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What is a Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids, hemmoroids, or hemmorrhoids… However you want to spell it, it is a nasty condition to be inflicted with. (The correct spelling is H-E-M-O-R-R-H-O-I-D-S, by the way.) A hemorrhoid is an abnormally swollen vein in the anus or rectum; you could compare it to a varicose vein on someone’s leg. When a swollen vein becomes irritated, the surrounding membranes begin to swell, itch, burn, and bleed. Overall, hemorrhoids can be extremely painful. However, you may have a hemorrhoid for years and never have a single symptom.

Types Of Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids generally go unnoticed because they are inside the rectum. If bleeding occurs, it is important to see your physician because it could be a sign of something more serious, such as colorectal cancer.

External hemorrhoids are hemmorrhoids that you WILL feel. These cause itching, burning and pain. If the blood supply through the swollen vein becomes blocked, it will result in a clot being formed, which could cause a thrombosed hemorrhoid – an extremely painful condition that is hard, smooth and appears black or purple in color. It often feels like a growth coming from the anus. Your doctor can alleviate a thrombosed hemorrhoid with a tiny incision. Left alone, it could take a few weeks to go away – but if it hangs around for more than two weeks, see the doctor!

It is important to realize that once you have had a hemorrhoid, it is very easy to get more of them because the veins have already been stretched.

The Cause of Hemorrhoids

Before hemorrhoids are eliminated, you must first figure out what is causing them.

Major causes include:

  • Sitting or standing for long periods of time.
  • A deficiency of fiber in the diet.
  • Anal intercourse.
  • Frequent or severe coughing or sneezing.
  • Straining during bowel movements – usually associated with constipation or hard stools.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Sitting on the toilet for long periods of time.
  • Heavy lifting.
  • Childbirth.

Note: It is important to find the cause of the hemorrhoid and then to eliminate it otherwise the hemorrhoids will reoccur.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

There are two goals in the treatment of hemorrhoids; The first is to alleviate the symptoms of burning, itching, and pain. The second is to shrink the hemorrhoid itself.

Treating Hemorrhoid Symptoms:

  • OTC pain medicine is helpful for treating hemorrhoid pain.
  • Aleve (naproxen sodium) is an anti-inflammatory that can relieve discomfort
  • Topical creams or suppositories work well for the itching and burning
    • Tronolane
    • Preparation H
    • Hemorid
    • Tucks

Treating the Hemorrhoid:

  • Topical medications (listed above) are useful in reducing irritation.
  • A Sitz Bath is a small tub specially designed to allow the soaking of hemorrhoids without taking a bath, they are available at most pharmacies. Soak the rectal area in hot water for 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a day. (This will help relieve symptoms and aid shrinkage) (For more information on hemorrhoid treatments, see how to relieve hemorrhoids)

Hemorrhoid Prevention:

  • Reducing constipation is the best way to eliminate recurring hemorrhoids. (Find out how to use home remedies for constipation)
  • Use a bulk fiber supplement to soften stools and eliminate straining during bowel movements. This is only helpful if you do not already have a hemorrhoid because it may take several days for the fiber to take effect. It also helps to regulate bowel movements.
  • Cleanse the rectal area after every bowel movement.

*NOTE: If your hemorrhoids do not begin to improve within 3-4 days, consult your physician. There are other medical issues that share the same signs and symptoms, such as bowel infection and inflammatory bowel disease.

Click here for more information onΒ how to get rid of hemorrhoids.

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  1. Witch hazel. Soak a cotton ball with it and put it on the area. Lay down and hold it there for at least 15 minutes. It’s an astrigent. Do it a couple of times a day.

  2. I can only suggest not to be afraid to see a doctor and ask for a exam of your rectum once every year. See a dermatologist, they can handle this as well.

    When I was 30, I was still free of hemorrhoids. When I was 40, I had some (internal), which I didn’t even notice myself. The doc then injected something, painlessly, and tells me that it’ll shrink the swollen vein, which appears to be a good cure. It’s a matter of a few minutes, once a year for me, and it gives me peace of mind – not having to worry I’ll end up with painfull hemorrhoids when I am older.

  3. This is a 22 years boy who is suffering from Hemorrhoids,so I’m looking for help that I need advice how could I get rid off this painful disease.The thing is dont really know how did get started but i know for sure some of my family has this anybody could ger me info please do it so.

  4. This will not treat the hemorrhoids, but it can help prevent irritation. Don’t use dry toilet paper to clean your behind. There are wet impregnated tissues on the market, that will threat your swollen veins in a gentle way. Or do like the Arabs that don’t use toilet paper and where you have practically no hemorrhoids: wash your behind, when you have the occasion, in stead of cleaning it dry.

  5. I’m a 17 male and I am rather embarrassed about my proble. I have severe internal hemorrhoids. I’m not embarrassed to go to the doctor, I’m more scared about telling my parents I need to go. I’m thinking about waiting and seeing if they will go away on their own.

  6. I would just use a laxitive if they get so badf you cant even go to the bathroom. I know thats where I am at now and oh my are these things painful!

  7. As a sufferer of hemorrhoids, I found this article very helpful. I’m 20 years old and just had my second baby – thank you childbirth!! I know this is the cause of my problem..I had the same problem when I had my first son..I just gritted my teeth every time I had a bowel movement and dealt with the hours of pain.. (11 hours each time for the most part.) This time around I can’t handle it..I was too embarrassed to talk with my dr. last time, but I can’t just let it slide this time. I am in so much pain I can hardly move. I take laxatives, but it doesn’t help. Stool softeners for the most part helped me after my first child. I’ve been up since 5 a.m. in pain, and it’s time to end this for good.

  8. I obtain my Hemorrhoids from Childbirth. THanks for all the information. I am going to go to the doctor. πŸ™‚

  9. 2 weeks ago, i couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my butt. it felt like some thing wanted to come out but didn’t. the doctor told me i had one little hemorrhoid and to use over the counter topical agents.i haven’t gotten anything in hopes that it would go away.Well, during sex i almost forgot about my “little friend” and nearly jumped on the ceiling when it was um….touched. i had to worry for the rest of the day, whether or not they noticed. i still haven’t bought anything but i am worried about my next sexual encounter. it is especially important for women to keep everything up to parr down there. So on that note, i’m getting my keys and going to the store. Hope this story helped and or made you laugh.

  10. I have one right now and I didnt know why my butt hurt when I wipe so I cleaned myself up and spread them open and I saw this little bump thing and I touched it and it hurt. I asked my mom what it was and she told me a Hemorrhoid and that I need to take a Sitz bath and soak it 3 or 4 times a day. She said you can use prep H but it only soothes it not make it go away. So do the Sitz bath and it will go away but you have to do it for like a week or so. I know, tell me about it it hurts like Hell-o!!!

  11. I had my first child a month ago. I got my first hemorrhoid around the same time! My doctor gave me a prescription for stool softeners, which helped with my bowel movements, but they were still very painful. My mom bought me preperation H suppositories and cooling gel and i’m doing much better now. and yes, momofthem, your story also made me laugh!

