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Getting mice out of your house can be a challenging and difficult task if it is not handled properly. They are known to build homes in between your walls or small crevices in the yard.


The little guys are lightning quick and just about impossible to catch by hand, so what are the best ways to get rid of something you can’t catch? We offer advice on some of the best ways to keep mice out of your house, and get rid of the mice that are left behind.

1. Seal your house.

First you need to identify where these mice are living. You can usually tell by the strong scent that comes from their homes and the feces outside the hole. Once you’ve identified where they live, you can work on keeping them out.

Plugging up the holes that the mice travel through will keep them out of the living area, but if you trap them in there it’s only going to cause more problems. Start by sealing the holes visible from your living area; if they get trapped in your walls they are only going to dig or chew another way out.

It’s not guaranteed they will leave after the holes are sealed, so check back regularly to see if any new holes have emerged around your home.

2. Clean up your house.

Since they’re so small, mice will eat any little scrap or pebble of food they can find left around the house. Keeping food sealed and your house clean can go a long way for deterring mice from living there. If they can’t find anything to eat, they’re more likely to move on to another place.

You will also want to keep any garbage far away from your home. Rodents smell trash from a mile away, so it would be better to have them digging around your garbage on the curb rather than in your garage.

3. Use an ultrasonic device.

Like a dog whistle, there are anti-mice sound devices you can buy that send out a very high frequency that humans can’t hear. If you can imagine living life having to hear a kettle boil close to your ear, that’s pretty close to what the mice would be going through. This doesn’t always solve the problem, but it’s definitely more annoying to them than not having one.

If mice have invaded your home and you can’t stop them from entering, there are several traps you can lay around your house to get rid of them in humane, and less humane ways.

4. Box traps.

There are many humane box-traps you can buy that will lure the mouse in with bait and trap them there. After they’ve been caught, take them outside and away from your home to release them. Preferably, you want to do this in an unpopulated area so you don’t give the problem to your neighbors, and the mice will have somewhere to live that isn’t another house.

5. Water traps.

Mice hate water. Set up a bucket with water and place some food on a collapsible bridge on top of it. Once they have gone for the food, they will fall into the water. However, you need to be on top of your game if you don’t want a dead mouse floating around in the trap. Check back regularly to see if you’ve caught anything, and release them quickly if you have.

6. Cup traps.

For this, all you need is a cup, a coin, and some bait. Place a cup upside down on a flat surface and have some bait stick to the upper area of the glass’ inside portion. Lift up the cup a little and have the coin sit on its edge to hold up the cup. When the mouse goes for the bait inside, it will knock off the balance of the coin and be left with nowhere to go. After you’ve caught it, release the mouse outside.

If nothing else is working, you may have to exterminate the poor little fellas. With these traps you have to be very careful if you have any other pets in the house, as they might go for the bait just as easily as the mice do.

7. Snap traps.

These spring loaded traps are the quickest and most humane ways of killing mice if it has to be done. Place some bait on the sensitive part of the trap, and as they put weight on it the trap will spring into action. Try spreading these around your house, as mice are likely to learn if they see some casualties in similar traps close by.

8. Poison traps.

Rat poisons can be spread onto bait around the house, and will eventually cause the rat to die by internal bleeding. The anticoagulants in the poison work slowly in the rat so that the others do not pick up on the fact that they’re dying from eating the food. Make sure your other pets aren’t getting into the bait, as there are likely to be similar effects on them.

9. Pet power!

Ah, the classic game of cat and mouse. Unlike in Tom & Jerry, cats actually do a pretty good job of catching mice. If you have a cat, that’s great; set it loose. If not, you might want to consider getting one if the mouse problem is bad enough. They will catch mice both outdoors and indoors, so don’t be shy about letting them wander around your yard either.

One thing to keep in mind is that in addition to being a more humane solution, not killing the mice is actually better at keeping them away. If you decide to kill the mice in your home, the ones who are left over will have more food for themselves and are more likely to breed. Sealing your home and releasing them far away is a more humane and effective way to do things.

Unfortunately for animal lovers, the invasive mice do not make for very good adoptable pets. Learn to keep them away instead, and check out your local pet store to get one that would rather run around in a wheel all day.

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  1. A tip that I have is that Bounce sheets, soap, and moth balls do NOT work. I would not waste time or money on them. I am however wondering if cedar shavings work???? Any suggestions or help with getting rid of these little monsters would be wonderful! Thank you for your time. Jeannie

  2. I have heard that sprinkiling baking soda on the areas were mice are found work great

    Also adding some vinager to the spot works good

  3. if they are getting your bait off the snap traps without setting it off, try wrapping taffy or another sticky candy around the metal pole and then coating it with peanut butter… they fight like crazy to get that taffy off and SNAP!!!!! you got’m!!!!

  4. If you are planning on using poison, I talked to a pest control man who said that some dog fooc counter reacts the poison so make sure you pick up the dog food!

  5. I used the new style victor snap traps made of plastic. Simply put some peanutbutter on the inside and squeeze the back to set it. Then when you catch a mouse squeeze it again to open it. Never touched a bloody mouse since.

  6. Sprinkle peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them in the areas where the rodents run in your house. They hate it and don’t want anything to do with it. You can get Peppermint oil at a health food store or GNC.

  7. i thought the peppermint oil was going to the trick to solve our problems, but we have an unwelcome guest, and i just freshened up the cotton balls saturday after only 2 weeks and have even mixed it with water and sprayed on all my carpets. they are driving me absolutely insane i don’t know what to do next 🙁

  8. the plastic reusable & disposable traps work great. I got 2 mice in a 12 hour span. this is the first time I have ever had a problem with pests (other than my children)lol…but the traps were cheap and I set them at point of entry and exit (in front of the stove under the baseboard. ) that way when they come out and turn the corner, snap, they run right into it.

  9. If you are setting traps but hate handling dead or alive rodents, place the trap inside a paper bag laying on it’s side. If you trap a mouse, just close up the bag and dispose. No muss, no fuss.

  10. If you know where they are entering your home, but can’t really seal it, sprinkle Cayenne pepper where you think they will have to cross it. They will remember never to come back. Do this only if you have no pets or kids.

  11. The electric shock trap is the BEST! It caught our rodent perpetrator in less than 24 hours. No use fooling around with anything else.

  12. I need help fast. We have tons of mice, we are catching some with snap traps with a thin layer of peanut butter. They are everywhere! I hate them! I bought the plug in waste of money things, yeah right. I tried steel wool around the water pipes in the garage, but they seem to move it. I have small children and need to get rid of them quickly. I have even borrowed my mother in law’s cat. Two baby mice walked right in front of him and he didn’t do a thing. Please help. I need a solution that’s safe for pets and children.

  13. We live in the country and are having a very hard time getting rid of the mice. I have read the pepermint thing but have not tried it yet and the sad fact of the matter is that if they want in they are going to come in. My dog is fairly good at cathching them but they keep comming back. Let me know if you have a quick way to get rid of them as I have my mother comming to visit soon.

  14. I live in a downtown apartment building, my unit is very clean ( I make sure!), but not quite sure of my neighbors, lots of student here and I know their priority is partying, not maintaining a clean apartment, I think those F****s ( mice) go back and forth between the dirty apts and clean ones, I is out of control, I am calling the City health department tomorrow, any tips otherwise??

  15. Pet birds will also kill mice. I’ve seen our Senegal parrot stalk and kill one mouse (while the bird was in the cage and the mouse was free to come and go)

    ANd that mouse thought he was too sneaky for me to catch with traditional means…hah!

  16. thanks to everybody for your tips they are very good and i will try them,the bucket trap it seems to be a good idea i will try it and see the results myself. thanks

  17. We live in the country and mice have invaded our attic. It’s a full time job keeping them under control. So far, our primary method of defense is the bucket thing. We string an empty pop can on the wire that straddles the bucket opening and plaster it with peanut butter. We fill about 1/3 of the bucket with water and also add some antifreeze. This stops the stink, guarantees death and keeps the water from freezing in the winter. It works well, but like I said, it’s a regular job that must be kept up in order to “keep up”. My brother in law has also heard that spraying an “industrial strength” vinegar will repel them. Haven’t tried that yet, but may try it soon.

    My father had a fishing lodge and used to mix a little oats and flour in with cement powder, bag them up in a stocking and throw them in designated areas. The mice have to search for water. If there is no water available in the infested area they will be forced to search for it outside. The cement when ingested and mixed with water will have a deadly effect shortly after water consumption. Haven’t tried it myself yet, but I know that dad had success with it. Worked extremely well on skunks too.

    Hope this helps.

  18. I have a lot of mice in my house and I seem to have more and more each day. Its insane and I can’t stand it. What I have used are glue traps, they work great but theres to many of them. One day I layed a glue trap next to the food and four got traped in less than an hour. If you have any info of another way to get rid of them faster post it here and I will check this website daily…Thank You

  19. Use the Bucket Trap Worked pretty good smeared peanut butter inside the bucket. I have caught around 7 mouses. I have seen 3 more so far and it is so annoying Brooklyn mouses are hard to get rid of. I used the Hilti Foam from home depot which is suppose to be as hard as a rock so i sprayed it in any corner i can see and they still come in. However they have no been able to go through where i sprayed the hilti foam its hard as a rock.

  20. I live in new york city in a 5 story building on the top floor. it seems to be that a family has decided that my walls are the places to be. i got the electronic things funny enough it worked in the kitchen and bathroom but not the living room. now i hear them all the time either scratching or squeeekingg (arrgghh night and day). what can i do? Help feel like im losing my mind.

  21. i had alot of problems of mice in my apartment buliding where i live…and past down from generation to generation, I learned that a 2 tea bags and pieace of wax paper works really well.

  22. I can relate to “they’re invading” – I have mice living in my ceiling (i’m in a 3rd floor attic apartment) – and I hear them scratching in the walls at night. I haven’t actually seen one in my apartment, and I have an excellent mouse-catching cat, but it’s driving me crazy and I can’t sleep at night. I’d take any advice you might have to get rid of them, since my landlord doesn’t seem to be making any progress…

  23. The rat zapper works very well(the good batteries are expensive – but it’s worth it) – especially if you opt to never see them (you put a plastic dark bag over the opening of the trap- then you shake the rodent into the bag and then get rid of the bag). Put a couple of balls of dry dog food at the head of the trap. I think i have them living in the back of my refrigerator I’m constantly hearing Scampering and rustling noises from the refrigerator. I have the trap near my refrigerator – i catch them every time. I do not know how many of them are in the trap but I know I’ve been catching them daily. I will try the mint around the refrigerator next.
    Good Luck with getting rid of your unwanted guests.

  24. We’ve just recently started having problems with mice. So far, the sticky glue traps work, but they work best laid flat, and then there’s the chance of children stepping on them. I’ve put steel wool in the cracks under our stairs where the mice made holes. I’m not sure what else to do, other than wait for the carpenter to come in and seal up any other holes. Not a happy camper here!

  25. Coming into Autumn / Winter in NZ and I’ve discovered a few of the little critters about.. they were cute until… well I caught 5 of them in 2 days. Never saw one for a whole year, I hear that Autumn brings them in.

    I’ve used spring loaded traps to catch them. Best thing to use for bait is grab some bread (brown bread)and heat it in the microwave, then mould it around the trap point – when it dries it’ll be rock solid and just as yummy for the mice to eat.

    Good luck!

  26. I need help! Im so disgusted and frustrated. I keep setting the spring traps and the bait will be gone but no mouse! (I use peanut butter and chocolate because I discovered that they like them both. And they are obviously eating it. I even tried three different brands of traps. Then I bought glue traps and we caught one the second day and its a baby! Does this mean I have a hundred? Last night we kept seeing another baby walking right past the glue trap and the metal traps. I finally put poison out as a last resort, but hate the idea of it because I have 3 small children. We feel like our home has been overtaken. Anyone have any suggestions? Why arent my traps being set off is it because they are babies?

  27. I have found that either bacon or deli ham works well on snap traps. When using peanut butter, I kept coming back to see the trap cleaned without being tripped. This way, they have to tug at the bait to remove it – caught 7 in 24 hours!

  28. My problem with mice, are that there to smart.I tried this and that, everything seems to work for the moment,until they get smart!I get so mad when i see them reappear.So now i just flip them the finger!But like i said they get smart, and now they flip me back. It works well because now we all just get along.

  29. i don’t have any tips but i really need them out
    first i caught about four of them within a month but now
    there is one more still there and im trying to catch him
    he is leaving his comfort zone the kitchen i want to catch
    him before he explores what should i do?

  30. I just wanted to pass on some of my experience:
    – The glue traps can be really horrible, because they might get trapped live and squeal until they die. Do you really want to hear a mouse scream or move a glue trap with a live mouse stuck to it?
    – The poison is a bad idea, because they might die in your house. I know this, because one died in the middle of my living room.
    – Pepperment essential oil on cotton balls doesn’t work
    – Electronic repellents don’t work

    I’m still trying to find the best solution, but I wanted to warn others away from those options.

  31. A few years ago we got mice for the first time. We bought Decon (poison) and it worked wonders. Killed off all the mice. BUT it also almost killed our dog (who jumped the gate we had up and found the bait in the bathroom closet) $1200 dollars worth of blood transfusions for my pup. The vet said that there is a “sweet” smell that attracts a lot of dogs to rat poison (kinda like antifreeze)

    Well, now they are back with a vengence and I swear they are having parties in my walls and cabinets. I hear them all night long. We simply buy the cheap snap traps now. Dispose of them with each mouse. We caught 7 in one day – ran out of traps. Still need to buy more but I’m sure it will be better than the $1200 in vet bills!! Also, I’ve heard that if you have a lot of mice and use poison, they die in your walls and smell up your house. (though we didn’t experience it the first time)

  32. help we have mice in our house my children spotted them in the bedrooms tonight and have left home …..(not a bad thing lol)they have gone to stay with nanny and grandad we have been putting down poision and traps for weeks now and to no avail we have caught two but thats it ….they seem to go on the rampage every night or when we are not at home have spotted them in kitchen living room and bedrooms . we can hear them in our attic at night but cant find a nest anywhere .

    anyone have any ideas please

  33. I noticed the little SOB’s in December and started with the snap traps, they never worked then I went to the little live traps cought a few with them. They can get out of them some how know. I’ve then bought the sticky traps cought about 8 of them with them. But know all I find is hair on the clean trap and no mouseys’. I don’t want to get the posion because of my dogs. Every night we take off more base boards in everyroom… To find nest’s and tons’ for mouse poop. I’m ready to pull my hair out and soon my house will be down to studs as my husband removes all the base boards and walls. HELP PLEASE.

  34. Help… I live in the country with my littel girl. We have mice (lots of em) in the fields and I guess some may get in. i never see them though. We have 4 cats and they catch the field mice, kill, and leave them onthe porch my daughter likes to play on. Any way to stop the cats from leaving me a massacre to come home to daily???

  35. I feel like the great hunter two in one trap…ha

    So, I think the bucket thing would work good with one improvision, that would be to run you paper towel holders through, then a coke can then on the opposing side another towel holder. Smear peanut butter around the center of the can…spin, spin.

    crazy things k

  36. We lived in a house adjoining a wheat field and there were lots of mice at first. I set four snap traps in the basement (peanut butter, I think) and heard them go off in a couple of minutes; sometimes I could watch the mice coming down the outside basement stairs. The traps would fill up, I’d empty them out, reset them, repeat, sometimes a couple times a day. We killed a lot of mice, and to my surprise given the infinite mouse supply from the farm fields, *they stopped coming*. Maybe word gets around the mouse community.

    Unfortunately my current mouse population seems to stay in the walls of my urban house. Tore open one wall to clean ’em out, plugged up outside access, but I think they are probably back. I’m considering squirting peppermint oil into small drill holes in between every stud hoping that may discourage them.

  37. We just found a nest of mice in our barbecue grill. We got rid of the nest and unfortunately couldnt catch the mice so they ran off. We cleaned out the grill however they returned a couple of hours later. What can we use to get rid of them that is safe. What can we do to clean out the grill so it isnt contaminated. I sure dont want any food cooked in there anymore…brand new 700.00 grill too! Help!!!!

  38. I have a question actually. I was reading the part that you should throw away anything that has been touched by a mouse, well if im not exactly sure what the mouse touched can I just simply spray lysol disinfectant to kill any kind of bacteria or virus from the mouse?

  39. I’ve been trying the snap traps but the mice just go around them, the plug in ones don’t work. They say they work up to 500 square feet and my house isn’t that big. Got a cat and it just plays with them. I will try tips….

  40. i have mice in my house . i have lots of land around me 10-15 acres and horses 2 houses over. i caught 2 mice with glue traps but they were alive did not like that and one other mouse ate through the glue trap and got away. that electronic pest thing does not work.. i caught 2 mice last night with the snap mouse traps,i put some peanut butter on it spread it on the food tray thing so the mouse has to work at it and bang. i just hope i can get more before they have babies, everyone says get a cat some mice will leave just with the smell of the cat in the house.
    good luck to all

  41. We live in a townhouse across from a big open field. Mice are coming from our neighbors…very annoying. We found the hole under our sink and will try to plug it with the suggestions from others. As far as killing them, We found that the snap traps work great. We set the traps with mulitgrain bread. I squish the bread tight between my fingers, making a bread ball, and then squish it into the trap so that the mouse has to put preasure to get it out. It works every time. I hate to clean up the little suckers. Any suggestions for getting rid of the dead mouse without having to touch any part of the trap? I use tripple plastic bags to do it now.

  42. I have a fairly new home, just a year and a half old. We have just found that mice are in my central air unit closet. I have tried the pellets, they ate some of it and now they pass it up. Now I have spring traps, glue traps & the ultra-sonic repeller’s. I am praying something or a combination of the above works! I have tried plugging up all the holes, I have cleaned the area and gotten all food products out of their reach. I think they were attracted to my home when I was feeding my dogs outside for a short time. I don’t do that anymore but unfortunately it’s too late as the vermon are now inside! I might also add I have 5 cats …. they stay inside my master bedroom though. I don’t let them roam the whole house to keep down the hair issues on my furniture. I haven’t seen or heard any mice in my room but how do I get them to leave?? IF ANYONE HAS ANY OTHER TIPS THAT WILL WORK OTHER THAN THE ONES I HAVE ALREADY TRIED PLEASE LET ME KNOW! The thought of these diease carring rodents taking over my new home just horrifys me.

  43. I’ve just moved into a house that has mice problems, peanut butter usually just gets licked off without triggering the snap trap – try corn beef they love it — unfortunately for them! Caught 2 this morning in one trap ;o)

    Nearly bought the ultrasonic deterant the other day, but had my doubts, glad I didn’t buy it after reading the info here.

    The battle has been won, but the war is far from over…

  44. We recently discoverd the mice population in our house. we have seen 3 in one week in our upstairs living room. my husband killed two, but that damn third one won’t die, and no other signs. But then today when i got home from work there was mouse poop all over my counters in all my drawers, everywhere, is it payback time? AHHHHH i hate mice, they freak me out. I called the exterminator, but i think i will also try the mint stuff. The exterminator has tampor proof poison traps (which is good because we have a very curious two year old) and guartees no mice for at least a year. i hope it works..

  45. A few days ago I heard the rattle of the dog biscuits in the metal food bowl. The dog was beside me so I knew it wasn’t him in there. I jumped up to see the tail of a mouse beside the bowl. GROSS. I immediately went on a cleaning mission and found mouse poop under the sink and under the stove. I blocked all the holes with tin foil and set out some snap traps (with peanut butter) and some glue traps. The first 2 days the mice ate the peanut butter without setting off the traps. The glue traps look like they weren’t touched. On day 2 I caught 2 mice in the same trap a couple of hours apart. Who knows how many more there are. They are building a new roadway beside my house and I’ve been told that when they tear up the land the mice come into the nearby homes. GREAT! far so good with the SNAP TRAPS (Victor brand about $5 for 2 traps)

  46. In reference to those who think that having the mice die of a heart attack on the glue/sticky boards is cruel…give me a break. Mice are disgusting, and it’s beyond awful to have them infest your home. I don’t care how they die, they can’t be in your home. It’s equally or even more disgusting, to have a snap trap come down on them, that doesn’t quite finish the job, or to have to try and scrub mouse blood off your carpet. I’d rather just deal with the live mouse on the glue board. You could always put them in a bucket, and hold that bucket to the exhaust pipe of your running car. Then they are euthanized in a couple of minutes.

  47. To Fatimah, you had a question about if you had to throw away anything a mouse touched, or if you can disinfect. If the mice have been in any of your food, you have to thow the package away. You can’t disinfect food. Other than that, you can disinfect your dishes, counters, floors, and objects like that. Wash fabrics, and you can use bleach to help clean objects and your home. I’m sure the lysol could work for your cleaning needs.

  48. i thought i heard wresting noises one day in the garage…so i put up a snap trap with peanut butter. believe it or not….i came home to find 3..yes three mice in that trap. ! holy cow. so, i got a ton more traps – like 15 and each and every one has been set and caught. i cannot believe how quickly these little stinkers can mate., and have babies. i thought i had one or two. yea, one means ten !! some of the smaller ones didn’t set off the trap, so i stuck the peanut butter waaaay inside, so they would have to crawl in farther, thus setting off the snap by their full weight. so, if you find the peanut butter gone – and no mice, try that.

  49. Wendi Su, I haven’t been able to catch any mice on snap traps. Do you mind telling what kind they are? Are they the kind that the mice crawl inside? Or just regular metal snap traps?

  50. I have a question
    Two years ago I discovered a mice nest and dead mouse in the bulkhead of one of my collector cars. I found it as a result of searching for the source of a smell. Access was limited but I managed to remove every thing with a shop vac. The smell remains to this day. I tried spaying Lysol on the area but that didn’t work. Anyone know of a neutralizer?

  51. If you don’t want to make your own bucket trap, you can buy an ISS mouse trap online. I have been using one for a couple of years now and it works well. You can get them from Amazon or from

  52. I’ve been in my townhouse for a month and a half and I’m seeing mice all over the damn place I got the plugins (don’t work) glue traps they run around them now I’am trying to get a cat any other suggestion ?

  53. Does anyone know if spraying peppermint oil around the baseboards in the kitchen and behind the stove will work in keeping mice away?

  54. I discovered that I live with a mouse. This is my second day and I am accepting his presence. I went through denial, rage and now…acceptance..waiting for a solution. I saw him/her running behind my TV in my bedroom. It was fast,and I could not believe it. I did not want to believe it. Then, the same mouse or a different one was standing in the middle of my kitchen as I was trying to decide who to call and learn about how to get rid of mice. The creature was standing there, still and quiet. I was running back and forth, not quite sure what to do. Then the creature decided to go underneath the refrigerator. I decided to clean my kitchen. This saga started at 11h00PM and I finally went to bed at 4h00AM. I almost caught the creature as he/she was half under the refrigerator with his/her sticking tail. I put on gloves, unfortunately they were a bit large. So, when I put my finger on the tail, I could not really grasp it. It started to move and I lose it.

    I put some soda powder on the two corners of the kitchen (I have an open kitchen into the dinning area and live in a condominium). I also put the powder behind the TV. This morning there were mouse prints on one corner, by late morning there were more prints on that same corner and a few on the other corner of the kitchen. No prints in the bedroom. I do not think that the soda powder is doing anything. I do not quite understand what it is really suppose to do. I bought peppermint plants and put them around the house. I am waiting for the building management to came with some solution.

    Any suggestion on how to try to convince the mouse or the many mice to go away from my house with the minimum contact with them?


  55. Have baby mice. Chased three of them the other day and they ran outside. Nothing or 2 days and then this morning cat was playing with one and it ran into the bedroom. FREAKED. I tried mothballs and while they were behind the washer and dryer, no mice…but the cat food is in there and the kitty wouldn’t enter to eat. Removed the mothballs and mice are back. Using habitraps but no results. Any suggestions?

  56. I hate mice!!! You know what I hate more than a live mouse?…yup…A dead mouse! A few years ago the magazine “A cottage life” featured inventions from cottagers. One guy made “the temple of doom” which is essentially the bucket method. So…one year at the cottage we constructed “the temple of doom”. The kids all thought I was nuts but were excited to see if it’ll work. Tall metal bucket with a piece of wood with a nail in 2 corners balanced on the top, put some peanut butter on the wood…and made stairs going up to the top with fire wood. I didn’t think to fill the bucket with water and I didn’t grease the sides (that’s a good idea). We caught 4 that night. We put a cover over the bucket and drove them really far away and released them in the woods. You could easily use a tall kitchen garbage can with a flip lid that swings really easily. When the mouse gets on top of the lid and moves towards the edge where the bait is…the lid flips and the mouse falls into the garbage can. I actually found a mouse dead in our flip lid kitchen garbage can one year… that’s what gave me the idea to use a garbage can. It doesn’t look as interesting as “the temple of doom”. You really do have to grease the sides. Those mice are great jumpers. One jump happy mouse escaped “the temple of doom”. The kids got a kick of seeing mice caught in “the temple of doom”. They talked about it for years afterwards.

  57. We only discovered our mouse or mice a week or so ago, the little nasty vermin ran out of our water heater closet!!! we tried glue traps and the snapping kind….but to no avail, we are in the process of poison, and now i see little grren mouse poo everywhere!!! (well maybe not everywhere…but it feels like it) I dontt like the idea of poison….but i feel desperate!! We are trying to sell our house, and this just feels like a horrible mess!!! I am going to try the bucket thing, n my mom said that if you put soda, like coke in a lid and put it out at night the mice will drink it, but because they cant burp they will die from the carbonation or something like that, im gonna give it a shot tommorrow night…

  58. Mice are getting into our cars and becoming an expensive repair problem! Any hints that will keep them from nesting underneath the hood?

  59. Found that the dead mouse smell can be covered up with coffee grounds (fresh out of the can). Had one under a cabinet and couldn’t get to it. Tried it all, that was the only thing that worked.

  60. Why do so many people want to kill them? I like the idea of the one where they are trapped in a bucket and can be released easily. Why would you need water?

    Anyway, if you have ethic’s, you’ll know where I’m comin from.

  61. We live in a house surronded by fields, the first time we mowed out there, we had atleast 10 mice come into our house. I put out snap traps were I saw them running in and out, and within two days, all of them were gone. I put peanut butter on the trap, and it seemed to work good. But what is an easy way to find their nests?

  62. I am deathly afraid of mice. I believe I heard one in either the wall or under the cupboards in the kitchen tonight. Since I’m so scared of mice, I can’t even make myself set traps. I live alone in an apartment complex. I sprayed some peppermint oil – water mixture when I moved here 3 months ago to prevent pests. So, I sprayed it again tonight after I heard the noise.
    I’m considering the bucket idea, but I doubt I’d be capable of dealing with the things once caught. I have had the electronic devices before, and they work for a little while…then stop.
    Since I’m so afraid of the mice, what are some other ideas to do so I can prevent them, and not have to deal with them like you do with traps? By the way….I’m allergic to cats.

  63. I ‘ve never had mice untill oneday i was looking thru the closet and found all my blankets,pillows and linens smelling like mice urine and full of mice droppings.Then i hired a the pest control.i bought mothballs,glue traps mice poison and traps I got rid of them suckers in less than 2 weeks.and i got me a mean cat.

  64. I bought my house 2 1/2 years ago and NEVER saw a mouse until 3 weeks ago. I saw 3 mice on day one… took my kids and left the house. Spent 2 weeks at my Aunts house, my son and cousin came over every day set 24 traps… caught 34 mice the first 3 days and no more since. Finally we came home after we figured there were no more mice. About 3 days later my cats had 1 mouse trapped in a corner of my living room where he was hiding behind my curio cabinet, after a couple of days he was gone and we didn’t see anymore mice until this morning my daughter saw 2 or 3 in the basement. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve tried the snap traps and peppermint oil (which loses it’s scent after a few hours).
    I’ve talked to the vet about poisons since I have cats and he said if my cats would kill a couple mice that ate the poison it would poison my cats. So I can’t go that route. After searching the internet today I found a product called Fastrac which is a poison but does not affect the bloodstream. When the mice eat it, it gives them a heart attack. Now if the cats eat the poison it will kill the cats but the cats cannot get hurt by killing a mouse that eats the poison. I ordered some to put in my basement where the cats can’t get to it (it’s only $13 with shipping). I can’t wait to see if it works. Ok I’m done with my book.

  65. we tried traps. they work in the beginning & then they outsmart them. i am using cayenne pepper on my counters because they were running on them. they are traveling thru my radiators & ceiling tiles. i am tearing them down! i am duct taping my radiators,one by one. i am setting maskin tape traps everywhere! ever since my neighbors moved next door & decided to grow vegetables, my problem started. they don’t speak english & don’t understand growing vegetables outside is a free buffet to rodents.i may have to get a cat. i want to call the city & demand that they mail information out in my neighborhood about mice control. my family have been educated about food and gargabe control. this generation of people are dirty and lazy!! the city needs to set up a police environment patrol and fine people for dirting their environment! we need to start campaigns & advertise daily on keep our neighborhood clean and rodent free. signs need to be posted “don’t liter and keep your environment clean!!!!

  66. Evelyn, I find it funny that your family is educated on food and garbage control and yet a WHOLE generation of others is not. The last time I checked, everyone has the right to grow food, herbs or flowers in their yards. If you want home veggie gardens banned, you’d also have to ban their bird feeders, among other things, since wild bird feeders tend to feed as many rodents as they do birds. There simply isn’t enough money, or bylaw officers to monitor everyone’s plants, birdfeeders, refuse piles (how ’bout those junker cars?) to go around. I wish there was too, because there are people in my neighborhood who have yards full of cars, old building materials, mattresses and plain old crap they never clean up.
    I grow tomatoes and pumpkins and have never had a mouse nibble them, but I came here to this site because I do have a mouse in my house. (I finally resorted to poison after trying every other way, including bucket traps, snap traps and glue traps. My mouse is quite smart; when I clean out one area, he moves to another or pushes aside the traps.) I am revolted to point of wanting to sell my house before I die of bleach poisoning. My small country home suddenly feels very large when wiping everything down with bleach.
    Joe Momma, we want to kill them because they spead viruses, disease and parasites to humans and if they are trapped and released within a few kilimeters of your home, they have an amazing capacity to find their way back.

  67. hi
    does anyone know how to get rid of mice?? we have found out we have a few in our back garden in the shed and around it. we have put those plastic mouse traps around the outside of the house and in the shed. we put cheese in the plastic mouse traps. we think it ate the cheese and escaped. the mouse trap was closed we opened it it was empty. do you think something else went and ate the cheese. we have no pets or small children pleas help us any advise will be really helpful:)we don’t want them to spread. thank you xxx

  68. I have mice in a recently bought cottage /house ,, Ive seeen dropping etc ,,,, there not deer mice but are brown just the same ,, ive explained they looked for a place to live in the fall and will go now that its summer ,, is this a true statement or am i just mis informed …. In the fall ive used the bucket theory trap with anti freeeze and put penut butter on handle of bucket ,,, this handle swivels ,,, put a cloth up to the steel part of the handle but ,,but make sure it can ,,still swivel …. gaurenteed they,ll climb up but spin out on handle ,,, hence wont rot cause of the anti freeze ,,,, empty in spring ,,, DIG in Ground as RAVENS will eat them asap ,,,Ken Kaye ,, Toronto Ont, thanks Yu

  69. I GUESS I DID SOMETHING WRONG ,,, I USE THE BUCKET ThEORY … iN YOUR Garage mmmmmmm basement etc.. Fill bucket half with anti-freeze and use a plastic bucket with a handle that spins,,, Smear garlic,peanut butter on handle that spins but is straight above anti-freeze ,,use a cloth attatched to steel handle But NOT on plastic handle so as it spins freely ..I gaurentee the mice wont hang on and will pickle himself as he drops into anti-freeze ,, Barry the dead mice as they are litterally pickled in poison and I dont want a whiskey Jack or Raven to eat the tainted mice so i barry them or put in garbage bag and dispose them this way … feel free to ask any questions if yu dont understand this system ,,,its also fun to make …. Ken

  70. email me as i forgot to tell yu micers that the garlic is a added thing as i ususally just use peanut butter ,, also attach cloth to steel handle using a clothes peg ,, but dont let the rag touch the handle that spins !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Guys Ken

  71. There is an absolute glut of mice at the moment. Our Pest control Officer said that we’re not supposed to release them elsewhere as they then become someone else’s problem. I don’t like killing them, but needs must otherwise we will just be overrun with them. My 5 year-old grandson was staying with us recently and was sick twice during the week – I was terrified he might have touched something that the mice had been on……

    We have field mice indoors just now. I think (and desperately hope) we’ve now found the entry hole and have cemented it in but now they are stuck in the house! Have caught and released 5 with the humane trap over the last 3 weeks (yes but I do release them onto a field well away from dwellings) but have at least one now who won’t go in it! Have set a couple of dishes with poisoned seed (I know, I can’t stand the thought of a dead mouse in the house somewhere but I’m getting desperate thinking of all those babies that might be lurking in the wings!) and potato powder and a bucket trap with water tonight as per the excellent tips but I used plastic vending cups over the bucket with the bottoms cut off (couldn’t wait until the toilet rolls ran out!) smeared with a little peanut butter as they are nice and slippery!!!) so I’ll let you know if that worked……

    Tried the bucket thing dry last year – put some cheese in the bottom of the bucket. In the morning the cheese was gone and nothing left but a few poos – didn’t realize they could jump so high!

