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Pigeons are called “rats with wings” for a reason. They are dirty pests that can frustrate anyone quickly and easily. While pigeons are most often found in busy cities where there is lots of easy food for them to find and eat, they can show up almost anywhere, and are almost never invited. Pigeons are smart and like to breed in the same area year after year, so it is likely the case that your pigeon problem has a long history. Well, it is time to write a new chapter in that history by getting rid of those pigeons for good! Follow these steps below to find out how.

1. Do not feed the pigeons.

Feeding pigeons is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Once you feed them, they will not want to leave you alone, and they are also likely to attract their pigeon friends to the food source as well.

Even if you are not choosing to feed the pigeons directly, you need to make sure you are not giving them food by accident. Don’t leave any scraps lying around that they can snack on. Pigeons will eat almost anything, so be sure to keep your property clean and tidy so that they don’t have the chance to get an easy meal from you.

2. Set up anti-pigeon barriers.

Using strips to prevent roosting is a great way to get rid of pigeons. If they have nowhere to land, they will be forced to land elsewhere! This is a great idea for a roof, railing, or any other area you are having trouble with pigeons.

You can buy these anti-pigeon roosting strips at any hardware store and most garden centers. Use the instructions on the package to find out the best ways to install these properly.

These strips are often fairly spiky, and if you don’t love the idea of a pigeon potentially getting hurt in the process, you can try using a Slinky instead. This classic childhood toy works almost as well as the anti-pigeon strips. Use wire or tape to secure each ring of the Slinky between an inch and an inch and a half apart along whatever surface you are want to get rid of pigeons from.

There are several anti-bird chemicals available that accomplish a similar purpose as well. If you don’t want to see an anti-pigeon barrier, for instance, you can try using a sticky chemical to perform the same function without changing the appearance of your property. These chemicals are sticky, and make it very uncomfortable for birds to land on.

If you don’t like this idea, you could try using spices instead. Sprinkling any hot spice over an area that pigeons land is a good way to keep them away. You might need to reapply the spices after a while, but it can be a great way to get rid of pigeons if you don’t want to use chemicals. Spices irritate birds so that they stay away from areas with spice.

Another similar idea is to use a piece of string to accomplish the same purpose. Stretching a piece of string that hovers over a railing or gutter where pigeons love to land is a great way to keep them away. Pigeons do not have great balance and they will not like having to land on a piece of string.

3. Don’t let them in.

This is a similar suggestion to the anti-pigeon barriers mentioned above. If you are having pigeon problems, make sure you close off any areas where they are getting in so that they can’t give you a hard time.

Spend some time watching the pigeons to see where they are getting in to your home or business. Perhaps you have a small crack or hole that you can easily fill. If pigeons are getting through an open doorway, consider installing some form of curtain, plastic sheeting, or a solid door so that their entry is denied.

If there is no other way of keeping them from getting into an area, then it might be time for some bird netting. In large structures, this is usually the best way to keep pigeons away from any given area. Many hardware stores sell this netting, but you can also find it online if need be. If installed properly, this netting won’t make your property ugly, but it will go a long way to get rid of the pigeons that are on it.

4. Use pigeon birth control.

One of the reasons that pigeons are such a nuisance is that they reproduce so quickly, as many as six times per year. That’s a lot of flying rats to deal with! A good way to control this numbers is by using birth control for pigeons.

Before attempting this method, you should check to see that you are not breaking any laws by doing so. Many animal welfare groups recommend birth control as a great solution for controlling the pigeon population, but everyone does not share this view, of course.

“OvoControl” is a leading pigeon birth control product that you can try using. While there may be some upfront costs to this solution, the long-term effects can be worth the price if the pigeon problem is really getting you down.

5. Scare the pigeons.

Pigeons are fairly bold birds, but they are not heroes. There are several ways that you can scare them away from any given area.

A quick and easy solution you can try is to use some party snaps that you can find at any party store. These snaps create a small bang when they make contact with the ground. You can throw these into a group of pigeons, or you can scatter them on the group and let the pigeons scare themselves away by popping these snaps. This is a great solution for smaller areas.

You can also try using a garden hose to get rid of pigeons. Pigeons don’t like getting sprayed with water and will find another area to hang out if they keep getting soaked.

Like almost any bird, pigeons of course have predators. While you might not have a pet hawk that can hunt these pigeons for you, you can try using a decoy hawk or owl. This solution is not permanent, of course, as it only works for so long before the pigeons get wise to it. Pigeons aren’t the smartest birds alive, but they are not entirely dense.

If you don’t like the sounds of any of those ideas, or if you don’t want to try and bird proof your entire property, consider using sound to keep them away. You can play music, but this might not work, and may even annoy you more than the pigeons. A better way is to use ultrasonic sound that only the pigeons can hear. These sounds don’t bother humans, but they certainly work well for keeping pigeons out of your life.

6. Make some pigeon pie.

If pigeon population control sounds like a good idea to you, consider eating pigeons to get rid of them! Before chickens, pigeon meat (or squab) was the primary meat source in many human diets. That’s why we have these pigeon problems now, as pigeons escaped or were let loose from the farms they were raised on!