  12. Anyone suffering from hemorrhoids would know how painful and itchy they are. I am just 30 and have a very active life style, but with some bad eating habits, constipation was becoming a constant companion which finally gave rise to hemorrhoids. I have tried almost everything starting from over the coutner products, siz baths, high fiber diet, but the problem never goes away 100%. Final option was surgery as per doctor. While I was doing some search on this subject on the internet, I acidentally came across this site . They have a natural herbal formula which claimed to get rid of this problem. I thought what the heck, I have spent some much time and money on everything else, whats the harm in trying this. To my surprise after only 5 days on the tablet I was feeling much better than I ever felt in months. My hemorroids are nearly gone. No pain, burning or itching. But you need to keep taking a helthy diet and no alcohol with moderate exercise to keep it that way

  13. I know that whenever I eat foods with intense spices like chilli powder in them, i tend to get hemorrhoids. I realised it was the spices because I use to eat spicy food and thats when the internal hemorrhoids gave out signs- blood. I did some research on the net and it said that spicy food could be an instigator of the hems. So I stopped. It went away but I started again recently and this time there was literally fresh blood- and heaps of it everytime I had my bowels emptied. I knew it was the spicy food so I stopped eating it, and the hems havent been back since.

  14. haha made me laugh to! Well im 18 and iv had a pile (lol) since i was born! its really embarresing! I’ve tried creams that the doctor gave me but it just wont budge. Do you think i will ever get rid of this little cretin???? If it doesnt i dont think i will have have sex with my boyfriend again πŸ™ im always to worried incase he would know it was there, would he be able to feel it?lol

  15. For everyone. Go to the doctor, there are prescriptions available that will shrink and get rid of the little problem. Doctors see this kind of problem everyday, no one should be embarrassed. And you will feel better in the long run.

  16. Hi i’ve started noticing this little bump near my anus. so when i researched in the internet it says it might be hemorrhoid. now its been about 4 days since ive had it and it doesnt seem like its getting better. does anyone know what i should put on it? its so painful that i keep waking up every hour in the night. please help.

  17. I am a very early pre-nursing student but I also have what I think are bad hemmroids on my right side. I read above that there are injections and prescriptions to help shrink the hemmroids. I have been doing the sitz bath with Epsom salt and used PH but want something that has more of a punch to get rid of my hemmroids quickly. These things to ease my problem but I want them to be completely healed as much as possible.

    I do not have health insurance yet and currently just relocated and unemployed so was wondering if an urgent care facility or if a clinic would be able to give me these prescriptions (look at it first of course) and possibly the injection to shrink my hemmroids. I am thinking I got them from after a move sitting for a day and a half in a moving truck, moving itself, and straining to go to the bathroom.

    I have had a fissure before so I am praying that it is not that because I do not have health insurance right now even though I should be able to do the signing up portion for my insurance this week hopefully.

    Any suggestions for a poor student greatly appreciated so that I can get a job sitting down as a secretary. Right now, it is all I can do to do my homework because of the pain sometimes. All I do is sleep and take Non-Aspirin because I have asthma and can’t take Aleve or Ibuprofin which would probably knock out the pain more.

    Thank you!

  18. I’ve got pneumonia and was surprised to find out that I’ve got an *** volcano that’s blown through from coughing so hard. The pneumonia’s starting to go away but now I feel like an old man that’s falling apart….and I’m not even 30 yet!

    I’m about to go to the grocery store now for some butt cream, and my pregnant wife has no sympathy.

    Bath’s do help, and I’m hoping that this will go away on its own as I’m on my 3rd day with my new friend.

  19. I have suffered with hemorhoids for 20 years now and I finally went and saw a specialist in this field and I had them surgically removed, but less then a month later, they came back. I went back and saw him and he took them off with a rubber band…and they grew back. He told me that this is something I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my life, so the sitz bath in epsom salt does take the pain away, until you have to have another bowel movement and then there they are…I push so hard and am in so much pain, that I have to take a towel with me to scream into. One time I pushed so hard and in pain that I fainted. I’m making a trip to the health store next week to see if there is something there that may help. So I’m just saying that even though you get rid of them for a bit, they always seem to come back. If I find something that works at the health store, I will be sure to write about it on here. Oh and for the people that don’t have drug plans…move to Canada….everyone here is covered whether you are working or not.

  20. I’ve been having this problem for a while now. I’m so afraid of doctors. I’m gonna try the sitz bath. However i’m wondering if and when i get pregnant this will affect the baby in any way?

  21. Well guys,

    ive probably had a hem for over 3 yrs. doesnt hurst and bleeds like every 3 months. this is the first time ive even checked it out on the net.
    someone ask if it dangerous for the baby. im sure its not.

    even though it was very funny reading these ltl tips. i really go feel sorry for all of us. guess its good to know u r not in it alone.
    im gonna try fruits to get rid of mine cause its not that bad for me.
    my tip would be get over your embarresment and go see a DR. why suffer.
    my question is. is it dangerous to leave a hem for a long priod of time (3 years). im sure ppl live with them their whole lives, right?

    well guys enjoy your ltl friend(s)

  22. I been having this problem on and off after having children. I been told by my grandmother to do a sitz bath with hot water as hot as you could take it and mix it with regular sugar it suppost to help and use suppositories. I done the suppositories but not the water with sugar. I will keep you posted after I try it.

  23. Im only 15 years old and i think i have an external hemorrhoid. Its been a day now and it just appeared yesturday. I was lifting weights one day and just seemed to get it the next morning, its so irritating. Is there anyway to get rid of it without telling my parents about it?

  24. I am suffering from hemorrhoids right now as well…for me, it’s not painful or bleeding but just ITCHES SO BAD IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! I desperately want to take a knife to my @$$ sometimes!…as crazy as that sounds, it gets THAT bad. I soaked in regular bath water, and that helped a little, I wiped with a baby wipe instead of toilet paper, and have been using preparation H…which does not provide immediate relief…makes me want to scream. I’m off to CVS to see if I can find something better…I’m thinking about trying the banana peel thing someone mentioned above to stop the itching. I’ll try ANYTHING at this point to stop the itching.

  25. im 15 years old and just noticed a lump on the outside of my anus
    about 3 days ago.(external hemorrhoid) it is rather itchy and it does hurt when i touch it or sit down. but it is not bleeding and the pain is not as bad as some others say.

    Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this embarrassing problem!!!

    i can stand the pain and itching at the moment so i don’t need anything to relieve that, just something to shrink it !!! and make it as UN-noticable as possible!!


  26. Your best bet is to see your doctor. Im only 24 and have them really bad. Doc tried to help but i didnt see a proctologist. I need it cut out, like all should do. Its quik and easy

  27. I hear you bobby, I’ve had hemroids for a while now, going on months, it feels like forever.

    It’s actually gotten to the point where there is a good amount of blood in the toilet. I really don’t want to tell my parent, it is just tooooooo embarrasing for me and I really don’t know what else to do to get rid of this mainly because if I were to go to the doctor I’d have to tell my parent, and I just can’t do that, haha, so it’s a problem, does anyone have any advice?

