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Joint pain not only hampers movement, it also makes you feel lethargic. With any semblance of motion concerning the affected areas, you will feel much discomfort. A visit to the doctor is usually the case, but sometimes the treatment alone is not enough to relieve the pain. By applying your own methods that accompany the prescribed remedy, quick recovery becomes a certainty.

Relieving joint pain shouldn’t be too hard, with the prescribed pain relievers taking effect. You can apply topical treatments, take medicine or even do low-impact activities to further relieve joint pain. The efficacy of your remedy depends on the type of joint pain you have. Simple ones, which are caused by overwork or stress, can be soothed with rest and pain relievers. Pain caused by arthritis or a fracture needs medical attention and a combination of household remedies.

Simple Joint Pain

Simple joint pain is gone within a few days if the right treatments are administered. You can rummage at your home’s medicine drawer and you’ll probably find instant solutions. You can also go to a drug store or your office’s clinic in case your stock of medicine is missing a few items. Here are some of the remedies that you can apply:

  • Analgesic Heat Rub – The analgesic heat rub is a common remedy used by athletes. It works well tired joints, even serious ones like sprains and fractures. Just apply a generous amount on the affected joint and the pain will gradually die down. You can also use it with a bandage to maximize its effects. The bandage will keep the heat rub focused on the painful area, relieving pain at the soonest time possible. This remedy should come as one of your top priorities.
  • Paracetamol – The paracetamol is specially formulated to ease pain, aside from treating fever and allergies. By following the ideal dosage, which is stated on the medicine’s label, your joint pain will be reduced until it finally fades. Combine it with the other remedies, particularly anti-inflammatory medicine, to quicken the healing process.
  • Honey and Apple Cider Mixture – Mix two teaspoons of cider with two teaspoons of honey then add some hot water. When the ingredients settle, drink the solution. The results won’t come quick, but the pain will surely be whittled in gradual fashion. If the drink is still too warm, you can cover the swollen joint with a piece of cloth. Apply the hot drink’s container on the cloth for an instant hot compress.
  • Low-Impact Massage – Simple joint pains and sprains are normally relieved by the application of heat rubs and a massage. Apply a liberal amount of the solution on your hands. Rub them onto the painful joint with low-impact strokes. Apply pressure while doing strokes, when the affected area is soaked with the heat rub. At first, the massage will sting for a bit, but soothing sensations will replace the pain eventually.
  • Light Exercise – Stressed and tired joints can be remedied through exercise. Just take a painkiller or apply an analgesic heat rub on the painful joint then engage any sport with a low strain approach. The physical activity will strengthen your joints, accustoming them to extended hours of work. As a result, incurring a joint pain will take a longer time.

Don’t be mistaken. With the exception of light exercise, these solutions also work for serious joint problems. Just apply them in conjunction with the designated remedies and you can free yourself from much pain.

Serious Joint Pains

Sprains, fractures and arthritis keep you out of action for a relatively long time. In that duration, the pain coming from both conditions can be pretty unbearable, especially when you try to move your injured joints. Relieving the pain is simply not enough. You must apply certain remedies to hasten your injury’s healing. That way, the number of agonizing days will be lessened.

  • Bandage with Heat Rub – The application of heat rub is not enough, particularly with fractures. You must also foster proper positioning, so the injury heals in a shorter span. Rub a generous amount of analgesic heat rub or a prescribed topical solution on the painful joint. When it is soaked, wrap some bandage on the affected area. Keep the wrapping tight, so that the medicine can ease the swelling, the damage and the pain, all at the same time.
  • Physical Therapy Session – Physical therapy not only reduces pain, it also enforces the proper healing of joint-related injuries. Through light exercises and massages, the misaligned joints are slowly put back into place. The activities may be painful initially, but recovery is quick, and so is the disappearance of pain. No wonder PT is a requirement for some serious physical injuries.
  • Acupuncture – Acupuncture may be an ancient way of treating bad conditions, but its results are considered one of today’s wonders. If your joint pain becomes unbearable, you can schedule a visit with a reputable acupuncturist. The multi-session treatment will ease pain and promote recovery. Just bear with the application of needles on your body.
  • Consult Your Doctor – The best solution for serious joint pains is by consulting your doctor. He or she will properly diagnose the cause of your joint problems. Appropriate treatments will then be administered, as well as expert advice on how to speed up the healing process. You can even consult your doctor on the medicine that you should apply.

Joint pains, especially the serious ones, are not easy to tolerate. Not doing anything about them only prolongs your agony. Address joint pains the right way with the mentioned solutions. Not before long, pain won’t stand in the way of a good day.

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