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Mouth ulcers are extremely painful. A person can think of nothing else when they are afflicted with sores that come from bacterial infections, viruses, poor oral health, or from dryness of the mouth. Here’s some tips, with regards to how to get rid of mouth ulcers fast:

1. Use specialty ulcer creams- These help to relieve pain, they speed the rate of healing, and they can kill infection.

2. Rinse with prescription or over the counter oral rinses- Prescription rinses are made with steroid dexamethasone. Over the counter rinses are made with hydrogen peroxide, or with other types of peroxides. The oxygen acts to kill off the source of the infection, while rinsing away old skin cells.

3. Use the homemade remedy of MOM, or Milk of Magnesia – Simply pour a bit into a cup. It should separate. Take some of the liquid part of the solution off the top and apply the pasty settlement to your sore for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water. Check with your doctor to verify that this is safe.

4. Ask your doctor for prescription medications that can help to clear mouth sores- It’s also important to make sure that your immunity level is high, with regards to how to get rid of mouth ulcers fast. You should take folic acid, B vitamins, zinc and other immune boosting supplements, in order to get your immune system strong enough to combat the bacteria or the virus that is causing you to have sores.

5. Be gentle when you are cleaning inside of your mouth- Use a soft toothbrush, and never apply too much pressure to the inside of your lips or gums. Make sure that you are using a sanitary tooth brush. You should replace your toothbrush often and in the meantime, soak your toothbrush in disinfecting mouthwash. With regards to how to get rid of mouth ulcers fast, you can also soak your toothbrush in boiling water. Make sure that your toothbrush and your oral appliances are covered and protected from common bathroom germs.

6. Stay away from toothpastes that are too harsh- These would be those that are meant for whitening, and those with hydrogen peroxide in the ingredients. You might want to try to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Also, avoid using mouthwashes that are made with alcohol, or with other harsh ingredients.

7. Rinse your mouth out after you eat, and before you go to bed- Rinse with salt and water, or with baking soda and water.

Finally, you can make sure that your lips are moist inside and out. Drink lots of water, to keep your body lubricated from the inside out. Use a soothing and healing lip balm externally, such as petroleum jelly or natural nut butters, in order to keep your lips moist.