  28. I just found that i have what seems to be an external hemorrhoid. the one that looks like a purpleish bump on your bum. but i have not had any bleeding yet…i am taking precausions..but if this keeps getting worse…i won’t let it get too bad till i suck it up and see my doctor. And just tell you parents..lover or whoever. they will understand. From what i hear everyone has them, it’s just the chosen few who makes them worse. I am just married and was so horriefied that i told my mom first…she just told me to get some preporation H and keep it clean. I then told my new hubby and after a moment of teasing…he was ready to help me get rid of this terrible problem. but my advice….just get over the pride…tell your parents,,,go to a doctor…i just might…and you know…we pay them good to do **** like that…and we know it’s illegal for them to tell anyone else about personal medical stuff…so you’re safe.

  29. i’ve suffered from piles since having my son 21 years ago. The best cream I have found, and I’ve tried them all, is Anodesyn and its not as messy as Anusol or Prep H. Eating lots of fruit and veg definitely helps. i was interested in the ideas raised with regards to sitting v squatting. this argument amkes sense. Has anyone tried it?

  30. someone HELP MEE!!! im honestly really scared. i have lots of tiny bumps around the anal area and a larger one right below the hole. the closer they get to my anus the more they HURTTTT! i hateeee goign to the bathroom cuz im scared of wiping! how long do these things last and do i ahve to go to the doctor?

  31. Well I don’t have a tip for anyone, that’s what I’m here for. After having my son 6 years ago I developed a small external hemorrhoid. It has never bled, but the inside of my butt does itch almost every night. Everywhere I read and the doctors all tell you how to prevent “H” by eating lots of fiber etc but I want to know how to get rid of it. I actualy don’t think about having it until I get into a relationship with a guy. Because Iknow he’s gonna see it and it’s so embarrasing to have to tell what it is or they don’t ask and that’s even more embarrasing because you know they’re wondering what the heck is that. Can someone anyone tell me an actual way to get ride of “H’s”. I went to the doctor and they said my “H” is so small and not bleeding that it’s not worth having surgery. Also, in my local coupon book there’s alays an ad for a hemorrhoid center. There supposedly get rid of the Hemi’s with a laser and it supposedly doesn’t hurt and only takes 10 minutes. Has anyone heard of this or tried it. Any feedbackwill be great. Thanks so much for hearing me out.

  32. Well the best thing that i have found so far is to us Hemorroidal suppositories. Cleanse the area, put dry, insert the suppository directly into the ****. Then apply preperation H. Good luck everyone, i feel your PAIN!

  33. I’m a female in my early twenties. Sometimes they go away on their own but if they don’t, don’t be afraid to go to the doctor. I had to get IRC, which is infrared coagulation. Its a type of treatment, the most painless one there is out there. I didn’t want to get surgery. So there was this doctor’s office in town that specialized in that, pretty much, you lay down and they put up this small thing up on your butt and it shrinks the hemorrhoid. Then they take it out, its like less than a minute. It was worth it.

    I was really embarrassed having to go be examined by my family doctor and then this new doctor, but I’m glad that I went because it did shrink the hemorrhoid. But once you do, you have to take care of yourself for life. Which is eating right, eating fiber, drinking water and exercise. I just don’t want people to be embarrassed, besides you never have to see these people ever again.

  34. oh and btw, the treatments were covered by my insurance, and I had to go 6 times. I had a copay of like $60 each time but it was definitely worth it. If you can do this then go for it. Do your research, talk to your doc.

  35. Yeah….i got a hemorrhoid all right….i think i got it from playing Computer to much so now i lay down when playing on my Comp. I got it about 5 days ago and it seems to be getting worse….LOL I wonder if you suck up the pain Maybe you can pop it like a pimple….gross to think about huh. Anyway i was looking around online for solutions and I hear that if you go to the doctor they can freeze it off or I guess they stick a really small Rubber band on it which cuts off blood flow to Hemorrhoid. i wonder if it works…I may go to Office Max and buy a really small rubber band and put it on Myself…

    The greatest thing about the rubber band idea is that it makes the hemorroid wither up and die….Kinda like…..oohh anyway trie rubberband idea. But i am not liable for any complications it might cause you.

  36. I had my first baby 4 weeks ago, and ever since I have “H”. What can I do to get rid of them. They are not painful but very uncomfortable.

  37. I feel your pain everyone. I cant even sit right now. I had hemorrhoid for about 4 years. i went to so many doctors but they didnt help they all gave me pain killer and that was it. my dad had the same problem for along time. He told me that it never went away but he used something that might sound weired but give it a try what he told me was he used a big’s fat, the white part. Put in fire to melt with some salt, keep in the fredg for a couple of min to cool and then use it as a cream. it worked for some people

  38. It has been 3 months and i stil ldont know what to do..But my best advice is to eat as many apples and other fruits and veggies that you can..get as many beans as you can and drink as much water as you can..I think red meat makes it worse..i would avoid caffeine and sugar which will dehydrate you…I just cant do all of these things for along enough time..take baths, use witch hazel, dont dry it with paper..exercise and eating right should start working for you..Mine are internal so Im having trouble getting rid of them..A couple apples a day seems to really help..Has anyone tried drinking lots of hot water or green tea? has anyone gotten these form **** sex?

  39. I have had hemmoroids for many years (since I was about 20 years old). When I first got them in college, I went to the campus health clinic and was prescribed “Proctocream-HC”. It’s regular hem cream, but with a mild steroid to help shrink it. I used the cream at night, and OH, Lordy! It’s gone by the next morning! It is quite possibly the best stuff in the world!
    Once, I ran out of the stuff and went to the doctor (I was out of college by then) and I asked to get the same stuff. It turned out the doctor gave me the regular stuff, so I had the pharmacy call him and made him change the prescription!

  40. I developed a problem with hemorrhoids (hereditary and bad toilet habits) and had one episode that was so bad I nearly paid Β£1800 for private healthcare to treat it immediately. But then I took a step back, cancelled the op and decided to change my diet and habits first.

    Now I have All Bran for breakfast every morning and eat wholewheat bread for lunch. This makes me go regularly and keeps my **** really perfect texture.

    Then, when I have a **** I put a chair or stool in front of me and raise my legs so I am in a squatting position.

    This combination of diet and posture means I end up needing to go for a **** every day, and when I do go the **** comes out straight away and quickly – it’s all over in 3 minutes. Squatting is also much healthier for the bowels as it completely eliminates all your ****, preventing future constipation and other **** problems.

    No more straining, no more sitting around for 15 minutes reading magazines, I’m just in and out.

    In the 2 months since I started, not once have the hemorrhoids come back or even felt like coming back.

  41. I have learned a simple recipe that helps keep me regular and avoid constipation hence hemorrhoids: 1 bag of frozen cranberries (1 lb), one whole orange (peel and all) and one whole apple (peel, seeds and all) and a little honey or sweetner: pulse this in a food processor until it is a relish-like consistancy. Eat about 3 Tablespoons of this every night after dinner to stay regular and if you’re in trouble eat much more. Drink lots of water also. This stuff is magic to my system – cleans out the pipes – guaranteed !!!

