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Shortness of breath, and the lack of endurance are just two of the consequences of having low lung capacity. Some of the common causes for such an occurrence are smoking, asthma, and diseases that obstruct the respiratory system. It causes inconvenience, leaving you weak and lethargic after performing normal activities. Good thing you can actually get rid of low lung capacity. With proper exercise and avoiding things that clog the air passageways, you should be breathing clearly in no time. Here are the specific strategies to raise your ability to ingest and store air.

Quit Smoking

Exercise won’t do much to increase your lung capacity if you don’t kick the habit. Cigarette smoke, containing hundreds of harmful chemicals, increases the production of mucus, which clogs the human air tracts (Learn how to get rid of cigarette smoke damage). It also causes lung infections that lower lung capacity. Not even the increased lung power coming from daily exercise can raise the decreased capacity. Your only sound option is to quit smoking.

How to Quit Smoking:

  • A Gradual Decrease – Let’s say, you smoke one pack a day. Try smoking 3/4 of a pack the following day. When you get accustomed to the amount, slash it down to a half then a fourth and so on. Your body gradually adjusts to your intake, until it finally rejects the cancer stick. As a result, the dreaded cold turkey stage won’t be too hard to withstand. You just need the will power to follow up on the gradual decrease.
  • Nicotine Substitutes – Nicotine is the addictive substance found in cigarettes. To kill the craving, you must supply your body with healthier substitutes for nicotine. You can use a nicotine patch to address the craving for nicotine and a gum for the act of smoking. Always have something prepared so you can avoid idle moments, since the craving for cigarettes is often triggered during those times.
  • Sheer Determination and Will Power – Not all smokers are able to quit smoking, given the agonizing feelings induced by cold turkey. You must bear huge amounts of determination to kick the habit, otherwise your efforts will end up in failure. If you firmly believe that your life will be better without cigarettes, you can gradually overpower the craving.

Quitting smoking, difficult as it may be, is only the first step to increase or control your lung capacity. You must engage in a serious exercise routine if you want to breathe easy, literally. (More tidbits on how to quit smoking)

Exercises that Focus on Breathing

Exercises that focus on breathing increases lung capacity. The breathing techniques involved promote the maximization of air intake per activity. As a result, the lungs get accustomed to processing ample amounts of oxygen each time, increasing lung capacity eventually. You are also compelled to learn proper breathing with these exercises or sports, since you won’t perform them well without timely intakes of oxygen. (MonsterGuide teaches you how to breathe properly)

  • Yoga and Aerobics – The forms in yoga and the stunts of aerobics are entirely dependent on proper breathing. You can’t hold a yoga pose for long periods without a rhythmic breathing pattern. As for aerobics, you will run out of steam early if you don’t time your inhales and exhales right. When you get better in both exercises, your breathing technique improves, which leads to a certain increase in lung capacity.
  • Weightlifting – Weightlifting is not only for muscular people, but also for those who have powerful lungs. Inhaling while lifting the barbel provides a much needed strength boost. Exhaling, on the other hand, reinforces rest and recovery right before performing another lift. Combine the proper use of both and you can successfully lift pretty heavy objects. Of course, the heightened lung capacity is a reward for progressing through each increase in barbel weight.
  • Simple Breathing Exercise – Breathe with clear rhythm and progressively increasing intakes of air for several minutes each day. During the final rounds, go way beyond the amount of oxygen you normally inhale. Follow this breathing exercise religiously and you can finally get rid of your lowered lung capacity.

You can apply other exercises or sports that follow the logic of these three. Through proper breathing, you can take consistent clear gulps of air without any obstructions.

Exercises that Boost Lung Power

Strenuous activities strengthen your lungs, aside from increasing your lung capacity. Your lungs gain more endurance, making them more resistant to fumes, respiratory diseases and decreases in lung capacity. Once these activities become parts of your daily routine, you won’t have to worry about decreased lung power, unless you start smoking. Here are good examples of lung strengthening exercises:

These exercises and activities just like them improve your overall health. Other than strengthening your lungs, your metabolism will increase, which helps you avoid obesity. The added muscle also build your body’s strength and endurance. As you can see, settling for an increased lung capacity is simply not enough. You might as well increase your body’s capabilities in the process. You will get to the relish the benefits anyway.

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