Pigeon tastes like Cornish hen, so if you want to make a pigeon pie for your next dinner party, just tell your guests the pie you made is Cornish hen-inspired. How exotic! They will never know the difference.

Of course, be sure to check your local laws to make sure you can make your pigeon pie legally and safely. Some pigeons carry diseases that you might not want to deal with, so be sure that you know what you are getting into.

Pigeons are a nuisance, but with a little work you can get rid of them from your life and your property. Use whichever of the above suggestions you feel is best for your situation and your problem should be solved in no time at all. Some ways to get rid of pigeons are more expensive than others, so choose the option that works best for you. If you can drive pigeons away as humanely as possible, then all the power to you! Good luck to you as you solve your pigeon problem.

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  1. ive found motion sensors to be very helpful.though i dont like holidays (especially halloween), you can usually find an array of annoying motion sensor products (during halloween) in the form of skulls,pumpkins,door mats etc at your local walgreens or wal-mart stores.first,buy one (usually under 20 dollars) then place it in the trouble area, and when the bird trips the sensor, he/she gets a ghoulish howl.haaaaaa haaaaa!i love it! take that you stupid bird!

  2. a plastic or a blow up type of an owl works to keep birds and pigeons away. i found out from a friend, that works for the city, that they use these large artificial owls when they have to do work under bridges and over passes. i was having problems with them and he turned me on to this tip.

  3. The plastic owl does not work. I bought one and placed it near the troubled area. 5 minutes later the pidgeons were sitting on the owl’s head, no kidding!….. A waste of money…

  4. I was actually thinking of leaving soda out on my window ledge to make them explode, though I don’t know about the legalities of doing that.

  5. We have and have had pigeons around us for some time, mostly on our neighbors house, as they nest there every year. They use our house as an area to socailize with “others” away from the nest.

    I’ve tried the plastic owl….worked for a week. Then, they actually did sit on it, as previously suggested. It was a waste of time.

    3 things that worked the best for me:

    1) Removal of the nest. This made them MAD. They stood outside of the nesting area for two days wondering what happened. Then they started to rebuild. When my neighbor left his house, I went back up and removed it a second time, and they left.
    2) After removing the nest, they still sat on our house and cooed all morning – annoying. I was told from a wise old farmer that mixing bird seed with powdered cement will do them in for good. I put a bowl on the roof (away from rainfall) and it was eaten in a day. I never saw that group of pigeons again.
    3) Insert a roll of chicken wire on the area where they nest. That keep them out of the prime spot, and force them to look elsewhere.

    Good luck….hate the friggin’ things. Dirty, noisy, ugly.

  6. Put an owl out this morning I do feed birds and love them but not PIGEONS!!!!!!!! They sit on my neighbors roof and he has had it we both feed birds Do owls scare most birds away crows have come to feeder not afraid of owl Pigeons are scittery I will watch

  7. i dont think killing the pigeon(s) is the right thing to do….just go out to a toy shop and buy a few big plastic snakes. the natural instinct of the pigeon is to fly away and find a new home.

  8. Try doing these 3 steps to get rid of those nasty pigeons. It worked for our apartment and for the neighborhood too.

    1st- We prevented roosting and nesting of the pigeons. We eliminated shelter for the pigeons by closing the hole in our ceiling under the roof (used as heat ventilation). We replaced the broken and brittle aluminum screen with the stronger stainless steel screen. We also tried this clear gel that has what the manufacturer calls natural vegetable extract on our roof edges where the pigeons would sit and drop poop on us.
    2nd- We eliminated the food source. Our neighbors’ garbage bin was the food source. We had them covered and secured.
    3rd- We then eliminated the water source. One of the neighbors had those old ‘bird baths’ as garden decoration. We told them that it was feeding the pigeons in the area. Good thing the old lady consented and had it removed.

    After just a few days of doing these, our pigeon problem was solved. The pigeons are now staying at the apartments 2 blocks from our neighborhood.

  9. We are having a good laugh while entertaining ourselves and trying to protect our merchandise during an outdoor show. The pigeons live in the eaves of the grandstand where we set up our booth. We use a squirt gun to “shoot” them when they land and they have been scared off for now. Only a couple of die-hards are still coming around, they have a big hole where they enter a storage room and have learned to observe us from the highest peak of the structure, then dive-bomb into their hole before we can grab the squirtgun. One decided to mock us by sitting at the hole entry, just staring at us, until my partner came after him with a long pole while I got him with a good squirt! Needless to say, the customers had a great time!

    I have heard that using ammonia works well but we cannot take a chance in damaging the merchandise (or the customers).

  10. Pigeons have been roosting on our porch – no nest, but they hang out there and leave shize everywhere! So our battle began. With a bit of creative thought, we did a little project that is meant to replace the expensive commerical wires/spikes.