  42. So I have had this problem since I was seventeen and the best thing to do is drink a lot of water and eat fruits with fibrous peels such as apples, pears and berries too. Coffee always works for me.. but I don’t know if it will work for everyone else. Why not give it a shot

  43. I’m 44 years old and started working out with a personal trainer about 4-5 months ago. This trainer is working on my “core” quite a bit – squats, dead lifts, lunges, leg presses, etc. Since starting, I almost always have a “H.” I’ve done a little research and it sounds fairly common that weight lifting can induce H’s.

    I don’t really have any problems with constipation, although I am guilty of reading magazines when I do my business, so I’ll stop that.

    I can do all of this stuff with diet, fiber, fruit, etc. But I’m worried that if I want to get/stay in shape with this trainer, I’m going to have this problem irrespective of diet.

    I guess I’ll go see my doctor.


    I had hems & they finally went away after what seemed like forever. It took a combination of herbal products made for strengthinging veins, stool softeners, & watching my diet.

    But there was this skin tag. I have not been sexually active mainly due to this embarr***ment, & the time is coming b/c this dude & I are getting serious… I wanted it gone & what did I do? Got online & researched how to get rid of skin tags. This man gave the advice of using dental floss to tie it off & that it would fall off in a few days. He said he had tried this successfully many times.

    That was not my case…

    3 days later I called my doctor due to the pain. She was shocked at what she saw & sent me to a surgeon immediately. My ‘little’ skin tag turned into something quite big & painful & the smell of my own flesh rotting off my body is almost unbearable.

    They gave me these shots IN my ***, IN the midst of the swollen tissue & they hurt so bad alone I was LITERALLY clawing at the wall begging them ‘No More!’ When she told me the shots were the worst part (numbing) I didn’t believe her. I have had 2 kids (natural), over 12 hours of tat work & 7 piercings (other than my ears) & this was by FAR the WORST pain I have experienced in my life. I was screaming & crying from the shots alone. They gave me 6-10 shots of novacane. TORTURE.

    I have to go back in 2 weeks, but I can still smell the rotting flesh. My ‘little’ problem turned into a BIG & painful problem b/c I was too embarr***ed to say anything to my doctor about it. & now, sex is totally out of the future indefinately. I am looking at surgery SURGERY to get my ******** back. This totally blows.

    & to think, I caused this! What was I thinking!!!

  45. Never use toilet paper to wipe urself clean after a ****. Wash your bum with cold water and pat dry with toilet paper. Am in sooo much pain right now! No money 2 buy proper cream, am using johnsons baby nappy cream. This site made me laugh n de painkillers just starting 2 kick in 2. My hubby thinks i’m silly 4 not seeing a dr. I’m a leo ,i can’t swallow my pride! Gonna try all de remedies suggested, that is when i can stand n sit again! Viva la supportive partners!

  46. Ive been using baby wipes to clean myself, and like everyone else on this site, I cant sit either! Feels like a pounding heart beat in my butt! Been to the doctor 3 times and they don’t really know what to say, just use Prepration H to drop the swelling. So therefore I’m on my way to get some..I hurt.

  47. Currently I have one.
    I have troubles going to the bathroom, so recently i’ve been taking this fibre cereal stuff. It looks like rabbit food and its really gross but im used to it and it works. It helps me be able to go to the bathroom and wont cause hemroids.
    I dont think i have any inside of me.. how would you be able to tell though ?

  48. Its been over a week for me with dealing with internal hemroids that bleeds, which is very frightening after going potty and then spots blood on your stool then on your TP. I got so scared that I was afraid to go potty the next few days, but when mother nature calls..nothing you can do about it. My best advice to anyone with the internal ones that bleeds, is don’t overdose on fiber at the beginning but drink lots of water with smaller meals that has veggies in it. I just noticed when I eat less and drank water, when I had to go to the bathroom they didnt bleed at all. It probably have to do with giving the hemroids time to heal first so eating too much fiber can irritates the roids resulting in blood. I see the roids as wounds/cuts and it needs time to heal so its better not to eat too much fiber at first. Been taking herbal medications for the past 2 days as well which contains vitamin E, zinc, etc. I am a man of mission to get rid of the roids!! Last piece of advise is eat an apple after lunch and dinner as they act as a natural stool softener. Hope this helps.

  49. use apple cider vinegar… it is an astringent and brings relief after about 5 minutes.. and also… ice relieves some of the itching and burning too

  50. I’m 19 and a few months ago i got them for the first time. -They hurt and they SUCK!- especially since everywhere i looked on the net it told me that it is very common for people over the age of 40 to get hemmorhoids. well i’m NOT over 40 – i’m 19!! and i see that most of you are younger than 40 too.
    well now, as of two days ago, i’m pretty sure they came back….so i’m mad. the first time i got them i didn’t know what they were and i got really freaked out and frustrated about it. this time i’m trying to relax and not let it stress me out – just waiting for them to pass.
    Well i’m a new freshman in college and someone told me that my problem was probably caused by all the starchy foods in the school cafeteria. so i’m trying to watch what i eat and make sure i drink water and eat fruit on occasion. my main problem is i know that baths help (its what i did the last time i had them) but being at school i don’t have access to a bathtube. so i’m just trying to be patient and wait them out. (i have enough stress with school work you know?)
    Anyway i just felt like sharing my story and it makes me feel better to know so many people are in my position too. thanks for your support! πŸ™‚

  51. Ive recently discovered that I feel like I have one as well. However it feels better when I use the bathroom or pass gas. Theres no pain really, just itching.

    The itching was so bad today that I bought the Prep H cream. After applying it wasnt really better so I went to the bathroom and touched with the paper and there was a good amount of blood. What the **** is going on?

  52. i am a 19 year old guy… and i found out last week that i have one of these little friends… my pregnant girlfriend didn’t believe me, that i was making it up… after a couple days of ‘hard stools’ and i burning sensation she still didn’t believe me… i got her to take a picture of it. its about 3 cm in diameter, and very purle, and i am in constant pain… i was wondering if it is possible to pop these like a zit? i know its not the smartest, but i dont want people knowing that i have this here… my gf just kinda looked at me funny when she saw it… can anyone answer?

  53. I am 33 year old male….. I ve had them off and on sense I was 19. I had them all the time for 7 years working in a factoring on concrete floors and bad steel toe work boots. There has been times when I could not go to the store or Dr. working night shift and I would go to first aid room and get some burn jel (has lidocaine in it)and put it on the external rhoids. I ve used just about every thing (carmex, blistex, burn jel) any thing that I could find that had a colling effect for temporary releif. The products I used only externally and couldn’t be bad for you sense you normally put it on your lips. The latest thing I used was noxzema and that gave very good results.

