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Lizards, just like snakes and crocodiles, are reptiles (To eliminate snakes from your home, read how to get rid of snakes). They are small creatures that crawl on the ground and up the ceiling. Generally, they have noticeably big eyes, long tail and no sign of hair on their body. Small lizards feed on insects and plants, and some create annoying sounds and stunts.

Since lizards are reptiles, they are cold-blooded animals. Most of them cannot easily adapt to the temperature change of the environment. If you see lizards in your house during summer, they won’t be seen during the winter. If you see them a lot during the winter, it means they won’t be appearing much during the summer. If you’re planning to get rid of them this winter, you have to wait. Perfect timing is one of the most effective tricks in dealing with lizards. If you know when they come out, then below are some tips on how to get rid of lizards.

Lizard Population Control

The Use of Pesticides — There are a lot of pesticides available on the market today. The first thing you need to know is which ones terminate lizards. If you are buying a pesticide spray, spray it directly at the pest. Make sure to follow the instructions printed on the product. You can also ask for pest control services but that, of course, comes with a price.

Lizards Follow the Light — Lizards are usually seen in well-lit places. Turn off the lights in your room when you’re not around so they won’t hang out in there. Turn off the lights when you go to bed. This way, you do not just save power; you also give the lizards a curfew. Always keep places dark where you usually see them, as often as you can. Lizards often run away to escape. To find them, turn off the lights inside the room, get a flashlight and light up a corner of the room. You can easily find them because their big eyes reflect the light, twinkling like stars. If they do not make a move when you direct a light on them, then that is the best time to terminate them.

Scaring Pests with Pets — You can have pets that chase and eat lizards. You can also use your pets to just scare the lizards away. Cats chase or shoo away pests in your house, even though they don’t eat them. Sometimes, cats just want something to play with. If you have a pet snake, then you’ll have no problem dealing with lizards. Your pet will eat the lizards in your home and control their population, too.

Using Peacock Feathers — Peacocks feed on lizards just like snakes, which is why lizards are afraid of them. You can have a peacock as a pet, but it’s not practical if your only goal is just to get rid of lizards. Feathers of a peacock are enough to scare these small reptiles. What you have to do with peacock feathers is to hang them on the ceiling, stick them on the wall, or just put them in places where lizards usually stay.

Peacock feathers are colorful and can serve as artistic home display, so you don’t have to explain why you have peacock feathers on your walls to your guests. Peacock feathers can usually be bought in stationary stores. Just don’t forget to replace the peacock feathers with a new one every now and then because these can be effective for only three to ten days.

Keeping the House Clean — Like any other pests, like rats and roaches, lizards eat uncovered food or just crawl over it (For rat extermination guide, read how to get rid of rats). It would be a good thing if you use food containers that can be closed tightly, especially those that do not allow air to enter. You can put the food inside the refrigerator, but make sure it doesn’t rot there. Don’t leave leftovers hanging around the dining area. By not letting any food in the open, you do not only get rid of lizards, but other pests inside the house, too.

Just remember that you cannot really get rid of lizards immediately, so it’s best to just clean your house regularly, even during winter, so that they won’t come back immediately after using pesticides. If your house is always kept clean, you may even get rid of lizards completely.

Lizards’ favorite foods are insects like flies and mosquitoes. To get rid of lizards, you should also get rid of insects in your house. Otherwise, lizards would make your home their favorite all-you-can-eat place. It’s best to clean your house, and observe proper disposal of garbage. Make sure that you prepare food and keep it properly so you can get rid of both insects and lizards. Put trash inside garbage bags, and don’t just throw it in an open trash bin or in your backyard, as insects will feed on it, drawing more lizards.

Protecting Your Crib — Lizards don’t just pop up and appear in your house. They come from outside and just find their way in. You need to know which way they pass through. You can put screens on windows if you think this is where they enter. Lizards can also crawl under your door, even when it is closed. You can “clog” the opening by using your door mat to close it. Some lizards get in through sink drains, so just make sure to close these with drain covers so that only water can get through them.

Everytime you watch the Discovery Channel or the Animal Planet, it cannot be denied that lizards look beautiful and friendly. Lizards look like they want to be your friend, but not all of them are really friendly. Follow the tips above to prevent them from infiltrating your properties. If you enjoyed this article, you may also enjoy how to clean your house the green way.

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  1. Hey, theres a baby lizard and i put some peacock feathers in my room and guess what? The lizard walked up to the tip of the feather!! I think its because it doesn’t know what peacocks are… fear is not genetically transfered, is it? 🙂

  2. I live in miami florida and I want them out of my house can you suggest any names of the lizard repellent that I could get in stores down here.

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