2 or three hours, and when you wake up you wont have a hangover.

  92. Well i went against what most people say about not eating on a hangover , but I ate a spicy bean burrito and drank some water in big gulps and deep breaths and it seemed to help me , it dident get rid of my hangover completly but it brought it down emensly , gonna make another.

  93. I get drunk off my ass every weekend and the key is to drink a lot of water and eat foods that contain a higher amount of carbs and fats before you know you are about to drink. i also take multivitamins and drink a two bottles of gatorade before i sleep if i dont pass out. i try not to eat when im too wasted because its just going to make me throw up even more.

  94. Boyfriend got super drunk last night while playing poker with his friends and this morning i gotta deal with it hes throwing up bile like the yellow stuff cuz he has nothing in his system he threw everything up! and when he drinks water or anything he starts dry heaving what do i do!!!!

  95. Smoking marijuana is SERIOUSLY my cure all! It has helped me with a number of things such as, stress,relationships,arthritis,nausea,cramps,insomnia,hangovers,kids, and basically the side effects from crap life throws at ya!

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