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A hiccup is an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm (or a myoclonic jerk, if you want to get technical!) The diaphragm is the sheet of muscle sitting at the bottom of your lungs which moves up and down when you’re breathing. Hiccupping is caused by a repeated nerve signal sent to the diaphragm telling it to contract. There are multiple potential causes for this repeated signal to begin in the first place. However, there is only one way to stop hiccupping: by interrupting this signal. Normally your body will do this on its own, but that can take a while. If you are looking for immediate hiccup relief, look no further. Below we will show you seven ways to put an end to those annoying hiccups. Find out which one works for you.

1. Press your hand.

Use one hand to apply pressure to the palm of the other. The harder you can do this without hurting yourself, the better. You can also accomplish this maneuver using one hand. Just squeeze the ball of your thumb with the fingers on the same hand.

How does this work? Because nerves that are excited by pressure are prioritized by your nervous system, the discomfort you experience while squeezing your hand can distract your body long enough for the overexcited nerves, which are causing your hiccups, to relax. The nice thing about this move is that it can be accomplished discretely. No need to excuse yourself during a dinner party. Simply hide what you are doing below the table.

2. Plug your ears.

This move will require you to excuse yourself, unless you don’t mind the puzzled looks. Simply stick your fingers in your ears or press the soft areas behind your earlobes. Don’t press hard though: your ears are sensitive, and you do not want to burst an eardrum by any means. All you need to do is apply a gentle pressure for 20 to 30 seconds. This will send a signal through a nearby nerve connected to the diaphragm that will tell your diaphragm to relax.

3. Drink some water.

Grab a glass of water and take nine or ten quick sips in a row. If you have a straw handy, you are even better off. When you are drinking, regular contractions of your esophagus (that’s the tube that brings food and water to your stomach) will overpower the spasms in your diaphragm which are causing your hiccups.

If you can plug your ears AND drink at the same time, that’s even better! Stick your fingers in your ears or behind your earlobes (see the previous step) and sip through a straw. You’ll be pressing on the nerve near your diaphragm while gaining the added benefit of swallowing.

4. Breathe into your hands.

Take both hands and cup them over your mouth and nose. Then breathe into them as normally as possible. Try to relax and count your breaths. Do this for about a minute. The extra carbon dioxide you will be breathing during this time will tell your diaphragm to relax. Keep in mind that breathing in extra carbon dioxide for too long (as in, more than a few minutes,) can give you a headache. So if this step doesn’t seem to be working after a minute or two give another one a try.

5. Hold your breath.

Take a deep breath: as deep as you can. Pull all that air into to your lungs and hold it there for as long as possible. While you are holding your breath, try swallowing a few times. The extra buildup of carbon dioxide in your lungs will relax your diaphragm. Your hiccups will hopefully be gone as a result.

Of course, we would like to stress that you shouldn’t hold your breath for too long (or even at all) if you have certain medical conditions like emphysema. You don’t want to pass out, you just get rid of your hiccups. Consider another strategy if this might be an issue for you.

While you are doing this you can also use steps one or two: while you are holding your breath and swallowing, try plugging your ears or pressing on your hand. Sometimes just the simple distraction of trying to do many things at once is all you really need!

6. Stick out your tongue.

It’s as simple as that, really! Sticking out your tongue can also be a great success if you need to get rid of hiccups. This is an exercise that singers and actors use. When done repeatedly, it stimulates the opening between the vocal chords (which is called the glottis).

As you stick your tongue out hold it there for a few seconds, and continue breathing normally. Repeat the process until your hiccups are good and gone. Sticking your tongue out causes you to breathe more smoothly. This calms your nerves which, in turn, tells your diaphragm to cut it out with the hiccups.

7. Sweet, sour, or salty.

Try overloading the nerve endings in your mouth to give your diaphragm the “shock” it needs. Put a teaspoonful of sugar at the back of your tongue. Let it sit there for a few seconds before washing it down with some water.

If this doesn’t do the trick, you can try something sour. Bite into a lemon wedge and suck the juice. Sounds disgusting right? But that feeling you have when you taste something sour is your body’s way of showing surprise. It works a lot like being scared by someone jumping out at you in order to scare you. You can even put a drop or two of a hard liquor like tequila or vodka on the lemon wedge, if you feel like it. This will increase the punch and some people feel that it works better.

You can also satisfy your sour quota with a teaspoon of vinegar or pickle juice every 10 seconds or so until the hiccups stop. If you want to go the salty route, all you need to do is fill a teaspoon with some regular table salt. Mix this into a cup of room temperature water and drink it down over a few seconds: not all at once! As you are drinking it, be sure to stay calm and relaxed. Remember to stir the glass occasionally or the salt will sink to the bottom.

Sure hiccups can be annoying, but you aren’t alone. Many people have shared in this inconvenience and have come up with some quirky and creative fixes for the problem. So give one or two of them a shot. Who knows, you might just put an end to your hiccupping woes.

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  1. I suffer from deadly hiccups! haha…anyways…nothing seems to work for me but to add to the list, because I know things that have worked for others. If You notice someone has them: Ask them what they had for breakfast(it takes their mind of them and they might go away.) ~OR~ tell them you’ll give them _____ if they hiccup again….it worked for me!

  2. Suffering for years, I have tried so many remedies it has become wearisome. I have finally found a remedy that has never failed for me or the persons I have told it to. Take a mouthful of water and slowly bend over forward as far as comfortably possible. Holding the water in your mouth, begin swallowing tiny amounts (never big gulps) maybe three or four swallows. Stand up quickly after swallowng the last of the water and alas, the hiccups are gone. Works for me!!

  3. Put water in a glass and drink it out of a straw while plugging your ears. You’ll probably have to help a small child do this the 1st few times. It really works!

  4. The shot of lemon or lime juice has always been a no fail for me and my family. Every time with no exceptions. Tastes horrible though, but tough it out.

  5. I get BAD hiccups. In public mostly, in a tight squeeze like that I just swallow a bunch of times while holding my breath. At home I do the Peanut butter thing but i take sevral small swallows of it. It REALLY works right away!

  6. This really works- I get really strong hiccups sometimes. Take a spoon and lift the uvuala ( the membrane that hangs down in the back of your throat). It works right away. Be careful not to gag yourself with the spoon by sticking it back too far!

  7. What always works for me is to take big gulps of a carbonated cola type soda such as Coke and make myself burp. I never knew about this till I married my hubby and it is what he always did to rid himself of hiccups so had me try it and sure enough, hiccups gone. And works FAST too, only three or so burps and the hiccups are history. 🙂

  8. I’ve tried an awful lot of ways to get rid of hiccups and found that pretty much anything works (including ‘lick a scrap of paper to make it stick and put in on your forehead’) exactly one time.

    My guess is that it’s the wondering ‘will it work?’ that makes the hiccups stop.

  9. i get really bad hiccups, so i make myself burp!!!! sounds weird i know, but take a massive gulp af air and burp as many times as you can, then drink water REALLY SLOWLY, if that hasn’t worked put some sugar in your mouth and swish it around. one of them always seems to work!!! byeeeeeeeee

  10. My tip that, for me, works 99.9999999999999…u get it…anyways.. You take a mouthful of water and hold your head back, plug your nose and ears, and swallow. It works almost everytime for me. TRY IT!!!

  11. This trick as worked for me and everyone that I have shown it to:
    Hold your breathe for as long as you can, when you can’t hold your breath any longer take a sip of anything–as long as you swallow your good. It even gets rid of the drunken hiccups!

  12. i got an idea from a lifegaurd when i had a nose bleed, he told me to cover my nose with a napkin/tissue/towel and breath softly. It worked. one day i got hiccups, i tried that method on my hiccups and slowly they dissapeared. It works with both hiccups and nose bleeds, just cover ur nose and breath softly

  13. If someone asks you for ways to get rid of their hiccups just ask them casually “have you swallowed an egg today?” once they reply “what?” keep on telling them that they must have swallowed an egg… they may think your crazy… but it really works

  14. I believe that people, especially babies, get hiccups from becoming chilled. If you see a baby with hiccups notice if they seem underdressed for the enviornment. In my experience it is a sign that the person needs to get warmer. Try bundling up and watch the hiccups disappear as your temperature rises – and let’s dress the babies appropriately – feet included!!!!!

  15. Sand on your bed, close your eyes and imagine that you are on top of Empire State building and jump of and imagine that you are diving into a pool of marsh mellows.(warning: do not eat too many marsh mellows)

  16. This really works for me everytime i do it. I only have them for like one second and it works like magic. Hold the bottom part of your ear, where normal people pierce (no offense),and press lightly.
    They will be gone at an instant.

  17. The ear lobe thing really works. I just had the worst case of hiccups ever and read the tip. Tried it and they were gone in like a second.
    WOW!!!!Thanks Den!

  18. take a big gulp of water, then flip your head over so its below your waist (you have to be standing) and hold your breath until you cant anymore. then, swallow and slowly stand up straight. take it easy (dont talk much or yell or run or anything) for about 5 minutes. it really works! lol


    I know this works well and my two children love it as a solution.
    Plug your ears and nose then get somebody to hold a drink whilst you drink some. My girls find it really funny and no more hiccups!

  20. Do this yourself, or have someone do it for you: Press FIRMLY with one finger on the corner of your jaws (both sides at the same time). This is the spot right below and slightly to the front of your ear lobes. For some people, it works better if they press forward (like you’re trying to pull your jaw off the front of your face) rather than just pressing inward. Don’t do it so strongly that it’s painful, but just short of that. Hold for about 30 seconds.

