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One of the worst feelings in the world is nausea. After all, how can anyone expect to function properly if they feel as if they want to vomit every other minute? Unlike fever or body pains, which still allow you to do your duties just as long as you grit your teeth and focus, nausea causes you to wonder when you’ll have to throw up.

Defining Nausea And Its Causes

Nausea is the feeling of discomfort in your stomach that makes you want to vomit. There are many causes of nausea, and treatment is usually centered on identifying the cause first before eliminating it. Remember, nausea itself is not a sickness. Like fever, it’s a symptom of another condition, something that may not even be related to the stomach.

For example, travel or motion sickness, caused by a disagreement between what you perceive as movement and your system’s sense movement, has no connection whatsoever with your stomach. It has been proposed that vomiting during motion sickness is due to the brain concluding that the discrepancy between senses is due to one of them hallucinating. The brain then concludes that this could be due to poison ingestion and thus, it forces the body to vomit to clear the toxin out.

Aside from travel sickness, other common causes of nausea include:

  • pregnancy
  • food poisoning
  • intoxication, usually from alcohol
  • infections
  • carbon monoxide poisoning
  • anxiety and stress
  • reaction to medication

Identification and isolation of the cause is a big factor in getting rid of the nausea. If you’re able to identify it right away, then there shouldn’t be any need to go to a physician. Any nausea that cannot be explained or one that has gone on for a long time, however, definitely needs to be checked out.

Getting Rid of Nausea

If nausea isn’t due to some serious underlying condition, simple treatments will get rid of it right away. Here are some things you can try in order to find relief and prevent it from getting worse.

  • Take slow and deep breaths. Nausea is sometimes caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, which happens when circulation is messed up. So relax, sit down, and take slow, deep breaths to calm down. Take air into the nose, and then out through the mouth. If you have a saline solution or some menthol vapor, smell them, just to get the queasiness out.
  • Take over the counter anti-nausea medications. There are medicines available on the market that are made to fight off nausea, such as Dramamine and Bonine. Dramamine has dimenhydrinate that is used to fight nausea and vomiting. Bonine, on the other hand, uses meclizine, which has fewer side effects than dimenhydrinate. It should be noted that these drugs are chiefly for nausea caused by motion sickness. As such, a side effect is usually drowsiness, and they may be ineffective against nausea caused by other conditions.
  • Drink lots of fluid. Calm your stomach without irritating it by minimizing the consumption of solid foods. Stock up on fluids and drinks instead. You can drink clear water, weak tea, non-caffeinated drinks, or ginger ale. You can also try sucking on ice chips. Sugary drinks can also calm your stomach, but avoid acidic drinks like orange juice and coffee.
  • Take ginger. Ginger is acknowledged as a natural remedy for those suffering from nausea. Just consume ginger by drinking ginger ale, ginger root capsules, ginger tea, or just add fresh minced ginger to your food or drink and let it work its magic.
  • Drink herbal teas. To remove the queasy feeling, drink herbal teas such as ginseng, peppermint, or chamomile. They will soothe your stomach as well as quell any nausea through their mentholated properties.
  • Get plenty of rest. It doesn’t matter if your nausea is caused by motion sickness, infection, or food poisoning. Find a good position that is the least nauseating for you. Lying down is better than sitting or standing. Stay in that position for as long as you can, or until the feeling of nausea passes away.
  • Eat bland food to calm your stomach. Chances are if you’re feeling nauseous, you’ve already thrown up your lunch . Fill your stomach up with bland food like crackers, gelatin, or toast, but be sure to take them in small portions, so as to slowly build up your stomach’s tolerance. Stay away from fatty or acidic foods, and avoid any strong food odors. These may trigger another bout of vomiting. If you just vomited, stay away from solid foods for at least six hours.
  • See a doctor if symptoms persist or worsen. Your nausea should go away after the above treatments, but if it doesn’t and you feel it worsening, then it’s important that you have it checked right away. It could be a symptom of something far more dangerous.

The above tips are for healthy people who are suffering from nausea. For pregnant women, it is better that you consult the doctor first before doing anything, especially taking medications. Remember, there is more than your life at stake; there is also your baby’s. If you aren’t expecting, then these tips will work great for you.

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  1. I have been feeling nauseous for about an hour and so I’m drinking ginger tea. I feel much better – not 100%, but manageably. The only other of these cures I have on hand at work is the pickle juice – not sure if I am desperate enough to try that yet!

  2. So, the pictures of people about to vomit are not really helping me overcome my nausea. But otherwise, these tips were quite helpful.

  3. Nice article, but anxiety can cause nausea. I’ve been feeling nausea for over a year now and still haven’t found what’s wrong with me 😛

  4. Ahhh i can’t believe some people eat mint to make it go away, i just feel sick thinking about it. what helps me is tea (anything but green tea!) with honey and lemon drops, cups of them. try to drink the cups slowly, without getting air into your stomach. then, i eat some citrus-based fruits like clementines or oranges. eating tostitos with salsa mix helps immensely as well due to the spice. also, scrambled eggs with no salt and just some butter as flavour. after all that, the ingredients should be digested already and your nausea will go out the southend rather than the north! good luck to any suffering souls 🙂

  5. Brush your teeth with peppermint toothpaste, and splash face with cold water this freshens you up and the peppermint taste calms your stomach. especially if your sickness is related to anxiety.

  6. Thanks…it really helped me. But one thing that you may want to consider putting on there is a lack of food…because if you go to long without food you can feel nauseous. 🙂

  7. I travel a lot by plane, and it seems like i’m always nauseous, or however u spell that. Ginger ale really helps, in fact, i am suffering from nausea because i’m sick right now and i’m going to go get some. also, warm baths, kaying still for a while, sleep, and just being warm helps.

  8. As good as these tips are, the pictures of people about to puke wasn’t very helpful, and the ginger looks like a turd. Does anyone have advice for nausea caused by acetaminophen?? I can’t take Ibuprofen due to bad kidneys and liver, acetaminophen is the only painkiller i have on hand, and it causes the worst debilitating nausea

  9. I agree with all of the previous comments.. personally for me i sip a teaspoon of flat coca cola every ten minutes or so…that usually helps alot. You can also eat some soda crackers… elevate you head above your feet about 12 inches….in some stores they sale ginger suckers not the best taste in the world but i gets the job done….try to stay away from solids…sip everything you drink….try not to be overactive…if it doesnt go away in two to three days you might want to consult your physician.

  10. I have had nausea for about 2 years now, it never goes away.. some days better than others. I have extreme anxiety, and lupus and fibro.. so i take a lot of meds. I have tried just about every type of over the counter and prescribe meds for nausea, but i have about lost it i need something that helps and soon! its taking away my quality of life I need help soon… Please help

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