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There are very few things that turn a stomach quicker than the sight of a swarm of maggots. There are very few things that you want to get rid of as badly once you find them. What exactly is that slimy wiggling thing that seems so fond of your rotting garbage? Maggot is a term that is loosely used for several varieties of insect larva. The most common type is the larva of the common house fly (called fly maggots). Several other types of insects such as certain beetles and moths have very maggot looking larva also. They range in size from 4 to 12 millimeters, and are generally an off white to brownish color although some may appear to have a bit of a reddish tint, or even a yellowish color.

Maggots in the Insect Lifecycle

Insects have life cycles, and an understanding of this cycle is going to be important when we start to talk about how to get rid of them and even better – how to not have them in the first place. Since we need to start somewhere, we will start with the adult fly. We think they spend their time buzzing around our food just to get on our nerves, but actually they are looking for a bit of food for themselves, and then another fly to mate with, and then a good place to lay their eggs. It is not a very long life and they don’t get really picky about finding a good spot for their eggs. Something rotten or something dead will do perfectly for them. They tend to prefer a little moisture as well. Once the eggs are deposited, things move even faster. The eggs will hatch in 8-20 hours. The wiggly little maggot is what comes out of the egg. They have a little hook like thing that helps them hold on to their food, and no legs. Their main function is to eat as much as they can as fast as they can. They then go into a pupa stage. This is a bit like a cocoon. They will usually try to crawl away from the food source and find a moist spot for this. Soon, an adult fly emerges from the cocoon, and the whole disgusting cycle begins again.

Before we discuss how to get rid of them, and to be completely fair to the poor critters, it might be a good idea to take a quick look at what good things they accomplish. They have been used extensively in the past for treating infected wounds. Since they really enjoy a good meal of rotting flesh, they were put on the wound and allowed to eat away infected tissue, and bacteria along with it. This tended to promote healing. While I give you a couple of minutes to let your stomach settle, I will add that our medical knowledge has advanced far enough to give us some rather more pleasant alternatives to this procedure. They are also used as bait by fisherman. In Great Britain there are actually vending machines where you can buy them for this purpose. Lastly, they are part of natures amazing plan of waste disposal. They join with other insects, birds, vultures, and bacteria to clean up the environment. Also, the CSI guy can solve murders by measuring them, and figuring out how old they are and where they come from.

Ok, I tried. I would be willing to guess you have skipped over the praise section rather quickly and want to get on with the “get rid of” part. So, here are some suggestions for getting rid of maggots.

Getting Rid of Maggots

  • Break the Cycle to Kill the Maggots. This is the “get rid of them by not having them in the first place” plan. You can break the cycle rather easily several ways. First, kill the flies. Most common insect pesticides kill flies rather easily. However, most of them do not seem to have a lot of effect on the maggots. In fact, they seem to enjoy being sprayed by most household bug sprays. So, go after the parents. Also, keep your trash covered. Use a garbage disposal if you have one, rather than throwing food scraps into the trash can. Don’t have piles of rotting anything anywhere in your home.
  • Boiling Water. Pouring boiling water on the maggots seems to be the single most effective way of killing them. Some people suggest a mixture of pine sol, bleach, and boiling water. Once you have boiled them to death, you can sweep them up and throw them away in a sealed trash bag. You can also feed them to your fish or your chickens if you happen to have any around.
  • A Less Painful Death? Although this has not been proven conclusively, It can be argued that pouring boiling water on them causes a painful death. If you are among those people on the planet who just can not bear to cause suffering to even maggots, sweep them into a pile, scoop them into a plastic bag and put them in your freezer. The cold will cause them to fall asleep and insure a painless death.
  • Bug Sprays. For some reason, the same common household sprays that easily kill the parents are generally ineffective on the maggots. There are certain commercial preparations that claim to be specific for maggots, but for every report you read that says they are successful, you will find another that says they merely seem to make them crawl a little faster. Some people have suggested things like carburater cleaner, and that might work, but then they will not be anymore dead than the boiling water will make them, and you will have more of a mess to clean up.

Usually, you will find the maggots crawling around on rotting stuff, but from time to time you might find them elsewhere. If you remember the life cycle, they are probably on their way to find a moist spot to grow into flies. You can kill them the same way, but make sure you find out where they came from or you are leaving the breeding ground wide open.

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  1. In the summer time ensure that you throw out old meat the day of or one day before the trash is taken out. If meat is stored long enough away in a garbage bag in a warm area (our garage is warm in the summer) the flies will come and then maggots will form. Also, tie the your garbage super tight so the flies do not get in. I find with recycle bin, you need to wash out any pop/beer cans and bottles well so that the sweetness is not left on them to attract the flies as well as any food residue. If you have a lot of flies near where you keep your garbage, find out why and remove the cause.

    When I did get maggots in my gargage from the garbage, i used bleach to kill them and dry them up. Then I swept them outside to decay.

    EEEwwww….I really hate them!

  2. I don’t have a tip. I will like to know you.I found 7 maggots in my kitchen in a week. I cleaned all over and still can not find where they are coming from. I don’t have any flies in my house. Could you give me some idea of what is going on. Thank you so much,JENNY

  3. Bird seed, there in the bird seed get rid of used bird seed it mite be the moist place or there food but keep the bird seed cleaned up.

  4. i had maggots in my kitchen i had no idea where they were coming from i cleaned all the cabinets and had all the food closed well one day i had enough i was killing about 10 maggots evey hour i was going crazy trying to figure out where they were coming from well my landlord asked me to remove every single thing so he can drop a bomb in the kitchen he said he wasn’t sure it would kill the maggots but he’s sure it will kill any flies left …well i was cleaning everything out and way back in the corner i found a bag of flour it looked like it had little spider webs on it and it also had little tiny holes in it i think i found my problem

  5. Hello. I just finished maggot control. We have experienced unsual rain. I try to let the flies out of the house humanely because they do serve vital roles in nature, so nature is where they need to live. After another big rain,I decided to get rid of one pesky fly. As I hunted for a fly swatter, I found no one concerned to help me. As I chased the fly, I saw what looked like a maggot in my household rubbish (trash can). Yep, it was a maggot. Then I noticed the invasion, about a thousand of the little buggers. After a couple of hours of clean up by 3 of us humans, I found one source of the maggots. They were living in a crack behind the oven between an outside wall and a ceramic tile floor. Who would have guessed? The way I found out was of course the hard way. I tried pouring bleach on them. They crawled faster. I tried spraying them with bug spray, they crawled faster. None died. I like the boiling water idea. Less fumes. The good thing about the bleach is that by pouring bleach around every inch of baseboard and pulling out appliances and pouring bleach there, I was able to locate the “nest”. I still see them crawling– those who survived my dragnet. I guess they are some evidence of survival of the fittest? No, I just need more eyes to survive them. Next, time I will using boiling water and scoop them up. When they are put into a bag, tie the bag immediately or survivors will crawl out who are resistant to boiling, bug spray, bleach and anything else you put on them. Also, during the winter I found a few pieces of dog food and an old doggie bone that had harbored maggots in the past– under the dryer. So move everything and clean everything like floors and sides of adjoining appliances and walls to decrease food sources for maggots.

  6. hi there, i found maggots growing in a bag of pumpkin seeds that i had in the pantry, i have removed these, and have emptied my pantry and cleaned it out. in 2 days i have only found 4 random maggots crawling.. will any of these maggots return? do they breed and spread again? is it a case of, once u have them, u will always have them? shall i move house?

  7. how do i get them out of my carpet. i live in a apt and some of the place flooded like a month ago. i leave my door open so i get flies, and now i have maggots in my carpet. i vacumm,and then more crawl out of the capet.. help

  8. WE GOR RID OF EVERY LAST ONE!!!!!!! Here’s our story: A squirrel made a nest in our attic exhaust fan….which led to droppings and a dead baby squirrel falling through into attic. My husbnd noticed maggots on the carpet that were falling through the cracks of the attic door on the ceiling. He pulled the door down and let’s just say, it was not pretty. MANY MANY maggots fell down onto him and the carpet below. By the time we discovered them it looked hopeless and out of control. The gross out factor was off the charts!!! let’s just say i had nightmnares for two days. Our first line of defense was vacuuming. we had an old vacuum and decided to suck up as many of the nasty critters as possible and then threw the vacuum away. then we used the steam cleaner ont he carpets. The trick is to use piping hot water in the vacuum, they came right to the surface. But here is the real secret weapon to eliminating every last one of them from carpet. ~~~ DOUBLE SIDED TAPE ~~~ We purchases standard double sided scotch tape and put in all around infected area of the carpet. You can literally trap them to a specific area of the carpet. We made a box around them all along the baseborads and doorways of our hallway. We turned out the lights and went back every hour or two and the tape was filled with them. We kept disposing of the tape and replacing it until we there were NONE. It took 15 hours of taping. The stam cleaning in conjunction with tape got killed ALL of them. I was amazed at how effective the tape was. We had our attic exhaust fan sealed up by a professonial and we also hired an exterminator to bomb the attic just incase any survived. Then I steamed cleaned the carpet one final time to try and regain some piece of mind.

  9. I found a little bundle on my kitchen floor ( i thought it was rice). I looked closer and saw that they were moving. I have no idea how they got to my kitchen but its disgusting. i used boiling water, bleach & floor cleaner. hopefully i got them all…

  10. I have found out that living in South Texas (Austin) there are more flies down here than up North in Hewitt (Waco). I have recently seen maggots in my trash outside of the house. I have found that not only getting rid of scrapes in the food disposal and putting old food out the day of trash pick up but if you spray pesticides on the flies everytime you put trash in your trash cans outside to keep them away it does seem to work. It keeps the flies away (kills them too!!!) as well as keeps the possiblities of these maggots being born WAY DOWN.

  11. had a dead possum under my house. needless to say, my neighbor got it out, but, th maggots are still there. i tried termit spray,nothing happened, i tried bleach, yes they crawled faster, i then found the tips on this web sight about boiling water. it’s working, but, how do i get the ones still under the house, before they make their way into the house? any help out there for a poor southwest louisiana woman who may face this same situation again.

  12. Hi it is a little bit late for all your cases but i have a very good recipe for getting rid of maggots in a wound.
    I have a dog who got maggots in a wound, I did a research on the internet and found that maggots need to breathe so a good option is to cover the wound with vaseline and wait until the maggots come out, taking them out with twizers(this is a lengthy procedure). I tried that and it worked quite good for taking the maggots out, but then I tried another thing which worked better and with extra properties:
    I mixed aloe vera (which has very good properties for healing and scaring and has gel consistency), turmeric powder (natural powerful antiseptic, very used in indian cuisine), and sugar (also has many properties for healing and scaring open wounds). The quantities are about one teaspoon of turmeric per two teaspoons of sugar and a tablespoon of aloe vera. I made a paste-like mix and put a big amount on and around the wound. Then I covered it with a gause or bandage.
    The next day I opened the gause and all the maggots were outside the wound mostly dead and the wound was clean and already curing!
    I kept doing this for some more days (This was very recent so I am still in the process with very good progress). The most important thing is to keep the wound covered so that no flies can come and put the eggs again on the wound and like this the wound can close with the virtues of the paste. I hope this recipe can help you.

  13. HELP!!! i have maggots falling from my house outside. i have done the bleach, and boiling water and they just keep pouring from under my house.(i live in a 50’s stilted home) i cant get under my house to remove any dead varmint so i am stuck with a reoccurring maggot problem…any advise?

  14. I killed a ton of flies a few days ago and thought I’d cleaned them all up, guess not. I’ve been working my kitchen now all day and it’s into the night here and I’m still finding the little maggots. I hate them. I’m going nuts! All I have is lemon pinesol and it’s not working.

  15. I read somewhere to put moth balls or moth ice crystals in a bottom of the outside garbage can if you have them in there… I do. I feel sorry for the trash man lol. But I will be trying it to see if it works. Have to keep it away from kids etc of course but our outdoor garbage can is big and they cant mess with it. Had them once under a garbage bag laying on floor just cleaned up that mess and put them in another garbage bag and got rid of it quickly away from home!!

  16. I haven’t had a problem (in Central Texas) until our garbage company changed to having us use a large can that the truck can pick up and dump. It is horrid. I never had this problem with the smaller Rubbermaid type cans and I do have to put scraps etc. in it as we can’t use our garbage disposal with our septic system. Thankfully, they aren’t inside but we have seen more in and out this year – maybe because of our extra rain.