  21. Stand on one foot, touch one finger to your nose while pressing on your bellybutton as hard as you can and hold your breath. The guys in my math class in middle school tried this and I think I remember it working, but it definitly makes a good story.

  22. One of the tips under #2 says, “Exhale completely and hold your breath for as long as possible.” I’ve always done just the opposite: I breathe in as deeply as I can and hold it as long as I can. One or two deep breaths like that always works for me.

  23. 2 get rid of ur Hiccupz,have sex,rough sex!!i mean it it really does work in no time @ all..
    try it Lolzz
    enuff luv n tek it eazi
    stay blessed x

  24. The Spoonful of Peanut Butter worked for me.. Prior to trying the p.b I was breathing slowly, drinking water, etc – nothing was working.
    Thank goodness this did! 🙂

  25. Dang, I tried maybe five or six of those and none of them worked. Finally I tried the whole plugging the nose and ears, but instead of drinking something (cos I dunno how I would’ve done that) I just held my breath. It worked! Yay!

  26. drink a glass of a liquid of any kind and pug your nose and ears and drink, it seriously works!!! no life ma brothers!!!!!! -PEACE OUT!!!!

  27. This probably only works in a bar, but put a few drops of bitter on a lemon wedge and suck. Doesn’t taste great, but works immediately.

  28. Rough sex works EVERY time! My boyfriend gets them for hours at a time after he’s been drinkin, to where they are painful…a lil rough sex, and WALAA! They’re gone!

  29. OK-So, I was going on the computer when I got the hiccups and I just looked up “how to get rid of hiccups”, so the first rememdy I saw was swallow one tsp. of plain white table sugar. So, I went in the kitchen and did that and they literally stopped immediately. I remember my Mom used to do this when I was little and it never worked, but for some reason this time it did! Weird!

  30. Tell your friend something extreamly bad, like your parents are getten divorced; or that you think their boyfriend is breaking up with you, and usuaally, they well stop thinking about that, and look for something too say.. and it’ll stop and then say.. JOKING!; and they wont get mad.. hahaa.. i promise!!, me and my friend here is trying too figure out ways. dont mind


  32. I always have a spoonful of sugar then wash it down with WARM water… it’s gross but it works wonders.. It’s never failed me

  33. The bending over amd drinking water works for me.

    Suffering for years, I have tried so many remedies it has become wearisome. I have finally found a remedy that has never failed for me or the persons I have told it to. Take a mouthful of water and slowly bend over forward as far as comfortably possible. Holding the water in your mouth, begin swallowing tiny amounts (never big gulps) maybe three or four swallows. Stand up quickly after swallowng the last of the water and alas, the hiccups are gone. Works for me!!

  34. It’s very simple, no props required. Hold your breath and swallow five times in a row (without letting your breath go). No lemons, spoons, glasses of water. It works great. Wish I’d heard of this years ago.

  35. I’m telling ya, it sounds strange and i didn’t think it would work, but i read about self-induced burping, maybe after a carbonated beverage, and boy does it work! Cured me in 4-5 burps!

  36. This really isn’t a tip, but I tried the peaunt butter and they went away really quickly. After the first bite I was cured. Thanks!

  37. Light a candle and close your eyes sitting indian style or criss cross apple sause as I was taught when I was little and pretend your on a diving board make it as big or small as you want then take the biggest breath you’ve ever taken and pretend to jump in the pool and when you run out of air pretend to swim to the surface. This works for me so much I do it alot after swim practice because swallowing chloine gives me hiccups.

  38. thank you son much for postioing this. i was playing with my sister when all of a suddun i got hicccups and i found this website on google and i found the plugging ears and nose remedy… thanx

  39. i followed all the tips here mentioned but at last i thought of not thinking about it anymore and waala they stopped!!!amazing haa

  40. MOST OF THESE SUGGESTIONS ARE MYTHS MY TEACHER TOUGHT ME TO DO THIS AND BOY DOES IT WORK!!! okay heres how it goes stand upright holding your cup of water directly in front of you instead of drinking on the end of the cup closest to you drink on the opposite side tilting your head downward in that direction take a few sips This REALLY works try it!!!!

  41. Jump 5 Times,Think Of your Favourite Person For About 2 Mins,Hold Your Breath And Waalaa!

    Works Everytime!

    It Works Because Your Concerntrating On Something Other Than Hiccups

    Want Hiccups Or Want Them To Keep Going For A Long Time? Then Think Of Hiccups 24/7

  42. Okay guys, I’ve got the perfect solution..all these other tips are garbage like havin sex, man I’ve tried that a thousand times and it still has never works..but anyway all ya got to do is hold your tongue with your fingers out of your mouth for 10-30 seconds, it really works! -PEACE OUT CUB SCOUT

  43. One ttime i had huccups for three days in a row, and i tried everything to get rid of them. at on the third day i had sex five times, and on the fifth time they went away. i dont know why, but it really works!!!!

  44. i know this sounds really wierd… but at school some guy said anytime i have the hiccups think of a purple cow… and today i had the hiccups and i remembered to think of that purple cow… and i swear they immediatly stopped… the natural cure to hiccups… and its 150%.

  45. Well i’ve always used the peanut butter trick because its always worked for me…but if you are out of peanut butter, all you have to do is read this list of comments and they will be gone!

  46. My dad told me that If you drink water through a straw whilst blocking one of your ears they will go away immediatly! Brilliant! They went straight away! Try it- no food or anything needed! wooohoooo! …Warrior Of Iggy!

  47. Alright… Stand up and bring your right leg off the ground. Start whistling your ABC’s backward and try to touch your tongue to your elbow….. then BAM your done.

    Yeah I have tried everything around and they are still here so I thought I would do what my daughter was telling me to do…. didnt work for me but my kid said its what she does.

  48. Put your tounge on the roof of your mouth and rub with your tounge 30-60seconds trust me it works.

    Also try jumping on the spot really fast for 30 seconds then drink 200ml of water then jog 100 metres that works everytime

    Docter bonhoi

  49. This helps to get rid of other people’s hiccups.
    get a pair of scissors and pretend to cut your friends hair.
    Especially works if hair is LONG!

  50. if you sit down and take like deep breaths and inhale and exhale, they go away, and if you read ways to get rid of them, it gives you something to do, sooo youll get rid of them by distracting yourself, yep yep.

  51. WOW! i tried the egg tip fom Ben ;
    If someone asks you for ways to get rid of their hiccups just ask them casually “have you swallowed an egg today?” once they reply “what?” keep on telling them that they must have swallowed an egg… they may think your crazy… but it really works”
    It Abousolutly worked! i had someone ask me tht and they were gone! he is a miricale woker.

  52. get a glass of,stand staright then bend down a little bit and drink water from oppisite side of the cup but do not turn the cup

  53. i sang Old McDonald had a farm in my head and Said my time s tables out loud and breated deeply and then Hiccupz Go BYE BYE

  54. Take a drink and put a straw in it then plug your ears and swollow.Keep drinking for about 10-20 seconds and then they should be cured.

  55. Held my breath, swallowed a spoonful of sugar, drank water upside down, burped and rubbed my tummy – don’t know which one worked but hiccups are the worst – other than the three dozen or so mosquito bites i am covered with because I live on a lagoon in Mexico – I didn’t know whether to scratch or hold my breath but a few limes – sucking the lime for the hiccups and rubbing the lime on my body for the bites seemed to work.

  56. Drink exactly NiNE (9) GULPS OF WATER! 8 won’t work, trust me LOL. my best friend suggested that to me & it works every single time! Good Luck & God Bless :]

  57. This is one my shop teacher taught me. Lite a match then drop it into a glass of water. Drink the water with the match in it and thats it. hiccups are gone. (don’t drink the match)

  58. That sex one is bull it never works!!!Just hold your damn breath after drinking a large amout of water… That work’s for most people.

  59. by the time i got t the end of that super long list up ther they wer gone! THANK GOD! they wer really starting to hurt!!
    …but cool ideas all the same!

  60. I am so mad..all these peoples advice is not stinkin workin! im gettoin so ma i dont know wat to do. ive been on various websites and none of the solutions work..someone HELP ME!

  61. For me holding my breath for 10-15 seconds, works every time. However, here are some ways that helps my family members and friends:

    1. Breathing into a paper bag repeteadly

    2. A spoonful of honey and lemon

    3. Yawning repeatedly

    4. Getting up and stretching profoundly while holding your breath.

  62. What works for me is if you Simply take a glass of water and a cloth.
    Put the cloth on top of the cup and drink through it .

    It always works for me !!

  63. I just had the worst hiccups in the world! I asked for some help and my co-worker said to hold out my wrist and have her find my pulse. I was so busy concentrating on her finding my pulse that I didn’t have them anymore! it really worked…

  64. Ok i have read all of the tips on here but nothing seems to work. i have had hiccups for the last three nights now and they are really starting to annoy everyone but especially me. oh and it gets worse i had to sleep on the couch because it kept my boyfriend up!!! so help would be much appriciated.

  65. Squawk like a chicken while flapping your arms and bobbing your head as if you were pecking at something. Bugawk!

    This really works. I dont know how it does but i had the hiccups for about 15 minutes and i tried this one and it REALLY WORKS!!!!

  66. In my experiance, I have found that just garguling a mouthful of water for 20 seconds, while counting the seconds on your fingers will get rid of your hiccups for good, until next time your diaphragm spazes

  67. Plug your nose and ears, hold your breath, and swallow as fast as you can. It should emmidetly get rid of those awful hiccups. Works every time!

