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1. What causes ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hair is the result of hair getting cut or broken below skin level and then growing into the side of the hair follicle instead of out. This results in painful red bumps that usually turn into pustules. The curlier the hair, the higher the risk.

2. How to treat ingrown hairs

There are two basic strategies for treating existing ingrown hairs: You can free them or remove them. Either route should be coupled with the prevention techniques discussed in the next section. The swelling and redness can be lessened by using astringents containing witch hazel, allontoin or azulene.

Free the ingrown hair from the skin

Depending on the location of the hair, you have two options for freeing it:

  1. Allow it to continue growing and eventually free itself. This method works best when combined with daily moisturizing and gentile exfoliation to remove any dead skin that could be blocking the hair’s escape. If a pustule forms, gently squeezing it can cause the hair to pop up to the surface.
  2. Using a freshly sterilized pair of tweezers or a needle, you can fish the tip out from underneath this surface of the skin.

Freeing the hair holds the advantage of allowing the skin to heal before another hair removal attempt, when coupled with the prevention techniques in the next section it will offer you the best chance of eliminating ingrown hair completely.

Removing the ingrown hair

Another option is to completely remove the hair. This will work as a temporary fix, but there is nothing guaranteeing that it will not grow back exactly the same way as it did previously. This can be done by fishing the hair out from under the skin’s surface with a sterile needle and then plucking it with tweezers. If a pustule has formed, the hair can often be made to pop up to the surface by gently squeezing.

If you’re interested in a permanent hair removal process such as laser treatment or electrolysis, see your dermatologist for advice on what will work the best for you.

3. How to prevent ingrown hairs

The best way to fight a pattern on ingrown hairs is to adopt a preventative strategy that minimizes the causal factors. Begin building your strategy by adopting the following routine, then after two weeks you’ll be able to see what is working and what isn’t, and you can begin adapting it to better fit you individually. There are very few one-size-fits-all health remedies.

1. Keep your skin moist and soft

If you suffer from dry skin, start using a moisturizer every day after bathing. This will not only keep your skin soft but will soften up the growing hair, which can keep it from boring into the skin.

2. Exfoliate

Use a gentile exfoliant every day to remove built up dead skin cells that can clog the surface of your skin and trap hair, causing it to become ingrown. Exfoliating pads, loofahs, and mild scrubs work well. Look for cleansers that contain Salicylic acid.

3. Hair removal

Consider changing your method of hair removal. Each person can tolerate certain approaches better than others. If you shave, try waxing, plucking, or using a cream or powder that will dissolve exposed hair. Electric shavers give mixed results – you either love them or hate them. See which works best for you.

Hair removal prep

Regardless of your chosen methods of removal, always prepare your skin well. Take a towel and soak it with the hottest tap-water you can get, then apply the wet towel to your skin for a few minutes before the shave begins. This will soften your skin, open your pores, soften your hair and cause it to stand straighter and higher. Hair removal after a long hot bath or shower also works.


You’ve no doubt read or been told to shave with the grain, not stretch the skin, and use single blade razors. The purpose of such advice it to keep the tip of the hair at or above skin level. That’s fine for preventing ingrown hairs, but it may defeat the purpose of shaving if you desire a close shave. If after many attempts you’re still unable to stop ingrown hairs then consider it a possible trade off – either have ingrown hairs, or a not-so-close shave.

After the shave, splash cold water on your face to close your pores and use a moisturizing aftershave balm to keep the skin and hair soft. You can also try using a cream that contains salicylic acid – a chemical exfoliant that many people have reported success with. Stay away from products containing alcohol – it can dry out the skin and worsen any irritation. also teaches us how to remove ingrown hairs.

Click here for more information on how to get rid of ingrown hairs.

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  1. Well, i got an ingrown hair in my tailbone area, and its not like i could really see it to fish it out, and it was very painfull and i lost a lot of sleep the first night, so all i did was i put a little hole in the swollen part and then i just squeezed the thing with tissues. It hurt enough to make a man cry, but the pain and swellinh went down A LOT after about an hour, but you really have to make sure you get everything out (and it smells real bad too), but it was worth it i guess cus it went away faster.

  2. I’m 22 yrs old and have all of a sudden began getting ingrown hairs. I’m hispanic and have been shaving since I was 10. As of recent I’ve found that keeping the face moisturized and waiting for the hair to grow a white head is the best way to extract the hair. I was for a while using tweezers to dig out the hair, but that is only good for about 2 wks, and then the hair would grow back again and I’d have to do everything over. Just waiting it out seems to be the best way to handle it.

  3. If the ingrown hair isn’t released with gentle squeezing, it’s NOT a very good idea to continue squeezing it. Many ingrown hairs are the result of a bacterial or fungal infection of the hair follicle and sometimes a boil may develop at the site. Squeezing the boil may push the infection deeper, or cause it to rupture internally and spread through the blood stream to vital organs. If recurrent ingrown hairs are an issue, or a particularly nasty boil develops, the best thing to do is make an appointment with the doctor.

  4. All this shaving advice is good – exfoliation is THE KEY -So a face or body brush really helps = it clears off dead skin and can heal any bumps you do get – quick! I use a kit called Bikini Kitty Kit- it’s online – has all the products in one place- it really helps with my sensitive skin! They have one for guys too – I think…Check it out!

  5. I definately deal with this on a regular basis and not shaving just is not an option. I use a product called Follique. It is awesome. I have not found anything else on the market that works like it does. If your suffering from ingrowns or razor bumps definatly check it out. I buy it online at .

  6. I knew a guy who got such bad ingrown hairs, he got laser hair removal from his neck to his jawline. It cost about a thousand dollars, but think of all the time he saves shaving!

  7. i just began getting ingrown hairs in my upper cheek of my face and i begining to think it is because of my razor. i have been using the mach 3 vibrator one and it has done nothing but cause problems i am swithing today. i am going back to my single blade tonight.

  8. hi i am 18 and get mad ingrown hairs in my bikini area but not too long ago i purchased this product called lady smooth and i can feel the smoothness in my skin and it also helps make the infection go down i love this product its availible at walgreens ladies and men they have products for you too

  9. hi i’m 19 years old and i’ve gotten two ingrown hairs in my pubic area just recently. They both popped like pimples but the hair still hasn’t come out and they both are red still kind of like a boil do you think the doctor can get remov these?

