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Monkey grass isn’t a type of plant that primates smoke to get high. It is an evergreen plant that grows all year round, complete with fruits and flowers. The plant known as Ryu no hige or dragon’s beard in its native Japan can reach up to 16 inches in height and about half an inch in width. Its long leaves are dark green and smooth, while its flowers are either white or lilac.

Often confused with Liriope, the Ophiophogon japonicus has narrower leaves, smaller flowers and bluer fruits. Similarly, many people assume that Mondo grass and Monkey grass are the same plant with two different names. Although many gardeners will tell you the same thing, there is actually a difference between the two. For instance, Mondo grass feels smoother and grows taller than Monkey grass. Mondo grass bulbs are also bigger than Monkey grass. All of these translate to Mondo grass being more difficult to manage and get rid of, in comparison to Monkey grass.

Monkey grass is actually a favorite among landscape artists because they make excellent borders for flowerbeds, stepping stones, lawns, and rock gardens. Unlike weeds, Monkey grass works well with the roots of other plants and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. If those aren’t enough reasons to start growing this plant, it is also an important ingredient against yin deficiency. The Chinese uses its tuber to clear heat and irritability in the major organs of the body.

To cultivate Monkey grass, simply leave it in ordinary garden soil and watch it flourish. With all these benefits, why would anyone even consider getting rid of it? Although it is true that Monkey grass is an excellent lawn decoration, it sometimes becomes too eager and gives you more than you bargained for. When this happens, it invades the areas it’s only supposed to be bordering. The worst part is that Monkey grass is tough to contain and eradicate. It’s eerily similar to raising a monster you can’t kill.

Manual Labor

The simplest thing that keeps Monkey grass away is the primitive practice of digging. Unlike regular weed, pulling them out constantly would not be enough to eliminate all of them. Use a regular garden hoe to dig out the grass. Make sure to have an extensively wide dig to cover all the roots.

Once you are done digging, do a little maintenance and water the area. To ensure that you didn’t miss a spot, look out for places where Monkey grass will reappear and dig it out as well. The key here is patience and repetition. Monkey grass is incredibly hard to control but after doing the same thing over and over again, all of them would eventually disappear.

Root Barrier

This product keeps Monkey grass from spreading its bulblets, roots and rhizomes underground. Without a deep and properly placed root barrier, your Monkey grass problems will scatter quickly and just pop up somewhere else in your lawn. When you combine it with digging, you could immediately contain the Monkey grass and make the nuance go away altogether.

Summer is the best time to start cleaning your garden. Install a root barrier 12 to 18 inches in length and keep it mowed as short as possible. During this time, dig out as many rhizomes as possible to prevent more Monkey grass from growing. When fall arrives, cover the remaining area with a large sheet of plastic. Hopefully, those pesky plants are dead the following spring.

If some roots managed to survive, at least the soil is now easier to work on and dig out the remaining roots. If the area is too big for a tarp to cover, you may thin and divide them instead. Still, you need a root barrier to prevent the stubborn grass from spreading once again.

Landscape Artist

This isn’t a person who makes paintings that depict mountains, forests, rivers and valleys. Perhaps you are more familiar with its other name – gardener. By hiring this individual, you are relieved of all duties related to the small patch of greenery near your home. A gardener should have the ability to grow and maintain your plants, as well as remove unwanted sprouts like weed and Monkey grass.

Landscapers arrange ground scenery as a profession and not just paint it. If you have a very big tract of land, you need someone to handle it full time. Since television lifestyle programs aren’t enough to provide the necessary tools in gardening, you need someone with a green thumb who is used to botanical activities. Once you have such a person at your side, you can be assured that your lush garden won’t turn into a barren wasteland any time soon.

There is no easy way to fight Monkey grass. Solving your new predicament completely may take a couple of seasons to happen. Monkeys are invasive and mischievous creatures, so it isn’t surprising that their grass version also acts that way. The only way to get this Monkey off your back is to be patient and diligent with your efforts.

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