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If you’ve got a “spare tire” around your midsection, a “beer belly” (these are other, less attractive, terms for gut flab), you’re probably a guy. The midsection is, for males, the primary fat storage area within the body. “Storing it for what?”, you may ask. Storing it for lean periods, of which we in the First World have seen very few of over the past century. It’s one of those evolutionary quirks, like your useless appendix somewhere underneath all that gut fat (Tips on how to get rid of beer belly). Generally, females store their fat in the butt and thighs, though love handles are not unknown to the fairer sex.

How to Lose Love Handles

The best way to lose those love handles is to go on a diet that will shed pounds from your entire body. By diet, we mean a permanent eating regimen that stresses healthy foods – and not an overabundance of them. There are plenty of diet books out there that will tell you how to balance your intake of protein, complex carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. Now, some muscle-bound guy on TV might have told you to concentrate on reducing those flab handles by building up your abdominal muscles. Fuhgeddaboutit. The American Council on Exercise states in its manual for personal trainers that “exercising the muscles underlying the fat will [not] make it go away. A client who does 100 sit-ups a day for a flabby stomach will increase muscle endurance for the abdomen, but will not burn off the fat in that area.” Any fat-burning aerobic workout is what you need, though you may also want to tone and firm that area where the handles are attached while you’re losing fat. Exercising the abs is good for that, but the best exercises for it are side bends and torso twists.

Exercises for Love Handles

Side Bends:

Stand straight with your knees slightly bent and your feet apart, then slowly lower the trunk a few inches to the left side then back up, and do the same thing again to the right side. Repeat until you’re sick and tired of doing them. Don’t bend forward or backward while you’re doing these as it would be bad for the spine.

Torso Twists:

While standing firmly with your feet a shoulder’s width apart, twist your torso slowly to the left side then to the right while at the same time keeping your hips straight and even. Again, there should be no bending. Don’t overdo it; twisting too far makes it easy to pull a muscle.

How to Lose Love Handles Fast: Surgical Solutions

If diet and exercise is not your cup of chocolate ice cream, a faster way to remove the fat is liposuction. This is surgery in which you are put under a general anesthesia (maybe local for small pockets of fat) before a cosmetic surgeon sticks a vacuum hose in your gut and sucks out the fat. Although no type of liposuction is a substitute for dieting and exercise, it can remove stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to traditional weight-loss methods. This will also leave you with a flap of loose skin and if you don’t change your diet the fat will soon return.

This does not come without risk, however. It’s not uncommon for this procedure to go awry, leaving a patient with lingering pain, dysfunction, or a body that’s even stranger looking than love handles. There have been deaths. The risk is greater for those with diabetes, significant heart or lung disease, or poor blood circulation. Age and general state of health are also factors. Another surgical procedure to consider is abdominoplasty or a “tummy tuck.” It removes excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. Like liposuction, there is some risk involved, and the procedure produces a permanent scar which can extend from hip to hip. In essence, you would be trading your love handles for a big happy face on your belly. Gastric bypass surgery reduces your bulk by reducing the size of your stomach. But if you are a candidate for this very risky surgery, your problems go way beyond love handles and into morbid obesity. This also leaves an ugly scar. Keep in mind, too, that any of these surgeries can run into the thousands of dollars, and elective cosmetic surgery is seldom covered by medical insurance. Diet and exercise is much cheaper.

Click here for more information on how to get rid of love handles.

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  1. The best way to loose your extra fat is to sweat. No matter what, remember you have to sweat. You may run, cycling , exercise, go to souna … in souna you sweat profusely and can get rid of your extra fat easily… go regularly to sauna…. this should work. But you have a heart condition before, be careful. Because sauna can elevate your blood pressure as well. Consult your doctor. Try to take short spell of sauna at first,and gradually increase the time, if you feel good.

