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You have the perfect cut: a nice hair length and a great set of bangs, but something tells you, you want a change of hairstyle. You then highlight your hair, only to grow tired of it after just a few days. Now you want to get rid of your highlights. If only you knew how.

Major Highlighting Tips

The first thing you have to remember is to let your highlights stay on your hair for at least three weeks. Removing highlights will involve pouring chemicals on your hair. You can’t just apply strong substances on your hair day after day.

Another tip you have to keep in mind is that the package of your hair dye is always useful. You will find important information here like the helpline number of the company. A customer service representative will surely help you get rid of your highlights.

Before getting rid of your problem, you have to know if your highlights are temporary or permanent. The method of highlights removal will depend on what type of hair dye you have used on your hair.

Permanent Hair Dye – If you want to get rid of your highlights and you used a permanent product, then you should bleach your hair.

Bleaching will serve as the first coating of your hair. After a day or two, you should apply a hair dye to even out the color of your hair. If you used a light hair colour like blonde or gold, cover your hair with a dark hair dye. Bleaching will make the new color more prominent and visible.

If you used a permanent hair dye, you should go to a salon and have a professional fix your hair. You may only make the problem worse if you do this by yourself. Bleaching is a critical thing to do because the chemicals strip off a thin layer of every strand of your hair.

If you think bleaching is not for you, you can always grow your hair long and wait until the highlights grow out. You just need to do cut the highlighted hair that grew out. Short hairstyles tend to grow faster so if you want to speed up the process, cut your hair if you don’t want your highlights anymore.

Temporary Hair Dye – On the average, expect your highlights to come off the strands of your hair after the 24th wash. Keep in mind that the time your hair needs to get back to its natural color depends on the product you have used.

You can also bring a sample amount of the product to a chemist and ask his or her opinion regarding the length of time the product will be removed from your hair. A chemist will definitely know when, or at least he or she will give you a rough estimate of the effects of the product.

If you are done removing your temporary or permanent highlight, do not dye your hair again for quite some time. Hair dye has strong chemicals that may damage your hair and scalp if overused. Give your hair enough time to breathe and recover.

You can also combine shampooing and mild bleaching.

Shampooing and Mild Bleaching – Shampooing won’t be enough, so you will need to bleach your hair. Bleaching, in this case, should be done mildly because the chemicals from a shampoo will help in the removing process.

All you have to do is mix a bleaching powder, a conditioner or a shampoo and water. The amount of water you need should just be enough to make the mixture creamy.

You may ask why you need to create this mixture and not just jump straight to bleaching your hair. Mixing shampoo or conditioner with a bleaching powder slows down the reaction of the bleaching powder on your hair. While the damage is less likely to occur, it is best to consult a professional hairdresser for this procedure. You are dealing with chemicals and substances here. If you don’t have enough knowledge on this subject matter, you better not try this at home.

The Purpose of Highlighting

The key to getting away with highlights disaster is knowing why you want to get some highlights in the first place.

First, highlights should brighten your skin tone when they are woven around your face. Second, a good highlight should create instant contrast on a wide array of shades. Third, your gray strands should be covered and lastly, the color alone should complement the texture of your hair.

Highlighting is not about choosing the coolest hair color of the month or going for the perfect shade of red you’ve been dreaming of for years. If you don’t choose a color that serves the purpose of highlighting, you’ll soon see that there is something wrong with your highlights.

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