  10. i’m 17 years old and i been shaving for the last two months, when i started shaving my legs were fine but a week after that my legs got ingrown hairs, what must i do? i tried tweezers but doesn’t work. must i shave everyday?

  11. I have ingrown hairs all over my pubic area. Covered actually. What i do is just get something like pumice and just scrub them off. Hurts like hell but it works.

  12. i got my chest waxed and now i’m getting ingrown hairs all over. What should i do? Should i get it re-waxed? Should i trying body sugar?

  13. I followed the suggestions on the page and couldn’t be more than happy to see that the results worked. I was about to spend a fortune at sephora (men line) and saved big with this post. Thank again

  14. I get ingrown hair all over my neck and I have tried many methods including switching blades. Friends tell me to try using an electric shaver but that only irritates more and its not a close shave. Is growing a beard the only option for me?

  15. Ok so I have had a bump or 2 that looks kind of like a pimple but not that on my inner theigh/ vagina if i squeeze it hurts other wise not really a problem i somtimes it goes away and somtimes it stays there for awhile i have had the problem for atleast a year and i do not know what to do its exactly like an in grown hair but im begining to worry it is a little bit more than that concidering the fact its just that spot and it wont go away i tried not shaveing but even when i feel it there are 2 hard balls the puss has basically been gone but i still have these 2 hard bumps when i grab that area and squeeze wats going on plz help

  16. I have recently entered the field of Esthetics (skin care therapy) and am working as an Esthetician at a spa. While I’m still fairly new and learning more every day, what I have learned as far as ingrown hairs is this: AVOID HOT WATER!!! Hot water after waxing/shaving/tweezing can, for some reason, cause ingrown hairs… This goes for the shower and things like hot tubs. I tell all my clients after waxing to use exfoliating gloves as soon after the waxing as they can… it doesn’t feel good, but if you just start scrubbing, it will get any of that cell buildup out and prevent the ingrowns. Of course, just don’t scrub too hard, and make sure you moisturize afterwards. Also, if you’re squeezing/tweezing ingrowns, make sure your hands/nails or the tweezers you’re using are CLEAN and sterilized!!!! Bacteria will only make the problem worse.

  17. I tried the tea tree oil and the castor oil for boils from ingorwn hair and they seem to work real well! Try it…put a dab on the boil and every 2-3 hours it shoukd make them disappear within 24-48 hours.

  18. I had a friend who went to the IBs in New york last month and they gave me a bottle of Follique ingrown hair eliminating wipes. These are the coolest and work great. I’d try these if you are looking for something easy to use and that works great.

  19. I read in cosmo recently about a new hair removal system that is safe for over 98% of the body and helps with ingrown hair. It is not wax it is a soya based antimicrobial hair removal system. It also helps slow down hair growth. You can only get it done in salons but if you know someone that owns a salon you can buy it. The web site address is go check it out and they can tell you where the nearest salon that offers it is.

  20. i sqeeze it out, even though it hurts like you wouldnt believe, then take a tweezer try to find the hair, pull it out, and but astringent on it.

  21. I get these pimple like bumps sometimes painful sometimes not by my pubic hair…i pop them and there are always long hairs in side and the more painful ones have the hardest hair to get out…this must be an ingrown hair right?

  22. I have a lump on my eyebrow and i thought it might be an alergic reaction or something but im not allergic to any thing and i called my mother up because im at bording school and she said it might be an ingrown hair. Is there a method of removing ingrown hairs that dose not involve bying anything because I am a boke boarder and dose not cause it o be any more noticable that it alredy is because i do not want to go around with a scab on my forhead.

  23. i think i have ingrown hairs all up my arms, im 17 and it makes me not want to wear sleavles tops, there are thousands of them, bumpy and red and if i pick them lil hairs are underneath and it also goes kinda crispy )not atall sure how to explain it!) what can i do?!!!

  24. the tip of the penis does not have any hair follicles and so if you have any lesions here than chances are it’s not going to be an ingrown hair. you should see you doctor as it may be a std.

  25. I had a baby recently and all through my pregnancy had been getting waxed but since i had my baby ive just been shaving myself and now have many ingrown hairs on my inner thighs and one of which has become a small boil. (I find exfoliating really does calm then down but its not really a solution, i hate them they make me feel dirty.

  26. those little bumps on your penis head sound like “sugar” warts caused by HPV. go look it up and go see a doc. there is no test for men to diagnose hpv, but if you’ve got the warts then you got the disease.

  27. I have had a problem with ingrown hairs for as long as I can remember. I get them EVERYWHERE that my body grows hair. Head to toe. Literally.. It is VERY embarrassing. I don’t wear shorts or tanks. I saw a dermatologist once, about ten years ago, who told me there was nothing you can do. Some people have them and some don’t. Before the time of the internet (before eveyone was online), I was stuck to find out for myself. I tried not shaving – ladies, I don’t recommend this, as it didn’t do any good, but left me with some funky looking legs. I have done the hot towels prior to shaving, then spritzing with cold water after – no dice. I have tried exfoliating before and just after – nothing. I read somewhere that the recommendation to men is to shave WITH the grain, with a single blade, so I tried, but just couldn’t get it to work for me. Leg hair is much finer than a man’s facial hair.
    If ANYONE has ANY solution, obviously, I will try anything. I am so tired of this. I do not want my children to see my embarrassment with my body, as this only leads to them having body issues.

  28. I am 18 and I have like 6 bumps (hard bumps, feels like hard knots) that are on my inner thigh. I have had them more than a year, but seems like they just won’t go away. I’ve tried a hot…hot towel, but they will go away, but then comes back, and they leave horrible scarring. It is so embarresing, even to wear a bathing-suit. I went to my family doctor a week ago, but she told me that they were in-grown hairs. I don’t know what else to do. Please give me any advice.

  29. I’ve gotten these around my Jaw. Fortunately I can grow a 5 day beard to hide them, so I look like Don Knots from Miami Vice. I wait until they are a large bump (where you can see them). Then squeze from different angles until a large piece of hair comes out. Sometimes I am clear for 5 months, then I get one. It bleeds a lot but heals quickly with no scarring.

