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If you really care about how your lawn looks, there is nothing worse than having your carefully manicured grass become pitted with mole holes. While they are more interested in grubs than vegetables, moles’ deep digging can also completely mess up your yard and garden.

Lucky for you, there are a few ways you can get rid of these pesky critters. In this article, we break down the best ways to mole-proof your yard.

1. Block their tunnels.

Keep an eye on your lawn and look for signs of a mole tunneling. Get in front of the mole, and jam a shovel blade into the ground in front of the rodent. Jam another shovel behind the mole, so that it is trapped.

Place a laundry basket between the two shovels so that the mole will tunnel upwards and can then be captured or killed. You can probably guess that this method takes time and a whole lot of patience, but it does work if you can put the hours in.

2. Use traps.

One of the best ways to deal with moles is by using a standard mousetrap. Bait the trap with some meat and place it at the opening of a mole tunnel. You can also place the trap on the ground, but cover it with a box that includes an entry way for the creature. The mole will think that this is a natural tunnel and be far more likely to get snared. Check the trap regularly to see how much success you are having with it.

If this method does not work, there are different types of mole traps available on the market. The best are weather-resistant and work well in the various types of ground. Some don’t even need bait. As with mousetraps, it is best to use set them up out of the sight of young children and curious pets.

3. Get out the poison.

There are many different kinds of poisons on the market that you can use against moles. They are available in liquid and gel form, and also in the form of things the creatures like to eat, such as earthworms. These poisons also have the potential to spread to other moles around the area if they share living spaces or food sources.

Like with the traps, make sure that your children and house pets stay clear, and don’t put the earthworm poison on the surface where birds might eat it.

4. Smoke them out.

Another widely available product, smoke bombs cause suffocating smoke to seep into mole tunnels. They vary in size and type, but also contain harmful chemicals. Also, if the moles do not die, they tend to return after a small amount of time, so this is usually not a permanent solution.

If the chemicals in the smoke don’t get them, the thick air probably will. Breathing is hard enough as it is down in those tunnels, so if their main oxygen source is taken away they’ll have no choice but to surface. Keep an eye on the holes after dropping in a smoke bomb to see if you can catch any running moles.

If you do decide to go this route, follow the directions on where to place and how to ignite these devices. Also try not to use this method near your home or other areas where people usually gather. The last thing you want is the fire department showing up because someone saw too much smoke.

5. Natural remedies.

If you wish to avoid chemicals, and possible harm to creatures other than the ones you are targeting, there are some other methods you can try. Mothballs placed at the openings of tunnels will make a mole less likely to hang around.

They also hate Castor Oil (but then again, who doesn’t?), so try spreading a quantity of Castor Oil pellets around these same spots. It also works well on other burrowing annoyances, such as gophers, voles and armadillos.

6. Natural predators.

Cats and dogs can prove to be an effective deterrent as they will happily prey on moles. Moles are also a common prey of owls, so setting up an owl box on your property will encourage one to take up residence.

If your pets don’t like hanging around outside for too long, you can also take hair that they’ve shed and place it into the holes. The scents of their predators can often be enough to scare away these moles.

7. Kitty litter.

One way to announce that there is a cat in the vicinity is to spread some soiled cat litter around. Try dumping a good quantity of used cat litter down into or around the opening of mole tunnels. This will create the impression of a cat being nearby and encourage them to flee.

If you don’t have a cat, mounds of dog poop will also serve the same function. If you do not have either of these animals, try asking a neighbor; they’ll probably be happy to be rid of these things!

8. Call in the professionals.

If you have no success with these methods or are uncomfortable doing it yourself, call in a professional extermination service. Moles are a common nuisance and these veterans will have a number of effective ways to deal with them. Depending on the service, you can probably specify whether you’d like them dealt with humanely or killed altogether. Take note that it might cost extra to have them relocated instead of killed.

Read reviews and check on prices before choosing which company to go with. This method will costs more, but allows you to stay completely out of the process.

Whichever method you choose, practice safety and read any instructions thoroughly. If you have any doubt about your ability to deal with this issue, utilize the services of a professional. Once you’ve gotten rid of those moles, the only thing left to do is restore your yard back to its natural beauty.

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  1. umm how can you get rid of moles that are on your face without a dermotologist.cant we just wash it daily and it will go 🙁

    can someone please answer my question!!!

  2. i have counted about 50 small moles just on my face. There is no way they can be washed off. If that were possible I would have washed my face vigorously years ago. My advice to you is to try the over the counter stuff if you don’t want to see a dermatologist. I would suggest seeing a dermatologist if you really want to get rid of your moles without scarring. My dermatologist had said that scarring is more common in people under 25. I am only 16 so I don’t know what I will do.

  3. A mole is just like a patch of skin, with a different colour (a shade of brown), and maybe a raise bump. (like a freckel) Many also have hairs growing out of them.

    This is different from a pimple which is a clogged pour in your skin which gets infected, turns red, and fills with ****, causing a red bump that is sometimes painful.

