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Exactly how to get rid of newborn hiccups is a question many new parents ask because they tend to be such a frequent occurrence in small babies. When a newborn gets hiccups it can be difficult to watch. They are so small and a bout of hiccups seems to shake their whole bodies. Most times newborns seem oblivious to the annoyance, but in some cases they may become fussy or it may prevent them from sleeping. There are a few easy options that bode well for curing newborn hiccups.


Perhaps the best option is to nurse your baby. If you are breastfeeding your child will not only feel comforted but the act of nursing itself will easily cure his or her hiccups. If you are feeling a bit anxious watching your little one in the throws of a hiccup fit, nursing will help you to relax as well because of the hormones that are released. Often when a baby seems upset over hiccups they are really reacting to the emotions around them, nursing alleviates all those issues.


Burping is sort of a two-fold answer to how to get rid of newborn hiccups. Your child may be relieved of hiccups if you burp them and release the gas trapped in their little tummy. Also, if you make it a point to burp your child after every feeding the likelihood of your baby getting hiccups in the first place will be greatly reduced. This is especially important with breastfed babies as the misconception that they do not need to be burped as often prevents many mothers from doing it.


If you have already introduced or plan to introduce a pacifier it can be used to help relieve hiccups. For nursing moms who would prefer to go without artificial nipples tip one, simply nursing, would take the place of pacifier usage. The sucking action can be likened to taking long controlled breaths to relieve hiccups in adults and the effects are the same.

Sugar Water

There are some people who might advise that if you are bottle feeding or supplementing with bottled breast milk a bottle of sugar water can help a hiccupping newborn. Many pediatricians advise against giving water to babies as it lacks nutritional value and can disrupt their feeding patterns. Also in most cases it is advisable to never give a young child, no less a baby processed sugars of any kind.

In the end, when deciding how to get rid of newborn hiccups the uniform answer generally includes a sucking and swallowing combination. Be that a bottle, nursing or a pacifier. Keep in mind that if vomiting is associated with your baby?s hiccups you should consult a pediatrician. Otherwise, relax, they?re just hiccups!