    Good luck the guy with the penis bumps.

  30. Andis Clippers are a good alternative to growing a beard. They cut very close, almost as close as a regular electric razor, but without the irritation and ingrowns [as they cut above the skins surface]. If nothing else works and you are saying you will grow a beard, give this a shot first.

  31. i get ingrowing hairs around my bikini line and trust me IT AINT PRETTY. Im seriously running out of options on how to get rid of em. i tried sweezing but my skin scars easily and exfoliating hasnt done me no favours.

  32. i get ingrowing hairs on my stomach area right under my belly botton. i use v-e to soothe the area then i pull the hair.

  33. yep yep i get those to you are not alone i use nair and it gets the hair even under the surface great product!!!

  34. OK.
    I decided to start plucking the “happy trail” instead of shaving it… it worked well untill i started getting ingrown hairs then too!??
    so i need some advice. why am i getting ingrown hairs from plucking?

    I also have this large, painful bump on the base of my penis. idk how it got there (probably from the plucking considering i also plucked there too… instead of shaving) I’m not sure if its an ingrown hair or what! all i know is its BIG, red N painful.

    it makes it very embarrassing to have any kind of sex… N i cant take of my shirt because of that one ingrown hair on my stomach. its been there for about 3 weeks now N its also very embarrassing

  35. Jacob… Im in the same EXACT boat. Somebody… please S.O.S. until then i guess ima just try some of the strategies listed above. Wish me luck, I’ll let u knoe if anything worked or not. K.I.T. -_-

  36. Wow… Jacob. You may try applying a hot towel to that bump on your penis to develop a white head or go to the doctor and get treated for an STD.
    I have tried this anti-bacterial soap called Safegaurd to clean and strip away all oil and dirt from your pores. This approach has minimized my ingrown hairs. Most people really don’t know which way their facial hair grows. So I recommend letting your hair grow to find its pattern and shave accordingly – with the pattern and not against. After shaving apply some moisturizing lotion to your face and you should be good to go.

  37. ive had this ingrown hair directly on my tailbone region for about 5 days now and it hurts to a maximum extent, its the first time this has ever happend to me but id like to get rid of this without a trip to the Emergency Room, its a little painfull to walk and i can barley sit

  38. Sally, those bumps on your arm are not ingrown hairs, they’re skin plugs. I use Mary Kay facial soap on mine and it has helped tremendously. You have my sympathy! Good luck!

  39. i went to this spa in NYC recently where i got waxed in my bikini area and they recommended this product called Barc Bump Down. having tried a lot of products i was skeptical but this stuff has working amazingly well. definitely keeps the bumps away. i haven’t been back to nyc in a while but found it on and they ship it to me.

  40. John Doe,

    You’ve got what’s called a Pilonidal Cyst more than likely (if you haven’t already figured that out) and they don’t go away on their own. They are sometimes caused by ingrown hair (but sometimes not). You’ll definitely need a trip to the ER to get rid of it and then like a month of taking care of it to get it to close properly. Sad but true. You need to treat it because they can tunnel and they can break internally causing you to spike a fever. I know from experience. I was told to just waut mine out and ended up with a 102 degree temperature the next day and had to hit the ER to have it cut open. It was definitely hair (longer than the ones on my HEAD) and it smelled awful. Luckily I kind of like gross things so I was fascinated.

  41. Having same problem.Shaved pubic area for years,getting ingrown hairs sometimes,resulting in cysts and pock marks.Been plucking now and starting to get them again. Any other tips?

  42. We all seem to be having the same problem! I’m 23 and my ingrown hairs have turned into scars from me trying to remove them with either a plucker or just picking at them (not Recommended!) I never had this problem until I started waxing!! I went to several different docotors, in Canada and across Europe and there doesn’t seem to be a CURE! If any one knows of anything that can help me so that I can get rid of these awful looking things on my legs and inner thighs, please HELP!!

  43. I shave my arms, chest, stomach, and pubic area. I usually get 3 to four ingrowns in each area usually one to two day after. I hate these things. I use a mach 3 turbo and ladies shaving cream in the shower when I shave and I still get them. What can I do to correct this problem? I’m a long distance runner and triathelete and I,m embaressed to take my shirt off. What do I do?

  44. can anyone please help!!!!!!!!!!! ive a lump on my bikini area right in the crease wen it pusses up i cant walk its been there for a few years now its quiet big an has a couple of holes in it but no matter how hard i try i cant seem 2 find the hairs its real painful………..

  45. I’ve been getting ingrown hairs on my neck for almost 10 years now. I started shaving using an electric shaver and thought that was the problem so I switched to normal razor. I seem to get them less frequently, but they are still as horrible.

    I’ve found that squeezing them does NOT help. As mentioned, squeezing them can turn them into a boil which is much worse. What I’ve found works is to ignore it and do nothing to it. After a few days the swelling goes down or the ingrown hair gets a puss head on it. At this point you can lance it with a pin and drain the fluid. Most times this brings the hair out enough to pull.

    I’ve tried many products and doubt there is a solution for me. My facial hair is quite thick and coarse. It’s something I’ve learned to accept no matter how nasty they look.

  46. I have ingrown hair on my pubic area, and I realize that If i just leave it alone, it will go away by itself. But I have scarring from all of the years of plucking.. does anyone know how to get rid of the scars?

  47. OMGSH! so i have this huge swollen red bump in my bikini area. and it KILLS! like i cant even put on jeans without it hurting. wat is this?! and how can i get rid of it?!

  48. I need help I get ingrown hairs on my neck and when I try to pluck them or squeeze them they turn into scars and I’m not sure what to do or use.

  49. im a 14 year old guy and have white bumps in the pubic area, as far as i can tell i belive its ingrown hairs but i may b wrong because i havnt had any boils or pimple like bumps… just white ones. and ive had it for a long time, shaved a few times but not on a regular basis… help?

  50. Guys,

    All of yous with the bumps in the pubic area that become painful and swollen, try to get a piece of clean gauze and fill it with hydrogen peroxide and tape it on top of the bump… Leave it there overnight if possible. Turmeric paste is good to pull the infection out. Make sure you get your body ready to fight infection with plenty of vitamin C , and Omega 3s. If after 2 days you develop a fever, swollen lymph nodes in the groin area, you have to seek medical attention!!!

