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Mouth ulcers can be reoccurring or just every so often. Causes of mouth ulcers are poor dental hygiene, biting of cheeks or lips, food allergies, nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, viral infection, ingesting spicy or acidic food, skin disease, minor injuries, stress, or they could be hereditary. There are also many symptoms to indicate that one has appeared. These include bad breath, increased salvation, mild fever, and the most definite sign is that eating or drinking becomes excruciatingly painful. There are also many ways to treat mouth ulcers from home. Knowing how to get rid of mouth ulcers at home can be cost effective as well as a time saver. Here are some helpful tips.

There are many at home treatments to cure mouth ulcers. One very effective treatment is to chew basil leaves with water twice a day; this not only helps cure the ulcers but also helps prevent the foul smelling breath. You should also gargle coconut milk three to four times a day or alternate between hot and cold water. One healthy way to help get rid of it is too eat raw salads with raw onions; onions contain sulfur which is effective in treating ulcers. Apply peppermint to the ulcers; this can also help them go down. To cure mouth ulcers you should avoid eating spicy foods like meat, fish or any type of protein; also avoid sharp edged items like bread or potato chips. Other ways to help cure a mouth ulcer is to drink plenty of orange juice, eat lots of yogurt, or cottage cheese. Make it an effort to eat curd and banana daily until the ulcer is cured.

There are also ways to prevent mouth ulcers. These ways include but are not limited to make yourself healthy through exercising and healthy supplements. Eating plenty of leafy vegetables can help reduce mostly all mouth sore situations. You might also want to try to reduce your intake of animal fat and red meat; when a food allergy is to blame, how to cure mouth ulcers would be to exclude the food you are allergic too. For women, hormone therapy would be a good way of how to get rid of mouth ulcers at home. Now not everyone knows how to get rid of mouth ulcers at home, if none of these remedies help please consult a professional or doctor.