    In our old house we had them in the attic (I can just cope with that!). One night as we were sat in bed a mouse came down through an old pipe hole behind the coving and ran round the whole room inside the coving – just half an inch of polystyrene between me and a mouse dropping on my head! Eeek! I got some upholstery skewers and stuck them up through the coving so he’d be impaled if he ever tried that again! Eventually I filled the hole……

  72. Michelle…..I read your post and i’m having an issue with mice myself. I was just told of the steal wool idea and I didn’t think about mice moving the stuff out of the way. That makes me wonder if it is going to work for me now. If there is any way you can close off most of the area with something like cauk, or concreate, this would be if they are getting in from the outside then use steal wool for just a small hole and see if that will work. I was told that when they try to chew threw steal wool it slices there mouth open and they won’t come back but i’m glad I heard about your situation now. I’m not sure. Also my brother lives in the country and has had to deal with a lot of mice and he switches his methods often. They get used to traps so easliy and can somehow avoid them. They are smart.

    And when you said there are a lot of them that is the worst stage! It means they are having babies, they have up to 30 at a time usually every couple months and then each one multiplies, it’s amazing how fast they spread. I would try all forms on and off and mix them up in the house. Just of course make sure your kids know where they are and not to touch anything. I’m sure you have done that already.

    On this page I read about the 5 gallon bucket Idea and using the paper towel rolls and filling the bucket half way up and then luring bait to get them to fall in the bucket and that way they can’t get out, that maybe another idea for you. Otherwise call an exterminator if all else fails! Good luck to you…

  73. I have also learned from experience that using the blue pellets work well! Put them next to vents, or anywhere you think they are and count how many you put in each place, the nice thing with these pellets is something in them makes the mice want to go out side and eat them and then that is where they die. So they won’t be laying all over your house. My friend and I got 150 in 4 nights! It was great.

    The downside is though, you dont want pets in the house and if you have small children that may be a problem.

  74. Putting peppermint oil behind the stove (or anywhere else) has not worked for me. I wish it did. I like the smell. I stunk up my whole house with it. The squeeze plastic traps are good if you get a good one but sometimes you get one they just keep licking clean. Best are the snap traps. I always throw them out and buy new ones. They are cheap enough.
    It is comforting though to see I am not the only one who has these problems. I was feeling very lonely, yet I could have written any of these letters with the same amount of despair.



  75. It’s 3.30am and I have just got rid of ‘the mouse’ (desperately hoping it’s the last one…..)

    I couldn’t sleep so I went downstairs and made a drink. Blow me, the little beggar was sitting watching me from the Utility Room which we are in the process of refurbishing. Tame as you like. I had checked the humane trap only to find it on it’s side and all the bait eaten! Well that’s pretty smart! I reset it with peanut butter and he was on it like a shot. But he’s no dummy this one – he went in to the trap but as soon as it started to move he was out like a shot. No wonder that didn’t work. He couldn’t get out of the Utility where he had got in through a hole left by the plumber, as I had cemented the hole but I had stopped a few little holes in the same area with steel wool which he chewed at for a bit, hoping presumably that he could get out through them (he was chewing it without too much of a problem!).

    Then I had a brainwave. I blocked the doorway into the kitchen so he was trapped in the Ute then opened the back door and popped a bit of peanut butter outside on the step. Eventually after much to-ing and fro-ing and a few scoots back to his nest he was out the door and away – without even a backward glance at the peanut butter. You just have to admire him, he’s such a cutie and I’d happily live with him if he didn’t spread such muck and chew everything in sight. Aaaaahhhhh!

    I really really do hope he’s the last one! By the way, as far as the bucket trap is concerned, he chewed through the string that the plastic cups were suspended on and the only thing in the water was the plastic cups…………I would advise using wire!

  76. Bannergammy, I know what you mean about the mice moving the pellets. We have treated grain and we find pockets of it all over the house, in shoes – anywhere they can find a nice little storehouse. I found a peanut in my shoe the other day – obviously acquired before we realised we had the problem. Then my daughter, who had been staying for a few days found one in one of her shoes when she got home!

    There is some timber stacked against the wall in the Utility and I am pretty confident that we will find the nest behind it when we move it. That I can deal with, but I had visions of them living in the furniture somewhere so I’m glad that isn’t the case.

    I read somewhere that they don’t go very far, but the first we knew that we had mice again was seeing one in the lounge – it had found a packet of nuts down by my husband’s chair and was having a whale of a time scooting around whilst we were watching tv! Last year we had one even go upstairs! It had found some biscuits in the bedroom and chewed a fruit-scented candle in the guest room. Cheeky monkey!

  77. To Tim Gregory- The smell remains to this day. I tried spaying Lysol on the area but that didn’t work. Anyone know of a neutralizer?

    Hi Tim, You can use straight vinegar. If it a carpet, go to your local vetenarian and ask for a big syringe and tell him you need it to shoot vinegar into the carpet and padding to get rid of the smell. If it is bare concrete, cement, hardwood, etc just poor it on and let sit for several hours. Poor on more and let sit. The smell will go away. This works great for cat urine too.

  78. I have caught two mice in the same location and they seem to be isolated in this location, which is a hole beside my dishwasher and sink. If i board up that hole, will they just move to a different entry point? Should i just keep putting traps there until i get no more results?

  79. I have lots of mice in my house. It’s not because we are dirty or leave food around. They come in to get warm in the winter. Sometimes I hear them in the walls and sometimes I even see them. I use to use humane traps to catch them and put them outside, but we live in the country so there are many more than I can control and some of them seem to really like it here. I have pretty much given up now and we live together peacefully. After all, we built this house on THEIR land. Contrary to what people on here say, they are not nasty little creatures that spread disease. They are actually quite adorable and for the most part, keep to themselves. When I do hear them chewing in the wall once in awhile I just bang on it and they stop. Why is everyone so disgusted and afraid of a little mouse? Humans are NOT the only species on earth, we just act like it. Give them a break!

  80. “If i board up that hole, will they just move to a different entry point?” – micepests

    You need to block the holes with steal wool. The idea is stop them from getting in in the first place other wise more of them will keep on turning up. The building that I live in is infested and they keep on finding new ways to get in. :o(

  81. I hear a lot of people have problems with bait being taken from the snap traps. I have taken pliers and squeezed the wire loop on the bait trigger down so it takes less pressure to release it.

    Further I use a pen and mark the trap so I know if is a “fine trigger” and usually use a number as well so I can log the location on a piece of paper. It can be nerve wracking to place them though, I recommend you put it on the ground first and then set it keeping you fingers clear.

    They love the HVAC ducts in our mfg. home because someone added onto the metal duct system with the flexible mylar duct that they chew easily through: they are supported off of the concrete pad with cinder blocks, how dumb. I’m going to wire them up to the bottom of the floor joists to make them less accessible. I have installed aluminum screen material inside the duct below each register vent to keep them out of the house. They have no problem litterally running down the 1/2″ wide slit where the adjustment knob is located on the end of the register. Someone has got to build one with a screen built into the thing! One register was extremily busy and I placed a trap in the bottom of it and omitted the screen material so they would be encouraged to leave the house or die trying to enter. This worked well.

    I’m scared to go down under the home regularily due to blackwidow spiders, risk of hauntevirus, etc. I’m going to build a bucket trap with antifreeze and hopefully it will fill up with little maintenance.

    I don’t see them inside our home anymore but are living above the ceiling in our bedroom and scamper down the wall inches from my head at night to get into the crawlspace. We have been using a hepa air filter which makes a lot of noise at night… and just been trying to belive there is not a problem….”out of sight, out of mind, LOL. We will have a daughter in another month and need to hear her so I’m getting motivated to build the bucket trap and finish sealing up the area above the cinderblocks and the bottom of the mfg. home. I’m going to use a metal screen and attach it to both the bottom of the siding and top of the blocks with butyl rubber caulk which sticks really well and doesn’t dry out like cheap latex caulks. This should be less expensive than sheet metal. I feel you pain brother!

  82. BLEACH. Use it between the cracks and any areas where you see mouse droppings. Use the bleach to repell the mice.

    I used it 2 days ago and haven’t heard / seen any mice since. I do, however, expect them to come back as I’m never really THAT lucky

    My little dog (Yorkshire Terrier) can hear the mice in my apartment better than I can. My dog’s new hobby is to stare at the wall and wait until the mice come out. Then when she sees /hears the mouse she chases after it. The problem is that my do will do this in the middle of the night and it is very noisy.

    It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when you have mice

  83. i have got a mouse in ma house lol. it lives under the bath in the bathroom but always comes in my room in the evening. i cant sleep and end up going to my boyfriends house in the middle of the night coz im petrified.
    i tried setting a snap trap next to the bath where it comes out but it took the cheese and didnt set of the trap.
    i swear this mouse is evil and enjoys p*s*ing me off. i even emptied my whole room and hoovered the whole carpeted and the changed my room around.
    the other night i was awoken by it as it was above my head running round on my windowsill.
    help me plz.

  84. I used the glue traps (large ones, small don’t work)caught 2 little guys (disgusting!) in the kitchen, I had more though (one or more not sure) I put steel wool in the possible holes they were coming in from then called the extrerminator & he put bait and traps all over the attic, the kitchen and the apartments downstairs. I think they are gone or dead now but I will never be the same I still come home and get nervous. Has anyone used the ultrasonic plug in device? I know it says they don’t work but a few people have told me it does.

  85. i have had it with this mouse i swear it is now living in th base o my bed. ewwwwww. i can hear it soooo loudly at night help!!!!!!

  86. Hi Mel, Put a glue trap (again, large one) w/half a teaspoon of peanut butter where it roams, I guarantee you you will catch it.

  87. Tammy- Do not waste your money on the ultrasonic things!! If people think they are working then they must not have had mice in their house in the first place. I bought 4 from a very well respected company (B&D) and now I have more mice than before. I plugged one in on the kitchen counter and the next day there was mouse poo there right in front of it.

    To everyone- I suggest wedges of a Reese’s peanut butter cup to bait your traps. Mice LOVE it! I have caught 4 on glue traps and 1 in a “catch and release” trap in the past 4 days. I was starting to get grossed out from the live mice stuck to glue so I switched traps but the bait is working great!

  88. My daughter saw a mouse come in form a hole in the bathroom. It ran to my sons bedroom. We are going crazy! My daughter has a party soon and I don’t want anyone getting a visitor in there sleeping bag or in the restroom. I bought glue traps, sonic plug ins, and built a trap with a wrapping paper roll and a trash can. I am desprate! I need this mouse gone. We have not seen one since we moved in six years ago. Oh yeah we sold our bedroom furniture and are on the the floor till we go out and buy new furniture. I guess I will sleep in my computer chair! LOL

  89. Steel wool in the holes has been suggested. I will try this tonight.
    I will see what the plug ins do.

  90. No tips here but definitely looking for new ideas. We don’t see any droppings anywhere but every fruit in my fruit bowl that I have been setting out for years are now getting eateb! Gross!!! Even the pineapple was nibbled through. I literally surrounded the fruit bowl with various traps–ZERO GAPS–but they somehow jumped over the obstacles over the 12″ footed bowl and chomped away.

  91. Hi Mel, I don’t know how u do it w/those things running by ur bed! I would pass out! pest control is the best thing, good luck! I actually have them coming this Friday for a follow up (they come 2 times after the initial visit) so I will keep ya updated of any tips.

  92. help!!!!!!!!!!!We have mice that get into freezer ,yes its COLD but that is not stoping them! Have stuffed holes with steel wool nad they are back..We are throwing food away everyday.We are talking alot of money,so I really need to know what to do! Would plugging the holes with fome that hardens help???

  93. I always heard that they come in pairs, SO I was please to find that we finally caught the 2nd critter w/the snap trap. PB on a cracker caught the first one with in hours and w/in days for #2. We have been in this house 9 years and once a few years ago we had a pair and that was it…until now. I have been content that we were mouse free until today…my son said he saw THREE of them! I think we might have a nest in our fireplace (which we keep covered behind the glass w/black plastic since it is drafty). My husband is in Iraq and I don’t think I have the guts to even come close to opening my fireplace up. What will an exterminator do? Should I take that route or just set a ton of traps? How do you know when they are all gone? If they can have 100 babies a year, I could have 30…who knows? They are very small, but I’m scared to death. I won’t walk through the house w/out tennis shoes on for fear I might spot one and it will run over my foot. What if you can’t find a point of entry? Anyway the club cracker with peanut butter was good bait…

  94. OMG…We have caught 2 mice in the basement with the snap traps and peanut butter. This morning I was down in the “fruit room,” and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked and there was a mouse running along the CEILING..I screamed..(just like in the movies) and it ran out this hole into the next room..I have no idea where it went from there. I have never found any droppings anywhere..they have not been into the dog food. The fruit room is full of stuff like boxed crackers and they have not touched those. I didn’t know mice could run along ceilings..I thought they stayed down low??? Help!!!!

  95. There is no sign of the mouse. Last night my husband looked for traces we found nothing. With 14 traps set out,4 sonic plug ins,poison packet and steel wool in every hole ther is no sigh of it. I hope it stays gone and never comes back. I was thinking of trying the peppermint sent,too. Does that work?

    We had a roof rat once we bought some poison at the hard ware store called onebite. It worked in days. Thank God the thing died behind our dryer. We had placed big glue traps out and it just sounded loke a huge rat with a shoe.

  96. I have a mouse in my 2nd floor apartment above a resturant. There’s only 1 and they barely come up here. However this one is getting pretty comfy and has laid alot of dropping just over the course of a few hours last night. He seems to be just along 1 wall in the living room and into the kitchen. What can I do to keep him from comming back into the living room until the man of the house gets home? any help is appreciated! I’m sooo scared of these creatures!!!

  97. Hi

    We had mice in our garden shed awhile ago, one jumped out of a bucket I picked up, it landed on my bare leg and ran down and away. My Hubby set traps and caught 4-5. The neighbourhood cat is often seen skulking near the shed. No signs for awile, until yesterday. He was watching me install hinges on the shed doors. I continued to work and Hubby took a small branch with leaves and rubbed it gently on my ankle. I think the neighbourhood heard me scream. My father used the bucket method with great succuss. I am going to get a bucket now.

  98. My camper was infested with mice this year. After cleaning it out we went hunting for where they came in. We use foam it wherever there is any little hole under the trailer. Whether an entrance for wiring or plumbing. We still have one coming in under my cabinet in my bathroom. Thinking it may be coming up my wheel wells. Haven’t caught it with a regular trap. We are using the bucket with pop can and water outside. There are about 8 bait buckets with peanut butter on can, and caught close to 100 mice in the past month. We use steel wool around any plumbing or gas pipes coming in. We also use caulking for the smaller holes. I think this is one of their peak years. The best thing is to keep baiting them outside to keep the population down. Our biggest problem is the squirrels are having a field day with our peanut butter. Their little hands drag the pop can close to the edge of the bucket and lick the peanut butter off. So now we adjusted the pop can to not slide over but still spin. Works well.

  99. hey,
    i was bothered with mice a few months ago and we bought ultrasonic sound things and that seemed to keep them away/ or at least we never spotted one. However, the last few days i have spotted them in my shoes and bathroom and have finally found the entry point (a perfect circle about the size of my head behind the radiator). The problem is we are not sure how to best treat it as it cant be reached to fill without removing the radiator!! However, one decided to join me in the shower the other day and my screaming seemed to scare it away so if all else fails (which seems likely seeing as they appear resistant to poison and my traps are just making it easier for them to get the bait) i am just going to go round the house screaming (may have to warn the neighbours first!). Our mice are cheeky wee things, one i found one morning eating a piece of pasta on the sofa next to the remote – i swear he was working out how to put the tv on!!

  100. 0kay .. s0 just a min. ago i went to the kitchen to get a drink .. and i look and there was a mouse on my counter trying to hide behind the toaster … so today i will go buy the mpuse poision …(i have no pets,and no children) so i think that would be best .. if not if anybody has suggestions feel free to e-mail me plz

  101. Sitting playing my xbox 2 nights ago in my bedroom , and in walks this little git , in front of my eyes as cool as you like , goes under my tv cabinet , and under my subwoofer and pokes his head out and looks at me.It freaked me despite not having a fear of mice , i used to keep them as pets lol , pulled the room apart as there was no way out for him as he walked in the door.After a few hours of scouring behind everything he came running out , headed for the door and couldnt get out as i had it closed.Ran back under my tv cabinet , and i gave up after 3 hours as he was too fast for me and my brush.Layed a metal spring trap with some crackerbarrel cheese and within 40 mins SNAP!.We heard it from downstairs as the wife & child wouldnt be caught dead in the same room.I layed more traps the next day as i knew there had to be more , sure enough came in from work the next day to find the cheese gone from the wooden traps i’d set , they really are crap.Set another 2 in the spare room (where the cheese had gone from) and got up this morning and the cheese was gone again , and i did smear it into the trap so it couldnt just be pulled out from the trap.I am going to try a mixture of traps now for the final time and if that doesn’t work i will be calling Rentokill.argggggg

  102. I’m not especially interested in being humane, I just couldn’t stand the glue traps and I don’t want bodies in the walls. But if you don’t want to find dead bodies and you’re not squemish about releasing live mice there is this trap at Wal-Mart for about $1.50 each called a Mice Cube. (Find it near the Raid and other bug stuff) It’s a clear plastic box with a door that only swings one way) and you can bait it with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (my mice love them)Then the mouse is trapped inside and you just take it someplace and turn it upside down and he runs away. No contact at all!! I take it in the car with me (in a tightly closed bag-just in case)and drop them off halfway to work so they won’t come back in.

  103. I agree with the peanut butter chocolate combination. I had a protein bar made of pb & chocolate in my purse and while I was sitting here watching t.v. last nite I saw a long tail and minutes later something dart out of my purse. Uggghhh. I have set up a combination of glue traps and snap traps (with its favorite treat) in order to catch the rodent and will be giving the bucket a try if nothing else works.

  104. I’m living in a top-floor studio apartment in Manhattan – with 2 restaurants on the ground level. I keep my apartment really clean but these blokes keep coming back. And they are extremely intelligent – they know how to avoid the glue traps, I’ve called pest control and after 2 days of hiatus they are back with a vengeance. I’ve bought mouse traps (can’t remember the brand) that are black and you place the bait from the bottom, turn it clockwise and it’s all set but the mice just go AROUND it and how do I know? They constantly put specks AROUND traps perhaps to mock me. Please please… any other suggestions as to what I can do? I’m going crazy because I know they come out when I leave the house (even during the day) and after I clean up after them, they’ll just come back and leave traces again!

  105. I Have Mice Im Terrified , We Dont Have A Couple ,,, We Have Like 500 I Can See Like 10 Just Looking Around A Rooom, Its So Embarresing And I Dont Know How To Get Rid Of Them =[ I Woke Up This Morning With One In My Singlet Top I Was Wearing ! There Like Sleeeping With Me Its Making Me Sick =[ Iv Tried To Clean Out The House But Now Its Looking For More To Eat So There Spedding Into Other Areas Of The House And Climbing Onto Beds And High Places , They Say To Throw Out Everyting They Touch.. Well Its Touched Everything I Own

  106. They will NOT just go away. Once they find a nice safe place with a food supply why would they want to go back to searching for seeds in the wild? The longer they stay, the more you will have. They multiply like crazy! I followed advice from way back in the chain and plugged up the holes around my pipes under the sink and any other openings I could find with Hilti foam (bought at Home Depot). Before I did that I used my Mice Cube traps for a couple of weeks and removed the ones I caught. My traps have been empty for a couple of weeks now since I plugged the holes and there is no evidence of any more mice. I went out and got a cat too but that might not be practical for eveyone. I just wanted a kitty anyway and the mice were a good excuse. She’s too little to have had any effect but she sure wanted to check out under the cupboards where the mice were!

  107. Some good tips here… Personally, I prefer the tried and true method of snap traps – – they work! Unfortunately, I’ve caught my finger a few times.

    Here’s my situation – – I live in a top floor condo. I have sealed all openings into my condo. My problem is not inside – – My problem is OUTSIDE. Actually, it is my grill. The mice are climbing inside my grill and are eatting the chargrilled leftovers. Covering the grill does not help (they go under it).

    I bought one of the sonic “thingys” and it seems to be working. Are there any smells (i.e. chemicals, vinegar, mint) that house mice will avoid? I’ll soak my entire grill in vinegar if I have to.

  108. Here’s my situation… I live in a top floor condo. Mice are not entering my unit. Instead, they’ve decided to climb into my grill each night and eat the chargrilled leftovers on the grill parts. Covering the grill doesn’t help, since they figured out how to get under it. Are there any proven smells (i.e. vingear) that house mice hate to be around??? I’ll soak my entire grill in vinegar if I have to.

    I tried one of the sonic sound “thingys” and it appears to be working (there has been no activity this weak, so far).

  109. I am incredibly scared of mice…to the point I won’t enter certain parts of the house because I know there could be one there. I have 3 indoor dogs, none are interested in chasing the mouse. I keep a fairly clean house-no food left out, clean up after dog bowls, etc. They keep coming back. I live in a rowhouse. Does anybody know if mice can come from house to house in rowhouses? Because I think that is the problem but can’t say for sure.

    I use glue traps; bait them w/ dog food, peanut butter, etc. It works, but not quick enough. And as others have stated, they do get smart and start going around the trap. I’m not sure if this problem will ever fully go away, but I purchased “Shake Away” and am hoping it will help. This is a combination of fox and bobcat urine; it says it doesn’t make the house smell (evidently mice are more sensitive to smell and know larger animals prey on them so they leave there existing area). Hopefully this works. It was only $20 with shipping. I will let you know how it goes; however, if you are desperate, you may want to give it a try. It is a natural way of getting the mice to leave, so it is kid and pet friendly.

  110. Hi guys, the way that I got rid of the mice (no activity for about 1 month) is I plugged all holes w/steel wool (Home Depot), I trapped them w/glue traps (peanut butter works!)I was freaked out so I had pest control come in, they plugged up the biggest hole in the kitchen with a poisonous foam and they put poisonous bait in the attic, basement, and here and there in the mid-floor. So far so good guys(crossing my fingers), but they can always come back especially close to winter time so I will prepare w/the same methods that I used.

  111. For Hopeful:

    I also live in a rowhouse and believe me, they *do* go between the houses. We had some people move away two doors down from me, and now my next door neightbor and myself are having a bit of trouble with mice-first ones I’ve seen since moving in a year ago. I’m petrified, myself-I just got back after moving in with an aunt for 19 days because I found droppings in my bedroom. I was coping with it until I knew that, then I left.

    All seemed to be quiet until today when I saw that the peanut buter had been eaten off the trap in my pantry. This is the only place where I’ve actually caught one of the things and the only place where I’ve found droppings other than the time in my room-the snap traps do not seem to be very effective, but I will try to somehow ram the peanut butter into them better so that the mouse has to work instead of thinking I’m just some nice thoughtful lady who puts out a buffet for them. I’m also getting in an extermintaor tomorrow-it’s their job to know what to do, and to look for entry points. I don’t have pets, so I’d be quite happy with poison being put out-I just love people who go awwwww, how cruel. Sorry warm-hearted souls-die, rodent, die.

    When you live in a rowhouse, the only way to truly combat the problem is to talk to your neighbors. Ask if they’re having trouble, and then work together to put out traps, poison, or whatever. Sometimes it takes everyone on the block working together to get rid of them all, as the horrible little things do go back and forth.

  112. I have found that mice love our dogs food !!! But we got some snap traps put some peanut butter on it with just a bit of oats THEY LOVE IT !!! And my mouse problem is almost gone. P.S. If u find some mouse holes I have found out that if you patch the holes with cement they DON’T RETURN !!!!

  113. found mouse droppings in my cupboard and cutlery draw they’re living in my cellar and kitchen , totally tidyed and chucked everything out of cellar last nite,we put 4 snap traps down with small piece of mars bar on each,checked this morning and it had caught 1 ,not sure if we have anymore!!! so my tip a mars bar or snickers on the trap they obviously like chocolate!!!

  114. A variation on the bucket tip: fill the bucket half full with water and coat the surface of the water with a bag of sunflower seeds. Set up a ramp over the bucket and bait it with peanut butter. The mice go for the bait, look down and see the sunflower seeds and jump right in. They can only tread water for so long. I’ve caught dozens of mice and at least 10 chipmunks this way. We call it The Five Gallon Bucket of Death.

  115. I discovered the little rascals a few weeks ago. I started by using gluetraps with oats on them. I was able to capture 4 in the first day. After that they got smart and began just eating the oats off without stepping on the traps. After a week or 2 I decided to try snap traps (I have 2 pugs and a cat, so cant use poison) and caught 2 big guys which I hope were the original invaders. The next day I set glue traps again along with the snap traps and caught 4 more on the glue traps and none on the snap traps. It appears the little buggers are smart and if you switch up you have a better chance of catching them. I have seen no new droppings and the last four I caught were smaller young mice, so Im hoping that the problem will be solved. I have only ever found droppings in my basement, as the animals rome freely upstairs. Do you think that they are also up there, just hiding out? Oh, they were getting into my bag of dogfood that was in the basement thats why they were there.

  116. I thought the mice problem had gone from years ago but in the space of a week Ive seen several mice in my house! I have a baby so I feel sick and angry when I see them. my mice too take the bait without getting caught. I dont understand it?!

    They used to appear at night and now they run across the carpet in the day time. terrible.

    I find using a food which is moist so it sticks to the trap ie maltloaf and push it down so hopefully the mouse will get it!

  117. Help! While we were away on vacation, we have been invaded by mice! Can’t tell where they got in. First heard them in the attic (two story single family home) and now they are eating my cookbooks in the kitchen downstairs, running in and out of the heat vent of my range, and last night they were even in my bedroom, jumping in and out of my trash can! We never have food in the bedroom, so no clue what’s attracting them, but it’s got me so nervous I can’t sleep at night! We’ve been trying the plastic Victor traps for a week, and most of the time they are licked clean but unsprung, or sprung with no mouse in it. We did have two semi-successful trappings, unfortunately both times only a front foot was caught and the mouse dragged the trap all over the kitchen. We are soft touches, and didn’t have the heart to bash them over the head, and took them out into the woods and released them, but I have the feeling they came straight back. Are the good old wood/spring traps still being made? None of the stores here seem to carry them.

  118. ive got rats running all over my back garden and i tried the old string food and rock but there clever also tried catapult and suggestions please i hate them

  119. I thought that I had gotten rid of the mice but saw one tonight so hmmm. I had the best luck with plain old chocolate cyrup on the snap trap. We WERE catching them in the ones that don’t kill them but they got too smart and stopped going in so now I have to kill the lil suckers!! We let them go at the local state park which is about 5 miles away!!

  120. I’m so relieved to hear of other people’s experiences. I live in a tiny flat and have been there for 8 years with only one moth infestation so far that I managed to sort out quite quickly and successfully but now the mice have arrived and I feel sick and so upset and disgusted. I haven’t slept for 2 nights since I discovered they had been in my BEDROOM. UGGGGH. I don’t have food there but I had cut off their food supply and possibly they went in search of a meal? My food has always been in sealed containers as a deterrent EXCEPT for the sawdust used in our composting scheme and they have been feeding on that, chewing throught the plastic bag. Then when I put the sawdust out of reach they attacked the seeds germinating on the windowsill. Now I’m just throwing things away that I’m not especially attached to and getting pest control in this evening to try and sort it. I can see where they got in and think they have settled in behind the washing machine. I can’t bear to move it for fear of what I’ll discover. I have noticed where borax spilled in a cupboard they have not been and I’ve been wiping everything with vinegar hoping they dislike the smell. At least it’s a disinfectant. I’ve boiled kettle after kettle of water to wash walls etc. I’ll just keep at it until between pest control and myself – and probably a DIY expert – they are all GONE. Except I don’t think I’ll sleep soundly in my room again. I wonder if the heavy rains have anything to do with this sudden infestation or whether I just didn’t notice it until too late. I’ve been away a lot and not paying much attention but I thoroughly spring-cleaned a few weeks ago and didn’t notice what I’m seeing now. This might sound over dramatic but I feel as though my safe home from the world has been violated.

  121. For Gail K:

    The good old Victor brand traps are still being made-this is what the exterminator I hired to replace the “free” one my landlord provided (completely incompetent, wouldn’t even put snap traps down)used.

    He diagnosed the entry points and because they’re originating in my basement crawl space he thinks it’s a better idea to kill them all first before trying to block anything with steel wool or such because they’ll just find another way in. So, he put these Victor traps down (with peanut butter)-I could see how much more of a hair trigger they have-at all the places they were coming out into the kitchen and some in my living room against the walls.

    Sure enough, tonight I caught one after weeks of the bait being eaten off the traps I’d been buying. He orders them in bulk directly from the company but says most home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot carry them.

    He also put poison cubes in the crawl spaces and the entry points, which he says are more effective than the bags, and white tracking powder, which gets on their feet and they take it back to the nest, lick it off, and die. I can have this stuff because I don’t have pets or small kids.

    He says the best thing to do is to move the traps around after one’s caught, just a couple of inches away, because then the other mice don’t learn to skirt around the trap, to always put the traps against the wall with the bait paddle against the wall.

    Once I get a couple of weeks with no sign of activity, then I can plug up the holes I see (the gas line of my stove, the pipe under my sink), and he’ll try and keep any future problems contained to the crawl space with poison. Mice are a fact of life in a rowhouse neighborhood-the houses are over a hundred years old and there are hidden holes under my cabinets and such that I’ll just never be able to get to. We get more problems in summer than winter.

  122. As far as getting rid of the smell from carpets and upholstery… Simple Solutions, is a product for pet smells but it WORKS. I had a carpet that had boxes on it that mice lived in for months and when I vacuumed it the smell of mouse urine was overwhelming. I had used this stuff for my dog’s accidents, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I repeated the treatments a couple of times and sure enough the smell was gone.

  123. We just recently started getting mice… I use the spring traps and they seem to work. I put them in every dark place in my KITCHEN because thats where they are. I just found out tonight that they are in my stove (SICK!!!!!), I have dogs and a child so i cant use poison, I like my house clean and I cant KILL them fast enough. I want to call an exterminator but they are REALLY spendy and you still dont have a guarantee!!! I tried a sticky trap yestarday and caught a baby one, very sad but I want them out. There seems to be no solid solution….. MICE!!! YUCK!!!

  124. Gail, I’ve seen the wood traps at drug stores, but if you’re a softie, you may want to avoid them. From what I hear, they can be pretty grusome and don’t always finish the job. I sympathize fully with feeling nervous, I’ve been on a trapping and cleaning rampage all day. One way to scare them away from your bedroom until you trap them is to play your stereo or tv? I don’t know if you’ll be able to sleep that way, but they’ll be afraid of the light and sound.
    I just got some of the victor ones, and might try a victor electronic one, and put some poison out (since my landlady insisted), there’s another brand of plastic trap, called The Better Mousetrap, that’s worked before. Personally, I refuse to use the gluetraps because I think they’re barbaric. If I’m going to kill the poor beasts (which I do feel badly about) I at least want it to be quick and painless. I just put some cotton balls soaked in mint oil on top of the fridge because last night, we saw one up there. Talk about traumatic.

  125. Ultrasound and electromagnetic device do not work (my experience and they are also very expensive: a waste of money). Mice keep coming.

    Only way is to fill all the holes in the house, and especially where the food is (eg in the ktichen, the holes for the sink pipes for example) with filling material (i don’t know the proper name but there is a sort of foam that fills the holes and then becomes hard like cement on the wall.

