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A fresh coat of paint does wonders to make surfaces, furniture and your own home look better, but splatters of paint where they’re not meant to be looks bad. Here are the different methods you can do to remove paint stains on a variety of surfaces, and how you can get rid of a variety of paint stains caused by different paint types. Read on for more.


Unless you like painting naked, there’s a big chance that you’ll have paint end up on your clothes, even if you try not to get it on them. Make sure that you read the care labels before attempting to clean the paint stains. Here are some things you can do to remove paint from your clothes.

Method 1

For this method, you’ll need rubbing alcohol, a toothbrush and warm water.

  1. Spray some warm water directly on the stained area until it is completely wet, but not soaking.
  2. Put a generous amount of rubbing alcohol on the paint stain and use a toothbrush to brush the alcohol into the paint stain.
  3. Keep brushing until the paint stains begin to break apart or disappear. Once this happens, rinse again with warm water to get the paint out fully.

Method 2

For this method, you’ll need hairspray, a toothbrush and a washing machine.

  1. Spray the paint stain with hairspray and scrub using a toothbrush.
  2. Once you’ve gotten the stain out, put the affected clothes through a regular wash cycle.

Method 3

For this method, you’ll need paint thinner, water and paper towels.

  1. This method works well when the paint is oil-based. Scrape off the paint using a dull edge, like a plastic spoon.
  2. Once you’ve removed as much of the paint as you can, apply paint thinner on the stain using a sponge. When you’ve removed as much of the paint as you can, rub liquid detergent on the stain.
  3. Wash and rinse the clothing in hot water, and let air-dry.

Method 4

This method works best for water-based paint. You need warm water, enzyme pre-soak stain remover and mild detergent.

  1. Rinse the clothing in warm water as soon as you see the paint stain.
  2. Apply the enzyme pre-soak stain remover mixed with a little warm water.
  3. Rinse with more warm water, following it with a hand wash using a mild detergent.
  4. Let air dry.


If you’re dealing with paint stains on specific fibers, you can try doing this method. This works for Burlap, Acetate, Synthetic Carpet or Wool Carpet, Rayon, Fiberglass, Silk or Triacetate.


  • Plastic knife
  • Sponge
  • Dry cleaning solvent
  • Dry spotter
  • Absorbent pad
  • Ammonia


Try to do this procedure as soon as you spot the stain. It will become harder to remove otherwise.

  1. Use a plastic knife or plastic spoon to scrape off as much of the paint as possible.
  2. Follow up the scraping by applying dry cleaning solvent on the stain using a sponge. Use gentle and light strokes, moving from the center to the outside edges of the stain.
  3. Apply enough dry spotter in the paint stain and cover it with a clean absorbent cotton pad with more dry spotter applied in it. Keep the absorbent pad there to absorb as much of the paint stain as it could. Change it to a new one once you notice it’s not absorbing the stain anymore.
  4. Flush the stain with water, and try to spot if there’s any of the stain left. If not, repeat the process. If the stain’s been removed, allow it to dry.

You can also use ammonia to remove the stain after Step 2, but do not use ammonia if you’re dealing with silk, wool or rayon.


A good carpet is a big investment, that’s why having a paint stain on it will distress anyone. Here’s how to remove it.


  • Liquid all-purpose detergent
  • Dry towel
  • Soapy water


Cleaning a carpet may take several repetitions of the process detailed below, so be patient.

  1. Quickly start removing the paint stain as soon as you spot it. Apply the liquid all-purpose detergent from underneath the carpet until you get to the surface, and blot using a towel.
  2. Put some soapy water on the stain, and blot it again. Put more detergent and blot. Repeat this until you’ve gotten the stains out.
  3. For more ideas on paint removal on carpets, read how to remove paint from carpet.

Furniture and Other Household Surfaces

Paint can also get on your furniture and other household surfaces. Here’s how you can get rid of them.


  • Vinyl gloves
  • Warm water
  • Paint thinner
  • Mild detergent


  1. If you’re not avoiding to have the surfaces scratched, try to scrape off as much of the paint as you can. If the paint is wet, blot it using paper towels.
  2. Once you’ve removed the excess paint, apply a bit of paint thinner using a clean dry cloth, and rub it into the stain. Keep rubbing until the stain is removed. Dry it off with a paper towel.

These set of instructions should help you be prepared against any wandering paint stains in your house. You’ll be rid of them in no time.

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