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So you’re on the couch watching your favourite show and the doorbell rings. You open the door and low and behold, it’s the Jehovah’s Witnesses. AGAIN. They do not seem to be taking the hint that you are not interested. Jehovah’s Witnesses are some of the most persistent religious followers that you will find. They believe that the world could end at any moment (and probably will!) so they want to spread their version of the gospel to as many people as possible.

If you are reading this article, chances are you do not want to hear this message ever again! If you have had enough of them, it is fairly easy to get rid of Jehovah’s Witnesses from interrupting your life. Stay calm. You do not need to be angry or be rude to them. Keep yourself together and you will not have this problem in your life for long!

1. Tell them you are not interested.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with Jehovah’s Witnesses is listening to them even though you are not actually interested. They are always trying to get more people involved with their religious beliefs, and if you listen to what they have to say, they will likely try their best to sign you up for the cause.

If you are honest with them, chances are high that they will respect your wishes. They are religious folk, not barbarians, after all! If you tell them you are not interested, chances are high that they will simply move on to your neighbour’s house and leave you in peace. It is best to not get angry with them or get into an argument when you try this approach. If you have a different religion, that is perfectly fine! Just try not to engage with them about it.

You believe what you believe, and they believe what they believe. Is it really worth fighting them with words about this? Likely not.

2. Don’t answer the door.

This strategy is effective for any number of people that you do not want bothering you in your home! What better way is there to get rid of Jehovah’s Witnesses than ignoring them entirely?

See if you can sneakily find a way to see who is at the door without them noticing that you are watching them. If they see you walking around inside, it will be hard to avoid them! Try looking out an upstairs window, or even installing a monitoring camera device in your front hallway or on your front porch. This can be helpful for keeping your home secure as well, which is a bonus.

While this is a great strategy, it is not necessarily a permanent one. If you do not answer your door, chances are high that someone from the Jehovah’s Witnesses will be back to ring your doorbell again. They mark addresses that do not answer and send someone back fairly quickly, sometimes even a day or two later. If you want a more permanent solution, keep reading!

3. Have your home placed on a “Do Not Call” list.

Jehovah’s Witnesses divide up neighbourhoods and houses for members of their congregation to come and visit. They use what are known as ‘territory cards’ to determine who will visit what areas and at what time. These cards are circulated to the recruiting volunteers who go door-to-door.

Included in this is a “Do Not Call” list. If you want your name and address to be included on this list, firmly tell the next Jehovah’s Witness that knocks on your door that you are no longer interested in them stopping by. If you want to avoid them altogether, you can also try calling the organization beforehand to get yourself on this list so that they will never show up in the first place. Now that is a good strategy! Chances are high that one of the volunteers will have this list available with them and they can add you to it on the spot. As always, try and be polite with this request. They might get up in your face if you try to be rude to them!

4. Use a “No Trespassing” sign.

Having a No Trespassing sign is a great way to keep any number of unwanted visitors away from your house and out of your life! This applies to Jehovah’s Witnesses as well.

You can get a No Trespassing at any local hardware store or you can try ordering one online. If you do not feel like going through the steps of calling the Jehovah’s Witnesses to get them to stop bothering you, you can try using a No Trespassing sign instead to keep them away. Make sure you put this in a place that they anyone can easily see so that they know you mean business!

5. Make a “No Jehovah’s Witnesses” Sign.

So you tried the No Trespassing sign and it did not work. What a drag! Sometimes people think that a No Trespassing sign simply does not apply to them so they choose to ignore it. It will be hard to ignore something that applies directly to them, however!

It is your right and freedom to say who is and is not allowed into your home or onto your property. You can take action by drawing a sign or printing one off that says you do not want any religious organization coming to your door, or you can even mention them directly. Try using a picture of a Bible with an x drawn over it to really drive the message home. Make sure this is in an easy to see area, of course, so that anyone who comes to your door will be sure to see it!

6. Tell them you used to be one.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are not allowed to talk to apostates, who are people who used to be a part of a religion but abandoned their beliefs. Inviting them to sit down for coffee and discuss your problems with the beliefs and why you are no longer a part of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is a sure fire way to make them scurry in a hurry.

