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Technological advancements made everyone impatient. People easily get irritated with slow internet connections, bad mobile phone signals and noisy phone lines. Even with the birth of mobile phones, we still aren’t able to rid ourselves of our old, traditional land line phones.

We depend on our landline phones when all other ways of communication disappoint us. What do you do now when static noises bother you everytime you pick up your phone? Here are some ways you can follow to get rid of those phone static noises.

Causes of Phone Static Noise

Here are some reasons for the presence of static noise on your line.

  • Loose connections
  • Dirt and moisture in the jack
  • Too many phones connected on one line

Check for Possible Sources of Static Noise

The main things you have to check when trying to get rid of static noise are:

  • Your connections
  • Your jack
  • Your telephone

What You should Do:

Before calling that repair service, save yourself some money by finding out the cause of the problem. This way, you’ll know just what to do to get rid of the noise.

Unplug Other Phones

  • If you have more than 1 phone connected into the line, Try to unplug all these connections. Plug each phone one at a time, while checking for static noise. If there is a static noise after plugging, say your third phone, you may want to permanently disconnect this phone. If you really need to have several phones in your place, you can just get another line.
  • If you only have one phone, try to borrow another phone from a friend and plug it into your line. Your old phone might be causing the problem. If the noise disappears, then you might want to buy a new telephone.
  • Using a cordless phone may also cause the problem. Try to use a corded phone and check if the noise disappears. If it doesn’t, it’s time to check your telephone line.

Check your connections

  • Check if the wires are connected properly. A loose connection is the most common reason for static noise. Try to move the wires, if you hear a noise every time you move any of the wires, secure the connections.
  • There are 3 connections that you have to check.
    • The wire that connects the phone to the jack.
    • The cord that connects the receiver to the phone.
    • The connections between jacks if you have multiple jacks.
  • You may also try unplugging other devices like your answering machine, fax machine and modems. Plug the phone directly into the jack. Other devices might be causing the interference. Place your phone as far away from other electronic devices as possible.
  • For multiple jacks, unplug all connections and try to use your main jack.
  • If all these still don’t solve your problem, try checking on your wires. You may need to replace the cords or the wires.

Check your Jack

  • Avoid accidentally grounding yourself by unplugging all phones in your place before touching bare wires.
  • Before anything else, it’s good to know that there are a couple of types of jacks. A surface mounted jack is placed on a baseboard and jutted out of the wall while a wall mounted jack is placed even on the wall.
  • Detach the cover of the jack. You may need a screwdriver to remove the cover, but there are those that can easily be removed by simply sliding the cover off.
  • You’ll see a few wires, carefully check that all wires are secured properly. If there are loose wires, tighten the connections.
  • Plug your phone and check for static noise. If there’s still noise, recheck the connections again. If you’re absolutely sure that all connections have been secured, the noise could either be caused by a faulty jack or a bad connection outside your place.
  • You may need to replace your old jack. You can do this by disconnecting all the wires and unscrewing the base plate. Put your new jack onto the base plate and reconnect all the wires.

Have your Outside Connection Checked

If all the above methods don’t get rid of static noise, try calling your line from another source. You may use your mobile phone or have a friend call your line. If there’s static noise, it’s advisable to call your service provider so they can check on your outside connections. (Tips on how to improve cell phone reception)

A phone static noise can easily be fixed. Try fixing it yourself first before calling a repair man. The problem could only be as simple as a loose wire. If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll surely be delighted in learning how to get rid of static.

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