  17. Checked out the BinFresh website, I thought they were slightly on the pricey side but tried them all the same…what can I say…brilliant!

  18. Bleach and hot boiling water mixed together seem to work really well!!!!
    It helps with the smell and to kill them!!

  19. I recently started working for the local landfill, and outside my office every day i find maggots,,,, ive tried fire, water, and they keep coming back, im sure they will come back everyday… but i dont want to keep on burning them, day after day… can someone tell me what keeps them away???

  20. I am in the process of trying to get rid of these nasty creatures right now. I guess they were in my trash can, which is just outside my garage. Anyway, they came into my garage and totally took over. I have tried everything!!! I emptied my garage, tried spraying them out with the waterhose (there were millions of them, in every crack and corner..everywhere), i used bleach, i used gas, i used bug killer, i used boiling water, i used pinesole, i pretty much emptied all my cleaners onto my garage floor…nothing seemed to work very well. The boiling water seems to help a little, but by the time i got to that idea they were so spread out that it was hard to pour it on all of them. I ended up doing all that and then spraying them out of the garage and down the driveway and into the road, I am just taking a break, will be going back out to see how things look now. If anyone has any other ideas let me know becuase i am open to suggestions. I have all my stuff sitting in my front yard and I think it is going to start raining soon!!!!! OMG..could it get any worse!!!!

  21. i found maggots underneath my garbage can lid.
    and was completly DISGUSTED. to no limit.
    i can not stand them.i keep thinking they are ON me.
    but they arent. im prettty much going insane.
    i am definatly going to try the boiling water idea.
    maybe then i can relax.

  22. I do NOT have a tip. I have a PROBLEM. Got up this morning and my nephew went to heat up some frozen pancakes in the microwave and hollered for me to come and look at this “mealworm”. I said that is not a mealworm, but a maggot!! GROSS!! It seems like they are coming from nowhere. That one was on the counter. I have found them on the floor in the kitchen too. I pulled out the fridge and microwave and stove and cleaned and mopped and threw away my broom and mop, and took out the trash can and cleaned it with bleach. I had to leave for it was grossing me out. So, I shall see when I go back home how better or worse it is!! But…if you have ANY suggestions…PLEASE INFORM ME!! I called my landlord and he said to clean my kitchen. I am not a dirty person though. He said they will be there tomorrow to look at it, but…I have other issues in my apartment that are not being dealt with either, so….ONLY TIME WILL TELL and that is another story. LOL! But…this is my first time having maggots and i am freaking out and stressing!!

  23. There was a trash can in my room and one day when I got off of work there were maggots crawling out of the can. I had no idea what to do. First I went and got a really large trash bag and put the entire trash can in it. That was the easy part. Many of them had already jumped out of the trash can. Needless to say first I tried bleach and other household cleaners and they just started to move faster. I wish I had thought to check the internet at first. Surprisingly Raid aint and roach killer seemed to do the trick. They didn’t die immediately but after about 30 seconds of wathcing them squirm, they didn’t move anymore. I was so relieved. By the way, having them in carpet is the pits.

  24. I’m about to give this a shot, I have maggots in my driveway, and they found a way into my garage, gross things, i have no problem squishing them, but there are too many. So I’m going to use something I used to messs with as a kid. Remember that compressed air in a can, the stuff used to clean computer key boards, blows air out the nozzle? Well, when you turn the can upsidedown, the air becomes like frozen CO2, so you can basically criogenically freeze them,l and the area the spray covers is pretty broad. Just be really carefull not to freeze your fingeres or breath the stuff in, it can really hurt. Only other thing I can think of is hairspray and a lighter or deoderant and a lighter, torch them to a brown roast.

  25. I’ve had my first ever maggot experience today – I’m praying its my last!!!! We had a busy long weekend and some leftover lasagna sat on the counter. When I went to toss it in the garbage I thought to myself “I didn’t put spaghetti noodles in the lasagna” yeah it was a bunch of maggots uggggggh. I immediately took the trash out (and have had my husband seal the lid shut since garbage day is almost a week away – I’m terrified as it is!!!) and have been bleaching my kitchen all day. I think/hope/pray I got all of them b/c from what I’ve been reading they can just keep coming back.

    MARY AIGNER: I haven’t done this myself (yet) but a tip I’ve read is to seal those scraps of yours up and put them in the freezer until garbage day. Maybe that will help prevent the maggots for you?

  26. I have a question, I read the article of maggots,but I have a problem that nobody now what to do. In my kitchen I seen several maggots didn’t know where they came from so I throughly clean my kitchen with household cleaning supplies and of course bleach. I even sprayed my counters with bleach because that is where I seen them. I continued seeing them called pest control that didn’t work made sure that all trash was throw away. I think I found where they may be coming from I notice little black bugs along with the maggots in my kitchen cabinet I also see wood trimming alon the base line of the counter I called pest control they still could not give me a definite answer. Can you please tell me what to do or why is this happening. Its gross and Im tired of super cleaning and scrubbing. I can’t even cook. PLEASE HELP
    Thanks in Advance,

  27. If you find maggots in your outside trash cans, pour bleach mixed w/ boiling water into the cans and move them as far away from your house a possible. I messed up and poured bleach alone on them and left the cans where they were. When I got back home they were all over my back stoop, the hand railing, the side of the house, and trying to get into my back door. I just finished the boiling water method a little bit ago. I feel like I went crazy tonight!

  28. I founf maggots in my kitchen what do I do there are 10-15 in an hour and cannot find where thay are coming from. PLease help they are disgusting and I feel that my house is dirty

  29. I live in Arkansas and it has not been hot enough for me to turn on the ac yet.The other day my son took the trash out and he had a maggot on his hand.I started sweeping and mopping the floor.After I was finished I noticed about 5 more maggots.I sweep them up and then found more.I had a small hole in the lanoleum and they seemed to be coming from there.I started riping it up.They are coming out fromthere and from around the back door.I live in a moble home and the back is 4 feet off the ground I just cant seem to find the source. It is driving me crazy

  30. We live in a nibg city and have a special place we take our trash every week.Until then It usually sits out on the porch (which we don’t use so we don’t really care) however, when it comes time to move the trash I have a hard time keeping my lunch down because we have maggots EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! It’s hard to use boiling water because we live on the third floor so any ideas on how to get rid of them with out boiling the tenets down stairs?

  31. My husband came home at 11 pm and found maggot crawling out of the City of Chicago issued trash can next to our garage in the alley. Thousands and thousands of them crawling from that garbage and the adjacent unit’s garbages (we live in a townhouse).

    We found a path about 75 feet long of them in our alley of them just crawling around…and crawling under our garage door into our garage. I assume they’re in all of our neighbor’s garages too.

    We tried to torch them…way too many! Then we tried bleach – seemed to kills some. They I boiled water in the tea kettle, in a big pot and ran the coffee maker without coffee grounds and used all that boiling water to pour in the garbage, along all the garages, in our garage. I’m sure we killed hundreds if not thousands over the past hour…but there are still so many left and it’s nearly 1 am and we’re tired!

    We weren’t home over the weekend…so I just assume that one of our neighbors threw some nice scraps or raw meat in the garbage over the 4th of July weekend and now we’re paying the price for it! YUCK!

  32. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    GOOD TIP: I had maggots in the kitchen and i called an exterminator for some tips. He said mix about a gallon of boiling water with a cup of bleach and cup and half-2cups of hydrogen peroxide. It worked like a charm. For you guys that said bleach doesnt work, it doesnt work for the maggots but it works to clean up and keep the flies away to prevent more maggots. After i did it the maggots all shrivled up, dried out and were easy to sweep up. Its 3 weeks later and I have yet to see another one.

  33. Woke up this morning and went outside to trashcan and almost puked. I have never had a problem with maggots before so I was really upset to see them squirming around the trashcan. Now, I know this solution might not seem to humane but my first thought was to douse them with SALT. Within about 2 minutes they were all dead. Hopefully, they won’t come back!

  34. One thing we’ve discovered in the hot summer is that cat food/dog food cans will generate them in NO time at all… if you just toss the empty cat food cans in the trash, you WILL end up with “wigglers” in there, or in the sink with the cat-food fork, etc. Boiling water works. It’s about the only thing. If you’ve got warm weather, you’ve gotta RINSE the cat food/dog food cans BEFORE you toss the cans in the trash.

    Karen above mentions salt… come to think of it, from what I learned in high-school chemistry, a good strong salt solution would surely do it too (works on slugs, right?)… faster than boiling up a kettle. Rubbing alcohol, which kills most things, doesn’t kill wigglers. Amazing but true.

  35. I had a terrible case of maggots on my back door step from a lunch bag that was forgotten about. They were even coming in through the cracks in the door. I tried every kind of cleaning spray that I had and nothing worked. I even poured straight bleach on them and they would just swim through it. I then read on this site about using boiling water so I tried it mixed w/ a little beach and Pine Sol and it actually worked. I couldn’t believe it. I had been attacking this problem for several hours early one morning and then when I did the boiling water mixture, it eliminated the problem almost instantly.

  36. After reading all the posts, I decided to go with boiling water. I also flushed them out with the hose.

    I live in Dallas TX and they are bad this year. My garbage cans are located on the side by my garage door. My son who takes the trash out each week has faithfully rinsed out the cans every week since we have had this problem. I have decided to leave the trash cans in the alley until I know they are no longer near my house. Or until I know I have solved this problem.

    My infestation was in between where my house and driveway meet. It was in between the driveway and where the front of the garage meets also. I found mine at 10:00 o’clock at night and was up until 1 AM. I boiled them out and flushed them out with the hose. Even in the morning I noticed one on the driveway after showing my son what I was up all night doing. I plan on going to the local “farm” store to get some ideas and or tips as to how to handle it.

    I did notice a post by “Ash”. I found this to be quite logical and will try it next time if I do not get a solution from the farm store.

    Needless to say, I was overwhelmed at the location in where they made their nest and how many there was. Hopefully I have taken care of it and there will be no further problems.

    One other thing, I did notice for a few weeks with all the rain that by the garage there were small snail all in the corner. I beleive that the infestation was feeding off the garbage and the snails because it was a food source. The snails were very small. When I looked at the snails, most of the shells were empty. I found it unusual and though nothing of it. Now I am thinking it was a feeding source for the infestation. I also put down slug and snail killer to eliminate them as well and not to encourage more infestations of either insect.

    Hope this helps, good luck to any others whom experience this problem.

  37. First, I have to thank-you all for the tips. I’d gone to one website and the answers were terrible ones like “clean you house once in a while” or “your making me barf”.
    I appreciate that here people are willing to admit that even clean homes can get maggots in them!
    OK. I have had a problem. Under my kitchen sink is where I put our trash. Clearly I will need to get better about wrapping meat scraps up carefully etc.
    But, I took everything that was under there out and threw it ALL away. Even the cleaners. It was just too disturbing! Then, I used some of those lysol wipes to wipe the maggots into a little container which I sealed into a bag. After scrubbing out under there, I now have sprayed it all down with bleach water and am repeating that spray every hour.
    I am hoping this kills them! Wish I had a magic trick, but I wanted to let others know you aren’t alone!!

  38. Tonee said””I recently started working for the local landfill, and outside my office every day i find maggots”””

    Huh??? Ok you basically work at the DUMP…. under these circumstances you are going to have maggots,they help to break down the trash in the landfill. You are totally fighting a losing battle, be glad they are on the OUTSIDE where they are supposed to be. 🙂

  39. I tried bleach and bug spray with minimal results. Salt worked well on the ones that were wet – the salt stuck to them. Finally used boiling water and it worked GREAT!

  40. I found maggots in my trash can. I tried everything nothing worked until I went on line and found you guys. I tried the boiling water and bleach. It worked! Thanks a lot! I moved my trash can which was next to my garage. I moved it to the side of the house next to the back yard gate It’s not hot there. Hope that will stop them from coming back come back I’ll keep checking.

  41. Hot Shot Roach killer kills them. A new neighbor moved in and has pet land tortoises. He keeps them in the back of his house, near my garbage can. The turtles do their business back there which attracts TONS of flies and sure enough, the flies found my garbage and found it to be a nice home. I came home from a weekend getaway to find my garbage can crawling with them. I sprayed bleach all over the can, didn’t faze them at all. The only pesticide I had was Hot Shot Roach killer (living in South Florida you HAVE to have a can of roach killer). I sprayed it on and watched. Within 20 seconds, they began to fall off the lid of the can, within 2 minutes 90% were dead, within 10 min all visible treated maggots were dead. I read the ingredients, this one didn’t contain Premethin, but still did the trick 🙂

  42. How do I get them out of carpet? I found a happy meal that my kids had in the back of the van today, and guess what else!! I don’t know how to get them out of the carpet, I am going crazy and suggestions?

