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Let’s face it. No one wants lice. The unfortunate truth is, however, that millions of people deal with it every single year. If you’ve fallen under some unfortunate luck and happened to catch this pesky, itchy little bug, you’re going to want to get rid of it as fast as humanly possible.

The term ‘lice’ is in fact plural for the word ‘louse’. Louse is a microscopic sized, wingless insect that survives on human blood. Although it’s most commonly found on the scalp, lice can make an appearance on the body by virtue of your clothing, and (yikes!) on your pubic hair.

Lice can survive for up to a month on the body, particularly the scalp, and can spread from person to person quite easily. Because they cannot fly, lice is often spread through the use of other people’s things such as a brush or hat. It can also be transferred through person to person contact. It can happen to anyone, and it’s important to know how to get rid of lice before it spreads to those around you.

1. Know the symptoms.

Before you start treating your lice, it’s important to know that you have the correct diagnosis. The first and most obvious symptom is uncomfortable itchiness or an unusual tickly feeling. You also may want to keep an eye out for tiny red bumps in and around your head or pubic area. Look for little white objects burrowed in your hair. These are the “nits” or lice eggs. If you have noticed most if not all of these symptoms, you likely have lice.

If you are still unsure, get someone you trust to examine your scalp, or seek a professional opinion.

2. Getting rid of lice on the scalp.

The most common place to experience lice is on the scalp, termed “head lice”. The louse insects are in fact quite easy to remove from your head, but the real challenge is ridding of their stubborn eggs. Try some of these methods to get rid of lice on the scalp!

3. Use specialized shampoo.

Find a pediculicide shampoo. This product has been created specifically to kill off both the lice insects and their eggs. It’s slightly more expensive than the average shampoo (costing approximately $10-$20 for a small bottle), but is well worth the investment.

After purchasing the shampoo, put on some old clothes and follow the directions on the bottle carefully. It’s important that you do not shampoo again for at least a couple of days after treatment in order to allow it to do its job.

4. Try some apple cider vinegar.

If you would like to use a more natural method, try out an apple cider vinegar treatment. To perform this treatment, simply coat your hair and scalp with a mixture of equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. After waiting a few minutes, use a nit comb to brush out the pesky bugs and eggs.

Remember that none of these methods will be worth your time if you do not take the correct steps toward prevention. Be sure to wash all clothes that you have worn recently, as well as your bedding. Place any recently used hair brushes or accessories into a plastic bag for a few weeks to ensure that the lice cannot survive.

5. Getting rid of lice on the body.

Bodily lice are far less common than lice found on the scalp, but it does happen. This occurs when lice have latched on to your clothes. They essentially live in what you are wearing, and use it as a mode to feed on your skin.

6. Carefully wash all of your clothes.

The only way to rid of this problem is by washing every piece of clothing that you suspect the lice may inhabit. Remember that even if you haven’t worn a certain clothing item, if it has come into contact with another item you have worn, it is possible that the lice has transferred. Better safe than sorry, right?

Be sure to wash the clothes in the hottest setting possible. Don’t forget to use plenty of detergent! This way, you can ensure that the lice will not survive the laundry cycle.

It also won’t hurt to bathe yourself thoroughly. Take a bath or shower in the hottest temperature you can stand, and scrub yourself down from head to toe.

7. Getting rid of pubic lice.

Pubic lice (a.k.a. crabs) is spread most frequently by sexual contact. If you suspect that you may have pubic lice, avoid having sex until you know that you are completely cleared. Contact any recent sexual partners and inform them so that they can also deal with the issue if need be.

8. Be brave and shave!

The first, and most simple way to rid of pubic lice is by completely shaving your pubic region with a clean razor. With no hair left to cling on to, the lice are unlikely to return.

After shaving, a good extra step is to wash the area well with warm water and oil-based soap. Do this every day for at least a week, and keep an eye out for any stubborn or returning nits.

9. Use a nit comb.

If you do not want to resort to shaving, try combing out the lice with a special nit comb. This will take more time, but stay consistent with it. Be sure that the nit comb is completely cleaned with hot water before each use.

It will also help you to purchase an over-the-counter lotion that contains 1% permethrin and apply according to the bottle’s instructions. This chemical is known to kill off lice.

As with all forms of lice, it is very important that you wash your recently used underwear, clothing, and bedding thoroughly to avoid the lice’s return.

Unfortunately, lice has a reputation for only latching on to ‘dirty’ people who don’t bathe often enough. This could not be further from the truth. Lice can happen to anyone, and it’s important that we know how to deal with it. Getting rid of lice is a process. Whether the lice is on your head, body, or pubic area, you must get rid of it as soon as you can. Because it can spread so easily, it is crucial for you to deal with it properly, and take steps toward preventing its return.

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  1. I suggest using viniger mixed with oil, leave in over night (put towel over pillow), next morning wash hair and condition leave conditioner in and use a lice comb then wash out!!!

    lice hate viniger!

    once a week, use separate conditioner when washing hair!

    Good Luck it really works!!!

  2. It is absolutely essential to have a good comb with metal teeth that are spaced very close together. Cheap plastic or cheap metal combs will not remove the eggs. Try LiceMeister or Nit Free Terminator. We went through 4 other cheap combs before getting the LiceMeister which worked very well on hair slathered with conditioner. Our friends had good look with the Nit Free Terminator comb. As a rule of thumb, expect to pay ~$20 or more, or you are probably wasting your money.

  3. Another natural cure is oil in the hair to suffocate the little imps. Others have reported success with mayonaise in the hair. Leave it in for at least an hour and use a good metal toothed lice comb, as stated above, then shampoo and condition as usual. Also, putting the old fashioned fly strips up in areas where infestations set in; sleeping areas, favorite chairs, etc. works to keep the little buggers at bay.

  4. I used hair dye…its cheaper than those pesky lice shampoos that are over priced. It worked really good in killing the adult lice and then i combed the hair out with the comb to remove the lil eggs.

  5. i have just run into a huge lice crisis….I tried mayo…washing everything…and the hot water treatment…then went to the bottle treatment…finally distraught…I stumbled upon a device called LiceGuard Robi Comb. I purchased it at Walgreen’s for under $20. it is like a mechanical Comb that runs off one double A battery. It sends a charge into the lice body imobolizing it. There is a constant buzzing noise until a lice is “caught” when it goes Quiet…look at the comb to see what you “trapped” No chemicals needed. My daughter (6) actually thought it was “fun” and entertaing to see what she “fished” out. I never knew lice could be considered “fun”. Anyway…the good thing about this comb is that you can reuse it over and over. Clean it and put it away till your itchy. A friend also recommended Denorex extra strenght…but that is pricey as well.

  6. We tried everything to get rid of lice, sprays, shampoos, mayonaise, hair gels, picking out each nit from my daughters hair strands one by one. This went on for almost three months. Nothing worked! One day she asked if I would help her straighten her hair, so I blowed dried it straight. Guess what? They were gone!!! They do not like blow dryers! Tonight we discovered them again, one year later. I blew her hair dry and about thirty lice died and landed on the floor! We will continue to suffocate and burn those bad boys up!

  7. I used rubbing alchol and it works for the adult ones but for the little eggs i used a metal comb with very close teeth…

  8. Avon Skin so Soft Bath Oil. My kids had this problem with school, I tried the over the counter lice killer and even did the prescription shampoo, they kept coming back. I used Skin So Soft and left it on there hair for about an hour and no more lice. btw also works great for fleas too.

  9. theres a new hair dryer-like machine that drys the head lice out. it doesn’t heat up like a normal dryer and the air pressure is greater. i believe that schools will be required to have them soon.

  10. Mayonnaise works good to kill all those adults n then those metal combs that have close teeth together work good to get all them bad boy eggs out!!! (It’s the truth)

  11. Unfortunately,I don’t have any tips.I have been dealing with this problem with my daughters for over 2 years.I’ve tried mayo(4-5 times),Rid(3-4 times),baby oil,conditioner,picking each & every individual egg & bug out one at a time over sections(3 times),tried T-tree shampoo($15…once for obvious reasons)….nothing has worked so far.I have washed.dried all clothes,sheets,blankets,etc…even ones already clean!I don’t know what else to do.It is unbeleivable to me that there is no “cure” to this….yet people can go to the moon and makes bombs to blow up countries.Sorry,just venting a little anger.

  12. ok, I had NO IDEA this was going to be this hard. Even my pediatrician made it sound like no big deal. My 3 yr. old got this from a playland area, I guess and it’s been a living nightmare! I am so desperate I checked into a hotel (yes, I told the housekeeping staff, and made them throw all the towels away and paid extra to di it), got all new Nix, new metal combs, and went to work. We did the treatments, with the rinse, and then I blow dried and flat ironed her hair (the iron goes to 410 degrees) and combed like a mad woman. And yet…yes, I still combed out 2 live ones…what can we do short of shaving our heads???

  13. when my daughter got it we automatically treated her hair with Nix and it did not seem to get rid of all the buggers. so, I had to retreat then i decided to use this product by Mark Anthony called moisture gloss. It is a product that you rub into your hair by just using a little bit to get rid of tangles before OR after you blow dry your hair. I put this onto my daughter’s hair and it helped make her folicles slippery as I combed the rest of the eggs out of her hair but the process took long because I assume the type of lice that were infesting were immune to a lot of the treatments so finally I had to pick through her hair for several days until they were gone. I also did a lot of laundry each day. As it turned out, I ended up having them too later on eventhough I treated them myself. I found out after crossing the border to the USA and was in the hotel room. I ended up getting a product from the pharmacy which we did not have in Canada and it seemed to do the trick. It was a mousse called RID and was easy to use but I still had to do a lot of picking. I really do not want to ever go through that again. I had never had lice until I had kids.

  14. Most treatments fail to eliminate lice completely because not all nits are removed or killed off.

    Vinegar is a good help here. It has two effects: it is a repellant for live lice and it will soften the adhesive that sticks the nits to the hair. Without vinegar treatment, nits are very hard to remove and even a good comb will not do the job completely.

    Wash hair with an insecticide shampoo, rinse, then soak with a mixture of 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water. Keep for 10 to 15 minutes, avoid vinegar getting into the eyes. Rinse with water and comb hair thorougly with a special comb. Repeat vinegar treatment daily for at least one week.

    If you suspect e.g. a teddybear or some other furry toy is infested, put it in a plastic bag and leave it in the deep freezer for two weeks. This also helps deinfesting cushions without applying poison or excessive heat. But make sure the temp is really down to -20 degrees centigrade and stick to the two weeks timeframe.

    And do follow recommendations about washing clothes and towels, cleaning furniture, go round with the vaccum cleaner through your car and so on – fight the beasts on all frontiers.

  15. I have had the same problem with head lice for about 3 months now. Every time one of my daughters has them, we wash w/ the rid and comb and wash everything, and it has come back again and again. This time I have decided to put plastic on all of my furniture and bedding in hopes that it will finally go away. I don’t have a tip for any of you,because I can’t get rid of them my self. I’ve kept my daughter out of school for a week because I’m worried that she is getting them at school and the school is not doing their job. Every time this has happened i have felt like I have done everything possible to get rid of these things and then like 2 weeks later their back again. I hope and pray that by plasticing everything up and continuously washing all the bedding everyday that we will get this taken care of.

  16. This may sound stupid but use mayonaise. Put it on for three hours comb comb comb do it again. Lice hate greasy hair. I use to have them and i had it for over a month then the health department said get a flat iron and put maynaise on it and i did and then i dyed my hair and i dont have it now

  17. The best way i’ve found to get rid of head lice is by putting conditioner on to wet hair and combing through. they can’t live off the head,and they can’t jump..washing bed clothes doesn’t do anything..just comb them out…until the next time..cus not all parents are the same in wanting head lice free …

  18. There are no tips for head lice! We have been fighting it for months & it just won’t go away. I wash bedding & cloths with hot hot water. I spray everything including car. I soak hairbrushes & clips ect. in bleach water. I freeze harties.I have tried the whole vinegar thing which only resulted in my daughter crying due to the stuff smelling so bad. Have spent days picking out nits. I’m with Jennifer this is terrible & I can’t believe they haven’t come up with a cure for it!

  19. I have 3 daughters w/ long hair and one of them has lice, thankfully I found it in time to prevent the others from getting it. She sits in one spot on the couch that is covered w/ a sheet and washed daily. I treated her w/ 100% Pesticide-Free non-toxic “Lice-B-Gone” and then put a shower cap on her head for 1 hour. It didn’t kill all the live lice but slowed them down enough to catch them in the RID nit removal comb. Time and patience is required to eliminate this bothersome problem. All eggs/nits must be removed so they don’t hatch more and keep laying more eggs ect. ect.
    After that treatment and for piece of mind I found this cool comb called the “Lice Guard Robi Comb” (under $30) that uses a AA battery and zaps the lice and kills them. I have ran this through all 5 family members heads just to be sure that no one else has lice.
    Good luck to all and remember to pick all the nits.

  20. Take the time to actually sit down and comb through the hair with a fine-toothed comb. Do this once a day for TEN days to break the cycle. (I did it twice a day because I was desperate!!- Aren’t you all!!) Don’t forget the conditioner. A blob of it will do as long as it lathers the hair.

  21. I forgot to say–
    Dip & rinse the comb in a tub or empty icecream container of just water every few strokes.
    Tea Tree Oil is a natural disinfectanct so for extra re-assurance rinse trough hair in a big tub or bucket of water adding a few drops-depending on the amount of water- (It’s strong!)
    OK so try and chill out its not the end of the world i know its a bugger but its a temporary set-back. I’m a teenager so its even more annoying.

  22. Drench the hair in mineral oil.(It’s kinda messy) Make sure you have a few clean towels to clean your comb and wipe away the excess oil of your comb. Comb through the hair not once but a few times in different directions until you don’t see any more eggs or bugs. Shampoo your hair about 2 times (No conditioner- U won’t need it)Then blow dry your hair and you should be set.
    Remember to wash your bedding, clothing, Etc.
    Vacuum your couches,rugs and wash your couch/seat covers.
    Tie your children’s hair up when attending school and public places.
    Alway’s make sure you cut your fingernails and wash your hands because they like to hang out under your nails.

  23. My daughter has very long thick curly hair. She had head lice and I tried everything to get rid of them. In the end I put some pure coconut oil on her hair and rubbed it into the scalp and then combed it through her hair so that it was all coated really well.
    I plaited her hair to keep it neat and she kept the oil on overnight. In the morning I combed her hair with a fine toothed metal nit comb and was amazed as lice and eggs just came straight out. I spent a good couple of hours combing but that was it- I kept checking her hair daily over the next couple of weeks but amazingly they had all gone… until the next time I know! but I would recommend giving this a go!

  24. i have never had lice but every one around me has! i know its gross but your pet monkey might help you out!!! face wash dries out your hair but hey it kills them good thell be go in a jiffy if you take my advice!!!

  25. first you go to the docter and he or she will proscribe a medician for it like shampoo and its foamy they’ll give it to you go and shower in really hot water and scrub it in good and dont blowdry it cuz they like that and then have sombody check it for you and if it does not go away in a week or so you have to tell your docter

  26. My daughter came down with head lice over a year ago and guess what? We are still fighting the lil buggers!
    The chemical shampoos DO NOT WORK And someone mentioned to me that if you have prolonged exposure to the shampoo’s can lead to learning disorders! OMG!
    I have tried Tea tree oil’s, olive oils, and anti dandruff shampoo’s, you guessed it STILL THERE! I have combed and picked for over 10 months and NADDA! The re- infestation still occurs. Make sure your childs school or centre has a protocol for Lice. My daughters school does not and im certin she is being re infested from school.

