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Menopause is a troublesome period for women. It is the time when they lose the ability to bear a child, which is marked with the appearance of joint pains and other discomforting symptoms. Many fall into depression, given the effects of menopause. Deal with the condition better by knowing how to get rid of menopause pain. You can ease menopause discomfort through vitamin supplements, exercise, natural medicine, and consultation with your doctor.

Options for Pain Relief

Menopause pain usually manifests on your joints and muscles. Getting rid of it permanently requires serious medical attention. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for pain relievers or exercise, which conceals and lessens the pain. Pain relievers are easy to come by, since they are available almost anywhere, including your home. However, if all the available means fail to stop the pain temporarily, your best option is consult your doctor.

Natural Treatments

Natural medicine is pretty effective, normally without the need to worry about side effects. Some herbs and oils contain strains that promote pain relief as well as partially stopping menopause’s other symptoms. More and more people, in spite of the criticism of doctors, turn to natural medicine to control menopause pains. Try some of them and see if they can ease much of the discomfort.

  • Wild Yam Supplement – The loss of estrogen is one of the primary causes of menopause pain. To solve deal with all the pain-related symptoms, you can take wild yam extract. It contains estrogen, so consuming a substantial amount eases the pain and stops the other symptoms from appearing. Not many people complain of side effects when they took the drug, which means you have nothing to lose, save a little cash, if you are thinking about taking a wild yam supplement. just refer to online forums for the best brands.
  • Primrose OilPrimrose oil comes as the pain reliever’s good companion. When taken, it produces a calming effect, which lessens pain and soothes the mind. It helps you deal with joint pain, hot flashes (learn how to cure hot flashes), menopause-related depression as well as improving your menstrual health in the long run. No wonder primrose oil is a highly recommended substance for menopausal women. Boosts its effects even further by taking ginko biloba, which strengthens your mind and improves the circulation of the blood.
  • Soy – Soy, just like wild yam extract, contains estrogen-like chemicals, which means you can use it to deal with menopause pain. Eat it as a snack and prepare dishes with tofu, so you can consume enough soy to deal with the symptoms of menopause. In addition, a tofu-based diet can help you lose weight and promote faster metabolism. You’re practically getting a couple of benefits for the price of a single means. It’s a good deal. (See how to get rid of water weight)
  • Flaxseed OilFlaxseed oil is a wonder supplement, given its numerous benefits. Relieving the symptoms of menopause happens to be one of them. Take flaxseed oil as indicated on the label and it will help relieve pain and boost your health in general.

As you can see , natural treatments not only excel in helping menopause pains diminish, they also boost your health in the process. Make them one of your initial choices when dealing with the symptoms of menopause.

Commercial Medicine

Menopause-relieving drugs are specially formulated to target menopause pain and its causes. With potent concentrations of chemicals, they can take effect in a matter of minutes. You can purchase them in drug stores or secure them from your doctor.

  • Painkillers – For joint paints, painkillers are quite effective, regardless of its causes. Upon popping a pill, the active ingredient blocks off pain, keeping you relieved until its effects wear off. Many types of painkillers are available. However, some of them may have side effects. Better consult your doctor on the types that work best in your case.
  • Estrogen Supplement – An estrogen supplement centers on menopause pain’s primary cause and deals with it gradually. The drug adds estrogen into the body, satisfying your systems needs. In the process, menopausal symptoms are lessened or even eliminated. However, it may have side effects, so you should secure the clearance of your doctor first.
  • Vaginal Moisturizer – Vaginal moisturizer works just like natural medicine, since it does not contain harsh chemicals nor does it have a potent formulation. Its active ingredient is purified water released through special applicator, which targets the dry vaginal walls. The moisturizer relieves vaginal itching and dryness as well as menopause pains.

Aside from the three given, other means to relieve menopause pain are continually being developed by medical researchers. New products appear on the market from time to time. Before you patronize any of them, don’t forget to ask your doctor.


During menopause, your joints and muscles ache and weaken due to the hormonal imbalance in your body. With a regular exercise routine, your muscles will grow stronger, making them more resistant to menopause pain. You’ll eventually conquer the pain, as you become more and more fit after every workout.


When all the other treatments fail, your last and most effective option is Hormone Replacement Therapy
or HRT. The doctor replaces the lost hormones by surgically inserting estrogens and progesterones, depending on your body’s needs. The procedure will surely eliminate menopause pain, but like with any surgery, you should be prepared for stiff medical fees.

With the number of treatments for menopause pain, you shouldn’t worry too much about your condition. Try some of the means presented and you’ll be back to your jolly painless in no time. Enjoyed this article? You’ll surely enjoy reading how to get rid of menopause too.

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