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Heartburn is one of the things that can be painful and annoying at the same time. You may wonder hot to get rid of heartburn fast if you cannot stand the pain anymore. There are ways for you to get rid of heartburn without having to go to the doctor.

One of the most common ways of how to get rid of heartburn fast is to take over the counter antacids. These are sold at retail and grocery stores and are not expensive. You can get the store brand or the name brand, but either one should work fine. You should take one to two tablets at the onset of the heartburn. Wait about an hour to see if there is any relief. If you are still experiencing pain, you should take one more tablet. If this does not help, you may want to call your doctor to see what he recommends.

There are other solutions for how to get rid of heartburn fast. When you feel the pain begin, don?t lie down. Standing up will help move any gas bubbles that may be in the body. You can also drink lots of water. Try to drink two glasses of water at a time to see if this will help with the heartburn. You want to drink the water with a tablespoon of baking soda. If you are pregnant, you should not do this because it may cause you to retain water. One of the things you should not drink is milk if you have heartburn. Milk will absorb more acid. A teaspoon of vinegar is also good for heartburn. It will counteract the acid that is building up in your body. If you know that you get heartburn from eating certain foods, avoid those foods, especially before bed. As you are lying down for the night, those foods will settle in the stomach and cause acid to build up. This will then cause heartburn. Some of the foods that cause heartburn more than others are soda, alcohol, garlic, fruits with citrus and tomatoes. One way to help prevent heartburn is by taking a potassium based vitamin once a day or by eating a banana once a day. Try not to eat within two hours of going to bed at night so your stomach can begin to digest the food you have consumed in the evening. If you follow these tips, then you should be able to know how to get rid of heartburn fast.