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Nothing ruins your travelling experience quite like feeling nauseous or the need to throw up. It makes what could have even been a smooth ride into one that very bumpy and uneasy.

As luck would have it, there are a number of very simple strategies that you can do that should help you get rid of your motion sickness. These tips are great for long road trips and plane rides, so if you’re currently in transit why not try one now?

1. Choose the right seat.

Where you sit can actually increase or decrease the amount of motion sickness that you experience while travelling. If you are in a car, try driving or sitting in the front passenger seat. If you are driving, this allows you to keep your body and mind busy, which ties into another method of getting rid of motion sickness that we’ll look into in a moment.

Additionally, sitting in the front passenger seat provides a better view of what is going on outside the car, which can help reduce your discomfort.

If you are travelling on a plane, you should try booking your ticket so that you have a window seat and have the ability to look outside. Additionally, consider sitting near the front or middle of the plane, as the back tends to experience a higher amount of turbulence which can make your motion sickness even worse. The front is also usually closer to the bathrooms, so if you have to make that pre-sickness dash, at least it should be a shorter distance.

If you’re on a boat, try sitting on one of the upper levels where you have a good view of the horizon and can focus on that. Finally, if you are riding on a train, sit by a window and away from the aisle. The same goes for a bus. The key is to divert your focus from inside the vehicle that you are travelling in!

2. Put down the book.

Even though travelling is a great time to get some reading done, whether or not it is for work, school, or pleasure, if you are experiencing motion sickness you should immediately put the book or electronic reading device down and focus on something else.

When reading, your body will think it’s not moving at all, but still feels itself moving. This can make things uneasy and result in motion sickness through nausea or dizziness.

If you absolutely have to read during travelling time, take frequent breaks so that the motion sickness is reduced as much as possible and you aren’t too overwhelmed.

3. Admire the great outdoors.

As mentioned earlier, one of things that you should do to reduce or eliminate your motion sickness is to simply look outside. In a car, this often means focusing on a spot ahead of the vehicle like a sign, building, or tree.

When you are focused on an unmoving object inside the vehicle, your mind and body will be out of sync as one may think that you are stationary, but the other doesn’t. This mind/body confusion is a one of the main causes of motion sickness.

Looking outside the vehicle, even at an unmoving object, helps to eliminate this discomfort by making your mind and body work together and both realize that you are moving.

4. Keep yourself busy.

Often motion sickness can be the result of a person just sitting in the vehicle without doing anything. Staring into space is sometimes enough to bring about motion sickness. A good distraction is often the best course of action to get rid of motion sickness.

Try talking to your travelling companions about any topic that interests all of you, such as favourite television shows, movies, or books. You could also choose to listen to some music while looking out the window. You could even take the time to create a story inside your head. The possibilities are endless! Just keep yourself busy and you will be less focused on any possibility of getting motion sickness.

5. Change your eating habits.

Don’t worry, there is no need to completely change your eating habits completely forever. Simply adjust what you are eating, when you are eating, and how much you are eating before you start travelling.

In terms of what you eat, if you’re prone to motion sickness you should only eat bland foods like bananas, applesauce, dry toast, and rice before and during your travel time.

To help with motion sickness, you shouldn’t be eating food closer than an hour before you travel if it can be helped. Having a full stomach may be nice, but sometimes it can actually increase the chances you’re going to get motion sickness.

If you have to eat food close to when you start travelling, try not to eat large amounts, and focus on the types that won’t upset your stomach.

In addition, if you still experience motion sickness during your travels, try sipping on some ginger or peppermint tea. Both of these flavours have been shown to reduce nausea and settle stomachs. You could even try sucking on a peppermint hard candy, or a piece of ginger.

6. See your doctor.

If your motion sickness is severe or the above methods aren’t helping at all, you should consult your doctor. You may have to take some medication designed to combat the severity of motion sickness. Always check with your doctor to make sure these are right for you.

If you are taking medication, most are taken at least an hour before you travel so that they can begin to take effect.

One thing to note, is that rollercoaster motion sickness is very common. Before you go out and start trying all these methods, it might not be as big of a deal as you think. There’s a reason barf bags are so common at amusement parks; lots of people get motion sickness.

If you follow these methods, you will begin to experience smoother rides without motion sickness, even if there are bumps in the road or turbulence in the air. Take care and soak in the sights with a clear conscience (and stomach).

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  1. Ive no tip but suffer from terrible motion sickness because of which dont travel on planes, i hate the journey but now i feel i really need a holiday, got 2 kids that will need looking after and the last thing i need is to be vomiting non stop till the plane stops. im unable to speak and my mind goes numb….

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