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Are you keeping your wedding dress because it’s meaningful to you? Are you keeping those pants because you’re planning to wear them once you lose your desired weight? Is your closet too small and filled with too many clothes?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, then expected that some of your clothing items, if not all, have a musty smell. Don’t you just want to get rid of that irritating odor? Below are some easy-to-follow tips on how to rid your clothings of their unwanted smell.

Farewell, Musty Smell

  • Sun – Your first step is to hang the shoes and clothes for a few hours under the heat of the sun to give them a sun-kissed scent. After hanging your musty shoes and clothes outside, take them in for washing. You can purchase must-removing products and use them on your shoes and clothes. After this, you can let them dry again outside. If you are following this tip, you have to be sure that the material used in manufacturing the shoes and clothes is not delicate and old. Using harsh detergents while washing a material as delicate as the lace on your wedding dress is not recommended. If the material is delicate, don’t spin it in your washing machine. The same is true with antique costumes, military uniforms and undergarments.
  • Dry cleaning – Dry cleaning any of the said items should be something you should think twice about. The chemicals used in dry cleaning can ruin the fabric, especially if it’s already old. If you aren’t confident about what you can do with extra sensitive fabrics, take them to a specialist. Look for someone who can repair and restore the clothes.
  • Air fresheners – You can always use commercial air fresheners to mask the smell of your musty clothes, but it’s always better to use a solution that offers a long-term effect. The artificial scent of commercial air fresheners is temporary. It’s better to neutralize odor or prevent it. Your clothes wouldn’t smell that way if you hung them in the sun everyday, even for just a short while. New odors are kept from forming on your clothes.
  • Vinegar, Baking Soda, Charcoal – Neutralizing the musty smell is not very difficult. All you need is to put white vinegar in a saucer, and then place it beside the closet. Make sure that the vinegar is close to the clothes with musty smell. If you do not have white vinegar at home, feel free to use baking powder or charcoal, as these have the same effect. Neutralize the smell by leaving the vinegar, baking powder or charcoal in the room for 24 hours or a few days. Make sure that all windows are closed. After keeping the room that way for a night or for a few days, open the doors and windows to let the air out. Along with the air is the musty clothes smell from your shoes and clothing.
  • Detergents – You can use Oxyclean, Febreze or Tide. You can order Purewasher from the Internet. All these are effective in helping you get rid of musty clothes smell. Aside from its guaranteed effectiveness, these products also remove the smell from your machine.
  • Keep it clean – Getting rid of musty clothes smell is easy if you know what to do about it; however, your problem is not yet over because you will still have to prevent the musty clothes smell from reoccurring. To make sure that the smell won’t come back again, the garments and closet must always be washed to prevent the build up of mold and mildew. Prevent the smell with cedar balls and drawer sachets. Remember, mildew and mold develop in dark and moist areas. Why not install a humidifier inside the house? You should also make sure that the storage area is sufficiently lit.
  • Soaking – Mild soaking solution works too, because it kills the mold. You can make your own solution by mixing a gallon of warm water and a cup of ammonia, or a gallon of warm water and a cup of white vinegar. You can also try mixing a gallon of warm water and a cup of baking soda, as all these have the same effect. Soak your clothes in any of these solutions and then let them dry under the sun.
  • Musty Upholstery – If your problem is the musty smell on your upholstery, use baking soda to get rid of the odor. Just sprinkle some baking soda on the furniture upholstery fabric, let it set in there for a few hours, then vacuum it off. Sometimes, baking soda can damage fine materials. To make sure it doesn’t ruin your fabrics, test it in an area on the fabric that is inconspicuous. If you do not have baking soda, use upholstery shampoo since it is also effective. You can make some yourself by mixing warm water and laundry detergent or liquid dish soap. While doing this, make sure that you don’t get the upholstery too wet. Speeding up the drying is possible by using a fan and keeping your doors and windows open so that air can circulate and assist in the evaporation of the liquid in the fabrics. (Tips on how to clean upholstery)

You may think that preventing and getting rid of mildew and mold are time consuming. Just be patient and wait until you get the problem under control. With all these tricks and techniques, you can get rid of any musty smell in your favorite clothing items. For more information regarding this article, read how to get rid of musty smell.

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  1. Have purchased some coats for my Vintage Store. They are in good condition but have a musty smell. What would you suggest.

  2. Try Zinc nano for clothes coating, Zonop, it is clothes coating liquid from nano technology. Help eliminate musty smell from clothes and also anti bacteria and fungal.
    It is not expensive and really helps.

  3. How about just keeping your clothes and house clean? If I can do it you can too! No smoking helps that too!

  4. Use old or odd socks and fill each with a cup of baking soda. Tie the top of the sock or put a rubber band around the top. Place one sock in each dresser drawer with your clothing. Replace with fresh baking soda once a month or as needed. Pour the old soda down the drain followed with a quarter cup of warm water. let it stand for 20 minutes before rinsing to freshen the drains (works great in garbage disposals especially if you add a lemon rind). Other uses for the old baking soda: sprinkle in garbage cans; use it to scrub the tub, commode, sink; put it in the kitty litter box before adding fresh litter. Peace.

  5. I have just bought a sofa bed online and when the guy deliverd it I noticed the matress smells realy musty,how can I get rid as its way to big to put in wash?

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