    Meanwhile do avoid to keep the rubbish for long time.

  126. Gail K, Victor traps are still sold. If you are having trouble finding them, try ranch and feed supply stores and farm supply stores. No one has more trouble with rodents than ranches and farms! That’s where I found mine after trying everything else and it worked. Bye bye mousie.

  127. i have a mouse – or mice? who knows. after cleaning my kitchen every time the little suspect has left a trail and setting untold traps never to catch anything i was just wondering – white pepper all over the kitchen bench?

  128. hello,

    I don’t have many tips. I am stuggling with mice and rats. I called an exterminator who put posion all in the basement of my house and in a few places upstairs. It has been there for a week and is working well! He said it takes up to two weeks to get all the things. Also he checked out everything an no rats in my house except for the basement. Yet i am still paronid. I am very clean and its an old farm house that has been empty for 4 years before i moved in. I have tried traps.. and they worked for a while, until the stpuid mice started licking the peanut butter and not setting off the traps. I don’t recommend just traps, it doesnt work! They are to smart for that stuff. Well i am still looking for more answers i am going to try some moth balls, i heard they work good.

  129. Two things mice hate, used cat litter can be spread under your RV or around your shed. The cat odor keeps them away.

    Second, mice and rats run away from ammonia……….

  130. Lived around quite a bit and I’ve never had an experience of this sort. last Friday after cooking i saw one of these bloody creatures on my cooking stove as i was getting into my kitchen. haven’t been able to eat in my own house since then!

    sick to the core. but long story short rushed to walmart and i bought this stuff:

    it’s called D-con ready mixed baitsbits.(i used the one for mice & rats since I wasn’t too sure what it was)..anyways……. this thing is lethal! if you have kids at home i wouldn’t suggest it. if you have pets at home leave them with your grandma or uncle or whoever for a bit.

    i put this stuff and didn’t notice the swine i saw earlier. however did see another of his folk around the kitchen. i’ve taken away all the food out of sight even utensils.

    don’t have time to set up a circus rink and/or a play park in buckets. but i like to get to the bottomline.

    they say it contains something called: Brodifacoum

    down right lethal so make sure ur gonna put that food away for a bit till u can notice reduction in rodent activity. over the past couple of days since i put this in my kitchen it smells like poop but im sure i wasnt dealing with just a couple of them. perhaps one died and thats wat the smell is abt. thats fine. i dont want to explore the kitchen too much ‘cos i dont want these creatures getting to any other place in the house. henceforth im just tolerating it. dont trust traps and all that other junk if u wanna go with a vengeance go with this. personally i dont hv the time to play the tom and jerry thing. and this has been rather disturbing the past week. i c many of ur perhaps in a similar state of mind. i got it at walmart. so i guess u cud find it just abt many of the places. im gonna hv the exterminator check the place out and i just hope he carries a couple of these dead B!@#$%^s out of my apartment.

    Take care folks.

  131. I use plain old metal snap traps, they do pretty well if you use a sticky/chewy bait. I recommend either caramel candies or something like a Milky Way bar. You kind of have to play with the bait a bit with your fingers and roll it up into a little ball and press it down into the trap so its really tight. Ive caught up to 5-7 mice per day using this kind of bait.

    Definitely don’t use peanut butter, they lick it off too easily. But anything sticky/chewy and some what solid works well.

    I hope this helps.

  132. My mouse-catching cat helps (except last week when i screamed and he dropped the bugger and it got away). After a major cleaning, I’ve been plugging every hole w/ steel wool and plaster, and tomorrow will use “great stuff” expanding foam in the can for the radiator weak spots that I suspect they use to enter– I’m too afraid to lift up the loose metal ring until I have a day off and some sunshine. I’ve put peppermint oil on cotton balls everywhere, and will continue to do so until I’m confident there are no more mice.- did research on peppermint oil and it’s been used for this purpose throughout history. My cat is still patrolling all the corners every couple of hours or so, but his tail hasn’t flicked in 6 days and he seems bored. Haven’t used traps or poison because of cat, but I will try a snap trap in an empty shoe box if I see another mouse. — easy disposal and cat safe.

  133. well with regards to peanut butter, my evil avenging sick taunting mind caused me to take some peanut butter and roll the poison pellets into it so much so, to get a taste of the peanut butter (and me a laugh out of it) they need to take a taste of the side dish i hv for them. no smell today. or need i say 50% better fm the past 2 days. hope it stays this way or gets better.

    wudnt b surprised if pest control took one of the dead b!@#$%^s out of the apt. the apt. folks perhaps dont want to tell me since i wanted to prove them wrong since they initially defied it. infact one of the guys left a note saying keep an eye open for a decaying body. well i guess ill do that. but i really want to live in peace without this looming disgrace.

    also may b sum1 who it might bring sadistic pleasure(assuming ur as sick of this as much as I) to, sum facts.

    “Brodifacoum causes death in mice by thinning their blood so much that they hemorrhage. Products like d-Con mouse poison use brodifacoum because it doesn’t cause immediate death; as a result, mice are unable to associate the bait traps with their peers’ demise and keep going back for more. Also, because brodifacoum causes an unslakable thirst, mice often venture outside in search of water just before they die—which leaves homeowners with fewer rodent carcasses festering in their walls.”


    Sometimes to tolerate something without killing it u negotiate, to continue to live in misery u dont do anything, to eradicate something you attack like a fanatic!

  134. I’ve had to resort to poisoning the peanut butter as well. My problem is nowhere near as bad as it was because all the poison the exterminator put in my basement crawl space has been effective, but when I *do* find evidence in the house it’s usually the peanut butter chewed off the traps that the extermintor put down. So…my not caring if they die slowly or not I hate the things…I put on gloves and a dust mask, crushed the pellets in a plastic baggie with a hammer, and then mixed it with the peanut butter. It turned a bright, sickly blue but still smells like regular peanut butter. *shrug* This I’ve smeared on the traps. So. Either they go with a quick snap, or they eat off the poison and die. Win-win situation. I’m all out of sympathy, I’ve been dealing with this nonstop since the beginning of June.

  135. One of the most effective ways I have found (and the cheapest) to rid you place of mice is to use the cheap pack of snap traps but instead of using peanut butter or other human food sources, get some of those hard dough type cat treats like Pounce or some generic form of those and using craft wire, make about 4 rounds to secure the treat to the baiting end of the trap, they will have to work to get the treat, and BAM! You have a mouse! I moved into an apartment that had at least a dozen full grown mice and in a 10 hour period we had caught 10 of them! The mice LOVE the cat treats!

  136. I had problems with mice in the winter in the kitchen— my husband set the traps and they work , we found where they were coming… from an extra hole from the gas pipe , we seal it and seems that we never “heard” from them again. I also had them in the attic they eat shoes and clothes AHHHH. The attic I took care only with CAYENNE PEPPER flakes….I use quite a bit that until today every time I go there I sneeze…but they are gone. we are remodeling our kitchen and found 2 skeleton of the little RATATUILLE…(it makes me feel better to think of them like that cute mouse) behind the sheet rocks and so much droppings in the insulation that made us sick…they even ate the fiberglass insulation…
    Now before we are closing the floor and walls I would like to make sure not get any surprise visitors…cayenne pepper flakes will be sprinkled and I am adding dry MINT flakes underneath and in between sheet rocks ,they are cheap and harmless solution since I have kids and pets.
    I hope this can help someone!
    Best of luck with the HUNT!

  137. Ok, I put mouse traps out 12 of them baited with peanut butter , not one of them was touched. I have some insulation falling in the rear of the cellar,something is causing it to fall and some of the insulation looks like there are holse spun out of it… had the mice man here and he said it must be a squrrial…there is something in the walls and the ceiling making a banging noise – at night-almost like there banging the nuts to open them , am i crazy ,, i am going crazy listening to this my house is only 2 rooms and a cellar…… I petsit a dog and all of a sudden she sat up and graled at something in the corner ,,, i couldn’t see anything and then she stoped, keep im mind the dog was pug …………how scary is that!! any body can help me

  138. Linda, unfortunately I don’t think it is squirrels…just check if there is droppings…I found a lot of holes in the old insulation too.

  139. I have no tip, I’m lost! My gut reaction is to chuck a heavy iron and squash the bugger but anytime I see one I squeal like a murder victim. Im terrified of the buggers and have changed my sleeping patterns, I’m only able to fall asleep in the dayt when they aren’t as active…someone please help! I wish the uk government would vacate a big vat where we could burn them all! why isn’t the gov’ment doin anything!?

  140. as i type, Iv been evicted from my own room…it came in from under the door while i read. I’m such a lost soul and I can’t sleep in the hallway. I wish I was brave enough to squash the blasted tyrant, its probably having a field day in there…and God knows if it’l jump on my bed, those things can climb anywhere. Iv now locked myself out of MY own room. Its won.

  141. Well…there was a tom and jerry situation with my husband and the mouse. The mice screeched and braked around corners at high speed with my hubby weilding the broom..screaming blue murder.we killed 5 of them with the husband and broom method. Big rodents eat the poison stuff…but the small ones are like the cartoon creatures… to0 smart!
    They have got into our split ac and here…we have lost hope. The AC customer service demands a high price to uninstall..clean etc…coz the thing also smells like a dead rat…any tips anyone?

  142. I own a bird and i have found mice seem to eat his food, how can i get rid of these mice and keep them away. They are starting to annoy the bird, and annoy me even more.

  143. I have mice now and even found there droppings in a drawer but the weird thing is, no other drawer except this one and it had towels in it. I knew they were by fridge. I clean everyday so cant understand why there inside looking for food when I know how good I clean. I buy the V-traps. They cover the head of the mouse and always worked in past. But this time, their going for the poison we put down first. So their either dieing or waiting. Steel wool has worked in past for the holes. I am going thru my kitchen this weekend from top to bottom. I cant take any kid of rodent, bugs, spiders.

  144. I would rather live with snakes then mice. I have a black rat snake that roams around the house and I know they usually go for mice and rats but with the snake would make its way in to get the ones in my kitchen. My dog is what lets me know when their around but she runs away after. I know it is impossible to keep every mouse out but we should not have to live with mice droppings in drawers and such. Nasty little ugly rodents. I wish my traps would start working.

  145. This is what I have done to catch my not welcomed guest. The glue trap works wonders, I know many don’t like the idea of having to kill the mouse them self but this trap works with a bit of effort. First you lay the Glue Trap flat, Using the trap as suggested I find doesn’t work. Now place bottle cap (Beer/Pop) in the centre now place Peanut butter in the centre of the cap. This will force the mouse to walk on the Glue Trap if he or she wants the treat. I have also placed two SNAP Traps on either side of the Glue Trap (The trap now appears to look like a small case “t”) I have now caught three mice in two nights using this method. Also using the SNAP Traps, place the peanut butter in the back to the trap not on the actuator its self, I have found that the mice will just eat the bait with out setting it off. Also remember to place the trap along a wall, mice will run along the baseboards or carpet, not to often will they stray away from a protected side.

  146. I appreciate all the advice, am armed w/ Decon Traps (no poison, d/t children & pets). The mouse goes into the trap to get the bait, & the traps snaps shut on it. My husband will have to dispose of it, that’s what I keep him around for. Hoping this will help as I am deathly afraid of mice & tired of the daily cleaning of the droppings I find. Please keep posting w/ anything that works!

  147. I’m going crazy with mice. I caught 13 over the winter and I still have one…a DEMON mouse. He hids in my stove and I can’t use the oven. I tried turning the oven on at 400 but he wasn’t in there at the time. I have 3 dogs and can’t/won’t use poison. This little demon takes food off of glue traps and never gets caught. The snap traps don’t work either. All the others I’ve caught with glue traps. I don’t care anymore that they are “suffering”, etc. I have a home based business and found that a box of EXPENSIVE parchment envelopes have been chewed up. It’s war now….

  148. My mom and I just moved to our home in Yorkville, IL about five or six weeks ago. My aunt payed three months rent so my mom would have time to start making money. It was fine and all until two days ago when we discovered my cat playing with a mouse. At first we thought it was one of his toys until it started limping away. My mom has a horrible phobia of mice, and she cannot stand the thought of living here. Imagine her reaction this morning around 5:45 AM when she found a dead mouse in between the kitchen and the hallway. I’ve disposed of both, but we are looking into moving already. We live by a river and a bunch of trees, so it won’t be that easy to get rid of them. We’re almost positive they’re nesting in the basement of the downstairs home. Anyway, I’ll definitely try some of these methods, but it’s more likely than not that we’ll be moving. Thanks for the advice, though. If nothing works, at least my cat will be here to protect us.

  149. I live in a 2 bedroom 1st floor apartment in Brussels which I share with my husband young son and now an army of little furry horrible things that turn my stomach. How did they get in and why pick on us, we are clean and the apartment is too small for them to truly hide. Anyway my husband declared war. 1st came the poison which they happily ate and continued on their nasty way. They even chewed through a bag of extra bowes of poison leaving us the cardboard shavings but not a body in sight. Then it was the snap traps, tried cheese and nuts – zilch. Then my husband spend god knows how much on building his own contraption which I have to step over everytime I enter/leave the bedroom. Nothing. Then the glue boards and I heave as I write, the first squirming body was discovered last night as we were watching TV trying not to think about the infestation. It was so distressing to see. My husband was out and I had to call him to come and deal with it.Nothing quite prepares you for the titanic struggle these little b*s***ds put up when trying to survive. I had nightmares last night and this morning at 7am was greeted with the same. It has got so I don’t want to come home and cannot face cooking dinner. My husband is in turns sympathetic and angry as I put huge pressure on him to rid us and now I cannot face the reality of watching them die. There was even blood mix in with the glue – horrendous. Worst thing is we cannot be sure how many we have and only caught 2 so far…. How do others cope with this and the disposal of them from glue boards?

  150. Here’s my “mouse” story lol..I knew I had mice in my house, but until recently, I didn’t realize there were so many. In less than a week, I’ve caught over half a dozen mice. I’ve used the mouse traps, baited with peanut butter, so far it seems to be working. I’ve been setting the trap in the same place and sure enough thats where the fury little (not cute at all) critters are being caught. It’s getting to be very expensive, buying all those traps, so instead of throwing the whole thing away, my mom suggested re-using the trap..eeeeeeoooow! Theres no way I’m going to take that mouse off the trap, even with gloves. I get all squeamish! So I have to get either my daughter or her b/f to remove the mouse, so I can use the trap again. aaaaaaaaaack! After reading all this about mice, I’m feeling a little grossed out!

  151. Throw the glue boards out, mice and all.

    Another thing, if you do not find out where they are coming in your house, and seal it up, they will NEVER GO AWAY! You will NEVER be rid of them.

    You can kill & catch them day in and day out, but if you do not find the source, they will keep coming back.

  152. I live in a sorority house, and one decided to climb up on my loft bed and nuzzle in my covers!!!!! – And tonight – or rather this morning I woke up to a mouse poo next to my head and my loft is pretty far up there!!!!

    The other girls haven’t had much interaction with this mouse and I live with 10 other girls! Do they get choosey with who they pester???

    I have a victor snap trap in my room with PB on it but the little guy just sniffed it and then proceeded to run around my room and then out the door. How do you get mice to take the bait or not to climb up wires?

    I’m thinking of getting the sticky pads since I can stand the thought of this mouse cuddling in bed with me or better yet pooping next to me again! Does anyone have any recommendation they can help me with?

  153. OK, we have mice in our garage and CANNOT get rid of them. I’ve emptied out the garage, cleaned up and put everything back – I think the only reason they’re in there is because of shelter. (We live in Calgary, AB. and our garage just has poly over the insulation, no drywall). Currently we are using humane traps that lure the mouse in and then a little door falls behind them, old fashioned spring traps, glue traps, AND poison! 6 months later we have yet to catch one friggin’ mouse. We bait our traps with peanut butter and the traps are CLEANED off, (yes, they do work) but a mouse has never been caught. I see the little buggers run into the garage, there’s mouse poop here and there, they even feast on the poison while I’m hanging out in the garage…I’m getting a little irate! What’s a girl to do?!!!

  154. My husband did pest control a few years back and the thing he found that works every time is the spring trap loaded with Gummy Lifesavers! Mice love the sweet and they’re sticky so they can’t take them off the trap!

  155. Lulu, I fully emphathize with not wanting the mouse running up to your bed, but if you get a sticky pad, you may have to listen to it squealing in pain and trying to gnaw its legs off before it finally dies of shock. I’ve found the plastic ones can be very sensitive to touch. Can you get mint oil or anything? I put cottonballs soaked in it around my fridge to ward them away when I had them. Also, I don’t know if you have a tv or stereo in your room, but often they’ll stay away from the sound because it scares them. If you’re in a college building, someone from the facilities department should be able to come over and help you guys out, seeing as that’s their job. Are all the housemates keeping clean?
    Mouse poo by your head, yeesh that’s traumatic. I trust you’ve washed your sheets right away? Because the poo is actually the most dangerous thing about mice, its house diseases usually spread.

  156. The next door neighbours are having building work done. Since they started we have cought 5 mice. How many more should we expect. I feel dirty having these critters running about, plus i have a dog which i am concerned could catch diseases. I have tried the live traps which seem to be working well but i dont know if the nest is here or next door. Im at breaking point, I dont DO mice!!!!

  157. The ISS mouse trap will solve all your problems or you can send it back for a full refund including your return shipping. That’s what the ad says on Amazon:

    How can you go wrong? You can catch them alive until you get tired of that and then drown them and flush them down the toilet.

    Doing more searching, I see you can buy the ISS trap from the manufacturer for $0.98 cents less.

  158. Well we have finally caught a grand total of 3 mice and all is quiet. We have not seen or heard anything for over a week now but I cannot persaude myself it is over. In the end the glue traps caught 2 and a baby mouse was caught in the snap trap. One word about the poison we put down. My husband opened a cupboard door to see a mouse looking at him quite put out that my husband had caught him munching away at a 2nd box….YES BOX…of poison. Is it possible that some of these so called ‘mice poisons’ have been on the market so long the mice have built up some quite of immunity? Lulu I am with you all the way regarding mouse poo in beds. We discovered our infestation when we retruned in the early hours from a lovely holiday to discover mouse poo in EVERY bed in the house including my sons. The little sobs had been running everywhere. Question, how long do I go without evidence of anymore to feel truly free of them?

  159. Peppermint oil absolutely does not work. I put it all over my mouse hangouts and the next morning found 3 mini bags of M&Ms empty with just a small chewed hole in one corner of each, 3 chocolate covered graham crackers devoured with the packaging left, one unopened package of the same graham crackers chewed into and one plastic bag of chocolate chips empty. So much for peppermint oil! Last year I found walnut nutmeats and chocolate melts hidden in so many places all over our house that it was evident that an army of mice had been storing enough winter feed to last them years in the future! I refuse to give up but it’s not easy. If you live in a trailer as we do it is absolutely impossible to seal up every single entry place.

  160. The tips in this article are pretty solid. I wish I would have known about the downside of poison to start with.

    We live in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY and we keep a clean house so I was shocked when I saw a mouse run past my tv!

    As the article mentions, I did a “tactical” search of every room of the house, and it turned out that our radiator pipes left a lot of room for mice to wiggle through.

    One additional tip I was told that seems to work well for us: Crush a lightbulb inside a paper towel and stuff larger holes with that before you finish with steel wool. The broken glass will provide an extra deterrent for mice looking to push through the steel wool.

  161. Just so you know, I was informed that if a mouse eats from a poison trap, they don’t die right away. If they have a chance before they die they will sometimes come back and deficate on the poison, and if that happens no other mouse will eat the poison.

  162. I found this page after searching about how to get rid of mice and I have to say that these seem like pretty good tips. There is something crawling in my walls and moving food in my upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms. I have not seen it, but as soon as I saw the evidence I immediately called an exterminator. He has come and put down poisons and traps and advised me to seal up the holes with some expanding foam. (I live in an old house) I did this and it has been a month and NOTHING has been caught. Not to mention it ate through the foam from one of the holes. I am deathly afraid of rodents. I mean to the extent where I become hysterical. I have not slept in my room in over a month, I will not go upstairs by myself at night. And just this morning I heard scurrying behind the wall of my bathtub. So of course I took the fastest shower in history, thinking that it was going to jump out and attack me at any moment. So I am begging for anyone who has any ideas of a fast and sure way to kill these things. I do not care if it is humane or not, I just want them gone. It is making living here unbearable as I have to either sleep at my parents or my boyfriends house. Not to mention it is eating and destroying my shoes! I am completely freaked out. Please help!

  163. Tip I’ve heard but haven’t tried….

    An alternative to the poison/carbonation/feeding-them-things-that-will-kill-them practice are instant mashed potatoes (the flakes). Tasty to house mice but unfortunately for them, the flakes expand in their stomachs to an indigestible, fatal size.

  164. also…. I have caught mice (the stupid ones) with each of the following two methods.

    1. Take an empty cardboard paper towel roll and hang it over the edge a little more than halfway. Place a gob of peanut butter (or any snack that you have found to be attractive) and put it on the inside edge of the roll that hangs airborne. Place a deep bucket or garbage can directly underneath and when they enter the tube for food, they fall right in. Easy clean up too. if the roll is in the trash, chances are a mouse is too. Tie bag, dispose.

    2. Build a cardboard ramp up to an open garbage can or deep bucket. Fasten an index card at the top of the ramp hanging over the inside of the container. Place snack on far end of card. Step on card, fall in bucket.

    Now, again, this worked for me, but I seem to be dealing with the high school dropout mice who aren’t very savvy. I think either way it’s worth a shot.

  165. Regular old fashioned snap traps dont work very well. Victor makes a newer version made of plastic. I’ve only had on trap tripped that didnt catch or kill a mouse. They are a little more expensive but alot more efficient and you dont have to touch the mouse.
    Mice: 0
    Michael: 5

  166. Hi this isant a tip, more of looking for advice

    Last night about 12midnight we woke my self and wife to hear the scurrying of something. we live in a semi atm renting while were redecorating our house. anyway the lease we signed says its down to us to get rid off it.

    fromwhat we have seen off its a mouse. about the size of a vowel. but the only times we have seen it is when its chargind around the room to get away from us. which after reading lead me to belive it may not be a mouse. either way it needs to go. it seems to be hiding or sleeping in the boiler cabinet thats completed sealed. well to us anyway key locked and the lanlord wont answer his phone. go figure anyway. other than its rought size i cannot say which type it is.

    now personally i hate anything smaller than a house cat. so any and all means off getting rid of this thing is welcomed. i like the idea of the glue traps since it seems to be trying to eat throught the door atm to get out. but where would i get these glue traps/ or glue thats similar that i can use. either by courier or shop. uk resident. thank you for any advice

  167. I have a problem with mice & bats in my 2 storage rooms adjacent to my bedroom. (Left comment on July 26, 2007 in bats category.) Tried putting peanut butter on glue traps recently, but so far no luck. I was wondering if mice have a sense of smell. Since they are so quiet, I thought of sprinkling some pepper around the floor, maybe then they’d make a little noise, lose their sense of direction.

  168. I have no idea!!! I had poison in the little bags and in the dish. I put it under everything. Well the poison under the kitchen sink was empty. I couldn’t understand, so I went and brought more. The mice or mices are eating it like its a treat. I’ve plugged all holes possible in the basement. Put steal wool in all holes in house. HELP, what can I do.

  169. We have two types of the traps out but haven’t caught a mouse yet! Does anyone have a pic of the bucket one? That one sounds interesting and kinda fun! Thanks.

  170. In my last apartment, I noticed a mouse run right in front of me. I was on a mission for about 2 weeks I would get up in the middle of the night and sit on my top of my kitchen table to monitor where they’re coming from and where they’re going to.
    I cleaned out everything in my kitchen-I noticed alot of dropings all under the sink not actually where in the pantry closet. I also read that mice love large appliances. I spread some peanut butter and placed the glue traps under the stove, under the kitchen sink, under the fridge, freezer and washing machine. I then bought the electric plugs that supposedly send out some type of frequency and plugged them all over the kitchen. Next, I filled in every single little openig in my kitchen (mostly with metal plates). I also bought the peppermint oil and soaked the cotton balls and distributed them all over.
    With all this, I managed to catch about 7 in less than a week. I never saw anything afterwards.
    I moved to my new home (that I paid half a mil for) and ran into the same problem-However, this time the house wasn’t invested. The house was built in the 1950’s and was fully renovated. These damn rodents were coming in from the radiators. I moved in October and I also did some treatment-I managed to catch 2 and didn’t see any afterwards.
    Recently, I noticed one run across my kitchen-I then started a whole big project and attacked my radiators. I stuffed them with steel wool and D-Con. I also applied an adhesive to close up any little holes visible. What’s weird is that there isn’t any smell and absolutly no droppings. The place is immaculate-Ofcourse this hasn’t stopped me.
    I spoke to my neighbor and she said that she got an exterminator who pretty much did the same thing I did and they guarentee 6 months and give you a check up in 2 weeks-this cost 300$.
    However I noticed that if you don’t clog up every little hole, they will always come back. The worst part is when the house is invested. Act quickly and you will succeed in getting rid of them.

  171. We live in a flat and had mice for about a year. They were bold. They would come out even in the daytime. We had contractors come out and put down poison. They would die, but the problem would return.

    About 4 weeks ago, the mouseman found that there was a hole through which a pipe came into the kitchen. There was enough room for the mice to come through as well. He blocked the hole with wire wool. The result was that some of the mice were trapped in the kitchen. Looking for a way out of the flat, the mice were seen even more often. They were full of energy and very determined to get back to where they had come from.

    I found one on the work surface. It saw me and hid under the toaster and then under the microwave. I managed to chase it out with a piece of paper. As it ran on to the floor, I hit it with a shoe and it died. They do not die immediately, but continue to twitch and their legs kick out. Several light taps to the head or body are all that are needed. I hated doing it, but they cannot live in our flat and they wouldn’t leave peacefully.

    I needed to get the other mice too and asked the mouseman for glue boards. I was going to put them on the floor where I knew they entered and left the visible part of the kitchen floor. I then waited a long time, like a cat, for them to emerge. But they are clever. They seemed to know that I was silently waiting for them, even though I was motionless, and they stayed out of sight.

    Glueboards are not easy to use. Wear gloves or you will end up with very sticky fingers. Not good if you wear contact lenses, because there is a risk of getting glue in your eye. Once the mouse is on the glueboard, there is no way it can get off. A light tap on the head, repeated if necessary, will kill it. It might squeal as it sees you approaching and struggle even more. You have to be strong to see it suffer.

    The mice were still coming out. They would run along the walls of any room they liked. It didn’t matter to them whether we were in the room or not. The noise from the TV didn’t bother them. We had sonic mouse repellers in all the rooms. They changed frequency, but are a complete and utter waste of time and money. By being pretty quick, I killed another one with a shoe, but that wasn’t going to sort the problem.

    We called the mouseman again. He was unusually cheerful. He said that he had some new poison. It was the talk of the pest control industry. It’s called Roban, but it’s the particular form of it that is new. You can get it in a red gel, like jam. You spread it over areas that you know mice go. In our case, it was the kitchen entry/exit points and in the bait boxes. The remarkable thing about it is that it doesn’t need the mouse to eat the gel. The mouse will get the gel on its feet and on its fur. When it grooms itself, as they apparently do, the gel enters the mouth and goes into the mouse that way. From then on, it’s doomed.

    After that, for several days, we still heard the mice. They were rustling under the kitchen units. Then we started finding them just sitting out in the open where we could see them. They looked dazed and disoriented. I’m afraid that the couple we found got a few taps to the head and died. They are very light indeed – 1/2 to 1 oz in weight. You can slide a piece of cardboard under them and lift them that way and put them in a plastic bag and throw them away.

    The flat is now quiet and again our own.

    So what you need to do to get rid of mice is:

    1. Find and block all entry points with wire wool and cover with bathroom sealant to be sure. If you do not block their entry, you will be able to do no more than kill the ones that come in. They will keep coming. Traps will only kill the ones that use them; they will not stop new mice coming in.

    2. Use a toaster with caution. They love them because of the crumbs. Remove all accessible food packets. Do not leave food lying around, not even the smallest crumbs. Clear dirty dishes immediately whilst the problem is acute. Put them straight in the dishwasher if you have one.

    3. Do not bother with sonic repellers.

    4. Clear all piles of clothes, dirty or clean. They like to nest in them.

    5. Identify known entry and exit points to and from their hiding places. Get a professional mouseman or mousewoman to put down the red gel type Roban there and in bait boxes.

    6. Be patient whilst the Roban does its grisly work.

    7. Be on the lookout for dead and dying mice. Lift items of clothing etc one at a time and shake out.

    Wishing you all freedom from our little friends,


  172. Regina, I too had mice poison disappear. So i called D-Con’s toll-free #. They said the mice are storing it someplace, not actually eating it. I was wondering why all this poison was gone. Next day I put out more poison. It too was gone. Sorry I couldn’t have better news for you.

  173. I’ve been using glue traps with a drop of chocolate syrup on them. I’ve caught several mice. By the way, the flat, cardboard glue traps work the best–the raised ones in the plastic tray aren’t sticky enough. I just can’t believe that with all the bleach I use in my house that they haven’t been overcome by the fumes; I’ve almost passed out a couple of times!

  174. I have a place in the mountains and we’ve found that Red Fox Urine (they sell it at Sporting and Hunting Goods stores) works wonders! We have it in the crawl space and I don’t think I’d recommend doing your carpets with it, but it’s a great outside boundary deterrent.

  175. i was told that putting moth balls all the way around the house will keep mice from coming near. But then again the smell might keep people from coming near your house as well.

  176. We’ve had mice since we bought our house 8 years ago. For the past year, we’ve been getting more and more. The experts say it’s because of the mild winter we had last year. Usually, the mice die off closer to spring, as their food supply has disappeared from the winter. So now, my house is infested with the buggers. We’ve actually thrown away 3 toasters this summer, because there will be a mouse in there when someone puts bread in and ends us cooking the mouse. That is the worst sound (his screaming), and smell imaginable!! *gag* I have 2 mouser cats that are at work 24/7, and I use snap traps. I can’t possibly close up every single entry point in my house…I live in a 120 year old farm house, very big, lots of entry points. I just don’t know what to do, other than tear down and rebuild my house, which isn’t very likely.
    I know I’ll never be totally rid of them, since I cannot get to all the entry points in my house, but I hope to at least decrease the population by a couple hundred!!
    I was going to buy the plug-in things, but apparently they don’t work?? What if I bought a couple of them? One upstairs, one on main level…maybe one in the basement? Do you think that would help?

  177. I tried almost every technique available- nothing works- I hate Mice
    Now I am using the old fashioned way, battling them chasing them all over the house and hitting them with anything I can grab. I killed one yesterday with my Mop

  178. I am at my wits end, I have probably caught over 50 mice in traps with peanut butter, have also found two babies – newly born – was able to pick them up in a bag and get rid of them. I have plugged up every hole I could find, this is all in a room under our kitchen. They were upstairs in the kitchen and bedroom but have not seen any there for about four weeks. Also in our garage which is separate from the house, putting warifin down with water on the side and have finished two boxes already. Do not know where they come from. One plastic trap which works the best was all chewed on the side, but there was a mouse in it. The sonic things do not work at all, should be taken off the market. I have even had them in my car and had to set traps there and even in the trunk. Any suggestions. I am desperate.

  179. OK Here is a tip for keeping the peanutbutter from disappearing off the spring trap. Take an old pair of pantyhose and cut a small strip from it. Place a dollop of peanutbutter in the center and bring the ends around and tie it. Then, while the trap is NOT SET, tie the peanutbutter ball to the bait plate, making sure the knot it on the underside. Ta Da the mouse has to pull it really hard to get to the peanutbutter, hence springing the trap. But the best part is, after you dispose of the carcass your trap is still good to go, just reset.

  180. i have been using every thing that you can think of. so someone have told me once that i could use moth balls. and put them everywhere, even under my trailer. so my question is does moth balls really work.

  181. After having all my traps licked clean of peanut butter, I thought of something better. I melted a square of Hershey’s chocolate. I put a good sized dollop on the trap. As it cools, it hardens and can’t be licked off. The mouse needs to chew on it because it is very stuck to the trap. The mouse sets off the trap while its mouth is on the trap and doesn’t even need to be “finished off.”

  182. If you put a glue trap or a regular trap in a glass conatiner like a coffee jar or something like that you can toss it out and not have to be in contact with the mouse at all…..