  51. i am a teen and i have these red bumps on my pubic area and i only got these wen i strted shaving, and wen i look dwn below it looks terrible and i have 2 still shave becoz it looks even worse if i dnt, i dnt no hu 2 tell, r where 2 get advice could PlZZZZ SME1 HELP ME! thanks x

  52. i have had the same problem on my face neck chest below my belly button and my bikinni line. for the past few years i have been plucking the ingrown hairs out. doing that leaves scars. how to i get ride of the scarring that is left behind?

  53. About a year ago, I started using an Epilator. It is painful, but the benefits far outweigh the pain. It has numerous rotating tweezers on the part that contacts the skin. Mine has 32 tweezers and two settings. Literally, as the wheel of tweezers spins, it pulls the hair out at the root.
    This has been the only way my legs have been able to be hairless and itch/bump-free. I have been noticing more ingrowns recently, but am certain it is due to something I need to change! I may even need to buy a new device.
    Also, I just wax my underarms myself. That has not only decreased my irritation, but also the darkening in that area. Consistent bath exfoliations have helped me as well… (not nearly the same as a shower). Soak a little while, the exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. Plus, the warm water helps your skin retain moisture and relaxes you. Of course, always apply a moisturizer when you dry off. My fave is extra virgin cold pressed olive oil used liberally.

    It’s all up to you though. I’m no doctor, I just know what works for me.

  54. Years ago I started to get ingrown hairs on my face, and under my chin.
    My mom bought me a Norelco electric shaver one Christmas.
    It’s the kind with the three floating heads.
    This was a huge mistake!
    If you have ingrowns, dont go electric.
    Those cheap disposeable shavers are also crap.
    Then once while I was out of town on vacation with my girlfriend, I realized that I had forgotten my razor.
    Already in the shower when I realized this, I did the unthinkable.
    I reached for my girlfriends “womans” razor.
    You know the ones….they look like they are made of tortoise shell or something.
    I was suprised as hell to find that these razors were so much kinder to my sensitive skinned face.
    From then on, I bought only the “Personal Touch” razor made for women.
    My friends look at me oddly when I tell them about it.
    Oh well, whatever works….
    About a year ago, I found them very difficult to find in the local stores.
    I had thought that they discontinued that make of razor because literally nobody carries it anymore.
    At least not within a 100 mile radius of my home.
    But, apparently you can still get them in some places because I have been able to find the replacement blades online by doing a search for “personal touch razor”.
    Recently, this has stopped working as well for me, and I think it’s because I have moved to a warmer climate.
    About a year ago, I got a bump on my jawline, and was unable to make it go away.
    Although it was sort of large based on the hard knot under the skin I could feel, It was basically unnoticeable, and I left it alone.
    Then one night I was sick of it being there and decided to squeeze it a bit.
    After about an hour of messing with it, and my face becoming a bit sore and agrivated, I got a tip of a hair to surface.
    I grabbed the tweezers and gave it a yank.
    It came out very quickly as if it were only like a quarter of an inch long.
    I took a look at it, and it totally freaked me out!
    Stretching it out straight, this hair was well over a foot long.
    It had been curling around in a tight circle for a year.
    Now I get visions in my head of an ingrown hair that escapes the tight circle and grows up into my brain causing my death. hahahahaha
    Now I’m getting more and more which again, I am blaming on the warmer climate I am in.
    I will try some of the tips on this page and get back with you on it.
    I spoke to a doctor about it a while back just in casual conversation and this is what he told me.
    When you squeeze an ingrown hair, you run the risk of rupturing the hair folicle, causing it to get even worse with possible infection to follow.
    Even if you pluck the hair out after squeezing, the next one that grows will do the same thing.
    When they say gently squeeze, they mean gently.
    I probably should have had the one I referred to, removed by a dermatologist or something.
    Now I will try the exfoliating, and moisturizing procedures found here.
    One question i have is…..
    I like to drink Pepsi, and most often I do not drink water at all.
    I have been told this is unhealthy for several organs in the body, but I was wondering if maybe this causes the skin to be dry from the lack of pure water in my system.
    Could this cause my ingrown hairs?
    Is the simple solution to just down gallons of water daily?
    Hopefully this can be answered by someone working in the medical field, and not just an educated guess.
    Thanks for allowing me to write this book here hahaha.

    And by the way, to the guys with the big red bumps or sores on thier penises…..

    Where the heck have you been putting that thing?
    Scary Scary Scary!!!!
    One guy mentioned that it made sex an embarrassing task for him.
    Dude! you shouldnt even be having sex without first consulting a doctor about that thing!
    How does your mate feel about that?
    Maybe stick to the hand until you get it checked out!

    Go see a doctor quick!

  55. hey – I had one of these above my pubic region where the belt goes, or elastic/zip part of pants.. it hurt to put on pants so i popped it eventually and extracted hair, now a hair grows out of the spot normally.. however it leaves a scar and i dont recomend this if you have a ingrown hair in a public viewable place..

  56. I don’t think I’ve seen the answer to one of the questions everyone’s asking…. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF THE SCARS FROM INGROWNS OR BOILS? OR AT LEAST FADE THEM?? THANKS!

  57. For the Scars… emu oil. Almost any health food store will carry it. Fantastic product that will fade and repair almost any type of skin damage. Also look for Udo’s oil. Its for internal use. Will also aid healing and overall health.

  58. shave you pube area and keep it shaved and you wont get ingrown hairs… that is just nasty for women to get them… i bet men don’t spend any time down there with all those nasty bumps lurking around. My area is shaved and clean…

  59. I usually get a few ingrown hairs down in the pubis region everytime i get sugared. I used to have no idea what to do with it. But honestly, i followed the instructions that this page gave me. Just moisturize and exfoliate every day, then wait until it becomes a pustule, put a warm damp cloth on it for 5 to 10 minutes then just gently squeeze out the hair! NEVER PICK AT IT. I have a little scar from doing that. but honestly, thses tips WORK!

