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‘How to get rid of June bugs in my house’ is a concern for many gardeners whose landscape is damaged by the pests called June bugs. June bugs are treated using insecticides similar to the beetles that attack the plants. Oval shaped body with pincers in the front characterizes a June bug which eats up the landscape leaves. Even their grubs harm the lawn grass. If you intend to approach the problem of ‘how to get rid of June bugs in my house’ through some organic method, you may try using a June bug trap. Fill a bucket with one to two inch deep vegetable oil and place a white light on the top of the container and place this bucket in the area where June bugs are present. White light attracts the June bugs that fly in and fall into the oil and are trapped unable to fly back again.

June bugs are pests whose grubs can be as damaging as the bugs. Thus it is good to kill them while they are still grubs. June bugs can enter your house from the garden if there is sufficient light to attract them inside. Thus keep enough light to keep everything visible but do not let them find way inside. Beetle traps can also effectively work in the direction of ‘How to get rid of June bugs in my house’. Replacing the beetle trap bags at least once every week is important to ensure that more beetles enter the trap as smell of dead bugs can keep them away.

June bugs not only damage the leaves but also the flowers and the trees. They also eat up organic material in the farms with the larvae attacking the roots of plants. Roots of carrots and sweet potatoes are loved by June bugs and they feed upon them favorably. Even though the life of a June bug is short, its rapid multiplication by act of laying nearly 60-70 eggs in 15 days which hatch into larvae within 2-3 weeks makes them a threat for your garden and the crop.

If you are trying to find ways on ‘How to get rid of June bugs in my house’, it is also important to know some more facts about June bugs. They don’t bite or sting and are not disease carrying insects. They do no damage to wooden furniture and thus their damage is limited to the plants and trees. They are nocturnal pests that become active during night and are attracted by light. They may scare small children in your house besides ruining your much loved garden.

Nematodes are another measure can be used in the direction of resolving your ‘How to get rid of June bugs in my house’ worries while the June bugs are still grubs. They have to be mixed with specified amount of water before they can be sprayed on the area of June bug attack. They grow inside the larvae body and kill it while living in it. You have to apply the nematodes to your garden only once the June bugs have laid their eggs.


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