  68. Hold your breath swallow as fast as u can bout 10x if this fails lean foward with a glass of water and drink fromthe farside ALways works

  69. Stand against a wall with your feet touching the baseboard. Hold your breath, cross your eyes, and then touch your toes. It’s amazing!!

  70. Whenever my friends have hiccups I say “Um u have a big brown spot on ur butt” and then point to the spot, and when tey try and look, be like nooooo right there. Iv doen that sooo many times and then when im like.. Jk, Ur hiccups are gone though!

  71. Take a paper towel or napkin and place it over a glass of water tightly and then drink through it, just a few swallows and they will be gone. I have never had this not work. I tell everyone I know and they say the same thing.


  73. The peanut butter trick always works for me. If that dosen’t work lay up-sidedown on your couch and hold your breath for 10 Mississippi. That should work

  74. i dont know how or why…but when you get the hiccups say the word “penny” it has worked every time for me and any time one of my friends get the hiccups i tell them to say it and they go away almost immediately

  75. Take a straw and put the straw horizontally between your teeth lightly, then drink a full glass of water with the straw between your teeth. Works every time. This is the ultimate cure

  76. my hiccups are horribly stubborn, ive just found the best way is to ride its course, ive tried many things and they just keep staying, but I might try some of these tips.

  77. I have had the hiccups on and off for three days. Holding my breath, holding my breath while sipping water, or breathing into a paper bag have only stopped them briefly. Just tried the swallowing while holding my breath – it worked. I’ll see how long it lasts! (or try the rough sex when my wife gets home!).

  78. I had the hiccups when I found this page, but after reading a bunch of the remedies I decided to just try drinking some water and taking tiny sips in quick succession, and what do you know it worked! Its been about a half hour since drinking the water and they haven’t come back yet.

  79. I know that a lot of the comments on here are crap. So people may not try this.. but it almost always works for me. Sometimes the hiccups are extremely persistent and they come back shortly afterwards, but they’re less severe, and I just do this again.

    1. Take in a deep breath.
    2. Hold your nose (And ears too if you can, by either using your middle fingers on your ears, and thumbs on your nose, or the other way around.)
    3. Swallow the air.
    4. Hold it for as long as you can.
    5. When you can’t hold it any longer, breath it all out.
    6. Take another deep breath and swallow.

    It looks like a lot of steps, because I wanted to make each step short and easy to follow. But this really does work for me better and more often than anything else has, because it effectively gets the air bubble out of my lungs (which is where hiccups come from, people say it’s from eating too fast, and that is definitely a cause of getting air bubbles in your lungs. Yeah. You have air in your lungs, but these little pockets are different.. and highly annoying!!)

  80. By holding the TIP of your tongue with your thumb and index finger (INDEX FINGER ON TOP and THUMB ON BOTTOM) will get rid of them right away. Try to start right after a hiccup. I usually use my right hand (not sure if that has anything to do with it) BUT IT WORKS!!!

  81. i no one way that can get rid of hiccups make a high pitched sound and kind of make it in to a song and do that for about 50 sec…

  82. WOW! I am SOOOOO glad I found this page! I just had horrible hiccups and out of all the ideas, eating a spoonful of peanut butter sounded the best to me. I just did it. I swear my hiccups went away the second the peanut butter hit my tongue! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  83. The thing that works fo me ALWAYS (I seriously cant think of ONE single time its failed) is to take a glass of water (the amount is a HUGE deal but Ive always had at LEAST half a glass) and put a napkin over the top, hold it over the cup tightly and drink from all sides of the cup until the napkin is wet completely…hiccups GONE. Swearit. I know it sounds like alot of effort but it really isnt, especially if you get em as bad as I do where they HURT!

  84. Take a can of soda, then take a drink of it, filling your whole mouth. Then tilt your head back, WITHOUT swallowing the soda, and plug your ears and nose so the air does NOT escape, and then swallow WHILE your head is tilted back…trust me, i just tried it, and it worked 100 percent! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad my hiccups are gone…lol. good luck!

  85. wot i did woz i tilted my head back and then held my noce and they went but half an hour later i did the most loudest hiccup of my life and i was with all my m8ts i woz soooooooo embarrest then wen i got home i still had hiccus so then i sat down held my noce and ears and i swollowed as many times as i could and then i diddnt hicu 4 the rest of that day have fun tryin 2 get rid of ur hiccups chereehanby 14 yrs old

  86. please please please help me ='(
    ive tried all of these and none work!! it hurts like someones punching me with an iron fist!!! pleease someone help ='(

  87. done it!! newish way i pushed hard with one finger on the point slightly above the middle part of the collar bone. where the dip is. push quite hard and when u feel a hiccup coming, push harder. everytime u feel one coming, push hard. actually worked!! hope it helps

  88. I get the hiccups all the time. When I do, my boyfreind tells me to think of the last time I saw a rabbit. It dosent help me, but maybe someone else could benefit.

  89. I get hiccups like no-one would ever believe possible. One time I had them for over 48 hours went to the hospital and everything cause it was driving me insane. Anyways so I tried every possible thing that you could think of. I had a list of 150 different remedies and went through the entire list without it working. Then I read on here of a cure that works all the time….. Unbelievable. take the back of a spoon or a popsicle stick and open your mouth and push the hanging thing (uvuala) up to the roof of your mouth. This will work guaranteed. Swalowing slowly, eating penut butter, drinking upside down, sugar and all of these thigs are just different ways of pressing the hangy thing in the back of your throat up. So why not go straight to the source and directly do it. Try it next time. I promise it will work. Cheers

  90. what I have found to be a sure-fire way to rid yourself of those nasty hiccups is this:
    1. take two large sips of french salad dressing.
    2. put your left eye as close as possible to the television while simultaneously rubbing your inner thighs
    3. once you’re done rubbing your thighs for 30seconds spin around three times and ask your mom about the birds and the bees.
    4. if hiccups persist, try again only with thousand island dressing.

  91. I have had the hiccups for almost 10 years, and the only thing that gets rid of them for 10 minutes is blue cheese, the smell makes me wanna gag! and it stops them, i guess

  92. I have really bad casses of hicups sometimes. Today I had 5 casses and they last about 10 minutes each. What I do is I breath in as far as I possably can then I hold it for about 5 sec. and then I breath out as far as I can and I hold for 3 sec. I do this a copple of times and then before I know it they are gone just like that.

  93. I looked at this while I was hiccupping. Exhaling and not breathing really does work.
    I find that if I have a hot drink–tea, coffee, hot chocolate, olvatine if your into that–put it all into your mouth and drink it in one giant gulp.

  94. If you notice that a friend has hiccups, bet them money that they won’t be able to hiccup one more time. It worked for me (unfortunately).

  95. i used reigh’s advice [ taking a mouthful of water and bending down and taking small swallows] it really work i juss had hiccups 5 mins ago now they are gone thanks much!!!!!

  96. I just read some tips because I had the hiccups and I couldn’t get rid of them I tried holding my breath but that didn’t work so what I did was hold my breath for a long time swallow then hold my breath again and they stopped so quickly thanks for the tips!!!!!

  97. Okay so I am a tech and work in a call center and am on the phones all day, i will get the hiccups for days even weeks sometimes, ive seen the doctor and tried different meds, the sugar thing used to work, the peanut butter/lemon/lime doesn’t work for me but may for you!! sounds yummy :-p. I find taking a mouth full of water with one tablespoon of sugar and standing on your tippy toes and looking at the ceiling trying to touch it with your head works. it sounds, eh, weird? it works. :-))))) merry christmas everyone!!

  98. I had always used the water sipping and the upside down water drinking, but for some reason that wasn’t working tonight.
    I am glad the website had the focus concepts, doing times tables and reciting the alphabet backwards worked for me and I had never done that before.

  99. I just came to this website hiccuping madly; but as soon as I started reading the remedies my hiccups disappeared. Now that does not mean that the hiccups will come back but, if u dont think about them they will go away. Distraction ain’t it great

  100. First fill up a glass to the top with water. Stand over your sunk and drink out of the backside of the glass, drink as much water possible! (to make sure your doing it right your chin will get wet!)

  101. This SOOO works!

    Eat a spoonful of peanut butter. if that doesn’t work, eat 2!

    If peanut butter isn’t your thing, try holding your breath for as long as you can and when you are about to run out of air, drin water. that works, but gives you a headace. believe me, i just tried it and i have a headace!


  102. All of us in here have alternative ways to get rid of hiccups but anyone has any idea what might be causing his hiccup?? I always get hiccups when I eat food that I don’t like, or when the food is not cooked to my taste or I eat when I have a full belly. Very weird but true. My easy way for getting rid of hiccups is by drinking a pint of water Very Quickly. Hope it helps!!

  103. I always get really bad hiccups. No, like REALLY bad hiccups. What I tend to do is block my nose and swallow as many times as I can. It feels like your nose is going to blow up sometimes but it really works!

  104. I just simply hold my breath up-side-down for about 20 seconds or for as long as I can go! It almost always works, but I suggest you just hold your breath right-side-up if you are in public.

  105. I hate hiccups so to get rid of them i get a cup of water tip it in my mouth then hold my breath. Try it because it works

  106. ok so im sure you have herd a million and one ways to get rid of the hiccups well this one really works if someone has the hiccups very badly just scare them i think it scares the hiccups away or something because it works everytime…promise

  107. talk

    Holding your breath doesnt work!!