  2. THe way I got rid of my fat was to go joggging in one of those plastic suits, well just use the bottom part, where sweat pants underneath, then the plastic pants on top of that, and start jogging. You will sweat like crazy, if you can do this atleast 3x a week for 1 month you will definetly start to see the improvement if you want dramatic results just keep it it up. I use to weigh less than 1 yr i was weighing 130lbs. and no blubber and my thighs were very thin

  3. I have just joined 24 hour fitness, and I’m trying to loose the weight that I gained while being pregnant. I am at 170 pounds at the moment and trying to exercise to get back to my orignal weight 120 pounds. If there’s anyone out there that can help me out please e-mail me at littleamericanfob at yahoo dot com. 🙂 I really want to loose weight, but I think that working just on the eplitical and the abs machine and swimming and I am also doing Billy Blanks workout vids at home too and I don’t think that it will do anything for me. Please help… 🙂

  4. no pain no gain so work hard being tired is good because u have a day off which u need to look forward 2 determination is best way of getting around eat less fatty foods use ved oils and high protein diets with green leafy vegs works for me good luck

  5. I have the problem with the love handles, they were barely there before I got pregnant and now that I had my baby and he is 7 months they made themseleves very noticable. So, when I go to the gym or walk around the neighborhood I wear a probably 1 foot wide belt thing that bally total fitness made and i wrap it around my lower stomach and it helps that section sweat more then it would without. keep in mind I am only 22 so. I am only 5 lbs over my pre birth weight and I am not 100 % this works but it makes me feel better!

  6. ifind the best way to drop weight and rid youself of unwanted fat and love handels is to stop eating completely and only drink water and green tea. this cleanses you and supresses your appitie. running and walking will make you smaller and the gym tones you. i sugest running everyday for an hour or so and going to the gym three times a week. use the sauner as much as possible. winser palaties is also a fantastic way to shed pounds off your thighs and love handels.

  7. I lost 78 pounds in 5 1/2 to 6 months. wasn’t that hard…rid yourself of sodas…use skim milk if you’re just starting to lose weight and low fat cheese because low fat cheese contains calcium to help burn fat around your abdominals. Your posture is everything, if you slouch, no doubt, it will take you longer to lose weight so hold yourself up straight. cardio at least 6 times a week…it may seem hard for those of you that work but try to squeeze at least 15-30 minutes of cardio 45 minutes after waking up…drink cold water…forget what everyone tells you about drinking warm water with a meal…drink cold-ice cold water before and after a meal.every 8 oz. of ice water you drink, your body burns 10 calories just to turn it to itno body temp. Green tea helps alot because it boosts your metablolism with the antioxidants…just a few FREE helpful tips

  8. by the way…too much protein can lead to kidney problems such as kidney failure and gullstones…so just keep that in mind if you consume more than 110 grams of protien a day

  9. To reduce weight quickly go for good dieting plans. Stop taking sodas,hard drinks and junk food go for juices as much as u can and a complete balanced diet. Quit smoking aswell. start doing walking and exercise and the most important thing is green tea its really helps u to reduce weight. If u love yourself just forget everything and concentrate on yourself.

  10. Sex worked really well for me. If you have a spouse or just a love partner, tell him or her that you are trying to lose weight around the oblique area, and that sex is a great way to do it. They should understand.

  11. I used apple cider vinegar, it really works! I used to have ugly love handles myself, my Mom too. I guess I got it from her. I drink apple cider vinegar (2tsp), water (1 glass)and unsweetened cranberry juice (2 tsp)together two times a day and it helped. I passed out that excess water and lost weight and the love handles too. I also use the ab-king pro to burn the extra fat. My mom does it and it worked for her too. I just need a way to get my breasts smaller without surgery. I lost weight but I still have big breasts, any suggestions anyone?

  12. i’m really really trying to lose the love handles before summer.. which gives me about 4 four months.. it seems IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight though. can someone please tell me exactly what to do, thank you so much.. 🙂

  13. just stop eating so much food and junk!! Exercise and drinks lots of water, and if that doese’nt work then u neen surgery call Dr. 90210 Dr. Rey

  14. The best thing for getting rid of love handles is Walking. I walked my dog everyday for only a week and noticed a big difference. Along with that, drink lots of water, No pop, No junk food, and small portions during meals. Calorie Count!! Look at labels when at the grocery store!! Do not over eat which is so easy to do these days. People do not realize the calorie content of what they are eating, which = gaining weight!!! It really is simple 🙂

  15. I have always been skinny since I have a fast metabolism. I am 5’2 and weigh 100lbs. I am very skinny but I don’t know why I still have love handles. The love handles are bigger than my hips! I don’t want to loose any more weight, infact I would like to gain some, but all my fat goes straight to my love handles. What can I do?