    Birdy Barbwire on a Budget

    Materials Needed
    – Bobby Pins
    – String
    – Sticky packing tape

    – Measure area that needs to be covered
    – Cut string slightly longer
    – Fold open bobby pins
    – Tie to the string about 1-2 inches apart
    – Place tape, sticky side up (same length as string) on flat surface
    – Put the string directly down the middle of the tape (ensure that the pins lay flat.)
    – Fold over the tape to match the other side, sandwiching the pins between the halves of tape.
    – Voila, a strip of pigeon barbwire
    – Fasten to the area that needs to be covered.

    For extra measure, we tied gift ribbon – nice sparkly silver – we cut it long to hang in the breeze. At least it looks festive, unlike a metal pie plate.

  11. I didn’t want to invest in an $18.99 owl ornament that may not work, so I found chicken wire at Home Depot for $13.99 and cut parts of the wire so they would poke up like little spikes. At first, the biggest, fattest pigeon would come over to our balcony lamp and sit on the bare spots (without poking wires) and not even notice the spikes. I had to wind the chicken wire around and around until there was only spikey stuff to perch on. Make sure the spikes are poking straight up…any sort of angle will give the bird something else to perch on. So far it’s been day two with no pigeon…and thankfully no pigeon doo on our balcony.

  12. We had a bad pigeon festation on our roof. We put bird seed, rice and cement powder in numerous containers and placed them in different areas on our roof. The next day the pigeons were gone and have been for two glorious weeks now!!

  13. I have a balcony that has a railing and a solid fencing that comes about 3 1/2 inches from the bottom of the concrete floor. First I painted the concrete floor green. Then I put house bricks across the opening at the bottom of the solid fencing. I observed the pigeons behaviour and noticed that they would land on the railing but only came in under the 31/2 inch opening at the bottom of the fencing. The bricks allow for drainage and the pigeons don’t come in on the balcony because they don’t have an escape route. They absolutely come on the balcony and leave the balcony through the bottom opening. No more problems for me.

  14. BB gun. You will never get them all but it is more fun than washing off your deck. Plus maybe the word will get around in the pigeon world that we are mad as **** and we arn’t going to take it! I like the idea from the guy who stalks his neighbors house, breaks into his neighbor’s yard when he is not at home, climbs up on the roof and moves the nest. Nice work….ex CIA? Can’t say that I blame him though.

  15. Removing nests worked for me. My neighbour had to do the same though ..and his neighbour and so on ..otherwise they change the spot from being home to being the coffee shop ( they come to socialize and shize )

  16. The Owls don’t work. I bought a house that was abandoned for like 12 years, and my best measure is just putting a plastic fence all around the house, like if it was a museum. However I have seen a Pigeon picking at the fence. I guess it is all a matter of living. Survival of the fittest. However I feel at a disadvantage killing the birds. My thing is just go away for the moment, cause they don’t let you sleep.


  17. I reseeded my yard. I came home from work and there was about 50 pidgeons in my yard. They wouldn’t even fly off until I was on the yard waving and making noise. They flew off in a small circle and landed back on my roof and waited until I went into the house. I tried all the non-lethal means and nothing, I repeat, nothing has worked. They are a neighborhood gang that constantly hangs around. If there is a dependable way, not already mentioned, I’m all ears.

  18. Pigeons are very clever. I feed my two outside cats and they will not leave their food alone. I tried hiding it but they still find it. The best solution is a BB gun. You do not want to poison them because the smaller birds will die. I have tried everything from owls,scarecrows and wind chimes and snakes. Its best to kill them until they are gone.

  19. We have a problem of pigeons on our balcony. (London pigeons are particularly horrible and decrepid) They have taken to sitting on the drain pipes of our block, and unfortunately it’s impossible to get up to the drain pipes without serious ladders/hydraulic platforms, so therefore hard to put spikes/chicken wire up.

    What has been suggested is creating a scarecrow type thing out of old CDs. Grab some strong cotton, and tie the CDs in a long line so they lie flat. Then attach to balcony, or window basket bracket so that it dangles. This not only picks up the wind and moves around but also reflects light which SHOULD annoy the pigeons as well. I’ll let you know how I get on!

  20. I just seeded my garden as well…I bought two plastic owls, which worked for just 5 min. I tried cds and nothing…..Nothing seems to work….

  21. The owl does not work. I bought one at Home Depot last week, thinking it would drive them away, but it did not help. Although the owl looks ominous on top of the house, the pigeons are still gathering between the soffits of my home. It sucks. I now throw (gently roll for you PETA types) rocks onto the roof and yell at them. They seem to move, but they are not gone. I think it is time to call in an osprey. These pigeons are rats with wings, I tell you.

  22. An owl on the peak of the roof works great for my neighbors, and now I have their pigeons. I have two owls near my peak and long iridescent tape strips that worked only for about five minutes.

    I only feed the wild birds thistle and black sunflower seeds now, because pigeons don’t eat them.

    I’m close to resorting to a BB gun, but I don’t want to get in trouble. I’ll look for windsocks shaped like owls and hawks, but this is getting expensive. If I have any money left, maybe in the spring I’ll hire someone to put an owl on the peak.

    Sounds like a diet rich in rice and cement may help.

    Thanks everyone!

