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Have you lost your mojo? If you have seen the Austin Powers films, you know how unfortunate this feeling can be. Unfortunately, it is more difficult for many men who are not named Austin Powers to regain their libido than simply finding it once more.

Libido refers to your sex drive, and is the biggest factor to consider for the strength and existence of your sexual relationship with your partner. While some men seem to have the ability to go all night long without rest, this is not the case for everyone. This can make it hard to keep up with your partner in the bedroom, and you might even find yourself feeling down that you are not living up to your own expectations between the sheets.

If you want to get rid of your lost libido, you can rest easy: it might take some work, but it is very possible to get your sex drive back. Read on to find out how you can regain your mojo:

1. Understand the causes.

Male sexual performance is an important issue for virtually every guy anywhere. Society makes sexuality such an important feature of a male’s lifestyle, and men are often shamed (or feel ashamed) if they cannot perform as they feel they should.

Sex is not the most important aspect of a relationship by a long shot, but it can be a key consideration for keeping your partner happy and satisfied.

2. Know your age.

One of the reasons for a lowered libido is linked with age. Unlike women, most men can have a very active sex drive well into their life. This is not always the case, however: some medical professionals call this andropause, where men have lowered sex drives as they get older. Some studies link increased age with lower sex drives for men.

3. Healthy diet and exercise.

Some studies link an unhealthy diet with a lack of testosterone. Men with high testosterone and a healthy and active sex drive often have a better balanced diet.

Exercise goes a long way as well. To say nothing of a likely increase of the positions you can get into, regular exercise is tied to a higher libido. People who eat well and exercise often usually have better sex lives.

4. Emotional health.

Many men link a good sex life with an attractive or desirable partner. If you are not attracted to your partner, it will be much harder for you to regain your libido.

Those couples that are attracted to their partners have the confidence to keep them emotionally and sexually satisfied.

5. Keep your sex interesting.

You can’t force sex with someone, but you can certainly change the way you are having sex by trying some new positions to help make sex more pleasurable, sensual, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

As long as you are not breaking any laws, you might consider trying sex in different areas than the bedroom alone. Try the shower, the kitchen, or even head outdoors. You might find that simply talking about possible new ideas with your partner is enough to get your libido back on board!

6. Introduce some foreplay.

If you are sticking to the sexual act alone, you are taking a lot of the romance out of the equation. Sex should be enjoyable at every stage, from start to finish.

Don’t think of sex as something you need to do and quickly get over. Try and create a sexual and exciting experience for both you and your partner: introduce some sexy costumes, try some fancy lingerie, or use some massage oils. There are other visual cues that also can help you, such as candles or flowers. Bring the romance back to your sex life!

7. Eat the right foods.

There are various foods you can try to get rid of a lost libido as well. There are all kinds of aphrodisiac type products marketed around the world, but these are no guarantees for success. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have an enjoyable meal anyhow?

8. Seafood before you see the nude.

Fish, oysters, clams, and a variety of other seafood from the sea are high in zinc and other minerals that are known to raise your sex drive.

Raw oysters are particularly well known for their use as a natural aphrodisiac. Try eating a large quantity of oysters and see what happens!

9. Provocative avocadoes.

Avocadoes are not just useful for guacamole: they are high in frolic acid, which is tied with an increased sex drive.

10. Get cheeky with some chocolate.

Chocolate is not only delicious, it is also a great solution for making things more interesting in the sheets. It includes the chemicals known as phenylethylamine and theobromine, which together help fire your jets and get you in the right direction!

You can also consider using some chocolate sauce to really spice up foreplay. There is nothing like eating sauce of your partner’s chest to get you in the mood! Get ready for a sensual and exciting night of unbridled passion.

11. See your doctor.

If you are still not having any luck returning your lost libido, it might be time to consult your doctor for some assistance.

What you initially thought was simply a small funk or a rut might actually be a more serious sexual setback, such as impotence. Impotence is certainly not a life threatening condition, but it can be a very embarrassing and frustrating one. Impotence affects your self-esteem, as well as your relationship with your partner. Doctors or sexual therapists might supply you with medication that can help you cure or at least remedy impotence in the short term.

Pills should be a last ditch effort. You shouldn’t try using a pill to cover up what might be a more pressing concern of the status of your relationship with your partner. If you don’t have a loving and passionate relationship, getting rid of your lost libido will become a much more difficult task to successfully accomplish. Use these suggestions to get your libido back, and break yourself out of your funk. Get in touch with your inner mojo! You are a manly man. Find that inner tiger once more!

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  1. Sometimes you have to look at your inner self and ask yourself if you are happy with your mind, body and soul. If you are unhappy with yourself, then chances are you won’t feel the urge to please someone else. Or maybe you are under alot of stress, pulling 50-60 hours a week, worrying about the mortgage and other bills, this may also upset the sexual stimulus in your life.

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