    If you’re around 13 to 19 years of age it’s very common to get out breaks of pimples, which can be helped by washing your face with special soap, but these are not to be confused with moles.

    And as for scarring being more common in people under 25, I don’t think that’s true. when your younger your body can heal much easier and quicker which means it’s harder to get scars, not easier. But if you’re worried about scars you can use coco butter or tea tree oil to keep your skin nice as it heals, this also works well with stretch marks.

    hope this helps

  4. i have a mole just above my upper lip. It sticks out a little but not a lot. i was wondering how to get rid of it? does anyone have an idea?
    if i can get it revomed, will it grow back?

  5. after my 15 in mexico [wich was in july the 21] a few days later i had a black head on the top of my eyebrow i thought it was just another black head… but as the months passed by it grew and grew and now its december and it looks like a mole … im thinking about getting it removed because i think it looks ugly and everyone stares at it what should i do ?

  6. i have many black moles on my face that stick out. my mother recently opened this urdu website which contained some amazing and life changing advice and cures. . . i removed one of my mole and now there is a slight redish scar but it is way better then what it looked like before:D

  7. My friend got a mole removed that was on her face and it took 4ever 4 the stitches 2 heal so make sure your not doing anything 4 about 3 weeks and your face will be red and puffy when u get out of surgery and it’s uncomfortable so look into it be4 you decide 2 get 1 removed.

  8. um i kinda have a mole on my right cheek and that’s anyone ever sees when they meet me…i want to get some kind of cream or whatever cause i’m afraid of surgery…do i just ask my regular doctor if i should get it removed with the cream…i mean its not discolored its just dark and its not any weird shape. please help

  9. I have a raised looking mole on my nose but i squeeze it and stuff comes out like a pimple and it will not go away I was wondering what it is??

  10. i have a mole on my bottom lip and i hate it!!! =[ i really want to remove it!!it is not big it is small but i still want to remove it i don’t want to be looked around with it! =[ if you want your mole to be removed you should really want to look perfect!right?try to talk to your doctor if there is some cream to remove it!!!

  11. i have a mole on my bottom lip and i hate it.i really want to take it off! =[ but i don’t want to mess my face up because my face will look more ugly!!! =[

  12. Removing moles by useing garlic seems to be the most common natural way of getting moles removed however there are some creams you can get from your doctor/dermotologist, but tehy could potentially leave hurt your skin. There are many other ways, but it all depends on how much your willing to spend and how long you want it to take.

  13. i dont not like my moles on my face expecially the birth mark or something on my forhead it is so embarring so i want them gone

  14. jen..where do u live? i need help too! I was wondering if we can both go to the doctor. please! i have a mole to and needs to be removed

  15. hey ya i was wondering..can yall help me..i have a mole on my face, its small but it bothers me.. i dont want to visit a doctor or anything by myself. I dont want my parents or anyone to find out. Please help me. im only 16. 🙁

  16. wht i think is tht there r 2 ways to get these moles removed……

    1 includes surgery using laser(costly) nd the othr is by using a knife(cheaper nd unreliable)…………so consult ur doctor!!

  17. Yea.. i have moles too well alot i hate it it really bothers me but some creams don’t work but Garlic works when u rub it against ur skin.

  18. well i have lots of moles too and i want to get rid of them as soon as possible at home but i cant find a way please if u kno how help me i beg u

  19. hi every one i think we all have one thing in comment that is that we are all complaining about our moles i havent found a way to remove them yet but i hope to so soon

  20. I just kinda got a knife and cut mine out and make sure to get all the brown/black pieces of it out too. i did mine infront of a mirror its not that hard and doesnt bleed much. mine was on my face and kinda anoyed me so i just got a knife cut it slowly leave it for 1 day. come back again next day then cut it all off slowly. takes like 30 mins or so the next day to cut it off and etc. then if you want use some purrel or something to kill all the germs in it then put a band aid over it and your done.

  21. okay, here’s what you do. im serious people this works and ive done it to three moles on my body. take a knife or anything sharp and make a tiny incision on the mole. continue to scrape the mole. This may hurt a little but it’s worth it. then put germ-x on the cut mole. then take a vinegar bottle and pour it on the mole. the acid will eat away the mole. do this for about a week and your mole will be gone.

  22. my mole sticks out over my skin. it is right of my right eye. people make fun of me all the time. how can i get rid of it? my doctor says that they would remove it only if it had cancer in it. how do i do it without having a doctor do it?

  23. hi my name is india my parents liked that name so they named me it. unfortanatly i have this mole right in the middle of my forehead, kinda like indian people have those red dots there. i am made fun of becuz of it. im only 12 and i am losing my self-confidence becuz of it. people are always like “ur indian hahaha!” I MUST get rid of this mole. please help me i am begging u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. i have a mole right of my left eye:(
    so its like between my nose and my left eye
    i hate it sooooo mcuh
    its bumpy and dark black,
    how do i get rid of it?

    someone please help me!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hello i’m only 14 and i have a mole on the middle of my arm. I can never wear short sleeve because it shows the mole. Graduation is coming and it’s embarrasing to go to with a dress and let the mole show. wHAT DO I DO?