  43. I know better, but last week I made the horrible mistake of dumping hamburgers and hot dogs in my outside garbage can after coming home from a picnic. It wouldn’t have been bad had it not been 90 degrees and warmer for the past few days. Anyway, last night I discovered the garbage bin was completely FULL of maggots. I found a RAID bug bomb under my sink and even though maggots weren’t on the label, I threw it in and closed the lid. I’ve never seen such a mass exodus before. They were coming out of every nook and cranny as fast as they could and then falling to the ground. This morning they all seemed to be dead. I hosed off the driveway and tonight I’ll hose out the garbage can. I hope that takes care of the problem…I may sanitize with bleach just for good measure!

  44. Found at least a hundred of the little buggers in my trash can this morning! So disgusted going to try boiling water,getting rid of trash can and everything surrounding it ewwwwwww!!!!!!! So stressed now just got rid of ants now this crap arghhhh!

  45. About 2 weeks ago we noticed a lot of copper colored flies in our kitchen. We’ve never had this problem before, we don’t even own a fly swatter. We had to borrow a neighbor’s. Every night we were killing about 20 flies in our kitchen. My wife found a pile of maggots behind the trash can and freaked out. She drenched them in bleach and swept them up. For about a week we were free and clear. We cleaned everything with bleach and thought that would do it. Now the flies are back. We killed about 40 of them in the past 2 days and have torn the house apart looking for the source of these disgusting things. We can’t find or smell anything out of the ordinary. Any ideas as to where these things could be? Getting very frustrated and digusted knowing that there is a pile of maggots somewhere in our home. Does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to find these things?

  46. I do not think there is any possible way to rid of these gross things. I have tried bleach, hot water, even a pesticide for screw worms and maggots and no success. We have gotten to the point where we cant even eat at home because of the thought and we have tried it all. The more i clean the more i find, This is the reason i hate summer.

  47. I found even my Rubbermaid can has small gaps near the handles where flies could get in even when the lid was “snapped” down. I grabbed some foam weatherstripping used for door jams and applied it to the lid where it contacts the can rim, all the way around. that filled in any gaps and seems to have resolved my issue. Also added a fly strip hanging above the can so any random flies tring to get into the can usually find their way to the strip and are stuck… although the strip hanging there is quite unsightly 🙁

  48. I have the maggot problem! When cleaning my kitchen floor last weekend I lifted up my cat food mats and they were underneath. Swept them all up and washed the floor. Last night came home to twenty flies on the kitchen window. Killed them all, got up this morning, 12 dying flies on the floor. An hour later, several more. Am now thinking what thw hell!!! Then my boyfriend noticed a tiny crack in the skirting board with some legs wriggling out of it trying desperately to escape!!! So my advice to anyone who is as baffled as we were, they can hide in the tiniest place!!!!

  49. we seem to be stuck in a cycle of maggot control – will have to start refridgerating the meat scraps till garbage day. in the meantime, i’ve discovered that a blow torch is the finest weapon against these little buggers. bleach and boiling water never did us much good. but melting them down with a propane torch is foolproof.

  50. I used to laugh at my Mom for what I called, “gift wrapping” her garbage. She kept old newspapers handy to scrap food garbage on, and fold it up neatly, before placing it into the garbage can. “What a colossal waste of time,” I thought. But now I see the wisdom of her actions — The neighborhood flies didn’t have a chance!! You go, Mama! Hope this tip helps somebody. And, thanks to all for sharing your tips, also. I just squashed several maggots today (yuk) on my kitchen floor, and I am feeling highly uneasy…

  51. Woke up this morning and went to the kitchen to get my protein shake ready and get off to the gym. I dropped a spoon and looked down to get it when I saw one. Then another. Then another. Before I knew it I thought I was in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, because I started seeing them EVERYwhere on the floor. Some in patches, some solitary. Most in the trash. I’ve read the tips and will be trying all of them. I think I’m also going to have a talk with my room-mates and FINALLY get everyone in the house to pull their weight and clean up for 15 – 20 minutes a day. Prevention is always the best cure. Now they’ll HAVE to listen to me when I say “maybe you shouldn’t throw that out unless you wrap it first,” or “if you see the trash is full, TAKE IT OUT AS SOON AS YOU SEE IT!” Gotta tell ya, it’s not easy living in my house sometimes. I’m the clean freak and everybody thinks I’m overdramatic and paranoid. Now I get to tell em “I told ya so!”

  52. Hi, I have an unusual problem. I bought a used car, I had it detailed and everything but now I have maggots and little black bugs! I have 4 children and I don’t even want to put them in the car. I cannot afford to get a different car and this one is only 6 years old. Does anyone know how to get it out of upholstry and carpet in a car?

  53. If you have several come out of the kitchen garbage can, and you remove the trashbag, and think you’ve killed all of them, do you have to worry about a couple crawling somewhere and multiplying??

  54. weve got hundreds! weve tried bleach. boiling water, everything, but the just come back, they were here lasty month and we thought we,d got rid of them, as there was nothing for a whole month and now they are beck with a vengance, about 20 in the house evey morning when you get up and about 300 outside the back door and no matter how many times you clean them away they return the following or same night enraged and in bigger numbers, please help us, please!!!!

  55. i need help… ive had maggot coming under my back door and into my kitchen hallway and living room… this evening my husband went to let the dog outside and he found about a million maggots coming towards my house… we have tryed everything bleach, cleaning the floors… i just told him about the boiling water idea but if that dont work what can i do …. i really need help … he have a big black wheely bins but we have a 2 weekly collection which i think is disgusting i clean my floors every 3 time a day due to this… as well as sorting out my 3 disabled children i have to sort out the maggot…. please can someone help me… i cant think off anything else as im doing everything right

  56. I had maggots on my patio and the thing that I got to work was I sprayed them with mosquito spray and then bleached them. It killed a majority of them, and I just cleaned up the mess with boiling water!

  57. we have a huge problem with maggots, i have a young family and live in horror that they will contract some nasty bug or other.
    The council collect our rubbish fortnightly and i believe this to be the reason they are reproducing so rapidly! i have tried boiling water, bleach and disinfectant nothing seems to be working.
    Any more ideas?

  58. i just moved into a new place less than 20 days ago…
    And guess what we found yeatserday. HUNDREDS of maggotts in the laundry pile… So we removed the maggots from the laugndry, and sweapt up the little ba***rds, but later on (after removing them from the household) there were more! We have mothing rotting in our home… where could the nest be?!?

  59. I’m so grossed out. I went to pack my daughter’s lunch box, and in it I found old jello with maggots. It had probably been sitting on the shelf for 3 weeks. There were only about a dozen maggots in the lunch box. But then as I started looking at other stuff on the shelf I found more. They were on everything, not a lot – just one or two on boxes. So I threw all of the food in our house away, everything. That was yesterday. This morning I found one in a pan that was sitting next to the shelf. And my daughter just found one on the wall. Yuk. I just want them gone. It lookes like we will be eating out for awhile.

  60. WE found loads of maggots on out pourch urggghh !! we did not know where they came from then we found them all in the green bin : thoushounds of them so ma dad chucked LOADS of boiling warter over them and we think it killed them !! now we just hav to wait till the bin men cume i feel 4 them bloke LOL from jesy 10

  61. 2 Fridays ago when we took our trash out, there were maggots in the trash can so I went to get my mom((yes I’m 13)) and she said to pour bleach on them so I did, most/all of them died, but they’re back and trash day isn’t for 5 days, so my mom told me to pour ammonia on them, but that probably isn’t gonna work, what should I do?!?!?!

  62. So here’s something new, I think. We had an old fridge from about a year ago that just stopped working. My husband put it in the garage, saying he wanted to fix it eventually and make it a beer fridge. Well, along with putting it in the garage, he forgot to empty out the already rotting contents. Here it is, a year later, and my husband has just left for basic training. The day he left, I noticed weird black slug-like insects in my garage. I freaked out, thinking they were some kind of poisonous bugs and called my father-in-law. He came and looked at them and said they were just mosquito-eaters, not to worry about them. Well, after spraying them everyday with insecticide to no avail, I called my dad to come find the source. We looked everywhere in my garage and found old mud nests (for wasps, I suppose) but they were empty. My dad said he would come by and spray the nests. Well, my mother-in-law comes one day to pick something up from my garage and mentions the old refrigerator. I say, “Huh, didn’t even think about that” so we open the door only to find the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life- a nest of big black maggots covering the inside of the fridge. It was awful! The smell, the sight, the thought- all of it! All in the same week my husband leaves. Lucky him, he didn’t have to clean any of it. My father came and helped clean up the garage, we took the fridge out of the garage and taped it up with good tape, and hopefully the junk collectors will take it in the morning! have any of you ever seen or heard of black maggots? They are the most disgusting things!!!!!!

  63. D: Okay. So I need MEGA help. I live in south Louisiana. Yeah. So it’s REALLY hot. And REALLY humid. Bad combination right? Yeah. Now add about 5 rabbits to that equation. I raise rabbits to show in 4-H shows. They all live in cages outside, suspended, so all their poop falls to the ground….do you know how much poop 5 rabbits can yield? HOLY MOLY. Also, the heat has been SO extreme lately that my dad has hooked up a misting system for the bunnies. Well the poo, plus the water, plus the food droppings, equaled to massive amounts of maggots EVERYWHERE. I have a walk-way, so I don’t have to touch them….but I don’t think I can stand to look at them much longer! I’m desperate! They’re disgusting and they make the mud impossible to get hard again. I was curious and poured some salt on them, just to see what would happen….needless to say they ate that up. Loved it! :/

    I don’t know if it would be possible for me to do the boiling water since it’s all outside and they’d just come back since there is always a steady supply of moist mud, poo, and food droppings. Is there any type of powder or anything I can spray daily that would kill them? Please let me know! My stomache and sanity depends on it!

  64. I used white vinegar, bleach, water and finally salt. The vinegar did nothing, the bleach, along with water and hot (95degree) sun seemed to work, but I put in the salt just to be extra sure. They’re all dead and the smell is gone, now where do I dispose of the liquid without hurting plants & animals?

  65. Recently I had something die in the ceiling, or so I thought, anyway and the smell was herendous. A few days later I was finding maggots in the bathroom on the other side of the house coming from the airduct in the ceiling. Any advice other tnan exterminator? Are they harmful tomy cats and dog?

  66. Um…ok…heres one…we were lame and left a trash bag in our garage and forgot about it…so low and behold we now have a huge amount of critters…now am I understanding right that even if we get these ones out that they will keep coming back? I thought they needed rotten food…OMG…I am so hoping that if we get them all they will hatch and find another place to breed…we will try the boiling water and I think we are going to have to get rid of the carpet that we had in the garage…THIS SUCKS soooooo much….found some in a pile of clothes too….I’m ready to move now..

  67. we had a fly problem to day , about 50 0r so o the window so i sprayed the with black flag and they all died. WE came home after dinner to find maggots on th tile so we sucke them upwith a shop vac but four hours later we keep finding them .Come to find out there hiding in the carpet so we steam cleaned the carpet, that helps to make them come out and its better then picking them up by hand but robaly the best thing to do i o put on some loud music and dance on them dead

  68. I just wanted to say to 13-year-old Katrina, whose Mom told her to pour bleach on maggots, and then told her to pour ammonia: DON’T PUT BLEACH AND AMMONIA ON ANYTHING AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!! This makes deadly chloramine gas, it can KILL you. A friend of mine got very sick cleaning cat pee (ammonia) with bleach.

    As for maggots, thank you all for the tips! We’ll try the boiling water, & rinsing cat food cans.

