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Maple bugs are also called box elder bugs. Most people are annoyed and keep asking how to get rid of maple bugs when in fact they do no harm at all. The only thing they love that you will definitely not like is to stay indoors during winter season. Yes, they are good in getting in that will piss you off.

If this really annoys you, there are few things that you can do to get rid of maple bugs. You may try one of the following:

1. According to studies, maple bugs likes in warm places. One way to get rid of Maple bug is to wait during sunny days for them to congregate in their piles and use shop vac to get the maple bugs and put them inside the trash bag. Make sure trash bags are tied tightly by the doing that air will not pass through it and allows them to die. Then, you can dispose them at least 1 or 2 kilometers away from your house. This may take some time to eliminate bugs, but this is another sure way to get rid of maple bugs.
2. Since we already know that they want heat and they come back in the evening, you can create or introduce an alternate place which is ideal for their nesting conditions. One thing to make sure when creating a nesting place is that it should be free from pets and children should not be allowed in that area during the treatment. Then, you can wash or soak or spray the area with Diazinon as advised by Agriculture Canada in Lethbridge.
3. You can also attach flame spreader onto the blow torch, as they touch the flame maple bugs dies. This is the most effective way to get rid of maple bugs.
4. You may also sacrifice having Female Manitoba Maples that is where they feed, breed and live on, this way you can get rid of Box elder beetles.
5. You can also dilute soap in water and spread this to the side of the house using sponge where you don’t want the bugs to stay. It may leave some soap residue and that is how you get rid of maple bugs as that is what they hate, this also kill their eggs. If you apply this to the whole area where they nest, they will definitely move out of your property, then you will see that you are successful in getting rid of maple bugs.
6. After using one of the mentioned treatment, you can get rid of the elder bugs indoors for good. You just need to seal any openings look around the windows, plumbing, doors or any cracks that will give them easy access to your house.


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