  23. Don’t waste your time on owls. And you don’t have to kill the little ******* ( but go ahead if you want). This takes time but is well worth it and is the cheapest way to go. Good old fishing line is all it takes. Figuring out how to anchor it is the hard part. You have to run enough line so that they can’t go around it. Don’t use twine or rope because the pigeons will see it and fly around it. Fishing line. Try this and if that doesn’t work, than go ahead, get the gun, or feed them cement and rice.

  24. Our problem isn’t so much roosting as it is pigeons using our pool as their own private bird bath. We have tried a solar cover, but they just pick at the sides until they reach water. They sit on the waterfall and bask in the sun! We tried the stationary owl and are now thinking of trying the owl that moves and makes screeching sounds. We had an estimate for someone to come out and remove the pigeons entirely and then put up spikes, but unless everyone in our neighborhood does the same, they would just come back to bathe in our pool!

  25. Thank heaven I found this site. I have been going nuts trying to get rid of these flying rats. I have used a beebee gun, a water gun (I never though of ammonia), and pinwheels. At first, the pinwheels worked well, and I thought my problem was solved. Now, those darn creatures sit in front of the wheel and cool themselves off while taking a dump. Forget about the beebee and water guns. You’d have to sit at sentry duty all day and night.One of my problems is that my neighbors feed and give water to them. I have complained to the manager of my building, and he shrugs his shoulders. Thanks. I’ll try anything.

  26. Has anyone heard of some food that shuts down thier reproductive system so they can’t breed and thus the population is eliminated over time?
    I’m close to using the rice/cement combo…just found two of my dogs nibbling on a dead one on our balcony….eeewwwww!

  27. my neighbor has atleast a group of 3 under her eave by her bedroom ..she has removed nest and is looking for ideas to get rid of them…her banging the gutter only drives them over to my roof where they wait her out and then go now i am getting the nasty on my house as well..i have took shots at them with air gun but it is no use they are the biggest pests i have encountered… i think its time i went cement shopping..thanks for the hint

  28. Yeah the owls DON’T work no matter how realistic they look…once the winged rats figure it out they will **** all over it anyway. My neighbor has an owl statue and the pigeons love it!…anyways the way I solved this (until they went to my neigbours side) was by a) getting rid of the nest and the eggs and b) making sure they cannot nest there any longer… I didn’t have to buy chicken wire or anything I just took a bunch of old carton boxes and metal wires…I placed the boxes in irregular angles and sticked the wires on them this way they don’t have any way to lay comfortably on a plain surface and if they find the angle they get spiked by the wires…this worked for me..except now they are in my neighbor’s backyard hall which is right next to my window…needless to say my neighbor is a jerk and doesn’t do anything about it…I can’t sleep with the horrid sound they make…anyone knows how to get rid of them at a distance? bb guns work, but they come back after a month or two.

  29. The OWLS DON’T WORK! I called the City of Irving (where I reside) and they were to come out because of the waste being harmful to my health to site the Homeowner Association…WELL THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!!! I wonder if RAT POISON WILL WORK? It want kill rats but it might work for those PIGEONS!!! Maybe all of us should write a letter to Congress, get a bill passed to get rid of them!!!!

  30. We have pigeon problems also. After a lot of thought we have decided to use a soap solution in a pump sprayer and spray the birds. Will let you know how it works.

  31. Omg i live in CCSD/Henderson/Las Vegas & There are so many of those pigeons and i cant figure i used fake birds didnt work. I cant use wire cause my house is to tall& am not going to go up there.Poisen & a BB Gun seems to mean. I wish they would dissapear.grrrrrrrr Am going to give them RICE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.lol Well i think Am calling HomeOwners Insurance and asking…………..

  32. Instead of chicken wire, we used those cheap, plastic, dollar store coat hooks on our window ledges. They worked very well until the pigeons pushed the hooks off the ledges. Now I need to find a way retrieve the hooks from the roof where they fell and attach them more securely – maybe duct tape? Another idea is to stick wooden barbeque skewers into styrofoam blocks (left over styrofoam from packaging) to create spikes, then duct tape this to the window ledge. I can’t try this one out until the weather warms up (its been minus 10 and snowing for the past two months!)

  33. This is a great site, but we still havn`t got the solution as to getting rid of these buggers.I live next to a vietnamese bakery, this guy feeds the bloody things, they sit on my roof, **** on my roof,and the noise drives me nuts,.Who ever comes up with the answer could become a rich person, so get on with it you guys..


  35. If you have an area not subjected to rain, Moth Balls work like a charm. They can’t stand the smell and won’t come back as long as they are there. I had put them in an old knee high stocking and tied the end. Then I through them up on the roof. The pigeons stayed away as long as the Moth Balls were there. However, when it rained they melted away after a while and the flying rats came back.

  36. I destroyed all their nests from up under the eaves of my house, put up fencing to block them from reinhabiting and they are still here!!!! The just now perch on the outside near the eaves and are so fricking noisy and drives me crazy. Oh ya and have an owl perched on the roof which as previously written does not work.

