Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

If your house has been overtaken by an unpleasant smell you may need the ground rules for how to get rid of musty smell in carpet. The solution is twofold. First you need to identify the source. Secondly you need to attack the damaged areas harboring the smell.

The last thing you want is to clean your carpets and have the smell return. So identifying the culprit is a major issue. Often there can be more than one cause, so keep that in mind. The top two criminals are leaks and older flooring.

Leaks cause molds and fungi to grow which in turn deteriorate carpets, woods and fixtures as well as cause smells. Also, when wood becomes and is not promptly dried or treated it will develop a smell as well. Mildew growth will add to the effect. A good indication of locked moisture is discoloration, ?softness?, and decay.

Older Flooring can often have hidden problems such as the accumulated growth of fungi. The fungi may be an indication that mushrooms or ?white moss? may be present. It will not be sufficient to simply clean carpeting laid over such flooring. The moss, especially, can cause respiratory issues, so the matter is greater than a simple assault on your sense of smell. Attention should be to carpet pads as well. If there is a musty smell they may need to be replaced in addition to peaking at the subflooring underneath.

The basics of how to get rid of musty smell in carpet are pretty strait-forward. After investigation and repairs are made it is time to clean. In the most mild of situations, a good old-fashioned vacuuming alongside a scrub will do the trick. Keep in mind that is if thee is a smell involved you will want to give it a deep cleaning and also be sure to air out and let the area dry completely before replacing any furniture.

If all else fails it will require a consultation with a professional cleaner. While the option may be the most costly, it is also the most effective. They have the equipment and expertise to ensure that the causes of odors are eliminated. They will also use higher-powered equipment and professional grade cleaning products that you may not be able to acquire alone. The biggest bonus of all is most cleaners will return if the job is not satisfactory. That security will make musty smells a thing of the past and how to get rid of musty smell in carpet a question the professionals can address.