    I have very long hair and have now come down with the lil buggers! I personaly am going to dye my hair. But our children..perhaps not.

    Next step for her hair is going to be a cut, and either a henna bassed hair dye ( which has no chemicals in it) or denorex or shaved head. She is in tears each time i check her hair.

    Medical science has managed a cure for so many obscure things yet head lice they just say bah use a chemical or suck it up and deal. I knew more about lice then my doctor did Sad…just sad.

  27. I don’t have a tip, as I have been reading all of yours. Thank you for giving me the help that I needed. I find this very hard, tedious is the word. I am on day two……. Thank you again:)

  28. i dont have a tip. but my family has been fighting it on and off again for several months. i have no idea where im gettin it from. the kids dont go to school or daycare and my motherinlaw, me and my 2 sisterinlaws are stay at home moms. we hardly go anywhere and the guys seem to not get it. i am just fed up and tired of it! weve tried just about every shampoo and i have even dyed my hair once and we still have it! maybe these home remedies will work!

  29. hmmm it seems that everyone has a great “miracle substance” or trick/technique to deal w/ these obnoxious pests, however i didn’t read anything about involving the other persons (adults i would imagine but also any teenage kids) i will now let you all in on a secret. i had never had lice until i had kids we lived in a very poor area (read: ghetto) we discovered lice on a neighbor childs hair and right after that my girlfriend warned another neighbor who had come over to this infested house with her daughter (very long hair on her child) and wouldnt you know the parents of the infested kid were very upset as they hadnt been planning on telling this lady about them. well to make a very long ramble a lil shorter, MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT ANYONE, AND I MEAN ANYONE WHO MAY HAVE COME INTO CONTACT WITH AN INFESTED HOME/FAMILY IS EITHER A: GOING TO WAGE WAR ON THE
    *%#^&*#@ THINGS UNTIL EVERYONE IN THE AREA (NEIGHBORHOOD, PRESCHOOL, CHURCH SETTING ETC.) IS CONFIRMED TO BE BUG FREE OR B: DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THOSE PERSONS OR ASSOCIATES OF THEM UNTIL YOU CAN CONFIRM THAT THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN ADDRESSED ON ALL FRONTS (any kids who play with or adults who supervise them, all bedding, all vehicles!! ) and if anyone tries to downplay the presence of these tiny vampires on or around their kids or home PLEASE (kindly) explain to them that it only takes 1 louse to create an absolutely hellish infestation if apathy is at all present GOD THESE THINGS SUCK!

  30. I don’t have a tip. but i HATE and mean it, I HATE lice. I have it now. I don’t go to school, i don’t go any where except the stores once in a while. my house is clean, i washed all my bed sheets, my cloths and car. I even vacumed my house, 3times! I comb my hair every 4 hours for the past 4 days. I found out i had head lice by going to the G&$ D^& hair parlor and in front of many people, being told they can’t move on. my siblings are not infected, nor is my parents. I used rid, mayo, and equate lice killer. i still fill moving and itching. I even got to the point were i wear a plastic stinking bag to the store and to be. well not to the store, but a hat that will hold all my hair! I am a 15 year old girl who has very thick long and greasy (but clean) hair. I hate this PLEASE help me. i am dessperate. please help me. my hair is long. I have 2 dogs but they are out side. This is miserable. HELP!!!! if you care about any ones life please give me some tips. i hate this crap! THANKYOU!(sorry about how i sound.)I have gotten to the point where i brake down crying!

    This is me^^^ will you help me please

  31. I think I have a remedy for Cheyenne. My hair is a similiar hair type to hers, it seems. Here’s the method: Rub olive oil into your hair, really covering your scalp. Tie tightly a plastic kitchen catcher over your hair, and make sure to cover your ears. Sleep with this over your hair overnight, for at least 8 hours. In the morning, comb out your hair with the Lice Meister comb. The olive oil will make it very easy for the comb to glide through the hair. Rinse your hair with white viegear. Wash it with Denorex Extra Strength shampoo, then follow with a coconut scented conditioner. That evening, tightly cover your hair once again with a kitchen catcher bag, make sure to cover ears, and sleep on it. You do not have to use olive oil, the lice are being smothered by lack of oxygen. as you may miss nits, or live lice, this guarantees to end their life cycles. You must repeat this nightly regime for three weeks, and when you do wash your hair, make sure to do the olive oil treatment the night before. This will work. Also, make sure you clean pillows, bedding and car interiors. I hope this helps! All the best 🙂

  32. Try using dog flea shampoo. I know it sounds weird, but my niece had a case of head-lice that lasted 3 months. Finally I bought a bottle of Dog flea and tick shampoo and made her wash her hair in it. Now about once a month she washes her hair in it as a percaution becasue she works aroung young children.

  33. Thank you every one. if any one wants more advice. just go to this myspace page. they helped me! now i am lice free.

  34. Thank you for the tips on how to get rid of pubic lice and crabs! your methods saved me! Thank You!!!

  35. My tip is mayo…..Yeah you smell like a sandwich,but hey,the oil in the mayo will loosen the nits.Smother around the hair line & massage all around the scalp.Cover in a plastic bag,& let sit for a few hours.Be sure to tell your school,because thats where it starts.Good luck!@!@!

  36. I do not have a tip—- 🙁

    I just discovered that my two daughters have lice… and I think I may have it now as well—YUCK, and I dont have a clue where it came from~ The youngest has complained her head has been itchy, so I got some Head and Shoulders that treats dry scalps thinking it was because she wasnt rinsing out the soap well, cause she has cerebral palsy, that effects one arm, she cant turn her hand over as well as we can— So I have recently started to wash her hair. Recently both girls complained that they had bugs in their hair. I had no idea what they were talking about. I am 44 years old, and never had lice–although I have heard about kids in schools having it, and being sent home. Even one who was in my daughters class last year, but we never got it… (thank god)

    But now Baseball season is upon us, and we got a used couch from a neighbor in the past month, the youngest daughter is in school—the older one is Home Schooled, they have had sleep overs, and have slept over at others homes… NO TELLING HOW WE ENDED UP WITH IT—No way of knowing where the Infestation Began, or exactly how long we have had it….

    After reading all your tips, suggestions, and Frustrations—I’m not sure where to start! I am concerned that this could be a continual living night mare—we all have long hair, and I dont want to cut it, or dye it… I’m confused as to what will or will not work, some things seem to work for some, and not others…etc

    The idea of having bugs crawling around on me, and my kids and in my house BUGS Me, and I now feel like I am itching all the time, not just my hair……. Creepy! Help!

    I did purchase one of the combs last year, when my daughter was exposed by the girl in her class room. I ran it through her hair then, and never found any bugs, or eggs… I did use it on her last night, and found that it worked to some degree—although I am sure I will spend a lot more time combing her hair with it then I did last night after reading all of your posts….

    I will come back and post my results, and share with you, how I rid myself of these lil buggers. Hopefully, I will not struggle as some of you have.

  37. drench dry hair with camphophenique and cover with a shower cap for about 20 minutes. The smell and oily texture will suffocate them. Then comb through and remove all nits.

  38. No tip yet but I think the only thing i have not read here going along with the sandwich theme catalina is good old p.b&j so tonight when i go to bed im coating myself and my boyfriend with p b j i will use grape him strawberry! Not to forget the bag to even further suffocate! Will let you know the turn out! Only had a few days already CRAZY!!! No idea where they came from no kids at home and not around any!

  39. if you have an itchy skalp, put vinegar on your hair, and try and get it under the hair onto the skalp. This should poison the lice. i do not have nits, but i have midge bites in my hair, but its irritating me and scratching me. kinda like nits, so i tried a nit method anyway. massage and spread the vinegar in your skalp, but whatch your eyes!! if it goes in you will probably be blind. i would reccomend putting a sponge over your eyes while your mum or some one does the vinegar part. also buy mousse, that i hear is helpful. bye x

  40. Patrick,
    Face it dude, in your case your only hope is to SHAVE YOUR HEAD!
    I know you don’t want to lose the dreads, but this is nothing to fool with. If you can’t run a comb thru it, then there’s no way to be certain you can get all those nasty boogers.
    If your buds give you grief about the skin head, just say you’re making a statement about the war, or the enviroment or whatever.

  41. I hav 2 daughters 11 and 6 after a hour of picking at their hair,I finally gave up and shaved their head..if any questions are asked I told them to say I had alittle bit to much to drink.
    thank you for listening.

  42. I am so unbelievably frustrated. I first found the lice about a month ago and I thought they were all gone after the first treatment using NIX. I found another live louce in my hair yesterday and at this point, I don’t know what to do! I coloured my hair, as well and that didn’t seem to do the trick. I don’t want to use any chemical- based treatments because it will just make the colour fade. What treatment can I use that won’t affect my coloured hair?!

  43. Ok, I have been battling head lice for years, having four children and them in public schools. For all of you who want to get the lice under control try using Karosene. Have the child cover their eyes with a wash cloth and be very careful not to let it get in the ears. It works better than anything I have ever tried. Leave it in the hair for about 3 minutes and wash out with shampoo, then put alot of conditioner on hair, comb through with lice comb, watch them fall to a towel with the conditioner. After first treatment follow up in 2 days with RID. I garuantee this will work better than anything you have tried. You may still have to pick out some nits but it does get rid of alot of them. Don’t forget to wash the towel you use immediatly following treatment in hot soapy bleach water. Hope this helps out, it was handed down to me from my grandmother.

  44. I don’t have a tip…I just want to know how they start…if you get rid of them and they come back…where are they coming from…I know everyone says you get them from someone else..but where did the first person who ever had them get them? Is this a case of the chicken of the egg?

  45. 5 years ago my older 2 children got lice. Hundreds of $$$$$$ later – every product availible – still heads were full. I couldn’t think of how we (my sisters and I) escaped this problem when we were younger. We were in dancing every night and had alot of Dippity-Doo, and hair spray, and we soaked our hair in baby oil once a month. By the way Baby oil used to be petrolium based – not mineral based. Soooooo I slicked my kids head down with vaseline and combed their hair with the lice comb. Out came the bugs, Out came the nits, and out came the eggs. The vaseline takes about 2 weeks to wash out, so any that were still wandering the rooms died from starvation from not feeding, or sufficated in the vaseline still in their hair. Anyways it worked No bagging up toys, No ruining sheets and comforters, ect.
    BUT DO BEWARE OF THE ANIMALS!!!!!! A friend of mine fought this battle for 6 months – Finally figured out it was the CAT !!!!!!
    Just my experiances as a mom of four (6,8,19,and 21yaers old) so when I say – been there done that – have had 20years experiance mommming.
    And here I go again – the little girl who spent the night last night has lice. Which I didn’t discover till this morning. Well gotta go get the vaseline(make sure it is petroleum based!)and the lice comb. its messy but it works!

  46. Just found out we have lice. I have long curly dark brown hair and a hubby who’s so detached he doesn’t feel necessary to pick nits : ( I love him dearly, but I’m stuck not having anyone to comb my hair & don’t see why I’d try if it’s not effective doing my own. I had my lil guy’s hair buzzed, but wanna keep mine. Had lice when I was lil, my mom had 3 nervous break downs (she grew up in a very racist home that thought only black people get lice– can you believe the blatant ignorance?!?) She was very clueless on how to deal with lice. Myself & 2 younger siblings were nit-combed in front entrance before stepping a toe (yeah, I tested it one time/lost my supper for it) into rest of the house for every day eight–oh yes, I said EIGHT– years. Needless to say it was quite traumatic, so it’s pretty tough for me to deal when I have to go through the whole ordeal on my own. I did a bunch of research online & found lots of different versions of what to do, etc. Since my mother used Kwellada & Rid and I found out about Lindane (which with limited research has been linked to serious probs w/central nervous system, eyes, blood, liver, kidneys, and skin. Extremely dangerous around infants/babies) Since my mother spent days and nights on end boiling virgin wool blankets on large canning vats on the stove, spraying the house, shampooing us, with all these products over a period of approx. 3 months, I wonder if this wouldn’t have to do with my embarrassingly low pain tolerance, or my slow learning. As a result of these concerns, I chose to use pure cold-pressed organic coconut oil overnight in a plastic bag. I used Johnson & Johnson baby foam shampoo 3 times in a row in the shower to rinse, then my reg shampoo & cond. then mousse as usual & wear. Then I forgot to keep hair up & out of the way. lol Laundering everything right now & bagging & quarantinning (sp?) The bedding is really overwhelming though. My poor machines are gonna wear right out, and the water bill will be goin through the roof this month! I’ll be buying that vibrating comb tomorrow– a few of you mentioned it already– and I’m also gonna buy a good quality reg one. My scalp is itching like crazy, but dunno if that’s just psychological cuz my whole bod’s itching everywhere too lol. I’ll keep posted on how my organic/natural treatments go.

    And one last comment: since this is a “tips” column, I very very strongly recommend to absolutely NEVER, EVER use kerosene, especially on children. I don’t care if you’ve done it before, or if someone you know says it works. Let’s be conscientious about what we expose our children to : )

  47. i’m 19 and had them ALOT during my elementry years in school and recently got them again due to a waterpark.
    We’ve tried the Lice Shampoos and sprays but to no avail they kept coming back. But we now have a solution.
    ·Instead of starting with conditioner, you can douse the hair in olive oil, vinegar or mayonnaise, which dissolves the exoskeletons of the lice and their nits. Wrap the hair in a plastic bag and let set for 4-6 hours. You can also try a 50-50 solution of mineral oil and vinegar. Also makes it easier to comb out the nits afterwards.
    repeat everyother day for about 1 week. Switch to a coconut shampoo AND conditioner for about 2 weeks.
    get all clothing, toys ect. that you don’t wear alot and put them in bags for about 2 weeks. they’ll die of starvation. Flea bomb your house and afterwards just use the flea SPRAY on your furniture every few days for about a month.
    if you don’t want to put vinegar or anything like that in your hair just use Flea Shampoo. It also works well.
    if your shy and don’t want to buy the lice combs buy flea combs. they do the same thing. Buying all of the dog flea items helps me because i know pretty much everyone in my town and well..Having lice is embarassing.

    Hope this helps a few people!!
    `amber s.

  48. Vaseline works with hardly any effort. The scent isn’t great but it’s very light. It works with any hair type too. It just requires patience and a tolerance for a greasy head (like wear a hair cap to bead to avoid a mess on the pillow – kinda tolerance).

  49. Try Listerine – douse the head with listerine – put a shower cap on for 2 hours – then rinse with vinegar to loosen the nits and pick them out.

  50. Well all these comments will help I am sure. My 7 year old and 11 year old daughter just showed up with them. The 7 year old must have been the carrier since she had them pretty thick. I am really hoping we got most of them with the RID treatment, but I am gonna try the vaseline and then the coconut rinse along with some of the Essential oils to rid us of these monsters. I can help feeling like I am itchy all the time. I am in the military and my hair is short so I don’t have them but I feel so bad for my Lovely wife, she has very long straight hair and its very tough to work a comb through. I hope she does not pick them up. Good luck to all.

  51. I have two girls. We have tired mayo, oil, Nix, and even some stuff I paid way to much for online (some vegatable based stuff). Nothing has ever worked on the first time! Then my great-aunt told me about taking a regular squirt bottle and filling it 1/2 way with rubbing alcohol and 1/2 mint mouth wash (I used generic listerin). I have used this ever since and even as a just in case and it is gone on the first treatment everytime! You just squirt the head until it is good and wet making sure to get the scalp good. Then I put a shower cap over my girls’ heads and make them wait about 2 hours. Not only does it kill the lice (and they just fall out of the hair) but it dries up the eggs. You still have to get them off the hair but they are all dead (either with a nit comb or with your nails)! Then you wash hair like normal and your done…no more head lice!
    I hope this will help when you have tried everything else like we had!
    Good Luck!