  37. check this out…the little !@#$@ kept on a comin round..then we got smart..we put commercial grade- two way stick tape on the soon as they landed, they were branded….all we had to do was peel and throw away…my friend did keep one though…says tastes like chicken….aa

  38. My apt building has a family of the pests and they were walking into the ceiling joists above the 2nd floor tenant’s bedroom. I threw 2 boxes of mothballs in their lair and they are in there 12ft deep, laughing at me. Mothballs are a joke, except now the 3rd floor tenant bedroom smells like an old lady’s trunk.
    Oh, get this, the little ******* are carrying the mothballs out one by one and tossing them on the stairs. We are now cleaning them daily.
    I boarded the opening up last night, hoping to “psyche” them into being locked in long enough to want to fly out when I remove the wood from the opening. I’ll know tonight.

  39. I am sooooo glad I found this site, I HATE pigeons & they are really getting on my nerves!! I’m going to try everything & anything. I can’t even go out on my balcony as they’ve taking over. If they are cleaver why can’t they take a hint I’m always scaring them away. I think the bb gun is the only option left. If it’s illegal the the time in jail will be worth it!!!!!!

  40. I’ve read all of these, and no one seems to be reading them or really saying anything that works, just what does not work. I need real help here. I finally got them off of my property, but my neighbors all rent and don’t care, one even leaves his Cat’s litter box which draws them. Every single morning they are on his roof 30 to 50 at a times. If I try to shoot them or make loud sounds they fly in a circle **** every step of the way and back to this neighbor’s roof. Now everything single day, I find feathers floating in my pool and their droppings everywhere. When this neighbor’s roof is too crowded they actural sit on mine and other’s roofs till there is room on his. HELP????

  41. HELP, I put deturants all over my property to keep them away, but my rental neighbors don’t care. The house behind me at any given moment has 30-50 piegons on his roof, it looks awful. Some piegons sit on the close houses waiting for room. This neighbor puts out his Cat’s Littler box, which draws them. It does not matter what I do, if I try to shoot them with a BB gun or make a loud noice they just fly in a circle and leave droppings every step of the way. It’s awful, dropping and feathers all over my property. I’ve read every entry here for help, but you only list what does not work and you don’t seem to be reading each’s other entry. I really need help.

  42. I recommend making a home made flame thrower. This is how you can build one:

    Buy a propane tank, hook up a hose to it, get a torch for the end of it, then light it up, increase the propane, and the bigger the flame! It is a little inhumane, but it works great, the first time I used it I caught my roof on fire, but it worked, no more places for them to land on…

    Hope it helps!

  43. I HAVE NO TIP. They are freekin impossible to get rid of. We bought an abandoned house with a MAJOR pigeon problem. There are, no joke, about 100 pigeons. We shoot them on a very regular basis, throw our cats on the roof, have the useless fake owl, throw stuff at them (soccer balls, snow balls etc…), I yell and tell them I’m going to kill them and they just don’t go. So now we are very sick of walking through massive quantities of sh#t to get into our house so we are thinking of trying to gas the front porch roof where they have a mini pigeon condiminium. We are going to seal it off run a pipe from the vehicle and gas them. And then what that doesnt kill, we are thinking rat poison, we’ll see if any of this works. I will let you know once I find the solution to these buggers.

  44. Well, I used mothballs and they don’t work at all. Also have a useless owl. The pigeons layed an egg yesterday beside the dish of mothballs.. This is the second time they layed eggs on my belony.

  45. We had 2 holes in our porch we boarded them up they left. yea, but moved to the side of our house and we don’t have a ladder that will reach that high.I throw rocks and yell and well wouldn’t ya know it they just fly a circle and come back probally laughing at me stupid birds im sick of them. Does anybody really know what to do. Guess im going to have to get me a BB gun and well ya know. Im just read up with all the droppings and there cooing. Day and night. Help!!!

  46. you can put anything that is sticky they don’t like that like car grease & what helps too id wd 40 spray that around where they hang

  47. I have been reliably informed that a weasel or ferret would gladly help in eradicating the flying vermin. I have a new neighbor who has 200 of the blasted things!! So anyone who would rent out a weasel or ferret please, please, please let me know!!

  48. I’ve put a bunch of old cds on the balcony where they (used to) hang out. The rainbow shine of the cds scares them away!
    The worst thing is, that, in my neighboorhood there are (old)people who actually feed them every single day! so there’s no way they will ever move. And the tip with scarecrows works, I have a plastic T-Rex on the window and ever since they wont come near!

  49. Looking for a way to rid myself of birds, pigeons etc. Neighbor feed them and my pool in on their flight plan and a target for everyone with loose bowels. I’ve hear feeding them “white rice” works as it sticks in their crops and swells up when they drink…wise tail or usefull measure??….please advise.

  50. I really have no tips we are in need of removing pidgeons from an old service dept. an open covered iron bldg. it is perfect for them if only they could pay rent!!! I have read all i can but there are no real fixes too many places to use spikes which work well and I dont see the owl or a plastic snake repeling the great number of them we have. I can’t bring myself to kill em although the flame thrower guy had a good point. what do I do ???? Help me with any input please

  51. Nothing deters these little devils! Owl, cd’s, windchimes, kites, scarecrow. None work!!!! We have a double dose of trouble with our flying rats! Nasty old woman next door feeds them (she said she will not stop)and the neighbor behind us is growing grapes. Needless to say, the bastards, eat the grapes and them drop their purple droppings on the white deck around my pool. The spots are near impossible to get out! I have 2 kids at home and am constantly scrubbing down the deck in fear of the cooties that are being spread.

