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For many people, perverts are the scum of the Earth. To say that women are bothered by perverts is an understatement. The beady eyes, sticky gaze, and unsettling feeling of being mentally undressed by a low-life pervert is one of the worst experiences any person can have. The problem with perverts is that they can actually be worse than what they seem. Here are some ways that you can get rid of perverts.

Perverts are Sexual Offenders

Perverts may look harmless, or they may even defend themselves by saying they just appreciate beautiful things and beautiful people. Remember that things are not always what they seem — there is a chance that a person who looks at you in a perverted, lecherous, and lascivious way is a serial sex offender. Anyone who fantasizes and mentally undresses you is perfectly capable of doing that in the real world.

Rapists, molesters, and other violent sex offenders often start out as perverts. Never underestimate or shrug off a pervert. Long and lingering stares at inappropriate body parts or places may seem harmless, but the pervert might act on his or her fantasies sooner or later. If you no longer feel comfortable about the way a potential pervert is looking at you, then you have to report him or her to the police.

Perverted behavior is very broad in scope. While most people believe that only women can be victims of sexual harassment, men can also be victims of perverts. The problem is that some people won’t readily accept a sexual harassment complaint filed by a man. The same dangers confronted by women when it comes to perverts are also confronted by men.

Reconsider Your Dress Sense

Some people think that it’s not entirely the fault of a pervert if he or she gawks and stares at you in the wrong way. If you wear short dresses, skin-tight jeans, or other revealing articles of clothing, people may think that you’re actually attracting perverts. The fact is that a pervert will gawk at you no matter what you wear; however it still helps to be conservative with the way you dress:

  • If the weather permits, wear a jacket or a coat if you’re wearing a revealing blouse.
  • Wear comfortable, sensible clothing. If you ride public transport like the subway or the bus, wear comfortable but presentable clothes. Don’t wear a tight short skirt or a revealing blouse when you commute to work or go to a public place.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion. While it’s okay to show off your curves, you may need to conceal some areas of the body that most perverts are riveted to, like your cleavage and legs.

Know Where They Are

Perverts and other sex offenders lurk everywhere, but there are common places where they lurk around:

  • Crowded places like trains, malls, and bus stops
  • Bars, restaurants, and other night spots
  • Clothing stores
  • Schools and university campuses

Perverts are just about anywhere that it is almost impossible to avoid them. While you can’t do anything about the presence of perverts on your own, it’s best to avoid dangerous areas like dark alleys or side streets.

Be Keen and Aware

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, but this rule does not apply to perverts. Perverts can be stalkers, and may follow you everywhere you go until such time that you’re alone. For many women, the mere mention of the word “rapist” can send chills down the spine. Any pervert is capable of becoming a rapist, and getting attacked or raped is the worst fear of any woman.

Whenever you’re out in public, always keep a keen awareness of your surroundings. Perverts and possible sexual offenders can lurk anywhere, and are capable of attacking and violating you at any moment. Always be on the lookout for anyone who looks at you in a wrong way, or gives you an uncomfortable and disturbing stare.

Be Prepared

Some perverts tend to act on their fantasies, and may grope you on the train or drag you to a dark alley. It pays to have either pepper spray, mace, or a stun gun in your purse just in case. Make sure that the can of spray is still active. If you use a stun gun, make sure that it’s stored in a proper carrying case.

You can also enroll in some self-defense lessons to protect yourself from an attacker or a sexual offender. Techniques from boxing, kick boxing (not the aerobic kind), aikido, and judo are great ways to defend yourself from an attacker. You can never be too prepared, especially if you’ve already had bad experiences with sexual offenders.

Use the Internet Wisely

There are many cases of sexual harassment that take place on the Internet that are not documented, simply because people are afraid or they don’t know what to do. Here are some safe Web browsing tips that can help you avoid being the next victim of online perverts:

  • Be prudent. Unless you’re really confident about it, don’t post sexually suggestive or naked pictures of yourself on the Internet, even if you do log in to private social networking or file hosting accounts. If you have to use peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs, be very aware that you may be violating copyright laws or that you may also be a target for perverts who lurk in P2P networks.
  • Avoid porn sites. Here’s another reason to ditch the nasty habit of Internet porn altogether. Porn sites leave a lot of spyware, malware, and cookies on your hard drive, and make it easy for porn addicts to track you down. They may start sending you sexually harassing and disturbing messages. At the same time, accessing porn sites for your own enjoyment also makes you a pervert.
  • Access safe content. Configure your browser and firewalls to ensure maximum protection from tracker software, cookies, and malware. Only visit sites that you trust.