    Just think of the person you are in love with and talk about them and they will go away promise:)

  108. I have hiccups -__- they keep coming back I had them 3 times today I think (3ed time right now) and I had the hiccups yesterday but they went away on they’re own drinking water helps most of the time when ever I get the hiccups sometimes someone has to scare me just to get rid of them……

  109. well i had hiccups like, 2 minutes ago and i wanted to get rid of them. so i searched on google “how to get rid of hiccups” and this site came up. so i looked at all the tips and i really wanted to try the “exaggerate your hiccup” one. so i’ve been waiting for my next hiccup for the past couple minutes and i haven’t hiccuped! haha so yeah maybe anticipating the next one might work. (:

  110. If you are with someone who has hiccps have them put a teaspoon of peanut butter in their mounth to dissolve. Then ask them if they swallowed an egg today? When they say “NO” or “What?” continue to ask them if they swallowed an egg today? Do this like 5 times and the hiccups will be gone. Good Luck.

  111. OMG i just had the hiccups for a hour and my friend sed to put my hands behind my head and hold my breath for 20 seconds.. it worked and now there gone thank god

  112. Go to the top of the steepest point of your roof and flap your arms in an extrememly rapid manner. The next step is the single most important part. Here it is: As your arms are flapping in the night wind let out repeated bellowings of, “Bugaw … bugaw …. bugaw (yes, just like a chicken in heat). This NEVER NEVER NEVER Fails! Why? Because by the time you are done reading this crazy blurb the laughter has taken the hiccup away form your diaphragm 😉

    On a serious note. I just googled “cure for hiccups.” As a result, I came this site and I did what one writer said to do: drink water while bending over and on the last gulp raise your body quickly. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM, Thanks

  113. ok i tried this and it works…

    eating white doughnuts!!
    you know like the sweet sixteens
    it works for me and i hope it does for you

    hope you get rid of em

    Later Hiccups

  114. I think that the best way to get rid of hiccups is to sit still and breathe in deep until they are gone, I actually think that you get hiccups because your lungs are not getting enough oxygen to them so it is reacting by trying to pull in more air as you hiccup but I am probably wrong =/ lol

  115. ha ha, my little brother (10) he actally eats a table spoon of sugar, he says it works, but i think he does it just to eat some sugar

  116. I get violent spasmodic hiccups quite often. Many years ago a bartender gave me a shot of bitters and it worked like a miracle. I don’t have any bitters and I’m not even sure if it contains alcohol. I won’t use alcohol. I took a spoonful of peanut butter today and it worked fine for 2 hours til I awoke from a nap. Then HEEP! HEEK! So I just drank an ounce of pure lime juice 10 minutes ago and so far so good. If this quits working I’ll try spooning the uvula to the roof of my mouth. It sounds medically sound. But since the beginning man has gotten hiccups. You would think some universal cause and cure would have been discovered by now.

  117. Plug your ears and nose by: putting your thumbs over your ears, index fingers over your nose, then sip water through a straw.

  118. Ok I found this tip from my friend and I found it works for me and my friends Try it:

    Just stare at your friend for a long time and then ask if their hiccups are gone. They will usually be gone if you do it right. Usually hiccups are caused when you are on stage, scared or talk alot so staring usually helps!

    Please try it trust me it works!

  119. Ohhh my goodness guys I’ve had the hickups for 3 days now and I have a horible case of the strep throut and it suuuuccckks like no other!
    and I’ve half a dozen of all of what you guys have said and its not working!

  120. The best way to get rid of hiccups is to drink a cup of water hold it in your mouth touch your toes and take a big gulp ans stand right up. Always works for me ☺

  121. if a friend has the hiccups just simply ask them “what color are your hiccups?” and they say a color and sure enough…. they are gone… my cousin tried that one me once and it really works!

  122. I suggest going onto the internet and reading up on how to get rid of huccups!! Comming to this site and reading got rid of them for me. This site and I are in a new found friendship for the long haul, and I am hoping that someone that I know GETS the hiccups soon so that I can cure them with methodical reading on this page.
    Saved it in my favourites.
    Thank you.

  123. I tried the ‘spoon to lift up the uvuala at the back of your throat’ trick.
    It made me puke up the pints of water i’d downed and all the peanut butter, then the hicups stopped.

  124. Sugar. One or two tablespoons of sugar does the trick! Don’t chase it with water. Just pour the sugar from a spoon down your throat – swallow and relax. Works EVERY time! If not at first, repeat. No more than three or four doses is ever needed.


  125. I really tried the idea of drinking lemon juice. I ran and drank a lot then my lips were all tight, but it worked!

  126. Have someone talk to your really fast and try to figure out what they are saying. Make it really random like for an example.

    give me ten dollars ill buy you a car with the car ill take u to eat but that wouldnt work with just ten dollars so it would have to be a toy car i want some ice tea no ice no lemon and if u give me that ill be very angry and when i get angry i want more money so give me ten dollar cause i just got rid of your hiccups.

    Might sound stupid but it truly works.

  127. punch yourself in the balls as hard as you can.. you’ll be focused on the pain and when the pain is gone you’ll realize your hiccups are too

  128. Guaranteed to work. Trick your mind into thinking that you really enjoy having hiccups. As soon as you think this, and your waiting on the next hiccup, it will never come.

  129. hold your breath, take a teaspoon of sugar and put it under your toung, chug half a glass of water, then wash sugar down with the rest of the water, then breath out. worked for me! 😀

  130. After you hiccup, breathe in as deep as you can and hold your breath for as long as you can and it gets rid of them. If you hiccup while your holding your breath, start over again and they’ll be gone usually the first or second time. Another thing that works is plugging your ears while drinking water. And yet another thing that works is taking a glass of water, putting your mouth on the far side, and bending over while standing up to drink it upside down. I promise they’ll be gone.

  131. when u hav the hicups and u really want to get rid of them fast u put to thumbs on the middle of ur forehead and press really hard and get the other person to lean forward and help u stay in this postion for about 1 min

  132. You should really try laughing it works!! I tried swaking like a bird or chicken and started laughing and they were gone!! You should try it…

  133. This really works, try it. hop up and down in a semi-circle, touch your mouth with your right elbow and lick your ear twice, while drinking alittle water. Works for me everytime.

  134. I tried the breathing in and out so your lungs expand and contract completely and it REALLY WORKED! Thanks so much! What I’ve also seen work–but I didn’t feel like trying it this time–is getting a glass of water, bend over as though to touch your toes, and drink it upside down. It works every time!! {I was just getting sick of it and wanted to try something new—so i found UR SITE!}

  135. I tried the sugar tip. where you let a teaspoon of sugar dissolve under your tongue. Did the job for me and I tried everything else.

  136. Well I figured out this: Dont breath or drink water! Apparently oxygen oxide atoms cause the hiccups to happen, and thats in air and water. This is coming from a ten year old so this info may not be true its just a hypothesis. One way is to hold your nose, take a deep breath and puff your cheeks. It might look a bit stupid but it should work (Especially in School for some reason) and if not than you have some serious hiccups above minor. The only tip that works everytime is to get scared but you need another person and they have to be nice and do it on there own. You cant ask or then you’ll expect it. I would try putting fresh squeezed lemon juice in your mouth (make sure U have sugar inder your tongue and put an ice cube in your mouth and suck on it with the lemon juice still in your mouth. Then start flapping your arms like a chicken. Once the sugar melts you should be better. If not, attach pillows to yourself using rubberbands and jump off a lower roof, head first if you have to do it a second time (dont forget a helmet!). If all else fails, tell your doctor you’ve tried these things. He will most likely tell you that you need to be checked for GERD. NOTE: WHEN JUMPING OFF THE ROOF DO NOT USE CUSHIONS! I HAD A BROKEN HIP AND MAJOR BRUISING ON MY SPINE! IF YOU HAVE SOME SORT OF JOCK STRAP YOUR GONNA WANT THAT TOO!!

    PS: Of any of you have X-fire mine is 1-ceth.


  137. I just figured out something! Hiccups can be caused by laughing alot, getting a bad smash in the head and seinis and ear congestion. Also, drinking soda then jump up and down shaking like nutz for a huge burp helps 2.

  138. Laughing at these tips worked. Especially picturing the ugly naked man covered in steak sauce rolling down a hill. It worked great! Now my hiccups are gone. Im still thinking of the ugly naked man tho! hahah
    Love yah *****

  139. Twirl a baton for a minute or so, then exicute a perfect back flip. While in mid flip hold your breathe. Then chug a carton of water, its important that its a carton. Then do a cart wheel, doesn’t have to be perfect. OOK just kidding. Drink a glass of water with the cup under you chin, so basically backwards or upside down. It will get your mind off your crazy hiccups.

  140. omg my friend abby has the hiccup disease and she came here to see how to get rid of them and i havent heard her hiccup since….by the way love ya abby!!:)John 3:16…lol

  141. the best way to get rid of hiccups is wait or the person with hiccups to have a drink of water then hit then on the back of their head while they are drinking. they mite spit out the water ut it works every time!!!

  142. amazingly i always find to get rid of hiccups you have to bend over and touch your toes, stay there for 30 seconds then stand up completly straight and start singing a fast song like a rap or something or that song from pirates of penzanze

  143. It might sound awful, but I’m hungover and just ‘got rid of’ lunch and it’s fixed me. I’ve been hiccuping for almost 30 hours.