  69. i keep finding maggots like a month age there where like a couple i looked everywhere an couldnt find were they where coming from well i thought ok they’re all gone well today theres more i mean like 20 or more an i poured boiling water on them but i keep finding more i live in an apt how do i figure out where they’re coming from and how do i get rid of them for good

  70. Hi i have a ques?….beginning of the summer, our sump pump went out, so out basement flooded, I had a huge rug there that was all wet, so my husband brought outside hung on fence so i can wash scrub w/ hose let dry & bring back in,,,well that didnt happen? finally end of august, i decide, i should clean my rug thats been rolled up sitting in the garage all this time, & finally put back into the basement, So my husband pulls out, & i start cleaning scrubbing it on the drive way, & then im rinsing it down w/ hose to get all the soap out, walk away 4 a bit then i come back again, to rince more & i see 2 maggots crawling on it.. I think what the hek,,,I rince it off w/ the hose make sure it goes into the drain outside,, then i see another one, I ask my husband where r they coming from?…werent there b4, is it possible theyre burried into the rug?…Now the rug is not thick its thin?.. so i dont understand?..I start again, dowsing it w/ the hose, i flip a little part over 2 get the back, its good, roll again, get more of the back of carpet, roll again, then i see a few more underneathe ,, so i spray them down to the drain, flip over the carpet, till i got the whole thing,,,my husband & my son, barely lift the rug to hang on the fence so it can dry, I examine the whole thing if i see any more, & i dont… So im afraid to bring it back inside my basement if they are somehoe burried in there somehow, cuz i DO NOT want them inside?,, SO my ques is can they be burried in there?….or just by being in the garage practically all summer, when it was rolled up they just happened to get onto the rug, & as i was washing it came up?,,, & now i got them & theyre gone??????

  71. use a big pot of boiling water because i had some in my car in the back seat so i poured it back there. i did’nt care if my car was wet i just wanted them out.

  72. I was totally exhausted from trying everything I could to get rid of maggots that were crawling from the plastic garbage left in my kitchen waiting for a good time to take a trip to the garbage dump. Sadly it was pretty warm in my apartment as I am conserving my air conditioning bill and keep my thermostat set pretty high. Imaagine my horror when I turned on the kitchen light and saw all these squiggly, slimy things crawling from the top of the bag and trailing all the way to my kitchen floor. They were thousands of them. My first thought was to get the Raid. They scattered faster! Then I got bleach and poured directly on them. They kept on crawling. Disgusting! Then I turned on the hot water and poured it on them. That seemed to stop them in their tracks. I then scooped them up and put them under the hot running water and into the garbage disposal. I have been running the hot water for seems like an hour now. While that is happening I notice them crawling in different directions on my kitchen floor. So I take bleach and start mopping the floor and holding the mop under the hot running water. After completing that job, I then notice some of them on my carpet in the dining room. Help now what do I do??? Will I ever get rid of them or will these become flies with the next day or so? To be continued…..

  73. I just found my outside rubbish bin crawling with maggots, never had this problem before. I think it must be because of the unusual weather we are having in the UK.
    I had no idea what to do but my Dad has just soaked them in Jeyes Fluid and they seem to have died almost straight away.
    We only did it a few minutes ago, so i guess anything could still happen, but will keep you posted.
    One of the earlier posts i will definitely be using is to wrap household waste in newspaper before throwing it out. Makes perfect sense.

  74. Aside from expecting maggots to be on a dead body I always thought of them as a sign of filth. I could never get my kids to do their share of helping with the housework. I had enough. I decided to be as lazy as them. I let the dishes build up and didn’t bother cleaning. I do only what I have to. I clean dishes only as I need them and for my husband and youngest child. But the rest are teenagers. I thought my plan was starting to work when I realized they were too embarrassed to want anyone to see the inside of our house but they still didn’t help. So I kept this going…. until today! I can’t stand it anymore! We now have maggots! That is horrible! I can’t even keep up with them. And now my teenage daughters certainly wont help me because they are sickened and terrified to go near the kitchen! My plan has backfired on me and now I am stuck with the worst of disgusting messes to clean and MAGGOTS to deal with! They are crawling all over! I couldn’t believe it but they are WAY far away from the sink of dirty dishes or the trash. I didn’t know they could survive away from their warm moist home and food source. I never even thought about vermin and filthy creatures when I put myself on “strike”. I sure don’t want to live with maggots! This is all my fault. I guess I’m not a good mother for this to come to such a point. I can’t make them do anything to help me and they are so disrespectful. I work two part time jobs and don’t want to have to be a maid in my own home. Now they say I let our home get this way and make it sound like I’m lazy and disgusting and they are such victims. My husband is no help. He is not discipinary and I am the bad guy. Now I’m the sick bad guy living in a filthy pigpen with maggots.

  75. I don’t have a tip i had a problem, this morning I went to put a bag of trash in the outside can i had to hose it off for the maggots was on the lid, then I looked on the drive way and there was 100’s of them crawling. there was no food or anything there just our 2 cars and the can. Could the rain we got last night have caused this? never have I seen this amount before.It’s like they come out of the ground. I took the can to the end of our drive and when I went back to it a few minutes later they was on top again, less than 10 seconds. WHERE DID THESE AWFUL THINGS COME FROM? HELP IN GEORGIA!!!!

  76. Get rid of the source e.g something rotting or rubbish that has been last for a while pour boiling water around about 20 times and then wait.. they will eventually dissapear 🙂

  77. I was sitting on my couch watching tv today when i saw something crawling alone the floor. i thought it was an ant, so i got up to squish it. when i looked closer i saw it wasn’t an ant. i can’t kill any bugs other than ants, and almost threw up after killing a spider. i called my mom almost in tears i was so freaked out. she told me to spray them with bug spray, but after reading this i don’t know if that will work. they are on the carpet so i think the boiling water would backfire, because the carpet would then become a nice moist spot for them. ive never even seen a maggot before today.

  78. To Tired Mom:
    Don’t blame yourself! You aren’t a bad mother and it sounds like you are doing everything you can! As far as your children not helping you, I think that you should take away privledges until they realize that you can’t do everything by yourself. Don’t give up–it will get better.

  79. I used brake cleaner. I am thinking about tring a tourch. I just want to kill them. The carburator cleaner works, there are just so many of them. My girlfriend left the trash bag out next to the cans because she is lazy and the flies must have already laid the eggs by the time I got the trash put in the can, because now they are just crawling out of my trash can.

  80. I discovered these nasty little critters as I walked by the outside garbage can, and thought what is that awful smell. I cannot remember throwing away any raw meat. So I thought maybe my neighbor threw away a dead rat in my trash, since ths smell seem to had came overnight. I tried bleach and dish soap thinking the fumes will kill them, but noo those little tough critters kept crawling around as if they were there to stay. I’ve also tried ammonia hasn’t helped so my next step is salt and peroxide accompanied with hot hot water I even burn them with a lit cigarette out of fustration but now I am ever so determined I’ll get back after they’re gone.

  81. Tired Mom:

    Your situation sounds a lot like my families situation, except the other way around. I am a teenage girl and I cannot convince my family to do anything around the house. My sister and I go to school and have after school jobs, and my parents work all day. By night, they are tired and do not want to do anything when they get home. Understandable, because I do not either. I’m not quite sure what to do. I can’t exactly TELL my parents to do anything.

    Anyway, all that brings me to my problem. Last week I spooned some margarine into a frying pan (I was making eggs) and after it melted I noticed some little white thing in the pan. I figured it was a noodle, seeing as my sister had spilled Mr.Noodle all over the stove the night before and had not cleaned it up. I looked a bit closer, and I saw it squirming around! That threw me off eating for the entire day.

    Lately there has been TONS of flies ALL over my house, not just in the kitchen. It is no longer warm here, seeing as it is fall and its cold here already. So all today I have been running around my house, trying to kill literally HUNDRED of flies. There are about a dozen big flies, about a hundred fruit flies, and some moth-like bugs on my ceiling. And today, I found about 8 maggots. One fell right in front of me, on the stove again. I am so disgusted about this that I don’t even want to go into the kitchen. I completely think this it is up to my parents to deal with this. The only problem is, my mother is a pack-ratt and keeps EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. It will be like pulling teeth to get her throw away anything that may be the maggot breeding ground. Any suggestions on how to deal with my parents not doing their share AND the fly/maggot problem?

  82. Soooo I was cleaning up my kitchen this morning and spotted several maggots crawling up my garbage disposal and into my sink- disgusting is an understatement…. My first reaction was to spray them to kingdom come with bug spray… However that didn’t help at all.. Then I tried bleach… again, it seemed not to faze them a bit… So I decided to look up tips online and found this site…. I read about the boiled water/bleach mixture and decided to give it a try… That was about 20 minutes ago, and so far so good! I’ll give it a little more time before I dub it a success. Thanks for the help!

  83. If your having a hard time getting rid of them, then just pour some lawn mower gas on them and they just stay put and die. I’m sorry little maggots BYE BYE!!!! lol

  84. When ever I have had maggots (which has been some time ago) I have just poured lysol liquid cleaner on them. It always worked. Nothing else I tried did.

  85. To the teenager with lazy parents:

    Sorry to hear about your problem because I had to grow up with a slob of a mom so I know how you feel. It’s disgusting and disappointing isn’t it?

    Since your parents are adults and you can’t exactly tell them what to do you’re pretty much stuck with them the way they are. Just get into the habit of cleaning even though you have no time to do it otherwise you’ll end up like your parents. This means cleaning up after anyone who’s messy in your family. I got my younger sister to help me clean and that made a big difference. Do that and be patient for the time you can move out and take care of your own mess. Make sure you raise kids who’ll clean up after themselves so they won’t turn into adults like your parents.

    To everyone:

    As for the maggot problem yesterday I discovered we have the problem too and I think it’s from an animal that might have died in our attic. I’m petrified of going up there until I have an end-all solution. I can’t exactly do the boiling water thing because a ceiling leaking water isn’t such a bright idea. I’ll have to arm myself with insecticide and brave the attic or I’m also thinking a steam cleaner will work as good as boiling water so I might have to spend the $90 and buy one. Wish me luck! Otherwise I think we’re stuck vaccuuming the larvae up until we get a deep freeze later next month. I’ve never prayed for a deep freeze until now!

  86. I would love to see some tips to help out my situation, which I am sure others have had. We had a rat die in our attic and the maggots started crawling through the canned lights and the vent. We taped plastic bags around the lights and vents to trap the ones coming out and we removed the dead rat from the attic. But my question is: how do we get rid of the maggots in the attic? We obviously can’t pour boiling water on them, so HOW do I get rid of them from the attic??

  87. OH MY GOSH! i was cleaning the kitchen today because we are having people over tomorrow and i called my dad to see what i should do and your site says pour boiling water but i cant do that in the house but my dad told me to just kill them all and they are coming from everywhere ive killed at least 20 in the last 3 hours, we had this problem before but we never were able to fix it when we moved we came here and we have the problem again WHAT HOULD I DO?!?!?!

  88. i was cleaning up the kitchen oneday until i had a phone call. it was my siter she told me that she was getting ready to do some laundry and she found some **** on the floor. there were flys and maggots on it. she was just so disgusted to the point where she had to sit outside and contimplate on what to do. she thought about her 4 year old daughter doing it. but then she came to a conclusion that probablly one of her daughters playmates did it. soooo.. i found this website and im blowing up my sisters phone to make her worry no more. so i gave her some advice. hopefully it will work!!! THANKS SO MUCH.

  89. I am in college and this past weekend we began to see maggots in our sink. We killed and cleaned them up thinking it was a dirty pot in the sink that attracted them. Then yesterday we began to notice that maggots were falling from a light fixture right above the sink- it’s disgusting they ooze out from the cracks of the light. So we continued to just kill them as we see them which was like a good 10-15 every hour or so..they come out in spurts. Then last night we were watchin a scary movie had all the lights out and when we opened the lights (around midnight) we noticed that there were maggots everywhere- in our living on the floor all over the kitchen floor and counter- they really got moving. We began killing them with a special bug spray which worked ok, but then we began incorporating the boiling water technique and the doubled sided tape. The double sided tape has worked in keeping them restricted to the kitchen and killing them- we woke up this morning with about 30 maggots dead. We have lined the entire area where the maggots are falling and we are having success in killing them and preventing them to spread- so far. Does anyone know if this will break their cycle? We are going to try and open the light fixture today so well see.

  90. Not a tip, but a question. Have any of you had a problem with the little darlin’s in your swimming pool? We keep moving our outside trash can farther and farther away from the pool, and they still seem to find their way to the pool. The first infestation was about 3 years ago, and it was loaded, but there weren’t any maggots in the trash can (this time)! We have never found a trail of where they come from or how they got there. This is mostly a summer time problem. And I can’t believe how fast they appear. I took some trash out late last night, along with a flashlight. I made sure there weren’t any on the trash can, as I didn’t want to grab a handfull, and they weren’t there. This morning when my husband put the cans out for pick-up, it was COVERED with them. YUCK!