    I have one now I am trying to get rid of…. and will go to good will today to find some cheap containers 🙂

    good luck to all of you….

  183. In the last couple of days I noticed we had a few mice coming in due to the colder weather. I use the plastic snap traps with crunchy peanut butter. The one thing you have to do in order to make trapping successful is to be sure and wash your trap in a clorox water blend so that your scent is not on the trap. Place your trap in the water let set for a couple of minutes. Use gloves (that have also been washed with the water so your scent is not on those either) and remove the trap and dry with a papertowel, place a small amount of the peanut butter and set the trap. I am happy to report that each time I have used this we caught our mouse within 12 hours. If your scent is on the trap – no matter what food you are baiting it with they will not go near it.

  184. I live in Canada and our house is situated along a ravine and there is plenty of wild life. Shortly after we moved to our house in 1985 we had an invasion of mice at christmas time. We put traps and captured quite a few. I talked to a friend shortly after about the problem and she told me that people think mice only search for shelter in the fall but spring is also a time where they look for a home. She told me to keep traps all year round so that one does not have an infestation to contend with. Every spring and fall I find a mouse or two in the traps but no infestation. Rats and mice are a big problem in some areas of Toronto, as reported on the news, preventing people from enjoying their gardens. Apparently composting and bird feeding contributed to the problem. Good Luck!

  185. Got mice into my century year old home. Theres a garbage strike for 3 months now. Pest extermination has gone up by 30%… i caught a mice by sticky pad thing. it was alive, and it was about to tear its stomache apart when i shoved the whole sticky pad into the black garbage bags. I called the exterminator. They just put what everyone else in the above did. They just placed out poisonous food for mice/rats to eat. Nothing more. They dont even help you to disinfect the areas where mice have been. for 200 bucks to hire an exterminator is not worth it. I’d rather search it by google and have the same knowledge as the exterminator than waste 200 bucks for them to do the same thing. I am currently trying and searching a very fast legit way to killing them instantly from the source.

  186. If you dont want to have the snaptraps set on your countertops due to a dead mouse up there, put the trap inside an old cereal box. When you catch a mouse, take the box outside and slide it out. The only trick is that you want the bait facing the outside and you have to be really careful on sliding it in. Ive never got my finger but I imagine its not nice.

  187. We bought a baby ferret and he is already learning that they are food.I recommend the ferret has all shots up to date and is hungry for mice LOL He has now caught over 10 of them and he is just 12 weeks old cant wait to see how many he can catch when he gets a little older.Good luck on mouse hunting.

  188. I have been reading all the tips and I must say that they help me a lot. I have recently moved to Brussels, and in the country where I was leaving before I didn’t have the mices problem. Since I got here (last week!) I already had two mices getting into my apartment and walking around like if it was their house!
    A friend gave me a glue trap. I have used it and was able to catch one. Then I broke his head to kill him. I know it doesn’t sound nice at all, but I also don’t think it is pleasant to hear them squeal until they die.
    My problem now is that I cannot find those glue traps in the Brussels centre. I have tried Brico and the supermarkets, but I don’t know wherelse to go…
    Any suggestion from someone that knows the area?

  189. We have a new coffee cart at the office and I spotted a mouse in my office the other morning. Work called the exterminator in and he set down the poison. It seems to have taken care of them because the droppings have turned green. I went home for the weekend looking to relax. Spotted a fast one in my house. I couldn’t believe it, did it follow me home. It is getting colder outside, so they must be coming in. Also there is a new Lowes being built a few blocks away and summer time there were some displaced lizards. I have a feeling that may be the culprit also. I first got the black D-con no see, no touch traps. Those things don’t work very well. Got some glue traps and caught one the next day, I am squeemish and couldn’t dipose of it alive, so I had to get my neighbor to help. Hoping this was the end of it, woke up this morning and notices that one of hte glue traps had DISAPPEARED! ***? Did it carry it with is, the thought of tearing up the room looking for a dead mouse is not good, but I need to buck up.

    I like the idea of putting the glue traps in a paper bag to help with disposal, will find the remaining one and put in paper bags. I’m definately not sleeping as well this last week, so I hope to god this doesn’t last much longer. The hard part is I have no idea where they are coming in from. Times like these I wish I was more hardcore!

  190. My mom’s favourite trick is to get large mayonnaise, Miracle Whip or Cheez Whiz jars, and put about 2 inches of molases in the bottom. The mouse climbs in to get the “food” but then gets stuck in the thick syrup. Works everytime!

  191. Had a mouse raiding my garbage can, it’s under my kitchen counter so we used sticky glue trap and got it with peanut butter. heard somewhere that they hate to chew through fabric softener sheets so I covered the hole and had no problems since. But now just recently had a bag of bread out on the countertop and the mouse ate through it. I don’t understand how mice can get on top of the countertop. how is that possible?? I think it maybe coming from the gas line behind the stove. so going to put some glue traps again.

    I hate mice. I can’t cook in the kitchen and have all the lights on in the house right now. We have been ordering out for dinner a lot because I can’t go in the kitchen. I’m going to have to buy some of the hardening foam too to cover up the holes.

    Why can’t mice just live in the bushes!!!!! ekkkkk

  192. I have an RV that I thought I found the place the “monsters” were getting in…wrong! Went to check it and one was looking at my husband as he opened the door, why are you disturbing me? I have tried the bouce sheets, cab fresh, mothballs,didn’t work, they pooped on or by them. I bought a “tin cat” and have declared war. Nice to know I am not alone in this fight.

  193. It never fails. Every year the farm brings his field in we get mice. My cat does his best to catch them but our dogs try to help. I hate having to change the mouse traps and trying to set new ones. We have no food under the sinks that includes the dog and cat food. They are driving me nuts. I keep an eye on my cat to see where he is “hunting” I guess there is nothing else to do.

  194. I’ve been searching for ways to get rid of mice and I came across this stuff called “Shake-Away”. It’s a non-lethal way to scare off mice, because it smells like the urine of their most feared predators, the fox and bobcat. It seems ideal for me because it’s non-toxic for my dogs, for one, and well, I kind of feel bad about killing the mice. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has tried it and if it actually works.

  195. DON’T USE THE GLUE TRAPS!!! bought some yesterday and caught a big mouse with it. the dag on thing took off with the trap stuck to its butt now i can’t find it. went back and bought snap traps and BAM just like that DEAD!! now if i can just figure out how to get the one with the trap on its butt. hmmm????

  196. Joe McCormick has the right idea. I used the cheap traps before but found them snapped, bait gone and no mouse. Glue traps don’t work. Poison leaves bodies and smell. This time using the cheap trap I smeared the taffy, coated it with peanut butter on the lever and lo and behold, I got the little bugger the first try. He was waking me and my daughter up mornings running back and forth in the ceilings but I put the trap where I have found droppings on a horizontal board inside the drop ceiling in the bathroom where the pipes are. There may be more so I loaded up the same trap and put it back. Hope it sends a message to the other mice.

  197. Thanks to Judy (Oct.2 post) for suggesting Red Fox Urine. I sprayed it in my 2 storerooms adjacent to my bedroom 3 weeks ago & haven’t had mice since. Also amazed at the quietness in the rooms. Had I known about it sooner, I wouldn’t have spent so much money on glue traps, but will still keep the glue traps to see if I catch any more dreaded bats in them.

  198. Try spreading peanut butter to dry fish (mackerel)..can find them in chinese stores. Worked well for me. We tried snap traps, plastic snaps..there is atleast one caught everyday, but don’t know how many more are. Problem is all are same small size mice, don’t know where the big one is?..

  199. We have a few mice, mainly in our roof (sometimes I see them in our lounge room or bedrooms). I usually use a snap trap, but they aren’t working for me at the moment. So, after some advice from relatives, we put some Rat/Mouse kill in the roof & some in the lounge room, and they seem to have been eating it (especially the stuff in the roof – all gone!).

    Not too worried about the smell though. We have used poison before & never smelled anything! Go the poison I say!

  200. I am considering getting one of those rat/mouse zappers despite the battery costs. The glue traps with peanut butter work, however, I hate looking at those disgusting creatures and hearing them squeal. YECH!!! Lately, they are entering cardboard boxes where I store documents and books, and eating practically everything they can get their teeth on. The reason I know is because when I hear a rustling noise and open the box, I could see their brown furry bodies, along with their nasty droppings. So now I am simply taking those boxes to the dumpster, regardless of what I stored in those boxes (couldn’t be important stuff, since I can’t remember exactly what I put in them). Filthy, filthy, filthy!!

  201. There was one comment here which said killing mice was unethical. Mice are filthy disease carriers. They crap and pee in your food and carry lice and other parasites.

    One suggestion, Keep pet food in plastic containers. I found the mice had gotten in to a drawer and were eating the cat food. They would chew through the bag. I killed them and was happy I did. I continue to happily kill every mouse that enters my house and have set up bait stations around the outside of my house to poison any mouse that comes near my house.

  202. Hello world. We are a couple of easy going newlyweds. However, I knew it was the last straw for these little parasite carrying booger faces when I found pistachio shells in my printer… IN MY PRINTER! Also, they got into our Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s only the best cereal in the world and it has since been ruined by these mice. I will stop it nothing to rid the world of mice. THE WORLD MY FRIENDS! THE WORLD!!!!!

    On a more serious note, we really do have a mouse problem. We’ve found that snap traps work best. The sticky traps didn’t work, the humane traps didn’t work and the trap that “hides” the mouse didn’t work. The only thing that worked was the snap traps. The first time we set out the snap traps we killed 3 within a few hours. Their names were Larry, Curly and Moe. Shemp was the one that was found in the cinnamon toast crunch and now we got some sorta ninja Chuck Norris/Jack Bauer mouse. We will win the fight my friends. We will WIN!

  203. Ok Shaun, Rob,Bill

    I have tried everything under the sun even expensive electronic devices, nothing seems to work. Because we are not allowed pets in my Apartment I went to the only form that actually works. Now that your weather is getting colder it will be Harvest in The Heat for these little sick creatures. I went to a Farm House and was looking around. It was so clean not one dropping in the whole place. I asked how does it do it to keep the little pests away. Low and behold he told me FOX URINE. Because fox eat mice ,they smell it they stay in hiding. And when the hide too long without food they start to die off. I went and cleaned every spot where they can hide. Not only that but I took the FOX URINE and sprayed it along every wall in my house nook and cranny anywhere they can hide. So far it has been three weeks since I saw one.

    I know the question. How can I stand the smell of it. That’s the good point you don’t. I have now bought a Gallon of this and I can tell you for the heck of it I spray once a month. And trust me you will only need this till Winter is over and the hot humid air comes. I have had the same gallon for almost 4 winters now. People delute it with harsh chemicals trust it don’t work with. just the Urine.. You will be happy that you tried.

    Now if your house is in festation, Try a productive Pest Controler that uses PCX chemicals. “phosarate Celfic Oxide” One wiff kills them instantly they can’t run and this will keep them out of your home basement and walls…. Also Unharmful to non wild pets or people.

    Need to know where to get please email me. I buy it by the bulk and it is produced in Germany. 1 10 lbs bag will cost you 56.00. I would rather pay 56 for a chemical that works then a pest control that only works for 2 days…

    For the Record all Pest controlers use the 2 chemicals.

    FOX URINE 1 gallon Bottle 23.99 Anderson Pest Control 189.00 for 3 rooms. what would you pay.

    PCX 56.00 10LB bag The pest Controler 189.00. Save your money….

  204. I’ve been poisoning them (and then I feel sorry for them if I see them stumbling around about to die), but it’s an ongoing process. Where there’s one mouse….you can bet there’s a ton more. I just keep throwing those bags of poison around everywhere behind and under things….against walls (mainly it’s in the garage) I’ve been told they go back to their nest to die, and I haven’t smelled dead mice yet (I lived somewhere with dead mice everywhere at one point…so I’m well aware of that odor). I don’t know….Poison the dirty little things. Just keep your kids and pets away, or you’ll have to use the old fashioned traps and glue traps (ewwww on both counts).

  205. MOUSE TRAP PAIL DESIGN….Drowns mice humanely.
    I own a 7 acre farm and spend many dollars using all types of mouse trap devices. I quit buying traps as they don’t always work correctly. So, as a former drafter and designer, I simply permit the mice the freedom to roam, because I came up with an amazing methodology for killing mice in a humane manner.
    I can’t patent this device, as it’s not worth the investment. I will share my idea for all to enjoy. You will need to do some scavenger hunting for the materials, but once you have collected most of the materials for next to free, you will need to construct the device. Materials needed: a large used plastic 5 gallon type pail, a old wooden broom handle, two used wall panaling nails, a free wooden stick longer than the plastic pail (find a stick in the local bushes), teaspoon of peanut butter, one used dry wall screw to use as a saw.
    Directions for constructions:
    (1) cut the wooden broom handle to a length which will fit inside the largest diameter of the pail (rough measurement).
    (2) mark the exact centers of each end of the wooden handle (which is now like a large wooden dowel.
    (3) nail a paneling nail at the exact center of each end of the wooden handle and ensure the wooden handle spins in a balanced fashion.
    (4) Use a dry wall screw to saw two grooves across from each other on the widest diameter on the brim of the pail (each groove will look like a half-moon).
    (5) Place the peanut butter around the center portion of the wooden handle, and place the handle horizontally across the brim of the pail, with the panel nails fitting into it’s assigned groove on each side of the brim. Make sure the handle spins freely and balanced. (6) Place the rough wood stick/branch so it leans at a 45 degree angle from the ground or floor to the top brim of the pail (so mice can climb up on).
    (7) Pour about 6 inches of plain tap water into the pail (mice cannot jump out of the pail if they fall into the water).
    *The idea is that mice will climb up the wooden stick, walk along the brim of the large pail, climb out on the shortened broom handle/dowel, and attempt to reach the peanut butter at the center of the wooden handle. The mouse will cause the woodn handle to spin, losing it’s balance and grip, and fall into the 6 inches of water and simply drown (mice never learned how to spin the log, so they fall into the trap).
    If you require a simple plan drawing to understand my trap design, send me an e-mail with your snail mail address, and I’ll snail mail a copy of the design. There will be the cost of the envelope, stamp and small donation to cover the cost of my printing. (Just mention “Mouse Trap Design”)
    ….Remember to dispose of the mouse carcasses every day or they’ll rot and gross you out!

  206. Thanks guys. I found a mouse running across my 3rd floor apartment last week and they are my worst fear!!!!! IM PETRIFIED of them. Screamed, called my boyfriend and ran out of the apt. Haven’t been back yet! He set the PB snap traps but nothing yet. My cat just watched him run across the floor. lol My boyfriend goes and checks the traps daily. I literally can’t go into the apartment til I know they (she/he) is gone! UGH
    I can’t and wont’ live in an apt with mice. I am off to the store to try the steel wool and peppermint thing. Never heard of that. thanks. I’ll dumb peppermint and vinegar and whatever else works. THANKS>

  207. I am not happy that I had to come to this site in the first place. But I have been reassured to see that I am not the only one dealing with this awful problem. In fact, I could have written some of the posts where people expressed extreme fear and a feeling of being violated! I know that sounds so extreme when you’re talking about something that is only a fraction of your size. But I am absolutely terrified of mice. And since discovering them in our house recently, I cannot relax or feel comfortable in my own home. I think about them all the time and go around every corner in my house with the fear of seeing one.
    We set a glue trap last week in the kitchen and caught two. Since then, I was in the basement (our family room) watching tv, and two nights in a row I have seen them scurry across the floor. I had to leave the room. I set five traps in that room and as of yet it has not caught a single one.
    At first I was naieve and assumed there were only a few in the house and they would be easy to get rid of. Now after reading all the posts, I realize there is probably a nest of them somewhere and I am TERRIFIED of finding it!
    We live in a rowhouse so it is going to be a long battle because the mice go between the houses, I’m sure. The people who lived in our house before us finished off the basement into a family room and put up ceiling tiles that have the yellow insulation material on the other side. Someone give it to me straight: what are the chances that there is a nest up there in the ceiling tiles? The floorboards on the next floor up are right above the ceiling tiles so whenever we walk around upstairs, I’m sure it disturbs them. But does it disturb them enough not to nest there?
    I’m at my wit’s end. My husband thinks I’m crazy for being so upset about it, but this is just ruining my life!

  208. p.s.–I have a toddler that is all over the floor all the time, so poison is not an option. It just really disturbs me to think that my son is playing on the floor where mice are running and pooping.

  209. I use the Snap Traps – Every winter I seem to get the problem – THE BAIT: Chocolate sprinkles that go on the icing of a cake. I catch many, but I can’t seem to stop them from coming back…

  210. Omg, depressed about mice.. I’m in sort of the same situation you are.. they are so small but they SCARE the living **** out of me, especially since you can get that disease from them and .. just EW. I was just upstairs in my kitchen and one of our cats was SITTING by the stove.. which she never does, so I stood there for like 20 mins and watched and I saw something but wasn’t sure since it was so small so I put my head closer and low and behold it’s a little mouse head and it moved! I SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER. These things disgust me. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat.. just the thought of them makes me sick to my stomach. & Honestly, I don’t want to be humane.. I want them to DIE. I can’t stand not feeling comfortable in my own home, in my own bedroom! But, I don’t want to clean up the mess after killing them.. I won’t be able to 🙁 Ugh just writing this gives me shivers.. 🙁

  211. I put some peanut butter on a glue trap and caught 1 mouse. However their sneaky little ******* friends are eating the peanut butter without getting stuck to the traps! I can’t figure it out. I have taken an old zip lock bag box and I have rubbed peanut butter all over it. I put the glue trap inside and taped it shut. Then I cut out a little mouse hole. I wore gloves so they won’t smell humans. They will go inside the box, eat, get stuck, and then I won’t have to see them stuck to the trap.

  212. I am in the prcess of killing all the mice in and around my house. After studying what exterminators do this is how it is done.

    First look for entry points obviously. After much looking I found they were entring where the elecric meter is. I duf down to the base and and filled it with foam. Then I cut the drywall inside and sealed around the electrical enrty point.

    I put out bait sations outside to poisen the mice out side. I also put traps and bait stations in the basement. I put bait blocks in the attic also as there were some signs on mice there.

    I am sure that now I will be mouse free. Do not believe these kooks who tell you to use peppermint or that it is not ethical to kill a mouse. They need to be erdicated from in or around your home. Living with mice is for the filthy.

  213. This morning I opened my underwear drawer to get a pair of socks out to wear to work and actually rubbed the fur of a disgusting mouse in my drawer! I screamed bloody murder. It’s all I could think about all day and now I have to go home. I’m scared to death of these nasty little things, I don’t know how to deal with this quickly. We saw two a couple of weeks ago, caught them in a humane trap, released them and now I think they are back, or the problem is bigger than we thought. We have lived her 5 years and never saw a mouse until recently. Time to move, I can’t take it!!!

  214. The bucket with a thin coating of peanut butter ‘inside’ it, along with water and antifreeze works very well.

    You might try leaving out some carbonated soda – rodents can’t burp – it’s deadly and nasty but it works.

    Fresh mint helps but should be partnered with some other tricks. Like getting a cat. Sealing all holes. You know, things like that.

    As for mousetraps, you should use chunky peanut – push a piece of peanut into the small hole on the lever of the trap. That makes it harder for the mouse to get it out therefore putting more weight on the spring and ‘snap’. USE DISPOSABLE GLOVES. If you have issues like I do with removing the mouse from the trap – throw it away. Traps are inexpensive.

  215. Omg Kimberley.. I’ve been scared to go in my drawers for that reason! Is your dresser high up? Like how do they climb without something to walk up? I thought mice couldn’t climb!

  216. I use poison and normally don’t have a problem with it. However, for the past 3 days have had to put up with the stench of dead mice b/c I can’t find it! It’s the worst, BUT I haven’t seen anymore running around since I put down the poison. My problem was really bad…a mouse crawled in bed with me while I was lying down using my laptop! Needless to say, me and my houseguest were up for the ENTIRE night.EWW!

  217. I hate them, our move can’t be sooner. I thought I got rid of them, they came back! *uckers, glue traps and traps with p.butter works.

  218. I read all of these posts (THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SHARING) but my problem is a little unique. Has anybody ever had mouse **** IN THEIR DISHWASHER? Yes, my dishwasher…the day I found that a cinnamon roll had been nibbled (cardboard box and all) in my pantry, I found mouse $#it in my dishwasher. So far, we have gotten five (on glue pads…I don’t care if they suffer). I feel like I live in a poolhouse…we are over come by the smell of chlorine as I have to bleach down every place in the kitchen I find the ****. My stove’s oven smells funny…like a weird musty burning type smell. A nest in the back someplace? We found droppings in the bottom drawer (which I never used anyway). So, less than two weeks from Thanksgiving I can’t use my oven or my dishwasher. I can’t have any food out anywhere, I am overcome by chlorine fumes, and I am spending a small fortune eating out (and using paper plates; cups) buying glue traps. bleach and rolls of paper towel. Everymorning I have a knot in my stomach to see what we will find…I don’t feel like this is my home any more. I am off to google ‘fox urine’ and see where I can find it. Thanks for reading my rant…my husband thinks I am nuts that this is bothering me so.

  219. Hey guys I read someone who posted about “shake away” which is fox and I think bobcat urine. I heard it works really well and it is not harmful to anyone. It just uses fear in the mouse to stay away from your house.

    So far I have been having about 1 mouse problem at a time. I covered up most holes with steel wool and expanding foam but I guess I missed a few spots.

    I recently tried cayanne pepper and I think it really works. I read somewhere that they get sick from it when you spread it around the suspected hole and it gets on their feet and they lick it off and you know how spicy cayanne pepper is. so they learn never to go there again.

    But I’m going to buy SHAKE AWAY and put poison outside my house to make sure NOTHING ever comes in again! shake away also doesn’t really have a bad odor it can only be detected by mice, and probably dogs but it is safe you can make little stocking balls and throw them in your basement or attic or under sinks etc.

  220. We tried the noise making plug-ins, they worked for a couple of weeks, then the mice got used to them, the same seemed to be the case with the peppermint oil. Now we have poison out but so far the mice have not shown the slightest interest in it. All our food is packed away, yet they are still around and this week they’ve started venturing out of the kitchen upstairs into our bedrooms… Time for the pest control?

  221. To get rid of dead mouse smell, use PETZYME. I get mine at Petsmart. It has an enzyme that breaks down organic smells. I got it for puppy accidents but found it works very well on dead critter smells. Liberally apply to surface (I poured it directly on the spot on the carpet where the critter died) and allow to dry.

  222. Almost 5 weeks now & no mice since spraying RED FOX URINE. You can buy it in sporting & hunting goods stores. It may smell the first day you spray it, but the smell goes away after that. The red fox preys on small rodents such as mice. When the mice smell the odor of the red fox urine, they leave. For further info, you can do a google search on the red fox & red fox urine. Hope this tip is helpful to others.

  223. im 18 & i was in my bed room & i saw something gray go back & forth behind my dresser & i finaly saw what it was a Field mice so i told my mom she got the D-con mice trap so i put every thing in side the mouse trap i put some honey bunches of oats ceral & a small pice of cheess next day i look in side the mouse trap the chess was gone but no mouse what do i do now Pleaes help

  224. i dont have any tips but am sick to the back teeth of having to share my apartment with a furry creature! I have been putting out poison which (as it says on the back of the packet) that it can take up to a week to kill them. I have also set a couple of traps today so fingers crossed! I have used sticky paper and traps before but with no luck at all!

    so many of you have stated that you have loads of mice. How can you tell? They all look very similar to me. If you have loads do they all come out at once? Do you see more than one at a time? Please answer my question as i am going crazy.

  225. Mice can come in thru the dryer lint vents if you don’t cover it up. I killed 31 mice with a custom mouse trap. The mouse goes inside, and a sensor is triggered which sucks the mouse up a vacum tube into a bucket of water. I had to empty it out twice a week before I killed them all. Look for it in stores soon.

  226. Thanks for all the tips. I’ve lived here for over 10 years and this is the first year I’ve ever seen mouse droppings in my basement. I am beside myself and don’t know what I’m going to do. My basement is literally packed with junk and clutter and all my good stuff, too. The clutter has also spread to our upstairs bedrooms. I am afraid I won’t ever be a able to sleep at night again knowing these disgusting vermin are living in my house! I do not live in the country and I am even more worried that it might be rats and not just mice! I want to throw up!

  227. Thanks for all the tips. I’ve lived here for over 10 years and this is the first year I’ve ever seen mouse droppings in my basement. I am beside myself and don’t know what I’m going to do. My basement is literally packed with junk and clutter and all my good stuff, too. The clutter has also spread to our upstairs bedrooms. I am afraid I won’t ever be a able to sleep at night again knowing these disgusting vermin are living in my house! I do not live in the country and I am even more worried that it might be rats and not just mice! I want to throw up!

  228. If you have a dead mouse in your wall that stinks here is what you do. If you can determine where in the wall it is you drill a hole and then fill a plastic ketchup container like they have at diners with lime. Not lime the fruit but the mineral. For thousands of years they have put lime on dead bodies and in outhouses to get rid of the smell.You blow the lime in the wall with the ketchup container. Just drill a hole large enough to fit the pointed end of the container in.

  229. Okay, I am a terrified mother of two, that has recently been graced with some unwelcomed guest. The first one my son found dead on the floor near his room. The second was wrestling to get out of my bath tub that was 1/4 filled with bath water. How did the little critter get in there? I do live in a 3 bedroom house with a two car garage. The garage is not sealed completely either.
    I have limited funds and I am so afraid to see, catch, or kill the things. Construction work is going on in the field beside me and I live near a railroad track.
    Someone please tell me what can I do to make sure they do not come in on me anymore. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t have any pets. (Scared of them too!)

  230. Bought a century house early spring. No mice. But now it’s getting cold outside and we have many visitors. Bought the plug-ins, fools that we are. Tried the humane traps. Right! Then moved on to the snap traps – the snappiest I could find. Only caught one mouse. Long story short, my shop vac has done the job. We went through the house and sealed every hole – no matter how tiny. Then when we spotted the mice, we took out the shop vac, hunted the little buggers down, and for now, the house is a mouse free zone. I’m not letting my guard down however; I plan to put wire mesh in all my furnace ducts. And I’m also going to set out the snap traps again, this time using bacon grease. I don’t mind if the little buggers want to live in the walls of my house – they are welcome to any warmth they find there – as long as they stay out of the house proper – when they start paying the mortgage, they can move in to stay. And one other thing – we have 2 chi’s – **** good little hunters.

  231. I have read that they cannot digest cornmeal, but will eat it, so I am going to try that.
    Have been putting all pantry items into bins with lids also so there should be nothing but the cornmeal for them.
    Take THAT you rotten little varmints!

  232. I came face to face with my first mouse yesterday and practically ran to the local hardware store to get traps. I’m now thinking of doing a google search for the red fox urine. Reading what some people have had to put up with is horrendous, just hoping this is not what I’ve got to look forward to, makes the flesh creep. I feel for you all.

  233. This weekend i found we had mice..they were eating the dogs food in a cupboard. in three days i have caught 7 of the little things..using the wooden traps and a small piece of good old cheese… DONT KNOW IF I HAVE ANYMORE..but the traps still get set.. fingers cross there are none left..

  234. Well – I was watching tv in bed and saw a mouse run from behind my entertainment center into the kitchen and disappear. I immediately called my boyfriend to get traps and help me set them. The first few days the traps were empty, then at 3 am my dog (the 85 lb big baby she is) woke me up in a panic and I checked the trap – caught! The snap trap worked. I hadnt seen any others and the other traps were empty for a few weeks and today I found 2 more traps with dead mice – a glue trap and a snap trap in a little housing thing. They all seem to work well. The glue traps are easiest to set and dispose of, I really dont care if they arent the most humane way.

  235. I just encountered one in my kitchen as I was going to get some milk. I keep my kitchen pretty clean with food kept away. This is the first one that I have seen. What can I do for future reference?? HELP?!?!

  236. My sister has used BOBCAT URINE she purchased off the internet and it works great . They have a powder form and a liquid form. She said she had not seen or heard a mouse in over 6 months. She said she recently saw one and re-sprinkled with more BOBCAT URINE and nomore once again. I recently saw mouse dropping in My KITCHEN and BATHROOM I bleach my kitchen counters and on top and under my microwave and on top of my stove with CLOROX-CLEAN UP SPRAY and I have not seen any mouse droppings in either room, and to be on the safe side I also disenfected my whole house and sprinkled the BOBCAT URINE in each corner of each room including my BEDROOM, MY SECOND BEDROOM, MY LIVING ROOM, MY CLOSETS, MY WINDOW SILLS and yes MY KITCHEN AND BATHROOM.I even sprinkled in front of my front door the entrance to my home.

    ALSO you can use an old knee high and fill it with the BOBCATE Powder Urine tie it up and put them in corners or behind frniture or in the corners of doors.


    I HOPE THIS HELPS AT LEAST ONE PERSON, GOD BLESS and have a great NEW YEAR mouse free…….

  237. We just figured out that we have a mouse in our ceiling. We have a flat roof that we can’t get into. How do we get rid of this mouse? We see insulation at the top of our vents in our bathrooms and droppings. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

  238. My mom told me that black pepper will work. They get it on their feet and take it back to their nest and they hate it. It is at least safe to put on your counters. We have kids and dogs and I would hate for them to get into any poison. If you do the bucket with the antifreeze will dogs eat the dead mice? If you do the oatmeal and cement powder can that hurt your dogs? We have been totally infested with mice!!! Our house is 100 and in the country so i know I can’t get rid of them totally but I would like to keep them from crawling across my desk when I am at the computer!!!Yuk!!!

  239. Peanut Buteer on a simple trap works great. Unlike cheese, the mice can’t slip it off. The get their little paws stuck in it and…SNAP!… you’ve got them! Don’t worry about watching the traps either. Just check them daily. It’s best to get the disposable traps because you don’t have to touch the poor thing. Just throw the trap in a plastic sandwitch bag and put it in your OUTSIDE trashcan. Good luck!

  240. I heard that fox scent will make them go away because fox eat mice and rat but dont know were to get some can some one tell me were to get some

  241. Antifreeze will kill your dog. You can use poisen if it is in a bait station. Tis is a plastic box with 2 holes in it where the mice can enter and leave. It is filled with chunk type poisen. I wouldn’t use the cement and oatmeal if you have a dog. Plus I doubt it works.

  242. I haven’t tried this yet, but after reading all of these ideas that occasionally work but mostly don’t, it seems that we need some new and innovative thinking. First I’ll have my wife sew together some fabric from our neighborhood Goodwill store to make an armchair overlay slightly larger than me. Then I’ll set up a folding chair in the middle of the kitchen, with a padded seat since I’m currently older than I used to be. After sitting comfortably in the chair I’ll put on the arm-chair-mouse-blind (I can mass market these in the future after proven success). This way the little fur balls will think I’m just a piece of furniture and ignore me as I blend in with the environment like Rambo in First Blood. Armed with my son’s paint ball gun all I have to do is sit and wait while listening to Disney’s Fantasia with my headphones and picturing a mouse dancing around before me. “Mickey” will be attracted to the Romano cheese-lick strategically placed in the kitchen. We’re Italian and our mice are already spoiled with the good stuff. Now I’ll have two chances to get them. First, the cheese is coated with superglue, so their little tongues will immediately stick on like it was a frozen flagpole. If they pull away, leaving their tongue behind, I’ll get off a shot to the head, knocking them senseless long enough to deupholster myself from the mouse blind and scoop up the disoriented little terrorist into a deep bucket. The coup de grace: now he’s trapped, no way out, no escape, as I pull out the acordion and play Lady of Spain over and over (or, as an alternative, anything on the bagpipes). No I won’t play long enough to kill him. Just short of that I’ll let him go so he can relate the experience to his comrades-in-arms. I think they’ll all move back to the tame outdoors after that.. Wow, what a catharsis. I think I can sleep now, at least until I hear scratching in the wall again.

  243. My friend’s are afraid of mice and won’t come over now. I tried soaking cotton balls in bourbon (had a couple of shots myself) me and the mice had a good time. That was supposed to do the trick, but didn’t work. I built a portable version of the bucket trap over my toilet! The mice fall in and I flush them away! My BF thinks its terrible, but it works!

  244. Help! Theres ONE mouse that keeps going into my rabbits hutch, and I fear it might give him VHD and/or fleas.The hutch is on legs.