  16. All of you seem to talk about how walking helps. I work at the home depot as a lot tech. Lot techs have the most phyical job in the store. Gathering all the carts, Loading, helping with set ups. All we do is walk. I get about 35 hours a week and have been working since last may. I think i may have gained muscle as i can lift 60 pounds easily and 80 with some strain. I am 5’2 and 138 pounds. I want to lose weight around my thighs and my stomach area. I dont feel with all this walking i do that i can lose any weight. Any suggestions?

  17. I am trying to figure out how to lose at least a small amount of my love handles in a month can anyone tell me a way to lose it fast?

  18. well losing weight is all about less cal take in. if you burn more cals than you take in then you will lose weight. I used to be up to 270 and over the summer i brought my cal intake to about 1000 a day. I lost 50 lbs. then i cut soda and fast food and started working out and in two-three months i was at 196lbs. walking will slim your legs. to lose fat around your stomach you have to lose weight as a whole.

  19. im a teenager in high school and i used to be tiny but now im 5’2 and 150 pounds. i want to loose 38 pounds in 4 months any suggeesstionnnns?!?! i need help =[

  20. hi im leoni…im 18 years old andweight 9st 12 ish just over a year ago..i didnt realise but i lost alot of weight an went down to 8st 4 i didnt mean to do this it was thru not eating (wrong way) …i want to get down to 9st. my biggest problem is my love handles….i hate them so much….i feel so uncomfortalbe…im into fashion and wanna look good for the summer. iv cut out chocolate….fizzy drinks….junk food basically….for the ast 2 days….so im going to stick to that and also start running and the gym. any other ideas please lemme know xxx

  21. i saw this one workout in cosmogirl (yes its sad but whatever).
    lay down on your back and put your legs in the air-bicycle position. then, lift up and touch your elbow to your knee. do about 20 of them, it took me 3 weeks

  22. low cal. intake!! aerobic exercise!!! do every thing u can to count calories. every bit helps! u can park at the far end of say, wal-marts parking lot. force urself into things like this. nothings easy. trust me! if u want to lose anything u r gunna have to work 4 it!!!

  23. hi.. my name is olivia. i am 16 years old, 5 feet, and i weigh 121 pounds. i have big thighs, a huge butt, access weight on my stomach and love handles. i have a part time job so i find it so hard to find time to exercise, so i do when i can. theres also the problem of packing a lunch to go to school, theres not much i can do in the time i have. i’d usually just grab a peanut butter sandwich, juice, a granola bar, and my frut and vegies. i’d like to lose weight before the summer… got any suggestions that arn’t too time consuming?
    p.s. i walk to school

  24. nobody, or hardly anybody, ever really goes on a concrete the best way to loose weight is to excercise.don’t be lazy!the most you need is about 25 minutes every other day.i run in a cross country team, and i not only feel skinnier, but around your neighborhood for about 25 minutes every other day, trust me it will work.wordd.

  25. do turbo jam! i saw results after the first workout session. its a cardio workout called cardio party(40min) and an ab workout called ab jam(20min). it sounds like alot of time but its so much fun i forgot i was doing exercise! its really dancy and lots of fun. i do it twice a day and im not tired of it! google beachbody + turbo jam + charlene johnson. youll get the body you want!

  26. Like a lot of women iv been trying to lose weight for the summer so i can wear that cute little bikini i saw in the store window. Lately iv been running around the block and noticed a big difference not only around my midsection but my whole body. Iv been also doing a set of reverse crunches ( those work your lower stomach) and bicycle crunches. Planks and crunches on a ball work big time. Just keep this up with a healthy diet and you will notice a difference in no time. Good Luck!!!

