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Mice are a nasty pesty rodent which no one wants to see running around their home late at night or during the day. They carry diseases and are constantly ripping and tearing into the family’s store of food. In order to effectively get rid of mice is to use several practical methods. Killing mice is an even nastier thing to clean up. Poisons cause the mice to die in the walls and decay there causing a stink to overwhelm your home. Poisons cause the mice to urinate uncontrollably in your home. Neither option is ideal. How to get rid of mice at home? That is answered by keeping mice out of your home. All the mice that are left in the house, not between the walls, but running around where you can see them and collect them are OK to trap or poison because you’ll be able to discard the carcasses when they die.

The first step is to keep all additional mice from being able to enter your home. Fine steel wool should be used to plug up any area that leads to the outside or to a neighbors home. Your neighbors could be the source of the problem. Stuff the steel wool around plumbing in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Walk through your home and examine every wall and baseboard. All openings beneath doors should be sealed with doors that are the proper size or buy thresholds that close the gap between door and floor. Even a pinhole is big enough for a mouse to squeeze through. Close up every opening, no matter how insignificant it seems. Use an awl to stuff steel wool into the hole, tightly is the first step in how to get rid of mice at home. When you have sealed the new mice out, you’ve also sealed the old mice in. So now is the time for step two:trapping the old mice in your home.

The trapping could last a month or more depending on the infestation of your home. Hopefully, there is just one or a small number of mice actually in your home, but if not don’t be discouraged, just start trapping or poisoning them. They will eventually die and you will be free of the vermin soon. The types of traps to use are the glue traps because the mouse gets stuck in glue and you can just throw away the trap with the mouse. Standard wooden traps encourage you to reuse them. Many people don’t want to go near a dead mouse. So the best trap is one which doesn’t ask the person to touch the dead mouse. These two steps are how to get rid of mice at home.