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June bugs belong to the family of melolonthinae and also known as June beetles. They are available in different sizes ranging from 1 inch to 1.4 inch. They possess blackish or reddish brown color. They come in large numbers which creates a mess in house or garden. People usually start worrying about how to get rid of June bugs in the house especially. These small creatures have an ability to destroy whole garden and mess up in the house. They are mostly found in states like Texas and Kansas. These beetles are fond of fruits and mostly found in the kitchen area of a house. They also survive on the decaying organic materials like grass in lawns and garden.

Those who are troubled with these tiny creatures usually ask this question, how to get rid of June bugs in the house? The question might look simple, but the answer is not that easy and is a bit tricky. It is not easy to get rid of June bugs immediately. They come in a large numbers which sometimes become difficult to get rid of them. Female June bug lays 60 to 70 eggs at a time in summer which comes on earth within two weeks. Those who want to know how to get rid of June bugs in the house first understand the damages that can be caused by June bugs. It will help you to take precautionary measures against them.

June bugs feed themselves with the root of grass; they destroy the grass by eating up their roots. The surface of grass also gets damage by June bugs.

They kill the fruits and flowers of the plant as it is their favorite food. The flower turns pale after June bugs enter into them and eventually dies. They aren’t able to absorb water and grow after June bugs feed with them.

They damage the soil of the garden, they tunnel their way in search of food from the soil which make it spongy lose its solid feel. The roots become shallow due to various tunnels made by June bugs inside.

Along with the damage they cause to the garden and the house they attract other species to them which creates more damage and destruction in the garden.

They have nocturnal nature and scare people especially kids and girls in the house.
Due to various destructions they can cause to the garden and home many people ask about how to get rid of June bugs in the house at least. Here are some of the ways that will answer this question.

The ones who are worried about how to get rid of June bugs in the house, the most common way is to use chemicals and pesticides available in the market to kill such creepy creatures.

Grab a supply of nematodes from the garden shop and apply it in your garden and home. It protects the soil of the garden as well kill June beetles in house.

Keep other predators of June bugs like frogs, toads and birds and set them free, they scare and eat the June beetles around.


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