  144. bend down and toch your toes for 30 secons then do lots of exasizeing for a 90 seconds.I would also say that if you ever have hiccups again do lots and lots of more
    exasizeing for 2 days and then have a good roast dinner after go for a jog in the park for a cuppel of minits then have more nice dinners like roast turky and pie
    and mash then after see a doctor and ask him if your
    doing well.Then do lots of joging and then you should go back to school and tell a freind go home and tell your mum and dad and sisters and brothers and your dogs and cats and buggys and babbys and i will make a book about
    it all.oh and drink lots of water.

  145. when i get the hiccups all i do is bend over and take 3 drinks of water upside down. it never fails, they always go away!!

  146. say:

    hiccups are caused by involuntary spasms of the diaphragm often accompanied by the familiar “hic” sound.

    three times

    honest it works!!!!


  148. Close your nose. Close one ear, because I don’t know how you could close both ears AND your nose at the same time. Now think about the earth you’re standing or sitting on. Think down through the layers, all the way to the molten core. Now reverse your thinking, all the way to the o-zone. Then think outward. Imagine how many planets are in our galaxy. There are as many planets in our galaxy as there are grains of sand on earth. And there are infinitely more galaxies, then there are individual planets in our galaxy. Space, indeed, life itself is infinite. Hiccups are an infinitesimal moment in this grand symphony. They are only as real as you think they are.

  149. i know a way to get rid of hiccups its sounds crazy i know but it works after you hiccup sqwezze your left (or right) ear. i know it sounds crazy but it works!!

  150. stand up,,than go into a puking postion(while still standing) now you should have your head down and your back.. no with your glass of water..(stilll leaning over) drink as much as you can. (you might spill some. that is because normally your top lip is in the glass but when you do this your bottom lip should be in the glass TRY IT:)


  152. omg i was watching a movie and my brother scared me to death dident work so i drank water hold my breath my head was upside down and i felt my blood rushing down my head so i got up and i was still drinking water and both of my brothers scared me so bad i nearly cryed but my hicupps were gone and i am like wow i am really happy man!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. hold your breath HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH oh my thats what it sounded like when i stop holding my breath it realy works

  154. try this
    jump up in the air spreading your arms and legs out like a star while your in the air and yell loudly im a star im a star…it works my friend tried it and it got rid of her hiccups right away!

  155. LOOL this works okay eat a tablespoon of peanut butter than after that hold your breath for awhile until you feel a burn in you chest!

  156. When you have hiccups, take a deep breath in and hold it for 20 seconds, after the 20 seconds breathe in a little bit more without breathing out, then hold it for another 20 seconds. After that breathe out and they should be gone.
    Works for me every time

  157. I saw this on another site and tried it–it worked instantly for me!

    “Pick an object to concentrate on. After a hiccup look at the object and hold completely still. Act as if you are hiding from someone in the room and the slightest movement will give you away. Neither breath nor hold your breath. Doing this for one cycle of the hiccup will get rid of them. Do this whenever you get hiccups and it will become an auto response with little input needed from your own conscious effort .”

  158. YO! ok this is the best thing to do chug a bottle of 7up and then if you have to burp hold it in and I promis this works espesialy if you like 7up 🙂

  159. this worked for me and i had them really bad. drink some lukewarm water really fast but with small drinks.

  160. this is an awesome tip: uhmmmm yu get 1 cup of warm water drink it slowly thn when you are done yu havee to hold r breath for 20 seconds and then exhale for 5 sec. and they shu be gonee !!!

  161. Close your eyes and think of a flashing light. Green. Purple. Pink, etc for ten minutes.

    The fright tactic sometimes works too! Try dropping something cold (like a key) down your back – it usually helps!

  162. ok get a cup of water then sip some water in while sucking on the side of the cup. it should make a weird noise but it always seems to work for me. Hope it helps!!!

  163. pinch your nose and hold your breath for thirty seconds-the deep inhale and complete exhale tactic worked for me when this one didnt work


  165. google ways to gegt rid of hiccups and start reading the list. they should be gone by the time ur done reading a list or two

  166. Take a huge breathe and hold it for 10 seconds. oras long as you can hold it. (but make sure you take a huge breathe). Then they should be gone.

  167. 1)hold breath
    2)while holding breath plug ears
    3)while holding breath and plugging ears, take a gulp of water…

  168. Take a lemon slice and pour some Worshire sauce onto the slice. Now put the lemon slice in your mouth and suck. It really works! A bartender taught me that.

  169. This will work 100% everytime for anyone.
    usually we drink water from lower side of the glass by lifting it high right? now when u have hiccups do the opposite..
    bend down and take sips from other side of the glass.

    This confuses the brain signals..and boom…they r gone before u even realise.

  170. ok. this sounds weird but i swear it works. stand up straight and close your eyes. rub your temples slowly and try to think of something rather thank hiccups. hope this helps!!!

  171. ok. stand up straight and rub your temples slowly, try to think of something rather than hiccups. hope this helps!

  172. Hershey is a genious…worked 100%

    “This will work 100% everytime for anyone.
    usually we drink water from lower side of the glass by lifting it high right? now when u have hiccups do the opposite..
    bend down and take sips from other side of the glass.

    This confuses the brain signals..and boom…they r gone before u even realise.”

    Honestly tried everything and nothing worked…hurt a little but worked like a charm

  173. Eat some sour candys with some friends and make a funny face until your friends start laughing and they should be gone.

  174. Jump on a porcupine while naked, and yell KOWABUNGA as loud as you can. Once completed your hicups should be gone or they will become unnoticeable. If you need follow up remedies feel free to contact me.

  175. Hershey is a genious…worked 100%

    “This will work 100% every time for anyone.
    usually we drink water from lower side of the glass by lifting it high right? now when u have hiccups do the opposite..
    bend down and take sips from other side of the glass.

    This confuses the brain signals..and boom…they r gone before u even realise.”

    Honestly tried everything and nothing worked…hurt a little but worked like a charm
    POSTED BY HICCUPER!! P.S: this really worked thanks

  176. figer a way to get upside down then drink water while u r upside down hold ur breath while u swallow still hold it for as long as possible.

  177. push a knife up against the back of the cup and look at the knife while drinking the water. WORKS LIKE A CHARMMMMM

  178. I HAVE A GREAT WAY TO GET RID OF HICCUPS! it works almost everytime. tell yourself to say outloud “NOW” right before you hiccup. after a while, there gone!

  179. play hode and seek with your sister and brother if your brother or sister finds you let them scare you and thats how you get ridd of hiccups.

  180. I ate 2 cherry flavored & highly frosted toaster pop-tarts & drank milk. My hiccups instantly vanished! Amazing, I think the high amount of sugar in the pastry was the key to my success.

  181. I always use the repeatedly drink method. Basically, I make as many swallows as I can out of one glass of water and normally that gets rid of them. It only works with water though, nothing else for me. 🙂


    Drink a cold glass of water upside down, it usually only takes A SIP!

    You have to drink it (upside down) as if gravity were pulling the water to the back of your eyes.

    ((((IVE TRIED THIS, was told to do it, Did NOT BELIEVE IT, but it works!
    (thanks kenny… legal wheels, go find mom)

  183. Ok, so you know how if you put your finger down your throat you get the urge to throw up? So it’s like that, you gurgle some water and lean your head far back, you’ll get the feeling to hurl but you should only spit up a bit. If you do that a few times, the hiccups should go away. It totally worked for me and I did it by accident!

  184. I get the Hiccups a lot and guess what the Peanut Butter the Drinking and having the sugar works the best even though its a little unhealthy.

  185. I normally eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

    I got bored to peanut butter though, so I tried the one that says to eat a pickle and that worked.

  186. I have found that the best way to get rid of hiccups is to try to hiccup in between hiccups. Since it is impossible to hiccup voluntarily, you will not have hicccups anymore!

  187. I read this and wow..Mine are all gone. Thank you. It can be just such a pain and very distracting but I am glad there gone for now..Thanks..

  188. first thing is to calm down you can never get rid of them when your are very ticked off about them.then while you are getting calmed down get some chewing gum and enjoy took me i think 15 minutes,but it is diffrent for everyone.(good luck!!!!!) and ROLL TIDE !!LOL.

  189. I usually get a mouthful of Caprisun, then go into a backbend, and swallow it upside down… but these work much better…

    Another thing that works is letting all the air out of you then holding yours breath for as long as you can, 3 times. (Found this out when I was talking to my friends, and I had the hiccups, and I was like, “Ew. I have hicupps!” And without saying anything my friend covered my mouth and closed my nose and I went untill I needed air, then she did it 2 more times, and my hiccups were gone!

  190. i know 2 ways to get rid of hiccups. 1 ways is to get a spoon ful of peanutbutter and eat it all at once.the 2nd way is to get a small cup of water, put a washcloth over it and drink all the water. you do not have to hold your breath.

  191. i have a question and a tip.

    what gets rid of my hiccups every single time, is taking a swig of water, and tilting my head as far back as possible — until my head is completely upside down — and i swallow it.

    my question is, I’m 18 years old, and every since 6th grade, I was 12, I’ve gotten the hiccups every single day. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that. I usually get them three times a day.
    But it’s not like regular reoccurring hiccups. I’ll hiccup one time. And be done, for a few hours at least. Then I’ll hiccup once and only once again…etc.
    Sometimes I get the regular hiccups like everybody, from drinking and or eating to fast or whatever.

    But my question is, why do I get the hiccups everyday? It’s so strange.
    They don’t bother me, because it is only one hiccup every so often in the day. But I’m curious as hell about it. A few years ago I asked my mom if I should go to the doctor for it. And she just said “They’ll just tell you that you swallow too much air.” and i replied with “Every day of my life?”