  54. I suffer from IBS – the good kind that alternates between constipation and diarrhea, so I have had problems with hemorrhoids on and off for about 15 years now. There is a product from Thayers that helps with the itching and buring of external hems – non-alcoholic witch hazel and aloe formula. Just be sure to get the one that is alcohol-free as alcohol is well-known to irritate hemorrhoids.

    I also used some stuff called hem-relief that helped very much. The first time I used it, I was completely symptom free within 1 day. They recommended to me that I can use it to help prevent hemorrhoids in the future, but I can never remember to take things like that every day. I just keep a bottle on hand in case I have another outbreak and start taking it as soon as I notice any kind of symptoms. Just doing that, I have noticed that outbreaks are fewer and further between, and I have never had symptoms last more than a day since I started using hem-relief.

  55. Hi all,
    I’m 17 and I’ve just had worms, the doc’ gave me stuff for that (Which I think cured it) – but now I have a little lump on the bum, it’s not that big I think nor does it hurt or anything. BUT the bum etc. is still itchy, maybe more-so than the actual worms I had. I thought it might be a spot or something (Because I sometimes get random spots, in random places!) but it doesnt cause any form of pain at the moment… I think theres just one of them. Also I’m a growing man who seems to have a lot of hair down there (ugh) – and like I once not so long ago tried, I’ll say tried again, to shave down there.. But like; I’m not doing that again! but once on my lip when I was shaving I did something wrong and it caused a lump or an ingrown hair (which I now got rip of) but could it be that? Or would that be more painfull?!? –
    What ever it is, I don’t like it AT ALL. Is there manybe someway of finding out without going to the doctors and haha maybe not telling my parents. Or maybe some cream I can buy in boots or somewhere??

    Thanks a lot for anyhelp.

  56. I’ve had 1 hem for about 3 years. Nothing dietary helps me, so far.
    Prep H smells and lets everyone know what you got. Is there a cream that works and doen’t stink?
    Also, how much is the doctor’s snip visit if you don’t have health insurance?

  57. I am so glad to see that I’m not the only one with a burning and bleeding ***. This has been going on for too long. I think 4 months or so. My doctor is so cute. I don’t want to have my *** in his face. I need a cure, but I want it to be between me and God!! I am reading these posts and I am so glad to know I am not alone.

  58. I had my first experience with a hemorrhoid Friday night when I was showering. I reached back to soap up and there it was. It didn’t hurt or bleed, but it poked out quiet a bit, and I freaked out and cried hysterically in the shower. I had had diarrhea a few days before pretty bad AND had just gotten a new laptop that caused me to sit on the couch for HOURS. The two combined I guess brought it on. So I called a doctor friend of mine, and she called me in a prescription for proctofoam. This stuff is supposed to relieve inflammation and pain and whatnot. Well I guess I thought that just that med alone would make it go away, but it didn’t. So two days later of sticking this foam stuff up my **** I decided to do what the tips on the internet said. Go buy a sitz bath people!!! I was too embarassed to run right out and get one, but I’m glad I did. I think it, by far, has made the biggest improvement. I’ve used it about 6-7 times and I’ve noticed a big improvement. I think the hemorrhoid is almost gone. I put epsom salt in my water. Stay on it for 15-20 minutes and keep a jug of reaaaaally warm water near by to keep warming up your sitz. You can buy a sitz bath for like $13 at the big chain drug stores and some epsom salt is like $2. I guess the almost-hot water soaking that area increases the blood flow to the area and helps circulate all of that blood or whatever that’s making the little sucker swell. So, in summary, get the meds to help, but the sitz bath is the key!!! Don’t be too embarassed to go buy one…you’ll never see those people again but you will have that embarassing butt tag longer if you don’t dip it in some really warm H2O.

  59. my butt hurts just reading through all of these.
    i too, suffer from tese dreaded ‘roids! i hate them. it got really really bad after I gave birth to my secnd baby. I dread everytime I need to use the restroom. I don’t know what to do anymore. It sucks. At least i know i’m not the only one.

  60. here is a CRAZY tip….butt it really does work try rubbing “vicks vapo rub” on it.. it burns for a few seconds feels like an awe moment it takes maybe twice butt—it worked for me

  61. hey guys

    well i had what i thought (by internet study) to be a skin tag for a few years.. and i had been having **** sex but had had no pain until recently.. tho i havent had **** sex for almost 1 1/2 years now.. its become enlarged and very painful! and bleeds a little when going to the toilet!
    can i get rid of it completely? and can i get rid of the pain?


  62. Does anyone know where i can get hem-relief locally? I’ve been using it for a while cuz it really works, but i hate having to pay shipping for it at

  63. Will – I have been buying it from because they offer discounts for more than one bottle, but I think offers free shipping. I’ve looked around my area (Denver, CO), and haven’t found anyone that sells Hem-Releif around here, but I have talked to Western Herbal about it, and they said they are working on a dealer locator and will soon be offering it in stores nation wide. For now, I would say be patient – sounds like you will soon be able to get Hem-Relief locally.

  64. Hi everybody i am 17yrs old too just like James and i have bad Hemorrhoids too meaning when i go to the bathroom for my balmovement my butt really burns and itches, and also bleeds and my mom told me that she’s going to buy me some preparation H to help my Hemorrhoids out.
    Najah, Westphilly

  65. I’ve had the same bump on my bum since before I had my daughter in september and it doesn’t hurt, bleed, or get in the way of **** intercourse, which I do frequently. But it doesn’t go away either. I’m wondering what I can try when common remedies don’t work because I’d absolutely DIE if I had to ask my physician about it. Any ideas?

  66. Hey Guys and Ben, I found a great new treatment available in both Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO. It is called IRC and it is a quick, easy hemorrhiod treatment with no pain or recovery period. It was done right in the doctor’s office and it was non-surgical. Boy was I glad to find this treatment. I was worried surgery was my only option. I had tried all the herbals, pills, and creams. Last time I was at my doctor’s office he used rubber band ligation on one and it hurt like ****!!! Don’t ever do that! Anyway, Ben, go see the doctor in Denver for IRC(infrared coagulation), it is soooooo worth it.

  67. Ben, I forgot to give you their contact info, trust me, you’ll be sooooo happy to go see these folks. And they make this uncomfortable issue very easy to deal with. Mountain Streams Medical Center, Denver (303) 469-7300, Colorado Springs (719)-634-6700 or!

  68. Is tihs embarrassing for yall or is this normal? anybody can get a hemmorroid right? like thru **** sex or even like constipation right? so why be embarrassed? ure still beautiful.

  69. I have a little hope and some answers for everyone out there. I’ve had them for about 10 years and for me, I guess its an inheridated trait because my dad has them too. One word to start off–relax!! One of the primary causes of “roids” is stress; the others are diet and inactivity. One bit of bad news: you can’t cure them or permently get rid of them–even with surgery because the veins are already streched-out. But, this problem is common and you are never alone.

