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A lot of jobs aren’t easy, but someone has to do them. There’s the guy in charge of replacing urinal pucks in the men’s room, the women who hand-wash underwear at an inner-city laundromat, supermarket attendants, and so many other hazardous, low-paying jobs. It’s not easy to hold a job in the anatomical appreciation and satisfaction industry, better known as pimping and prostitution.

Many people think that pimping and prostitution is immoral. Some places have banned commercial sex workers, although many pimps and prostitutes still operate in places where it’s legal, or through sites on the Internet. You may feel violated when a prostitute offers herself for your pleasure, or if a pimp in feather boas comes at you and asks if you’re interested in being one of his “ladies.” If you find yourself disturbed or offended by pimps and prostitutes, here are some ways to get rid of them.

Stay Away from Dark Streets

Pimps and prostitutes do business in places where they can’t be caught. While some sex workers are brave enough to work on well-lit streets, most prefer to operate at dark side-streets where there’s little chance for them to be caught. Side-streets are a hot-spot for prostitution, especially because there are many hiding places, apartments, and alleys where pimps and prostitutes can do business.

It’s best to avoid these side streets if you don’t want to be bothered by pimps and prostitutes who sell sex. Here are some helpful ways to avoid hot-spots for prostitution:

  • Always take major roads. If you drive an expensive-looking car on a side-street late at night, you’re a magnet for pimps and prostitutes who think you’re looking to pay someone for sex. Whenever possible, always take the major roads. If you need to drive on a side-street, make sure to drive at a safe speed so that pimps and prostitutes won’t knock on your window and solicit sex.
  • Never walk at dark streets late at night. If you need to walk home late at night, stick to well-lit streets and main roads where there are a lot of people. Pimps and prostitutes usually operate at seedy areas where there aren’t a lot of people, or the environment is less than wholesome.

Stay Away from Red-Light Districts

In places where prostitution and commercial sex is legalized, most pimps and prostitutes do business in the red-light district. Red-light districts are areas where it’s legal to operate nightclubs, adult film stores, and adult theaters. You won’t see wholesome family entertainment in these places, and it’s best to stay away from them if you find your morals and sensibilities offended by pimps and prostitutes.

Getting Rid of a Pimp

Pimps are looked down on by women because they tend to be chauvinist sexists who think that women are good for nothing more than giving pleasure to men who pay money for sex. Many pimps are also on the lookout for young, attractive women that they can add to their list of “choices” or “options” for men looking for a few hours of enjoyment. Here are some ways that you can get rid of a skirt-chasing pimp who persistently wants to add you to his prostitution den, ring, or harem:

  • Ignore him. If a pimp follows you around and compliments you on how you “look so fine” and how you would make a perfect addition to his group of “gals,” it’s best to ignore him. Pimps’ comments are not sincere, because they only want to make money out of your body.
  • Walk the safe route. Pimps hang out in seedy areas where a lot of crimes take place, like theft and rampant drug use. It’s best to avoid these areas, especially if you don’t want to deal with the annoying and harassing comments of sex-crazed and sex-obsessed maniacs.
  • Avoid physical contact. As much as you want to slap the taste out of the mouth of a sexually perverted pimp, you’re better off avoiding physical contact with pimps. Pimps are often physically stronger than you. Remember that if they can make an offensive comment, they can also perform offensive crimes like sexual harassment, molestation, and even rape.
  • Avoid red-light districts. It’s nice to have fun at the nightclub just to unwind, but stay away from clubs notorious for prostitution and sexual harassment. Be very keen and aware, and keep on the lookout for pimps who’ll do anything to make you one of “their women.”
  • Dress conservatively. You don’t have to change the way you look just to keep perverted pimps away, but it does help to be conservative in your dress sense. Save the revealing clothes when you’re absolutely sure that the environment is safe, secure and free from pimps and other perverts.

Getting Rid of a Prostitute

Some people will not turn down an offer for sex, but some people would rather play on the safe side. Many prostitutes and commercial sex workers harbor sexually transmitted diseases that can have a serious effect on your health. A prostitute’s offer for sex may also offend your moral sensibilities. Here are some ways to turn down the offer of a prostitute for sex:

  • Ignore her. Unlike pimps, prostitutes usually don’t follow clients around because their pimps or “agents” do that for them. When you are being pestered by a prostitute for an offer of sex, look busy, ignore her, and attend to other more important things.
  • Look and walk straight ahead. You may be drawn to the revealing outfits of a prostitute, but they will take it as a sign that you’re interested in their services. Don’t give prostitutes lingering looks unless you’re interested in and prepared for a sexual encounter.
  • Don’t linger around the block. Some prostitutes take loitering and loafing as a sign of a possible sexual transaction. Unless you have business hanging out in a red-light district or a prostitution hotspot, keep moving.
  • Keep to well-lit areas. Most prostitutes stay in dimly-lit street corners, and wait for prospective customers under street lights and storefronts closed for the night. When you’re out at night alone, stick to well-lit areas and familiar routes.
  • Just say “no.” Some of your friends may want to have some fun and invite a prostitute over for a wild and wicked night of debauchery. If you’re not keen on getting venereal diseases, or if you feel that your sensibilities are a bit too strict for a prostitute, there’s no harm in saying “No.”

Use the Internet Wisely

Many cities and states are now enforcing a ban or control on the commercial sex trade, and are now starting to crack down on prostitution. Many pimps and prostitutes now use the Internet to sell sex. You can protect yourself, your family, and your loved ones by using the Internet prudently and effectively:

  • Quit browsing porn. Here’s another reason why you should refrain from browsing porn sites. Many porn sites place tracking cookies and other tracking tools to monitor your browsing patterns. If you surf for porn regularly, adult sites will start sending you solicitations for cybersex or even real-life offers for women.
  • Secure your computer. Firewalls, anti-virus programs, and other safe Web surfing utilities can help you avoid acquiring tracking tools and malware.
  • Don’t reply to anonymous e-mails. Some online prostitution dens may also send you e-mails or private messages on chat rooms and online bulletin boards offering sex. Reply to these e-mails at your own discretion, but its best to ignore them altogether.

There are many reasons why pimps prostitute women, and why some women would go as far as to prostitute themselves. With these helpful hints and tips, prostitution will be much harder and much more difficult for pimps and violent sexual offenders than they ever thought possible.

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