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It has become crucial to find answer of a question that asks how to get rid of june bugs outside. These insects are also called as the May beetle or sometimes the June beetle. They could harm various landscape plants and hence they could become an annoyance to the gardener. It is necessary to find a solution if you are also one among those who have come across a question that asks how to get rid of june bugs outside. Before knowing the ways that could help you in getting rid of june bugs it is necessary to know what are june bugs.

These bugs are also regarded as scarab beetles. These scarab beetles could include several species such as chafer beetle, green june beetle, ten-lined june beetle, and japanese beetle. The main occurrence of these insects gets to see during May month. The reproduction of these insects starts in the month of June and hence they are called as june bugs. Though there are several categories included in these bugs, all they contain unique body structure that includes egg-shaped back portion and long tongue at front side. These insects nourish on the leaves of green plants. This is the only food they have. Now, after knowing these details about the june bugs it has become little easy to know how to get rid of june bugs outside. Though there are several species in june bugs, all they could be treated with the same procedures.

You could treat each category of june bugs on the basis of their damaging actions. If bugs are causing grass damage then it is preferable to make use of Sevin which is an insecticide and performs well against june bugs. You could apply this Sevin on grass and then pour some water on the top of grass so that this chemical could get mixed with the soil.

There is one more chemical available called as Bacillus thuringiensis. It is also called as milky spore. It is necessary to apply adequate amount of this chemical on grass. You could also kill june bugs by applying grub nematodes. If the june bugs are fully grown or adult in nature then also Selvin or other similar chemicals could turn helpful in killing them.

You could also follow an organic procedure that helps in catching these bugs. For this, you need to create a june bug trap. You could make use of bucket that has provided light at its top. Then by pouring little vegetable oil at the bottom of this bucket you could attract the bugs to enter into your trap. Once these bugs fly towards the light they would fall into the bucket and they would become unable to fly because of sticky oil.

There are several methods available that could help in understanding how to get rid of june bugs outside. However, it is necessary to follow each direction properly because your little ignorance towards any instruction could increase the expansion of these bugs. You are suggested to share these tricks with the people who are still struggling on a question that asks how to get rid of june bogs outside.

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