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Mites are like ticks that belong to the class Arachnida and the subclass Acarina. When it comes to exploiting habitats, mites are definitely the most successful. Destroying habitats is easy for them because they’re very small. Some mites are in fact microscopic, that they can go on exploiting niches without being noticed. You will find mites in water or soil, but you will also see them breed and destroy your fabrics and other properties inside your house. They feed on animals, plants, dirt and mold. (For ticks removal, Learn how to get rid of ticks)

Mites can cause an allergic reaction and other diseases like atopic dermatitis, eczema, asthma and hay fever. If you are living in a warm and humid country, mites may be found in your home. You may not notice that you inhale mites as you sleep. The heaviest allergens are dust mites.

The first step in getting rid of all the allergies you get from mites is to avoid them (Tips on how to get rid of allergies). People suffering from atopic dermatitis develop worse conditions because mites triggers the ailment. If you think you are infected by mites, below are tips for your own safety:

Managing Mite Infection

  • Sulfur – Mites automatically die when they ingest sulfur, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised if you are told to use sulfur to treat your itch mites and scabies. Some of the brands of sulfur include Liquimat, Sulforcin and Acnotex, which you can buy over the counter. Do not use these products if your skin is sensitive, though, because sulfur is a strong chemical. It may damage your skin. If your skin is sensitive and you are not allowed to use sulfur, use Permethrin lotion or cream, as this is good enough as a replacement for sulfur and as a controlling agent for mites.
  • Tea tree oil Scabies and itch mites are also relieved with tea tree oil. It’s a natural astringent that’s becoming popular these days, especially among cosmetic companies. You can mix lavender oil with tea tree oil to heal several skin conditions. You can also soothe your skin and relieve infestation from scabies if you mix aloe with tea tree oil.

Since there are different types of mites, you will need to get rid of each type differently. Below are some mite species and their corresponding control measures for your convenience.

Species and Remedies

There are different ways to get rid of mites depending on which type you have.

  • Ear Mites – Ear mites are scientifically called otodectes cynotis. To get rid of ear mites, apply mineral oil to the ears of your dog or cat, using an ear syringe. If you do not have one, an eye dropper will do. As you apply the oil on the ears of your pet, you have to massage the ears with your thumbs. The furry side of the ears must be pressed to keep leverage. If you think you have coated the ears enough, then make your pet shake the mineral oil out of the ears. Mineral oil may be splattered on your carpet or furniture, so it’s best to do this outside.
  • Itch Mites – Getting rid of itch mites always involves toxins. Since toxins are dangerous, you may want to just use a topical application of sulfur, as this is not as toxic as all the other available options. Lindane is a brand that you can buy over the counter. It’s the most popular topical application of sulfur these days when it comes to killing itch mites. Pure sulfur is safer because it is relatively non-toxic. You can buy sulfur creams at your local drugstore. If your skin is infected, visit your doctor. He will give you some form of treatment before you use any sulfur medication.
  • Dust Mites – If you want to get rid of dust mites, you need to be careful in choosing fabrics that you are going to use, such as for your upholstery. Choose fabrics that are easy to dust. If you are going to buy a carpet, make sure that it’s easy to shampoo and clean. Some carpets attract dust mites. In fact, dust mites like to build up in carpets because they are dustier than your sofa or bed. It is then best to choose non-organic fabrics or anything with a high count of thread. Cotton sheets will do for the finishing of your bedroom and your home in general. You can also cover your mattress with latex rubber to get rid of dust mites. (Tips on how to get rid of dust mites)
  • Spider Mites – Spider mites are scientifically called tetranychus urticae. They are also sometimes referred to as two-spotted mites. If you want to get rid of spider mites, you have to introduce predatory mites. These predatory mites are helpful and good for your garden. They can be bought through mail order. Once you get the predatory mites, release them all into your greenhouse or garden and wait for them to feed on the spider mites. Using predatory mites is very safe because you will get away from using chemicals. Mite species that feed on spider mites include ambylesius californicus, phytoseiulus longipes and phytoseiulus persimilis, to name a few.

Just a Few Reminders

Getting rid of dust mites and ear mites is more than just challenging; it’s impossible. Dust in homes always has organic matter in it. As long as there is organic matter, there will always be dust mites. It is impossible for you to completely get rid of ear mites because they can survive for several months even without a host. The best way to control these pests is to change the organic fabrics in your home. Replace them with synthetic fabrics. It will help to completely change the materials inside the house to make sure that the population of these pests is minimized and under control.

It will also help a lot to wash your blankets, pillow cases and mattresses on a regular basis. For the washing to be more effective, always use hot water. If you are have an infection, try an antihistamine. Then again, you don’t to wait until you get infected to keep your house clean (Learn how to keep your house clean and practice proper hygiene, do you?

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