    My biggest problem is that they sit on the telephone wires. What the heck can I put in and around my yard that would keep them off the wires? Have tried squirting them with the hose, but unless I sit in my yard 24/7 that doesn’t work. ANY SUGGESTIONS????

  52. Oooo, UMM I don’t have a tip, but i wanna share a storyy! Ok, so here’s what happened. It just scared the hell outta me when I went to the balcony of my apartment, just to watch the view, and find a fking pigeon sitting on a nest of two eggs in the corner. Even though it was so TOUCHING to see that a little creature was nursing right next to my home, it started getting out of hand when one of the eggs hatched a few days later. CRAZYYY!! The little baby looked like a CHICKEN!! wtff aren’t they supposed to be black or something?? >.> Well, I’ve never experienced this.. EVERR!! So lol that’s my story, and that’s how I ended up here.. =]

  53. We brought a holiday cottage on a beautiful island where the previous owners had erected a dovecote,(fools!) complete with pigeons that Sh#t all over the roof, on the verandah, on the windows, over the door ways…..our first holiday was spent shovelling mountains of crap away and scraping it off every surface within a 3mtr radius of the house. we knocked over and removed the dovecote,complete with birds and nests inside,the bastards came back! Tried the bird tape, what a joke, they perch next to it! Tried feeding them rat sack,they ate it, didn’t die though! Throwing stuff pointless. What to do?

  54. Well its not the best trick but my building has 5 pigeons that apparently were born there (somewhere on the building generations ago before my time) I,ve heard once that happens they are imprinted on the location. So I got soo mad at their cooing that i bought one of those super water gun blasters that shoot about 10 feet. every time i see them i dose them, they are smart enough to fly away just out of reach, BUT they don’t bother me too much anymore, still once or twice a week, but mostly they annoy my neighbors, but most of them have followed my lead and gotten a water gun, so slowly they are spending less time at our building. Not so funny story, a pigeon sat on balcony, I sprayed and sprayed but it wouldn’t move, I got super close and it flew off, but left behind an egg, I grabbed it and tossed it off the balcony – a second to late to realize the egg was very wet- AGGGHH fresh pigeon ass on my hand….UGH!! I hate these these dirty infested creatures…..

  55. I do not have a tip, but am searching for a reasonable solution to my pigeon problem.

    I do not live in the city I live on Long Island and I have never notice pigeons, except a few years ago.

    All the solutions to this problem will effect all of my welcomed wildlife that I feed and I do not want to loose all the birds and the squirrels. I only want to loose the pigeons because they continue to grow in population daily and they eat way to much that it is now becoming to expensive to feed the wild life that I want to feed.

    Everyone that I have spoken with that feed the wild life does not have a pigeon problem except for me and I do not know why.

    Does anyone out there have a solution that will not effect the other wild life that I want and enjoy feeding?

    Thank you.

    P.S. I do not want to shoot the pigeons because to me that would be very cruel because they are a living and breathing thing.

    Cut outs of cats will not help because the pigeons are not afraid of cats and / or people. Cut outs of owls, hawks, and etc. will only effect negatively the wild life that I want in my back yard.

  56. I also had fogot to mention one other important fact to my problem. The pigeons in my back yard do not crap in my back yard. They eat all the food I give to the other birds and the squirrels and then they fly away to only return the next day.

    Water gun does not effect them because my husband made a sling shot to get rid of them. They fly and circle around and return to my back yard. These pigeons just give me the finger and still do what they want to do. They have zero fear.

    I just want them gone because they are multipling daily and they eat to much food that it is to expensive to feed the wild life I want to feed. I just do not want to stop putting out food because I have a very larg back yard and to watch the wild life is of beauty. I tried feeders, but the pigeons just band together and knock it down and eat. For pigeons they are pretty damn smart and fearless. I hate them.

    Any solutions; reasonable soultions that do not require death.

    Thank you.

  57. Try using a large airhorn whenever they are around. Walmart sells them. Keep doing it every time they come around. They hate it and it will eventually train them to stay away. They don’t come near my house unless it is a young pidgeon that doesn’t know the routine yet. Good luck

  58. For the last two years pigeons had taken over our balcony.They were especially bothersome in the winter for some reason. The winter hasn’t quite arrived in Toronto yet, and I haven’t seen any on our balcony for a few months. SO…………. I decided to go out on the balcony which we had not used since we’d moved in and the mess was DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!
    There was a couple of WHEELBARROWS full of pigeon crap on the floor and every piece of furniture was covered in the revolting residue. The windowsill was also covered as was some of the window. UUUKKKKK!
    It was a big job to clean and the worse task I’ve ever undertaken…
    A neighbour had been feeding these vermin and even had a nest or two on her balcony a while back. Not only has she stopped feeding them ( we had told her we’d kill them if she kept attracting them ), but one of her relatives who is apparently, unlike her, SANE, actually put a net up on her balcony. Hence this could be the reason I haven’t been bothered for a while by the filthy creatures. Last winter I had purchased a couple of large pans of frozen lasagna as my daughter loves the stuff, but I soon realized I had no room in my freezer. I therefore opened the window onto the balcony and dropped one, still in the grocery bag, onto the balcony. The weather had been about -20 celsius for a few days straight, so I thought it would be fine. I retrieved it a week later and never thought much about it til I later looked down from the window ledge a discovered a big fat frozen dead pigeon! Cause of Death: Clocked by a frozen lasagna.