  91. I came home today and found about 100 maggots just wriggling around with a trail of ants following. I dont know what to think if these are ant queens but there were soooo many. I mixed 1 gal of boiling water, with 1 cup of peroxide and bleach(ps the bleach and peroxide make a cool fizzy effect when mixed) and a few tablespoons of salt hoping the mixture would kill them-it totally did. They stopping moving and I swept them up. i repeated the cleaning everywhere I saw them for about 2 hours now and I’m hoping they are gone for good.

  92. I have a female cockatiel in my bedroom, I have had her for about 6 years, and within this week, I have, for the first time started seeing maggots crawling on the ceiling, I have heard maggots are large fans of bird seed. Being that this is my bedroom, I find this especially disgusting. How do I get rid of them without A. Getting rid of my bird. Or B. Harming my bird with chemicals.? And, If I kill what I find, will they continue to come back? Is their a way to get rid of them without completely gutting my bedroom?

  93. Now that I have read a couple of comments on this site, someone meantioned a dead rat in the attic caused maggots to come through the lights and vents. I had recently discovered some mice nesting in my attic, so I layed out some humane rat poison. I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom, and the maggots seem to be all around the fan, could they be coming from my attic and not from the bird seed? If so, and I find/remove all of the dead mice in my attic, will the maggots eventually all die off, or will they continue to appear and reproduce? Being that this is most likely a house wide infestation, now that I know this fact, what do you recommend I do to get rid of them?

  94. I just recently found some maggots on my floor and I am going insane!! They are so gross and I can’t stand them!! I immediately vacuummed the floor, and cleaned the house – I hope this gets rid of them..! 🙁

  95. its not really a tip but a ? my friends have maggots in thier house . the only place they have found them is in their kitchen. tey havent found them crawling around or on the floor just on the ceiling…they have no clue where they are coming from.. any tips of where to look and how to get rid of them?

  96. Question:

    We found maggots in out pantry about 2 weeks ago. We found the source (old pumpkin seeds). We cleaned it out, threw away EVERYTHING that was old in the Pantry and all was good. Yesterday, I found saw 1 on the cieling. Also, this morning I found 3 small, mosquitos (I think). Im wondering if those mosquitos and the maggots have anything to do with each other? Does anyone have advice or suggestions?


  97. Has anyone heard of maggots entering the human body ? If so send me information on how they removed them.

  98. Question…
    My cat came home last night and had a small hole on her hip and was full of mudd. I figured she got into a fight so I gave her a bath and cleaned her up and thought she was doing fine. Untill my husband noticed today that she had about 100 maggots crawlings inside the hole which is now bigger. I dont know what to do. weve been pouring peroxide on it and picking out maggots that come to the surface. I really dont know what to do and dont want my cat to die. Please help if you have any helpful tips plz email me at

  99. I`ve found loads of eggs and a cpl of live maggots underneath and in my carpet, what will get rid of them as I don`t fancy pouring boiling water on my carpet

  100. hey guys, we have had lots of rain recently and randomly there has been maggots in weird spots in the house, like on the walls on the carpet on desks just everywhere, but only one or two a day. i hate things that crawl and i was on my bed the other night and i saw a maggot on my cd case, acting out of pure discust i grabbed what i thought would kill it (HAIRSPRAY) and it worked a treat. not the cleanest of killers, but the poor thing moved a bit then laid dead. i still through it out. But yuck. Not liking the crawling white things. Hope this helps someone.
    Have a good day. sam 🙂

  101. plz help if you read this, usually when im cleaning out my room I look under my desk or ina corner or on a giant piece of my carpet there are maggots I usually just vacuum them up but they keep on comeing back! IT WONT END! after about 1 or 2 yrs I thought theyde go away but no! plz help, every month more and more!!!

  102. We have wooden floors, and in the Kitchen they are polished, the maggots were coming up from between the boards. I think they are coming from the garden that runs along side it. I am finding pouring boiling water over the floor where they are coming up is helping and over the garden. Cleaning up doggie doos is a must!

  103. I have discovered that eucalyptus oil will kill them stone dead! I am able to buy eucalyptus oil ( 25% solution it says on the can) in an aerosol. If you can’t find this, a similar solution made up yourself in a plant spray type bottle would probably work.

  104. Hi. I’ve been searching this and other sites for answers about how to kill and prevent maggots. It’s so time consuming to read all of the comments. I want to save someone the hours I’ve just spent! Here’s a summary of what I’ve found:

    * With chemicals: products containing PERMETHRIN like: Doggie shampoo (heat water until boiling and use a strong amount of doggie shampoo); lice shampoo; lice bedding spray; RAID Wasp & Hornet Killer; Raid Fumigator (a fogger) which is 12.6% Permethrin; Raid Ant & Roach Killer (Outdoor Fresh Scent); Raid Max Foaming Wasp Killer; Hot Shot Wasp Killer with Permethrin. More chemical solutions: Snail and slug bait; Draino & hot water; Pledge; Fantastic or Formula 409; hairspray; brake cleaner; carburator cleaner; motor oil; gasoline; gallon of boiling water with a cup of bleach and cup and half to two cups of hydrogen peroxide. Note: DON’T PUT BLEACH AND AMMONIA ON ANYTHING AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!

    * Without chemicals: Putting a napkin down and stepping on the maggots; using boiling water by sweeping them all into a bucket and pour boiling water over them or picking them up with tweezers and dumping them into boiling water; sweeping them into a pile and putting them into a plastic bag in the freezer until dead; holding a steam iron close to the maggots and hitting the steam button; using a steam cleaner on the carpets (they come right to the surface); using double-sided tape (you can trap them to a specific area); filling an open plastic container with beer and putting it near the problem area (maggots crawl into it and drown).

    * PREVENTION: Use self-sealing trash cans indoors; Seal non-garbage disposable food; make sure your outdoor bins are sealed (No overfilling); put up fly strips near your barrels or in every room of the house; if you smell a foul smell – find the source; pour a cup or two of bleach down your sinks, bath and disposal once every two weeks to eliminate any debris and bacteria breeding grounds (bacteria smells draw flies); bleach rinse all barrels once a month (this is a good idea even if you already line your barrels with plastic bags and seldom spill); screen all windows and doors and replace or patch torn screens; kill flies by darkening the larger rooms and leave a brightly lit bathroom open (when the fly makes his way to the light, enter the bathroom, close the door and finish it off instead of chasing it around the house); throw out old meat the day of or one day before the trash is taken out; wash out any pop/beer cans or food residue in the recycle bin (they will attract flies), tie your garbage super tight so the flies do not get in; dispose of fallen fruit from fruit trees and do not leave pet food outdoors.
    Hope this helps!

  105. HOLY ****!

    Every once in a while I would find a maggot on the ceiling in my kitchen. After reading about how some people found them in the flour I looked through my cupboards. I found the ******* in my spices. I would by spices and fill the bottles, put an elastic band around the bag and put it in the cupboard. They were in every bag! Gross! I got them all and now they are outside in the garbage!

  106. Hello there,this is not a tip but ‘call for help’.I really need someone’s expert advice here–I’m currently looking for work so don’t have the money to call in pest control. Acouple of weeks ago I found maggots crawling on my kitchen walls and ceiling.I was horrified and quickly went about scooping them up,killing them and flushing them down my toilet–if this is not enviromentally good-please let me know–here’s the thing–I cannot find where they are coming from and it’s really starting to creep me out!! Every morning ,noon and night I remove 5-10 of them, and every day they are back,on that ceiling. They are not coming from any garbage, there is no rotting anything in the house, I’ve looked in cupboards,behind stove,fridge,everywhere and I still cannot tell where they are coming from!! The last couple of days I’ve noticed that they are turning brown and are coming out as little baby moths. This is starting to really upset me–when does their cycle end—if EVER????!!!!!Thanks, Alex

  107. Some of the “maggots” that are found not around rotting food could be termite larvae- on the walls and etc.

  108. I burn them using chinese praying joystick,it takes about 3-5sec to kill one. Never use a maggot aerosol given by the vet for your dog (my dog had wound n maggot grew) on your marble floor,it’s acidic,I have just damaged my marble floor 🙁

  109. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *** do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have magots in our pantry!!!!!!!!!! on the walls, on the celling, everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do i do?????? there really hard 2 reach and keep coming back!!!!!!!!!! there are millions!!!!!!!!!!! please help someone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. ok i have maggots swear boild hot water out of the kettle kills them all u need a kettle i did kill them last night but they did come bk becau ei didnt no were thhere breeding ground was and they were all in my kitchen it was horribul and i found out there was thousands of them just under the little crack in my door step! it has tuck me ages to raid of them! since about 10 pm its now 5.28am lol but there alomost all gone lets hope they wont come bk the b****ds

  111. I discovered my trash can full of maggots just the other day.Apparently something foul was still in it from the previous week.Anyway what I did was simply drop in two fabric softener sheets and put the lid back on.In 2 to 3 hours they were gone or dead.
    I got this idea from something a postman wrote on the internet.He said he kept a fabric softener sheet in his shirt pocket to repel wasps and bees…I tried this recently at a barbecue at a friends house where we were being bombarded with bees. We hung fabric softner sheets and the bees vanished.I later found out theres a lot of powerful chemicals in them sheets, so even though they work great be aware of the chemicals.

  112. Need advice, found kitten with open wound and guess what magots in it. I have removed all i can with twezers butafraid i left some,what can i pour on this wound. I have tried peroxide.

  113. We had left for vacation for the week and didn’t take out the trash that we had upstairs. We leave a trashbin in our living room to make it more convenient. Anyways, we didn’t empty it and when we came back, we found maggots on the trash and all in the carpets. I don’t want to use any chemicals that can damage the carpet because we are renting. I can’t pure boiling water on the carpet because the way are apartment is set up, our landlord’s office is right underneath. I vacuumed most of them, but one or two keep popping up every minute and I am so stressed about them digging and coming up from under the rug. What should I do?

  114. Missed my trash day and when I went to take it out the following week they were all over my trash can. Also in some extra trash bags I had on my porch for a little less then a week, so after I put it out they were lots on the floor (which was carpeted) so I went inside to get a broom and some cleaner and when I came back they were gone….I lifted up the carpet (it was just pieces laid down), I found hundreds wiggling inside the carpet crawling underneath, I kept finding more and more. I ended up taking up all the carpet sweeping them as violently as possible outside. Oh and crying almost the whole time from disgust, it was a nasty mess.

  115. I’ve tried all household cleaner liquid, pesticide, submerge them into soap water and still cannot kill them. i guess hot boiling water should do the job.

  116. I had thousands of them in my garbage cans cus our neigbours (that we shair a grabage with) didn’t know how to dispose of things properly and nothing touched them except for bioling water…. not even bleach. Honestly the only way to kill them is covering them in boiling water, pretty much cook em with the boiling water and then sweep them away.

  117. I am truly going to puke right now, it was dark and I needed to put a empty bottle of juice in our garbage outside, when I went to take the cover off I grabbed something cold and squshy. I looked at the container, and it was about 1000 maggots!! OMG!!! I need to get rid of these nasty things. I just hope they do not sprend into our house!!!

  118. We have horses, and everyday we get flies like crazy in the house, I try to kill them but they still are there. When I woke up this morning I went to the bathroom and nothing was there five minutes later my floor in the living and kitchen was covered in them, I vacuum them up but one or two still pop up. I keep a clean house I am not nasty by no means. How do I get rid of these friggen creatures? They are so gross yuck!!!!!!!!!!

  119. we have found maggots in our trash bin.the only method that really killed them was boiling water, bleach, and pine sol.these little friggers suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. My neighbour is moving and he has not been home for a couple of days. He missed garbage day and when he came home, the whole garage was infested. Now we are afraid that my garage will soon also be infested. My wife at 10:58 p.m. in the rain is now pouring hot boiling water on them. She says it seems to work, but when she goes back outside, there are more in our driveway. I seen to think that by morning, we are going to be bombarded with these little creatures. Salt did not work, bleach did not work, right now only boiling water seems to work. It is ranging to hard now to go and battle these creatures.

  121. I dont really have a tip its more of a problem …i had food in my truck cab and didnt no it and just found tons of maggots in there. I vacuumed them the best i could but i feel there is more. Boiling water wont work inside my truck. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

  122. im havent that problum 2 amber with the carpet i dont know what to do i got read of the one where they was manly but i few keep poping up and i dont know how to get read of then you cant drown the whole carpet with boiling water and i got 2 kids can they harm them????