    Now for the good news: sitz bathes, or just warm baths do work-and well! Eat more fruit and veggies and less caffine! Creams work a bit, but they mainly help with avoiding friction in your butt. Less friction–less irritation. Mega-doses of vitimin C (1000mg)and E(1200iu) help as well in addition to herbal pills. As far as the skin tag goes, well, if it doesn’t hurt you can try to push it back into your ******. This works well to help restore proper blood flow and sometimes the tag sloughs off during a bowel movement with no bleeding or anything. Doing these things, along with trying to relax your nerves probably will work wonders for you! I did all this and the last time I had a flare-up was over 3 years ago! One is ending now after almost two weeks of stress and life problems getting me down. I just got back on track…

    Remember, none of you are alone out there!

  70. Good to know we are not alone! Tis an embarrassing ailment and if you haven’t been there you don’t understand.
    I found Scheriproct ointment terrific for pain and discomfort. It is on prescription only and a bit pricey but well worth the cost.
    Sitz baths work well too.

    If you have a lot of bright red bleeding, it might not be ‘roids – it could indicate an **** fissure. I had one recently and had surgery (internal lateral sphincterotomy) and it has changed my life. Bit embarrassing being examined but the surgery made a huge difference.

  71. I’m not sure what I have when I look at it it looks like a blister but it burns & itches & hurts bad! Its right next to the hole and its hurting me to even hasn’t bled but I’m still going to try prep h..I shave back there & was thinking maybe I cut myself & it became infected.


  73. Kristen – I am not a doctor but I work in a specialty hemorrhoid care facility, what you have sounds like what’s called an external thrombosed hemorrhoid. This happens when a blood clot forms in an external hemorroid. It is very painful, and the only relief is to have the clot excised. Relief is almost immediate.

    Also, for those of you that have hemorrhoids and are “dealing” with them, using lotions, potions, and suppositories to treat the pain, bleeding, itching, and protrusion, need to realize that you are only treating the symptoms. Hydrocortisone creams have shown to cause skin breakdown and irritation in the area when used frequently. Hemorrhoids won’t go away unless treated and often worsen to a grade 3 or 4 where alternative treatments like IRC are only 50% effective and painful surgery is the only option.

    Until recent years, living with hemorrhoids was a viable option when compared to the barbarity of Rubber Band Ligation or the pain and down time of surgery. Hippocrates, “the father of medicine, was doing both of these in 400 BC!! Well finally modern medical advances have allowed hemorrhoid sufferers a third effective and virtually painless option called Infrared Coagulation(IRC).

    I saw that Woody below mentioned it and I looked up online and they primarily treat using IRC. According to a meta-analytical study using 5 clinical studies comparing different treatments, Johanson and Rimm, recommend IRC as a first line treatment for hemorrhoids.

  74. Hi everyone,
    I am 14 and I have a hemorrhoid right next to my butthole. It burns a lot and itches and every time I move my legs around-be it walking, sitting, or bending-I get a sore, aching pain. I feel that I am way too young to have these extremely painful ailments…is it unheardof to have hemorrhoids at ages 12-15? Most of the younger hemorrhoid patients are in the age range of 17-25.

    Also, how long do these things last? My mom had terrible, huge ones during her pregnancy-the nurse told her it resembled a “man in the back”-and she said, using prep H and ice packs to reduce pain, they went away in 2-3 days. Mine has been hanging around for about 6.

    Thanks in advance

  75. hey
    not sure when i realized i had it, but it had to be at least 2 months at most 6? ive been busy so not sure but ive had this thing next to my Ahole for that long and it doesnt hurt and it hasnt bled. for the most part i forget its even there but i dont want this thing getting outta control…is it normal for it to be out there like that with no other symptoms other than it being there? very rarely, theres bright, but little, blood on the tissue but the thing is still there and it isnt irritated or infected or swollen and i dont want to go to my doctor since it hasnt been bothering me…anybody got any suggestions?

  76. Among all the other things I am living with (medical), I am treating this hemmoroid that is painful, itchy, burns, you name it. I can feel it with my fingers so I am assuming it is external. I cannot have surgery because I had intense internal radiation for uterine cancer, so that is not an option. My surgeon told me not to have any type of surgery unless it was life or death situation, because I would not heal. I have tried Tucks and that burns like hades. I use Vaseline a lot too. I always use a baby wipe after tissue to try and keep that area clean. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. THanks

  77. Hey, great information here but i have a question i could use greatly answered to ease my fears. I had a H-Roid for quite some time but it wasn’t until recently it flared up and started causing some pain but was not bleeding at all. I got scared and after a day of pain went to a walk in clinic to get it looked at in case it was something more then what i assumed. I was then told it was a H-Roid and told to go to a larger facility that would be able to remove it. I went to a nearby hospital, wait for approximately 2.5 hours (Even had a nap in the doctors room it took so long) and once doc looked at it he basically talked me out of doing the procedure to drain it, stating that i wasn’t in that much pain (i wasn’t really, just a constant dull pain) and that it would start to feel better in a few days. One question i forgot to ask is WHAT IF IT STARTS BLEEDING?

    over the next couple days the pain subsided BUT it has begun to bleed very slightly (i would call it “spotting” its not a large amount). Is this blood just the draining of the H-Roid and will it stop eventually? any answer to ease my fears would be fantastic (im giving the bleeding until August 1st to stop or im going in for the surgery, would that be too hasty?). Thanks.

  78. dear all, i first realized that i had H-roid 10 years ago. At that point it had grown already and i only noticed it because i felt something after i finished my number 2 and decided to pull it. You can imagine how shocked i was with what came out. Over the years i have been some medications to reduce it, have seen friends undergoing surgery to remove it etc. And i am still suffering with mine. Its just recently that a doctor who treated his daughter of the H-roidtold me what i should use. Its a medication called Preparation H. I am going to use it and will let you know if will work. Otherwise, dont sit at one place for too long, put warm water in a basin and sit on it for few minutes regulary it helps.Also try to never get constipation.

  79. I have not been bothered by it, but i have an external hemorrhoid, the thing is i noticed it when i was a little girl i am now 17, i remember going through a very painful stage in middle school where it hurt so much to have a number 2, it bled and was sore, i told my mum about it and she said not to worry as her sister(my auntie) has had one all her life…. as i have got older there is no pain or blood, and it does not bother me at all!
    Is there any reason for me to worry, since i havent for about 5 years now and almost everyone gets one!

  80. Hey im a 16 year old male and i just found out that i have an external hemroid.I have not contacted my doctor yet so im not sure how bad it is but it has not bled it just causes slight irritation here and there like 1 time in 4-5 months just need some info cause when i first saw it i got a little worried like most people do.And im just looking for someone to talk to about it cause im still a little freaked out.thanks you

  81. I have always noticed a little lump next to my rectum, but up until recently, it never really felt uncomfortable, but i have done research on it, and at first i thought maybe i had a tumor or cancer, but its alot more comforting to know that its only a hemmorhoid, so i will be trying preperation h, and if it doesnt work, i am going to consult a doctor about some antibiotics, does anyone know what else i could do to help shrink it or make it dissappear???

  82. I just had my second baby and now i think i have a hemorrhoid. It bleeds and is very pianfull when i go to the toilet. I went to the doctor and he said i prob have a small one but said not to worry about it. Some times i think i feel it on the outside and some times i dont. What can i do to get rid of it??