    So, if anyone has any ideas, let me know. I’m curious.

  192. After trying many hiccup solutions and finding most of them to work only some of the time, the method which always works for me is as follows: Fill a glass with drinking water (cool but not real cold).
    Inhale, take a sip, swallow, then exhale. Do this seven times. Sit quietly for a minute or two as you wait for the next hiccup which will never come.

  193. I was getting SO annoyed with my hiccups, ’cause I was trying to do homework and all; so I just googled for hiccups, and clicked on this website. I was just reading it, and suddenly they were GONE! It’s really amazing…

  194. Hi! Usually if I get hiccups I have them on and off the rest of the day. It gets quite annoying sometimes because I know I will get them at some other point during the day, but I don’t know exactly when. Anyway, as soon as I started reading this my hiccups were gone, no joke. And also the best way for me to get rid of hiccups is breathing deeply and calmly and slowly until they are gone. The rest of the ways just don’t work for me, but they do keep me busy untill they are gone! Good Luck with the hiccups guys!

  195. i get occasional hiccups ..and nothing seemed to work for me. My roomate offered me a swiss roll and i ate it and my hiccups STOPPED!! soo my remedy for hiccups is a swiss roll.

  196. So i get the hicups alot and the best way to get rid of um deff is to either…
    Think of the ugliest person you’ve ever seen. Now picture them naked, rolling naked down a hill or riding a bike and slathered in A-1 steak sauce


    Squawk like a chicken while flapping your arms and bobbing your head as if you were pecking at something. Bugawk!

    you’ll deff look like a dumbass with the 2nd one and a pervert with the 1st, but its funny as hell so you will laugh the hiccups right out!


  197. These tips kind of worked but one was kind of weird.
    The tip i have, dont use that weird tip. This is what it said, “First think of the ugliest person you have seen. Now picture them naked riding a bike or rolling down a hill smothered in A-1 steak sauce.” Do you think this would work?

  198. hi im sadie i had the hiccups soo i went on google and put in how do u get rid of hiccups and i read the second one that sed Plug your nose and ears then swallow 20 times as fast as possible and it worked.

  199. heres my tip…

    when i have the hiccups i keep lauphing or talking until there gone.

    you might sound like an idiot though!!


  200. This one:

    Think of the ugliest person you’ve ever seen. Now picture them naked, rolling naked down a hill or riding a bike and slathered in A-1 steak sauce.

    works well…..

  201. Hey,

    Hiccuping every day just once is nothing to go to the doctor about….. Now, say you’re hiccuping everyday nonstop all the time, THAT would be something to go to the doctor about.

  202. people say that you get hiccups when your not thinking about anything so jus close your eyes and think of something really hard

  203. mixing milk and vinegar really helps. it works everytime regardless of how bad the hiccups are. it’s not as bad as it sounds.

  204. I was in my library at school and could NOT STOP HICCUPING.

    so i googled and i pressed feeling lucky

    I did this one:
    Close your eyes, relax, still your mind and concentrate on nothingness until they’re gone.

    And it really worked!


  205. reverse sociology

    – if someone has it i always say “i’ll give u a fiver if u hiccup again”
    and it works!!
    – you have them, take a sip of drink, bend over with ur head down and swallow.-
    normally works 🙂

  206. O.K., now!
    Stand in any doorway.
    Raise and extend your arms(hands) as high as you can
    along the door buck–left hand–left/right hand–right
    –like when doing jumping jacks.
    While in this position, take a very deep breath–hold it.
    Take another very deep breath–hold it.
    The trick is in entending your mid-section.
    This works for me!
    Good luck–hiccup!(lol)

  207. Here’s one for ya…hold your breath for as long as possible and google ‘how to get rid of hiccups.’ Worked great for me!

  208. “Erin Says:
    March 9th, 2009 at 5:26 pm
    Just reading how to get rid of them scared them away:D”

    Ya same here I was just reading them and they went away thank god….. They were hurting like OMG.

  209. I just watched my friend walk around like a pecking chicken flapping her arms and baawwkkiinngg …. And it worked!!!!! Absolutely the best cure ever just because everyone gets a good laugh out of it

  210. ~ What I did was I took a bottle of Mountain Dew and…DRANK it. Then I coughed as hard as I could and then they went away! Hope this helps!

  211. YESSS!!! FIINALLY GONE!!! the drinking water with as many sips as possible works a treat :D! Also drink from the other side of a glass of water helps!

  212. Hahaha.
    OMG, so funny.
    I was reading it to my friend who had the hiccups
    and she laughed so hard she wet her pants
    and that scared her hahaha
    omg. She also flapped around like a chicken. Haha hillarious
    The end.
    P.S Sipping a drink while standing on her head made her choke. I wouldn’t try it haha.

  213. All I did when I had hiccups was stuck my finger up my girlfriends hind end and she slapped as hard as she could.

    Boom…no more hiccups

  214. ahaa i told my friend when she had hiccups to imagine an ugly naked person rolling down a hill. she didnt hiccup again but she laughed a helluvaaaa lot =) x

  215. Haha.
    As soon as I read “Think of the ugliest person you’ve ever seen. Now picture them naked, rolling naked down a hill or riding a bike and slathered in A-1 steak sauce.”

    I stopped right away xD

  216. Well I have had the hiccups four times today. The first time I think I just got distracted, so I stopped, the second and third times I drank water upside down (I just touched my toes you know…no need for standing on my head…) and the fourth I just now got rid of by holding my breath and swallowing a few times. I also exhaled and let no air come in for as long as I could a few times. It worked. 😉 Hmmm…what to try next when I get my fifth set of hiccups….

  217. Oh and btw there is another interesting trick. If you go up to someone and say, “You’ve got the hiccups? Try it on purpose.” Or something like that. Anyway, automatically I tried to force the hiccup but it wouldn’t come. It was awesome. Of course…I tried it on someone else and it didn’t work so I guess it depends on the person.

  218. After searching & searching, I found one that says to eat something sour – she did it, & they’re gone. Yay. 😀

  219. none of these are scientifically proven. it is just that you read about them for awile and all the air in your stomach is gone by the time your done.

  220. Lol this whole time im sitting here trying to get ride of the hiccups trying everybodys ideas. then finally when Chris said that plugging his nose and swalling helped him i tried it and infact it helped me. HICUPP free! yahhoooo! lol

  221. barbara, the inhale/drink/exhale/repeat thing worked for me! I’d tried everything I knew of and everything else on the page and in the comments so far, and finally that one worked! BLESS YOU! I thought I’d go crazy!

    What usually works for me is holding my breath WITHOUT puffing out my cheeks. For some reason, making the puffy face keeps it from working. 99/100 times it works.

  222. ok all of the post are sad , i can only give advice for drinking and hickups , if and when they happen 1 means u should stop drinking 2 u didnt eat anything all day and if u either drank soda or water all day ur stomic is going to have an air gap so when u decide to get off work and go to a bar or geta drink that is carbinated or has spuds in it u will get ever more air bubbles in ur system, the best way that i have seen done it a million times , hold and wait think of it as a contest of hold your breth never go over 45 sec cause well just dont do it , in the mean time whil holding your breth be shure to multi task to forget abut what u are trying to prevent , aka chat talk have a bru all ov the above , sence writing this my hickups have gone awaye starting this convo i was left and right so just a thought , think and atalk about something else or do something else

  223. I cant get rid of my hiccup they wont leave me alone. please can anyone help me. I am a 10 and i really want to sesh

  224. LOL
    i tried the 12th but it didnt work..
    just made me go like –> O.o
    i ate some ice cream & the hiccups went away! 😀

  225. you know what, just by reading this list and thinking about them, I realized my hiccups are gone! I sugest just doing something else- that usually works for me.

  226. Held breath & swallowed over & over again, then started to read these comments. All of a sudden I realized i wasn’t hiccuping. Thanx!

  227. OMG!! The thing where u like hol dur breathe and drink something really fast with little gupls actually worked!!

  228. Corey had the hickups so I pluged his ears and he pluged his nose and swolowesd for twenty seconds,,,, it worked super fasttttt. :]

  229. i had the hiccups for like five hours and i tried the stopping up nose and ears and they went away!!!! thank you sooooo much

  230. the idea about plugging your nose and ears turned out to work i thought it was dumb but in less than 10secnds it worked

  231. I plugged my ears and my nose and swallowed my spit fast and it got rid of my hiccups really quickly! pretty neat, gotta finish looking at this site lol

  232. I tried the pecking and squawking like a chicken followed by the swallowing as fast as i could with my nose and ears closed and surprisingly the chicken method worked but just to make sure i did the swallowing method and within 30 seconds of starting the hiccups were gone!!! THANK YOU WHOEVER SUGGESTED THESE METHODS, YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!! Okay maybe not a life saver, but definitely something close!

  233. I had the hiccups and i tried distracting myself by singing and going over the time tables of 9. IT WORKED SOO MUCH!!

  234. i had the hiccups and had a headache at the same time and the hiccups wouldnt go so i searched up on how to get rid of hiccups and this website poped up and i read some of it till i read Plug your nose and ears then swallow 20 times as fast as possible
    so i tried that and thankyou so much they went straight away now ill do that all the time:P and ill tell my friends about it and tell them to do that when they have the hiccups thankyou soo much the best advice iv ever had to get ride of my hiccups thankyou soo muchh 😀

  235. I Used The Ugly Person One,
    And It Worked Right Away. 😐
    I Don’t Know How, But I Don’t Have Them Anymore
    WOOOT! 😀

  236. here this really works look up scary maze game on google and play it it will scare the crap out of you and the hiccups will be gone

  237. When I began reading this my hiccups were horrible, but as I kept on reading, I guess they went away, haha I didn’t notice until I was done reading. I guess that I was so distracted that they just stopped, hm, THANKS!