  123. We just recently discovered maggots near our kitchen door. Seems that the maggots were hiding under the dust mop. Shook the mop and down they fell. Aahhhhhh! Swept them up and threw them away. Raid doesn’t work, will try the boiling water trick next. Keep the doors closed and post a “No Tresspassing” sign for the flies!Pest strips will be helpful in the home too. They last for about 3 or 4 monthes. (To kill flying insects)

  124. I recently found maggots under my kitchen table. It has taken me forever to find where the were coming from. I empted my fish tank to see if there was something under it that was causing the problem, no but the tank needed cleaned anyway. I got to searching on the internet. I read about dog shampoo. First I vacuumed my carpet really good. Second I shampooed with bleach and mean green. Third I shampooed with dog shampoo one half cup per gallon twice. I havent seen a maggot since. I put a fan on the carpet to help it dry. The dog shampoo I used is Hartz 2 in 1 Rid Flea Dog Shampoo.

  125. if hot water and vacuum doesn’t work try spraying them with sulfuric acid instead. it can burn you so surely it can kill these little friggers.

  126. my green bin for compost is infested. when i wash them away i look and 5 mins later they are there again..when i went out they were coming from my bin and down the side across my walk way and onto the road the were like millions of them all following across the road..i made a mixture of hot water,javex,dish liquid and tried my hardest.thought my problem was on its way to being solved.10 mins later my side walk was full again…….were having a rain storm tonight so i pray they’ll wash away…..dam maggots,,good way to loose weight i don’t think i’ll eat for a month.

  127. I have a problem… We had a little flood in our kitchen last week. This morning when I went into the kitchen I saw about 6-8 maggots on the floor. I started to kill them. But after I killed a few, there seemed to be more coming out from the tiles on the floor. Should I lift up all of the kitchen tiles and get rid of them? I’ve heard that boiling water works… What should I do? Are there any sprays that I can also use?

  128. Not really a tip as such .. I have children one of whome is only just turnt oneyrs old so .. still in nappys!! and we have had a spell of warm weather and all was fine we were out in the garden playing away but at 10pm i went too go out in the garden to gring washing in and my WHOLE BACK GARDEN was coverd in there lil creatures it was horrific and they were all heading too my back door like sum sort of army!!
    It is very horrific my children can not go out and play in the garden its been raining anyway but thre still there i have moved the rubbish bags(well i didnt eugh!!) Sprays bleach Boiling weater does NOT WORK!!! grrrrr!!!!! thsi has happend once before about this time last year also!!

  129. wash trash bids and use plastic liners with a tight seal. And Yes hot water does work. Or just invest in some chickens.

  130. I went away and left garbage in cans(w/lids)in the Atlanta heat in my garage. We had maggots, but what seemed like thousands of flies.We had recently moved and we had still a few cardboard boxes. I removed everything, every piece of cardbard because they lay their eggs everywhere. If I thought I swept up all I moved a box and there were these egg casings there. After I thought I was done I still saw flies zooming around. They were hatching in the window frame of the garage doors (new doors).I sprayed around each frame ( I drowned them with Shout(all I had @ hand) rinsed the frames w/ water. I never will leave the cans in the garage again….because they eventually can find their way into your house. This was a week long process, but flies and maggots no more. Wash your cans once a week, and look everywhere.

  131. Pour petrol over the f—–s and light it.
    Got them outside, there trying to get in the house, Ive taped up the windows and doors, it’s like an invasion, we’re under attack.
    Burnt down the shed but its worth it, took a few out with that one.
    The footpaths on fire, but I dont care, anything to see them dieing in agony, got to go, might need fire engine.
    Can hardly see my screen for the smoke, HELP

  132. I can understand Georges problem, my house was invaded to, I closed the windows and doors, they wanted in but I wanted them out. I was on a mission wanted to kill every one of the mother fckrs.
    I got petrol and a lighter, nearly burnt the bloody house down too.
    R U ok George???
    My tree caught fire, hope a few of them had wriggled up there?
    Burn in hell u fckrs. Police won’t help, whats one to do????
    Im gonna light the side alley next, they’re all over the floor, I can recommend petrol rather then diesel, more combustible.
    I won’t sleep til there all dead. Report back soon. Gina

  133. Maggots had crawled out of my bin, down the side and along the path heading towards the steps leading to my front door, we tried boiling water; bleach; carpet foam and fly spray which didn’t work. Finally we resorted to using petrol and igniting it which got rid of the critters as quick as a ‘flash’!!! (Obviously this has to be done VERY carefully and as a DESPERATE last resort – and I really would not recommend that Garret do this for his truck problem – A.K.A “BOOOOOM”)

  134. i have them by my back door by my front door and keep finding them in my kitchen this is making me feel so sick i have bleach my kitchen floor serveral times with boilin hot water and that doesnt seem to work when i chuck the boiling water on them outside that does have some affect but not alot i just dnt know what to do i have a 2 year old who cant even go in the garden i want rid now they are making me misreable

  135. hit them with a hammer, it makes a bit of a mess but at least it is better than bleach or boiling water.if you are infested i recommend that you have two hammers, one in each hand.

  136. Vacuum them with the hose extension and then throw your vacuum bag away. I’m surprised no one has thought of this yet, it doesn’t even kill them though, they are kinda tough. I think it is the quickest cleanest way. ugh, I HATE maggots. I just got them in my apartment this morning, and I remembered that when I was like 7 we got them at my family’s house and my mom vacuumed them. Most effective, clean and not scary way.

  137. i have them on my ceiling in the kitchen how do i get rid of them? please help its making me sick to my stomache thanks trish

  138. can they crawl out of the vacume cleaner? coz I hoovered them up and left em in there. the hoover is now in my bedroom and I’ve had a few flies since then… can they really have hatched in the hoover and flown out??? urgh the f*****s… makes me feel sick… have been sleeping on sofa just in case..

  139. A few years back I was watering and maggots started to flow out of the cracks. I started to go into a melt down. My hubby handed me a lit blow torch and sizzled those little critters. The reason I hate them so is cause when my now adult daughter was 2, I found 1 maggot every few inches all over my living room rug and 2 or 3 in her room. I called pest control. After much talk he asked if any rats had been in the house. Well, yes I said my cat caught one behind the stove last month! Problem solved. They came in on the rat. Since they have hooks on their mouths, they will latch on to a larger critter and drop where ever they walk, hense; maggots on my carpet. He used some sort of pesticide that dried them up. Ever since I become obsessive compulsive when I see them. Yuck!!! They make my skin crawl. I will be delighted to pour boiling water on those creepy crawlers. They can suffer!!!!!!

  140. I could not believe my eyes last night; my son woke me up at 1.30am to tell me about this carpet of maggots. I have a passageway outside my house about 10 feet long and 5 feet wide where I store my bins. Now I always thought I wrapped my rubbish well but you could not see the ground last night they were everywhere and spilling out of the bin over the sides like a waterfall. We did the hot water bleach thing and drain cleaner and Jeyes powdered drain deodoriser and fly sray and when I had run out of everything we got the power hose out and washed them out of the passage down the steps and outside in the street. We washed the walls of the house too as they were trying to climb up into my bathroom windows and at the end of it all I was still sweeping some up that had managed to get into the kitchen. This morning I went out to investigate and there were still hundreds crawling in the bin. I put the outside doormat covered in maggots in the garden to see if the birds would like breakfast but it’s raining so there won’t be many about. I am going to wash the last of them (hopefully) down the drain outside in the street.

  141. I have them all in my truck in between my seats, I have vacuumed them all up or so I thought and just more keeps popping up. What do I do?

  142. I would get an old broom that you don’t use and sweep them up in the dustpan and flush them suckers down the toilet..

  143. my husband noticed a fly in the kitchen the other day. last night i went to get something out of our pantry and there they were. not only that they were even on our ceiling in the kitchen and even around the trim in our 10 foot ceiling in the dining room. i took every thing out of the pantry and there was nothing for them to eat on. no where could we find anything that had deceaded or any order. is this possibe for them to just lay eggs anywhere. i keep a very clean kitchen.

  144. I have a maggot issue.. we live in a log house, that has cracks inbetween the logs (on the inside). There was a batch of baby mice, that must have been abandoned(maybe mommy mouse got caught in a trap), and for 2 or 3 days, I had to listen to their sad, little squeaks of starvation.. this is in our BEDROOM where all the drama is, Joy. I would have tried to save the ‘lil critters if there was a way, but they were in the Walls, short of getting a saw and doing some bedroom wall demolition work, it was impossible to get them..SO, now the poor ‘lil mice have stopped their squeaking (gone to mousie heaven), and whaddaya know, MAGGOTS.. My question is basically, does Anybody know how long I should expect to be burdened with these buggers? I have no way to get to the source, so I am going to have to wait it out (and kill the visible ones).. on the same nasty note of ewwie critters, our chicken’s have mites, any suggestions on gettin’ rid of those? lol, life on the farm.. SIGH

  145. I have an older home, and noticed rats coming in, i bought these green blocks that they feed on called Boot Hill Rodenticide Paraffin Bock II.
    I noticed that i haven’t heard them moving around, but the blocks were moved and eaten, so i figured i solved the problem, and they died, which they did, but not realizing what the problem i have now. They died under the house, we don’t have a basement, our house is on a floating pad (cement) and like i said our house is old, so there is rotten wood under the home, i noticed on my deck this morning, maggets curling all over on it. And it smells, i don’t know how many rats died, but reading on maggets, they can get into homes. I have 2 young kids here, and i need suggestions and advice of what to do. I’m a single mom. I solved one problem and now i have another. I need tips right away. Please help. There are no curling spaces either. I have a deck where i can see underneath. What can i do?

  146. I live in an apt and every year since I moved in I have been battling maggots on my patio and under the rug in my living room around the sliding glass door I have tried everything my complex sends the exterminater and hes also complexed by the problem the come stay a week turn into flies and I kill the flies and they come back around the same time every year ecch I need help

  147. can maggots reproduce using dead maggots? if so i had better clean out my whole table…i sprayed insect repellent (i am not good at staying calm for very long) i though they would die since i kinda over dose the table….the smell choked me for a moment so i was very sure THEY would die but i was worried since my table was a mess, filled with books, i saw ONE maggot running, my table should repell them for a few hours if insect repellent even works on them…i hope its long enough for them to die or get a few blocks away from me and never come back again! it ruined my drawers once already and i havent gotting rid of that horrible memory…oh i cant think of anyone who WANTS maggots…evil things comes in such small packaging

  148. Came into the kitchen this morning and there were about 50 or 100 of these things crawling sporadically over the floor (not in groups or in any direction to or from)! was so disghusted i dry heaved and cried as i cleaned. it seemed that even after i cleaned the floor with boiling water and bleach they would still pop up! not sure where they’re coming from. No rodent problem, completely discarded the kitchen bin into the garage one but when i went to check it there were none even in there (still left the kitchen bin the the garage one… time for a new one). pulled the fridge out to see if seomthing was under or behind it and that didnt work either. checked all cabinets and drawers and nothing. Really dont knwo where they’re coming from but certainly CANNOT walk into that again. anyone have any suggestions???

  149. we got maggots on the kitchen ceiling. My daughter and i took some bleach and sprayed all over them. They came back an hour later. How do we get rid of them?

  150. I ask my oldest son to take out the garbage, i thought he did. little do i know the next morning my daughter wake up to find maggots allover the kitchen floor.We used boiling hot water and bleach and it did not work. We had to sweep it up in a pile with water, and flush it down the toilet. i hope they don’t swim back up the toilet.

  151. got them out side ma bk door help me i hate them there are horrible …how do i get rid off them i did tha hot water thing and still came bk and carnt find where ther cummin from help me please !!!!!!!

  152. We had a mice problem so we used some poisoned bait. Bad idea, at least with a mouse trap, what you see is what you get. So I’m guessing they went off after eating the poison and died somewhere in our home. Now in the back rooms of our house (bathrooms and kitchen) on both first floor and basement, they just pop up. Like I’d say about 15 of them scattered eveywhere at a time. Thanks goodness I haven’t come across a swarm of them. But I just haven’t a clue as to where the darn thinks are coming from! I must say tho, after dealing with bed bugs for almost a whole year, these maggots are more than welcomed to clean up these rotting mice for me. 🙂 There’s good in all creatures.

  153. I got maggots out side on my deck i have tried it all to get rid of them bleach hot water and many more things they wil go away for a few hours then they will be back what can i do please help this makes me sick !!!!!!!!!1


  155. Daily cleaning of toilets does not seems to get rid of black slimy worms crawling on flooring between joints including pouring of hot water. What can be done to rid of these pests?

