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Perfumes are liquids filled with different chemicals that make you smell good. They create your trademark scent. Not everyone remembers the way you look, but almost all of them will remember the way you smell.

While smelling good is a sign of good hygiene, it does not mean that you have to smell too good. By too good, it means that you are wearing too much perfume. Too much perfume can irritate the sense of smell of the person next to you. Your smell should be nose-friendly at all times. If your skin, car and clothes have too much perfume on them, below are ways on how to get rid of perfume smell.

Dealing with Perfume Smell on your Clothes

  • Getting rid of a perfume smell is possible with washing. When washing your clothes with detergents, make sure that you do not have extreme allergies, asthma or multiply chemical sensitivity (MCS). The fragrances of some detergents may not be strong to you, but the chemicals used to manufacture the products are. Stop washing your own clothes if you cannot handle detergents, and just put your clothings in a laundry shop.
  • If you do not want to bring your clothings in a laundry shop, you can always use organic detergent to get rid of perfume smell. Use a new dryer and a new washer to make sure that there is no trace of harsh chemical detergents in them. This way, you do not only get rid of perfume smell, but you also protect your health from possible diseases and irritation.
  • Soaking is also a good way of getting rid of perfume smell. You will need vinegar and water to wash your clothes with. Leave your clothes in the washer overnight. The amount of vinegar to use should be around ¼ to 4 liters, depending on the strength of the perfume smell. Now, your next problem is to get rid of the smell of the vinegar. After washing your clothes with vinegar, wash the same clothes the next day at least three to four times. Use water only, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Perfume stains can be dealt with using a toothbrush, peroxide and vinegar. A 450 ml bottle of peroxide will be enough to make your stained white clothes white again. Be careful with this process because the chemicals are strong and can ruin fabric. Don’t soak for too long because the chemicals can ruin zippers and buttons.
  • Dealing with skirts and jackets made of suede material can be difficult because you cannot use vinegar anymore. It will only end up destroying the material of your clothing items. What you should do with a suede skirt is put it on an open dish of kitty litter (with no scent) in a ziplock bag, or any airtight container. The clothing item should not touch the kitty litter spread. While you can also use coffee grounds to absorb odor, the kitty litter is known to neutralize odor better. Coffee grounds have scent, too, so it is always better to use kitty litter.

Cars Have Overpowering Smell Too

  • Perfume stains even your car. The first thing you need to do to get rid of perfume smell in your car is to open the windows. Use a leather-safe material to wipe your car upholstery and car seats. A leather-safe material is the only thing you have to use because this is the only type of material that absorbs perfume smell. It is also best to open your windows all the time, to give way for ventilation. The air carries out the odor from your car. If you have some cash, then let the professionals do the cleaning for you.
  • Vinegar works well to get rid of perfume smells on clothes, but it can also work for your car. Close your doors and turn the AC on. Then, place an open bottle or a bowl of vinegar inside your car. Let the AC system help ventilate the vinegar around. After a few minutes, you can turn the AC off, but leave the vinegar inside the car. After 24 hours, you can open the car windows. The smell of the perfume and vinegar will go out in the air.

Too Much Scent On Your Skin

What if you need to get rid of the perfume smell on your skin? You may be one of the people who do not realize that the smell of perfume on their skin is just too strong already. Wearing too much perfume can annoy other people. If you still smell your perfume 30 minutes after you have sprayed it on, it automatically means that you have sprayed too much.

The next time you put perfume on, do not spray it directly on your skin, just on your side and in front of you. Spray it through the air and then walk through the area where you sprayed it. If you still cannot get the trick and you still suffer from too much perfume smell, create a paste using baking soda and water. Rub it on the area where there is too much perfume. Rinse thoroughly.

You wear perfume to improve your smell, but if you wear too much, you’re only making the odor worse. Use perfume moderately, and if you go out of control again, help yourself with the tips given above.

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  1. For all you men who are having affairs, take heed! This is now your bible, instructor’s manual and constitution all in one!

  2. I have a professional nikon camera that has a purfume smell on the covreing. How do I neutralize it?Get rid
    of it.

  3. How do I get rid of the chemical/perfume smells on clothes that have been washed in perfumed detergents? The only thing that has helped so
    far is hanging them on the clothes line, and leaving them for days exposing them to rain and sunshine. That helps, but doesn’t totally get
    that chemical/perfume smell out.

  4. My perfume fell over on my bed sheet and my washing machine broke. I don’t have a cat so how else can I get it off? The J-lo branded perfume…it leaves a strong chemical scent.

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