  52. Please do not use Kerosene. My mother used it on me as a child about 8 or 9. I ended up developing a bald spot and then had to have my hair cut very short in the back. As a young gril this was very humliating.
    I know have four of my own children two boys and two girls and have battled the lice at various times. The key is consisitency. Keeping up up on checking the hair on a weekly basis. I came to this site for natural remedies and precaution measures. Thanks for all the help.


  53. Hi there everyone, have read all your tips how to get rid of lice. Thanks. Just discovered yesterday that I have lice. I live totally alone, no contact with kids, no contacts with many humans. Most people say I live like a hermit. I am bothered at the fact how I got these darn lice and nits, when I am not in contact with anyone. I am 51yrs young and never had these, when my kids were young and went to school they never had a problem. I have been reading a lot about lice, one doctor in the states says you can make lice being on long term pills…how this comes about I have no idea. I have soaked my head in vinegar and picked out the nits, cleaned my bed stuff, washed all clothes and towels, vacuumed thoroughly, so hopefully they will be gone.I also read when your immune system is down is when you can get these bugs……hard to believe how our body works. Good luck to everyone dealing with the little creatures. If you feel like writing to me feel free, maybe we can come up with a new solution together……Mona.

  54. Lice are possibly the MOST annoying things ever. Tomorrow I am (was) supposed to get my hair done and right afterward go get my school picture taken. Not anymore. My brother got lice from a boy on his baseball team, and the parents knew he had it, but still sent him to games and practices! My mom checked me right after we found out my brother had it and there was nothing.

    A few weeks later I was itching my head all over. My hair is dark brown and very thick. A lice’s paradise. We did the “Nix” treatment and I was still itching, so that afternoon my mom took a comb and combed through my hair. We found about 30 live lice crawling through my hair! EW! We called the doctor and they told us to sleep in olice oil and wash it out with vinegar. I did that and that afternoon we picked out about 10 live lice. They are never ending.

    We called a different doctor and they said the olive oil would do nothing, and to use Cetaphil face cleanser (Lotion). While your hair is dry you rub it all over your scalp and on your roots. Then you blow dry it. After 8-10 hours you wash it out with vinegar and then pick through your hair. After you do all of that you shampoo and condition as usual. I will update you all and tell you if this works.

    Lice have ruined the end of my summer, my school picture, and my hair. I really hope they find a fast acting cure sometime soon. It outrages me that I have to be put through so much and my parents have to spend so much money because of parents who wanted their kid to still be able to play in a baseball game.

  55. I am with everyone else.There should be an easier way to erradicate head lice.I am the mother to four children and have fought this on and off since my 15 year old started kindergarten.I realize that it had to have started somewhere but if I knew that by sending my kids to school they would get lice then I would have home schooled them.I have tried Rid…this product does not work any longer because lice are now immune to it.I have tried the vinegar wash with no prevail.I have tried mayonnaise…I have tried shaving cream.I guess that just plain shampooing and extra conditioning with combing out and a good metal comb works the best.The key is to be in a routine and just continue to do this on a regular basis.With a lice comb it is easy to comb out the adult bugs but you must continue to comb out because in 7 days any eggs will have hatched and they need combed out.If you continue to comb out everyday then you will catch the small bugs after they have hatched and before they lay eggs.It is hard work but being a nurse this is what we recommend.Try different shampoos and stick with the one that works the best for you.We just recommend Suave because it is cheap and you can use alot of the conditioner to make comb throughs easier and still not spend a fortune.Also…please contact your school if your kids do get it.The school nurse should have a protocol set in place to begin checking kids as soon as lice cases are reported.Many parents do not report and this is why lice runs thick in our schools.Kids should not return to school until they have no live bugs and this can be taken care of with one good combing through.If I think of anymore tips I will repost.Good luck!!

  56. Here we go again this is the fourth time going through this in six years…we have always gotten rid of it though. First we go thru and shave the boys. Then spray the vehicals. We wash one outfit and one towel for everyone leaving it in the dryer. We also boil all brushes and combs. Freeze all hairties. Then we go through and pull out two more outfits per person we bag and spray those, and bag the rest including towels, bedding, and so forth (which will be kept seperate from the others). Thank God for the heavier duty washer and dryers. We go thru and vacuum the carpet (even under the furniture), and mattresses (both sides). As we bag we use the Rid or Nix spray and spray it into each bag…we double bag. We include stuffed animals any doll with hair as well as every article of clothing in the closets and dressers. We cut off one room for two weeks and throw all the bags in there. If it is winter we throw the bags outside. Then I go thru and wash each childs hair, making sure they get a good lather, and have them stand with the shampoo in their hair for about fifteen minutes and then condition. Now my daughter and I have thick wavy hair so I use six bottles between the two of us (There are six of us all together…thank God the rest are boys) While I am washing hair my husband goes through and sprays each room carpet, closets, dresser drawers, mattresses and so forth closing the door behind him as he finishes. Once bathing is done we go thru the childrens hair (we have even used the plastic combs every time)My husband then brings the seperated outfits to the bathroom, he also goes thru my hair, and the children dry, dress, I blow dry my daughters hair and then mine, and run out the front door. My husband then jumps in the shower and shampoos as well. We leave the house for a few hours. When we come back we go about our evening. We wash the (the two other outfits per person) clothes that are needed right away in hot bleach/color safe bleach water. Over the next couple of weeks we clean carpets, buy new pillows, and what not. After the first week we go thru the hair again just to check on anything new. Not found anything at that point yet. After week two we slowly start doing the bags of laundry that are awaiting us in the forbidden room. You have to be really picky to get all of it. Because the bugs don’t care. As long as they can get to your head as they need to they can hide in many places. I have heard they can survive for up to three days off of the head. I have heard they can jump. So far this has always worked, but it costs us a fortune and I am talking like two hundred dollars every time. It also dries my hair and scalp out so severly that I am never sure I got rid of the bugs due to the dandruff. I drive my husband nuts…check my hair. So I am searching for other ways. This time I am not sure where we got it from. I do homeschool and this is a small part of the reason. Of course I thought that for our homeschooling it would be cool to go on the indian trails by the creek…what was I thinking? I know better than that. Educational is what I was thinking. Now we get headlice education…lol. I also took the kids to the free summer movie program…another what was I thinking…lots of kids on the lower income side…and all the daycares were showing up. I was also babysitting for the summer…Will I ever learn?…lol. After so many times I have learned that the only reason we got them was because our heads are clean. It is more the idea of having bugs that is so embarassing, because I know it’s not because we are dirty. I tell everyone it is one of those things that require 200%. 100% embarassment and 100% work. Of course I get the nightmares with the bugs…I dream we can’t get rid of them.

    Things to be aware of is that though they may not be able to jump they can still travel wether they fall from someones coat into your hat due to sharing a locker or someone brushed their hair and sent a couple flying. I have actually heard they can jump up to five feet myself. If you have animals they have to be treated also. Because once they are off your head they are going to be deperate for a place to go and settle for the next best thing…before you know it they will be back. Places to be aware of is the movies. When you switch classes at school, the person before could have very well sat in that seat and had headlice. Parks…wonderful as they are attract many things esspecially if it has a creek. Birds are often carriers.

    In my search I have spoke to many people one being a relative that works at a daycare. As funny as this may sound she is the only white girl working there; therefore, is the only one who knows what it looks like. So is always the designated person to search heads. Contrary to many beliefs that black people get it all the time…they don’t because of the oils they use in their hair. When and if they do get it it is usually in the summer time due to swimming and chlorine drying their hair out. She has had to deal with infestations of other family members whom had sores on their heads due to it not being taken care of properly being why the children were placed in her home due to neglect of dealing with the problem. She herself has never caught it. I asked her secret and was told to go to the natural food place (here it is sunspot) there you can buy coconut oil (like a 2oz bottle) and you add it to your shampoo and/or conditioner. It softens your hair as well as give it a healthier shine. This is to keep from getting the bugs not to completely get rid of it or to be used as a treatment.

    A friend of mine stated she battled it for two years. After many failed attempts of trying to get rid of it she purchased a dog shampoo called Zodiac which is to kill ticks, fleas, and lice.

    My grandmother also suggested kerosene and vinigar…I believe that is what they used because they didn’t have anything else. I wouldn’t suggest it when there are other things. I think I would shave my head before I put those things in my hair.

    Dying the hair only works if it does have chemicals…that is what kills the bugs. But I do not know about the eggs.

    So far this time I have tried olive oil and continually combing thru the hair…this does not kill all of the bugs. I have done everything the same way, but didn’t buy the sprays or shampoos. We drenched our hair with the olive oil. Some it suffrocates, and some escape suffrocation. When I did it to my daughters hair I noticed the little boogers coming to the top for air. It did make the combing the hair much easier though.

    Well that is all the tips I have at this point. I think I am over my search and going back to the old way, because I don’t have the patience to wait and find something else that possibly won’t work. I hope this has been both educational and entertaining. Good Luck

  57. I dont know a lot of tips because I have not ever expereanced headlice. But my bestfriend got it just a few days ago. Her grandma bought some over the counter medicail and it work for her. I also know that if you use a blowdryer it will work but the down side to that is that you will have the little buggs and eggs flying everywere so that means you might get them. But I knwo that in the very olden days the diped their hair in corianten.(I dont know if that is the spelling but that is the pronunceation) And then burned all their iteams. But most people dont want to do that. But it is always a option. so good luck.

  58. my two daughter are 6and 10 last year they had lice but the school nurse give my i can’t remember the name of the medication it was like a heavy lotion in a white tube all i remember was the first part of the med names is phy somthing i juste dit on time an to tell you the truth it 100% worked the first time belive you me i have tried everything an this works ask a school nurse about the med i reall y belive in the stuff i have’nt had anytrouble sence and i have bee bothered with lice for a few years and now free from the buggers. i to hope people can find out the name of this med i used i truly works forget mayo oil rid and hours of coming this stuff worked forus i cried when it did and wish i had the med to use months a go one time did the trick

  59. This is going to sound crazy…. but my mom used dog shampoo on us three girls growing up. One wash with dog shampoo and they were all dead and gone. All you had to do was comb the eggs out and problem solved. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

  60. Hi. I have had lice for 6 years no but not straight actuallly it keeps coming on and off. These pests are starting to scare me and i think the only way to get rid of it is to put mayo mix with oil and vaseline take a shower and rinse with vinegar also comb out with lice comb. That or either SHAVE YOUR HEAD. I’m gonna cut my hair really really short like riahanna so it would atleast get rid of some lice and keep me in style. FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE WITH KIDS I ADVISE YOU TO THREOW AWAY ALL YOUR COMBS AND HATS BEDSHEETS WHATEVER AND START FRESH. I know you wouldn’t want your kids to have the same problem.

    Good luck!


  61. My daughter 7 and I have been fighting these things for over 6 months now. The kits in the store I use regularly on a weekly basis. They kill the live ones but I dont know what to do about the little nits that WONT come out. All the combs that they sell in the store DO NOT work. I am going to try the vinigar thing and Pray that it works. I am desperate! Any more tips, please help!

  62. I’m not sure it’s a great idea now that I’m a mom and it’s my kids heads thatson the line. But, when i was young i got head lice and i had hair to my knees, my mom was heartbroken. she tried every lice shampoo and remedy she could think of or heard of. Finally, she sprayed my head in kerosene and left it for just a couple minutes. i remember it burning some, i guess from he sores from scratching, but it worked. Now my kids have them and even though i know it works i just cant bring myself to do it. But, for some of you adults out there if you are desperate, it really did work.

  63. My daughter is 8 yrs old & she got head lice from the girl down the street. I have been dealing with this for over a month now, I know. It’s just crazy! I can’t believe how much of a nightmare this can be. I have done the treatment (shampoo)…I have done the olive oil, I have got a good metal comb…every time I think I have gotten rid of it, it’s BACK!!!! I have read so much about lice in the last month that I just don’t want to know any more about them. I have cleaned everything the best that I can. I’ve treated my hair, my husband has shaved his head. I don’t know what to do any more. I thought about using the shampoo for the dogs. I’ve read a lot of people doing that. I guess it would be just as safe as the pesticide stuff we use on our heads from the store. I think these little nasty creatures have made theirselves resistant to the lice killing shampoos these days. Oh well. I’ll keep fighting & win this battle one way or the other. My daughter will not be friends with them much longer! (Ha,Ha) Good luck to ANYONE trying to get rid of this. A lot of hard work and PRAYER will only work.

  64. Oh, and one more thing….please, please don’t use Kerosene. That’s just really dangerous. There’s too many other ways to fight these things.

  65. i dont have any tips just saying my story i have had lice for three or four months noething works now all my friends have lice and when we thought the were gone but they found them in my hair at school!!!!!how imbarasing!!!!! this has messed up my summer and now 7th grade i am not trying kerrosene i am not shaving my head or putting myonase in my hair or vaselline or oil those are just over the top the shampooes work but the just keep comeing back i flat irorned my hair but they came back ahhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. I’m a guy with very long hair, and I refuse to shave my head, because frankly I like having hair like a Viking. Some one has suggested bleaching my hair, and it wouldn’t bother me a bit to have white hair for a while. Anyone know if this will work?

  67. Ok, you are all going to think I am crazy, but here goes. We also battled lice for literally YEARS. We got as desperate as people can get. We tried EVERYTHING. I was starting to think that it was worth the risk of poisoning to use Raid.

    Then I realized how slick my hair was after I accidentally gotin the way of my husband oiling up our dashboard. AH HA!! I grabbed his Armor All and sprayed it on the kid’s hair. The nits slipped right out like they were sliding down a greased pole, which they were.

    Plus, their hair was AMAZINGLY soft afterwards.

    After we got out all of the nits and killed the lice, I used a product that is sprayed in and prevents nits from being able to attach to the hair shaft (I forget it’s name, but it is at all pharmacys and is non toxic). In a few short days, not weeks, but days, we noticed no more live lice. We used that spray til the kids were grown, and never had another problem.

  68. Zodiac dog shampoo seriously works. The reason nix, rid and all of that won’t kil lice is because the lice becomes immune to the chemicals and won’t die.

    Lice are not immune to dog shampoo because most people don’t think of using it. Or are scared it will hurt them (It won’t). Dog shampoo will not hurt humans in any way! If it could seep through your skin and hurt you they wouldn’t sell it! Especially since you have to practically get it all over your hands and arms to wash a dog, not like the dog can just wash its self.

    I had lice once when I was 18. I’m 30 now. I used everything and finally used my dogs zodiac. Killed those lice dead. All of my buddies from school came to my house to use my shampoo. Anytime we even itched we’d hit the dog shampoo. Plus its cheaper and discreet in a much bigger bottle.

  69. I’m concerned with people putting flea shampoo on their heads weekly. The flea shampoo contains the same kind of pesticide that is in lice shampoo!! If you’re not killing them…STOP! This is the reason head lice are still surviving after using pesticides..they’re building a resistance. Natural Selection! Don’t you remember that in Biology?? Survival of the fittest. Ugh.

    I really don’t have any tips..we went through the most horrible infestation a few years ago. I ended up just buying a really good lice comb and slathering my daughters hair with cream rinse and combing the nits and lice out about 5-6 times DAILY for 2 WEEKS. It’s tedious, but it’s a MUST!

    Using pesticides is just a temporary fix. They will be back. In order to keep them away, you need to physically remove them.

    Good luck with your louse hunting!

    Oh yeah, and vaccum, vaccum vaccum. Also vaccum your car upholstery and car seats!