  60. I first started getting ingrown hairs when I used a device called the epilady… BAD IDEA! yes its like having an electric not so painful hundreds of tweezers pulling out your hairs even the ones you can’t see, at the same time, I had a blast going over my legs, arms, shoulders and it was easy and fun and painfree, but a couple weeks later, I itched like there was no tomorrow and started getting bumps everywhere, and they really were itchy, when I scratched noticed a whole bunch of little curled up hairs in them, and those are the lucky ones, others have dry skin covering them almost and it itches and leaves horrible scars all over my legs, and arms and everywhere else, so I didn’t wear skirts for years, let me tell ya, waiting for them to heal is NOT AN OPTION! It doesn’t go away, its horrible, I will try all the advice everyone left on this site, but I have them on my face and back and stomach also, its such a nightmare! DO NOT USE THOSE EPILADYS! I wanted to sue the company but my attorney said that would be hard to do unless I had a couple doctors in the past that can testify that my skin wasn’t always like this. What a nightmare, I really didn’t go out for a while because of this.

  61. This may sound strange but if you boil water and put a tea bag in for one min and then place the tea bag(cooled off so you dont burn yourself) it will help bring the ingrown hair to the surface. The acid in the tea bag helps, this also helps with styes in the eye.

  62. I’m an esthetician and what I tell my waxing clients who suffer from ingrown hairs to clear up the situation they should be exfoliating the area at least once a week, no more than every second day. Bathing in epsom salts is good if they’ve become infected as it will reduce the inflammation and if boils have formed it’s a good way to treat that as well. If one is particularily painful and you intend to remove it, use a hot towel to steam the area first, especially if it’s not right at the surface of the skin in that case steam it a few times maybe even over the course of a few days to loosen the congestion and bring everything to the surface. Tea tree is a very effective essential oil to dab on the spot afterwards (before too can’t hurt) because of it’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Also, moisturizing with a product that contains any sort of petroleum product is NOT GOOD. That is, anything with mineral oil.It’s like coating your skin in plastic wrap. basically every moisturizer sold at a drugstore. Check the ingredients first. But you do want to make sure you are moisturizing daily. I think that’s everything.

  63. What to do if there are ingrown hairs around the **** hole? I started having this problem after a waxing session. I guess I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what did you do?

  64. I’m 23 female and suffered from Ingrowing hairs when i was 17. I never had this problem, till i was told a friend that the in thing was to shave your pubic hairs. Once i did that i suffered from this very badly and it lowered myself esteem so much, i wld never wear a bikini only full covering costumes. I am currently still trying to figure a solution but i think i might have found one. For my underarms i dont have this issue anymore, i use the electronic hair remover which you can get in any beauty shop they usually about £15 or so. For my pubic area, it seems things are getting much better, i currently dont shave there, but trim the hair so short you cant even notice that hair had grown, im doing this as i am treating myself. I use a product called Ingrow Go from Skin Doctors, this can be purchased on Linda Briggs website. It doesnt take 3 days to clear like how it shows on the box, but it is working and so far i’ve been using it for 3 months, it exfoliates the skin and lets the hair come out. Constant use of this can cause burning to the skin, so try to use after a shower and then add a light cream over or Bio Oil. When you get an irritant hair and u can tweeze it out, then do so.
    I hope this helps, i can see results.

  65. hey i have in grown hairs all along the back of my thighs. Iv tried ex foliating till i flt lke i was gonna bleed and it does help a little but i just want them gone. i get so self concious when my boyfriend runs his hands up my legs.

  66. yeah i have ingrown hairs on my neck…there really embarrassing…what ive come to find is that with mine…they come around this time of year and go away in the summer months…i live in virginia…but they r starting to clear up…i use this benzoyl peroxide from clean and clear and regular peroxide…but from reading this post…i am going to try that follique stuff…im going to order some friday

  67. joan jett- I had the same problem a few months ago and applied witch hazel for about two weeks to the area and the swelling (and eventually ingrown hair) went down and disappeared!

  68. For all the people that have ingorwn hairs that have been there for a while, i recommend getting them out ASAP, any means necessary, one of my friends had 3 ingrowns a bit above his tail bone, he wasnt too fussed, a few months later it developed into something massive which apparently hurt like ****, he then had to get it surgically removed, painful operation, he was in bed for a week after that, he had to get about 20cm cut down his back….

  69. I have an ingrown hair on my lip part of my vagina and I get them after I shave..I have read all these tips that have been published on this pae, but I cant see this one because it is so far down and I was wondering what shall I do? It just popped up and I hope someone can help me! I just want the swelling to go down because it is uncomfortable to wear jeans as well as walk..please help me! Have a great day!

    thank you,


  70. im a late teen and i am having trouble with ingrown hairs on my chest. this has been for about a year now, since i started to get hairs on my chest, i first started shaving to get ride of them but i have stopped now, but now a year has past and im still having trouble, i want to hair to come through now, but everytime hairs start to come through i get the ingrowns i get paranoid and end up plucking and picking them out. im sure this is not the best thing to do. how can i help the come through for good without causing anymore problems and drama’s. as im quite embarrsed to take my shirt of and its causing some scarring…

    any help would be greatly appricated

  71. I shave my pubic region at least once a week and noticed that when I exfoliate before and after shaving it significantly reduces the number of ingrown hairs that I get, if any at all. I usually use St. Ives Apricot scrub. I also make sure that I exfoliate that area with a loofah everytime I’m in the shower.

  72. I have done this for many years and it works great. To stop ingrown hairs in pubic region apply solid not gel deoderant right after shaving. I hope it works for you.

  73. Recently my girlfriend developed a red bump between her thigh and vagina. We both thought it was an ingrown hair. The next few days it has gotten bigger and puffy and she told me it started bleeding while she was using the restroom. I believe it is a boil. I don’t want her hurting herself with plucking or squeezing… do you think oils will help it go down or should be go to a doctor??

  74. i am a teenage guy and have a some bumps on the base of my penis. The bumps are not red and swollen or anything, but are sort of hard. I am pretty sure that they are ingrown hairs or something like that. In some bumps, the hairs are not visible, but in some cases the hair has come out of the bump and the bump was still there. I have not shaved the region where the bumps are, just trimmed the hairs that came out of them and the rest of my pubic region.

    i was wondering if there was a way to get rid of these bumps all together and prevent them from comming back when the hairs start to grow. People are saying that the warm towel, then plucking the hairs out does not work and can cause scarring which is the last thing i want. is there any other way that will work that will not scar?