Follow these steps to get rid of Jehovah’s Witnesses from your life! Remember that they are of course still people at the end of the day, so you want to be as respectful as you possibly can. If you are firm but sincere with them, they will likely realize that you do not want them around and will leave you alone (and hopefully not return in the future!) If they continue to come back, call in to see if you have accidentally been placed on a mailing list for some reason. Some of your friends who might be clever pranksters might have pulled a fast one on you and signed you up for frequent visits from Jehovah’s Witnesses. The nerve! Don’t let them get you down. Follow these steps and Jehovah’s Witnesses will be out of your life in no time at all.

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  1. dont always beleive everything the internet tells you, they dont pester, listen to them next time they call, they have a life saving message.

  2. Just tell them you smoke crack and worship satan. Works every time. 🙂 I just did it about 5 minutes ago.

  3. I have a “No Soliciting” sign on my door due to their constant knocking.

    They still freaking knock.

    Open mind… butt. I am making a sign reading “No Jehovahs”.

  4. I have has JW constantly bother us since moving here in 2000. About once or twice a month they are canvassing our neighborhood. It is almost always the same white haired old lady. Next time she shows up, I will answer the door with my .22 rifle and a cleaning rag and explain that she just interrrupted me cleaning my gun and that I am getting ready to go shooting. Maybe she will get the hint then.

  5. I take a quick swig of jack daniels, and grab my rifle and act really drunk and swear alot about diffrent things
    durring conversation, but at the same time acting friendly. Then eventually more or less i’ll turn their heads into a canoe if they come back. Works very well.

  6. They come by singles or multi-individuals in one vehicle – pass through fenced area driving in like they own the place. I can’t be nice since I have told them to please remove my address from their list of visits – they still ignore. Last summer i started to do odd things once i knew it was JW entries onto my property i.e. – letting them get out and walk over toward me at which time, i turn away and start urinating on the ground. They returned in fall – this time i waited in house until i was sure it was them, i proceded to take out my private part and walk casually toward them exposing myself as to greet them. Today, six months later, they came right up my drive way again.
    Anyone have other suggestions on how to get them to take my message.

  7. During the summer more and more cars full of them just keep coming! It’s like they never in. They line the streets with their cars and just keep coming. It’s like the zombie apocalypse..

  8. Those are the best options:

    1- show them your genitals and insist that they join you in doing the same. Works everytime (DON’T do it if they come with children!)

    2- Shout that this is the house of Satan and that their presence is making him mad. Have a crazy look on your face.

    3- Don’t threaten them, but make sure they feel threatened. This could be as easy as having a gun in your hands or keep a suit and a bible covered in fake blood to show them what happened last time visitors came in with a message from God.

  9. UUmmmmmmmmmmm……….telling them no persistently does not work. I’ve been doing it once a week for about six months and they still come at least once a week. Its driving me nuts and I think it borders on harrassment at this point. I don’t want to listen to their message. Freedom of religion is fine, but I have a right to privacy too. I don’t mind telling them to leave me alone once or twice, but I should not have to continue to deal w/ intrusion on my private life on a regular basis.

  10. Ok i was a JW till i was 15 years of age… i was placed in foster care caz of the crazy things that my mother an father would do to me for not doing as the JW’s told me i was to do… i think this rel. should be outlawed for the youths protection!

  11. Well. I always say “I’m Catholic.” and they either say okay and walk away, or if it’s a guy “Well, will you think about switching for me, or at least looking into our religion?” with a smile on his face. That’s when you tell him where he can shove his card(:

  12. Claoe your front door as soon as you see them walking up the sidewalk and they’ll get the hint you don’t want visitors. It works everytime and so far none have knocked on my front door.

  13. A sign at the door letting the visitors know you have an illness that they may catch and they’ll keep walking to the next house.

  14. You people’s comments are so rude. I like the way you don’t appreciate what JW do for you. They waste their free time, to preach to you, about something that COULD be important,(why the heck would they be doing it, THEY DO HAVE LIVES JUST AS WELL AS YOU DO)Whereas your sitting home making up excuses of what to say when they come to your door. And for your information. Your not only offending JW but God himself, and trust, what goes around comes back around. 🙂 GOOD DAY.

  15. Evil people brainwashing children with their utter crap. The very fact they have to resort to door to door sales says it all about their completely invented religion.
    Rule 1 of being religious should be ‘dont force it down peoples throats’ and that includes the poor kids these pathetic morons have in tow when they call.

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