  70. i have had lice 2 times in my life. nixx will help ur head…now for ur home…ur combs and brushes should be put into a pot of boiling water, ur laundry done regularly, carpets shampooed, mattresses cleaned and sprayed, no sharing of brushes throughout the home, and just remember that eggs can get every where… lice cant be observed since they cant live off the head for a short time. all you can do is know the known facts. lice live off the dander of the hair…doesnt matter if ur head is dirty or not. many wife tales go around and some blacks say they cant get lice…wrong. any one can. one way to kill them is to read up on what they are…do…act..and live. shaving will not help…they hide around the ears and they can live for a while. chemicals will kill them….but the house hold things as well will help get rid of them. pets can carry them as well… you can buy shampoo for them…so if ur kids or you are sleeping w/ ur dog or cat.. might help if you take care of them as well.

  71. I’m a mom of 3 and I’m the one who caught the lice. I think I got it at the barn from my riding helmet as its in a box with some others that are worn by other kids that visit our place. I must of had the bugs in my hair for a few weeks before I noiticed I had them as I’ve always had a bit of dermititus.
    My daughter has lice now too. The weird thing is my husband who sleeps next to me and my two other kids are lice free(I check them regularly)! The kids use Tea Tree Oil shampoo as a preventive now, my husband does nothing other than use gel and wear a half ponytail.
    I’ve cut my long pretty blond hair off and am tempted to shave my head. I don’t have time to fuss with all this. My 9 nine yearold daughter nit picks my hair and only the Lord knows how thorough she is. I can go thru her long hair and can handle that…
    We heard that lice hate garlic and that to eat it or take 3000 mg. a day will eventually repel them. We’ll see if works.
    We’ve tried R&C insecticide shampoo 3 times. It kills the bugs, i’ve watched them die. But it’s all about the eggs. The last time I used that stuff, the glands in my armpits throbbed and my joints began to ache.
    If I could avoid being seen by people who know me for the next 3 months, I’d shave my head in an instant!

  72. Ok, I swallowed my pride and took my son in for a brush cut and I got one too. I look like G.I. Jane! But if this is what it takes, I’m ok with it 🙂
    I can’t be bothered to spend hours trying to comb, treat and all that.
    I know I still need to keep an eye on it, at least for the next two weeks and all that. I’m sure it’ll be easier for my daughter to do a lice check now!

  73. use a vacum cleaner hose as power as u can get to your hair suck suck the hose sll over your head,Then to make sure u got all the lice bugs put minereal oil in your hair take lice comb and a white towel lay towel on the floor and comb.and wash and shampoo hair.feels so right,try it.

  74. My 7yo daughter and I have been fighting these $*%@%^^% buggers for about five weeks. I’m now realizing this is a pretty normal timeline and that I’m not a complete failure. Like others have said, every time I think we’re done, they’re baaaaaaack.

    I have found, though, that the best treatment is using the conditioner and comb to get out live ones and some of the nits. But as much of a pain and time-consuming and hand-cramping as it is, there’s nothing as effective for getting the nits/eggs out than picking them out with your fingernails.

    I’m the one who got the darn things in the first place and I’m pretty sure I can trace it back to a plane trip. I used one of the airline pillows. NEVER AGAIN. I passed them to my 7yo, and then even after we’d been treating, my 6yo son got them. He got buzz-cut and is clear.

    Tonight was another two-hour combing session for both of us, then blow-drying, which I’m now reading can help kill off anything live or unhatched. We’ll see. My current plan of attack is to use the conditioner/combing every single night for two weeks. I may also try the mayo, which got quite a number of recs on all different sites.

    I’m going to owe this kid a huge treat when it’s all over. She’s got the patience of a saint, and we’ve actually had some great conversations during nit-picking. (A phrase I will never be able to use again in my life without thinking of lice.)

  75. After 4 years of lice…got them while teaching….Shaving cream is the only thing that worked…not only it works but I have not got them again and it kills the nits too……good luck all…glad from new york city

  76. This is my second time dealing with these nasty varmits! The first time was 2 years ago when my oldest got it at 8. Both our children our girls. The first time, in some ways, we were lucky. She was the only one that got it. But she has the THICKEST hair that I have ever seen. For instance, if her hair is just past her shoulders, and mine all but to my rear, I need more treatment for her head than mine. I’m talking about an extra 18 inches!

    Anyway, this time, all of us girls got it. We found out a month ago and it was my youngest (who is now 8) that got it first. I thought that I had got rid of it, for them at least. My hubby is not one to go through heads – the one time he went through mine I thought I would be bald!! I was very careful to go through their heads almost daily for 2 weeks. Bed washing, vacuumming, etc. I treated my head but had no one to pick through it.

    From my first experience with this nasty creature, te best method was continued searching of the head. Even with mayo or vinegar the comb does not work. They must be picked out by hand and in small sections of hair at a time. However, with 3 of us I am desperate. The girls returned to school, I checked them for 3 weeks. Thought it was done with except for my itchy head that I made sure they kept away from. 1 week later they were sent home from school and yup, there they are. I have treated all 3 of our heads with over the counter and once with prescription. My in-laws and the schools are now suggesting that I have not been cleaning the house. That just ticks me off!! I have combed through my hair repeatedly, washed everything, bathed the dogs with flea/tick/lice shampoo and spent hours almost every day on the kids heads (with mine up). And I use the normal meds and they are still alive!!!!

    The first time that we had this problem with our eldest the hair dye was one of the last things we tried and it worked. I may do that to all of us tomorrow. However, the dog shampoo makes sense and we have that … we are going through a tough time and have spent a lot of money on over the counter stuff the last few weeks. The vasoline also makes sense more as a prevenative of reinfestation after you kill off the adults. I’ll let you know how it goes…

  77. One more point on the hair dye. It has to be one of the worst one’s for your hair (therefore follow up with oil is good for 2 reasons). It has to be the permanent stuff with a good dose of ammonia or peroxide. Mild, temporary color only seems to make them mad and bring them to the surface a bit.

  78. My ex husband’s many nieces and nephews would often stay at my house and each were crawling with critters every time you looked at them. I spent so much money on lice medicine each weekend that i purchased a set of metal combs and a big bottle of dog shampoo. As long as the bottle says flea and tick it works. Lather let it set for ten minutes and rinse it out.
    Old ladies say smother them with mayonaise and tie your head up in a wal mart sack wear it for an hour and they say it works but i havent tried it personaly

  79. olive oil the head and wrap with pastic wrap for a few hours. after that olive oil hairspray from walmart once a day. also vacuum,change bedding daily.

  80. I am a public school teacher and I deal with this daily. Hair dye just dyes the lice and eggs. Over the counter lice shampoos may not kill all adult lice because they are becoming immune. Just two eggs left on a head to hatch may have a male and a female and then the cycle just repeats itself. First wash hair with shampoo that does not have conditioner in it. Then towel dry. Wash towel. Put vinegar or limejuice in hair in order to comb out adults and nits easier. Comb them out with a fine comb, drown them. Put cooking oil on head, absolutely drench hair, especially near scalp. Put on shower cap and sleep with oil on hair. Next day wash hair, condition hair, comb out with conditioner still on in shower. Dry hair with blower. Drench hair with Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser. Absolutely drence hair! Blow dry hair again, it will take time because of the cleanser. Leave on all day if you can and overnight (recommended at least 8 hours). This suffocates eggs, nits, adults. Next morning wash, conditon, comb! Now in three more days repeat with the oil, and then the next day with the Cetaphil. Do this for at least 3 weeks. Meanwhile, vacumn everything. Bag pillows for two weeks, stuffed animals, anything that cannot be washed. Use separate combs and brushes for everyone in household and wash once a day in dishwasher. If you have multiple children wash lice comb between uses in boiling water. All bedding wash daily. I stripped my daughters’ beds, vacumed mattresses and we slept in one blanket each. I washed blankets daily. My daughter with the straight hair had the lice. My daughter with the curly hair did not get it. I use leave on conditioner with my curly haired kid everyday just to be able to brush it. I don’t know if that prevented it.

  81. De-Solv-it
    I hate the thought and sound of HEAD LICE! When my 6yr old came home from school with these little creatures, I flipped out. ( I am in the medical field, and this grossed me out.) Of course all of us had them soon after…My 3 girls all have long hair so it was a nightmare. We tried the olive oil, dog shampoo, mayo, vassoline, nix, rid, the lice combs..even bought the metal combs as the plastic ones that come with the kit are not very good….Nothing worked..We bought mattress protectors, pillow protectors, cans of the sprays…I was desprate….My girls were so tired of us combing out their hair as the combs pull and it does hurt, hair was falling out in strands, the eggs were not coming out…my girls were to the point they would live with the little critters in their hair….My dad sat up one night..( My dad being a fireman) thinking what in the heck would get the glue off the hair from the eggs….He found some stuff in the garage called De-Solv-it. Its MOM approved, 100% organic. Made with citrus oils. He called me and told me to try it…My hubby went to wal-mart and paid $5.17 for a bottle. We were never so excited to try something in our life. We sprayed out daughter hair, let it sit for a few minutes, then washed it…out came the bugs, and the eggs were falling out. You dont even have to comb with those aweful combs..I swear they will just fall off. I know your thinking its a house hold cleaner, but its for getting gum out of the hair, make-up off your little ones, so many other uses you wont believe it. Their were no side effects..other than bug and eggs free. I have 2 bottle under my sink and I am ready for them if we get the lice again. We spent over 500.00 trying to treat them with the meds over the counter….and all the other stuff we put our kids through…when this was under 6.00…I was so happy to see it worked. I hate these critters and I will do anything to help someone else. Hope this helps!

  82. I forgot… only took a few minutes…not day after day…we fought these things for over 2 weeks…daily..even tried using twezzers and pulling the eggs off one strand at a time…that didnt work too well as my 3 yr old could not sit still enough…If anyone try it please post and let me know! Thanks

  83. My oldest daughter started school this year in July. She has (had) long blondesh/brown, thick hair. A few weeks ago she began scratching her head a lot. Lice never even entered my mind. Then as we were headed out the door for school one morning, I saw something in her hair. I dismissed it, we headed out, I gave her the keep your hair up talk one more time and we were off. A couple days later (after picking her up with her hair down again!) I went in as a room mother for the class Halloween party and got to meet her friends. All the little girls had long hair they wore down. I asked her after school if that was why she always wanted her hair down and she said yes. She continued to scratch her head a lot, so I decided to cut her hair. I called the beauty shop to make an appt, and they were closed that day. I am impatient, so I cut it myself that day. And wow, what did I find!? There weren’t a ton, but there a quite a few of the eggs stuck! I immediately went to a local pharmacy and got something like RID X. I did that on her, then combed through her hair and found a few more. Then I decided to do my own, just in case. After I did mine, I checked online for any tips and noticed that the shampoo is a pesticide!!! And I am 9 months pregnant! I am constantly itching, I am due in 1 week, and I have bad allergies. my breathing has been a little bit labored this weekend. I go to the doctor tomorrow, I am hoping they will give me some practical advice on how I can get rid of mine…if I have them. I am not sure if I do. My youngest daughter has had like 2-3 when I’ve checked her. I do the wet combing every night. I need to get a better comb, though! I am using a regular comb, and just doing very small amounts at a time. Just a little venting, sorry! I’ll let you know what the doctor tells me tomorrow!

  84. My niece came to visit. We realized she had head lice. We (with head lice shampoo) did her hair, removed and washed everything in Hot Water she might have come in contact with. How long could they live (if possible) in rugs and furniture? Also can they live on animals?

  85. Jane,
    I was told that they can live in rugs, carpet, ect…for no longer than 48 hours with out having a host….( Human to be on.) The eggs hatch and then they run wild to find someone to get on…Pets can carry them, keep the egss on, once the eggs hatch they can not live on animals, they will die unless they can feed off of the human. Hope this helps! Good luck with the little pests…

  86. I have to say Thank you to everyone who has commented on this page it has made me feel so better knowing that I am not the only one. I have been dealing with this for 6 months with my 10 year old daughter. I have tried everything you can buy at the drug store and even some stuff online. And I just found out tonight that we still are not rid of these buggers. I even dyed her hair 3 times and that did not work. I am so glad to hear some other options I am going to start trying these and I will write back to let you know. I think the biggest problem with my daughter is that she has very thick hair. We are in cheerleading were I have to do her hair all time and the other parents are completely shock when they see her hair.

    Thank you to everyone and I will let you know.

  87. Hello to all you frustrated parents like myself. I’ve bought and battled with these buggers for the last 6 months. I’m not going to re-write what the other parents have written, about the endless battle, but would anyone have any suggestions on how to get it out of mulatto hair? My daughter is 6 and the texture of her hair is very tough…I told my husband that I was going to cut her hair off like my son’s hair, but she started to cry. I can’t do that to her…but I’m at my wits end.

    Please help me if anyone can…

    Thanks out there./…

  88. Nancy, I was just talking to my daughters DR. ( ages 3,6 and 9.) If you will go to wal-mart….buy a bottle of De-Sol-it, its like $5.17, I swear to you they wilol just fall out and you dont have to comb the eggs out. This product is in the cleaning section, however it is used to get gum out of kids hair also, its mom approved. It has a orange like smell afterwards..warm water gets it out of the hair when you are done. It doesnt burn scalp..its great and cheap. I have 2 Dr.’s willign to back me I just dont have 800,000 dollars to market it..yes i did call and try..My money tree is broke. lol…But the product really works….My daughters all have long brown hair, and I wanted to shave their heads….daddy wouldnt let me, and I am so glad I didnt know. This product is 100% organic, orange oils and aloe…Great for many other things as well..I have several bottles just incase those pesty buggers try to take me on again… Try it, You will be amazed. If you do try it, make sure you take the spray nozzel off..and just pour it in your hand or pour on head…it was easier with daughter #2 , than when we used the spray on the first daughter. I promise you will be bug FREE!

  89. Shelley, thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for your advice… I did another application a week ago and they just won’t budge… I hate those things… At least with my boys I can shave their hair, but my daughter is a typical diva…..I will definitely try this out and let you know how it turns out for her. You are a lifesaver for me…
    Happy holidays and many wonderful wishes are being sent to you….

  90. We are going through this and have been for about 3 weeks. First we used an over the counter product plus combing. It worked on my short-haired son and husband, but not on me and my longer-haired son. A few retreatments and a new shampoo seems to have helped my long-haired son, but to be safe (and against his will) we had his hair cut yesterday. Now my scalp is itching again and I’m on my way to get a short cut (I have long, thick hair and this is a painful prospect, but I can’t live like this anymore). I’m going to dye my hair too, wash everything again, keep combing and hope for the best. This is a nightmare! Our sheets, coats, hats, and carpets have never been so clean and I can’t even enjoy it! : ) Thanks for these good tips.

  91. I just found out today my best friend has body lice. She does not know how she came in counter with it but she is assuming somebody on the bus probably passed their body lice. Now, she is stuck. She has done everything from cleaning all her linens and clothing in hot water with bleach and hot dryer. She also has taken her clothing to the laundry mat. The problem is still persisting. The buggers won’t leave! Any suggestions?

  92. I wanted to comment on the De-Solv-It recommendation. After battling head lice for almost two years, this appears to have done the trick. Like alot of other people, I have spent TONS of money on a variety of products that claim to work. I believe that some did work in killing the actual lice, but my daughter has very thick hair, that getting all the nits out was almost impossible.

    Here is what worked for me. I first used Adams Flea & Tick Shampoo. (It indicated on the bottle that is would kill lice). I then dried my daughters hair and applied the De-Solv-It and let it set for five minutes. I then rinsed it out. As a precaution, I combed through her hair with a metal lice comb. We’ve been lice free for a month now.

    I can not thank Shelley enough for suggesting the De-Solv-It solution.