  26. i have loads of moles. But i mainly have loads on my neck. i hate it my m8 told my to wear a scaf all the time. am i over reactiong.
    I dont even want to go to the dance at the end of school because people will see my moles. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  27. iam 14
    and i have a large mole on my back and iam scared of wearing bikinis. the doctors wont remove it cos iam too young. but i am scared peoplewill take the mickey + i wont get a boyfrend. i HATE it please help. im too embarassed to ask myparents

  28. Hello, I have lots of moles on my back and on my chest. There are two on my back that stick out a lot and the rest are just a little bumpy. I dont go swimming mutch because I am worried that people will make fun of me. Is there any way to get rid of them by not going to the doctor or not having to scrape them? I’m only 12.

  29. i have moles all over my face and im 15 and i’ve had them forever and i want to get rid of them i need something that i can do at home to make it go away. one of you said you used whip cream will you tell me more about that?

  30. hi im 14 years old and i have a mole on my forehead. its really embarrasing and there is no possible way to cover it up unless i wore a hat the rest of my life. i really want to get it removed so i have been looking into the home treatments and surgery but i dont know what to do :(, can you help?

  31. most of my moles are like a pinkish color and they bother my very much. if they’re not a weird color then they are sort of big and are kind of close together. it is very embarrasing!!!! please help!!!!

  32. I dnt have hardly any moles but my best friend does. One huge one in between her wrist n her elbow. Its nearly 15mm long. I feel sorry 4 her, she always wears long sleeved shirts in case people tease her. It is the biggest mole i have ever seen. And there is black hair coming out it, n her arm hair is blond. its so weeeeeeird n gross! ewwwww

  33. I have a mole on the side of my lip and its the same colour as my skin but i no when i talk people are looking at it my mum said u can hardly see it. but i no you can and its becaouse i no its there . and i just want it gone so badly. I cry all the time about it and wish it wasnt there please people give me some advice x
    just tell me what i could put on it without going to the doctors going to get plastic surgey or using a mole or wart remover isnt there anything that can get rid of it .
    Please help i’m begging you, you dont know what im going threw x

  34. Woah! i’m 13 and I have many moles all over me. It’s very embarrassing! People make fun of me! It sucks! to admit it, i’m a giant mole. I need a way to get rid of them with home stuff! Please help me

  35. I am 17 years old and I too have moles EVERYWHERE!!!! I have always been self-conscious about them, and have wanted to get rid of them. When I was younger I had kids call me mole face. My moles aren’t huge or anything, but I have a LOT of them! I have 18 moles on my face alone! No, they are not freckles.
    Well, I bet you’re wondering where I’m going with all this, but just recently I had a very pretty girl comment on how gorgeous my “beauty marks” as she put them, made me look. I never really thought about it, but they do make me look more unique. I stand out more because of them. Maybe people do think that they are pretty, and all of us who have them could even learn to like them. I don’t know, just a thought. 🙂

  36. I am 17 years old, and have moles EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously, I have 18 moles on my face alone. not freckles, MOLES! I have even more on my neck, back, arms, and legs. I have always been self-conscious of them because when I was younger kids would ask me about them. They would ask me questions like, “What are all those brown things on your face?” It would really embarrass me. It wasn’t till just recently that I’ve started to think differently about them. I was in the mall, clothes shopping, when this really pretty girl came up to me and told me how gorgeous my “beauty marks” as she put them, made me look. It made me feel so good, I went and looked in the mirror and realized that maybe they aren’t so bad. Maybe they make me look unique, stunning, or beautiful. I don’t know, it’s just a thought. I want to be happy with me, so maybe I can learn to love my BEAUTY MARKS!

  37. Everyone please stop hating your moles. They are what make us unique. I have tons all over my body and face (about 15-20 on my face), so I understand. But moles aren’t gross or ugly. They make us more individual. No one has flawless skin, so embrace your flaws and be more confident. Soon people around you will pick up your same attitude about them.

  38. I have a big mole on the side of my nose and its very embaressing. its the reaon why im so insecure! i always get made fun of and it makes me feel terrible about myself. and im 13 and i dont know what to do. my friend told me “u can get it removed” but im to scared to talk to my mom about it. it just embarasses the crap out of me! plz help. what should i do???

  39. I have over 100 moles on my body, i am 15 years old. I have a few big ones on my back, and 1 on my neck! And a few small ones on my face. There nothing to be ashamed of! I still believe i am beautiful with them or without them.

  40. You can remove moles naturaly by squeezing onion juice and applying it to the mole. Don’t be ashamed to remove your moles as some can be quite ugly while others are not so bad.

  41. Im 13. And I have 3 big moles or “beauty marks” as my mom says because she thinks it would make me feel better about myself, it doesnt work. Anyway, I have 3 on my face, and I REALLYYY want to get rid of them, but I wont get surgery because I don’t want the scars afterwords. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE help me! I’m resently feeling crappy about myself because of them. It SUCKS!!!! Big freakin’ time. I mean, it even made me say that…. hmmmm, anyway, helpp?!!

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