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Pores are important parts of your body. You can’t be considered a living thing without your pores. Then why do many people, especially girls, try all sorts of methods to get rid of or minimize these holes in their skin?

The Enemy: Large Holes

Pores only become a nuisance if they become too large. Large pores on the face are known enemies to females, especially teenagers. While pores help keep your face hydrated and soft, large ones can look like gaping mouths stuck to your face. Pores grow larger only when left untouched, and even more when your skin is extremely dry. Large pores are often concentrated in your T-zone, and can be found in people with oily skin.

Deep Excavation

Pores enlarge due to the imbalance of androgen levels, caused by either age or genetics, if not both. An abnormal boost of androgen, found mostly in males but also found in females, causes the natural oil-making glands of your skin to be active. The sebacious glands, which are also essentially your pores, become larger in the process. Factors like stress, diet, air quality and lifestyle choices can make things worse.

While none of these factors can be altered or removed permanently, there are ways to get rid of large pores, or at least shrink them. Take note that what works for others may not work for you.


The most basic course of action to clear any oil, dirt, debris and dead skin cells accumulating inside these pores is exfoliation. You can start by using a daily facial scrub that goes deep into the skin to remove dirt as well as prevent acne breakouts. If you have acne, expect to develop enlarged pores too. Try a facial scrub with either vitamin C or retinol, because these minerals have antioxidants that not only remove oil and dirt, but also help your skin produce more collagen and elastin to stay in perfect shape. Some facial scrubs are sugar-based and serve as a great natural alternative for an exfoliant.

Another method for exfoliating skin is through microdermabrasion treatment. It is performed to gently remove dead layers of skin from the surface. Make sure that you consult your local dermatologist or spa about this treatment first. You may not like it if you easily scar or if you are very sensitive to pain, because microdermabrasion treatment involves sanding your skin with a rotating wire or steel brush.

Skin Care Routine

Establish a skin care routine. A mild facial wash that contains either vitamin C or retinol can help reduce large pores. Facial washes should be part of this routine. For best results, use a pore-minimizing facial mask once a week. Remember to use light moisturizer afterward.

Some people use pore strips, but others find them too harsh or painful because these can also dry the skin. If your skin dries easily after washing but also reacts well to pore strips, use a moisturizing facial mask immediately after the strips and avoid washing until the mask has completely set in.

The Magic of Steaming

Using steam on your face, if done carefully, will unplug your enlarged, clogged pores. Simply fill a basin with extra warm water but make sure that your “extra warm” is not scalding hot. To start steaming, hold your face over the basin for one to three minutes. Do not wash immediately because you must let the pores close naturally on their own. To speed up the closing process, dab some plain toothpaste on the blemished areas and leave it that way to dry.

Makeup Your Mind

Switch to either mineral or hypoallergenic make-up. Cosmetics these days have dangerous ingredients like alcohols, acids and peroxides that enlarge your pores and cause more dirt and debris to sit inside them. Be sure to use a concealer to hide your pores. Concealers can also make your large pores look smaller, if not completely hide them. Make sure to always remove your make-up once you get home or before drifting off to sleep.

I Can Peel It

One particularly effective way to get rid of large pores is through the use of a facial chemical peel. It can be done at any dermatology clinic, but the fees can amount to anywhere between US $300 to US $2,000. You can also try this process at home if you have a home kit that can cost at least three times less than what you would shell out for a trip to the clinic.

If you are financially ready for peeling, then go ahead and rid yourself of your large pores. If you don’t have a budget for facial chemical peeling, then try other natural ways first.

Go Organic

You can get rid of large pores through organic means. For instance, you can use the ingredients you cook with at home to get rid of those nasty holes. A washable paste of table salt and buttermilk, when massaged onto enlarged pores, can work wonders. Sugar, bran, papaya and grapefruit are also well-known ingredients that can help reduce the size of large pores.

One very good way to get rid of large pores is to watch what you eat. If all else fails, consult a dermatologist. He or she will give you a topical medication, like a lotion or ointment, that can help you get rid of your large pores as long as you follow the instructions on the pack.
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  1. Many years ago, I visited a facialist who used a face mask made from camphor. This was the most effective treatment I’ve ever had as there was a noticeable difference to pore size immediately and for the effect lasted for some time. Unfortunately she said the mask was only available to professionals and I’ve never been able to find a commercial one containing camphor.

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