  93. There is a prescription called Ovide that worked great for me. I used it on my daughters hair and it killed the live lice immediately. It has pine oil and some type of alcohol in it so you cannot be around heat, it needs to stay on for about 8 hours but it really does work. The hard part is getting rid of the nits. The metal combs don’t work great so I am still trying to figure that part out.

  94. My daugher (age 10) came home w/ lice about 6 wks ago and we can’t get rid of it. We have used RID, NIX, equate brand from Walmart, and even the olive oil/vinegar treatment that you leave in for 2 hrs to suffocate them. Every time I think they’re gone, I find a few more eggs. I can’t WAIT to rush out to Walmart tomorrow to try the orange cleaner! I will post back w/ our results.

  95. I have 3 girls with extremely long thick hair and I found a simple process to eliminate lice fast, it’s a daily process and takes about 2 weeks to complete, but it’s cheap and easy.

    My first girl came home with lice and I didn’t know what to do since I hadn’t had experience with it..I checked the other girls and they also had lice, so..I wrapped all of them up with thick mayonnaise on their heads and a plastic bag overnight and had them all sleep on the floor in the living room. We quarantined their bedrooms and washed all their clothes and bedding and just bagged the stuffed animals.

    The next morning we washed all the mayonnaise out of their hair and dead lice just fell out. We then got the non toxic/organic lice shampoo at walmart, it’s about 6.00 and the lice meister comb. We washed their hair with the organic solution and let it set with a plastic bag on their heads for about an hour..then used the comb to comb the nits out..every stroke we dipped the comb in a pan of boiling water. We combed each girl every night for 6 days, then on the 7th day we reapplied the organic lice shampoo again, let it set on their head again for an hour and then combed again each night for 7 days.

    We have not had another outbreak of lice and that was about 3 years ago…my mother got lice also from the girls at the same time, she was so upset..she has very thick hair, down past her waist and she followed this same procedure…
    1. Mayonnaise overnight with bag on head..
    2. Organic Lice Shampoo from Walmart
    3. Comb nits out every night using pan of boiling water and lice meister comb.
    4. On 7th day reapply the organic lice shampoo..leave on for 1 hour with plastic bag on head
    5. Comb every night for another 7 days.
    6. Sleep in a place that is not your bedroom…if you sleep in living room floor..just vacuum the floor each morning and throw bag away.

    Lice will be gone…the trick to getting rid of lice is to be consistent and comb..comb..comb!! You must comb out all of the nits and then reapply the shampoo to kill any new nits/lice as they rehatch every 7 days…it works, consistency is the key!

  96. de-solv-it…really works…I swear to you…O wo;; never have this problem again…and the great thing is…you dont have to torture your kids…the nits just fall right off….Beth I am so glad you tried it./..2 years of thoses bugs…and only 5.00 to fix it..its amazing….I am so g;ad it worked for you..We have not had any since then as well..and I am not affraid to get them from the school I can take care of them all in less them 10 minutes. It is the best thing and so CHEAP!

  97. I am going to try that De- Solv- it. I hope it works I have tried everthing on my nieces hair. Even Mayo and nothing and its been a fewe weeks now.

  98. SIMPLE…..dont let your kid stay at any friends homes, watch them at all times, and don’t let any friends come over….
    and another important idea is to COMB CHILDS HAIR OUT 1 A WEEK TO CHECK FOR ANY BUGS OR NITS!!!! HOW THAT FOR A BRIGHT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Hi Shelley, sorry that its taken a little bit to get back to you… Happy New Year to you and your family…

    I went to Wal-mart to get the De-Sol-it, and they don’t carry it in Canada…. Now I’m stuck again, because the product is only carried in USA as far as I’ve been told….. Any suggestions? I really want to get that stuff if it works that well…
    Please let me know…… :0(

  100. I posted back that the de Solv-it did NOT work for us but I don’t see that post here now…I put it on my daughter’s hair, left it there for almost an hour then rinsed. I still found eggs in her hair (which are harder than the actual bugs to get rid of) and they were still completely glued on the hair. I even pulled one of the hairs from her head (w/an egg on it) and sprayed it directly w/ the de solv-it and it still didn’t loosen it. Am I using it incorrectly?

  101. from pakistan.i ve had lice since 8 years[im 14 now]my mother has gotten sick from cleaning my head and she dusnt do it for me now…ive tried vinegar..mayo..but nothing works!!!!
    over here metal combs and De-Solv-It type of solutons arent available..any sugesstions??i really need your helpp because now our school has started to check lice and ive been caught twice..believe me i havent faced anything as embarrasing as this..i tried buying these combs from the internet but they require credit cards which i dont have…i really need help from u guys..please submit sum suggesstions…
    from your paki frend

  102. First of all you need to wash your or your kids bedding, clothes you or your kids normally wear, and buy a metal comb with the teeth being close together. Next check the familys hair with the metal comb and brush onto WHITE paper or toliet paper. Next Buy a nit repell shampoo and conditioner and you or your kids have a shower with it, after that BLOW dry your hair, this kills the lice, then at night put olive oil all over your hair and put a hair cover on your or your kids head and keep it on all night, the next day go through your hair with the lice comb and then wash out. then wear hair up, either plaited or in a pony tail whilst at work or school.
    this does work cause it has worked on me and im 13.

  103. Hey I just wanted to thank Shelly for the advice about de-solv-it. I have 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls and they have been coming down with head lice everytime I turn around and nothing that I tried worked. My oldest daughter has hair down to her low back and thick and it was always a war that broke out between us cause it hurt her so bad. After I read Shelly post on here I said what the heck I have tried everything else I MEAN EVERYTHING (except the gasoline) I did the mayo, vinger, nix, rid, treeoil, Lice be gone, everything. I went to Wal-mart and found the de-solv-it it was $3.47 here ( florida ) I bought 3 bottles I spayed it in my kids hair left it on for about 5 mins ( 10 mins on my oldest cause she had so many eggs it was unreal ) I then washed it out and used shampoo right afterwards and then I took them outside ( sunlight is a wonder finding all the eggs ) I got a lice comb and started combing I was amazed I about jumped up and yelled when I was combing the hair all the nits just came right out in the comb. I plan to do this again in 3 days im not sure if I havet to but I want these darn bugs out of my kids lives. So again THANK YOU THANK YOU Shelly and this site that gave me this info.

  104. I first used Rid with no success. I then used the Cetaphil method which seems to be a safer method. After that I followed up nightly using olive oil with tea tree oil added to it. I saturated my daughters dry hair with the the oil and then washed it out the next morning. It takes two washes each morning with shampoo to get the oil out. I used Jason Tea Tree Oil shampoo which I hear repels the lice. The shampoo will be used through out the school year. I will also do a weekend tea tree/olive oil treament for a month as a preventative measure. Her head is free of nits, confirmed by the school. Also, it is very important to wash all linens daily in HOT water for a couple of weeks. I will also wash backpack and jacket everynight when she comes home from school as a preventative measure. It is a LOT of work but it seems to have gotten rid of them. Good luck!

  105. My daughters were having symptoms of itchy eyes for weeks.I thought it was pink eye and turns out they had head lice…I put vaseline on their eyelashes and it helps.I used RID and I havent been past the 7-10 days yet to reapply.
    They were still itchy and I cannot stand the thought of those nasty things so i got out my flat iron and carefully steamed out their hair,
    it killed alot of lice instantly.
    I hot iron my hair so i never got the lice!I washed everything in hot water,and bought a spray for the furniture.I hope they are all gone…looking good so far.

  106. My oldest daughter has fine hair. When she was three she got headlice, because her hair was so fine and not much of it I found it early the minute she said mommy my head itches. I am a master cosmetologist. I treated her hair and did everything I was supposed to to get rid of them with the RID products, then I highlighted her hair to repel. I feel that lice need live hair to live even though they feed off the scalp, so I killed her hair. My youngest daughter has enough hair for the family. Her hair is so dark that highlighting is not an option for her without it not looking natural. We bought the Robi Comb by Lice Gaurd and used it after we did the normal Rid treatment. I am not saying highlighting kills lice in my professional opinion I feel that if you have a child that is blonde and you dont have any personal problems with bleaching a childs hair then you should do it to repel the lice. She slept with my youngest while she had it and never got it, however I tried dying the youngest hair brown and she got a second bout with it so I feel that it is the bleach that works.

  107. Oh yeah and the Robi Comb works if you use it as directed. It really does, the only problem I had with it was that with the thick curly hair that she has it is easier to comb wet, but the Robi Comb does not work on wet hair it has to be dry completly. I also want to add that the lice are starting to tolerate the chemicals, I combed her hair after the treatment and I combed out living lice, but the robi comb electricutes the bugs. It only hurts if you bare the comb down on the childs head. The main thing is what ever remedy you choose use it as directed and dont forget to treat everybody in the house even the men with short hair and treat everybodies beds and DONT FORGET TO TREAT THE CARS.

  108. I am still on day 4 of treatment and I am doing everything I can.
    I hot iron their hair and wash everything in sight…whenever they wake up I seem to find more nits!I am going to try to find a better comb today to get the nits out and i may try a new method.The hot iron does help get those live ones out but I need help getting the nits out.I washed in heavy conditoner today and I am going to blow dry their hiar and comb it all out.I am totally grossed out beyond words!

  109. I just want to say thanks to the people that suggested De-Solv-it
    form Walmart!What a miracle!Well,my girls have long thick curly hair and when I put in the De-solv-it I could finally see all the loose nits and combed them all out.This morning we have been itch free…
    and I dont see one nit in their hair.Im still going to keep checking
    but it is great!This is better than any other treatment I have tried.
    Thanks so much!

  110. I have one more question….my girls still have eggs attahced to their eyelashes(I know its gross!)and I dont want to hurt their eyes in anyway.Any suggestions to loosen them?

  111. To Wendy: Why don’t you try a make up eyelash comb? They are very tiny and the teeth are close together. Just a thought?

  112. Wendy,
    Try the clinique eye make-up comes in a blue bottle..2 or 4 oz, it should help and it wont hurt the eyes….I would not use the desolve it….as it might burn… I am so glad that you tried the de solv it….I too was amazed and I had to share the results with everyone…Good luck!

  113. Thanks Shelly & Janet…will try both!I did use a little eyelash comb but those nits were so glued on they wouldn’t budge and my daughter was squirming around.
    I will try again though and try the makeup remover thanks!

  114. Well, I want to thank everybody for the advice, I have done my 13 year old daughter’s hair in nix and rid 3 times in the last 3 weeks. No luck. I am on my way to Wal-Mart right now, I am going to try a combination of the de-sol-it, shaving cream and flea shampoo. I will let you all know how it goes.

  115. Really Works!!!

    Hey Guys, it’s Britney. I know most of you know that I recently shaved my head – It was because of head lice. Only after I shaved my head did a close friend of mine tell me how to get rid of it. She had lice and she washed and combed for hours… nothing. Finally she went to Rite-Aid and bought this stuff called “NIX” {The Boxed Kit (Comes With Lice Comb) AND the spray!} . She washed her hair three times with shampoo (full handful AND head-full) then waited a few minutes and soaked ALL OVER HER HEAD with the NIX stuff from the bottle (Comes in the box kit). She waited ten minutes then rinsed. After rinsing she found several “teenagers” to adult lice in the bath tub… dead. She then combed all over her head repeatedly until she found no more “nits” (eggs) in the comb. NOTE – She didn’t find any bugs (actual lice, not eggs) in the comb, only eggs, which means the stuff in the bottle works. The next day she dampened her hair and combed all over again. This time she only found a few eggs – still no bugs. She repeated for the next few days until she stopped finding any nits at all. She also sprayed the stuff from the NIX spray bottle all over her house, focusing on the places her head had touched or been near. It killed all the lice in her house and she has been lice-free ever since.

    Hope this remedy works for you!

    ♥ your favorite singer,
    Britney Spears

  116. I wondered why Brittany shaved her head(ha ha!)
    Well,I think after a week and a few days…that the buggers are gone!
    Im still paranoid though.Still checking everyday….
    That was one of the most stressful weeks of my life!I empathize now with anyone going through this!
    Use the De-Solv-it and make sure you get a good metal comb to get the nits out…if you dont work hard to get the nits out then you will keep having a problem.
    Thanks for the help!

  117. i have two daughters both school age. the year before last my girls got lice. my husband and i tried everything. mayo, vinegar, pink oil, vaseline, rx shampoo, otc shampoo,everything! nothing worked. i kept calling the school to tell them and we kept trying. after three months and $400 later, i started to wonder why i didn’t have lice. then i figured out that not only did i dye my hair, but i use hair styling products! i went and got two bottles of hair dye (the same color as my girls’ hair) and dyed their hair. (i know that sounds bad, but i was desperate) the lice died, i combed them all out. i put a hair conditioner/detangler in their hair every morning, then i put moose and hairspray(aquanet) in their hair. i style as usual. lice do not like all those hair styling products. you can use plain ole aquanet hairspray and the lice will stay off. my girls’ haven’t had lice in two years! it takes a little more time in the morning, but it’s worth not having the lice! good luck y’all!!

  118. my question is if your 5 year old daughter gets it and you think you got it how is it easy to get rid of the lice’s outta your own hair easier

  119. i had good luck getting rid of lice and eggs outta my daughter hair with vinegar and a medal comb and it works so now every morning i would put gel in my daughter hair before school they say that the lice nix can cause liver problems for your child so i hope the parents out there read and watch out on what you put in your child hair good luck to all of you i know it a nightmare for a parent

  120. I am very hopeful that the De-Solv-it will work. My daughter told me this morning Saturday and I have spent several hours this evening reading and the De-Solv-it tip seemed the most hopeful. My plan is to put the De-Solv-it on, then comb through it with the metal flea comb that I bought tonight, then sleep with a bag tied around my head with the De-Solv-it in my hair all night. In the morning I will use either the Denorex or the Flea and Tick shampoo to wash my hair. I also purchased some powder that you sprinkle on the carpet to remove fleas and ticks and some spray to spray around and kill them. We will sleep in the living room and then tomorrow clean – clean – clean. This is my first ever experience with lice and I have learned alot from this site as well as others. I am thankful to all of you that have posted your suggestions here. When I learned of this problem I freaked out now I feel empowered to combat this problem. The biggest problem that I face now is that my daughters boyfriend and family have lice and they are not treating them. I have printed off much of your helpful advice and hope and pray that I can get them to help me get rid of these things for good. Also I have to make several calls to neighbor kids moms to inform them that thier children were in a house with a lice problem and thier kide cannot come over for at least a week while we try to get this under control. Those phone calls will be really hard to make, but needed. Thank you and good luck to you all!!!!

  121. Just a follow up to the last post. DO NOT leave the De-Solve-it in your hair for very long. My daughter and I have very tender heads today. However, the bugs were all dead immediately when they got coated, but the nits were still a lot of work to get out. They were still very attatched to the strands of hair. We worked to get them out and we are going to try the vinegar thing also. I talked to the boyfriends mom today and they are working on them also, so I sure hope we can get to the end of this. I know it will be a road of persistance, hopefully not the one called frustration.

  122. I will be getting the desolvit…my ? what is the best thing to do with all the pillows and jackets and blankets…i will be washing them today but do i need to buy any special thing??

  123. Several friends have a lot of luck using Licefree. They sell it in Walgreens. It’s safe salt based product which works. Check out their web site. Hope this helps!

  124. Stephanie, Please make sure you only leave the desdolve it on as needed…you can read avbove on how to use it….spray a few sections at a time and comb through, then repeat with a nother section…wash hairt immediatly with warm water….do not leave the product on for extended period..i would reccommend 10-15 minutes only.
    as for the pillows, jackets and can wash them in HOT water, I bagged mine for 14 days in black trash bags and threw them out into the garage….make sure you get them out of your vehicle as well…they do make a can spray for the vehicles. Good luck!