  83. I am 42 and have had hemorrhoids since way before I had children (hereditary, I’m guessing). They are a pain in the a** (no pun intended) every day and getting worse. I’m looking in to IRC, but I’m guessing mine will be too bad for that. Anyone had this procedure done?

  84. Hi all,
    If any of you are considering IRC treatment, I would highly recommend it. google –> hemorrhoid treatment, denver and click the first site on the list, under Colorado Painless Hemorrhoid treatment. There is lots of information on that website about IRC treatment for hemorrhoids. These guys are great too, they took care of all my problems.

  85. Will they go away if u just leave them alone? I’m a 14 year old male and I just noticed mine 2 days ago. I haven’t done anything about, It burns a little but I have a high tolerence for pain so sometimes I forget it’s there. Wat should I do??
    Do I have to treat it to get it to go away? I’m scared so respond as soon as possible please.

  86. i had somthing buggin me for a while and it would be very sore at some times i did not notice it until it started to bleed at that time i talked to my mother and she told me she had one too she waited and hers went away. i have had mine for a while and i would like to know how to get rid of a hemroid quickly because i am afraid it will effect me during my physical activities. Please Respond

  87. I’ve had Hemorrhoids for 1 1/2 years now. They will not go away. I eat a high fiber diet and every time I have a bowel movement, they come out. Otherwise, I don’t see them. I guess it’s what they call an internal hemorrhoid. The doctor has told me that I might never get rid of them, but I want to make sure that it’s nothing serious! I’ve had a flexible sigmoidoscopy and they said I was ok, but had small hemorrhoids. I don’t know what to do. It’s driving me crazy. I eat all this fiber and I’m still constipated half the time and can’t get rid of them!

  88. i haven’t gone to the doctor as yet but i will this week. i have been getting this pain since after my surgery in March 2006. i could not go off so well after surgery and had to force most times. Thai pic there is what mine looks like. I went off two day ago and it was painful and i saw blood a wiping. How does this thig go away. I am wondering if it will affect my other organs….and i eat alot of fiber, but that don’t even help….also i get pinlike pain..which i thought was worms it is possible that worms could be living in the hemorrhoids?

  89. i wipe and wipe and wipe until every spot of feces is gone after i go number 2. I created myself a monster. I’ve created the oh so painful hemroihds. I push the paper in hard and keep wiping and I still find something left behind and this irritates my bottom. Outchies πŸ™ Is it normal to have a little residue behind? I spend too much time on the toilet obsessing over this. Id rather just get rid of the worst of it and call it a day. I’m wayy too embarrassed to admit this to a doctor. I’ve created a monster and want to know other peoples feedback on this. I’m a young female in my mid 20’s and this isn’t fun.

  90. Hi,

    I am so glad I found this site. I recently found I have hemmorrhoids and was looking for some help on getting rid of these or at the very least helping ease the itchiness. I know this sounds a bit odd, but my anus was so itchy and hot one night I resorted to getting some ice-cream from out of my freezer and applied it to my butt (ahem). It cooled the whole thing down a lot and I felt much better pretty quickly. After a while I became more adventurous and began to ease some of the ice cream into my anus. It was so satisfying to remedy the hotness and I was kind of enjoying sliding my finger into my fairly tight anus. As evening came along I was caught in the act when my partner came home. Luckily they were very understanding and he was soon sliding his ice-cream coated cock into my butt hole. Now that he has discovered he likes anal sex and that we can work together on my condition, hell who knows I might even have him sucking my dick before much longer. Thanks for listening.

  91. I have a hemorrhoid. It’s very painful, itchy, and it bleeds; I haven’t yet seen the doctor. I intend to do that next week. Is there anything I can do until then. I have tried everything! Tucks, ointment, pads, alcohol. EVERYTHING! What else can I do?

  92. I’m fifteen. I do not know how long I’ve had these. It’s been a year or more. I always start to bring it uup with my mom who is a nurse but then get too embarrassed to keep talking.. I don’t know what to do.

  93. I have an external (it shows) hemmorhoid and am embarrassed to have sex.
    I’m in my 50’s, single and no lovers. Is this something I should let interfere with my desired love life?

  94. i had a hemmroid when i was fourteen but it went away after three weeks and now im fifteen and i have another on.
    dont worry if you take care of yourself and eat alot of fruit and vegitables and lower your meat intake to near none the go away easily.
    most of the time it is just a imbalance in your body.

  95. one day i was shitting something fierce when i pushd really hard and got a hemroid and it hurts too bad so bad that i want to stab it and let it deflate

  96. Help! I’ve had a painful hemmorhoid for three weeks and can’t get rid of it (have practiced every home remedy). I’m pretty sure it’s a thrombose external hemeroid….I’ve seen one doctor but she wasn’t much help. Do you think it’s time to pursue surgery?

  97. If I have surgery to have a hemorrhoid removed can another one return and become worse than the last? My doctor told me that surgery is not the way to go because once the vein is cut, the blood will need to go some where thus creating another hemorrhoid so the surgery will be pointless. Also, why would hot water reduce the swelling? I would think ice would do this trick. I was also told to sit in a hot bath with iodized salt, how can this possibly work? I’m not saying I haven’t tried it. I have come to realize that I get hemorrhoids when I am either constipated or when I have a large bowel movement. I don’t eat regularly with my job being a server, and I especially don’t eat enough fiber. I also notice that when I drink way to much one night, the morning I wake up I have an upset stomach and feel the need to use the restroom. Of course I’m either still drunk or have a bad hangover and I think I force myself to go, but don’t feel like I am. I guess I need to just start eating right and stop drinking so much to make them stop. Am I right on this? If so, everyone who charges for cures and promises miracles are liars. Carma is a bitch.

  98. omg! i hate this. i recently found out out that i have a h-roid and i have tried both cream and suppositories and neither of them have worked. i dont want to have this for a lifetime. someone please help me. i dont know what to do because i have never experienced this.

  99. I get these every blue moon without blood and serious swelling and it just goes away after a week or so. Don’t panic, try not to push as hard next time you take a shit.

  100. I am pretty sure i have one. I am a 14 year oldmale and im embaressed to ask my parents for advice. It itches and burns but doesn’t bleed. I just want to know if it goes awy by it self,and if yes,about how long it takes. If not, how can i get rid of it? I have had it for about a week and a half and i am not sure how worried i should be.

    Please, please, please, Respond.

  101. I have had hemorrhoids for several years now. With a lot of research, I changed my diet and now they’re pain free! BUT i still have external hemorrhoids, and I want to get rid of them without surgical treatments. I don’t have much money, and I’m always embarrassed to have sex with my boyfriend.

    If anyone has advice on getting rid of external hemorrhoids other than banding or surgery, please PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!

    I’m so glad i’m not alone on this. It’s so awkward to talk about it. No one knows, not even my boyfriend!