  27. Since last march I have lost a total of 32 pounds. I do kickboxing arobics about 5 to 6 times a week. Recentlly I purchased p90x to hope to get rid of my love handles. I’m short so I really carry my weight through my midsection and my love handles. I drink lots of water and eat really healthy! I’m starting to think that this is just the size I’m supose to be! The biggest way I lost the weight and most of my midsection I worked out hard (cardio) with weight lifting 1 or 2 a week. Then I really watched what I hate and instead of one cheat day, I found for me if I cheated just a lil everyday and stuck on the diet plan eveeryday it worked better for me. Also, I cut alchohl out to only one day a week. During my extream bootcamp I had a convention and I just made sure to swim in the pool for about 45 mins everday because I knew I would be drinking later that night.

  28. 10 Things that will work!!!
    want to lose love handles????
    heres what you must do.

    1. Diet. The makers diet is best.
    2. Exercise. Even though people say spot reducing doesn’t work you do it anyway and lots of it!! Abbs side bends twists etc.
    3. Herbs. There many herbs that help burn fat.
    4. Colon Cleanse. There is up to 20lbs of fecal matter in the Body!! (in intestines )
    5. Liver and kidney detox. Most of time its the fat thats flooding to the area of back at kidneys or to the stomach because of our abused Liver and kidneys.
    6. Cardio. Lots of it. But interval training is best. Walking Bike n running is awesome for love handles but sprints are the king.
    7 Yoga.
    8 Posture Correcting exercises
    9 Core training
    10 Fasting. Try The master cleanse or a 7 day juice fast. Fasting in the bible was great for physical and spirtual health.

    I hope this helps!!!
    Remember God is the one who gives strength and heals!!
    So Seek his help!! 🙂


  30. drink lots of beer…just kidding…im 19 in college and gained 20 pounds my first semester…my key thing is work out for hr a day then next day do interval cardio…jog 4-6 mins then sprit for 1 jog for 2 then repeat for 3 times…trust me works lol repeat everyday but one day for rest 14 weeks and ull have abs like mine.. sexy hahah

  31. Its not all about the diet..Its the exercise! I go to the county YMCA 5-6 times a week, still eat regular, and i’m still loosing weight! I don’t mean overeating do have to cut the junk out..(but who says a bag of chips or a cookie will hurt maybe once a week) So stop torturing urself by dieting, just take an hr. out of ur day and work out..You’ll feel better too!!

  32. Cut out white bread. It has 80 more calories than sara lee whole wheat (per slice)! Eat panini’s with fat free cheese and low fat turkey or the same on a flat bread. Cut down the serving sizes(how much you eat) And add one more small healthy snack or meal. I have already lost 12 pounds in 16 days along with a good exercise regimen.

  33. i lost 45 pounds in 6 months. i’m 5’9 and was 205. i now weigh 160. i started by doing cardio 45 minutes a day along with 30-45 minutes of weights on one muscle group once a week. eventually i got up to 1 hour and a half to 2 hours of cardio (30 minutes running, 30 minutes stairmaster, and 30 minutes crosstrainer), and anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half doing weights on one muscle group. make sure you do high rep (12-15 reps) on the target muscle group and take your time, making sure you have good form and hit the right spots. MOST IMPORTANTLY, CUT BACK ON THE LATE NIGHT EATING. if you need to, snack on fruit…nothing else. try not to eat past 8 and cut back drinking alcohol to once a week and avoid soft drinks. you’ll feel better. my diet for the majority of the time included (MORNING: (1 of the following) basic bowl of cereal, protein bar, peanut butter with bread, or fruit. Lunch: (1 of the following) Deli Sandwich, protein shake or fruit shake, salad, soup, or tuna sandwich. Dinner: aim for lean meats or fish such as turkey and chicken. Don’t eat too many carbs late at night!!!!) for dessert if your really craving something go with more fruit, or non-fat yogurt. At first its going to be really hard because your stomach is going to shrink and your going to be hungry alot of the time but try and keep yourself busy and it won’t be so bad. Good luck

  34. I live in Australia and being a multi-cultural country there is a variety of foods that are tempting. Having said that loosing weight isn’t easy but I found that once in a routine of ‘eating more often but less’ enables the body to digest and burn any fat. I excerise daily but make sure I change my routines so I dont get bored. I have y own gym but even that can become boring so I leave dumb bells and other equipment around the house to tempt me at different times. Diet is important. I rarely touch fried food and stick to wholemeal breads.
    If I drink alcohol I make sure that I counter act the effects by ddetoxing for several days afterwards by drinking warm herbal tea or wwarm water. There are many fibre tablets that also help cleanse the insides to keep the insides free from fat and other toxins. Fianlly rremember that advise is just that .. you have to find what works for yyou.