  125. In order to make sure that you have gotton rid of all the lice clean all surfaces and bedding in the house…including that of the uninfected individual(s). We used the product called nix that can be found at any drug store. It includes a comb…make sure to press hard on the scalp of the infected person(s) may be a little sore during and after but it gets rid of them. Like Shelly says they make a can of spray for vehicles,upholsry,and bedding(matresses) to prevent the lice from living. If it is manageable make sure to get out of the house for 24-48 hours. If the lice have any blood available they will survive. After you have given the treatment check for atleast 7 more days. If the lice continue to appear then you must re-apply the treatment. This should get rid of it. Hope you are able to solve the problems.

  126. this will murder those lice in an instant!!!
    im ten years old and have this crazy blnde hair that was teaming with lice from my brother.all you have to do is straighten your hair with a straightener!it really works, and after straightened die your hair a color of your hair and then just comb i lost mine in 2 days.

  127. Hey i have no tip.
    but i am only like in 7th grade, nd i had lice for like a few months now. nd i dnt wanna tell my parents or friends bout it. so tell me. wat should i do?

  128. Hey guys, wonderful tips and advice. My daughter has just been in Cambodia volunteering in an orphanage and picked up the lice there. Now she is in China with her head bleeding from so much scratching!!! She has bought a chemical lice product there and I also told her to try the olive oil method. Haven’t heard yet if it is working. But she has another problem. Her SLEEPING BAG IS INFESTED. I told her to wash and put it in dryer but the tag says “DO NOT TUMBLE DRY”. Does anyone have any suggestions?? It’s down to -8 degrees at night over there but don’t know if she can put it outdside there in a strange place -it might be stolen as she doesn’t have her own backyard. PLEASE help asap. THANK YOU all.

  129. If the sleeping bag tag says do not wash either have it dry cleaned or place in a plastic bag and put in garage for 2 weeks….
    My 7 year old daughter came home 5 days ago with lice from school and we have tried everything… we hopefully there is still more because we keep finding the eggs we have never found a “live” one but we are pulling the small nits away from her scalp .. they are extermely small and almost transparent.. I also nhave been wasing all bed linens in the house everyday spraying furniture vaccuming everthing.. Are there any more suggestions ?? Please Help!!!

  130. I want to thank you all for the great tips that I have found here. I was so very thankful to learn that we are not the only ones that have trouble with these hateful things. I have 2 girls and we have been fighting these things for (off and on) 4 years. The stuff at the stores and the ones the Dr.’s give you don’t work. My girls have gotten to the point they don’t want me or anyone else near their heads. The youngest (bless her heart) feels that she is the only one that ever has to deal with this (other than her sister). I am in the process of trying some of the suggestions that are on here. I truly appreciate the fact that one, we are not the only ones and that you are kind enough to share your experience with others. God BLess all of you. I will let you know which one worked the best for us. Thank you again, everyone.

  131. Just spent then entire Valentine’s day dealing with lice on my 8 yr. old son’s head. I’m trying the natural approach first. After reading other posts I bought the Robi Comb (Walgreens $29.99) and the TermNITator comb sold by Acu-Life (CVS $9.99). Since the Robi comb must be used on dry hair we did that first. It pulled out 2 full grown lice (about the size of an ant) and several very tiny lice (the size of a poppy seed). I was excited and nausous at the same time. The Robi comb does NOT pull out any of the nits that are attached and missed many tiny lice. Not sure if I’d recommend buying since it only grabs live lice.

    Next tried the lice comb which has much tighter metal comb pins. I first tried on dry hair and didn’t get much. I next slathered my sons hair with olive oil and put a shower cap on (had to use a cotton headband around forehead to catch all the dripping oil), left that on for 1 1/2 hours, next used the metal nit comb. Finally I started getting A LOT on the comb including the NITS. I would definitely recommend leaving the olive oil on for a long time first to loosen the nit glue. I spent 1 1/2 hours combing out nits and baby lice (had to be about 100 of them!). Then washed hair twice and blowed dry. Checked hair in outdoor sunlight and found that we only missed about 4 nits.

    Bottomline: although Robi Comb doesn’t hurt when used, it doen’t get any nits out. Use olive oil to loosen nits, then go through the painfull process of combing thru hair with metal nit comb.

    Unfortuneatley, I think I should do this every night for 2 weeks to ensure we don’t have a reinfestation. Good luck, my husband is at the laundrymat and I’m cleaning the house. What a Valentine’s Day.

  132. I’m looking for a solution for getting fleas out of my daughter hair. She has had them since June. I try different shampoo and Dog’s flea shampoo as well as the metal comb and nothing seems to be working. I read that taking a vitamin B-1 complex helps those who are allergic to the bites as well as a repellent. We are just starting this so I don’t know how it will work but it is worth a try. We even used hair gel and wrapped her up with saran wrap for an hair and she still has them.

  133. try Ivory dish should kill them right on the spot and wont hurt the scalp. Its in the white bottle with the dishwashing detergent. Hopr this helps!

  134. As a single/widowed parent of 3, as if my life wasn’t already complicated enough-lice has been a constant problem in our household since my daughter, presently 5 1/2 yrs old, started pre-k in Sept 2006. We’ve used EVERY treatment on the market, at all pharmacies in the Covington/Mandeville, LA area and I’ve spent COUNTLESS nights sifting & picking through her head and finding nothing, only for her to be sent home from school again b/c they say they’ve found “nits” on her head!

    The only thing that has given REAL results is this:
    Do NOT allow your child to wash his/her hair everyday! Lice HATE dirty hair and especially treated (dyed) hair or use of products (LOTS of hairspray, gel, mousse, or otherwise). I died my daughters hair (with permanent color the same as her natural color for $2.99 from local RX store) and killed what was live on her head. Next we treat with “Olive Oil”. You must drench the hair-all of it, root to tip, and then wrap her/his head up with saran wrap (like a mini microwave) and have them literally sleep with it on! I have learned to do this with her at least once a week, twice is better, even when she has nothing there simply as an effort of prevention. She is also only allowed to wash her hair on the weekends to help aid in keeping her hair “dirty” so the lice won’t want her!

    As for the robo-combs, shampoos, internet SCAMS, and any other products there are that claim to kill & eliminate the boogers! Believe me, I know this has become a chore and HUGE 4 hour ordeal every time we pick, but hopefully she’ll keep them gone & we can at least not get sent home from school anymore!

  135. My children ages 3 and 1 attend daycare and there is one family whos kids had lice and they didn’t treat it right and guess what now my daughter has it. My son is a quick fix shave his head but my daughter i did everything and everything was good and clear and now a month and a half later she has got it back again from daycare what fun. My tip is keep washing everything and pick pick pick..I use babyoil,conditioner and lotion in her hair to get the eggs out. Tomorrow i’m going to treat her hair again and pick some more. The health dept needs to come up with a quick fix

  136. My name is Kathleen and i have been dealing with lice for the past 7 months. I am sixteen and my hair means the world to me!! I HAD the silkiest and longest hair in school, now, after using chemical products to kill this parasites, my hair has lost life and is dry and has split ends. I love my hair so much that i am afraid of putting mayonnaise or vinegar on it. I have used all the lice killing shampoos available at my local pharmacy, (i have bought over 10 bottles), and still they won’t die.
    I do not recommend chemical treatments, today i bought yet another bottle of shampoo (BIG mistake), the directions said to leave the treatment on for 10 minutes but i decided to leave it on for one hour. I got a rash all over my scalp and i can’t stop scratching.
    i guess i’ll try the home remedies after all.
    so long cool hair.. thanks for the advice.

  137. We have dealt with this for a long time and thanks to the advice that I found on here I think I have found something that is working for right now. I have 2 girls ages 14 and 8 so I tried the cetaphil and vinegar. After I did that I went through my daughters’ hair with the nit com and also with my fingers to get out all that I could see. Praise God I think that it has worked. I have been checking their heads almost daily and so far have found nothing but a very few stray nits. I pray for your families as well as ours that the teatments are working because we have been dealing with this awful stuff for about 4 years off and on. Again thank you all for your advice and help. God Bless!

  138. This is the first time I’ve dealt with this issue with my children since they started attending school (oneis 10 the other 7). I had considered myself pretty lucky that my kids were able to keep themselves lice free, but last night I found nits on my daughter and I read how some people have had a nightmare of a time trying to get rid of lice and nits and felt a bit disheartened. I remember how my mom used to use Raid on our hair when we were younger. It worked but it was very toxic and it made me throw up every time she used it on all of us. I was very weary to use RID or any other type of toxic products on my daughter’s hair (which mind you, has long thick black straight hair down to her mid back). Today, I decided to drench my daughter’s hair in De-Solve-It then use the LiceGuard Lice Treatment System-found at WalGreens. IT WORKED! What I loved about both products was that they are both non-toxic. I finished with washing her hair with her regular shampoo then combed it out. It took me 45 minutes to an hour to comb out all the nits from her hair she had so few by the time I had sat down to comb them out, most had fallen out. Now I have to wait to see if I have another out break. But so far, I’m happy with the results and hope someone can benefit from this tip.

  139. By the way, LiceGuard sells a Lice Repellant spray that is supposed to work very well. We’ll see it it lives up to its advertisement.

  140. use the de-solv-it from Walmart,it is about 5 dollars and get a metal comb(I got mine in the pet dept LOL)you have to get the nits out or else they will keep on coming back.good luck I know it is stressful but it will end!Also buy the lice treatment from Walgreens(rid or store brand)to kill the adults and then redo it ten days later to stop the cycle.

  141. put mayonaise in your hair and put a showercap over it, then wash your hair a little while later
    apparently it “suffocates” the lice, as my friend told me

  142. this is not a tip. i’ve tried EVERYTHING possible but there is absolutely nothing to get rid of them and to keep them away. my girls have had this problem for about 4-5 years now. i’m getting fed up because i have no idea where they could be coming from. i have run out of things to try. i’ve even gone down the line of all the different kinds of remedies and tips from other web sites, and still nothing is working. HELP ME SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!!!

  143. I used Neem oil on my 10 year old’s head. I couldn’t find it in any store, I had to order it off of an Ebay store. She’s had lice now for a little over a year and I have scoured over many websites looking for answers. I’ve spent a fortune on toxic otc remedies. I tried the Neem oil and they pretty much died on the spot. I did find a few baby ones, but it goes back to checking every day. It’s just so frustrating going through this day after day. I agree with everyone who says that there should be SOMETHING that someone can do to keep these things from becoming immune to everything!! I am going to buy a flea comb, some flea shampoo and the desolve it! I’ll keep you posted! Thanks to everyone who’s posted!

  144. This is for 16 year-old Kathleen (Katie) Don’t be afraid to put mayo or vinegar in your hair. Mayo is actually a great conditioner (we used to use it on our show horses’ coats to make them really shine) and vinegar will not hurt your hair.

    I am fighting my first ever battle with lice – my son’s girlfriend was “kind” enough to bring them home! I am so angry I could spit – Thank you all for all of the great info – does anyone know if it helps to use bug bombs?

  145. as we speak im dealing with lice.and the thing that i just tried i put shaving cream on my head and then left it on for ten minutes..after that first step i combed through it came time for it to be rinsed out i turn the water on very hot, but not scolding..i rinsed it completely out.then i poured a whole bottle of apple cider vinegar like a 16oz bottle.then i left that on for about 3 minutes.then i rinsed that out with very warm water..after that you wash your hair and then condition youre hair.leave a little bit of it in there so (conditioner) and then comb through your hair with a metal comb..i hope it helps.

  146. My 6yrs old daughter just got lice for the first time. I was so upset. We got Rid from the local Walgreens..And we put it on there.
    I didnt notice the part where it said..Only use for 10 minutes any time over that could cause brain damage..How come you have to get a product for something that could cause something else..they make everything like that these days…So..I got online and seen insane ideas from mayo to vasoline..So I choose to try vasoline since it was the cheapest…And left it on overnite and washed it like 50 times in the morning and sure enough..they we she didnt even miss 1 day of school…I think that is so cool…she went back to school today…wuts not cool….right after she went to school my middle child has it…i guess you know wut her hair looks like now..vasoline..hahaha Lets hope my 2yrs old and 3 month old dont get it…I am literally taking all there toys in sacks and putting them in our basement..and cleaning that room till it squeaks…..

  147. i have had lice now for almost 2 months it just doesnt go away. i have used the shampoo, the combs, the vinager, it just doesnt leave my head.

    so after all of that it did go away eventually. but what i recomend is first use all that shampoo and keep on combining it out. when you think its all gone trust me its not. but if you are lucky and people have checked it multiple times then great. if you are not like that keep on trying. fill up a glass with white vinegar and take a lice comb and just dip then brush. or go to a profesional and have them pick them ALL out its sure to work. just keep on trying people!!!!!!!

  148. You can use a steam iron on those things that are hard to clean. After a thorough vacuuming, use your steam iron on it’s hottest setting for your mattresses. It penetrates, and will cook the little buggers – and their eggs. DO NOT use it on your head or hair. Be a little more circumspect with your sofa/chair/futon – the colors may run, so test in an inconspicuous spot first. Professional (not your dryer) dry-cleaning works well also. Bag all cloth toys for two weeks. Pillows can be tumbled in the dryer on it’s hottest setting, or bagged for two weeks (especially feather or down ones). We used flea-and-egg killer bombs and spray in the house also. Human lice won’t feed on a pet, but they might hitch a short ride. Keep your pet’s flea and tick control up to date, and human lice won’t like it.

  149. I ave no tip but can someone plz tell me how to get rid of head lice and their eggs, forever!!! I am 13 yo and i live in australia- and i have had head lice for years now- i makes me upset coz i can’t even wear my hair the way i want it for school without anyone seeing eggs or nits crawling in it- i get really embarrassed when people look at my hair and my mum had tried treatments on me and my sister- nothing has really worked and i really want them to go- they get me down and i wish i just had normal hair- at the moment i use a metal tooth comb and shampoo and conditioner in the shower.. can someone please, please help- I want them gone- FOREVER!!!!

  150. well first of all check your childs heads. black white yellow green dont matter what color you are you can get them. i have three kids of my own and no matter what i have tried nothing works as good as anything else it all entails work hate it for yall. listerine doesnt work as good ad they say neither does mayo olive oil or vinegar. the shampoos are expensive as **** and the moouse dont work go to the herbs and vitamins store and ask them for a bottle of all natural head lice solution its costy but it works pretty good the washing anf drying mess guess what ya gotta do it

  151. I had lice about 2 months ago and i tried everything mayo, lice free shampoo, and vineger. I can tell you what works, alcohol, nothing can live in alcohol. Just take a bottle of alcohol and go in the shower and pour it all over your hair then, rinse the alcohol out. Also mayo does work for the live lice in your hair but not for the eggs.

  152. Oh, sorry I forgot to mention use Isopropyl alcohol 91%. It really works. I’m 11 years old by the way. Some of the tips ive read are great but some of them dont sound like they will work.

  153. hi
    thanx for all the tips
    but one could be a bottle with a clear stuff in and you just put it in with clean hair then leave it over night and wash throughly the next day! it will defanatly work
    i am only 11 years of age and i dont like to say but i have got head lice as i call nits and they are really getting on my nerves !
    it is actually th holidays now and id like to get rid of them before i go back to school else i will get picked on by my friends and class mates im really worried can someone please tell me what to do1
    nits are th worst thing ever and im in yr 6 , my exzams are coming up soon and these nits are all i can think about! help me plz!!!