  102. I to have this Hemorrhoid, but i guess I’m lucky no itchys ,no bleeding ,only time I have some pain is when I have anal sex. I did not know you can get rhoids that way .wow I’m going to try the warm soaks.
    Has anyone ever tried Clear Med? I found it on line $39.99 ,money back .
    Now do they come back again after you get rid of them?

  103. Ok I found a site that say use vitamin E oil, Now being a animal lover I would not use the preparation H it is made from shark’s livers. Who new ,oh and he said not to have the surgery. His father had the surgery, than had a few more so that doesn’t work.
    Drink lots of water and he says all the other thing don’t eat alot of meat.

  104. What can help any kind of hemmroid? I am 23 years old and I found out that I had one in the spring of 05. I was to scared to go to the doctors. It is 5 years later and I still have them. I was hoping they would have went away by now. I don’t have the money to go to the Er or the doctors. can anything help me?


    I have been suffering for years until my mother told me to try drinking olive oil. I started by taking a table spoon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and another spoon after dinner at night. Within 2 days I felt so much better.

    Now I don’t bother with spoons, I just drink straight out the bottle. Don’t over do it though else you will have the Runs!

    The idea is to constantly have an easy bowel movement for a few days and this relieves pressure on the existing hemorrhoids. And eventually you will see no blood, feel no pain and going to the toilet won’t feel like you’re about to get raped!

    Stick with the olive oil and obviously drink as much water as you can, drown yourself if you have to. The most important thing to do is to tackle the cause.

    IMO hemorrhoids happen when we have an imbalance in our body and of course constipation etc doesn’t help.

    Excercise is a MUST if you want to stay hemorrhoid free. You must tone up your insides and the best way to do that is to lots of cardio and don’t forget the a healthy diet is just as important.

    Lots of green vegetables, fruits etc. Fibre is good but start off with little else it will feel like you are giving birth especially if your hemorrhoids are really bad. I one day went on an all fibre diet eating nothing but fibre such as weetabix and all bran flakes. When I did eventually go to the toilet, I was close death! The pain was excrutiating!

    Didn’t touch fibre for a long time after that!

    So, a healthy non fatty, non sugary, non dairy diet, lots of regular excercise, lots of water and of course don’t forget the olive oil and you will be fine.

    If not then get to the docs as it could be more complicated..

    Wish you all the best except the guy who used ice cream and allowed another guy to screw him!

  106. ive had the h roid as some call it for a week or so on the outside of my anus and was in great pain after reading many ideas here and what not i attempted some of them with no great relief oddly enough i tried my own tactic my h roid as some call it was on the outside well i used some aloe very at the time to cool down the pain and as odd as it sounds accidently pushed it back into my anus the h roid that as and to my relief the pain is gone im not saying this tactic will help the issue im sure the next timei have a movement itll be pushed out and ill pushed the h roid back in and hopefully relieves the pain again if anyone else has tried this or does try it and confirms it relived pain for them as well and if there is and complications id like to know and ill post anything new that comes up im sure this wont get rid of my hemroid or anyone else for those that have them on the outside of their anus

  107. Hi, my sister is a nurse and she says that gently massaging the hemorrhoid and gently reinserting it (if it’s prolapsed) can provide relief. I ended up with a hemorrhoid after giving birth. I’ve found that doing the pelvic floor exercises help it to go away without the need for cream etc. A friend introduced me to a a type of yoga he does and the instructor has spent a lot of time on pelvic exercises (essentially lying on your back, raising your pelvis off the floor while tightening/clenching as much as you can your buttocks, thighs, stomach etc)you hold this position for as long as you can (around 10 secs) then relax, repeat exercise (I’d try doing 5 repetitions at 10 seconds each to begin with). I noticed that by the end of the second day of doing these exercises that the hemorrhoid had significantly reduced, by the end of the third day it had disappeared. Maybe this won’t work for everyone but may be worth checking it out. Pelvic floor exercises can’t hurt anyone.
    For the teenagers posting to this site – Please don’t struggle with this on your own! Talk to your parents and get some medical advice if you are in pain, you shouldn’t ever feel too embarrassed to talk about any health issues you’re having!!!!!

  108. I too, have had hemorhoids for quite some time now. Roughly 5 years. I never noticed it until my boyfriend pointed it out during sex. How embarrassing. Well Ive tried tucks wipes and creams and now this guy is my husband practically begging for anal sex and there is NO way i will let him near my ass until these disgusting h-roids are gone. WTF can I use to make them go away and STAY away!?!

    -Desperate for answers.

  109. Well, last week i had anal sex for the first time and the next day i was fine, i had a BM and all was well. but after that i tried going to the bathroom day two and it was like trying to shit nails! its been about 4 days and i held off on going to the bathroom and they felt much better, so i decided to give it another try. BIG MISTAKE, i had to wipe with wet tissue and there was a spot of blood, only one. im glad i found this site and hope these suggestions work, ill never do anal again. i dont want to have to diet, i hope these things go away. i can barely sit!…..

  110. I’ve tried so many things to get rid my piles…but nothing really helped except the crystal soak remedy. for more info visit

  111. I have been batteling this problem for a year now. I have IBS with diarrhea which causes a lot of pressure and pain when I use the bathroom. The best thing I have found to work is a prescription medication named proctasol. You have to get it from a doctor. It helps to shrink the h-rhoid. There is also something I have read about on the internet called “Hem-away”, it is a seat that you put on your toilet seat that you sit on and is suppose to make it go back up inside. Has anyone tried this?

  112. I’ve got little hemmroid and am scared it will be bigger after some weeks or days
    what can someone advice me to do???
    it looks ugly when i look at it from mirror

  113. I have this Hroid that pop out my but last night. This think look like a knuckle sticking out of my butt-hole, and OMG is hurts. I’ve tried to push it back in and it hurt so bad I’ve stopped. Tried ice and sitting in a epson salt bath, and it doesnt seem to reduce the swelling or the hroid…. what to do? I have no idea how or why this thing popped out my ass, I work up about 4am with a feeling I had to poop and there it was.. Dang! this hurts

  114. I got my first hemmroid after playing softball all weekend. I am not sure if its an internal or external.. Cuz i can kind of push it in.. It’s almost been 2 weeks. It has shrunk some.. I tried warm water seems to make it worse but ice seems to shrink it. I bought venapro the other day so hope it works. I also got some horsechest nut pills. they say that will help. I have bought many creams. If anyone has any other good ideas.. Please post.. Thanks

  115. I have had hemmeroids for most of my life and the key is to not have a painful bowel movement. Take Stool softeners and fiber pills (if you arent eating enough fiber) Fiber One works wonders! Dr. OZ just did a show on having a more comfortable bowel movement and he said that the bowels are actually angled. He suggested putting a stool in front of the toilet and putting your feet up on it when having a movement because this position is the way you are shaped. It really works! FIBER, WATER and SOFTENERS are the answer to keeping them away!

  116. I have 2 external h-roids that I got 2 years ago. THEY HAVEN’T GONE AWAY! I do not enjoy having sex with my fiance. I am miserable. Someone please help! πŸ™

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