  59. We have a problem with them also—–mostly its the noise we hate.
    I’m going to make a rubber glove gun—–PVC tube with the finger of a rubber glove taped to one end. Simply load it with ammo , pull back the rubber finger —aim & release !!—Accuate and effective. I’m goint to find spherical ice cube trays—–small ones—large ones will lock in glove fingers.

    Also take note of this—birds have very fast metabolisms—digest food fast–eat & pooh almost in same minute– if you can have a bird digest a pain killer with coedine—it will make thier liver fail due to overload and the bird dies ( half a tablet in a potato fry). Pigeons dont swallow large stuff—- so you might be able to soak grains with the tablets ( increasing the quantity over time so they get used to smell/taste) and eventually — dead meat !! 🙂

  60. 2 things I must say, firstly not all renters don’t care, I am one and for the 2 months since I moved into this property I have been working like a slave to tidy up and manicure the gardens, so much so I have lost 6 kg’s in that time.
    My pigeon problem is about 30 of the flying rats in a beautiful massive palm tree in the middle of my back garden, after 2 months of cleaning up the rest of the property I finally faced the disgust and horror of trying to cut out and mulch over 100 dead palm fronds covered in years of pigeon mess, the palm is now down to about 25% of the foliage it had, 4 nests disposed of, but not one pigeon down, all of them now sleep on top of each other in what fronds are left.
    I will try the cd’s on string I read above, don’t think I can spread anything sticky on the tree though without risking killing it, would love some snow balls to try but we just came out of a once in a 100 yr heat wave, and we are about to break 40 degrees celsius again in the next few days, now I think of it if I had a snow ball I would eat it:-)
    Don’t know if a spotlight in the tree or maybe some stereo speakers would help?

  61. try RAT POISON, in small enough crumbs to swallow (even if you have to smash the blocks with a hammer). it works. wait a few days and then expect to see one or two dead pigeons a day and none others. this was our only solution. bbguns don’t work. the bb’s just bounce off the bird. yes, it’s heartless. do you want to walk in pigeon shit every day, carrying it into the house and spreading who knows what? do you want to clean their mess endlessly? humans are worth far more than pigeons in a civilized society and in the order of nature. the real responsibility for controlling this enormous nuisance and potential spreader of disease are governments in cities and towns; not citizens. amen.

  62. Check out this *awesome* YouTube video that depicts a motion-activated sprinkler blasting pigeons –

    Unfortunately I don’t think a motion-activated sprinkler is feasible for us, but it may work for some of you very determined DIY types.

    We are still struggling to keep the pigeons off our balcony – our latest technique is to use netting to make it harder for them to access it, and to cover all of our container garden in netting (#$*# pigeons just adore trying to nest in pots, of course killing all of our seedlings in the process).

  63. so i just got this nice bmw 325is out of luck cuz it’s not like i could afford one and we have this one spot in our driveway just under the bill board on our property that we refer to as the bird shit spot. they crapped all over my beautiful car and i mean all over it i was so pissed. screw humane methods i ordered a bb gun and imma go rambo status on em, hence the war cry ahhhhhhhhhhhh. i hear if you destroy the nest they freak out and go away, if only there was a bb grenade, i smell blood and victory. if you can get em to eat asprin it’ll kill em i think for the tip portion of this comment.

  64. I’ve done it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a first floor apartment with a large window. The vermin perched on the roof of the window, the window ledges and then had their kids dowen the side of the window. My boyfriend shot lots of them last year. But, of course more came back. Then they started to get quite vicious – fighting on the window ledges. So ……….. I got hold of three very big and long morrors. I put the mirrors along the bottom of the window, inside, facing outwards. They came back every day for three weeks – but they have never landed again. Their own reflection – of themselves moving/flying terrifies them and they don’t land. I have lived here for 7 years and can’t believe how easy it actually has been to get rid of them!

  65. I hate these flying rats too. and I have got an idiot for a neighbor downstairs. He wont speak to me but will feed the hell out of these flying menaces! They are so big they look like turkeys! I got fed up yesterday and got me some thumb tacks and electric tape and taped it to the rails of my patio where they love to sit and shit. gone! they are sitting on someone elses patio now just hating me! I laugh in their face! now i have to figure out how to arm the cement posts on my patio so they cannot perch there. I am thinking about 2 sided tape. cheap and it worked!