  245. Almost 2 months now & no mice since spraying RED FOX URINE. Wildlife Research brand is what I’m using. Comes in a 4 oz. glass spray bottle. It’s available at Cabelas, some Wal-marts (sporting goods dept.), Farm & Fleet, & hunting goods stores. Also, you can buy it on-line. Do a google search for RED FOX URINE & it’ll tell you where to find it. Used by deer hunters. May sound gross but you don’t actually touch the urine. It’s a pump spray, but recommended that you wash your hands afterward. Shouldn’t be used around small children and pets. Hope this tip helps you out Lalo & others.

  246. To: Terrified; I live in the country and when it gets cold and the fields are being cleared the little Bast**ds come on in. What I do is place decon all around the outside of the house and clue traps around every door way (four per door ) , the frige, and the stove. Mice are a most often attracted water, so if you have a leak somewhere get it fixed, food they can find anywhere, its the water and the warmth they’re after. Don’t touch the clue traps with your bare hands they can smell you. use plastic of some kind and put a very small amount (pea size) of bacon grease or peanut butter in the center of the trap. I hope this works for you as it has for me. I have to throw about one to two traps away aday for about a week at the start of every winter. and then nothing.

  247. A tip I use to pick up the dead mice from the traps is to get a paper plate and slide it under the trap and toss it in a bag.

  248. We had a mouse in our kitchen. Found mouse **** in the cabinet under the sink and even heard him scurrying around inside our stove. So anyway the mouse is dead and he is in our stovetop. We tried to lift our stovetop up but the manual says its not removable and do not attempt to remove it. What should we do? Is it safe to use the stove knowing there is a dead mouse somewhere underneath the burners? This is a brand new stove!! I don’t know if I should attempt to get a serviceman out here to take a look or just to not worry about it. Help please!!

  249. I would call the service person – if a mouse can get in, other things can get in, and you don’t want that. Also, burnt decaying mouse is not a way to eat your food!

    So I’ve read alot of these, and I am living in my second apartment that has mice. This might sound obvious but the ONLY way I know of to get rid of mice, and it has worked twice, is to get a cat. Really, preferably a kitten who will go with her instinct to catch rather than an old cat who might not. Get a girl, they are better mousers, and put a littler box near where the mice can smell it, cat pee repells rodents. My old place we tried poison, traps, everything and I would never do it again. Traps meant alive mice dying and we just kept replenishing them, poison was the WORST choice for an apartment, they ran around all day – and my landlord kept saying it was a good thing, it meant they were dying.

    Honestly, the most humane thing to do is get a good, female, young cat.

  250. Friend of mine gave me this little bar, looks like a granola bar called “just one bite”
    Whatever it is made of, the mice really like, but the poison makes it hard to breathe. so the mouse goes outside and dies. I had one mouse and within a week of setting this bar inside the heater closet, we found the mouse outside quite dead. Winter storm just hit, and we have another mouse running around now, so we just laid some more out. Try it it works!!

  251. I feel all your pain people. I too have a infestation of mice and I put down poison…BUT! the decaying carcass smell makes me wretch and get sick…especially if you cant find the bodies….EWWWWWWW. Then we have to actually pick these vermin up off the floor. (GROSSES ME OUT)!
    I think that Im gonna get red fox urine and spray it everywhere…ppl say it goes away(the smell) after the first day but the end result will be the what I desire…THEY WILL leave,,,I hope. Good luck to all mouse hunters…I feel for you all!Good luck!

  252. Hello fellow Stuart Little Haters.
    Ok, in the beginning, it was cute. “Look mommy! A little mouse like Stuart! Isn’t he cute?” One mouse= cute. 100 meese = my never ending nightmare.
    Our problems started about a year ago. We live adjacent to a field, so it was bound to happen. Fortunately we do have a neighborhood of feral cats, hawks and owls, but the mouse population must be so huge, because they have made my home into a bed and breakfast.
    We were using only snap traps, and they have worked; one days total was 25. Still, the mice numbers increase. I can hear them, snickering behind my walls.
    I am a cook, and hate to cook in my kitchen now, though I bleach every surface on a daily basis.
    The topper was, one evening last week, my husband was sitting here on our bedroom computer, when one little teeny guy popped out from behind the speaker and just stared at him and said “Howdy”
    We have resorted now to poison in the garage and basement. My basement now smells like death row. I had two, one yesterday and one today, have the nerve to crawl right out in front of me in the kitchen and curl up and die right before my eyes.
    I am not an inhumane, non empathetic person. I frankly hate killing anything, spider or bug or mouse. But I equally hate throwing a whole loaf of bread away or continuously vacuuming up mouseturds, or having sandpaper hands from bleaching my house from top to bottom, so they must die.
    I am taking the advice I read on here today, regarding the Red Fox urine. While the Eue de **** of Fox might be horrendous, it has to beat Eue de decaying mouse. Wish me luck.

  253. by accident we found by putting a piece of dog food in a garbage can they have found a way to get into the can but can’t get out. Today alone we have caught 6 of the critters that way. Then I put them in a bucket to drown. Make sure the garbage can is tall enough where they can’t jump out (yes that was something else I didn’t know, they jump pretty high)

  254. I have 2 female cats who are about 11 yrs old. I live in a townhouse and there is a small patio between house and garage. When the cats go out, i ket a shoe in the screen to to hold it open. Every now and then, they will bring me a mouse that is alive. The mouse will run around a bit until i can trap it in a old shoe box. Once i catch it, i usually put it back outside again.

  255. We live in “rowhomes” all attached, so it’s hard to get rid of mice if neighbors don’t. I’ve trid the ‘just one bite’ bars to no avail. Unfortunately one of our small dogs did find it at the back of the closet. Have used snap traps, glue traps, buckets, and nothing has helped. I will try the fox urine and pcx suggested by Tom Magee if I can find them. He said e-mail him and he would tell us where to find them. Is this possible? I can’t stand them and am almost ready to sell my house.

  256. I don’t have mice but my Westie found one in my backyard recently and killed it. Westies (West Highland Terriers) are bred to chase small mammals so I think they rather enjoy it. Also, they are great dogs for small children. Super tolerant with an incredibly joyful disposition. Our’s has changed our life completely!

  257. Well it looks like all of these tips prove that the mice are not going anywhere unless they are good and ready. So just like the dandilions, ya gotta love em.

  258. After reading about 100 of these posts, I noticed that there is a lot of talk about the different traps to use but not much about mouse proofing the house. If you are not willing to do a little dirty work, then you’ll be killing mice until next Spring. After seeing 4 mice in the past week and killing 2 of them with snap traps, I decided it was time to do something. We killed 2 in the kitchen, found one dead in the basement and one dead in the attached garage. All within a 10 foot radius. So, I knew where to start and spent most of today mouse proofing the house.

    The first thing that I did was to inspect the garage. Sure enough, I found a bag of bird seed on a shelf with a hole in the bottom where they had chewed through. There was bird seed everywhere. They had enough food for the winter in there. I did not see any access points into the house so I picked everything up off the floor and cleaned off the shelves. I shop vac’d all of the corners and swept up to be sure that all of the bird seed was gone. I then went back inside with a ladder and put my hand up all along the outer band joist (what the floor joists butt into on the outer wall just below the upstairs floor) to feel for cold air. The band joist is where most contractors cut holes to the outside for installations. I felt 3 cold spots and upon closer inspection, found 3 fairly decent size holes to the outside. We had 2 central air units installed this past year and the installers did not do a good job of plugging the holes around the wiring. I verified this outside and filled the holes with cement/mortar caulk on the outside and expanding foam on the inside. I then swept and shop vac’d the basement. I do not feel cold air anymore so I think its sealed up good.

    I am hoping that all I have left is to capture any last stragglers hanging out in the house. Only time will tell.

  259. I bought my house 2 years ago. 4 months later I heard mice and
    set out snap traps. Caught 3 or 4 and then it stopped. 1 year
    later I heard the nighttime chewing sounds again and caught maybe
    2 and it stopped. 2 weeks ago the noises started again after
    a big snowfall and after hearing a trap go off 2 hours after being
    set I went to check it and found nothing. Since then not a single
    trap has been touched. I tried switching from peanutbutter which
    was very effective in the past to cotton which has not attracted them either this time.
    I think they know to avoid the traps now. Last week my phone had no
    dial-tone and I thought it was from the snowstorm maybe, but then
    I found the wire from the phone to the wall had been chewed in half
    in 2 places.
    I think these must be super military-trained commando mice. Tonight I will try to setup the bucket with greased sides and the wire. For bait I think I’ll switch to nuts and oats since maybe
    I’m dealing with field mice instead of house mice this time? I’m
    also going to put down some of the glue traps in the cabinet under
    the sink where them seem to be getting in.

    It was great to read all the stories from other people who have had this same problem.
    Good luck to all my beleagured comrades.

  260. In all of these postings, has anyone read even one posting where someone has had success? I can’t stand mice, but give credit where credit is due … they are intelligent and highly adaptive.

  261. Yes, I have had success. I used poisen in my attic and also in bait stations around the outside of my house 4 of them. Also I plugged points where they can enter. I am mouse free. I watched the exterminators and this is what they do.

  262. Andy DuFresne, to answer your question. Yes. Someone suggested trying Red Fox Urine. It works. I haven’t had any mice in 3 months now. In my post from December 4, I mention where you can buy it. Good luck.

  263. discovered mice on Christmas Eve in the woodpile near the rabbit hutch. we think they are attracted by the rabbit’s food. Dec 27th I find evidence they have been in the pantry and even came face to face with one. this is war! yesterday I bought 11 mouse traps – old style and a new one called The Better Mousetrap, made of plastic with a fierce snap and an ability to dispose of mouse and reset without touching the mouse. Set them using peanut butter and Chinese noodles, which the mice had really gone wild for in the pantry. caught one mouse overnight and another this morning both near the rabbit hutch and caught using the new style mousetrap. Dunno if there were only two mice, or if there are more, but I figure 11 traps should see me get rid of them soon. We are in urban area and have never had mice before. This site has been very helpful.

  264. I found mouse droppings the other day in our frying pan under the drawer in the stove….So hubby set a trap that night and by last night 24 hrs we had the mouse. Im going out this weekend and going to the $1 store to get plastic food containers for dry food. And also going to be looking for spots where it came in. I really think its becuase my husband has a horrible habbit of leaving the door open and walking out side so its a free invite for them to come in. Anyhow, we we got it with a snap trap. they seem to work the best for us. and poision. Have to keep them out of the house they’re very dirty little rodants…..Happy mouse cathching everyone! this is a great site and really intresting stories

  265. We have had lots of mice in the past. We live in the country between two fields and a very old house. We finally got every hole plugged up with either caulk or steel wool. We also put screen wire on every one of our heat vents. We also have those poison boxes the exterminator has given us. The one good thing about these poison boxes is the poison that is used requires the mouse to go find water because their insides are on fire and if the mouse should die in the walls or under the house, it will not smell like those other poisons. Also safer since they can only be opened by the exterminator key. Kids and pets can not get in them.
    We are now in the process of adding a huge addition to our home and the construction workers have made all kinds of holes where they ripped off our siding and now we are infested with mice again. We tried everything to get rid of them and nothing worked, these mice are smarter than the others. They wont even eat the poison this time. We finally put glue traps all around the area they were hiding. The trick We learned was to buy the black glue traps not the white ones. We have had the white ones in the past and the mice just run around them, but the black ones work great if you shut off all the lights. They apparently dont see them because now we are catching them at night. This is a nasty way for them to die, but the way I see it, they terrorize us by scaring us to death when jumping out, leaving their nasty **** everywhere, eating everything, and they do carry disease and they also keep us up at night since that is when they love to eat. They will eat anything even wood if need be. We hope we got them before it got too bad. thanks to the wonderful construction workers, who left all the holes open for us.

  266. We have several mice in our house and we cannot get rid of them apparently our dog should be good at getting them but she hasnt got my EVER

  267. The best Trap to get them as i believe is to place a tall vase somewhere where the mice can drop down into it and not get out

  268. i have discovered we have mice, i cleaned up mouse poo yesterday in the kitchen cubard and today it looked like there was a mouse party in there last night. i will head to the local hard ware store for as many traps and solutions as they will sell me. i do not have pets or kids so poison isn’t out of the question for me but the thought of a bunch of dead mice in the walls is revolting plus the smell can’t be much fun either. i have read all of these posts and there doesn’t seem one clear cut solution to rid the house of mice. i called an exterminator and they charge $250 just to come out. i hope i have some success on my own. good luck to you.

  269. I had a rodent problem in the summer for the first time and, touch wood, I seem to be free of them now. The essential thing seems to be to find out where they are entering your home and block that. It took ages of scouring the flat and stopping up every single tiny hole with wire wool. I found holes where I never expected and plugged them. I am still quite vigilant but relaxing slightly. The steel wool looks spooky sticking out in places but I don’t care. I have sprinkled borax in cupboards as well as cloves and mustard cress. I have wiped and wiped everywhere with vinegar and the floors with ammonia. Wipe every crumb up as they can live on very little food. I think systematically moving things around and wiping down helps as they don’t like being disturbed. The only problem is that I think when I go away and the flat is empty and quiet they might find a way in again. I live in an apartment block on a council housing estate and next to a railway line so there are plenty of rats and mice around all the time. Pest contol left bait traps around the flat but no mice were caught in them. They told me you have to get your neighbours on board to solve the problem. I think in large urban cties the problem really needs to be dealt with at government level as it really is a public health hazard.

  270. I came back from vacation to find mice droppings in a pile of clothes in my bedroom (I live on the first floor, close to the garbage for the entire building) and everywhere along kitchen cabinets on the floor. I bought two plastic Victor mouse traps that look like those clamps that close up opened potato chip bags and some of those old school wooden Victor traps that snap up on your finger (with the plastic cheese as a trigger, thus it tells you not to put bait on it). I put peanut butter on the clamps (as far back on the inside of the clamp) and no bait on the wooden ones. I caught one with the peanut butter and two with the no bait stuff (along a kitchen cabinet). The thing is, I left doors open, stacked a ton of computer paper to block doorway openings completely, but left two inches for the mice to get through (where I put the no-bait traps).

  271. The other plastic clamp with peanut butter smeared on the top was licked clean. No mouse found. I just rigged my place with rat poison packs, glue traps, even more wooden victor traps, and one of those trap door things. So far, nothing (which is a good thing here).

    And thanks for your tips, I was about to purchase one of those electronic things for 30 dollars at a major hardware store.

    Right now, I’m laundering all my clothes and disinfecting the whole place. 🙁

  272. We have a mouse issue at our house. I have a feeling they are getting in from the floor vents in our house. Any suggestions aside from setting traps all around the vents?

  273. Thanks for everyones advice. My husband was sitting watching TV while I was reading through all your suggestions and he saw a mouse running accross our fireplace mantle. I placed a snap trap baited with reeses peanut butter cup and within 30 seconds, snap. Poor mouse, but I am sick of seeing them and hearing them. I am also trying the bucket, will see if it works.

  274. we moved last year in brooklyn into a new house and had many mice the first month. we hired an exterminator and nothing helped. we bought a cat and it did not worked. we were advised by our south asian neighbours to buy a domesticated owl and never saw mice again. the only problem is that you should expect some remains from time to time but generally our owl that we call rocky puts them always in the same spot so it is easy to clean up

  275. I live in the country and every Autumn mice invade my attic and usually start tearing about and making a racket about 3 in the morning. I`m finding the plastic victor traps work brilliantly.I use a small piece of Marzipan (wrapped in piece of kitchen paper) in the trap ,seems to be working really well

  276. i have a neighbor who planted bamboo .. the kind that never stops growing and has now taken over the yards of 5 neighbors so far.. it attracts mice ..and who knows what else ..getting rid of it would be the solution to getting rid of these mice but my neighbor only uses his property for storgae , does not live there he ignores any complaints even though the judge has ordered him to remove the bamboo.the bucket idea seems to have been around awhile and I’m going to try that tommorrow ..mice bring mites in with them which attack humans ..I am sealing my house tommorrow .. with anything i think will workl ..including tearing out the carpet in my bedroom sealing all the cracks in and around the floor ,where I have never taken food ..its better and cheaper than being eaten by these mites.

  277. To those who say you should not kill the mice – They are INVADERS in your home. The law says I can use lethal force against anything that invades my home, right?
    Just the thought of those disease ridden bug infested rodents running around the floor my kids play on ~ I don’t care how they die, as long as they’re dead! As far as bringing them out and releasing them, they just go into someone else’s house.

    As far as those ultrasonic plug-in things – They are supposed to kill roaches, too. When we bought our house, it had been abandoned and was INFESTED. I bought one of the plug-in things and plugged it in. When I came back, I noticed that there was **** all over it. I unplugged it and found that the roaches had nested in it. I brought it back and got my money back.

  278. I have a small problem I purchased the mice zappers and they DO NOT work they work just for a short time… The mice hears the noise and they make yelling noise and try to run away… I ahve tried the moth balls and clean and keep my apartment clean but that t does not help out… I also put my dog food awawy in the night and still theya re in the wall and floor and I need to find a solve they are driving me crazy and they like to party at 3:30 am to 5:00 am…

  279. Please help….I live in the country. I have open fields across the street. I also have 2 empty houses behind me with tall weeds and wood piles. I have a 1 “house cat” I also have a crawl space and a basement. Lately, I have heard the mice in my attic. (I have no access to the attic) I have decon in my crawl space, basement. I also have had an exterminator out a few years ago. The mice are driving my cat crazy. She cannot reach them in the walls or attic. I keep all food etc. in my fridge. I wish they would leave…. I hear a lot of scratching etc.. in my walls and attic. Any advise?

    Anna Girl with un-invited guest…

  280. expandable foam works great for entry points for some reason they don’t bite threw it. you also have to use the hard steel wool not the soft kind

  281. I am going crazy, I have house mice coming in thru my bedroom and my laundry room and my guest room and,I have seen like 8 mice in one day. I hate them, I have always been scared of them.

    If anyone has any advice on how to get rid of them while spending very little money(10.00dollars) Please let me know.

  282. jeesh- I have mice coming into my house but I have cleaned up every place that I have found evidence of them… and I bought a Havaheart trap that I place by my stove where they seem to be coming in along the pipes. I have caught about 10 in a month. I don’t find mouse droppings anywhere anymore!! It is working!! And I don’t mind once and a while releasing the trapped mice down the block in the park. I can’t bear killing a living animal.

    Once spring hits I will seal up all holes around my house, plant mint, and clean out my garage! Maybe next winter I won’t have any at all!!

  283. My hubby and I saw one tiny mouse run out from behind the tv. Three nights in a row. He just seemed lost! Hubby bought a live trap so we could release him. The next day we caught him, let him go. The next night I saw two more tiny ones on my kitchen counter! I caught both with yogurt cuos and let them go. Hubby got three more traps and over three weeks we caught 22 mice. Every day we saw droppings near the stove.(I was seeing them before the mouse but didn’t know what it was, just cleaned it up Duh!) Since the 22nd mouse, we haven’t seen any and no droppings. Does that mean they are gone???? We have never heard anything at night, see no knawing marks or anything. They could have gotten into cookies and bread but they never did. The live traps work very well, and hubby used a couple of the snap traps but those are hard to see…..Anyway….use peanut butter, a little on the outside and more on the inside. Does anyone know how to tell when they are gone????? Thanks!

  284. Thank you all for the ideas – just “moved out to the country” this Nov. , and after our first cold snap and snowfall started hearing you know what . .

    Looks like someones gonna be building a bucket trap tonight.

    Will be picking up the Red Fox urine as well , soon as I can find it!

    Not sure how they get in , but I’ll find it.

  285. I just moved into “the country” in October 07. I am barely outside the city limits. But behind me is a field. Nothing growing or anything, just an open field. About a month ago, my cat killed a mouse. I wasn’t able to sleep for about a week and a half after that. Everybody kept telling me that I live in the country and I’m goin to have them occasionally. So that was that. Saturday night, I noticed my cat staking out in the kitchen. He normally doesn’t so that, so I knew then something was up. I woke up about 3 hours later because I heard my cat in the living room making a racket. I got up to see what it was, and my cat had his nose and paws so far under the couch that you would think that the couch dropped on his head. I knew right then there was a mouse under the couch. I moved the couch, and there it was. My cat got a hold of it, injured it and found it today (Tuesday) in the back of the closet dead. I have set out traps both the no view no touch traps, and the victor traps. My landlord put 2 of the victor traps with cheese on it under the house. His attitude is like I’m not calling anybody to look for holes. I think that there could be a hole by my hot water heater and my landlord says that is a big job and that hes not going to do that.

    I haven’t seen any droppings. I looked in my cabinets and underneath cereal boxes and dont see antyhing. But so far I’ve seen 3 mice in the last month. I can’t sleep at night, I cry myself to sleep at night. Thinking out calling an exterminator and paying for it myself, my landlord doesnt seem to care that I am insane because of the mice.
    Does anyone know about how much they cost?

    I am absolutely terrified. My cat usually sleeps with me at night, but because of this I close the door at night because I dont want him to bring me a present if you know what I mean. I would need therapy if he brought me a mouse in my bed.

    Any advice?

  286. I live in the country. I had mice in my crawlspace, ceiling, walls. I had decon in the basement and also the crawlspace. I have 1 inside cat. I had the problem for almost 2 weeks. Finally, a gathering of stray cats hung out on the outside of my house overnight. Now, for 5 days I have not heard any more “mouse” noises. I do however have to burn a lot of candles to take care of the smell.

  287. Everyone has told me not to use dcon because of my cat. I don’t have any strays around. I would be heartbroken if something happened to my cat because of me. I don’t smell dead ones or anything, I just cant figure out where they are coming in at since I dont see any holes? My hot water heater is old and my landlord wont check to see if theres any holes in there.

  288. I have mice living in my grill. Here are my questions:
    1 How do I get the mice and nest out of the grill
    2 How do I prevent them from making a home of my grill again.

    Thanks for your help

  289. In the past to block holes up I’ve found that tin foil can be useful as it can be screwed up and pushed into any sized hole and serves the same purpose as steel wool as the mice do not seem to like metallic objects and certainly don’t gnaw through the foil.

  290. We have a mouse problem (like everyone else). We caught five mice, then no sign of the little buggers for weeks. Then yesterday I noticed the signs…the waste. This morning, gnawled oatmeal…ugh! How do I build a bucket trap??? I have a two year old, so I need somehting safe.

    Thank you.

  291. I have 1 inside cat. I have had problems with mice in my house for years. I have decon placed in my basement and crawlspace. My cat does not go in either place. I heard that inside cats will not eat the mouse or mice after they have eaten the decon. I have never had any problems with my inside cat eating the mouse/mice. Good luck…

  292. I bought some of the snap traps…TOMCAT brand with the yellow plastic trigger….My mouse keeps taking the peanut butter off of the trap!!! Its driving me crazy…any ideas what else might work other than these snap traps….I have tried peppermint oil…I also have lavendar & euculyptus oil but have not tried that yet…

  293. O my God today I sitting on the bed and the door bell rang, I was at the door for maybe 10 seconds, my step-son and I went back into my room and there were 3 little mice on my bed and 1 little one on my night stand. I didn’t know they could crawl. I am moving out because of them, I am so scared they are brave little fuc*ers. The other day I was playing the play station and one came right up and was playing with the cord, I could not believe it. But now they are in my bed and I haven’t sleep since. I WILL NEVER SLEEP IN THAT BED AGAIN! I really need help I’m about to jump out of my skin with just the thought of them being here. I am so scared to be in my own home. PLEASE HELP! I have no pets and my step-son is 12 years old so no small children, I will try anything, I already have glue trap’s down but they laugh at them and walk past them. All I know is that we all can’t live here and there are more of them then me so I think iIll go but it’s pay back time for them. They are multiplying by the day. I don’t know where they are coming from. I am petrified please help.

  294. I know the bucket thing works, but then you have to deal with yucky little carcasses. I bought my camp in Northern Ontario and when I first went there the place reeeeked of moth balls. I thought it was to protect the wool blankets. I got rid of them all. I had no mice that first two years cause the place still reeked. The next year the little ‘bas—-s’ invaded. I did everything but hire a mouse hit man.
    I gave in, loaded the place with the mothballs the next fall, and in the next spring, not a sign anywhere. When I say loaded I mean boxes of them and dropping them even between the walls. I can live with the smell if it means not cleaning up mouse **** every year. Good luck everybody.

  295. Jaime, If I were you I’d move. To have that many, and them not be afraid of you, and getting in your bed, gosh I am terrified of them too, but I’ve never had them in my bed, or walk right up to me.

    Are you in a house or an apartment? If its a house you can probably get rid of them by putting D-con under your house. Make sure you clean everything, and look for droppings. Sounds like they have been there a while and are getting a little too comfortable. If you live in an apartment, I suggest moving and fast.

  296. Inside kitty,

    My cat is strickly indoors too. I got him from the pound a year ago though. I dont know where he came from, if he had a previous owner or if he was wild. If i had to guess I would say he’s waayy to friendly to have been a stray. If anything someone may have given him away for being too friendly and annoying. But he’s my gift from god.
    Anyway, not knowing for sure if my cat will eat one or not. He has killed and had them in his mouth, but I was able to ****** that one away before he ate it. If he gets one in the middle of the night, I dont know if he’d eat it or not.

    Speaking of middle of the night, just last night, I heard my cat in the living room just going to town on something, I knew right then it was a mouse, so I just listened for a minute or two, you know to let the mouse get killed or good and injured so I could get it. It was my scrunchie. LOL

  297. I finally broke down and called an exterminator. I’ve live in this house for a year and a half. There is a large field with horses behind the house so I wasn’t surprised when I saw the first mouse. I have a cat, however he is declawed and sees the critters as cute little playmates. Of course, i’ve used the snap traps…successfully. I’ve caught the babies….had them brought to me in bed in the middle of the night. Even had one crawl up the inside of my pajamas. It’s almost become amusing. However, I’m running out of names for them and am getting a bit bored with it all. The exterminator came today and set traps. We’ll see what happens. If nothing else, I won’t have to buy frozen little mice for the pet snake 🙂

  298. Ok. I have seriously not slept in a week. I am terrified of them. THe regular glue traps worked good in the beginning. I caught about 12 in 2 weeks. BUt now they seem to have gotten smarter and walk around them. Also, there is this one mouse in my room who refuses to leave. The worst part is that they know how to climb beds. That totally freaks me out. I was going to get that plug in thingy but people on this site are saying it doesnt work. Then there are mixed opinions on the pepperment oil. So instead of buying that cant i try putting candy canes since I have those in the house right now. My mom has used Decon in the past and it has worked wonders. But I did not let her buy it this time because I remember from when I was younger that they die all over the place including in the cupboards in my clothes. SO WHAT IS A SURE PROOF WAY TO KEEP THEM OUT OF THE ROOM AT LEAST SO I CAN GET SOME SLEEP??

    Please. email me ur suggestions.

  299. Australia’s Queen of Clean, Shannon Lush, says to place SNAKE **** around your mouse-infested areas. That’s right, SNAKE **** (gross I know, but she says it’s fail safe). Apparently the mice smell the snake **** and think there’s a snake around, and high-tail it outta there. Shannon says you can ask reptile parks for it. It dries up into little dry discs and you place these near where your mice seem to congregate. However, I will try cayenne pepper before I resort to snake **** in my cupboards, but if the pepper doesn’t work, I’m off to the reptile park.

  300. Does anyone know how often I need to spray
    red fox urine? So far it seems to be working
    for us (fingers crossed) but we didn’t use very
    much and we put it down 2 days ago. Any ideas
    on how long it takes to wear off? I cannot really
    smell it as we soaked cotton wool balls in it
    and put it in a plastic bag left open a bit
    at the top…. So far its the best remedy we
    have tried…

  301. Jamie,

    If I were you, I’d be calling an exterminator!! A few years ago I had a problem with mice in my ceiling. I did not sleep for 3 days straight. Then I was afraid of the mice. Now, after living in the country for 10 years, I am not. I still get “field” mice in every once in a while….

    Good luck…..

  302. The South,

    Thanks for the tip!! My cat has never been able to catch one yet. Most of the time when I have a problem, they are usually in the walls or ceiling. My cat is very special to me. I also adopted her from a shelter. However, when she runs in the middle of the night, I always get up to see what is going on.

  303. I am completely grossed out. We have mice in my house & my parents stuck only two sticky pads. And I always hear the darn thing squeaking. My dad and I have nicknamed the little creep “Squeaky”. He and his little family need to leave soon. I hate seeing his little turds around my home. Being the germ freak I am, I am pretty much freaking out. My parents saw him run across the living room floor during the Super Bowl. I’m afraid he’s gonna crawl on me, or something! I want him to run into that darn sticky pad! ARGHHH!

  304. To Anna (Feb. 5 posting), You should spray the red fox urine every 2 months, just to be on the safe side. I haven’t had any mice since I started using it about 4 1/2 months ago. Just a suggestion, leave the cotton wool balls out in the opem, NOT enclosed in a plastic bag. Mice might not be able to smell it. I spray it on the floor by the walls & wherever I think the mice would go (this is in my 2 storerooms adjacent to my bedroom). Now, no mice no more! Good luck.

  305. Don,
    Thanks for the feedback, I wil take your advice and not enclose in a plastic bag. We did unfortunately catch one more mouse last night (despite the red fox urine) but I am hoping he was already in the house and/or he couldn’t smell it.

  306. Inside Kitty,

    Is your cat a male? I’ve always heard that female cats are better mousers. But then again, my cat is a male and he seems to be pretty good at it. The 2 mice that I’ve seen weren’t any bigger than maybe 3 inches long, if that. Could they possibly be babies?

    Mine are the grey mice like the picture at the top (below the field mice) with the big eyes. I still haven’t slept as good as I did before I saw those two. But its been warm here in “the south” so maybe they’ve found a nice place outside to live.

  307. we just moved into an apartment and have some mice running around in the walls and ceilings. No sign of them IN the aprtment, but the noise keeps us up at night. The walls and ceiling are not that accessible – any advice?

  308. Hate mice,that is for sure…I wish there will be no mice in the world. Today I found a little sucker in one of my spare bowl,caught it alive.Put it in a glass bottle,put the lid on,shake,shake,shake..For other animals,I adore them,but for mice or rat,there is no mercy!!!kill them all

  309. HELP!!! I noticed a mouse in a mid-nite trip to the bathroom. In that week I used pepermint oil and it worked til the scent faded. Then got bait trap (the plastic ones) and caught nothing. The trap was sprung but nothing. Can’t use these since I found my son – 4 yrs old playing with one!!! For this same reason can’t use poison inside the house. If I use poison outside the house will it work as good and will they die outside or inside?? It’s been really cold here and there’s construction behind my house (2 story house), so this must be why they’re venturing in – only lived here for 11 mo. Also tried glue traps but nothing!! mouse/mice stepped right over it to eat grass seeds!! How many does this mean I have?? Most of the dropping have been in basement (alot), 1st floor bathroom and bottom of pantry….. Will the Red Fox or Shake Away work outside too?

  310. The South,

    My cat is a female. It sounds to me like you have baby house mice. Most of the mice that I have actually seen before I had my cat have been a darker color such as brown or black. I have seen an adult mouse with her 2 babies. Yuck… All 3 of them ran across my living room floor a few years ago. My cat just stared at them. If you have any opened or unopened food items that they would like; these need to be put in the refrigerator or in a safe place where they cannot touch them. One summer I had an adult mouse that ate 1 box of saltine *******, 1 box of granola bars. After that, I keep all food items that they would like in the refrigerator. Remember they will chew through plastic containers also. Is your cat declawed?

  311. Inside Kitty,

    The two mice that I’ve seen haven’t bothered my food (knock on wood) I’ve checked my cereal, and in the cabinets and I dont see any evidence of droppings or chewed boxes or anything. I also have a box of saltine c-r-a-c-k-e-r-s, (just in case they bleep out the word) and it doesn’t appear to be bothered.

    My cat is not declawed. It shocks me to find out yours is a female, but then again if she is declawed she may not feel any need to go after the mice, it wont do anything? 😉

    I have electric heat, but it used to be base board heat and the other night, my cat basically jumped across the room because he “saw something” in the base board. Me being paranoid, just in case, I duct taped it all the way around. He has since every night sat in front of it just staring. I dont know if he thinks he saw something or if he really did

  312. pepermint does not work!!! cought a few with snap traps and glue traps. i am soo freaked out by this. i just want them gone!! help!

