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As a woman, you know how important it is to look good. That’s why you take all the time you need to dress up and look fab. You spend an hour in the shower, another one on make-up and a couple more hours to dress up. While it may take you many hours to look flawless, it’s still very easy to destroy your public image by being careless, such as when you accidentally show your panty lines to other people.

To avoid public humiliation, follow these tips so you won’t have to worry about panty lines.

Hide and Prevent

Invest in Thongs — You may disdain wearing thongs at first, but hey, they’re effective in preventing unwanted panty lines. Just make sure that you pair your thong with the right type of jeans. A pair of low waist pants goes well a low-rise thong. Also, make sure that you don’t get thongs that are too tight, since these may create a lumpy silhouette. Wear a thong that’s just right for you.

Be “Clingy” — Briefs are for women too. Wear clingy briefs made of nylon or silk; however, make sure that you wear the right size, or else the fabric will give you panty lines.

Boxers For Women — You can now find boxer-briefs for women. Unlike thongs, you can wear tight-fitting boxer briefs without worrying about fat being dug up by fabrics and elastics. When wearing boxer-briefs, stay away from those that do not fit you tightly because instead of worrying about panty lines, you may instantly get boxer lines instead. Women’s boxer briefs are designed to fit you tightly.

Boy-Short Panties — Have you heard of mesh boy-short panties? Mesh boy-short panties are now available in lingerie stores. They are perfect, especially for those who want to avoid getting panty lines.

What do mesh boy-shorts have that other panties don’t? First, mesh boy-short panties are stretchy since they are made of elastic mesh, making the whole piece of underwear move well with your body. Boy-shorts also do not ride up or bunch to create a panty line. Second, they don’t have bulky and thick elastics since they anchor around your butt. What anchors around your bottom is not elastic material but a stretch mesh lace, helping you avoid those nasty panty lines.

Body-Shaping MagicBody-shaping underwear is more comfortable to wear than other types. You can wear shorts that are inspired by bicycle shorts since these are widely available on the market these days. Your shorts should start from your waist down to your mid-thigh. You can also buy undergarments made of spandex since most body-shape underwear these days is made from this material.

Say “No” To Cotton — Stay away from all-cotton underwear. Yes, it is true that cotton undies have always been known to provide comfort, but they are also made with elastics. The fabric tends to roll as you wear this type of underwear all day, creating bumps and lumps from behind. If you are used to wearing cotton panties all your life and you can’t imagine yourself not wearing them, then choose panties that have thin elastic bands.

Colors Matter — Wear dark-colored jeans to work and say goodbye to white pants since the latter guarantees panty lines. If your jeans are black or dark blue, the panty line will be hard to notice. You should also avoid light-colored pants if you are wearing dark-colored underwear.

The Right Size –– Remember this rule — size does matter. A panty that’s too small for you will bind and pinch, while a large one will creep or bunch up. Wear the wrong size and expect to get a panty line real soon.

Think Britney Spears — If all else fails, go commando. Going commando is probably the best way to avoid panty lines since you won’t be wearing any underwear at all.

A fine woman like you deserves to look good and feel good. Make sure all bases are covered by following the tips above so you can forget about those loathsome panty lines.

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