  66. We have a bird feeder which attracts small birds – this is what it is supposed to do. The pigeons have now started to fly in when the small birds do and wait for them to feed and drop excess seeds. The pigeons then fly down and pick up the excess seed. We’ve tried taking the feeder away for a while to try to get the pigeons to forget where the food is but the small birds come looking for the hanging basket. Is there any easy way to still feed the small birds but get rid of the pigeons? We can’t put poison down as I would be afraid the small birds would eat it and it’s illegal to have any form of gun where we live.

  67. Well we all know Pigeons are living creatures but so are fish, chickens, cows & pigs and most of the world has no problem killing & eating them. Survival of the fit I call it. I suggest killing them by any means. Pigeons aren’t just dumb ol birds. My sitituation; I just purchased a foreclosed home about a month ago & I noticed about 2 dozen pigeons on the roof. Looked like a block party. I figured they would fly away soon so no big deal right? Wrong! These mother%$#kers started sending “air mail” special delivery all over my wife & I’s cars. I talked to the guy next door & he said the old lady that lived there raised them in a pigeon-coop & let them go when she got kicked out the house. So I figuured they are not leaving so I have to make em leave. OWLs & HORNS dDO NOT WORK!! Pigeons just sit on top of the damn owl & drop poop all over it. Took it to the next level with a BB Gun & A high presure water hose. I used the hose to knock down the 2 nest they had & I attacked (assuming to be a female) with a $h%t load of bullets(haven’t seen her since lol). I’m down to about 4 pigeons left that come to perch as I’m leaving for work. Don’t worry they are next. I would have loved a non-violent way to remove them but they are stubborn creatures and besides I don’t think a rat under your sink would get love and an easy escape route from you. I say that to say this….BB GUNS DO work if you know how to shot. I aim for thier eyes. If they don’t fly away keep shooting. I also used water ballons with bleach (Use with extreme caution) in it

  68. Oh forgot to mention. You have to constantly bother them…. day & nite. Make it unpleasant for them & unsafe to raise their young on your property. BB Guns work good at night. they react slow so you can get in more shots. If you don’t like shooting like I do go out & buy the pigeon traps/cage. Those work too but the traps cost from $90-$175. I don’t really care for the war on terrorism but this war on pigeons is pretty fun 🙂

  69. Celine Dion played at a high level through a good hi fi system WILL do the trick. I defie anyone living thing to with stand that rubbish….worked a treat when i did it! make sure you got ear defenders!!

  70. Can I just confirm here, Pigeons do not crap as they fly… FACT, nor do ferals live in trees they only live on roofs/buildings and FACT crap only when they are walking/standing, so not in flight, so your beloved cars are being crapped upon crows/starlings etc, you know the little ones that everyone loves cause they are cute. Please get your facts right before you start. Yes they carry disease as do most animals, and yes you can get disease from them which can be harmful, but this is only if they crap and you eat it, so there is no way you can get a disease from a pigeon unless you hold it above your head and wait with your mouth wide open!!!!! Trying to rebuild your ego as obviously you were all picked upon at some point when a child, shame you have to do something like this to make you feel more like a man, make you feel in control, gives you satisfaction…Such a shame…

  71. There is only ONE way to get rid of pigeons : common ordinary cloth washing powder soap. – Spread a spoon or so where pigeons hang about. – It’ll wash away with the first rain. – Do it again and that’s it. – Pigeons will NEVER come back. – Oh they will. Some 5 to 10 years later. – Just do it again. – Costs very little and it is the only method that I have seen work.

  72. Bird netting can be used to deter all species of birds. This bird netting is available in all sizes and can be used on any part of a building to prevent bird nesting.

    Ultrasonic bird repeller is used for keeping birds away. They generate ultrasonic sounds beyond the reach of human hearing, but they drive pest birds away. Bird repellent Liquid and gel that Keep birds from roosting on surfaces

  73. Kay is wrong. I’ve personally witnessed pigeons “dropping” as they fly and they also live and nest in trees (at least they do in mine).

  74. For the ones trying to feed the wild but not the pigeons, there is an anti-cat mat that they sell at my local store called Daiso. It basically looks like the rubber mats inside restaurant kitchens (the black ones with holes on them), but is made out of plastic. It has spikes on it that I don’t think squirrels mind. Try putting your feeder on a mat like that. Not too sure about feeding other birds though. There is no such thing as segregation as much as we all want it 😉 Was kidding about the segregation comment by the way.

  75. I would recommend putting a bunch of diesel in the area where they nest, then in the middle of the night lighting it on fire.

  76. I would recommend putting a bunch of diesel in the area where they nest, then in the middle of the night lighting it on fire.

    hope it helps.

  77. Just moved into a beautiful apartment (Aug), million dollar scenary. Sitting on the balcony my friend said ‘I don’t see pigeons flying by?’; Short lived, November spotted 4 on balcony along with ‘what they left behind’. Phobia with pigeons had to do something. Suggestions wiped down balcony rail with bleach, sure thing. Nonsense, returned with relatives. I decided to lay tacks but the best solution was brought to my attention. NO MORE PIGEONS ON MY BALCONY.

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