  238. so literally i just read this entire page and before i even did any of the stuff i realized my hiccups were gone! thanks!

  239. Try drinking a glass of water from the opposite side (you will have to bend over a bit to be able to drink the water). Either it actually works, or its psyological; either way, it works every time for me.

  240. I did the slowly drinking down a beverage with as many swallows as is possible, and it worked!!!! I am sooo greatful.THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!!

  241. I tryed pluging me nose and ears then swallow 20 times as fast as possible while squawking like a chicken, flapping my arms and bobbing my head as if I were pecking at something and it all worked really well.

  242. Scare the crap out of yourself…theyll be gone if you go on youtube and type in scary maze. Find a video about it and watch it.

  243. my roommate just tried the Peanut butter one. it worked right away. this dam kid gets Hiccups all the time, anytime he drinks soda

  244. Every single time i got hiccups today, i ate vegan peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with my feet on the desk cross while listening to Blink 182. Works 60% of the time everytime!


  246. The chicken one worked…..i sounded absolutely ridiculous squawking and acting like a chicken @ 12:10am by myself in my computer room, i don’t even know why i thought it would work (and tried it) but they went away right away. so trippy! LMAO! woooooooooo

  247. Sometimes if you are with someone else, you can have them ask you simple questions.. like: whats you favorite color? whats your name? what does your mom do for a living? do you have a pet? whats its name? etc. and vice versa

    It works the majority of the time!

  248. •Relax, sit still and breathe in deep, slow, rhythmic breaths expanding and contracting your lungs completely.

    Worked for me,

  249. If you take a deep breath and hold it for a while it will really work! It helped me alot I just had them right now!! lol =) p3ac3


  251. Mine isn’t a tip but I’m so happy! I tried a few things I know of and came on here, the first one worked 😀 Thank you 🙂

  252. Relax, sit still and breathe in deep, slow, rhythmic breaths expanding and contracting your lungs completely. Works amazingly and almost instantly!! (:

  253. Just skip all that BS and put a paper towel or coffee filter over a top of a glass of water and drink through the paper. it gets rid of them instantly

  254. OMG!!! i did the eat a table spoon of peanut butter option and my hiccups went away in a split second! cant belive it, im soo bookmarking the page!!!

  255. Tried holding my breath, drinking water slowly, swallowing a bunch of times, sugar, even squawked like a chicken.. none worked. Then I tried the peanut butter & it worked almost instantly! I’m so relieved not to have hiccups anymore.

  256. I tried the one where you inhaled and I inhaled just when I got ready to hiccup and after doing it twice, my hiccups were gone. 🙂

  257. So i tried the spoon full of sugar, spoonfull of peanut butter, and relaxing sitting slow and breathing. Nothing worked so i tried 12 small sips of water in a row while breathing in through my nose, and it made them go away. Try it

  258. What I do is drink from a glass of water or similar type beverage inverted, by putting my mouth at the top of the glass after bringing the glass to my lips, and leaning my head forward.
    Drinking a few sips in that fashion clears hiccups right up!

  259. Have subject with hiccups lay on their back on the ground and then have a friend/ aqcuantance pour water down the gullet of the person with hiccups. Within a matter of seconds the hiccups should be vanquished.

  260. I tried the sugar (because I don’t have any peanut butter) under the tongue; instant relief! Pretty awesome. if it was a placebo effect I’m not sure but they are gone so I could care less 😀 thanks for the info. it was starting to get painful.

  261. Awesome! Seriously these work. I tried the breathing in slowing and also the exhale as much as you can and then hold your breath. Haha just holding my breath wasn’t cuttin it anymore. I’m curious about the sugar and peanut butter ones…. ill try them next time… Thanks!!!!

  262. OMG I had bad hiccups, read this, and was about to try a remedy, but realized they were gone! I think the REAL cure is reading this blog! lol

  263. I think just reading this made my hiccups go away .mabye the trick to getting rid of the hiccups is reading which is not my fav thing to do . -scarlet$$$$ ( ;

  264. If you put sugar on the back of your tongue, hold it there for 5 seconds than swallow all at once. That works the best

  265. I tryed the one from hhu, put water in your mouth and then tip your head back and swallow, i did it about 6 times, it actually workss!!!
    thankyou 🙂

  266. I tried the one were you picture someone rolling down a hill and it worked lol!!! I was thinking of my old French teacher ( P.S she is a she)

  267. The peanut butter worked right away! AMAZING! Tried holding my breath, breathing into a paper bag and drinking tons of water and the peanut butter took about 10 seconds! THANK YOU!

  268. I tried the peanut butter and sugar, and it didnt work, but leaning forward and sipping 10 sips of water while holding your breath works. (had the hiccups for almost an hour)

  269. I ALWAY do the water a hold ur breath thing it didn’t work so I tryed the sugar… didnt work…but i enjoy it 🙂 lol…………………SUGAR RULES!!! lol 😀

  270. Actually the whole holding your breath works not that other junk like penit butter and auger.take the biggest breath u can and sip as much air after to fill your lungs. and keep your chest expanded and full .then hold all that air for. At least thirty secs

  271. Well what im here 4 is 2 tell u guys that the hiccups suck and you should not have them and if u do then u r the biggest weirdo i know uv

  272. For anyone who has had problems with hiccups before, this WORKED for me. just do line for line the first statement about continual swallowing

    It works

  273. Ok well i just had hiccups ad i always hold my breath for 10 seconds and take 10 gulps of water while my breath is still being held IT WORKS:)

  274. You don’t to do anyof this. all you have to do is breath at a steady pace count every time you breath. this helps to sync you breathing with the diaphram then eliminating the hicups

  275. I did the •Relax, sit still and breathe in deep, slow, rhythmic breaths expanding and contracting your lungs completely and it actually worked! its easy and took me like 4 deep breaths. i feel like i’ll never have a prob with hiccups again!!! thanks sooo much

  276. I pictured my fat old teacher chasing my ex husband down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my hiccups went awaaaay:)

  277. I’m absolutely baffled by it, but after years of failing tricks, my cousin’s new girlfriend gave us a tip to get rid of hiccups that so far never has failed.

    Take a spoonful of sugar (like, the granulated kind is fine).
    …and it works!

    I guess it just…sugar shocks your body into forgetting you had hiccups in the first place. XD
    So yeah…. I recommend it. If you’re desperate, try it and hopefuly it’ll work as well as it did for my mom, brother and I.
    ….it’s clever to keep a glass of water handy, BTW.
    Just sayin’ ….

    lick an envelope on the part you do to enclose a letter, sing the alphabet and drink dish soap.! it really really works :]

  279. In class my teacher would make me go to the front of the room and every one would say “1 2 3 hiccup and i get scared so my hiccups go away

  280. I did the sugar under the tongue and they r finally gone. Thank u so much. I’ve been trying 2 go 2 sleep 4ever. much thanks.

  281. You know what the easiest and fastest way to get rid of hiccups just put ur chin down to the neck and drink water while doing that. it really works i do that every time i get them

  282. Light a match, put it out in a small glass of water, and drink all the water at once, has worked for me many times but not every time. Obviously dont drink the match stick, pull it out first! Something about the sulfur in the match I think?

  283. I just got rid of my hiccups that have been haunting me for the past 2 hours just by reading the ways to get rid of them. This is awesome.

  284. Read these tips/comments and take a big breath of air and try to keep taking more in, then hold for as long as you can

  285. You guys complain about having hiccups for 20 mins or 2 hours. I’ve had them for over 12 hours and they’re still hitting me. I’ve tried literally everything besides sulfer boys idea. I do have an idea though. Get a gun point it directly at your temple and take a deep breath then gulp very loudly, then pull the trigger all in a fluent manner. (Dont really do it). They’re gone! Just think of ridiculous ways to distract your self.

  286. What i do is i get someone to plug my ears while i drink a glass of water and they go away just like that! It might sound really crazy but it works!

  287. I usually find that drinking a cup of wATER so you tipping it away from you not towards u usually works but this time it didn’t bit the tip about imagining someone rolling down a hill then doing the relaxing breathing really worked!!!

  288. Okay This Might Be A Little Difficult But What You Do Is You Inhale And Hold It For About 10 Seconds And Then Do That 3 Times (WITHOUT exhaling!) And After The Third Time Of Inhaling And Holding Your Breathe For 10 Seconds Each Time, Exhale Very Slowly. That Should Do The Trick 🙂 Good Luck!

  289. I just had the hiccups over and over nd over again for ages but after reading this they’re all gone. TY. Try swallowing but just before you finish the swallow stop and hold it there, your tongue should be at the bottom of your mouth. just keep it there while holding your breath. That chould work, it usually does.

