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You’re excitedly getting ready for girls’ night out, and after choosing your outfit, you decide to put on some makeup; a little blush-on, some mascara, and bright red lipstick for a kissable look. Your face is all done, as you slip into your top and jeans, but just before you head out the door, you see something in the mirror that horrifies you: your white blouse that was spotless moments ago now has makeup stains all over it. You’re annoyed, not only because you have to change your outfit again, but also because it’s your favorite top.

It’s common for women to get makeup stains on their clothes every now and then, especially if they’re in a rush to put on the stuff. Sometimes, these stains can also be seen on pillowcases, hankies, bath towels, and even on carpets. They can be annoying, but they disappear with proper laundering. The problem is, sometimes, you don’t have time to wash the item, and you need to take the stain out immediately. Well, don’t fret. There are several ways you can do this, and it only takes a few household items. Try these tips when you’ve got this makeup dilemma.

Use Sponge Or Bread

If the stain hadn’t been soaked in the fabric yet, here’s an easy tactic you can try: Get a makeup sponge and rub it onto the stain gently. If you don’t have a sponge with you, a piece of white bread will do. These can erase the stain, since they are natural absorbers that effectively soak up powder and oil. If you’re lucky, there won’t be any need to try the other tactics below.

Baby Wipe It

If you’ve got some baby wipes in your dresser cabinet, your problem is solved. Baby wipes are among the most versatile cleaning products available today, and work great for makeup stain removal. In fact, they work for almost all types of cosmetics, including lipstick, mascara, blush-on and eye shadow. If there’s only a small stain on your clothes, get a few pieces of baby wipes, and gently blot the stain. Work carefully, and try not to rub too much. Soon, you’ll see the stain slowly and magically disappearing. Even if you don’t have a baby in the house, always carry a pack of baby wipes in your purse. You’ll never know when they’ll come in handy.

Bar Soap And Water

Non-oil-based makeup stains, like blush on and eye shadow, are easier to remove compared to oil-based ones, like lipstick. If you’ve got a bar of soap near you, these stains shouldn’t worry you too much. Here’s one easy tactic you can try: dip the bar soap into some water, and slowly rub into the stain while working up a lather. As soon as you see the makeup is gone, dab the soap with a clean cloth. Make sure to do this carefully, though, so you won’t smear the makeup deeper into the fabric.

Mild Detergent For Oily Stains

Unfortunately, some makeup stains, like those made by liquid are more stubborn, and even if you try to use baby wipes or soap, chances are there will still be a shadow of them on the fabric. For these stubborn stains, one tactic you can try is using a mild detergent, like shampoo or liquid dish soap. Get a small amount and apply onto the affected area with a damp cloth. Use circular motions while rubbing in the detergent. When you see the stain disappearing, wipe the fabric with another clean, damp cloth. There will be some damp patches, but you can easily remove them with a hair dryer. Of course, make sure no residue stain remains on the cloth, since heat is a fixing agent.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is famous for removing bad smells, but it also works well for numerous laundry tasks. This also works great for removing oil-based makeup stains. Just sprinkle some directly on the smudged makeup, and brush gently with a wet, old toothbrush.

Makeup Remover Removes It

Removing makeup from your face is easy, with a bit of water and some soap, but when you’ve put on a thick layer, chances are you don’t get to remove all of it. Some residue still remains, which is why many women opt to use makeup removers to get rid of their makeup. These products are specially-formulated to work against makeup, loosening it from the skin.

Makeup removers work great for the face, so it makes sense that they’ll also work well for fabric. Just apply a small amount on the affected cloth, then removed with a clean tissue. You need to be a little cautious with this tactic, though, since the remover may not work well with the fabric. Test it first on a small, discreet part of the fabric. If you see no negative effects, use it on the stain.

Witch Hazel

Many are familiar with witch hazel’s medicinal and skin care uses. Originating from the flowering plant known as Hamamelis, it comes either as an astringent, lotion or a gel, used for relieving itchiness, pain, sunburn, shaving irritation and windburn. It also works for bruises, abrasions, cuts, swelling and insect bites. Aside from these, witch hazel also works well to remove makeup. You just need to know how to use it properly. Here’s how.

  1. Work on the stain as soon as possible. Don’t leave it to dry.
  2. Get a damp flannel and a tube of witch hazel. Squeeze out a small amount onto your finger, then rub on the affected part, spreading it evenly.
  3. Using the flannel, rub the witch hazel into the stain, until it totally disappears.
  4. Dry the fabric using a hairdryer.

Shaving Cream And Club Soda

It’s a weird combination, but these two products are very effective when removing unpleasant makeup stains from your light-colored clothes. Put some shaving cream (don’t use gel) on the stain, dabbing it lightly, and covering it completely. After a few moments, rinse out the cream using club soda. Make sure you don’t dry the shirt until the stain is completely gone, though, since the stain might set in. You shouldn’t use this tactic for dark-colored clothes, too, since they can cause the fabric to bleed.

The Toothpaste Tactic

This is a very effective method, but the downside of this is that it can be time-consuming. If none of the other methods work, use this as a last resort and if you got enough time on your hands. Dab a blob of plain white toothpaste onto the fabric, and rub it in using a clean and damp cloth. Keep rubbing it in, until no more traces of the stain can be seen. Wipe the area using another clean cloth, and wait for it to dry.

Clothes Before Makeup

The best way to get rid of makeup stains is to avoid them before they even show on the fabric. One common makeup mistake many women commit is putting on the cosmetics before they wear their clothes. When they then slide the dress or shirt over their head, some of the makeup brushes against the fabric, ruining it. To prevent this, wear your clothes before you apply makeup. If you’re worried that some will get on your dress, wear a dressing gown or a towel around your neck. This will save you from a lot of trouble later on.

Wearing makeup makes you feel glamorous and beautiful, but once these cosmetics manifest themselves on your clothes, they become annoying, rather than flattering. Thankfully, there are ways to solve the dilemma. Remember the tips above, so you’ll end up with a glowing face and a neat outfit just in time for girls’ night out.

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  1. Thank you soi much you saved my life. I decided to ware my sisters shirt btoday bon one condition i didnt stain it, but i did stain it. Me and my bestfriend used the toothpaste method and it worked. so thank for saving my life.

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