  313. I have two snap trap,at the beginning,it works great,killed three little suckers. Then for a quite while, haven’t seen the mice. A couple of weeks ago,saw them again. But every time, the food in the trap is gone. the trap stays the same. sometimes,the trap snapped,but no mice. Read about the peppermint oil ,want to try it, but I bought the powder.I don’t know whether work or not. I was wondering, if I use liquid, a few days later,the smell will ,I try to use powder. Hope it works. Finger crossed…..

  314. i live in Boston n theres alot of construction going on so tha mice migrate to tha warm food filled houses so what i do is take small plastic bags and ball em’ up and putt them at the bottom creveses of all the doors in the house
    and i put pure mint extract on little folded squares of toilet paper and put them in everey corner of evere room and i throw some in cabinets and closets (put them where you have alot of wires because the mice eat them up)

  315. I heard that placeing small plates or flat contaners around their location that they are seen at with sweet soda or pop in it with kill them. Something to do with the carbination. Or instant made mashed potatoes. They will eat it and the stuff with cause them to die.

  316. The South,

    I am happy to hear that the mice have been leaving your food alone. I would also put my opened cereal in the fridge. My cat is still checking the places underneath the kitchen cabinets where the mice usually hide. I have not seen any mice. However, the other morning after I fed my kitty, I heard more noises from behind the stove. I was afraid that they would be building a nest again. Luckly they left!! I have to make sure that I don’t dry clothes after 6:00 p.m. I think that they might be coming in through the dryer vent. My fridge is full of any and all foods that they would like. I am not taking any chances. Soon the weather will be warming up and they will be back in the fields. I live in Illinois, so spring should be right around the corner.

  317. MickBeth, red fox urine (Wilderness Research brand is what I’m using) can be purchased at some Wal-Marts (sporting goods dept.), Cabelas, Farm & Fleet, hunting goods stores, & on-line by doing a google search. Type in: red fox urine. Good luck.

  318. get rid of the teens and you will not have mice :o)

    teenagers do not care if they open windows to have a smoke so you dont’ see them smoking you can smell it but if you see them with the cigarette that is not good so they open the windows and bingo a mice comes in.

    teenagers do not care if you tell them 101 times not to bring food in their rooms. oh what does a little box of ******* going to do ? ******* can’t decay and it will not smell . ok what is wrong with *******?? this – ******* = mice. mice love ******* of any sort

    teenage girls have a wonderful way of making parents feel special when they see a mouse in the house. as they scream hysterically
    oh my god there is mouse in this disgusting house we live in.
    and they run out of the house like a nut case and the whole neighborhood has to hear this . mind you the mouse in not in your room but hers. humm why could it be ******* with an open window

    get cats like i did and get traps but not the glue ones they are horrible if a mouse gets stuck in it they scream i heard enough screaming from my teenagers never mind mice.

    use frittos for bait with peanut butter on it. put it deep inside these plastic traps they sell on ebay. they have a swinging door on it and they will close up when the mouse is in the trap and they can’t get out. unless you turn it upside down. so tape it shut and put take the mouse far away from your house like the woods because i hate to say this but they will come back into your house if there is a family there . they do travel and i mean far too.
    had a mouse with a scratch on its head found the mouse took the mouse to the park 2 weeks later the same mouse was in my house.
    came through the hole on the side of the airconditioner i failed to notice.

    oh where there is one there is more always remember that.
    mice that is not teens

    peppermint plants work well i understand so now i am going to have them all around the house inside and outside.

    use baby poswder in the area you saw the mouse so if you see tracks in the powder still== guess what you still have the mouse in your house.

    poison is great it kills them but then you have to buy cats like i did to find the mice and then the cats give them as a gift to your 13 year old daughter while she is sleeping which ====’s a hysterical teen age girl (which i don’t blame her) do don’t use poison if you dont want dead mice around.

    i have a mouse in the house now and my teenage son thought it was funny how my teenage daughter was totally hysterical over it. he opened his door and laughed while she was in total fear since she was iin the bathrrom taking a shower and saw it in the bathroom.
    my daughter almost passed out since this is the one that was 13 that had cats drop dead mice in her bed when she was sleeping.
    so i want to get rid of my teenage son for that and he is the one that opened the window to smoke and let the mice in.

    mice are very smart they really are do not underestimate a mouse

    they can take the bait out of a trap and not get caught. they hide and come out at night unless they are really thirsty then they are walking around during the day for water. so they are not nocternal like you think

    they love cardboard and dry cereal and dry noodles. keep these locked up in metal containers and dispose of any cardboard you have laying around the house.

    i have a mouse in my house right now and i pray it is not pregnant this is the mouse that got in beause of an open window.
    thanks to my teenage son. i will let you know what i did to get rid of this one.

    to be continued ……..

  319. We’ve dealt with them in the past. In 2004 we had three and I got them and for four years I saw no evidence of them until the other day when one adult mouse run from our refrigerator to our oven area in broad daylight. I am guessing it came in thru the garage area.

    Later that evening I left a plastic Victor trap and the mouse just plucked the peanut butter off the latch, then had the stones to drop five little dumps around it. Tonight I go back to old reliable snap trap and hope to catch it. I reluctant to use glue strips but if the trap goes untouched and the peanut butter snatched than I may go that route unfortunately.

    I did not know about drying clothes in the evening and I always do. It makes sense as that they could come in via the dryer vent. I’m also cleaning out our garage this weekend and will patch up any cracks. It’s amazing how these creatures can fit in the tiniest of spaces.

  320. So far, knock on wood. I haven’t seen any since that last one. I live in North Carolina, so its been warming up pretty nicely here. I know what you mean about not drying clothes after 6pm. LOL! I thought about that too and wondered if that how they came in. I also noticed that both times there was a mouse in the house, I ordered pizza that night and now I wonder if they came in straight through the front door when I opened it for the pizza guy!

    The last time I ordered pizza about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I went around back and met the pizza person that way so I didnt open the front door, and so far, no mice. 🙂

    I’m still a little scared about the base board heat though. I still think there was something in mine.

  321. Well, the old reliable snap trap worked. I think the one I caught this AM was the one in the house we saw Monday. At least I hope so. I plan to set a couple more in that area near the fridge to see if there are any more.

    I used the Victor snap trap with the big latch that looks like cheese.

    I had to dispose of it Tony Soprano style. Nothing like stuffing a dead mouse and trap into a plastic bag and heading out to your car at 5:30 AM in your pajamas and putting the bag with the corpse in the trunk. I went to a grocery store and disposed of it. I felt like Pauly Walnuts.

  322. My Grandmother had radiator heat in her place when I was a child. The mice would come into the room via the pipe where the hot water comes from. The mice are probably staying close to the base board heat because it is warm. I know what you mean about opening the front door. In the summer time I have problems with bees, wasps, yellow jackets by my front door. So, I do not open my front door unless I have to. I do not like flying bees etc.. in my house. Yuck!! My cat will kill all except for the yellow jackets. I am afraid of them because they can sting. I have not seen any more mice. My stray cats have been staying under my back deck at night. They are my protectors. Remember to not dry clothes after 6:00 p.m. (ha!) The reason that the mice get in, is because the vent is only open when you are drying…

  323. I have cleared the 2 houses I use to live in completely of any mouse.
    I guarantee that this will work:

    1)Start with a room on the top floor. Lift everything up. I mean EVERYTHING. Look at every bit of the floor and walls and plug every hole the size of a pencil or bigger.

    2) EVERY hole. If you miss even one, the mouse will find it. It is important to check behind and under every fixture – cabinets, cupboards, fridges, washing machines, radiators.
    Pipes and cables emerging from the floor especially are likely to have a tiny hole. Plug all holes with cement or a strong filler. Do not use paper etc to plug any hole.

    3)Repeat this with every room.

    4) Similarly check the exterior walls and doors of your home if the mice are coming in from the outside.

    If you do this meticulously I can guarantee there will be no mice in your house ever!

  324. My base board heat doesn’t work, Its just kinda there. I do have central heat now, so I dont know if the base board “heat” and warmth from it has anything to do with it. Although I did duct tape it closed. My kitty quit lurking over there now, so I think it could have been a mixture of him smelling my fear aka paranoia, and him thinking he saw something. I hope it was just a freak accident that I’ve seen 2 since October.

    At least daylight savings is coming up and we can dry clothes after 6 then. HA~ But not after 8!!

  325. I live in 17th floor studio apt with a semi-separate kitchen and, as I lay awake in bed one night worrying about life, I saw a mouse dart in and out from under my refrigerator. Maintenance set some traps and bait in the kitchen yesterday but I had two more sightings last night. Any help/advice? I am planning on dumping cayenne pepper between the stove, cabinets, fridge etc. I am a seriously sleep-deprived med student and this literally driving me insane!

  326. We had mice in our house. Make sure you have no pets that can get under sinks or so forth but this does work. My dog found out we had mice and from there it was war.We took off our counter tops and cleaned everything, looked for any crack or hole and filled it with steel wool. We also put a plate (or jar top)of Warfarin around all pluming fixtures in house, steel wooled them then screened them. We also put a screen over all dryer vents and any vents in the house,(we are talking really tight screens like a window screen really small holes.) even heater vents we put screens over them. Do ot leave water out for mice to get into as it counteracts the warfarin.

    Hope this helps

  327. I had six traps set and the mice were eating the peanut butter with no kill. A friend suggested wrapping the peanut butter with a peice of thread. mice would get their teeth stuck and I was changing the traps daily. This wasn’t keeping up so I bombarder the crawl space and the attic with moth balls, and I havent seen or heard a mouse in a week. The peanut butter hasn’t been touched since.

  328. Since I found I have mice problem in my house, I got so depressed. used snap trap, worked for a while. Then the bait on the trap gone, but trap untouched. Seems like they took the bait without touch the trap.:( I can hear them scurrying around. But I can’t catch them. That makes me so angry. Now I can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking about them, I live in fear, I need help. PLEASE!!!!!

  329. HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP .. Now I can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking about them, I live in fear, I need help. PLEASE!!!!!

  330. If you call for an exterminator ask questions before they come to your home. I called one in the phone book and begged him to come out right away. When he arrived he had a xheap mouse trap in his hand. He told me to move the fondation bricks so he could put it under the house. After he set the trap he charged me 90.00 and left. I called him later and asked when he would come back to check the trap and he said when I pay him 75.00. Do you know how many traps I can buy for 90.00. He never came back and I have many mice/rats in my house. Recently one bit me while I was sleeping and I ended up in the hospital for 5 days and then 4 more days of ivs at home with a visiting nurse running antibotics through. We have poison, traps, glue traps, and some new trap that is not working.So my tip is to make sure you know what you are getting from an exterminator before he/she comes out to your home. What a rip off!!

  331. We caught one in a glue trap tonight. I’ve had it sown for nearly 2 weeks. The house is old, 3 levels, 3 families and we’ve heard what I now know are mice scratchings in the wall. I thought it was water going through one of the pipes upstairs. I can’t stand rodents. Plus I have 2 children. I will notify the landlord but I’d like to take my own precautions in the meantime. Like I said, it’s an old house with many entrance points-I’ll leave that to the landlord to take care of-hopefully. My question: Can I use Fox Urine spray indoors? Does it smell? If yes, how badly? And for how long? Does it work in urban areas? I mean, would the mice be afraid of a fox if we don’t even live near foxes? Sorry, I know probably pretty dumb questions.

  332. Lawd Ham Urcy! *Inside Kitty* This is for you. My precious cat has been doing what he normally does, sleeping in my bed with me, however he awakes suddenly around the same time for the last 2 or 3 nights, high tails it outta my bed and runs like a bat out of h*e*l*l to the kitchen and thats where he stays for the rest of the night. I havent seen any mice yet, but it concerns me that for the last few nights, he has been doing this. Anytime between 3:30am to 5:00am he’s been doing this. I think I am going to throw some decon under my house and pray that my baby kitty doesn’t get ahold of it.

  333. Just spent a few hours reading through the above posts. I was really grossed out by the mouse *** found on the someone’s pillow in the morning when they woke up, and by the story about the mice being fried in the toaster.

    The grossest thing that’s happened to me is when I found little mice claws and remains all caught up in the center of my washing machine. Guess little mousey found his way into my laundry basket and I didn’t notice until too late…

    Haven’t heard anything negative about the red fox urine, so we’re going to spend the day trying to fix this problem. yuk…

  334. i live in the country. I can’t stand these stupid little mice. Last year i used the poison but they would die in my house. I use the glue traps. I caught four mice on one trap. I can’t take it anymore. i need help. i even thought about moving if i can’t get rid of them. Someone please help me!!!!

  335. We did a complete remodel of our kitchen and now a year later we have mice. (I think there is a hole in the wall under our stove, adjacent to a newly exposed brick chimney. “Contractor! what did you do?”) The hardware store recommended this rat poison that dehydrates them after they eat it, forcing them to go outside for water, where they will then die. The pellets are the size of their **** and blue/white in color. The salesman at the hardware store has used it and says it’s the best. We have had it out for a few nights now but have still seen mice running around. We may borrow our neighbors cat for a week and see if that doesn’t work. Good luck everyone.

  336. The South,

    Hey! That’s exactly what my kitty does when there are mice around. Yes, if I were you, I would put down some decon where your kitty cannot get to it. Also, try to find out where they are coming in. By the way, after drying my clothes before 8:oo p.m. last night, I heard one come in! It left very quickly, thanks goodness. I always get scared when my kitty jumps out of my bed early in the a.m. Let me know what happens. Decon can take 3 to 5 days to work. Be prepared for the smell. However, the bad odor means that you got them.

  337. I am being invaded by the mutant unkillable supermice.

    From what I have seen, it looks like they’re regular house mice. They’re grey and there’s nothing special about their appearance. They seem proportionate, they’re not very big.

    Everywhere I read they don’t roam far from the source of food. Then can anyone explain to me how is it that I still have them? EVERYTHING edible in this place is either in a tin, a sealed Mason jar or a Tuppereare plastic container, the rest is in the fridge or the freezer. They have access to NOTHING. And yet they’re everywhere and spreading.

    My landlord came with an exterminator twice, who allegedly blocked all the holes from the exterior and yet I keep having more and more. I tried the glue traps but they start avoiding them once they see one of their numbers get caught. I tried three different poisons – the pellets disappear but not the mice. Someone told me you have to put out water next to the pellets or the poison doesn’t work. I did that and it still doesn’t work. Someone also told they hate black peppercorns so I spread some everywhere I know they frequent. Doesn’t make a difference. NOTHING makes a difference.

    Expecting me to block every single hole the size of a dime in a 6 1/2 (plus the basement)flat dating back from the 40’s is unrealistic. They’ll just dig a hole somewhere else where there isn’t even one right now. And considering there isn’t even anything here for them to eat, they shouldn’t even be here in the first place. I’m at my wits’ end, I don’t know what to try anymore, nothing works.

    I have asthma, so getting a cat is not really an option. Not to mention that not all cats are good mousers once their stomachs are full. Anyone can give me some hints about how to determine a good mouser when shopping for a cat?

    I hear them in the walls, I see them scamper across the floor, I find new **** everywhere daily, the place STINKS. I can’t trust any piece of dish or ustensil to be usable unless I thoroughly wash it, all wardrobes, cupboards and the pantry would have to be washed up from top to bottom every week. I don’t have a million dollars in the bank, to be able to afford to drop my life, just so I can combat and clean up after mice.

    I have tried everything I can think of and they’re still here. In the meantime, there are people who think I’m a monster for wanting to eradicate them because they’re so-o-o darn CUTE. They’re NOT cute – cats and dogs at least stop to pee and ****, mice just **** and **** as they go. They contaminate everything they touch, they make every food item unfit for human consumption, they make the place STINK and they carry lice and disease. Not to mention that they’re destructive and potentially lethal if they chew on electrical cords in your walls or under the hood of your car. I HATE them and I feel so powerless it makes want to scream. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP.

  338. Hi im going to tell you a story that happend to me when my cats, Jimmy and Cosmo, brought a mouse into my bedroom. when I was sleeping I heard my cats fighting over a mouse so i looked and I saw my cat biting its tail and flining the mouse aganst the wall I smiled and just went back to sleep. But after my cats killed it they brought it into my room. they layed the mouse right on my lap and I relized that when you have mice and the cats that like to kill them,they bring it to there owners just like when kids bring a report card home with an A or when they get a good grade on somthing, they bring it to there parents.

    This story really happened and entry onto the internet is approved by Luke’s mom.

  339. I live in a basement apartment that I just moved into. I am expecting my first child within the next two weeks and I have major concerns about mice. I have only seen one tonight and I can’t tell what it really is. It is the size of a hamster, brown in color and had no tail. I am currently sleeping on an air mattress until the end of the weekend…will this rodent try crawling on me or biting me in my sleep? I have two “Snap Traps” in my kitchen; one with peanut butter and the other with cheese whiz and a little piece of dog food in the center of each but will this thing bite me???? I am petrified of these things and I am a big baby! lol!


  341. We’ve been using the glue traps, but I swear they are multiplying in record numbers regardless. They got alot worse and more bold after my cat died and my dad won’t let me get another one. We have several dogs in the yard but that doesn’t really help when they are all inside. My parents don’t like my idea of setting a snake loose in the house and seem to think that fogging like you’d do for roaches will help. I think the answer is fire. I offer to burn the house down and start over on a daily basis. Other than that all I can tell you is we should take off and nuke the entire sight from orbit… it’s the only way to be sure.

  342. My mum bought a high pitch frequency gadget it only cost a tenner its great they havnt visited ever since.The noise is avery high pitched frequency that only mice can hear and other rodents so if you have a pet rodent i wouldnt advise it.It is a humain way of getting rid of any thing including rats mice spiders or any kind of bug.

  343. Also many house down my street are getting mice and rats after a big factory burnt down.Im reallly worried about my 1 yr old brother because hes already trapped his hands in a mouse trap but my mother i very very procursuas

  344. I have learned NOT to freak out over mice, although I find mice gross and they creep me out. (We have a hamster) but I need to share some things so people are more aware.

    Housemice are common and can be a pain to get rid of. It does NOT say anything bad about you. Some people are lucky and don’t have a problem. Others are unaware and simply have NOT seen mice in their house.

    I find that snaptraps work best…..and with peanut butter. Keep trapping till no traps spring and the peanut butter is no longer candisappearing. It can be tedious, but u will be glad u did.

    Sometimes mice transport themselves. If u move and u have had boxes in storage……mice probably hitched a ride in the boxes or made a nest.

    If u have boxes of stuff stored………..get rid of them. It is one of the problems I have. Cardboard boxes are magnets for mice. Easy to tear into and snuggle.

    Mice are nocturnal, but sometimes get fiesty and will come out in a group and perform what seems to be a circus act. Often this is indicative of a litter and they simply are behaving much likee teenage kids.

    Also time to break out the peanut butter and snaptraps in droves. Glue traps are cruel, messy and often the mouse will get out of them, be sticky and get stuck elsewhere and die.

    BEWARE OF DEER MICE. What is this u say? These mice prefer the outdoors, however will come in and hide in ur attic or basement in bad weather seasons and during times when there is a lack of food. ie. hard winters, drought etc.

    THEY ARE DEADLY………NO, THEY DON’T KNOW KUNG FU…..AND THEY DON’T CARRY AK47’S, but they carry a thing called Hantavirus and it is deadly and there is no cure. It can be treated if u recognize that u might have come in contact with deer mice.

    Deer mice have white underbellies and legs and are gray or brown on the rest of their body and are usu. 5 to 8 inches including the tail.

    Housemice are most often brown, gray or almost black and don’t have white underbellies…………but there are exceptions to that rule.

    Housemice are often 2 to 3 inches plus their tail.

    HOWEVER, don’t feel bad if u have these varmits. Be proactive and keep in mind that mice are called pests…..for reasons. They often don’t discriminate between Mr. Clean, Ms. So So and John Slob.

    It’s not necessarily ur fault or ur neighbors… just is.

    THere are things we can all do to insure we lessen the problem or completely cure the problem and that is what u have to do.

    Then if ur neighboR IS ONE OF THOSE people that throws their garbage out backdoor……………call ur local zoning ordinance people. Usu. this is illegal, even in rural areas.

    Call the health dept.

    My neighbor does this and after I get my boxed junk gone, I will be doing this as summer is approaching.

    However, I don’t know that his home attracts these critters. But after I resolve my box clutter, I will know.

    Good luck y’all on eliminating the pests. I will holler back soon on my progress.

    AGAIN, nothing does better than snaptraps…………USE RUBBER GLOVES THOUGH. BE SAFE.

  345. the most and best way to get rid of mice anywhere is a simple soulition mice hate the smell of irish spring soap yea thats right the simple little bars of irish spring soap will keep any mice out of your camper house or rv i dont know why they hate it but we use it all the time and it dont matter if there is mice already there just cut up a few bars and leave the pieces laying around the spot you want to get ride of the mice from and it works.had a house that was full of mice and within one day there was no signs left of them now we use it in our campers and everywhere else we dont like mice being.
    try it you will be supprised and what do you have to lose.except your mice.

  346. Lise,

    I also have asthma. I have 1 inside cat that is not a mouser. She is declawed. She will however chase the mice but has never killed one yet.
    My advise would be to get a cat or kitten that is not declawed. I had a problem in January with mice in my walls and ceiling. Finally, the outside cats and or strays toke care of my problem. Good luck!! Let me know if you find a cat that is a mouser. Hopefully it will take care of your problem. Take care…

  347. A couple of years after my cat died, we got totally infested with mice for over a year. I cleaned and scrubbed. All the food was in canisters (they even chewed through some of the plastic containers). Our dogs killed a few but not enough. They totally ignored snap traps no matter what we baited them with. We tried the peppermint oil on cotton balls. No luck at all. We couldn’t use poison because of the dogs and two small children. I wanted to get a snake. We finally knocked them out with live traps. There’s the Mouse Cube (we got them at Wal-Mart) and the TomCat MultiCatch trap (we got at Tractor Supply Company). The mouse cube is just a semi-transparent brown plastic box. One end has a door that they push their way under to get to food inside but then it won’t push back the other way to let them out. To dump them, you just turn it over and the door falls open. These worked great as the young mice started venturing out but once they saw a buddy or two caught in one, they learned to avoid them. The TomCat worked even better because the entry is a tunnel they can see all the way through. So you set it along their favorite paths. They get halfway through the tunnel and the floor pops up and throws them over in a containment section. It’ll trip 10 or 12 times before you have to reset it (windup). We caught as many as four at a time in it. LOVE IT. The problem of course is what to do with all these live mice. We took most of them to a lakeside park. You could always kill them. And as for cats, they don’t have to be mousers. A lot of times, the smell of a cat will keep them away. Thus why we didn’t have them until a couple of years after the cat died but then got them every winter after that. Knock on wood, we haven’t had one in months but I just keep the food in containers and the traps set.

  348. i have mice to i can’t stand them i have used the clue trappes and we caught 13 mice in one day i have noticed since they started digging in the field behind our house i see them at night run all over the house we and i even opened my oven and the two were jumping around in there like it was there playground nasty we are going to be moving in a few weeks and i have one room in my house that is stacked with boxes i hope there are none in there what should i do before i move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. every time we think that we have got rid of the mice, they just keep coming back. but the best way to kill them is trill. it is a special type of corn that birds eat you can buy in pet stores or the local supermarket. the keep coming in the kitchen and we always clean the kitchen every day.

  350. the best way to get rid os mice is to put a bit of trill on a mouse trap. this will attract them and kill then.
    trill is a special corn that cockatails and buggies eat.
    but no matter how much we try to get rid of the mice they keep coming back.
    they roam in the kitchen and we have to disinfect it every day. our kitchen is clean even before we had the mice.

  351. Hi All
    today my wife mentioned we might have mice in the house .After work I went to Dollar store bought several large Sticky traps .they have 2 in a box .I put them around the kitchen and hallways.I cover the door frames w towels and plastic foam .
    I went for a bike ride and when I came home I saw one was smiling @ me . …. Job done… at least for now.

    so far sticky trap works for us.
    Good luck .

  352. Hi, I get em too, every fall,…however, a friend once asked me…what are you feeding them? As if they were invited guests of mine! I went to Kmart and bought a metal waist height garbage can with a tight lid.ALL my garbage goes into it, do dishes immediatly, get rid of crumbs right away…take dog food away if there is any left after a meal,seal up all stuff in glass or metal containers in cupboards, and guess what???? They leave or die when they can’t get into any food.

  353. Is it possible to have just one? I know that may sound crazy but I saw one piece of *** and that is all, so I don’t feel like I have an infestation. I am putting out sticky traps.

  354. Mice hate cheese they love chocolate spread… it sounds weird but thats how i keep catching them! does anyone have advice on how to get rid of mice from my attic?? thanks a lot emma in Dublin xx

  355. well where do i begin i just had a baby in nov we also have a dog so one day when i went to feed my dog there was a hole in the bottom of the bag my husband said that he thinks we have mice but we never seen them so one night when i was feeding my son i seen three run across the floor so we went to the local wal-mart and bought some sticky pads we put them in the kitchen that night put some peanut butter on the sticky pad went up stairs the next morning we came down stairs and we caught 6 mice i seen two more since then i think i am going to call someone to help me from out of the yellow pages…………….

  356. my cat died about a year ago and in the last few weeks we found out we have a mouse in the house. we have never had one before that. i thought i remember hearing that the scent of cat litter keeps mice away. does anyone know if thats true? i have a 17 month old and can’t live in a house with a mouse. please help!

  357. Tomorrow I plan to mass murder a bunch of rats…they have driven me crazy. @___@ I plan to seal off all holes and possibly fill the holes with poisons.

    So spacefilling foam + plaster + poisons + traps…

    Hopefully this will work. I am sick of finding mice *** all over my bed.

  358. well people i said it once and ill say it again all you have to do to get rid of your mice is get some irish spring soap and cut it up into little chunks and leave it laying around i dont know why it works but it works am i talking to myself here or has anyone actually taken the time and tryed it its so simple try it and i bet you will be impressed then when you try it you can all write back in here and tell me how good it works.i see people saying use traps use this use that dammit just try the soap and you will be a believer after that.if anyone trys it let me know what you think so more people try it and see that it works IRISH SPRING SOAP bars.

  359. I tried the Irish Spring and the little buggers either eat it or carry it away within a VERY short time. I will admit there are less mouse droppings though. Has anyone else besides the original poser tried this and do the mice take the soap? Have you found it works?

  360. We have a camper in the woods and we see lots of evidence in the spring when we open up for the season. We have planted mint around the perimeter of the camper, and this year when we closed up for the winter, we dipped cotton balls in oil of peppermint (easy to find in health food stores) and put these in drawers and under cabinets. Much fewer droppings when we came back this spring. In addition we put out sticky traps when we close down hopefully to catch any that do venture in.

  361. Mice are so disgusting! my laundry room smells of urine the mice are so bad! I’ve never had mice before and now I have droppings in the bottoms of all my cabinets. There’s chew holes in everything! My dog, my rough and tough doberman is scared of them! I’m so grossed out I don’t even want to be at my house anymore. I’ve put poison everywhere, behind the fridge in the cabinets, everywhere the droppings are! I’ve found 4 dead mice so far. I’ve bleached all my cabinets, floors, everything. They can’t like the smell of bleach. If the poison doesn’t kill them all, the bleach vapors have to drive them out! It’s driving me out, lol! I’m going to try the mint and the irish soap thing! Thx guys for the tips. I’m going to repost later and let you know how its working.

  362. i first started noticing them in the winter. and i have tried all methods but exterminator spring traps got too bloody they dont seem to mind mint and i have caught over 50 on sticky traps gone through many blocks of poison {i think i have super mice} they eat it like candy but they seem to scurry off now that its getting warmer. but im worried that when winter comes back around it will start the same old cycle

    ps i hate mice s@!t

  363. sticky traps are good for a little while and then mouse get to know what they are and covers them with dirt so that they no longer operate i have caught loads of mice with sticky traps but the little buggers know what they are .

  364. Help! We have lived in this same place for over 12 years and have never had trouble with mice until this year. We cannot use poisons because we have to many pets and kids. We have been able to catch several with traps, but there are always more to take their place. I can open my kitchen cabnets and smell them, the same with my utility room. Help!

  365. I have just found some evidence (mouse droppings) in my pantry. I plan on setting traps but I wondered if anyone has heard that using Bounce fabric softener sheets might also work? I have never heard of Irish Spring working—but I’m willing to give anything a try!!!!

  366. I feel for all of you!! When I had an indoor cat,never had a mouse problem.I had to put the cat out,she had kittens.One or two is fine in the house as long as you clean the box but 5, well its very time consuming and harder to keep clean and smelling good.Anyways after that mice kept coming in.Just this past year we have caught 10.Thats not including the nest we found that had 5 pinky’s and 1 that just got its fur.We’ve used glue traps,snap traps and my husband and I have even killed a few with a BB gun.I plan on trying the “mint” that as been suggested on other sites.
    Here’s a tip that might help preventing them from coming in the wholes/cracks.I’ve used steel wool to fill them,as they don’t bother chewing through it,Apparently I haven’t found all of them though.But there is no signs of them entering where I put the steel wool.
    I will continue to place traps and I might even try the soap thing. But in all I’m just gonna have to get my male bob tale fixed and let him in more when we are home he is a true “Mouser”. I’ve actually let him in a few times when I know there is a mouse that he can get to quick and he has caught 2 for me.

  367. You know mice love plaster of paris!’s true they eat it and it sets in their stomach …unfortunately you are left with dead stinky mice around your house…we have just had the added company of mice in our house :O( .. When my beautiful husband made our bed & put our beautiful pillows on our bed then went off to work, I however was sleeping in the spare bed (after having knee surgery)the last straw was last night when we went to get into bed they had actually been on my side!Under the bed sheets.., Ewwww so off I went to the spare room to sleep and disinfected my bedding this morning, we are using poision at the moment, however my husband got up early and discovered that he had a friend in the loo with ended up catching it so he could take it outside to kill, but it ended up getting away on him! Ahhh I HATE MICE. I’m trying the mint!

  368. I haven’t tried the Irish Spring thing yet but I am cutting it up as we speak. I hope it works. I live in a four bedroom mobile home and I didn’t realize they were around until my daughter came home for a few days and said she heard something in the walls between her room and the kitchen. I am going to throw the soap under my house and set traps inside. I will get back to all in a few days with the results.

  369. Peppermint oil is very good. Either I put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the carpet along the baseboards and door entries, or i put it on cotton balls and smear the baseboards with it and then leave the cotton balls near the entry of the door. The mice defenitley does not like the smell; i seen one running zig zag in the house trying to figure out which way to go lol. It is a good method if the mice aren’t in the home. I think the peppermint kept the mouse in the house, just out of my room. I eventually caught him in the trap.

  370. We hate mice!! One got on my bed while i was sleeping one night! It comes in and out of my room at all times of the day!! We set up several victor traps and blocked the doors and we are currently waiting to hear a SNAP!!! ALL MICE SHOULD DIE!!!!

  371. I can not believe I have mice! I live next to a Family Dollar and they like to be near food. I set traps, but the little invaders took the cheese without setting them off (how is that possible). One thing you can do to keep them out of your room while sleeping is keep a light (fairly bright) on and play music. They do not seem to like either. I know it will be hard to sleep, but it is better than having them climb in bed with you right? I never seem to see them in the day time. I am hoping I just have 1 invader. No matter how many I have, they are all going to overdose tonight!

  372. I have seen two mice in my house. One was pretty dark, almost black. It ran from my laundry room door to behind the refrigerator. A few minutes later my son moved the refrigerator and we couldn’t see the mouse or any sign of it. We noticed that the back panel of the refrigerator which we bought in December 2007 was coming off and I wondered if the mice were going in there near where the motor was. Anyway, I put out a few wooden traps with cheese on them and we didn’t see anything for about 5 days. My son thought it was my imagination.

    We got rid of the traps, and then put out D-Con.

    Last Friday, I was vacuuming the kitchen linoleum and I think the noise of the vacuum cleaner near the refrigerator scared the mouse. This one was gray. It ran out from behind the refrigerator with a squeal, stopped and looked at me, then ran through a narrow opening between the cupboard and the stove.

    I called the exterminator who is coming this afternoon to check the crawl space and put out bait. Since I had to wait over the week-end. Then we moved the D-Con that was behind the refrigerator in the laundry room closet to the garage. This was to make sure that my dogs couldn’t get to it. I have since added 8 of those “no see no touch” traps and put peanut butter in them as bait.