  35. I have found that the easiest way for me to stick to a diet is to give up a significant vice for a set period of time. This would pertain to any food or drink, which we are aware is bad for us, but we consume anyway. I gave up drinking alcohol for 30 days. This gave me an opportunity to make a conscious effort to work on my diet. Since I had no reason to go to bars, I began to go to the gym instead. Since it was too tempting to go to a restaurant and not order a drink, I began to cook at home (healthy too). I did not have any hangovers to keep me in bed, so I got more errands done and became more active. I lost 19 lbs in 4 weeks. My girlfriend gave up fried foods, and she experienced some positive aspects/results as well. I have since finished my 30 days, and although I have had a beer since, I have learned not to associate alcohol with other activities. If cutting something out cold-turkey is not an option, then try to do something at a 20% rate. If you drink 20 sodas a week, then cut that down to 4 sodas a week; trust me, you will enjoy these vices more when the time comes. This practice is a great way to lose weight, test yourself, and save money. Besides, its a great thing to hear someone say “I could never do that…”.

  36. Okay I am 16 years old and I weigh 107 pounds and I have very little love handles, JUST WORK OUT and EAT HEALTHY! I work out 1 hour a day and like 3 hours a day in the summer.. Just set goals for yourself you are not going to stick with what you are doing if you dont have a goal set so like make a calender saying what you ate and how many calories and how many hours you worked out! TRUST ME IT HELPS! =]I hope you can get rid of them e-mail me if you have any questions I know it all!




  38. My sister’s friend is almost 15 and she’s 6’0 and 190 pounds and wants to get rid of her love handles but does not know how. She’s had some problems in getting made fun of and turning belemic. I need to help her, all these internet websites persuade her to be belimec. Any suggestions?

  39. I lost 70 lbs in about 7 months. i was 240 at 6’1″ now im still the same hight but im 170. i still have love handles but the only reason is because my skin is so streached out because i lost it so fast. I went from eating horrible to eating like a athletic trainer in 1 day. i run about 4-5 miles a day with a constant of 7 minutes a mile. the best tip i can give is run different distances different days. one day run a mile extremely fast, then the next day run say 3 miles with a more controlled pace. doing interval training up and down hills also helps a lot. its all about confusing your body. right now im looking into buying the p90x system

  40. Well I play field hockey, which helps a lot, but I find eating a lot of food throughout the day helps boost the metabolism so I can eat whatever I want!

  41. Drink unsweetened yogurt or natural lime or lemon juice without any sugar or salt after every meal. You will definitely lose your love handles FAST. Burn beer belly fats. Flatten tummy. Lose weight around waistline. Plus develop a beautiful radiant complexion. Look & feel great soon.

  42. Ok, i have love handles (and im only 15)
    There like really grose, and they make me look so fat… my belly isnt exacally skinny but it isnt too fat and love handles are making me feel so bad about myself, i wont leave my bed without a baggy jacket on, Iv asked my mom how to get rid of them and she just says to exercise, but the gyms near me wont let me in because they say i am too young, i have tryed jogging but with kinda bad asthma is gets sorta hard…
    Anybody got any more help that isnt the above
    Thanks x

  43. hi im cheyenne i have a little love handles i feel real uncomferteable with thenm my boyfreind loves them but i dont his name is Jimmie Whitt

  44. Well, i don’t have a tip, but i have big love handles and im only 13, my stomache isn’t too slim or too big but im starting to get strechmarks because they are getting so big, and i’ve tried exercises and jogging, and i’ve gotten no results, for a diet, what should i be eating everyday ?

  45. Okay, I’m only 13 and I have love handles. I’m 110-115 pounds and am tall and skinny. But the love handles make me feel so insecure it’s crazy.
    What do I do? I’m finding that the comments are more useful then the actual how to stuff.
    help? I wanna get rid of them quick!

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