  156. I had maggots only one or two every day on the kitchen ceiling. Was driving me nuts. Ripped open the ceiling and found a mouse had got stuck and died. A lot of work for a mouse problem but no more maggots.

  157. i too had a maggot problem, i read that if you use a cuddly or fluffy tumbler dryer sheet it will get rid of them,it worked, but there was too many so i mixed up a strong soloution of cuddly fabric conditioner and sprayed them ,i used the stream nozzle, AND GUESS WHAT NO MAGGOTS, i hope this will be helpful to all of you with this problem. they are horrible things good luck all. at least you will have a nice smelling house.

  158. i personally dont think that Bleach with hot water WILL NOT WORK
    it will only make your problem worse. i suggest that you sweap it all up or vaccum it first,then wait a while, then apply your bleach after.
    it helps for me.

  159. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… got these maggots coming in from everywhere.can it be they r coming from my ceiling. now they r n my first floor. just had a baby. i am really nervous need help. will a fogger really help or do i call the exterminator(not Arnold) the real deal. tell me before i go crazy im bout to leave to hotel! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    my back is killing me from pickin them up. i put them in a can with johnson & johnson baby bath lotion. but do i need a napalm bomb or what?
    help aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  160. Woke up this morning to find a swarm of maggots under my dining room table and they had started to crawl all throughout the bottom floor of the house. There was no food or ‘normal’ attractant that I could see that would cause them. I vaccummed non stop for over an hour and am still finding them. What would cause a swarm to pop up litterally over night???? We had maybe three flies in the house the week before that we killed the same day…then all the sudden hundreds of maggots were crawling all over my floor this morning.

  161. hey we moved in to a house that my in laws own a couple of months ago. the people who were living there before us had let the house become infested with rats or some kind of animal. now we are finding maggotts around the room were we believe the rats have been nesting. what can i do to get rid of the maggotts. someone please help i have a two year old.

  162. every few months we get a single baby maggot in my brothers room, but have no idea where it is coming from can you help. our house is as clean as can be, and there are no smells. i need help.

  163. My question is this? Is this a new problem or has this begun to happen in the last few years?
    Maggots infultrating homes I mean…

  164. I need help!! Me, my husband and our 1 year old baby have recently moved into this house and we are renting the place however, not even 2 days of living here we had already discovered maggots!! I find them always in the same spot in the house. Usually scattered in front of our TV. I clean the house over and over again and have used all types of fly sprays etc but they just keep comming back. There are no dead or rotten objects in the house (as I have turned the house upside down basically just thoroughly cleaning through them) but they just keep showing up. Even less than 8 hours. I vacummed the front of the Tv before I went to sleep and when I woke up it was almost like someone walked through in the middle of the night and poured the disgusting creatures in front of the TV. My husband keeps scaring me saying that they crawl up from underneath the house and he says there must be a dead body but I would like to believe not. Please someone help me!! Reply asap.

  165. Hi Guys i saw about 4 of these small little creatures in the bathroom wall that looks like maggots, they smell like bannana, that smell and the sight of it just puts me off what can i do please help me.i always clean my bathroom thoroughly and im still trying to figure out were these disgusting creatures are comming from can some please help me and give me a way and tips to get rid of them before they multiply

  166. I had maggots appearing as if by magic on the tiled kitchen floor, near the sliding glass door. I would walk in and find a whole bunch of maggots on the floor, but no sign of any food or rotting creatures. It was a mystery. This was two years ago.

    They are still doing it.

    In that time I developed some good techniques for cleaning them up. First I give them a light spray with bug spray, and I find ‘surface spray’ to be effective. Then I wait a few minutes and vacuum them up (either with a normal vacuum or a mini one.

    Over time I’ve tried a few different things. I would clean the whole area and disinfect it. Then I used silicon to seal any and all cracks or holes around the whole doorway inside and out. I spray surface spray insecticide on the clean floor, and then next batch of maggots that appear die quickly as they move over it.

    They continue to appear. It’s weird.

    After reading the comments on this page I am now going to try scrubbing the glass windows and the entire metal frame for the glass sliding doors, as well as the tracking. Maybe someone spilled some beef stew on it once or something . . .

    Either that or the flies have had a general meeting and simply voted that they will always lay eggs on this part of my floor for no apparent reason. I don’t know. Maybe they return to the place they were hatched? Or maybe I just offended the Fly Gods, by killing too many of them.

    I am getting a new door put in too, which might help. When I told the door guy about the maggots he looked at me as if I’m crazy. If this problem ever happens to him he’ll understand.
    Anyway, to all you folks, welcome to my maggot nightmare.

  167. ok, this just disgusting. please help me. found some maggots on the floor near the wooden sliding door. the place is clean, I dont understand. And then I found a small centipede this morning. any suggestions. please help.

  168. i found maggots in my bed room in the carpet, my clothes, and stuffed animals. this is gross. i now hate fly’s with a passion

  169. Best thing to do is to never let a fly in your house. If they manage to get in, then your house is likely going to be infected. If one fly buzzes into your house, and they find one scrap of food(no matter what kind), expect to see hundreds(literally) more flying around, and this will only multiply. If I find one in my room, I kill it as soon as possible.

  170. I’ve managed to kill them with Ant killer- give it a try – I had them all over my trash bins – sprayed a ton all over the trash then closed the lid on them and left it – they died

  171. I kept finding maggots in my bath I could not fathem out where they where coming from I put my bath plug in thinking they where coming in from the drain pipe, but they still kept coming in, until someone went up into my loft and found a dead squirrel,it had got traped in the chimley wall above my bathroom and died.When I found out went into the bathroom look up and found some cracks in my celing where the maggots were coming throu.

  172. At the beginng of this week we threw out a pack of old chicken drumsticks. They were foul smelling so we put them out side in the garabage bin. Today around 4pm there was only 2 groups of 10 at the most. When we went outside around 9:30pm and they were EVERY WHERE!!!!!
    Climbing up the house all over the bin across the drive way going up the car EVERYWHERE!
    So after spraying them with the hose for 15mins we bring the bin to curb, we continued to spary them off of the house, stoop, drive way, and car. We go to bring the recycle to the curb and again the bin is COVERED!
    So we again spray them off and while going back up the drive way again they are EVERYWHERE!
    So after another 10mins of spraying and stomping thse little fudgers the bin is yet again covered. We have already been out the for a half an hour spraying and stomping. We finally give up and pour some amonuia(sp?) into the bin, give it one more hose down and call it quits. After stripping down we take a long deserved shower to walk to the front door and to see them crawling up it, on the stoop, etc.
    So we have no tips i guess but we are going to try more bleach and boiling water in the morning.
    Well i guess we do have one TIP: DO NOT THROW AWAY RAW MEAT UNTIL GARBAGE DAY!
    Either freeze it until the time for garbage day or deal with it.
    We now bow down to the maggot lords.

  173. It’s been raining here at least every other day for months here in southern New England, like Seattle or something. So maybe that’s contributing to MY problem. First, I cleaned out the bottom of my bird feeder last week (grass was starting to grow in it) and found maggots there. Now, tonight (trash night) two of my three cans were swarming with them. We don’t throw food straight into the cans unbagged, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I had just bought bleach at the store & it was still in my truck. I splattered it on them and it had the same effect as water. So, my only tip is bleach doesn’t work. I appreciate the boiling water suggestion, as long as the trashmen still empty the cans in the morning that’s what I’ll clean them with afterward.

  174. ok after many test, NOTHING KILLS MAGGOTS. THEY SWIM IN BLEACH, dig in borax, relax in bug sprays, and walk around alcohol, although placing them in a bowl of alcohol they die instantly, but spraying the alcohol over them evaporates to quickly to kill them they just crawl through it. Boiling water is the only thing that seems to work. daughter and I did some experiments on killing them after an uninvited visit they paid us on a hot summer night .

  175. HELP! Today my kids came running in the house saying to “Come look Mommy! There are little white worms all over the garage floor!” I knew what they were immediately! I went & looked, nailing my feet to the floor & trying to keep my kids from seeing me completely FREAKING OUT. Needless to say there were thousands of them all over the garage floor. My girls & I went running into the house to my husband & informed him of the problem. Who knew that in my book this is a “Man Job”. I can deal with every other kind of bug or rodent but in 23 years he has never seen me so freaked out. He sprayed with laundry detergent & swept them out of the garage. But they were back 5 hours later. Again with the spraying & sweeping this time adding boiling water to the mix. Also removed the trash can from the garage, garbage doesn’t get picked up for 2 days & will clean that then. But 5 hours later & they are back on the driveway this time. We have recently moved & have been storing boxes that have not been unpacked in the garage. Also it is an attached garage & I am panicked that they will come in the house. I have put dryer sheets on the stairs leading from the garage to the house (I read that they don’t like fabric softener sheets) to keep them away from the door. Am I getting paranoid? HELP! I don’t know what else to do. My 9 year old is deathly afraid of bugs of all kinds & my 7 year old wants to be a bug Dr. so she wants to pick them up & make FRIENDS with them. ICK! This must end before the 9 year old needs a therapist & the 7 year old brings them inside to be pets! Me, I’m just sure that every piece of lint I see is a maggot. Any & all advice is appreciated. Thanks.

  176. I use a combination of bleach, hornet spray, Raid ant spray, and then place small burning matches on the mixture. DO NOT DO THIS INDOORS! This seems to kill them fast.

  177. Here’s a good one….
    My ten year old daught is a complete slob, and would roll her eyes, and ignore everytime she heard the same lectures, “clean your room, no food in the bedrooms, put your plates in the sink”, ext… Last night she was completly freaking out because a turkey burger that I had made for her over a week ago; while doing by weekly clean routine, had magotts on it. She begged and insisted thatI once again come in and clean up her mess. I stood my ground and stated that this time she had to handle her own business. On her way to the kitchen to scrape her infested burger in to gargage, she “dropped” (threw) the plate and it landed all over my shaggy dinning room rug, tiled floor, and even onto the livingroom rug. What a mess!!! I gave in and assisted her with cleaning up the mess. About two hours later I thought I had got all the little suckers up….but then saw some wiggling up from the shaggy rug….well it was getting late and I had worked a 13 hour shift at the hospital, so I sprinkled some baking soda over the entire surface of the rug…..hopefully when i get home today, this would have done the trick and smoothered the maggots….I’d really hate to throw away my Shaggy Rug 🙁 …. maybe I’ll try a carpet cleaner?

  178. Short Answer: Gasoline

    Story: The EPA may not like this but I don’t like maggots at my house. I was going to wash the wifes car and discovered maggots on the hose. I looked next to the hose which happens to be our garbage can and that was covered as well. I went to the garage and grabbed some old 87 octane gasoline. At $2.30 per gallon it is alot cheeper than any insect killer. I used about 1/4 gallon on the patio and it worked wonderfully. I let it all evaporate then washed the patio. Problem solved.

    I suggest using common sence and not do this by anything that can ignite the fumes / fuel. Be sure to be in a well ventalated area. I am not responsible for anyones mishaps.

  179. This morning I went to go change my dog food and I guess it spoiled because it was in front of the sun. It looked spoiled and I didn’t want him to eat it so I threw it and a lot of magets started crawling out. It creeped me out and now I think magets might be anywhere so I’m going to throw boiling water on them I don’t want them to suffer or anything I just want to make it safe for my dog to go outside so he won’t lick or get any poison in his system. Hopefully I changed his food before any maggots got on him or in his stomach. He’s suffered enough he has a broken leg and he already keeps taken the cast off.

  180. i get flies in my house often, as people cannot learn how to shut the door when they leave or come in!
    so, The flies reproduce and i find maggots occasionaly.
    I squish them when i see them.
    maggots are ugly disguisting creatures.

  181. My brother found a baby squirrel gave it to me and when i was feeding it I noticed small larvae and eggs inbedded in its tail gave it a bath in warm water about four times I don’t see anymore.

  182. Help Saturday night went outside my back garden and found maggots all over the yard.ive got slabs and they are under them I keep putting boiling water down the cracks but everytime I think ive got them more keep coming do i need to rip up the slabs i am very clean and they are freaking me out.

  183. We seem to be having the MAGGOT problem also, we’ve checked everywhere, cleaned the pantry with bleach n pinesol, went in the attic; nothing found, we constantly see them crawling on the ceiling in the kitchen, bathroom, and our daughters room which is in the kitchen area, we even checked in the basement. CANT FIND THE LITTLE MUTHER***** place of origin. HELP WE ARE BEING INVADED!!!!!

