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New York Search Engine Optimization

We found out the hard way on how tough it is to find a reputable company to provide New York search engine optimization services. Page 2 Google is no fun when all the action is on the first page. We went through the ringer a couple of times by trying off-shore companies, but found it very hard to communicate and get the results we wanted. Then we tried a remote company, but still found it tough to get what we wanted. I think the toughest thing was communication. Then we searched for a local New York company to help with our search engine optimization.

After a month of searching and talking to different companies, we found SEO Pledge. They are located in Hicksville, New York and we were able to sit down and really discuss a plan that fit our company needs. The difference between sitting down and discussing a plan of action far outweighs the phone or video conferencing. I know we have gotten away from that as a society, but I feel for something important like the growth of your business, you should work with someone that fully understands your needs.

Our company is in the hosting industry and has been since 1998. We never had to worry about search engine optimization or any search engine traffic. Things have changed over the years and it is now a priority to reach the top of the search engines.

Our New York Search Engine Optimization Plan

  • First page Google for our important keywords
  • Create Social Media accounts
  • Start blogging
  • Article marketing
  • Create quality backlinks

These were the very basics, but this was our starting point. We never knew to reach the first page of Google took so much time and effort. But the competition is only growing and you can never let your guard down or stop marketing online, because someone will pass you by.

We started with no blog, but now have a WordPress blog that is built for SEO. Every time we publish content, it gets automatically distributed to all of the major social media sites and also the top 50 bookmark sites.

Our content marketing gets published to 8 content networks. We had no idea what a content network was, but we do now. The more content you publish, promote and distribute, the more backlinks you build to increase the strength of your website.

Building baclinks is a process in itself, you want to be consistent and make sure your content only reaches websites with similar content. We create about 2 articles a week and promote them to hundreds of websites. Then we also build backlinks to our social media sites as well.

Ever since we launched our new Internet marketing campaign, our website traffic significantly increased and we now receive over 100 new customers per month just from our website. The average customer pages $125/mo. So that is over $12,000 per month or almost $150,000 per year in new revenue since we overhauled our entire Internet marketing strategy. We paid a lot less than that for the actual services.

I am no techie and don’t know all the ins and outs of this stuff, but wanted to show my support for SEO Pledge, because they really helped take our business to the next level online.

If you are interested, check out their site at New York search engine optimization and tell them Frankie V. sent you.

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