  75. When I was about 13 I shaved the area under my belly buttom, I had baby hair but having hispanic genes the hair was quite dark but not corse at all. I then started waxing it and got ingrown hairs. The hairs are very corse now and are a red pimple thing. I broke it open and pulled every hair out. Now I get small red dots that scab over and the hair starts growing all over again so I have to go through the same routine of breaking the scab open and fishing the corse hair out. I have about 6 red dots in a row and some scars from this. I’ve tried everything from hot towerls, tea tree oil, aloe vera oil, snail gel, camomile lotion, apple cider vinegar etc but NOTHING is curing this.

    How can I clear the red dots up and finally eliminate any growth of ingrown hairs.


  76. Hi well I took my dilemma into my own hands on Fri night. First of all the red spots where I fished the hairs from were open so I put opened a capsule of an anti biotic and poured it onto the area and then I put a bandaid over it.

    I done this on Saturday night too.

    I’ve also been scrubbing the area with my L’oreal microdermabrasion and last night I put Vaseline on the area along with a bandaid, I done the same today.

    The red spots have cleared up A LOT and have faded, I’m going to keep doing this all week and hopefully they will have healed.

  77. i always get red bumpy pimples sort of thing on my upper arms few days after waxing and stays forlong …. i guess these are ingrowns ….. it only happens on my upper area of arms so i switched to using hair removal crean (Veet)and it minimised but not gone completely still get couple but its way better than before…

    lately some one told me to use tendSkin(can buy it online)every day after shower and this solved my problem. still get one or two sometimes but not those ugly ones anymore.finally found a prevention for ingrowns by gods grace.

  78. I have had problems on my legs from shaving. I started taking vitamin E supplements and lotions and shaving cream containing vitamin E… it helps soften the skin before and after shaving. It worked for me.

  79. i do not have the red swollen bumps that most of you speak of, mine almost look white and they feel like there is a small knot in them.

    I think these are ingrown hairs but the hair hasnt even broken the skin for the first time and the bumps have been there for months! gently squezing them didn’t work for me. what is this and what should i do??

  80. My question is: Ok so if you are lucky enough to get rid of the ingrown hairs, can you still wax or shave without having them come back?

  81. hi you guys wrote these along time ago. but if you dget yeast infections alot don’t do this…. a stripper told me she uses deodorant i guess the white dove kind in powder whatever scent. no liquid or gel deodorant. -anyhow you rub the deodorant down as the hair grows down. do not rub it inside your vagina lips!! just exterior lips and def everywhere else. if you think about it you get more ingrown hairs down there than your arm pits well (stripper said) thats why… funny. ok i don’t do it anymore because any perfume or fragrancey soap gets me yeast infections but i used to proir to all the infections-diabetic. and her adviced worked. but i was shaving not waxing. now i wax and ha — i thought waxing was to avoid ingrown hairs, well any hair removal leaves open pore !!. moms advice works dont pick at it. and use antibactiral un scented hypoallergenic mild soap!! down there. antibacterial and a couple of swipes of a pumice stone(not 2 many just literally 2 swipes) to exfoilate and whala you are on your way. bacteria lives under nails. ive had staph just from a **** ingrown hair so this antibacteria advice is doctor advice. you pop one pustule white head and then move on to the next pore to mess with it and boom its spread so. don’t pick and sanitize your pumice stone and only use it for the ingrown hair area do not use it on areas that have no ingrown hairs it might transfer. bath and body works had a cool snowflake pumice stone with grooves in it, it works so well. if you don’t have the will power to look at a white head and not pop it then you might not be able to handle the ingrown hair and hair removals. i have blonde hair and eyes are bad so for me to pulls out a tiny hair would be a miracle i can t find them. peroxide cleans bacteria… and tea tree oil is natural antibiotic oils… sorry so long but read it it will help.

  82. ingrown hairs always come up and back. i heard waxing (which i just got done) repeatdly makes hair grow in finer thinner. heres my advice for the womens and men folks privates areas a roomate-stripper she had to keep area shaven so i asked her why don’t you ever get them “deodarnt!!” she said think about it we don’t get them that bad under our arms. so you go get dove well i got dove baby powder and rubbed it the direction my hair grows lightly but enough to put the thinnist layer and whala it worked. i am blonde down there and i cant fish any tiney blonde hairs out. i got a staph infection a couple of years ago and doc said antibacterial soap no fragrance is what you need to use period- especially on an area of hairremoval(open pores). try it.

    now i got waxed and i don’t want to do the deodorant thing. im diabetic and cant afford to bring on another yeast infection from fragrenced stuff on my privates!!

    but i am swiping the area twice lightly with a pumice stone. and its working. but i got retarded and tried to bust all the pustules(white heads) dermatologist said busting pustules only spreads bacteria and inflames. and leaves the residue under neath finger nail, and lives….. so i came on here. but def try the deodorant trick it does work. after shaving. it limits them alot. so the tips are (a)-antibacterial none of that smell good stuff-even peroxide will help. and teatree. (b) lightly exfoilate and last but not least inportant (c) no picking squeezing until it is so dry it looks like a scab then maybe but try not to at all. i am the worst i love to pick and sqeeze but it ruins skin and spread infection. it will suck to look at a tiny pustule(white head) but soon it will dry up and you wont have to be tempted lol

  83. Expert advice on how to treat those annoying ingrown hairs around your bikini line — and keep them from coming back.
    By Gwen Flamberg

    Question: “How should I treat the irritating ingrown hairs on my bikini line?”
    Answer: Wouldn’t it figure — you’ve worked and worked to look amazing in your bikini and then those little red bumps kill your confidence. Try this quick fix: Exfoliate the area with a salicylic or glycolic acid-packed cleanser while in the shower, then dab a lactic acid-containing cream right on the spots, which will help soften the skin so that hair can emerge, says Ava Shamban, MD, a dermatologist in Santa Monica, California. (However, if hairs don’t surface on their own, avoid picking and head to your dermatologist; overzealous removal on your own may lead to an infection.) If you’re seriously prone to ingrowns, you may want to consider permanent hair reduction. A new procedure called Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL) can reduce ingrown hairs by 90 percent, says Cindy Barshop, owner of New York’s Completely Bare spas. FYI, the best time of year to start any nonablative laser treatment such as IPL is during the winter months, when skin is a uniform color.