  184. just this year, i have a lot of moths and then came the maggots!!!!!!!!!! they are only on the ceiling of my diningroom. they are nowhere else. i need help!!!!!!!!! i’m afraid they will be falling on me when i am on my computer. any advise?

  185. A few weeks ago I woke up to find the kitchen and the laudry room crawling with maggots. I swept them up and put them in the garbage can and sealed the bag. I then spent the next 4 hours cleaning the entire floor. I lifted everything off the floor and moved the couches etc… washed all the floors with floor cleaner and hot water. Then I sprayed with fly spray all over.
    I guess we got lucky because 15 minutes after my husband put the garbage out, the garbage truck came by and took them all far away.
    There were a few strays for the next few hours which I killed by putting a paper towel down on them then stepping on them.
    have seen a few flies since then, but have become expert at killing them. TIP: flies can not see behind them, so wait till they land, then sneak up on them and THWAK with a dishtowel or newspaper.

    I have not seen any maggots since.

  186. I recently had laminated floors installed. After about 3 weeks these ugly little things appeared which I found out later were maggots. Any suggestions.

  187. Twice in the past few weeks, I have found 2-3 maggots on my aquarium lid when I open it to feed my fish.
    They totally grosses me out and quite literally make me physically sick.
    I’m not sure how to correct this problem, since I don’t want to put any chemicals on the aquarium to make my fishes sick.
    Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  188. A good way to stop them is to take one of those bbq lighters and burn the maggots (make sure to do it on a tile floor only….not a wooden floor..or else you might need to move in with the maggots)

  189. Ok my dogs outside have a pen and one night i came home to feed my dogs and i saw thier poo wasnt in turd form and it looked like sand i thought something was wrong and so i got a stick and looked through it and saw tiny little worms feasting on it the first thing i did was run in the house and get the de wormer

  190. I went to put a bag of trash in the barrel this morning and when I opened it there were hundreds of maggots. I first used bleach but that didn’t help at all in fact, they were crawling faster to get out of the barrel. I went inside and grabbed some bug spray called, BUG STOP by Spectracide and that did the trick, they all died. I bleached out the barrel and double bags the trash that was already in there, so far it seems to have helped. IT WAS DISGUSTING!

  191. I need help one day in morning i got up and when to kitchen i switch on the light and i show may 100 or 200 maggots on my kitchen for i boil hot water and throwed in the floor it maggots died then after 2 day i show more maggots did the same thing (hot water ) the today i found around 50 maggots in my kitchen i need help tell me where can i find the maggot hiding place.

  192. I have huge slug and snail problem in my backyard so put slug killer pellets down, it took a few days to work but soon they were dropping like flies however my phobia of the slimy things is so bad i refused to go out there till they were all dead. however when i went to sweep them away the snail shells broke to reveal lots of maggots so i was even more freaked out and ran inside armed myself with bleach and boiling water im still freaked out now and that was 3 hours ago just gotta wait for the other half to get in and remove them 🙁

  193. I had woke up this morning and had found hundreds of maggots crawling all ove r my kitchen floor i dont know here they came from they wasnt around food they was crawling toward my backdoor what would be a great idea to get rid of them

  194. I went into the kitchen and felt something on my foot and freaked out!!! put bleach and boling water and they died!! it kinda worked

  195. How do you get rid of magets? I found them in my house. I dont know where to start? I cant find where they came from.

  196. We found some last night when my husband was cleaning out the vent under the fridge. He swept out some dust bunnies and there were about 20 or more maggots strewn across the floor.
    We spent the entire night pulling out every appliance, checking every food box and spraying down the entire kitchen floor. We still don’t know where they came from initially — no rotted food found, but we’ll keep cleaning with bleach and checking every nook and cranny until we either find the source or they stop appearing

  197. I went to put the bins out into the wheelie bin and to my shock and horror there were maggots all over the patio, some were crawling out the bins and there were millions crawling out the cracks of the patio, I screamed to my friend, who came running, and we both did not know what to do, so we went to the garage to find anything that we thought would kill these awfull things, we used: boiling water, bleach, fly spray, ant killer, pedge, lamp oil, hairspray my friend wanted us to use carpet glue, but I did not relish the thought of dead maggots glued to my patio,ha ha, they did not seem to die, it felt like I was in a cheap science fiction film from the 50’s. Anyway we went inside to check on the internet ,and it told us that we seemed we were doing the right thing, we left it a while and afer a glass of two of wine we went to look again. When we got out there they seemed a little less active than earlier, but certainly not dead. We thought that they may be suffering a long and painfull death, which upset my friend as she is a vegetarian. After a while we then boiled the kettle and boiled them to death. It was a horrific experience as I am going to bed soon and I know that I will have nightmares about maggots. UGH!!!!!!

  198. I went outside an our ago and found them crawling out of the bin. Put boiling water over them which seemed to work but looked out ten minutes later and muliplied again. Not going to get any sleep tonight! So much for the benefits of fortnightly recycling!

  199. Does anyone know if the maggots are dangerous? I had left a trash bag outside the front door for a couple of days and when I went to take it to the trash can, there were about 50 or so 1-2mm maggots and pupa on the trash bag. I cleaned the floor with bleach in the corridor, had a shower, put my clothes into wash.. Now I’m feeling itchy and it’s probably psychosomatic but I’m still worried. I’m also scared a few have stayed in the corridor and will crawl into the flat or traveled in already in my clothes and in the mop. ´:<

  200. Well, I have a lid on my trash can outside. I got home from work this morning and did my usuall routine of cleaning the cat litter box, and cleaning my coati mundi kennels. I double bag my “animal waste” and went to open the lid to throw away the bags of ickydoo and I felt something squish. So, me being me didn’t think anything of it, I’d just go inside and scrub my hands with dish soap, until I opened the trash can, and noticed the inside of my can was not black anymore, but white. With thousands of nasty maggots speed crawling out of the can. I flipped out and hooked up the hose and sprayed them back to the bottom of the can. Now thewy are swimming in about 3 gallons of water and 3 bottles of bleach. Should I just dump some gas in there with a match? I don’t have a stove to boil water 🙁

  201. It was really rainy outside and quite humid. I went into my kitchen which is tiled, and a small room which joins to my kitchen which has a nice thick carpet! for those cold nights when I want to go to the fridge. Too my surprise there were hundreds of maggot on my carpet crawling from my back garden door! I pulled out the hoover and started to hoover them up but for every 10 I hoovered up 20 more popped up. It was like a horror movie! I did`nt know what to do, but then as I watched them closer they burrow into the carpet and then disappear! I had to tear up all of my carpet! I went outside to burn it when I saw the most disgusting trail of them leading from my bins, which are covered up! I spent 4 hours of boiling the kettle and bleching them! I believe that it has something to do with the visitor cats that always come into my garden.Don`t think that you have killed them all, they came from somewhere and most likely where ever they cam from has alot more there. Bleech and Hot water is what I recommend, if they get onto your carpet rip it up, it could be a possible breeding ground for them.

  202. OH, you are all making me feel SOO much better!!!! I had already used 3 different bug sprays which did eventually work on them, and I’m all shaky which may be from the fumes. But I am realizing that along with the boiling water, alcohol (for me!) is one of the best solutions. They had gotten into an open bag of soil in the garage and were EVERYWHERE. And when I’d clean them up they literally regenerated right before my eyes.

  203. HELP! A few days ago I was walking thru my kitchen when I found one maggot on my floor. I threw him outside and didnt think anything else of it. Two days later I woke up to a hundred or so on my kitchen floor! We cleaned and there was a spray that killed them but I couldn’t find the flippin source. We finally assumed it must have been the trash can and just cleaned them up. Tonight I just found one crawling accross my living room floor…There is nothing for them to be breeding in! I have moved all my appliances and furniture and cannot find where they are coming from. Please tell me where else to look cuz I am at my wits end…

  204. Maggots will die if you smother them in moth balls. Also after you cleaned them up you can put moth balls into your clean trash bin, better yet put in cedar chips each week.

  205. OK, I tried the keep the keep the trash covered method and they still got into the trash can outside (the one the trashmen pick up). I went out there this mornign to pull it to the curb and almost vomited! How do I keep them out of there?

  206. I recently had laminated floors installed. After about 6 weeks these ugly little things appeared which were maggots. Any suggestions. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  207. I just puked! We’ve had a rat problem and my boyfriend put out rat “poison” food. They ate all the poison and are dying in the walls of our 4,000 sq. ft. home. The stench is a nightmare and the flies are everywhere and just now I layed down on my couch and saw this maggot next to my head. I jumped up, removed blankies and pillows the my entire couch was covered in slimy maggots! I’m freaking out – nobody is here to help me today – they are out fishing! I have a wall vac and I vac’d up what I could see. I’m so grossed out!

  208. Best maggot tip ever! Wasted food = maggots. I keep a plastic container in my freezer. What ever scraps, prior to cooking or after a meal, gets put in the container back into the freezer. When the rubbish men come by once a week…presto! container emptied into the trash early morning. Must say…haven’t seen a maggot around for months now! could be difficult to store left over chicken bones and waisted other bits after a sunday roast, but it sure beats the maggot blues!

  209. There are maggots in my cupboard where i put my baking stuff i got rid of them all but i don’t know how to keep them from coming back what do i do?

  210. We use Simple Green to clean our trash can, no maggots there since using it. But,we now have several maggots on the ceiling of our laundry room. Too late for Simple Green! We also noticed a strange looking flying insect sharing space with these maggots. Cannot find anything rotting or even dead in the area. After sweeping them down and smashing them, more continue to appear. What’s going on?


  212. Just a tip about “maggots” crawling rapidly in the kitchen, especially on walls and ceilings: these may well be pantry-moth larvae (a.k.a. Indian meal moth) rather than housefly maggots. Most likely, you have a cereal product somewhere in your kitchen that is now full of moths and the strange webs they build. They also infest spices and dried fruit, but their favourites are definitely flour and breakfast cereals.

    To get rid of them is a 3 step process:
    1. Set up pantry moth traps to kill off the next generation of moths. These are a triangular cardboard structure with a bait, and sticky walls. You can buy them in many places.
    2. Search and destroy a *wide* radius for cocoons on the walls and ceilings, especially in fine grooves or decorative features that partially hide them. You need to go at least 30 feet out from the point of origin because one of the characteristic behaviours is that as soon as the larvae hatch — which they tend to do nearly all together, over a period of just a few hours — they “bomb burst” in all directions at a surprisingly high wriggling speed.
    3. Now, search your pantry. Any food containers that are not tightly sealed should be inspected for any signs of web material, moths or larvae. If you see anything, the food is ruined as there are still many more “maggots” in there waiting to hatch. Destroy all damaged food, preferably by incineration.

    A little boy had given me a bag full of acorns about a month or two ago. I kept it in my room and the maggots were in the acorns! I threw out the bag, and thought I had got rid of all of them. WRONG. A month later, I’m cleaning out my drawer with all my under garments and found a TON of them! I thought they were dead cus they weren’t moving but after a minute they started crawling! They’re in my bed, in my dresser, on my floors, in my clothes, in my washing machine and in my HAIR.
    I don’t know what to do! Someone please help! Can they harm me??? I feel like they’re going to crawl in me and lay eggs and start eating me alive!! Please…what do I do?!?!

  214. TO Roger: Thank you for your post on November 2. After having a similar experience with finding maggots in my kitchen with no apparent explanation (not fly related), I went through my cabinet and found a box of Cheerios that expired back in May and it was infested with maggots of the moth kind. Mystery Solved!!! I picked up remaining live maggots included the ones I found cocooned against my wall between the wall and ceiling. I sprayed bug spray and will do so for the next month to be sure I get them all. Nobody ever told me that baby moths look like maggots. Yuuck. Thanks again!

  215. I have a massive problem with these maggots, they are coming from behind the inbuilt kitchen cupboards that i cant get behind and they crawl along the ceiling… i dont know how to get rid of them when they are on the roof except vacuuming them from the roof… please help, i need to get rid of them. here is a small gap between the cupboard and wall i poured hot water down there but im afraid that they will come back because it will be moist there now… what can i do?

  216. I have these critters in our bathroom under the mat which we have now thrown out and in our kitchen on the floor by the stove, we are super clean, always wash dishes and out bin is closed in a cupboard hardly any left overs ever thrown in there. What can we do to solve this irritating problem?

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