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Phelgm is good for you! Not phlegm itself, but what it represents. Phelgm means that the body is fighting off an infection that is weakening your respiratory system. Phelgm comes from your lungs. Phelgm means that your immune system is working hard. But mucous in your throat is bothersome. Here are some things to stop it.

If you are a smoker, stop! Everyone knows that smoking encourages lung problems. Smoke interferes with your ability to fight off infection. In addition, smoking kills the cilia lining your lungs, which makes coughing up the phlegm harder. Stop smoking before you are coughing up phlegm sprinkled with red. This is a precursor to something like lung cancer.

Having phlegm is natural. Infections block normal passage to the airways and throat, and the mucous doesn’t get drained by the saliva, and therefore, accumulates. If you fix the infection, this will help fix the additional congestion, thus easing the accumulation of phlegm.

Expectorants are medicines which can clear and loosen up any mucous in the respiratory tract. They work on the mucous, allowing you to easily dislodge it when you cough. Check with your doctor before buying this medicine.

Coughing is your body’s way of trying to dislodge the mucous. When you take a suppressant — or anything that inhibits your ability to cough, you’re allowing the build-up. You’ve basically shut down your way of expelling mucous. Get rid of the phlegm, stop coughing, and the sooner you will find relief.

Liquid can help loosen and get rid of mucous deposited on your throat. Herbal teas, water, and other drinks help you deal with respiratory problems. You’ll have less complications, and you’ll be getting rid of respiratory diseases, including phlegm.

If you cough out phlegm, the mucous is no longer necessary in the body. Expel them! Don’t swallow them!

Have you ever noticed when you take a shower that your breathing becomes clearer? Go and take a long shower — one where the heat builds up and helps you to discharge the phlegm.

There are many products with eucalyptus, and this will help you discharge the phlegm.

Garlic is also good. Use it to dispel mucous.

A common tablet on the market combines eucalyptus, vitamin C and zinc. These tablets work wonders in bringing down phlegm. When taken every 3-4 hours, the mucous dissipates until it is nearly gone. The trick is to take it every 3-4 hours.