  84. I have a bump on my eye lid just above my eyelashes that looks like an ingrown hair. I know it could be a sty, but I can see the hair inside. I’ve gotten it slightly to the surface with tweezers, but I just can’t get the hair out. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  85. For those of you who want to use the deodorant. Dove does have an unscented for sensitive skin deodorant. I got some yesterday and for some reason I felt like shaving my pubic area today and then I started to worry about ingrowns. I got them so bad last time I shaved I swore I would never do it again. I searched an found this site I will try the Dove and see if it works wish me luck.

  86. To those of you that are talking about ingrown hairs on your tail bone i have some bad news for you, they are actually what is called a pilonidal cyst. they probably arent going to go away and i recomend you visit a doctor if it is becoming painful. what is actually happening is hairs have grown innward into a puss filled pocket which when infected becomes very painfull. surgically there are 2 options excision or drained. Draining lets out the puss but does not get rid of the problem and even excision has a 15% chance of reaccurance.take your pick.

  87. In response to the tailbone bits. It is most likely a pilonidal cyst. They are big red and painfull. I had one last year, i thought it was just a spot at first, but when it got bigger i though it may have been a bruise or something because i fell over and hit my cocksit (tailbone for those who dont know what it is lol). It got so big i could hardly walk, not sit down. it got to a point where i bought some numbing spray to numb the area before i got a big steralised needle to puncture it. it bleed lots, was still painful. in the end i went to my doctors and he gave me some antibiotics the cyst was gone within a week and a half. recommend you do the same. if the antibotics have no effect then drainage or excision is the next step.

  88. that was really ignorant of tim casey to say that all you have to do is “always keep your pubes shaved” and you wont get ingrown hairs. i guess we can just retire this whole page. no more tips are necessary.
    i think i am kind of obsessed with picking at my ingrown hairs. i love getting the hair and the bulb to come out by pushing with my nail. unfortunately that does leave scaring a lot of the time. i’m going to try these tips though and i will try to give up my vice. i get them on my legs and my bikini area.

  89. Never had one before until now. Yesterday, at school I could feel pain in the pubic area and it was bugging me. I got home thinking it was just a pimple or something so I squeezed and nothing, just brought pain and now it’s way bigger.It’s about an inch away from my penis in the pubic area where I shaved recently. Honestly it kills and I hate it. I just want to go to the doctor but I’m embarrassed about it. So I tried the hot cloth thing and nothing happened. It hasn’t formed yet where I could just squeeze **** out. It kills and I need help on how to get rid of it.

  90. I am looking for ideas on hair removal of the lower neck. Its not that I mind shaving, I just dont want hair growing in heavier around the unpleasant lower area of my neck. Any ideas?

  91. allright so when i was like 14 or 15 (im 16 currently)i had the brilliant idea of trying to shave off the thin blonde hairs on my butt that everyone has. i know it was dumb right? well. now i have small red bumps directly under my butt. it really isnt attractive and my bf and i are planning on having sex son for the first time and i really want these bumps to be gone FAST! i cant really pluck them or squeeze them because i cant really see them and using a mirror doesnt help in the least. does anyone have ANY advice for me? really any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  92. my bikini line is always getting ingrown hairs after i get waxed. i exfoliate every day in the shower. i’ve plucked some of the hairs out and i put neosporin on the area to reduce scarring (helps some). i also use pfb vanish and it helps to bring the hairs to the surface. but, i still end up having red bumps. i am going on vacation in about a month and i really need to get rid of these bumps so that i can wear a bathing suit without being self concious. i’ll probably get waxed again in a few weeks to get ready for the trip. any advice on how to cure the bumps and scars?

  93. Im a 19 year old black female and have had problems with ingrown hair on my legs since i was little, even though i didn’t shave when i was that young. Though i shave now(correctly i might add), i still have ingrown hairs. They are like little dots all over my legs and cannot be noticed unless you are close up and looking for them. I haven’t tried tweezing them because there are wayyy too many of them to even try that. I’ve looked all over the internet for solutions to my problems that do not include laser removal. I know i am not the only girl with this problem. Any solutions?

  94. never had prob of ingrowns till recently …
    when i just read about them by chance…and here you are!

    i just noticed some 🙁 had no bumps boils nthing ever 🙁

  95. I bought his new gizsmo from HSN its allea NO NO it actualy works, it hasa small thin wire which i guess gets hot enough to burn the hair up and as it dose itsends awave down through the hair, at this point she loves it, cost is $250.00, check it.It is supose to eventually eliminate all the hair permately

  96. I am 15 years old and I have hair bumps all over my legs is their anything I can do to get rid of them should I use a luffa schrub how do I get rid of this I dont like wearing shorts please help is their anything i can buy

  97. about a month ago i started using sugaring wax because it really did make my leg hairs thinner and they took longer to grow back but now i dont need to wax because i dont have hairs coming out of my legs, instead i am totally covered in ingrowns. they are ugly and it would take years for me to scrape them all away. its easier to squeeze thick hairs out but thin hairs have to be scraped out and there is no way on earth that i would be able to finance laser treatment.

  98. Take a hot towel to the problem area, then dip a needle in antiseptic. Then take the needle and gently free the hair.

  99. pat, next time you shave make sure that you use a brand new blade. if the blade is dirty in any way and you cut or nick yourself, you’re just inviting germs to get into the area. and, try using lotion (with viatmin e) on the area for awhile. it tends to soften the skin up so that the hair will rise to the surface.
    but, it sounds more like you have a boil rather than just a minor ingrown hair. i use a product called “boil ease” for that problem and it seems to work really good. it eases the pain after a day or so and then you can usually squeeze the **** out easier. i get it from cvs or walgreens and it’s inexpensive. hope that this advice helps you out.