    It has been three days since doing that and we are not seeing any mice . The D-Con doesn’t look like it is being touched and the mouse traps have not gone off. But I just know that they are still in the house. I am hoping that we don’t have an infestation, and we are not hearing things in the wall.

    I have been reading the other tips and will try some of those. I think that the exterminator will be blocking all holes and he said that he would put bait behind the stove and the refrigerator, and in the crawl space and check for nests in the crawl space. Once we know that the mice are not behind the stove or in the stove, I think I will use steel wool and block the space between the cupboard and the stove.

    I really hate mice. They scare me, so I hope this works. Will let you know if it does.

  373. The pest control guy came yesterday and as he was walking into the kitchen the black mouse scurried from the laundry room to under the cupboard in the kitchen. He took the drawers out of the cupboard and baited the cabinets up to where the stove was and baited behind the stove and behind the refrigerator as well a couple of places in the laundry room and in the garage. He also checked the crawl space and put bait in there. The bait isn’t D-Con but works a lot like D-Con only unlike D-Con the mice don’t have to eat it for 5-6 days before they die, but just one meal will do it. Unfortunately they still take 5-6 days to die.

    He says that the mice may be “in transit” because he didn’t find a lot of mice droppings or a nest. He said that usually when he is called he runs into an infestation although he said that it was really rare for the mice to be scurrying across the kitchen just when he walks in.

    In 6 days, I am sending my son on dead mouse patrol. He was shocked and said “that was f***d up. I told him that I would pay him $100 and he was then okay with it.

    The next thing that I am going to do is get a handyman out here to look for and plug any holes to hopefully prevent the problem in the future. I might try that fox repellent as well.

    In the meantime, I am trying to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible, as well as the laundry room. Unfortunately, I need to do laundry today, but I think I will ask my son to help me by scoping out the area before I go into it. (He isn’t as bothered by the mice, thank goodness.)

    Another thing the pest control person said was that they stay within about a 10 foot area, so I feel pretty comfortable that they will not go past the kitchen. I just hope they eat the bait and leave the house to die.

    We still left our “no touch – no see” traps out because I would really like to catch them rather than them die behind my cupboard where it may be really difficult to get them.

  374. It is Day 3 since the pest control person was here and baited for the mice. If they are eating the bait they should be dying soon. I am concerned though about finding all of the mice and preventing mice from getting in again.

    They don’t seem to be using our traps. It is unknown if they are eating the poison bait. I do see a lot of mice doo doo in the garage. The only thing there now has been the dog food bag and the garbage can.

    These are some other things that we are doing. (The mice should have picked another house to invade. :-))

    1. Got a pet food vault to keep the dog food in. The dog food is offered to the dogs a couple of times a day. If they don’t eat or when they finish eating it is then put in a high cupboard. I might get another vault to store the dog food bowl.
    2. I am checking for when my son just tosses things in the garage rather than putting in the garbage can. We got a better garbage can that we are going to start using once the trash company comes tomorrow morning. He is no longer allowed to take food in his room, but I am going to have to check to make sure of that.
    3. We will keep no food on the kitchen counters. All food is either in a high cupboard or the refrigerator. We always did not put food in the lower cupboards. No dishes will be kept in the sink overnight. Every night we will not go to bed until the kitchen is clean.
    4. I called Terminix and they are coming out on Saturday to look for dead mice, put traps out instead of just bait, and patch any cracks or holes where the mice can be getting in. They will also come out when we call to pick up mice and dispose of them whenever I call. It costs a little more than our current pest company but they will do more.
    5. We are cleaning the garage. We did this about a month ago, but need to sweep up again.
    6. I may need to make my son look for another place because he continues to leave food lying around. Yesterday I found a partially eaten pop tart in his bathroom. Who eats in the bathroom? He spills dog food when he pours it and doesn’t bother to pick up the pieces that missed the bowl. Grrrrrr. He thinks that I need to chill out, but he is failing to understand that his time at home with free room and board is limited because I am really freaked out by mice.

  375. The new pest control company came out today and put out traps, boxes with see through tops. They put glue paper in the box and baited them with peanut oil. The are coming back Monday to fill in holes. They said it was better to bait in the crawl space and trap in the house to make sure that you don’t have dead mice rotting in the house and to keep the poison away from children and pets.

    They also thought that I might have voles rather than mice. This might explain why I have seen them during the day. Either way, this will hopefully work. I am also going to buy the electric sound wave thing, even though it is not supposed to be that effective, along with everything else that I am doing it just adds a little more protection.

    If we catch anything, I just need to give them a call and they will come and dispose of it.

  376. I don’t have a tip. I need help. This past yr my dad has caught 30+ mice. We hv neighbors w/ an infestation b/c they didnt mow their lawn for 3 yrs. We’ve done evrythng we can think of 2 prevent gettng more. I evn had 1 jump onto the bed while i ws on it. It DIDN’T evn react 2 my screams. Instead it nonchalantly walked 2 the foot of the bed & jumpd off. I cant go n2 my rm now & have nowhere 2 sleep.

  377. I’ve started using altoids today b/c i cant lay my hands on the essential oil. I used some whole pieces & i crushed some & put that down as well. The house smells of mint but i jst saw a mouse run straight 2 1 of the areas where i put down the mint. We’ve put off using poison b/c of other animals but we’ve had 2 start that. By the way we’ve had the electronic repellants abt 8 yrs, they don’t work for us. The mice actually hang around more n the areas where they r pluggd n.

  378. In addition to using altoids, I’ve started to use pure peppermint extract. I think it works b/c I put it everywhere except the kitchen where we have the traps set-behind the appliances of course. I’m only hearing the mice in the kitchen now. The creepy thing is we’ve caught 10 in the past 3 wks-3 of those in the 2 days since i started using the mint. The poison hasn’t started working yet. P.S. I’m still freaked out about sleeping in my room, b/c the mice are using the window sill to get on my bed & the bed is too heavy to move w/o totally dismantling it. There really isn’t a good place to move it to any way b/c 2 places are by windows & these mice LOVE windowsills. The other avail. space is betw. the 2 vents that the mice used to enter my room. I wont b comfy til all the little creeps are dead!

  379. In addition to using altoids, I’ve started to use pure peppermint extract. I think it works b/c I put it everywhere except the kitchen where we have the traps set-behind the appliances of course. I’m only hearing the mice in the kitchen now. The creepy thing is we’ve caught 10 in the past 3 wks-3 of those in the 2 days since i started using the mint. The poison hasn’t started working yet. P.S. I’m still freaked out about sleeping in my room, b/c the mice are using the window sill to get on my bed & the bed is too heavy to move w/o totally dismantling it. There really isn’t a good place to move it to any way b/c 2 places are by windows & these mice LOVE windowsills. The other avail. space is betw. the 2 vents that the mice used to enter my room. I wont b comfy til all the little creeps are dead!

  380. OMG! I jst went 2 my bedrm 2 get something, when i turned on the light a mouse jumpd frm the windowsill onto my bed. It ran ALL over my bed. I’m sorry 2 kp posting msgs but I’m @ my wit’s end. I wish some1 could advise on how 2 kp them off my bed & on an affective way to clean my mattress,etc. Yuck! I use urine b gone, bleach/water, lysol, etc., but i’m not sure it works. I jst throw the sheets away. I havent bn sleeping in my rm anyway but still! I cant get anther new mattress right now.

  381. Mice are annoying; and they too scare me. My manfriend have them in his home to the point I called Orkin, because I was sick of it. they get into the old radiators and go floor to floor, and because he live in a row house you have to fight the neighbors invaders as well. My biggest suggestion to him has always been steel wool; but you have to clean up the clutter. Mice love clutter….be old mail, or piles of blankets. clean it up. Definitely have lids on your trash can, and stay away from ultrasonic products…its a JOKE. Mickey laugh when you plug them in. I have not seen an ultrasonic product work like the one I had in 1988. Folks put no effort in what they advertise. It also seems the mice love the pillows on the sofa, it has knawed the seams, i guess to warm their homes. Overall principle is have an exterminator, dry all areas of water, for that’s all they need to survive. I just want good traps for them to die die die

  382. its been 2 month since i move in into a newly refurbished flat and last time i saw a black mice in my kitchen even though the kitchen is spot clean. i bought a mouse trap an successfully got rid of the mouse but unlucky found another one 2 d.i have put the poison everywhere behind the stove and the microwave and i have got twoof the electronic rat repellor plugged in but they r still here. i dont know wat to 2 i am getting depressed and i cant sleep at night becoz am so scared …. could somebdy help me plz

  383. I live in oklahoma, next to a big field. When I was younger my dad use to take a wool sock and crushed red pepper along with sulfer. and Burn it in a soda can ( flip upside down) and burn it in garage, remove any gas or flameable items that give off fumes. You have to leave the house for a few hours cause that odor really runs everything out of the house including humans!!!! please be careful, niot a big flame should just be a smoldering to where it burns the sulfer and pepper. For country people that have woods or fields and maybe even barns, try this if you have rats or even mice, mix in tin pie pan, red devil lye(drano,crystals) corn meal and sugar. stir to mix well and please do not get mix wet will burn up anything it touches. place in pie pan and place in area pets cannot get too. mice/rats eat mix in which once they drink liquid it activate lye and burns hole in stomach, need i say more! I hope this helps someone. Again please be safe when using either one of these.

  384. It has been 4 weeks since a mouse citing. The second pest control company thought that the mice may be voles because we live near the foothills. Anyway they put out traps that were containers that had a glue strip in them. Pretty gross but absolutely no mice were caught.

    Possibly they died as a result of the bait put out by the first company. The second company did put copper steel wool in three holes in the side of the house and near the laundry vent, however they didn’t look for holes as they promised they would do when I signed up with them and didn’t put bait in the crawl space like the other company so I will drop them before their next payment cycle starts and keep the first company.

    I am still very cautious and worried about the mice and won’t go into my garage without first opening the garage door to get a lot more light in it.

  385. I’ve been fighting off mice for a month now. We’ve caught about 5 or 6 but they keep coming back. Obviously cleanliness is a huge concern so I’ve been scouring the kitchen daily. I know they are coming in from the garage and am trying to figure out a way of getting them before they enter the house. Last night I sanitized everything and today I found mouse poop in my silverware drawer. I nearly barfed and was brought to tears. I just can’t live like this anymore. I called Orkin today and hope they can get here soon and offer some assistance. My husband has been very good at setting traps and getting rid of the dead and live mice. But nothing has worked. I’m afraid of putting out poison because I have pets and children in my home. Does anyone know about how much the exterminators cost.

  386. the mice in my house are driving me crazy. the worst is when last friday a horrible stench started in the kitchen. i begged my friend to come over and help detect where it was coming from and finally found a couple of dead mice inside the fridge at the bottom where all the workings are, i.e. the fan. it seems that they got hit by the fan and died. all i can say is i wish i had kept using DECON instead of waiting this long until i had some die in a spot that is not easy to dig them out of. now every time the fan on the fridge starts i get a smell of decaying mouse and i want to hurl. hopefully it will finally rot away into nothing and i can cook again.

  387. I recently had a mouse in my house. I wasnt sure what kind of trap to buy because Ive never had to deal with the issue of mice until moving into my house. there is a park & large field rigt next to it. Anyway I opted for a humane way to get rid of my little pest. I bought 2 plastic traps with doors on each end. I put pieces of dogfood smothered in peanut butter inside & in less than 12 hours I caught my pest. we let him go on the other side of the park away from our house. I hpe he doesnt find his way back. These traps are made by PIC & can be bougt at walmart for less than 3$ for a 2 pack.

  388. just moved into a hugh older house n we have @ least 20 mice we see them everywhere, anytime of the day. I have 3 kids who are loud and always have visitors and these mice just wonder around us like nobodys business. We placed wooden and sticky trap and today I just bought poison. Our house is big and sealing up every crack is not an option.
    So far we caught 4 mice this week all babies. N E body know what else works?

  389. there is not just one mouse, they come in a BIG family..
    i am sooo angry, one crawled across my face while i was sleeping, it was soo gross. i cnt sleep anymore.. i have a clean house to, but it ia quite old

  390. I live alone and was not the cleanest person. See a mouse or know of one and that will change. Still you have to track them. See where they ae coming in.I put down a new kitchen floor, cabinets and linoleum and thought ah ha. Not so. So the hunt begins. Sweeping twice daily. Started plugging wholes in a l982 mobile home and I’m still plugging. Process of elimination and PRAYER. Ok Lord what are you trying to show me aside from the fact you are not giving me a maid. I am going to apply the mint and also the Irish spring. I havent seen any in several months. I had previously laid poison but one died under the house and you cannot live with the smell so track em and plug the holes and God bless you. I could not have withstood these several infestations without Him. HeS God. He can do anything.

  391. My family and I just moved into our first home about a year ago and i have caught more than 20 mice in that amount of time. I am beginging to not be able to take it anymore. I thought i could take care of it myself but it is getting very overwhelming. I called Orkin and they want me to sign a 12 month contract for 100 dollars a month and I just cant afford anything like that. I need help anyone please.

  392. I took the mint tip in a whole new direction. I bought oil of mint (mint extrac is cheeper and smells strong too) and put a few drops here and there. I also use inexpensive mouth wash(mint of course) and poured it on a damp nop to mop pantry floors, bathrooms etc. Need;ess to say it smells fresh in here. Still plugging holes and at this point exhausted….Anyone want to buy a house? LOL Bunny

  393. I am very annoyed of these dirty creatures (mice) roaming fearlessly in my car which I bought with hard earned money. With this article, I got to know about a very interesting fact about Mice that they are aversion to “Mint” . Oh god..thanks a lot I found one easy way to keep mice out…I would definately try this out tonight when I get back to home..thank you so much..

  394. My teacher mrs. Scheele had a mouse run across the floor in her kitchen she said when she saw it she felt like she was going to throw up.

  395. We left 50 pounds of sunflower seeds in our trunk for a couple weeks. The mice got into the car (2000 Avalon) and enjoyed many pounds of seeds. Since then I’ve trapped a dozen mice using glue and snap traps (peanut butter as bait on the snap trap). (Glue trap suggestion: duct tape the glue trap to a board so that it doesn’t flip over and become attached to the carpet.)

    Last night I left cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil in the trunk and passenger compartment. Mice made a nest with the cotton. I also dumped Doc Bronners (sp?) peppermint soap on the tires.

    A friend suggested ammonia soaked rags which is what I’m currently trying.

  396. I just found out that I have a rat/mouse in my home and it is freaking me out. I’m not usually the type that’s easily frightened of small creatures, but this is taking its toll on me. So I’m thinking of trying the mint thing and then if that doesn’t work I’m just going to have to hunt the little bugger myself.

  397. I hate mice also!!! I am terrified of them. My husband tells me all the time that they are more afraid of me. I don’t care, they are absolutely discusting! We are using the sticky pads now, last year we caught over 30 and didn’t see any for about 10 months. Now, they are back. I am terrifed to walk into a room in my own house. Anybody have any other suggestions?

  398. please can someone help me my house is running alive with mouse,i cant afford to get anyone out to sort it,so been buying big tubs of poison from bq,im going through a tub and week but still got the mouse,my children cry when they come down at nite because there just running around please please help what else can i do ive tried traps peanut butter,and chocolate spread the mouse just walk around the traps to miss em,the poison is working they are eatin it,debs

  399. Debie, to at least help you out with your pest problem. We suggest you visit; . They have some helpful tips that might solve your problem.

  400. Hello everyone. My name is Karrie, I am 19 and I need some help.. We have mice running around constantly, at first i didnt mind, thought that the ‘one’ we had was cute. But now there is just too many… they are getting on our kitchen worktops, into our airing cupboard and messing all over our bedsheets and towels, even on our sofas and beds. I am getting desperate now, I am pregnant too, so i am worried for my health and more so my babies health when he gets here. We have tried poison, and we thought that had worked as we didnt hear anything for a couple of weeks. We have bought some plug in devices, and on the instruction manual it says to ‘Put away all food into an area the mice cannot reach’ so basically that was admitting these plug in devices dont do the trick, and they havent because we still have loads of them running around.
    🙁 Please help me, I have added my email address so some of you kind people can let me know of some ways of exterminating them without it costing too much. If you do find the time to write me an email could you please put the word MOUSE in the subject bar so I know not to delete it.
    Thankyou very much for your time.
    Yours sincerely

  401. Those of you who are having problems with mice stealing food and not setting off traps maybe setting them wrong or sometimes you have bend the trigger so the trips will trip. I find victor work best, I use peanut butter and smear around the trigger. If trap won’t trip if pushed on them then they are probably set wrong. Also, steel wool shoved in holes will keep mice or rats out so will filling them with the expanding foam. Handymen and contruction ppl are famious for cutting large holes for pipes and thus leaving a door open for rocents and or drafts.

  402. help me…..set traps and POISON>……..i have a mouse that died behind a wall in the basement….and now theodor is horrendous…..what can i do…………….

  403. Someone told me to try Hedge apples. Not only do they work for mice, they work for other pests. Be sure to put them on something, because they will start to leak. You can use them everywhere (closets, door ways, basements, anywhere one will fit). Hope this helps someone. Good Luck!!!

  404. Though pets can’t do it by themselves they help a great deal. A dog-cat combination is always best, especially with small/terrier type dogs.

  405. “DIY bowl trap” <- lamest thing I ever heard. Average mouse can jump 2 feet. Just how big are your bowls, anyway?

    i almost cried and threw up at the same time you evil person

  407. It will help all of you to know a few things that aren’t mentioned in the article.

    Mice are mostly blind. They rely on smell to find their way around. This is why they crap and piss everywhere they go. If you see droppings that look like a black grain of rice – guess what, a mouse was there. If you can follow the trail of droppings, you’ll find where they are coming and going from.

    Mice will travel the same route over and over again because they are following their smell. They have a keen sense of smell, that’s why they can smell humans that handle the snap trap. Use bacon grease as recommended to cover up your smell. Snap traps are the most effective way to catch them. Dont use poison cause they die in their nest and it stinks up the whole house. You can also hear the snap trap when it triggers so you know you’ve got a “fish on”.

    As it says, put the traps out with bait but dont set them. Get them used to walking on the trap and eating food so they keep coming to that source. Here’s the key, since they are blind they will walk against walls or anything similar. Set not one, but several along the walls where you know they have been.

    One more thing about poisons. What they do is cause the mouse to get thirsty. They will start to look for a source of water which may cause them to go outside. Since you’ve already eliminated all access points they will most likely die inside which is what will make your house smell. Once they drink the water, the poison works more rapidly to kill the mouse. It doesnt have to be water, it can be any moist food source they can extract moisture from.

    Dont take my word as the bible. This has just been my experience. GOOD LUCK!!!

  408. I have caught several mice in glue traps and I put some pellets in a cabinet in my enclosed porch. Now there is a terrible odor and I think it is in the wall. The odor is so sickening I can’t stand to go into my kitchen or on my porch. What can I do about the terrible odor and what to do to keep them from coming in again.

    Also, There are some old, old empty apartments on the hill behind me, I think they may be coming from there. Is there something I can put out in my yard to deter them from coming here?

  409. I think i have mice in my loft i can hear noises hwne i’m in bed at night and it sounds like its going down the walls aswell….Am going to try the mint as the thought of climbing into the loft to pick dead ones out of traps is making me feel ill….anyone know if the mint thing really really works??????

  410. These comments are hilarious!!!!!!!
    Their is no real answer, if you work it out by region you will get a better idea of sounds, weather, landscape, etc…..that influence the mice in that area.
    Trust me it works, time of year of breading, hibernation( a perfect time to get them)

  411. I have a mouse somewhere in my home who likes to visit my kitchen every night as I find tracings on my stove top every morning.
    I have set out the spring traps, glue traps and the D-con No touch,No view traps. I loaded them with cheese and some with peanut butter.
    I caught one on the glue paper, but cannot catch the other one.
    I have cleaned out closets, cabinets and keep food stuffs put away and wipe down the counter tops with bleach watch solution every night, still,see tracings around the traps each morning. What am I doing wrong?
    Putting poison pellets out cannot be done because I have pets (dogs). I do not leave food in their bowls at night, so there is no source of food available to the mouse.
    Please, I need HELP!
    Thank you,

  412. Hi – I have mice too and have put poison down which just seems to be going and goine. I’m worried now about any smells that may come up – I’ve read your articles but no one seems to offer any help or advice about what happens if a nasty odour comes up where you can’t reach. Anyone got any suggestions?

  413. I Started off with one mice and caught it, but there were several others. I wanted to die. I have cleaned all closets, bathroom ,and put all food in storage containers. The only thing that has worked has been those “tom cat” sticky traps. Place them Late at night behind the stove and fridge. Wash all dishes and take out all trash every single night. As soon as you catch one take it outside immediately. It can cause you money but it is worth it in the long run.

  414. I DON’T recommend the poison. I’m lucky and my mouse isn’t in the house it is in the shed. However it has gotten off of sticky traps and it is taking the poison, we have found poison pellets moved all around the shed.

  415. So i live in a basement apartment and the people who live upstairs recently did over thier kitchen. Well, every once in a while i can hear something running in the ceiling. it’s quite loud (but the ceiling tiles are thin) and it’s most often from 7pm-sometime in the night, but occaisonly I hear it in the day ( from 1pm into the evening). I am assuming it’s a mouse but the thing is, is that neither me and the people upstairs have EVER seen a mouse or seen droppings. Is it possible that the animal just comes to my house from shelter? I usually only hear it for a couple days at a time and then I won’t hear it again for a week or two. Well the other day we had a light snow storm and I figured I’d go look for any tracks an animal may have left and I found some unusual ones. They looked like someone took two little pinky fingers and pushed them in the snow side by side ( : : : 🙂 and the dots were not far spaced from each other. These tracks were coming from underneath the deck, which is against the foundation of the house, so I don’t know how im going to be able to see any holes there. Well please let me know what you think I have.

  416. I know this is an age-old remedy, but my family has always had cats and we have never had a mouse problem. The trick is, not feeding the cat as much food as you normally would, cause that makes the cat more hungry and more in the mood to hunt. I work at a group-home now that’s right next to a field and since it’s the winter, we have the mouse infestation problem and we have it bad. I keep telling my boss to get a cat cause I know that will solve the problem

  417. I have been told that mothballs can be used as repellents for mice or other rodents, a teacher of mine has used them to flush out skunks and woodchucks from his cattle barn. How effective is it really though?

  418. We had a mouse problem in the kitchen, and put some mouse poisen out. Upon checking the bait trays the bait had been eaten however we still spotted mice running around the kitchen sometimes. It always seemed to be a single mouse. Anyway the mouse used to peel of the poison of the wheat seeds and leave a blue pile of shaving. It seemed to me that the mouse didnt like the taste of the poison and was clever enough to trim of the outer and eat the inner seed because of this it appeared the mouse never ate enough poison to kill it off. Anyway went to the hardware store and got some mouse traps. For a week nothing, and then one morning bingo the mouse was trapped. Now have mice in the attic…so have laid out poison and couple of mouse traps.

  419. Ok, so we live in the its common for mice i guess. when we first moved in i just saw one or two droppings, so we put 2 traps out in the living room. in a few weeks or month we caught 2, and since then we havent spotted any. we noticed more droppings in the kitchen, and along the walls in the living room, so we put a box of poison behind th etrash can in the kitchen, and a trap behind the oven, and kept a trap in the living room. nothing. this past week has been the worst. i had a bag of candies on a side table in the living room, and they got into it..and we hear them scratching around, and they are even comming out while we are watching tv, they will come out right under our feet..we only see one at a time…

    so we set a number of poison pellets in a few corners and keep count, we opened some chocolates and put some on a snap trap in a small box, so that they get interested and climb in and get snapped. we set 3 traps with pecans on them, one against the wall, one under the couch, and one right in front of the tv..we experimented and before the traps had set a pecan in the middle of the floor, and in 7 minutes he came and got it…but its like they KNOW the traps..we put them everywhere we see them running..we are very clean, and this is driving me crazy!!!

    im renting and my landlord sucks, and will not send an exterminator, or a plumber might as well be a chef, a bus driver, an exterminator, as well as a babysitter..i dont think he is a professional..

    what do i do now??????? HELP!!

  420. My son heard something in his room at night and he was convinced it was a mouse. We set up a couple of snap traps, and sure enough, we got one (how gross is that?) Anyway, a couple of weeks later, we saw one run thru the kitchen. We set up a couple more traps, and within 2 hrs. caught 2 of them. I thought we had them all until this morning… My son saw one run from under the dog food (his food & water are elevated) into the reclining chair! I was just reclining in that chair this morning watching the news before taking my son to the bus stop! Well, my husband flipped it over and saw him in there, but he wouldn’t come out. He managed to stick a snap track up there with fresh peanut butter on it, but I don’t know if he took the bait or not. (My husband’s not home from work yet, but when he does come home, he’s checking that trap pronto). Now, I won’t sit in my family room nor in my favorite recliner because the mouse has taken it over. I’ve had it with them all. It’s freezing out here (in Connecticut) now and I think they come in the house because it’s warm. We’ve lived here for 16 yrs. and I’ve only seem a mouse in my house once or twice over the years. I can’t imagine why we have them now? Anybody got any ideas?

  421. I have somehow gotten a mouse in my bed mattress and I can’t get him out. I bought the Riddex Plus and have it going,I thought it emitted waves that a mouse can’t stand and can’t stand to be in the house because of it. But the mouse is still in my bed and I can’t get him out. I have torn the bed apart at least 8 times and no luck getting him out. Mind you, my bed is a king size bed and the mattress weighs a ton. This has been going on for almost 3 months. I can’t take it anymore. HELP!!!!! I am petrified of mice. All he does is chomp his teeth and scratch about all night and moves from my feet to my head, shaking and vibrating the bed. Please give me more ideas of what I can do to draw him out. I also have a mouse trap w/peanut butter, 2 glue traps w/peanut butter and decon under my bed, he avoids them all. Desperate for a good night sleeps. Thanks! Very anxiously waiting a reply.

  422. Those plug in devices DO NOT WORK! I have seen mice practically dancing and having a great time right next to them, seriously.
    Glue traps and snap traps will work for a while, then the mice get smart and just avoid them.
    DO NOT use the poison. The mouse will die under your floorboards or in your walls and you won’t be able to get them out and your house will start to smell absolutely awful.

    I don’t know if mint works, but I’m about to shove it down their exit holes and rub it all over the floors of my house!

  423. WARNING – DO NOT USE TOMCAT wooden snap traps – I sent them this message today:
    I am very upset with your wooden snap traps. One was placed in my house and did not trip and just fed a mouse for weeks until I switched to a Victory brand snap trap which killed the mouse instantly within hours. 3 more mice where killed by VIctory traps in the same night. The only mouse that your traps did capture – caught him on the end of his nose. THIS IS BARBARIC AND SADISTIC. THIS MOUSE DID NOT DIE INSTANTLY! This is totally unacceptable and disturbing – even if this creature is vermin – it is extreme cruelty . Your yellow plastic platform is too wide and comes too close to the metal snap to kill the mouse instantly. I took the traps back to Lowes and talked to the manager and told him I was going to Home Depot to buy more Victory traps. He said he will be notifying corporate. I am writing to Lowe’s Corporate as well and demanding that they remove your traps from their shelves and will boycott their stores until they do. I will be posting this on the internet every where I can until you change your design.

  424. I posted about the Tomcat traps earlier. The company called me and were very nice and sorry – apparently the wooden snap traps have and “S” on it for setting it to sensitive. I did not notice this. This may be why the traps were not going off. I explained that the Victor trap with the “metal petal” where more successful for me. Victor also have some snap traps with the wide plastic platform which may only catch the mouse at the tip of it’s snout – I do not know. Tomcat was nice to send me a few “Spin Traps” which may be good for people who do not want to see the dead mouse after it is trapped. You just throw them away – not sure how much they cost. I will try them inside my house since I have pets.

  425. I moved into my house August 2007. We had problems with mice from the very beginning. We used poison from Home Depot and the chewed it, but we still have them. I got a cat and already have 5 dogs and that did nothing. My cat thought that they were her toys. She would catch them and bat them around and then get bored and let them go. My dogs pay no mind to them. I called an exterminator and they said that they could have us rodent free in a few months. It has been over a year and we, as well and the neighbor (we live in a semi-detached) still have them. She bought those things that plug into the wall and has not seen one since. She will no longer pay for her portion of the exterminator and we are still infested. I was told by the exterminator that her mice are annoyed by the plug in device and moved to my house, but will eventually get used to it and be back. I already have mint growing everywhere on the property. I’m out of options! I’m going to Home Depot tomorrow to get those plug in things and hopefully they will work. If not, someone please help!!!!!

  426. help!! Have heard noise In my kitchen for a week or so..just the tiny noise. The dogs hear it too.. driving all of us nuts!! Bought some traps that look like clips for chips. They have caught 2 mice so far but does not close hard enough to kill them right away.. one infact curled up in the trap so you could see the trap closed but suprised when found the mouse inside.

    Seems they are only in my two kitchen drawers, bread and silverware. No signs of them in pantry or upper cabnets. But deep down I know they are all over. I have taken my silverware out and put in containers and put traps in the drawers.. removed the bread to the fridge.. now we are at a standsill no mice last night.. the peanut butter was gone but no mouse.. maybe we will try a victory trap.. we have 3 of them here but can’t find where we put them.

    Will putting pepermint oil around the inside of the house floorboards and around cabinets make the mice want to leave? I don’t like the mothball idea. would work i am sure in a barn or shed but I wouldnt want that smell in my house.. it ism one that you could never get out of the house.. anyone with good ideas …let me know.

  427. I really need help with the mouse. So couple of weeks ago we noticed a mouse in our heater room, we bought a victor mouse trap and 3 days later the mouse was dead. But a week later we got a new visitor in our kitchen. This time the Victor wooden mouse trap did not work. He stays right on top of the trap and eats peanut butter and doesn’t get caught. So my roomates a freaking out. We bought the steaky glue mouse and incect trap, he ate it instead of getting glued. We bought already 5 or 6 different kind of traps and nothing.
    We cannot buy poison cause we have a dog and afraid he will eat it.
    Please help do not know what to use, tried everuthing. It feels like that mouse is playing with us.

  428. so, i found a dead (looked like baby) mouse in my dryer this morning. is there a way to clean the dryer so the bacteria is gone? I don’t want to dry my clean clothes in a dryer that a dead mouse was in. We don’t even know how long it has been in there.


  429. so since we had a harsh winter we have a mouse.we have the glue traps and the sonic repellers neither of which is working so now what?

  430. I am renovating an old farmhouse. The insulation was full of mouse runs and tunnels. I have totally removed the insulation. Do mice leave odors that attract other mice? How can I get rid of this odor?

  431. I have been in my townhouse for over 2 years with no pest problems, not even a cricket. Not until I went into my finished basement bathroom and saw a sea of mouse droppings (my brother-inlaw identified for me) did I even know that one was in the house. We thought maybe one came in through the terrace door when the cable man was installing or when furniture was being delivered. Both instances had the doors open over a brief period of time in December. The first night using I don’t know Tomcat or Victory basic mouse traps he just ate the peanut butter. My nephew came back and set them to be more sensitive which made them go off with even the smallest movement and an hour later he was caught. That one mouse has turned into 4 caught as of tonight. At this point I don’t care how inhumane their capture is – I just want them gone! I have a dog and the exterminated that does my job says poison should never be used for home residences inside our out of the home b/c you can’t control where they die and if it’s not in the open it’s almost impossible to locate them. I’m catching them but obviously as fast as they are getting in. I’m sure there is no nest at this point but that when night falls and temperature drops my carpet baggers are coming in from the cold some how.

  432. ok i knew i have mice cause i could hear them make some noise under the house and one day i found the bag of my dog’s food chewed up so i knew but now even if i am there with lights on listening to tv or music really loud they comming in !!!! really comfy too i saw onr walking in the middle of the kitchen sitting and staring at me for 10 minutes not even 10′ from me !!! traps dont work the plug in thing dont work and i did put poison under the house 2 months ago but i got stuck with that horrible smell after in my bathroom for 2 weeks so i dont want anymore dead mice into my walls !!! how can i get rid of them ?? and i know where their nest is but cant get to it !!! how do i get rid of them ???