  290. Nothing’s working. I’ve had my hiccups on and off for about two days now. URGHHHH. I’ve tried all the stuff suggested on the website and in the comments. No dice. D:

  291. Wow I’m really drunk and i had the hiccups but i pictured this really ugly girl that goes to my high school. I pictured her rolling down a hill naked now my hiccups are completely gone I’m surprised

  292. This isnt a tip i need medical help my hiccups wont stop. i normally hold my breathe for 10 seconds then right before 10 seconds is up i take a breathe in, then they are gone. well thats not working.
    so then i tried exagerating my hiccups. i sound ridiculous but im by myself and in bed. but the 2-4 times didnt work.. i went 6, and still hiccuping. someone help me please

  293. O my gosh its crazy i had a bad case of the hiccups and eating a pickle REALLY does work!! it was crazy! i reccomend it 🙂

  294. Try the tip of just holding your breath and swallowing a bunch of times. I tied a serious drunk on, started hiccuping and the only thing that got rid of it was that tip…. I even tried the peanut butter thing. Hope this helps.

  295. Hold your nose while taking 4 BIG gulps of water then taken 1 more but don’t swallow unplug nose, then bend over wait 5 seconds then slowly swallow!! Tada hiccups are gone!!!!!

  296. Today I have had the hiccups 5 times today! The first 2 times i just did something to keep my mind off of them and they went away and the third time i layed down to take a nap and before i new it i woke up without them. The 4th time was right before dinner and eating made them stop. The last time i had them was about 2minutes ago. I used the first bullet point. I held my breath and took as many small swallows of water as i could until the water was gone… IT WORKED! =]

  297. What I do if i get the hiccups is I always eat somthing that has tomatoes in it or tomatoe sause then i stand on my head for 10 seconds while holding my breath then stand back up and blow as much of my breath as i can and hold it for 15 seconds. BAM! Your hiccups are gone.

  298. I get hiccups constantly, although i usually just try holding my breath. Although someone commented that rubbing you earlobe helps…and it really does, I have new attack on hiccups now…no more looking like i’m trying to scuba dive above water…lol!

  299. I just used the standing on your head and taking small sips of water from a sports bottle and it worked! But i took bigger gulps of water and held my breath afterwards for a few seconds and it worked!

  300. The best way to get rid of a hiccup is not mentioned above, which is to inhale as much air as you could from your nose and the holding it (the air) for as long as possible then exhale the air slowly through your mouth, believe me this always works 😉

  301. This is one that works for me every time.
    Half-fill a cup with water then drink out of the far side. You need to tip your head forward and just let the water drip in, but it ends up curing it.
    Note: you may get it up your nose. 😉

  302. The ways that work best for me are 1. Fill cheeks up with water, put my head between my knees and swallow SLOWLY. Voila! 2. Get someone to hold my ears tight shut while i drink water. These work 4 me every time! 😉

  303. Thx for the peanut butter tip that really helped I had a spoon full n by the time I was done it was all gone thx again I recommend it for any one in need good luck 😉

  304. This is all retarded hiccups are cause by not enough oxygen getting to the brain so u hiccup to bring a large burst of air and oxygen to it with out loosing 75% while breathing but you all should just not put your body in the state it is in to have them stop all you must do is breath normally like you are running and slowly bring the pace back down

  305. Hm. I took a deep breath, and was hoping for more hiccups.
    They’re fun, and I really want to try standing on my head. (;

  306. Had hiccups few minutes ago but it all stopped after I called my lil sis to come and help me to held the water while my hands is up in the air and have her to hold the cup into my mouth and pour it so I’d have to gulp it so it works for me. I had history of not able to stop hiccups but after do this trick it does work everytime.

  307. The ULTIMATE way , and SAFE way to get rid of hiccups is a follow: you must sit down in a quiet room, away from distractions, hold a paper with text written on it and focus on ONE word or even better ONE letter, almost until your vision gets blurry, but keep looking at this letter or word. This will slow your breathing down almost to the same state you are in before you go to sleep. Your hiccups will STOP. After you realize that they stopped (I say realized because your almost in a meditation state of mind) you will have to get up off the couch slowly and keep moving slowly for a minute or two to avoid raising your breathing to quickly. After that minute you should be ok to go one with what ever you were doing. I invented/discovered this method the first time when I was driving to work, in traffic – not a good time to have hiccups. Very SAFE and very EFFECTIVE – much better then holding your breath which is dangerous and stupid!!!

  308. This IS what WILL work. A hiccup is a spasm of the diaphragm. Get a heating pad, or even a blanket or jacket if that is all that is available, and place it over your diaphragm to warm it up. A couple of minutes, and they will be gone.

  309. Do a tripod and hold your breath and sing a song 4 times. Then chug a cup of simply orange down in 5 seconds. that should work

  310. I tried the one recommended to exhale slowly then hold your breath, at the same time I pushed my abdomen out and this worked to get rid of them. I had them for 2 hours, usually I can eat peanut butter and they go away. After eating a cup of peanut butter they still had not gone away. Ugh hiccups give me a stomach ache when I have them too long. Anyhow, this worked for me.

  311. This is the way my grandma taught me and it hasn’t failed since. Get a full glass of water and drink it with your nose plugged.

  312. This technique will work every time guaranteed! Get a glass of water and put a straw in it. Then bend over and drink from the straw while your head is upside down. It NEVER fails.

  313. I did the swallow one, it worked, I have had them all day and my body is sore from them. I held my nose and only swallowed 3 times and it worked!!! Thanks so much!!!

  314. The most important thing to know about hiccups is that you have to act as soon as you get them. The longer you hiccup the harder it is to get rid of them. Many of the cures work, the one I find the best is drinking a glass of water in small gulps.

  315. I have always had an extremely hard time getting rid of hiccups and would try everything to no avail. I always had to wait for them to go away on their own until by accident I chewed a piece of gum and realized it instantly took my hiccups away. Though I don’t know why, it works every single time. Maybe it has to do with swallowing a lot quickly like was mentioned in number one of the article.

  316. I started breathing in and out as deep as I could and its working wonderfully..(I’m still doing it just in case).. no hiccups yet! thanks! Katie.

  317. Go Sugar! The sugar works! Thank you! P.s Did you watch corrie last night? Great train crash!

  318. I tryed the chicken one- didnt work. though my dogs did give me weird looks haha. 🙂 . usually drinking water upside down works for me

  319. Even after drinking copious amounts of alcohol and smoking a cigarette while I was hiccuping (a super way to keep the hiccups…), frequent swallowing worked for me. I accomplished this by taking small sips of water over and over through a straw. It’s the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me.

    My boyfriend tried to scare the hiccups out of me once and it resulted in a solid punch to his jaw…gut reflex, I guess – I wouldn’t recommend trying that one.

  320. Getting rid of hiccups is quite easy by relaxing your diaphragm of spasms in the following way: Standing or sitting on a chair, lean your head backwards as much as you can. Breath normally. Count up to 15 (it only takes 15 secons). Slowly return your head to normal position. The hiccups are gone.


  322. I tried the shot of lemon juice, and that seemed to work. However, I noticed that while I was ‘busy’ getting the shot glass and lemon juice, I did not have any hiccups. Maybe another trick is to not think about them(the hiccups).

  323. Hiccups are often caused by dust thrown in the air by your computer that you then swallow and it irritates your stomach and esophagus. To clean your CPU, get a glass of water, add 2 tsp of salt to it, then while the computer is on, remove the case, and pour the glass of water directly on the CPU.

  324. Katie,
    Thanks for your tip on breathing deeply and exhaling deeply. I did it 20 times, waited for three minutes, and I repeated it 20 more times. I had been having the hiccups for 3 1/2 hours at around 30 second intervals. It has now been one hour since I tried your tip and I have not another hiccup. Thanks again, Katie.

  325. Katie,

    Your tip on deep breathing and deep exhaling worked. I had been hiccuping every
    30 seconds for 3 1/2 hours. I did it 20 times waited three minutes and repeated it 20 more times. It has now been three hours and they are gone. THANKS KATIE.

  326. Thanks Katie,
    Your tip on Dec. 4, 2010 worked. I did it 20 times, waited 1 minute and repeated 20 times. Hiccups stopped and it has now been three hours with none returning.

  327. Nothing ever works for me! My mom always tells me to plug my nose and ears and drink something works for every one in my family except me! Usually no matter what I do they go away and come back an hour or so later! Tried he chicken thing about five minutes ago! They are gone… For now… Let’s hope they don’t come back

  328. Either a teaspoon of vinegar or pull on your ears whilst sipping water…both work every single time for me.

    Others I know swear by alternating your breathing pattern to make it irratic.

  329. Freeze a tea spoon and place it on your temple. Then drink a glass of water while holding the spoon in place. The brain somehow resets and the hiccups go. Works every single time ! Try it.

  330. Tried holdin breath, deep breathing, thinking of ugly person, bending neck backwards…. Nothing worked!!! But……….. PEANUT BUTTER did!!!$$&@@&!!!!!! It was a slow start my first bite of the sticky yummyness kept me hicupping… But upon my second 1/2 of my teaspoon serving, they left. Thank goodness!!! That’s for the tip!!!

  331. Think of the ugliest person you’ve ever seen. Now picture them naked, rolling naked down a hill or riding a bike and slathered in A-1 steak sauce…it WORKED!!!

  332. Get a glass of water and put a metal butter knife in it. Then, dink it! If you try this one you’ll wish you knewto do this earlier!

  333. Place your chin against ur neck and drink a glass of water. its like the drinking water on ur head but less embarissing.also works if u just drink from a short water fountain

  334. Idk about you guys but this is how i get rid of them and it works for me breath in and out through your nose and let your mind go blank just relax and vwalla i had them there now and they on in like 20 secs doing that XD :p lol

  335. I have no idea why, but the chicken squawking worked. And that was after trying the cold water, sugar, gargling, laying down….what is wrong with me?

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