  154. My 9 yr old son has had lice off and on for about 1 month now.I tried the RID…does not work I sat on the coach for 4 hours combing his hair. I thought I got all the eggs and lice(he had a lot) I washed every thing,1 week later…I saw him itch his head .so I checked…GGGGRRRRR yep more nits. so 3 hours later and about 6 live lice later. I thought I was done.
    So tonight I looked at his head …yep again more lice.
    baby oil why not…I soaked his hair. I started combing his head….the lice sticking to the comb were all dead. I hope it works. I have hair down to my butt and very thick.
    I do not think I could get any one to pick at my head for that long.

  155. ugh i feel disgusting!!!
    it seems no matter what anti lice shampoo or nit comb i use it wont go away!! HALP me! my family is practically desperate!!!!!

  156. My daughter has had head lice twice in the last 9 months. We used the shampp, mayonaisse, combs etc. But what worked for us is— I streaked her hair (HAIR DYE) and it finally worked. good luck. Oh by the way shes 12yrs old and the pharmacist is actuaaly the one to tell me to try hair dye..

  157. we have been trying to get rid off the lice since october , we just kept getting them back . after spending hundreds of dollars on chemical shampoos and lots of washing and vacuuming when I was going crazy . when I was at the doctors today he said to use vodka . he said to saturate the hair causing the live lice to get alcohol poisoning and die and the eggs shrivel up and die . when the hair is wet you comb out the eggs and then let your hair air dry . later wash with your normal shampoo . you still have to wash everything and vacuum and put away the stuffed animals , but at least you don’t have to use all those chemicals . he swears it works . he says you can do it weekly as a preventative treatment as well when there bad in the schools .

  158. thank for the tip now i am prob. gonna get rid of em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  159. I have no tip but can someone plz tell me how to get rid of head lice and their eggs, forever!!! I am 10 yo and i live in lampasas- and i have had head lice for years now- i makes me upset coz i can’t even wear my hair the way i want it for school without anyone seeing eggs or nits crawling in it- i get really embarrassed when people look at my hair and my mum had tried treatments on me and my sister- nothing has really worked and i really want them to go- they get me down and i wish i just had normal hair- at the moment i use a metal tooth comb and shampoo and conditioner in the shower.. can someone please, please help- I want them gone- FOREVER!!!!

  160. no tips…..just asking for help…. I’ve done everything from shampooing my kids hairs, checking for any I’ve left of their hairs daily, and washing all clothings and beddings, and spraying everything my daughters came in contact with. and none seems to have worked at all… I need help

  161. Hey, I am 11 with head lice you have 2 tell me how 2 get rid of head lice not how you get head lice i already know that so if you would be so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so kind and tell me how u get these things (lice) out of my hair helpppppppppppppppppp me.
    I know 2 ways but i need more just in case they dont work

  162. No matter what any of the bought products say nothing kills a nit or their eggs except physically combing them out with a metal nit comb and squishing them with your fingernails. Contact an Australian website Very helpful. Lifecycle from egg, louse to nit is 5 days not 7 as stated on most of these products so check hair daily to eradicate them. They move very fast in the hair so cover hair in tea tree conditioner (with shower cap) for 1 hour, this slows them down(does not kill them) but gives you time to comb through the hair and pick them out & squish them. Nits hate tea tree oil. Make up a spray with 10 drops tea tree oil, 10 drops eucalypt oil, 2 tablespoons conditioner in 500ml water and spray hair & hats daily.

  163. Someone close to me had lice and tried everything to get rid of lice from lice kits to natural remedies none of them worked so finally my mom is a hair salonist and makeover stylist so she finally took this person to the doctor and asked what the strongest lice stuff was and got them a prescription and bought it iam so thankfull to the doctor cuz now me n that person can hang out again – hope my tips help

  164. Baby oil. Soak your hair with it. Then put a shower cap on. Go to bed
    wash your hair and use the nit comb. This works!!!!!!!!!1

  165. My girls and I have lice we are on the second round with i have been tring he over the counter stuff they helped for awhile but they are back again I got some VERY excepsive med from our doc and trying it now I have tried cleanning my house but i want to know what else i need to do to the house to keep it lice clean I have cleaned beds cloths put stuffed animals away vacc what else i just want them to stay gone

  166. I use kerosyne and conditioner u put kerosyne in your hair and leave it bout 15 mins and then u wash it out and condition it and comb it that works every time

  167. use the desolv-it spray from walmart…its cheap and comb out all the nits.It is safe but be sure to rinse it out…it takes the nits right out,also use a shampoo to kill the live ones(rid)

  168. My childs school had a break out of lice, and the school secretary was nice enough to fill us parents in on a great gadget that you can buy at Wal-mart. It’s called the RobiComb. This thing runs on one AA battery and it has metal teeth that are close together like the nit and lice combs you get in the lice treatment kits. This is how it works. There is a high pitched buzzing sound that comes from the comb. The idea is to run it through your hair and when you hear the buzzing stop…pull the comb out and look between the teeth. There you will either find a lice bug or nit. Use the enclosed brush to brush it out onto a paper towel or something that can be thrown away…ohhh and no need to worry about them little buggers crawling away. When the buzzing stops there is a current…very small of course…that KILLS the bug or nit that it comes in contact with. A very small shock. I was reading on the package and some children who are very sensitive may feel a very small shock. My kids dont feel it but I do when I use it on me. It sounds horrible, but I promise you it hurts LESS than static shock. Honestly, the alternatives are much worse in my opinion…all those chemicals for hours and hours…I will take the robi comb over all that any day. I use it on my children every evening when they come home from school and it deff helps. If nothing else it is a quick and easy way for you to KNOW if they have it or not. Note though that it is very important to look in the comb…you may have just gotten a flake of dry skin. Every time it quits buzzin does not absolutely mean you have lice…but brushing it out over a smooth WHITE cloth will make them show up easier and you will be able to tell for sure. Of course you have to do the cleaning of the house and all that stuff…but as a preventative thing you cant beat it. If you have caught it before the child goes to bed then you wont have to deal with an infestation on the bed!

  169. Concentrate more on getting the nits and lice out of the hair instead of spending more time doing the laundry etc.Get the Desolvit and it will get the eggs out.Those things are really tough and need to be
    loosened up.Kill the adults with a lice shampoo.

  170. Plz i dont rly get it well it’s too much 2read.. I want an easy way 2get rid of head lice!!! any1 know how? just tell me. plz help me my friends are asking me whats moving on my head.. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. If you get really desparate, shave your head! You can just buy a wig and wear that until your hair grows back!

  172. I did not find the robi comb effective but pricey! The best thing to do is buy the six dollar metal comb and sit down and start combing. And its possible that only some members of your family could be infested, as my youngest was and no one else. Thank goodness.

  173. steps:

    1. petroullium jelly
    2. wear a cap
    3. go to sleep
    4. risen it
    5. brush hair with nits comb

    that’s all

  174. We are attacking the problem with new bedding sheets (over heating the blankets in the dryer. medicated shampoo for everyone in the house and a 2 pizza’s being dlivered with a DVD
    Wish us luck
    JAG family

  175. I probably by now have about 1000 eggs on my head! i had no idea that these creeps came back to hunt you! i dont know how to get rid of them! i tried to comb, it’s tiring and doesnt do it for me! i even put shampos and thoes DID NOT help!… i am so SICK of these BUGS pleasee HELP!!!

  176. what i do for head lice is take a shower every day and wash my hair normally and wrap a towel around my hair as i get dressed.then i take off the towel and use the lice comb everywhere and i get most of them then i just throw them away.

  177. Wet scalp with white vinegar before combing the nits out it loosens them from the hair and make it alot easier.

  178. Well, try burning them off with a flamethrower lol, Not recommended but it may work, Kidding, Try just shaving everything off, Then taking a shower or 2 just for security, Then pick at them and pull them off, If your like me and you only have 20 – 30 then itll be easy. With no hair they cant lay eggs and if thier all gone, THATS IT!!! Keep in mind this is for pubic lice, I am currently doing this procedure to myself as i had caught it from my ex-girlfriend…

  179. after spending a lot of time and $ to get rid of lice and still no results, i was about to shave my head…. My mother send me that “recipe”. Mix together some wine vinegar(about a cup) and lavender shampoo. leave it in your hair for about 1 hour and rinse. repeat for 1 week and they are gone!!!! Don’t forget to change your sheets and clothes everyday. i was fighting lice for almost a year and they are gone now for almost 2 weeks….

  180. HELP i am only a kid i am to young to get nits well at least i think plz peepz give me at least 1 or more ideas to get rid of these ANNOYING bugs

  181. Saturate your hair with olive oil…wrap head with seran (cling) wrap…put a beenie on he bugs will just roll of and your hair will be very soft!!!top of wrap to hold it on…leave on over night… wash as normal and use fine toothed comb. The lice and nits will just roll off and your hair will be very soft!!!!! Good luck!!!

  182. I had lice once and it is soooo not fun. I know a lot of people have probably said this but soaking your head in olive oil really does work. Buying some lice treatment like Nix or Rid works too. I know a lot of my friends who soak their hair in water to drown them but that doesn’t work. Lice breathe underwater. You also want to have somebody comb through your hair twice a day and remove nits. In terms of your furniture, some lice treatments have sprays to spray your furniture to kill eggs. Wash all of your linens and clothes and putting them in the dryer wouldn’t hurt either. One last thing: if you have stuffed animals, put them in sealed bags in a dark place for a few weeks to kill any eggs on that stuff as well. Trust me, all of this stuff works.

  183. all you people who say just do this or just do that need to shut up! i have lice that i got from my granddaughter over 6 months ago. i have shaved my head 4 times spent over $1200.00 on every recipe, shampoo, lice killer, ovide, you name it. everything except kerosene. and i am affraid of it. mayo, olive oil tree oil, lice killer bought online along with the enviromental product did not work. robi comb, coconut oil, ceyenne pepper with acohol and vinegar (was torture, a lye kit, (burned my scalp) NOTHING has worked more than a few short days. after i shaved my head the last time (3weeks ago)i found listed on some web site that for it to work you have to keep it shaved for 2 weeks. the only reason i did not shave my head this past monday was because i got a recipe from hospice to try for three days (pantene shampoo, wash, scrub with a brush, baby oil and then leave sulfer 8 medicated on over night, i have done this for four days and i cannot stand it any longer. i will be shaving my head tonight and everyday for two weeks. now i just want every body to know that i sleep in the bed with my husband every night and he has got them from me twice and we treat him and thay are gone. keep in mind this is over a six month period. i have come to the conclusion that some people who get them and something within us prevents us from being able to stop breeding them. the times that i have shaved my head within a few days they come back with my hair. on my slick scalp i could take the lice comb and scrap my scalp and pop eggs from within my scalp. the last time i just knew i had got them all but in just a few days they were back. people say there is no way that i could have lice, but i have the eggs to prove it. my husband and i are amazed that my hair can be 1/8 of an inch long and lice be in it and we cannot see them, nor comb them out. but they drive me crazy. now if you can offer any suggestions that will help people like me please do.

  184. im just a 12 yrs old girl and i have louse and nits for lamost three years please tell me what is the cheapest thing that can make those pesky animals remove from my hair…post it here pls!

  185. i had nits and was getting my hair done.
    My hairdresser found them and sed i had to get a pair of tanned
    tights bug spray and an old pilow i can throw away.
    Also a toothed comb.
    Wash your hair spray it with bug spray and wrap hair in tights
    then go to bed.
    in the morning comb your hair woth the nit comb
    do this about every 2 dais. they will be owt in no time.

  186. The best thing that I have found that worked and was inexpensive is flea shampoo for dogs. Wash your hair, leave it in for about 15 – 20 minutes, rinse, condition with horse conditioner because the shampoo will really dry your hair out and the horse conditioner will really soften it back up again (will also make hair grow longer). Wash every other day for about 2 – 3 weeks and put a little of the shampoo in with your laundry.The flea shampoo and horse conditioner can both be purchased at walmart in the pet department.


  188. dang i got rid of head lice then they came bac im 11 and im lucky no one has notised my head lice when ever i see sum1 lokkin at my hair i just walk away can u plz tell em how to get rid of them

  189. Flea Shampoo everyone. It’s cheap and VERY effective. DO NOT USE IT ON CHILDREN (or people as the label says), but I use it whenever I get lice and then comb through my hair with a cheap lice comb.
    If you people are doing your hair and not CLEANING your house (washing the sheets, vaccuming with bug stuff, WASHING ALL CLOTHES, and everything that would come in contact with a persons head (couches, car seats, car upholstry, etc…) THEY WILL COME BACK. You need to wash all those things and then do the flea shampoo treatment with a comb.
    I’ve also found that when I come into contact with other people who have lice I wet my hair and spray my head (exposed hair) with the lice bedding spray before going to places where there might be lice. This PREVENTS you from getting them.

  190. HELP i cant get rid of my lice i got it once we did everything the shampoo lice come everything PLEASE i need help i get evry upset becuse i cant get rid of them and i have a fear of bugs so if you read this email me and tell me how to get rid of this please

  191. Hey everyone this isn’t a tip but I do need a little help.. I haven’t tried and of the suggestions above yet but I have a problem.. My sister got head lice and so did I we have no idea where it came from… I am pretty sure hers has been gone many times but mine I can’t get rid of and I think its because I have long hair and its thick.. I have washed with lice shampoo four times and dyed my hair even in the past three weeks and I found another one living just today.. what should I do because I really don’t want to shave my head but I am beginning to think its the only option please help

  192. i am 16 and when i was young me and my mother both got fustrated with lice it was very embarassing when my primary school sent me home with a lice comb at the age 9 it also affected my exma in my scalp so i couldnt use proper lice remadies so i got taken to the doctors and perscribed me ascabol (for scabies)i know it sound horrid but trust me i was clear for months it does burn really bad and itch but that means its working only leave it for 30 min (also talk to your doctor because he perscribed it to me) it worked wonders for me

  193. ok wen i was younger i had this really bad case of lice n my mom tried all the shampoos and everything nuthing then one day my mom was told to put mayo in my hair it worked! i guesse it suuficates them or something and the die so yea do that cause i jus recently got infected n i put the mayo in my hair and it worked pluse my hair was really soft but yea the smell can be kinda bad though but its worth it

  194. Well i had lice and all i did was dye my hair blackonce and they left i never got them back i guess its diffrent for everyone who gets it my brother keeps getting lice and no matter what will get them back but all i did was try once and they left me it depends on how the hair is and someone told me somthing about haveing a blood that lice like i dont know thw blood type but it will drive lice crazy my dad has not had lice ever in his life and he is 59 now it depends on what kind of blood you have im not saying this is true i dont know im not a scientist to say it is but try doctor help if they dont go away thats what they are there for to help

  195. i had lice and i was loaded with the nits so i went online and found out that extreme heat kills everything so i used my blowdryer on high heat and as close to my scalp without burning my skin and i did this everyday until i was totally rid of them. as for pubic lice coat the area down there with lots of vaseline and leave on all day and repeat until they are gone, the vaseline will smothere them to death. all you have to do then just take a shower evryday after the treatment and it will wash them away. i did that and they were gone within a couple of days

  196. ok I’ve been fighting this stuff for a long time now and it seems like the over the counter stuff doesn’t work anymore..I can’t seem to get rid of them and it’s really frustrating. I have long hair and it’s really thick….someone please offer some tips on how to get rid of the little critters.

  197. my 4yr old has lice and she wont let me look at here hair to get them out i did the shampoo and i dobnt no what left to do some one please help me

  198. This is NOT a tip, but a request for help. A friend of mine has lice really bad. She has tried everything (Rid, flea shampoo, etc) and they keep coming back. She is really frustrated. She has long, thick hair and does not want to shave it. Please help!