File a Complaint

Perverted behavior is itself a crime. The reason why perverts get away with their crimes is because few people complain to the police or to the authorities about perverts. The best thing you can do to get rid of a pervert and prevent future cases of sexual harassment is to file a formal and official complaint to the police. They may even suggest that you take the offender to court.

Another good option is to file for a restraining order, especially if you’re being regularly stalked by a pervert. It also helps to have a detective, sheriff, or police officer to track down perverts and other sexual offenders in your neighborhood.

Perverts come in all shapes, sizes, and with sick thoughts that go on in their heads. They may look harmless, but there are very few things that are more harmful than a look that violates your dignity and identity. Do something about perverts, before they do something to you.

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  1. I live next to a pervert and I can’t get rid of him. I live in town and the houses are very close. I own my own businuss and I live above my shop. Last summer a new neighbor moved into a rental next door. He is on disability and supposedly is legally blind. EVERY day last summer he would sit outside his apt. in the parking lot of the rental apts. and local business’ in his underware. He would pull the underware down below his buttocks and sit in the chair ALL DAY as if sunning himself. I complained but was told this was perfectly legal. In Sept. of last year he pulled his genitals out and fondled himself to erection. I took pictures and called the police.
    When the police arrived he was still engaged in this action. He was arrested. I gave the pictures to the police as further evidence. What was more disturbing to me was when they were arresting him, it was evident that the police and fire dept. knew him on a friendly basis. Come to find out, he is related to the fire chief here in town and was involved with the fire dept. before he became legally blind. He became legally blind from falling off a balcony at a party while drunk and hit his head.
    Three hours later he is back in his apt.. They charged him with breach of peace only. I asked the police why he wasn’t charged with indecent exposure and he told me ‘in this town there is no such charge, this falls under breach of peace.’ My lawyer found he had 2 other prior preach of peace charges…makes me wonder if those were exposure too.
    Now he keeps his pants on but still sits outside all day as if sunning himself. He continues to fondle himself through the pants. He now has a police scanner that he blasts from his apt. so he’ll know if the police get a call regarding him.
    He knows when I leave my house or am working my garden. The houses are so close he can hear me walking around or opening my door. He’ll talk to himself real loud and will bang a can constantly to get my attention. He sits facing my house in his chair sunbathing ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, with his shorts hiked up as far as they can go and the back of his shorts as low as they can go. Then he’ll put his hands in his lap and pretend to twiddle his thumbs there. He’ll take a coke can and pose with it in a suggestive manner. He is now going to sign a lease for another year. I am beside myself and my life has become a living hell. I can’t allow my grandchildren to play outside and I can’t even leave enjoy being ouside my home anymore. I have to leave all my windows closed so I can’t heard his obnoxcious mouth and foul verbage.
    I need help and need advice. I am a prisoner in my own home and calling the police does not help.

  2. I feel so sorry to read your trials Theresa, more so as I am going through – since 1 year – something similar where I live. Maybe talk to a journalist for a local paper and have them print stuff to expose what is going on. I think that may work. Make the paper expose the bit about the pervert’s relatedness to the fire chief. Be careful not to say anything formally – have the paper quote you – on anything that you cannot prove (even if you are right). My story is about as horrible. After 1 year I am moving. The pervert in my case has a child which makes all even sicker that he spends his time harassing and stalking a female with a disability (me). It is disgusting and frankly guys like that should get tasered on their genitals. That’d help I am certain. Good luck with all.

  3. My name is Veronica I watch porn weekly. Your chatter is scary as are your views. According to you watching porn turns you into a perv….please.


    Enjoy being alone and cold.

  4. It’s been going on now for 2 years. The pervert is still living next door. The police won’t do ANYTHING because he is related to the fire chief here in town.

  5. I have recently discovered my next door neighbors have been able to see me and film me dressing and sleeping nude in bed from an unfortunate reflection out of a two story window – even with two double layered curtains for several years! I am now resorted to having my windows covered in frosting to stop them seeing me undress. I have have also now bought a security camera setup which has all cost me thousands of dollars. They are also trespassing on my property to see in my downstairs window what I do on my computer the sick bastards. Now I will probably have to buy new curtains for that as well. I had a watch dog but unfortunately she got ill and had to be put down. I cant see myself getting another dog because her loss is too painful and can’t afford one. I wonder how some of these assholes would feel since I’ve set up a camera down into their windows now? Here in Australia there is a twenty year jail term for attempted blackmail if proven. I could also prosecute for trespass as well as harassment and peeping tom laws. I could also post their faces on the front page of the local paper.

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