  100. I have this undrown hair problem on my legs and it’s a very big issue…as anyone who has it can confirm. they just appear out of nowhere and when I think I fnaly got rid of the last one, there’s another one coming up. I heard that Tea Tree Oil is good for healing the bumps created by ingrown hair but I never tried it. I never saw another girl with this problem and I thought I was the only one…. I think teh treatment does vary from one to another

  101. Penny,you obviously are too young to make smart decisions, i.e. shaving your ass, so dont make another mistake by having sex at your age!

  102. I dont have any tip im sorry, i am actually learning about this due to that i have alot of bumps on my right thigh and dont really know what it is or how i got it.

    this is a link to a picture of it.
    cn anybody tell me if its ingrown hairs. and how can i get rid of it.

  103. i have an in-grown hairs in my pubic area. i do shave with the grain, but that does not prevent it. i stopped shaving because the in-grown hairs wont go away. it has gotten to the point where it is very painful and when i try to pop it, white gunk and blood comes out. i have tried to pull the hair out with tweezers but can never get a hold of it, because it is not that visible. please help me

  104. im 15 i’ve had ingrowns for 3 years now it’s at a point where i just can’t even put my swim suite on it’s so bad. i just don’t know what to do , i’ve tried exfoliating them but nothing happened, if any one can help it would be great

  105. Do not shave against the grain, because it is bad and the wrong thing to do. You must never shave against the grain unless you like ingrown hairs, then if that is the case then disregard what I have said.

  106. Try sanding them off.
    I know, I know… but there is actually a product called the magic glove or something which is basically a really fine grade sandpaper (like, 600). It’s sterile, and you make a light, circular sanding motion with it.
    It works pretty good on my legs, I wouldn’t recommend it for the bikini/facial areas. Maybe once a week or so or clean, dry skin (ie not in the morning or soon after a shower)
    It’s not a magic fix, it takes a few treatments but it beats gouging holes in my legs looking for an invisible hair.

  107. i have had ingrowing hair and skin reaction (bumps)on the back of my upper neck for over a year after stupidly wet shaving my head, i have tried alot of creams,anti razor bump stuff, but the most effective has been EURAX (HC) cream, this will ONLY reduce swelling within 24hrs. This cream is available over the counter from most pharmacy’s, like BOOTS, SUPERDRUG, ect… it contains Hydracotisone (HC) and mild steroids, Also for dry skin and some bump reduction ive tried AQUEOUS cream, (At all pharmacy’s) witch is Liquid Paraffin+ white soft paraffin. You can wash with this stuff like a liquid soap! Other than that i might try lazer treatment for perminant hair removal as i cant think of anything else??? good luck…

  108. Ive suffered from ingrown hair for along time and i really dont know how to treat them. I have dots on my legs from the ingrowns and it wont go away and ive tried many products but nutin wrks 4 me. if anyone knows what i can do plz contact me and give me advice.

  109. Q: It sounds like you’re talking about a sebaceous cyst– I’ve been dealing with those for years. Sebum (the white gunk) is an oily substance produced around your hair follicles to help keep your hair and skin from drying out. An excess of sebum can lead to an *extremely* painful lump. If it isn’t painful, you can let it just run its course and go away. If it is too painful for that (I tend to get them on the insides of my thighs, right near my crotch, so walking can make the pain unbearable), I recommend something like “Boil-Ease” cream to make it go away. As it shrinks, an ingrown hair is often much easier to see and reach. Popping sebaceous cysts (I learned the hard way) is not a good idea because they can burst inward, rather than out, and cause infections. Besides, popping those things is excruciating!

  110. hey i have tattoos from my elbow on up and i tend to shave it and i just recently got this ingrown hair! and it freakin kills! it wasnt small enough to just “pop” its become to big and its painful. Ive tried heating a needle and stabbing a hole but all that does is cause it to swell more…i really need a suggestion! should i just leave it be and let it do its toll? please help.

  111. Two products I’ve been using are ‘Hovans’ bikini cream (website is is great for ingrown hairs anywhere on your body. Only potential problem is that its not available in all countries. I’m living in Australia and have found it here but its from the States and not sure if its shipped to the UK. Google it anyway..

    Another product which I’ve found to work is called PFB Vanish (again google it). I bought mine on ebay. I get ingrown hairs mainly on my legs and really feel for everyone who suffers from them..

    Good luck! x


  113. I also get ingrown hairs. I used to wax all the time but only lately it seems i get ingrown hairs. It seems they start as a bump then get bigger and sore. Which makes me self conscious to wear revealing clothes or for my partner to see. There is a black dot in the middle and hard around the outside… lately ive been using rubbing alcohol and any salicic acid (facewash) to them and trying not to irriate them anymore by touching them. From my experience It seems to help when you let the bump do its course so the hair grows longer underneath more or less. Once the bump gets bigger it helps to pop them to “drain” the blood and puss out of them. I want to let people know that if you do this and keep squeezing around the hard part it does come out. Its painful but feels better after hair comes out. Definitely pluck the hair- do not pull the hair out. Once i did this i placed rubbing alchol and neosporin the next day. it seems to be healing a lot better now. However the waiting for the ingrown to do its course is the worse. I have stopped waxing and shaving in order for the hair to heal up. This has helped!

  114. Try a product like “Neat”

    It is a hair removing cream you buy from a store that will remove and loosen hairs without irritation.

  115. Ive had the same thing, this is the second one and its on the inside of my thigh close to my genital region. Of course it had to be right where it was painful to walk! I had it for a few days, and tonight the pain was just too much so I took a look on the internet and came across this site. The ones who say a hot compress is the trick are right! It took about 10 minutes and soon my blister burst slightly and then after gently squeezing, what i thought was a small dot of pus came up. I was wrong, this was several curled hairs encased in white. when I plucked the hairs, out came a considerable amount of pus and watered down blood. I just cleaned it out with hydrogen peroxide and put neosporin and a bandage over it. It still hurts, but only because I was poking at it. Now after my second one I think I’m going to look into permanent hair removal.

  116. Hovans Medicream also Known as the Bikini Saver and the Hovan’s Gold are the perfect NON invasive way for a LIFELONG prevention of In-Grown Hair.Works for Men and women on any area or the Face and Body.

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