  199. Sorry no tip, I need advice. My daughter who lives in a very clean house continues to get lice. It doen’t seem to matter how often I do her hair or how much laundry I do they just keep coming back, I am so tired of cleaning and doing laundry I want to shave her head. Any suggestions?

  200. ok my sister has lice and is infestited with it and been using the head lice go away stuff and it does not work please help 🙁

  201. Saw an episode on 20/20 or something 2 yrs ago. Buy Cetaphil skin cream. Apply to dry hair and comb thru evenly. Blow dry hair. Leave on for 8 hours. Rinse out then repeat 1 week later. Cetaphil shrink wraps lice and kills them via suffocation. Haven’t tried this method yet but when the dermatologist in CA was refused a patent for this procedure (which he had been charging 200$/session) he went public on TV. Good Luck!

  202. LICENEX! As a mother of 4, 2 girls 2 boys, i was overwhelmed when i realized my girls had lice! Of course i buzzed the boys head but did not want to have to do that to my girls. The first night it used RID and it took me 5 hours to take that little comb thru their hair. i almost cried when i realized all the nits were not out. so i did some research. i found licenex. I kills the lice and the nits and dissolves the nit glue so they wash out! human lice cannot feed on animals (research by harvard proved) and the louse itself can only live a one day without a host. so for the next week i washed thier hair with licenex, sprayed the beds and furniture down with Lysol (tip given by harvard reasearch), used bleach water to clean or wipe down all surfaces and toys, vacuumed evereyday, washed all bedding and made sure to dry all clothes on high heat or hang them in the sun.
    this did the trick! thank goodness for licenex, removing nits can drive you insane

  203. My niece is constantly getting lice and giving them to my kids~we’ve found that if you use olive oil and rosemary oil and make a mixture and spread on the hair and cover with a shower cap for an hour then comb through with a really good lice comb removing all of the lice and nits every 7 days for three weeks will get rid of the lice. You’ll also need to strip the beds wash ALL of the bed clothes and dry the pillows on high for half an hour. And do this for three weeks you will get rid of these pests!!! However, if you don’t find the source of where you got them they will find their way back in!!!

  204. My 7yr old constantly gets lice i treat her buy expensive products take the eggs out as we sit for hrs trying for this not to return, but yes they do we were told to try vinager in her hair still nothing i am so sick of doing this please help me as i will have to cut her hair very short which is something i dont wanner do please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. THIS IS NOT A TIP ! my friend has headlice really really bad
    and i have been researching for her and found LICENEx but i dont no where you get it from or how much ? :S

    Please help 😀

  206. I have a 7 year old constant nit problem i use Mayonaise Yes Mayonaise rub in to the hair and scalp stick it on there head with a shower cap! works a treat do this once a week and wash and condition the hair as normal run through with the comb! No nits for a few days during term time! but during holidays no other kids nit free!

  207. this isnt a tip:

    ok, this is my third time having lice! its so annoying! we have been using rid, and like store brand sutff. and it STILL wont go away. e have bombed the whole house everytime we have had it. it just wont go away! any tips to help? please and thanks.

  208. This comment is for cmr:
    I see by your post that you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to lice-low income has nothing to do with where they come from first of all…secondly,no animals CANNOT give them to you and do not need to be treated..lice won’t “settle for the next best thing” they cannot survive on animals. Birds are definitely not carriers, not sure where you get your facts but before you go freaking people out with facts that are not true you should do some homework. Harvard has been and still studies lice (what kills them, life cycles etc.) you’d do well to do an internet search for the real facts before you post somewhere acting as if your comments are scientifically sound-almost everything you’ve said is non sense…I hope you didn’t scare any kids looking for good advice. BTW, they cannot jump either, they can however crawl very fast.As far as the measures you take with your house, that’s overkill; it is true that after 3 days lice cannot live without a host and die off-nits cannot hatch at room temperature,they prefer a warm climate (they hate hot and cold extremes and hatch in warm, not hot areas only, room temperature is not sufficient to sustain nits).I would suggest for some scientifically proven facts….you may even save yourself $200 the next time you are faced with an infestation. Lice also cannot survive without feeding (on human blood,which is what they survive on). I hope some of this helps put some peoples minds at ease and clears up some of the overkill methods posted here.One person stated that persistence is the key,that is very sound advice when dealing with lice-keep washing/treating the hair,comb the nits until they’re all gone and disinfect surrounding areas(if you’re able to stay away from home for 2-3 days after treating to give any live lice time to die off from starvation, literally)eventually (if the initial source/cause is eliminated so you aren’t re infested)you will have success in the end with respect to disposing of little critters once and for all.As far as milatto hair goes, my niece is half Jamaican and is currently dealing with lice as is my son, I soaked her hair with NIX, combed in small sections after leaving in for 15 minutes, rinsed and then combed again-so far so good. I also put both kids hair up while soaked in olive oil the next night to loosen the nits,then combed while the oil was still in; I washed a few times and conditioned heavily… it does work and helps keep black hair soft and detangled-my best advice is to brush the hair first with a good brush and only comb with a steel comb in very small sections to avoid causing the child added pain-black hair is much more brittle and thick but responds just as well if you only comb very small sections at a time like I’ve suggested.Brushing out the big knots first with a proper brush saves time and makes the steel comb easier on the kids(especially ones with black hair) as only small knots may be left (or may develop during the process)to deal with. I hope this is of some help to someone out there and best of luck to all with this annoying problem.


  209. Not a tip: ok i have had lice for like ever. me n a family member have tried so hard to get it out. we have had tried mayonaisse and vinger and the lice killing stuff and still nothing. i have been combing my head when i get out of the shower with a lice comb n been pulling out like 25 lice bugs and nits a day. I practiclly quit going to school of it and it is only the 3rd week. but when i pull the lice and stuff out of my head i see they are alive and i quickly get some disenficted spray and spraying on the comb in which it kills them. but i want to get riad of this. my cuz has had her hair treated and she never gets it but we are going for the super cheap way. someon please help me.

  210. i have been struggling with head lice for four months. i have six girls and two boys plus teenagers going in and out of my house due to foster care. we have tried many different things to get rid of it. my water bill has doubled and i have exceeded my budget trying things. i finall found an affordable remedy, tea tree oil. it kills the bugs and i was actually able to pull the nits out of my daughters unusually thin strands of hair. you can get it at walmart pharmacy. thank god for that.

  211. my kids have been bringing them home since they started at school 5years ago i tell the school but all they do is send out letters the stuff i use dose not work no more i have tryed evry think what can i do i have had it up to my neck with it

  212. i have had lice for a long time i tri everything but nothing freind tried using (rubbing)achol and she said it worked so im goin to tri it.

  213. Ok people, listen carefully, my children have had lice and I learned about them from our ordeal. It is a nightmare if you don’t treat the kid’s head at least two times, eight days apart. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE THE LICE CAME FROM! YOU MUST KILL THE EGGS! keep your kid’s clothing away from other kids. this especially refers to the hooks at school. have your kids pack their coat in their back pack.

    The lice are resistant to over the counter treatment, i.e. it doesn’t always work. We used a vaseline treatment (olive oil works too or mayonaise but mayo is disgusting) overnight (bag over the hair)which killed the buggers. IT takes many washings to get the stuff out. YOU MUST RE-TREAT eight days later to kill the live hatched from eggs. NOTHING KILLS THE EGGS! Either pull them off the hair shaft, RETREAT or they will be born and reproduce and it starts all over again. Good luck! They can be eradicated but you must be persistent. REMEMBER TO USE AT LEAST TOW TREATMENTS TO KILL THE EGGS!

  214. for ppl comfortable with the concept: SHAVE YOUR HEAD!
    of course i wouldnt, i’ve never had lice and the thought
    of it kinda scares me. just in case, what REALLY works?

  215. HELP!!! I’m married, and no affairs. Child is 17, neither she or my husband has lice. I simply cleaned a dirty house (on the floor, washing baseboards, etc) for a friend and then slept in a room that had been unoccupied for over a month. So-no human could have been there. I have head and body lice. Tried Premetherin treatments (creme) for over a month, bathed in Tide, used Rid in the hair, still there. Ordered Licerex not received yet, will that work just for hair or can I take a bath with it? My husband hasn’t slept in our bed for 6 weeks, when/how do I know when it’s safe for him. Will I EVER be able to be sexual again?????

  216. BTW, my friend has a yellow lab that was recently treated for tics. Other than that, noone in the house, human or dog, has any signs of lice. My friend thinks I’m CRAZY!

  217. Here is my advice. And it will work, if you follow my directions.

    1-You must kill the lice with Nix, Rid or whatever lice killing shampoo you decide to use.

    2-You absolutely 100% have to remove every single nit!!!! This is probably the one step that people do not do correctly, resulting in reinfestation. You must check the infested head every day for 3-4 weeks. And you have to go through small sections at a time and be sure that you haven’t missed any. If you do miss a nit, it will hatch and you will be reinfested.

    3-You must remove all bedding, pillows, stuffed animals, and clothing and wash them in hot water and dry them. There is a spray you can use on your furniture if you cannot wash cushions or what not. If you do not do this, the lice or nits that may have remained can crawl on you, and you will be reinfested. If there is something you cannot wash, put it in a bag for 10 days so that the lice can die. Don’t forget to spray your vehicle!!

    4-Please don’t forget to check the head everyday! This is very crucial. Yes, it sucks, but you have no choice unless you want to live with lice forever. You must remove any nit you see either with your fingers or a lice comb.

    ~I personally, after dealing with lice have found that tea tree oil is wonderful! It is only around $7, and if you use the appropriate amount each time you shampoo (which is only a couple drops) it will keep the lice away. They cannot stand the smell of it. You can also put it in your shampoo bottle so you do not have to worry about adding it every time you shampoo. Don’t forget to explain to your children that they need to keep hats, coats and heads away from the other childrens hats, coats and heads. Lice do not jump, you have to come into contact with an infected persons head. Lice cannot live on animals. Lice can be picky when it comes to certain textures of hair, but don’t think that will rule you out!! If you know somebody who continually has lice or is having problems with lice, my suggestion is to stay away from them!!! I say this because I dealt with a neighbor for a year who never wanted to take care of their lice problem correctly and gave it to my daughter several times. I finally had enough, cut it off, and now my child has been lice free. And after spending lots and lots of time and money taking care of this neusance, these are the methods I have found to work like a charm. There is no simple and easy answer to get rid of lice. You must be persistant and thorough. If you go through these steps correctly, you will get rid of the lice.

  218. My Two nieces have lice,Everytime they visit me i spend hours and hours killing those suckers.but it keeps coming back!Two things i wanna do is dye their hair for 45 minuites and blow dry them.

  219. Hi my name is maria i am only 11 years old and i have really really really bad head lice and right now i can feel them crawling around on my head and i keep telling my mom i wanna shave my head cuz i keep skratching it and i dont want my friends to know i have it and i dont know which of my friends has it plz plz plz plz help

  220. i am 12 years old and i have head lice i got it frommy school i am not aloud to back untill i can get rid of it. i was up last night untill 3 o’colck just trying to pic the eggs out with my mom and she had to go to work the next day i wont be back at skool for at least 3 day!!! HELP



  222. HELP!! i think its been like 2 weeks that ive had head lice and my parents arnt helping !! ive tried everything and it just wont go !!
    and i am like tottaly freaked out because i am scared of bugs and the idea of them crawling in my head does not help!!!! i really dont want to live with them 4ever and i want them to go like now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  223. use goo gone citrus from Walmart to desolve the eggs and comb out with a metal flea comb…rinse the stuff out after about ten minutes.(it can irritate the ears and neck etc)It is awesome stuff.Also you can spray Listerine on hair or use extra strength Denorex.You must get out the nits or you will still have lice.

  224. I have had an ongoing problem with head lice on my 12 year old daughter since Sep 08. We used Rid, Nix, LIce MD, LIce Killer, you name it, and I was combing almost daily for hours. NOTHING worked. Then I read something on line about heat killing lice. So after spending probably $300 on shampoo, oils, and lice combs etc over the past 11 months figured, what’s another $50 if it works. So I bought a hair bonnet (similar to a blow drier that you sit under in a salon). I had her sit under it on HIGH for 1 hour 3 days in a row and amazingly, NO NITS!…everything was killed. Try it. I don’t know if an attachment to a blow dryer would work, but I was afraid I’d over heat a regular hand held dryer so I spent $50 for the bonnet at Sally Beauty Supply. It was worth it and I wish I’d done it at the start!!!!! She has been nit free for 4 days so far and I haven’t combed since I started the dryer sessions. I have been checking her hair daily though and have found nothing but dead eggs.

  225. Oh someone plz help My neighbor has 5 adorable children that are infested with head lice.This does not cause him to be concerned but school starts up in a week and these kids are already tormented.One of the little girls now has sores the size of quarters on her head how can i help them get rid of this if the father will not help

  226. I used the information given at and it actually works. I recommend it to others when ever I come across frustrated parents dealing with head lice. If you are sick and tired of stuff that doesnt work, go get the instructions from their site. I wont tell you the secrets because its not fair to the site owners but I will say that you wont be dissapointed with the program!!!


  228. To get rid of my nits i treated my hair with a nit sulution it works!! you can but it a a chemest Pharmacy! and to kill the eggs i used a straightener to burn them and then ttake them out withn a nit comb.

  229. When I was in school I got headlice all the time. Headlice was a serious problem in my school. Now I am grown up and have a daughter of my own and of course she started going to school and she got headlice. What worked best for me and my poor mom, who by the way had 3 girls with very long hair to deal with, was putting baby oil in your hair then putting on a shower cap and leaving it on over night. Vaseline also works as well as mayonnaise but mayonnaise cannot be left in hair all night long. The next morning comb hair with nit comb and rinse out which ever u choose to put in your hair, shampoo and rinse out, then comb some more. As a prevention tip my mom filled a spray bottle up with 50% water and 50% vinegar and sprayed her hair and mine with it very thruoghly, massaging it into the scalp and then combed our hair. seemed to work for my family. I hope it helps you guys.

  230. Also forgot to say they don’t like the heat. So i agree with laura rich. altough I use my blow dryer and a straightener.

  231. People plz help me im only in gr.6 and had head lice before in gr.4 i hate them because once u r infested nobody at school talks to u 🙁 Question:isn’t vinegar bad for ur hair. HELP!!!!!!

  232. Hi yall. ok so i grew up in schools infested with head lice now i didn’t get them asmuch as my siblings but once in a while i would get them. but my sisters were so much worse. but we found the ultimate cure. both of my sisters have hair theat almost touches the ground and is so thick. but finall to the cure. take a shower cap and sit it next to you. get a bottle of hairgel take the gel and put it in your hair till there isn’t a spot that is not covered thickley in it after that put on the cap. climb into bed and in the morning get in the shower. when done go through the hair and see if anything is still alive 99% guarentee nothing will be moving. make sure when you go through to use a metal lice comb. hope this helps anybody

  233. My 2yr. Old has lice bad I don’t know what to do we did the mayo think and when thought her hair really good but she started digging at her head again! Fond bugs and nits we are worried! Help!

  234. With over 20 years of experience and tens of thousands of satisfied clients, Lice Busters NYC has set the standard in the business of head lice removal. We have been Featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal,, WNYC820am, WNYC 93.9 fm, Child Magazine, AM New York, Time Out New York, CBS, The Daily News, The Jewish Week, The Jewish Chronicle, and many prestigious blogs have rendered a unanimous verdict: CEO Dalya Harel’s lice-busting treatment is legendary.

  235. I think you should just use the shampoo for removing lice, leave it for ten minutes, then rinse it off. Blow dry your hair after that, and comb with the lice comb.

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