  433. I have seen a mouse in my flat a few times recently. The flat is clean and tidy and I’ve never seen mice before, so I’m pretty sure there is no serious infestation. Anyway, I saw it again a few hours ago (it’s remarkably fearless) and decided to do something about it. I’ve used this method in several student flats over the years and it seems to be very effective:

    Take an empty plastic bottle, preferably a long rectangular milk bottle, and put some strongly scented food inside (cheese and biscuits seem to work), then make a stack of books about 7 or 8 inches high. Place the bottle on top of the books, making sure that the rear of the bottle hangs off of the stack and that it’s easily tipped. Make sure to give your mice a route up to the nozzle. Once the mouse enters the bottle and tips it there’s no way for it to escape. Also make sure that you stack some books around the back of the trap so that when your bottle tips it doesn’t simply fall over and release the mouse.

    I caught my mouse within an hour tonight using this humane and cheap method. Now I just have to wait and see whether he has any pals hangning around.

  434. I never had mice before until two days ago, I haven’t slept since. Today I caught two and this is how: I told a clear bin (big and deep enough)laid it flat on it’s side, put a cinnamon bun in the back and waited for the mouse to enter. Make sure that you are very quiet and slow but fast at the same time. When the mouse was munching I tilted the bin back over and put the lid on. Takes patience but it works.

  435. Use the Store it Right pouch available at It worked wonders for me and is 100% humane. Mice don’t like the smell and they run right away!

  436. Hi i live in england and have 2 young children 4 and 14months 3rd due in 7weeks. A few weeks arm i noticed a mouse in my daughters room, then in my room so found the nest i think he died a few days ago with a snap trap with chocolate spread on it. Next but one night mouse in my cooker in died too snap trap same as before, last night number 3 died was seen in front room. Each mouse is getting bigger. They love chocolate, cant get to where i think the nest is but as its an old house there are holes everywhere. As of yet i don’t know if there are anymore i hope not. In process of changing my house around for new baby so hope they are gone by june 2nd, but i doubt it. I don’t mind having them but it’s for the sake of the kids that they need to go. I’m just waiting now for the next one if i cant get rid of them then it’s pest control luckily i live in a council house so don’t need to pay thank god. Hope everyone gets their nests sorted. Hope you can help me.


  438. i have a mouse in my flat but i dont know what to do i have a 2year old daughter so i cant put traps down and to b honest i’m totally scared of the little beggers i’m scared useless that when i saw it tonight i screamed at the top of my voice i cannot go near it or stand on my floor incase it scurrys out, the only thing i can do is call the council but i dont know where the hole is that it got in through, hopefully they will know where to look its 04.16 in the morning and i’m still sitting on my couch as i cant bear to stand up and go to bed so i will sit up until morning and call someone in to help me

  439. just found poo behind my bed and comode on the floor..its black and so very tiny and very hard…is it mouse poo or cocroach pooh…im nt sure what it is but all i know is that i haven’t seen mice inside but saw a cocrouch..pls help me find out what it is..pleaseeeeee…terrified!

  440. I just want to say a couple of things.

    The first thing is f&^% these mice. For all of you who are more concerned about being humane to these rodents than you are regarding getting rid of them, phooey on you.

    Mice are DISGUSTING and they can make you sick.

    I’ve been using a combination of the poison and the glue traps. I make certain that I crush and mix the poison with peanut butter or fried chicken juice or tuna fish juice. I don’t have pets or chidren so I leave the poison mix everywhere I suspect them of being. They gobble it all up. I also put the poison mix in the middle of the long glue traps. And, yes those stupid pests are caught on the glue traps ALIVE. And, I dispose of them ALIVE, too (I cover them with a plastic bag and use a dust pan and broom to scoop them into another bag and throw them away. Buried alive. )

    This is how I will get rid of every single last one of them because mice are not smart they are stupid! I am a woman, but I am not afraid of anything. I will be victorious over the rodent rampage!

  441. sooo i tried one of the tomcat live traps, that uses a tube with bait, and balance to catch the mouse, set it twice…the mother effers, ate the chicken and left! BOTH TIMES! Out raged i go back to price chopper at 2 am. to get some real traps! i picked up the tomcat snap traps, set them, with penut butter and the tomcat mouse attractant, and went to bed about 4am, with my laptop to do some rodent research and was reading through this site, when at 5:13, SNAP! mickey number 1! in my roomates room! i set the remaining 4 traps. right now i have a total of 11 traps set, and tommorow im getting more. im stocking up on peanut butter, traps, mouse attractant, and rubber gloves, and launching a full scale revolution on these bastards! wish me luck!

  442. ‘mice are nice’: While I don’t like ad hominem attacks…you’re nuts. Mus musculus is NOT indigenous to North America–it’s an invasive pest, brought here by Europeans (just like the common cold). Hitler was such a fan of rodents that he enacted the first anti-vivisection laws in Europe, to spare the poor mice experimentation (he left THAT to Jews and Gypsies to suffer). Hitler also thought hunting was inhumane, and introduced gun control and anti-smoking laws, but that’s another story.

    We’re in the grips of a HUGE mouse infestation here in Southern Alberta. Alberta is one of the few rat-free juristictions in North America, thank God. We’ve had them in our house, and garage, shed and yard. The glue boards have worked but a couple of caveats. First, DON’T use the open-face ones. Murphy’s Law means you’ll step in one. Secondly, don’t put them in overly dusty/schmutzy areas (leaves, too). Also, those wonderfull coumeric (broma*) poison blocks REALLY work…as bait, too. The dead mice don’t stink as much as their urine & feces. I like those plastic snap-traps, since you don’t have to become intimate with the contents (you should actually REUSE traps, as they like the stink). Sausage–tied with dental floss–works well. Those steel, spring ones worked for us, but cleaning them is gross. (We drowned the mice in lemon-scented cleaner & water; afterward, the magpies would caw from the ally for more ‘lemon mouse’!) However, NOTHING touches the anticoagulant-poisoned mice I toss in the alley. Of course, screaming and jumping on them works, too. I did this a couple of times…

    So far (this year), we’ve caught SEVEN. The enyme cleaner (something called ‘Green Bin Deodorizer’, bought at Canadian Tire) is AMAZING, getting ALL the stink out of our floors. This is actually a bacterial culture, that eats the pee & poo. Hopefully, the bacteria also displaces the salmonella the little greaseballs leave behind. I wish garter snakes would move into our neighborhood, to do this for free. I’m also seriously considering a cat…

  443. Place a pile of nuts in the middle of a room, get a powerfull BB gun and shoot the shit out of them, if it doesnt kill them at least it teaches them not to mess with you when they have a hole in their stomach =D

  444. ok so im woken up at 5am by the sounds of scurrying, sit up in bed n theres wat looks like a vole/mouse right by my bedroom door, i obviously wasn’t quick enough to catch it then but it ran off into my sons room and it sounded like it went under his bed. im gonna do the big spring and try and locate the holes in which this thing/things are entering my home from. then i’ll decide on traps. but as it ran into my 2yr olds bedroom im unsure whether to use the snappy traps under his bed although he doesnt get under it im worried if it snaps n gives him a shock. any tips for that particular room of the house?

  445. These bitches, are really annoying me. I live in a basement apartment in brooklyn and they are everywhere. They leave droppings on the stove, the counter tops, the food cabinets, on my bed(where there is no food by the way), in my pocket books and on my clothes. I have had it, my room is possibly infested with droppings and mice pee that i have not yet discovered. I feel nasty all the time because i don’t know if they have been on my bed without leaving droppings. Also because i am not sure if they have been all up in some of my clothes everyday. I don’t know what has not been touched by those bastards. I have set traps, but honestly i am grossed out by having to touch the traps after i catch the fools, dead or alive. I am pissed and want to get an exterminator to bomb the entire appartment. I hate the glue traps because i often step in it, or have to see the suckers trying to escape from it. I hate them i hate them i hate them. they are bold and invasive. Is it poisonous to inhale all this pee and poop? Cause i am at my last straw and i am ready to get rid of them like yesterday.

  446. i hate mieces to pieces little sneaky non rent paying irritating smelly good for nothing but compost vermin. I have been cleaning everything with bleach, to no avail. they have a foothold and are not letting go!!! my kids are not helping the problem as they refuse to stop making food messes all over the house i have been using the glue traps, bucket trap and cannot use the poison as i have small dogs and children. I have caught over 30 mice in the last couple of weeks.. foumd a nest of pinkies and sent them to heaven.. or hell i hope. but need help cuz im up at 5am listening to chewing and wanting to kill kill kill.. but cant find the little miscreant..

  447. oh my goodness, just woke up to a mouse on me! thinking its time for them all to go, i’ve noticed they really like chocolate, so i’ll put that in the mouse traps and then find the chocolate and mouse no where to be found…

  448. Here’s a mouse disease that I GOT:

    Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM)

    I had a VERY high fever (40 degrees Celsius), even after popping a few extra strength ASAs in the span of an evening. Stiff neck, sore ‘nads (!), HORRIBLE headache in the ocular region and a bad arthritis flareup in my hands. I apparently got this from cleaning up after the mice. BEWARE! (They say the virus ‘inactivates’ after a week.)

    Mice also carry mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV), which has been linked to human breast cancer. The point is, GET RID OF THE VERMIN AND EXERCISE CAUTION IN DOING SO!

  449. laying in bed earlier this morning just talking to the hubby, Just so happened to look at the closet and what do i see? A little mouse scurrying out of the closet. we have hardwood floor so u can hear him pitter patter across the floor. I am terrified of animals especially rodents. they r just nasty… been living in this house for about a year now and never even seen a sign of a mouse living husband is gone to work now and im scared to death. Im on my laptop scared to get down from the bed. been online all morning looking for ways to kill this little f.u.c.k.e.r. I cant put poison or traps down because I have a one year old who loves to just get in2 everything. I have to pee really bad and im so not getting down from this bed. i am so scared idk what to do. ive been reading about the fox urine and i havent heard anything bad about it so i may try it. I pray that its not a family of them because i would seriously break my lease and move. i do not play about this kind of thing i am terrified of animals period especially these little sneaky b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s

  450. These little bastards just walked all over my counter, pooped, and didn’t even go in the mouse trap for the only food available. These little bastards are going to die!!

  451. I heard the mouse either under my bed, or somewhere in the closet. Im just scared it might jump up on my bed while Im sleeping!!, Im scared of mice, but my biggest phobia, would have to be roaches!! I hope this little mouse goes somewhere else!

  452. I’ve got a big mouse in my apt. It’s hiding somewhere behind my refrigerator. I’ve tried to trap it a couple of times but didn’t work. I had a loaf of bread I left on my coffee table last night in my den. Overnight, the damn thing somehow dragged it back to the side of the frig and ate all of it. I’m pissed.
    what else can i use besides a regular mouse trap?

  453. Well i seen one, it popped its head out from underneath the fridge and this morning i moved a bag of the floor and it had been chewing at it.I cant move the frigde because im reallly scared of them but i think thats where its hiding. Ive put down sticky traps and poison baiting systems every where in the kicthen but ive ran out of ideas.And i know its been there for a while because ive seen it now twice in the space of 2 months. None of the traps have worked its like the mouse is just crawling around them.If i call a professional will they do anythink different then put traps down?

  454. As I’ve been sitting reading the tips and posted questions and answers on this site, a filthy rodent has unloaded peanut butter from a trap on my cook top twice, as I sit and watch it do it!I have banged my hand in hopes of startling it into capture; no luck…oh here it comes again….
    I have been battling them for around 3 months now. They have migrated from the pantry (now all sealed containers) to under the stove and now boldly the cook top…I did pre-bait the trap a couple of times without setting it, they love see if I get it tonight. Will try the bucket method in the garage, I think that’s where they’re coming from.

  455. I am more terrified of mice than anything in this world I freeze when i see them they are so creepy. Is there any guaranteed way of getting rid of them with out having traps I can`t stand to look at one even if it is dead. PLEAS HELP ME i AM TERRIFIED.

  456. I need some help with mouse/mice problem that I have. I started hearing noises around February time, at first I used to hear a noise scratching next to my bedroom outer wall. Now the mouse managed to come inside my bedroom and i’ve seen it a few times but never manage to catch it as it scares me and makes me uncomfortable, especially at night, at dawn when you hear noises coming from under the floorboard. I have seen some of the holes and had them sealed up, the landlord gave some posion but it’s not been touched. I used wooden traps and snap traps, baited them with chocolate, raisin, peanut butter, biscuits and none of them been have touched or been taken off the traps.

    I also tried glue boards around the walls and none of them have been over them and finally I bought a ultrasonic sound plug in repeller and the mouse still came into my room.

    I am really frustrated and angry, i’ve spent so much on these products and nothig’s working? I don’t know what else to do, the landlord does nothing and they seem to come into my bedroom and now im hearing noises in the wall.

    I hear some scratching noises opposite my room but I never mangage to see anything run along or see any new holes, it doesn’t eat anything and there are no new droppings. I’m at the 2nd floor and no one else seems to have the problem apart from me. They are not going away and appear whenever they want to make my life a misery !!I can’t sleep well at night.

    I just need some help!!!! The mouse has been coming and going in my room for 8 months now surely it should have died by now. And we aren’t allowed pets so can’t get a cat. I’m at the end of my teather now and feel depressed and I need some more help!!

  457. Wher to start with mice mmmm,you need to put down lots and lots of snap traps and i do meen lots i use snickers bar seems to work for me,i thought i had goten rid off them last time but hey there back they seem to go inside you kitchen cabinets behind washing machines and frides a lot including work tops my top tip is to put a low light on in ya kitchen and sit there around 11pm – 1 very still and then i could hear wher they was and somtimes see em then i would put the traps there in the last 8 days i have managed to catch 2 adults and 6 babys any hole ya find around put a trap olso take ya kick boards off ya kitchen ya be amazed and put some there now we have had the intire house cleaned all the way through now i just go around the skirting each day to see if there is any droppings if so put a couple off traps there ya just got to be patiant with the little critters.

  458. Just noticed some mice droppings in a cupboard we hardly use,i bought 2 glue traps and put some cherrios in the middle,within an hour i could hear a squeaking sound coming from cupboard ,i opened it to find 2 of the bastards wriggling like crazy to get away, and then i noticed 1 of them was trying to bite off its own leg to get away , this freaked me out so i got a large piece of wood and gently bashed them on the head but still made a mess in my cupboard, i then put another trap down and 20 mins later another 1, killed it the same way, i just put 1 more down and im now on standby with my baton, so i would say this is a good method for catching them, if u are a woman,after its caught u might want to get a partner or male neighbour to do the hitting as this is not to pleasent, it will be hard for most men to say no , because they will look like a wuss if they do, hope this helps, as i know theese creatures can make your life hell

  459. A big problem is the fact mice have plate like bones and collapsable skeletons so they can get through very tiny gaps. Can climb almost anything.

  460. I lived in a old house for 3 yrs. and caught around a baker’s dozen of mice with the ole wooden snap traps. Towards the end they started eating the BP and trotting off. I finally caught one and it was so small I guess it couldn’t activate the trap spring. I did one amazing thing I hear the trap SNAP on my stove one nite, my son checked it and started yelling and carrying on. I had caught 2, that’s TWO mice at once!! So now I’ve moved and guess what?? The previous tenats kept a lot of garbage in the house so I guess that’s what has brought them in. I have a cat and 2 dogs, haven’t seen any mice as yet just a few droppings. I use the steel wool to plug holes. And I have put out traps and the PB has been eaten!!! here we go again. I wll try the peppermint soaked cotton balls. P.S. I did use one of those sonic plug in thingys, not sure if it worked, but didn’t see a mouse for a whole six/seven months, then they came back. They always come back! (Also have a skunk under my shed…..)

  461. I have a trailer up north here in Michigan. I get there once every couple of months. I have a few mice every time i am there scurrying around the trailer. Mouse droppings and just signs of them around. It is very frustrating and unsanitary to say the least. I am going to try the bucket with antifreeze paper towel and peanut butter idea.
    Short of that i guess i should make a Barn Owl nesting box and hope one moves in and lives there for a long period of time. Any HELP would be appreciated.

  462. Poison is the most effective way to eradicate mice. I live in a townhouse with a shared wall and a neighbor that thought mice were “cute” Mice snap traps, glue traps, anti-freeze pails, these all work but poison for indoor mice solved the problem for good. The smell is a unpleasant side effect but only lasted for two day in a dirt floor subbasement.
    Problem solved. I leave a small amount in case of return visits.


  463. i have a hugh mice problem.ive to get rid of them,nothing work.i ask myself what can i do now.can anyone give me the phone number for PIPE PIPER JUST MAYBE HE CAN FLUTE THESE LITTLE F###ER AWAY (HUH)

  464. You must use MOTH BALLS. You can find them at any pharmacy or hardware store. It really works! The mouse cannot stand the smell, especially since their little nose is on the ground. I have found this to be a very effective way to get rid of them. Sharper Image used to make an electronic item called “Mouse Be Gone”. I really regret that they went out of business because the product was amazing.

  465. I just moved in new apartment and there is a restaurant below . We thought we got rid of them with the traps and then bought ultra sonic thingys all over the place . I guess the mice are used to them because as I was cleaning today one walked out of the cupboard and then scurried back in .. Oh cry I have no idea what to do now .

  466. OMG! We lived in an apartment before and it was so infested with mice that my husband literally would get a bat and pull the broiler drawer and kill at least two every night! We complained to the landlord and they put poison out. Then the apartment stank! like rotten decomposing rodents for months! I found some bloated dead around the house too. It was so disgusting I begged to move. Now we have been at this new apartment for about 7 months and it just started getting cold out. I heard something in the stove, called my husband, he lifted the top cover and sure enough the little monsters were there!Im going to go crazy. I don’t even want to cook anymore! How can I get rid of them forever!!!!!!P.S. We are fairly clean people. Not a neat freak, but dishes are always done and food is never left out….help.

  467. I get mice in my old house every year and was looking for something “new” to discourage them. I will be trying Spearmint & Peppermint oils blended with a little water to spray in all over my kitchen as they have gotten particularly aggressive this year in ruining my foodstuffs. I’m aslo trying the dryer sheets inder my appliances and in closets and drawers.

    One tip I’d like to pass along…when you bait a mousetrap. you must use the tiniest amount of bait! I think too many people use too much, and then the mouse eats it from the side, and gets full, and leaves–the trap is then unsprung. To make sure the mouse springs the trap, use a toothpick and apply the tiniest amount of peanut butter underneath the area that holds the bait–inside the little hollow of the metal. This makes the mouse have to get up close and personal to get a taste–then the trap will spring! Yes, they love choclate and bacon too…but those foods are too difficult to apply to the bait holder as I instructed. Stick with my method and you wil ALWAYS catch a mouse–unless there are none to catch.

    Also, make sure there is no other food source available, or they can choose to eat that first. Put all of your food in bags in plastic containers (I’m using a big lidded bin until I get them gone for good).

    One more tip: Location is key to trap placement inside your house! Mice very rarely hang out in the open, even at night. They prefer to run along edges of walls when moving from location to location. You’ll catch more of them if you place your traps along the edges, in dark places, between your stove, fridge, under furniture, etc. Less places to hid means they will be less brave and stick close to the edges/perimeter of the room most of the time.

  468. I cried my eyes out the first time I used a glue trap… It was necessary at the time, but since then I have learned some tricks!
    Put the glue trap in a shoe box or something with a lid… cut a hole in the side so the mouse can get in/on the trap. Once the rodent is caught, put the lid on the box, put the entire box in a plastic garbage bag and tie it up real good…. Lastly, put the entire contraption in the freezer. I know it sounds horrible but the rodent will die faster that way than suffering and trying to gnaw it’s own legs off to get free and bleeding to death. Wait 2 hours (or 24 if you’re a freak and afraid that it’s going to come back to life like me LOL!)

    P.S. Mothballs will keep them away 😉 Peppermint oil doesn’t work for very long and the initial smell is really strong!

  469. Uuuggghhhh. i hate em to yall, we just started having this problem in the last 2 months, my guess is its because of the cold weather, and they just dissed up a bean fiels thats about 30 yd. away from my trailer. And whats really got me worried is that if i dont get rid of them before warmer weather what other predators will come to eat the mice, like..SNAKES.. to top it all off i got a d.a.m yard full of cats and a little rat terrier dog inside. i might be feeding them to much maybe i should start making them work for their food. now every pop or creak i hear im turning my head or picking my feet up. Someone help !!

  470. I live in rural American and just recently have heard and seen mice in my house. Not only do I want to kill them, “I want to know how to get rid of them”. I have set mouse traps and kill three. The other day my son heard a rattling in a big in his room and I picked it up and a mouse was in it. I close the bag and emerged it in hot water and toss it in the trash container outside. As I stated, I want them gone. However, I have not heard of any way of doing so. At this time, I am thinking of buying a cat or dog to this; as they are becoming too comfortable in showing themselves.

  471. If you decide to use a method that includes antifreeze, please remember that cats and dogs also get attracted to antifreeze with deadly results. Please BEWARE!

  472. Hello,

    I know exactly how to get rid of mice. I live in Durham, GTA, Ontario and have had mice at my two houses. First you need to find the nest and leave all around the house open, no closed, dark areas outside and block all entrances.
    Then you go to ” Reliable Pest Control” (in Pickering, I believe) and the poison they use (bait they eat), the mice do not smell when they die.
    No more problems.

    Good luck!

  473. I think my mice are getting smart. The same places where I put my glue traps are not being moved by the mice. Or there are dropping on and all around but no mice on the glue trap. I cant stand them anymore and need to find a solution. Looks like I am getting a cat this weekend.

  474. We live in an older home that was “renovated” by house flippers…I don’t recommend buying a house from “do-it-yourself-ers” because they can make mistakes like cutting extra holes in the wall behind your stove and never filling them up! We have had a mouse problem that house gotten exceedingly worse this year than the last several. I am desperate to get rid of these disgusting things, now I found droppings in our silverware drawer (ughh!)

    Yesterday the darn little thing ran out from behind my fridge and I just froze! Then I started screaming to my husband, “Mouse! Mouse! Mouse!” it was all I could get out! As I screamed, the little pest came running towards me! So I started stomping my feet and it ran into the other room, right past my husband who got a broom and chased the darned thing! I couldn’t believe the audacity of the mouse, it wasn’t even scared of me, like it knew my scent or something (ewwwwww!)

    I am so desperate that I am going to try the “Shake-Away” product. It contains dried powder of cayote urine (that’s right, you heard me, cayote urine…) Supposedly the scent created fear in them, as it is one of their predators, and it’s supposed to be effective in getting rid of them. We’ll see…

  475. Last nite my cat brought my daughter a mouse at 4:30a.m.!! I could NOT believe I had a mouse in my house! and then Im thinking?. where there is one there must be more! O geez… like my life isnt full allready? for real?
    Today is family day in Canada ; apparently the mouse wanted to make an appearance … welcome to the family?.NOT…!

  476. Help!! I have lately heard noise at night I get up walk around try to figure it out and the noise stops…… But tonight I’ve done it and the noise keeps going this freaking mouse is not scared I keep banging and everything ahhhh help I want this thing DEAD!!!!

  477. We had an infestation of mice last year. I first found a couple in the cupboard under our stairs, then noticed another day one on our kitchen counter, eek!! Eating crumbs around our toaster, horrible thing. We had pest control people out but their poison traps didn’t help at all. In the end we got a couple of those ultrasonic repellers, the ones that make a noise that’s horrible for mice but humans can’t hear. Worked a treat! No more mice! Obviously we also make sure there’s never any food or crumbs lying around…

  478. I tried everything! Peppermint oil (both w/ and w/o cayenne pepper), beer, glue traps, d-con combo glue/snap trap, the water filled bucket trick, pre-baited glue traps, and even poison from the exterminator!. Finally! Success! The good old fashioned snap trap! Here’s what you do: Put peanut butter on the underside of the bait plate, lay 2 perpendicular to your wall about an inch apart (so he can’t jump them) on either side of your pantry door. Make sure the bait plate is next to the wall. Both traps snapped on mine, so I’ll continue w/ this method from now on. I’ve also already sealed up holes w/ steel wool or spray foam so hopefully I won’t have to deal w/ this in the future. Hope this helps anyone else!

  479. Summer is coming and so are the little freaky ones. 2 days ago my husband caught a mice with a trap (as i told him so since i saw one running across my kitchen). My house has been mice free all winter and i think now they’re back. The mice he killed was the mother i i’m seeing babies running around looking for mommy. They’re super slow because they’re hungry so i catch them easy by placing empty cans on top of them. they’re my worst enemy and i still scream each time i see them. I never see them so close to me before…i started to have nightmares about them! I think i’m gonna move outta this country lol

  480. While cooking breakfast a mouse jumped over my eggs!!!! EWW!! I screamed every curse word in the book… found their trail and put stickey traps out… I have only caught two so far, I have a cat and two dogs… what else am I suppose to do???? I dont want to use poison because I love my other pets…. what to do???
    I WANT TO MOVE BACK TO THE SOUTH!!!! I will deal with roaches any day compared to this…

  481. Buy snap traps, which most dollar stores sell at the low price of 2 for $1. Put a snap trap, baited with peanutbutter, inside of a brown paper lunch bag. Put the whole thing so the mouth of the bag is sideways along the wall, because they have poor sight and like to scurry by the edges of the walls. Once the trap goes ker-SNAP, you can take the whole brown baggie, incl the trap, & toss it in your outdoor garbage can (make sure it has a secure lid). This way, you never have to touch the nasty little f*ckers. P.S. If you have scented candles around your home, put them away in plastic lunch containers til your problem is solved. Check any drawers where you may have some stored loose – I found droppings++ in a drawer in my dining room where I had some loosely wrapped in tissue. One of the tapers was gnawed like a cob of corn!! I had to toss all my candles (just to be safe!) & wash all the tablecloths that were in those drawers. Pain in the @ss!

  482. Buy the snap traps – dollar stores sell them 2 for $1. Bait with a small amt of p.butter, then place in a brown *PAPER LUNCH BAG*. Place the whole thing, mouth of bag open, parallel to a wall (they can’t see well & will stick to the edges of a room). Once it goes ka-SNAP, pick up the brown bag & dispose of the whole icky thing in your tightly lidded outdoor garbage can. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE **SCENTED CANDLES**, store them in a lidded container until your problem is resolved. I found a little mound of droppings in a drawer where I had some loosely wrapped in tissue – the mouse/mice gnawed one of the tapers like it was a corn cob! I had to throw out all the candles from that drawer, just in case, and wash all the tablecloths in there…pain in the @ss!

  483. Mouse Destroyer, yeah, I’m one of those people being concerned about being “humane” to them. Do you know why? Because I think it is totally unnecessary to just leave a mouse stuck on glue, alive and starving to death. “Humane” to me is a quick kill. By all means, kill them if you must but don’t torture them to death to do it.

    If you have to kill them, make it quick. Torturing them via starvation (something which you can avoid by, err, putting them out of their misery) is not necessary, and evil. There’s something obviously wrong with you if you opt to prolong their suffering if you can avoid it.

  484. I see so many suggestions of glue traps here, that I just have to shake my head. These things should be illegal – all they do is torture the animal, when it’s not necessary. The mouse gets stuck, panics and rips its skin off trying to escape. It’ll also attempt to gnaw its own limbs off – what the homeowner is left with is a stuck, injured and frightened animal.

    Real neat, huh?

    What happens then? From the comments I’ve read, it appears that people just throw them alive into the rubbish bin – do I really have to explain what is wrong with that? Starvation is one of the worst ways to die, when you are using traps you actually have the choice of what to do to them. Chucking them is irresponsible and cruel, whoever does this shouldn’t use glue traps. If you HAVE to use them, you should kill the animal on it humanely (that is, as painless as possible). Why? It’s pretty friggin’ obvious – to stop its suffering and to prevent it from escaping. It is a shame that I have to explain it, because apparently a lot of people here lack common sense (or empathy for that matter).

    I suppose it will fall on death ears because “they’re just mice” hey? I’m expecting people to point out what diseases they have, and that they are pests. But that is all besides the point, I’m not condemning killing, I’m condemning some of the processes.

    Let’s look at this from a practical viewpoint if you’re a heartless douchebag – a glue trap doesn’t kill the mouse, it just leaves it there. Now, considering that being stuck in glue would be a traumatic experience, the animal will be extremely frightened and increase its level of urinating and excreting. So basically glue traps are more messier than snap traps, and a lot more dangerous to health because mouse urine might contain some very harmful stuff. The animal might pull long enough to loosen itself, and get away. This is another reason why quick-kill traps are always superior.

    Temperature changes, dust, dirt, insects, etc all may make the glue trap useless. There is also no re-usability, and the owner has to confront a live mouse. Now THIS is the part that concerns me – what exactly do you people do to it? Mice may not be everyone’s favourite animal but they don’t deserve to be tortured to death. They’re still living creatures with the capacity to suffer, so that ought to be respected.

    Glue traps are a abomination, the sooner they are banned, the better. I think a lot of people do not realise how bad they are, working in a vet clinic/shelter for many years, I’ve seen first-hand many times how horrible they are. There are always better alternatives, there is absolutely no excuse for prolonged cruelty when it can be avoided. And by this I mean by doing it properly – killing the animal rather than just leaving it to suffer at the bottom of your trash bin.


  486. I used a glue trap once. Once the rat was stuck to it it was awful! The more it tried to get away, the more it got stuck and it’s little head was stuck to the trap also. I put it in a plastic bag and drove to the park. I took the rat out of the bag and got a bottle of wesson oil that I had bought along and slowly poured it on the trap while loosening the rat from the trap. It took about 1 minute until it was free and it scurried off into the bushes. I’m glad I didn’t have to kill it but it was horrible until the thing was freed.

  487. Gavin M, with all due respect, I understand the desire to be animal friendly. I have two dogs, several puppies, and a cat myself, and I love them dearly. But we’re talking about a rodent-a pest. Would you not hang a sticky glue trap in your home for flies if your home was infested with flies? Here is how I see it: Yes, I hate that they would have to suffer, but I can’t begin to explain the cost that having them in the house is. They eat your food, chew holes in your walls (and cabinets and drawers and just about anything they can), and they can potentially kill you with the diseases that they’re prone to carry. So yes, let’s be humane to something that could make YOU, a human, not a pest, suffer and eventually die? Negative. Personally, I’d want them out by any means necessary.

  488. Well, as much as I don’t like to see anything suffer, I am heavily allergic to these pests and am pregnant with baby No 1. Sorry folks, my health and the well being of my child wins. Hubby and I only set the traps when we’re home and awake. As frightening as it must be for the poor critter being stuck on the glue pad, I don’t see anything wrong with the method. We immediately pour oil on it and put it in a coffee can and release them at a park a few miles up the road. We’ve caught over 20, and of the 20+, only 1 died (a very chubby fellow…probably died from a heart attack).

    If you have the time/patience, glue traps can be a humane alternative, as detailed above…we literally attended to each mouse within 45 seconds. But if you’re just going to set traps and let them starve, then you’re better off going with the instant killing traps. Nothing deserves to starve to death! We’ve had absolutely NO LUCK with the eletrical noise repellents or the non kill traps.

    Thanks and peace to all!

  489. Look I don’t see what the friggin deal is. These are intruders we are talking about. I would understand if we invited them into our homes that I’m sure most of us try very hard to keep clean for our familys but if we invite them in and then kill them maby the mice have a case against us humans but they are not invited I did not ask them to come in and climb on my counters and dig into my box of cereal with their dirty paws and bodys I don’t care if they are cold and hungry I will treat them like I would treat a burgular swithly and with as much pain as possible think of the pain they are inflicting on us with their disgusting selves and I don’t have a problem with putting then in the trash cause when they leave my home in the trash bag and get disposed in the landfill and their other disgusting friends dig them out of the trash and see them I pray they think twice about coming back to our homes uninvited because the same thing will happen to them if they come to my home. And by the way I do like animals but there is a limit they better not touch me and they better not come in my house.

  490. Today i just happened to check my car for signs of mice. and guess what…..they chewed 4 wholes in my headliner about the size of a dime, mabe a nickle….and the headliner was in great shape, about the only thing that didnt need to be replaced in my 72 monte carlo. im so pissed off i dont know what to do. the car sits in my garage, and i start it once a month, every month. nows the time to drive it and theres mice chewing wholes everyware!!!!!

  491. I have a mouse in my apartment maybe more i dont know but there is mouse poop all over my window seal in my room and living room. My neighbor had mounds of trash on his balcony and i am sure that is where they are coming from. What do I do? I have contacted my apartment complex and they set mouse traps in here for like 3 hours and it did absolutely no good!