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Plasma screen TVs are among the most modern devices for viewing media. They have advanced features and produce digital sounds, which make them the perfect gadgets for home entertainment systems. High-tech as they are, they are prone to a particular error that many owners complain about – the screen burn-in. If a plasma TV runs continuously for long hours, chances are, the scenes you’re watching might get imprinted on the TV screen.

The plasma screen burn-in, often mistaken as damage to the picture tube, is thought to be irreparable at first. As it turns out, it is a natural occurrence, since plasma screens are not built to display fixed images for long periods. The idle sprite or image being shown gathers concentrated heat, which results in the burnt outlines that appear on the TV screen. With the even distribution of light on-screen, the burn-in may fade gradually, or even disappear. However, there is still a risk it may not fade, depending if the TV incurs significant phosphor damage.

Constant Barrage of “White Noise”

“White noise,” marked by flashing white dots, is displayed when the TV fails to pick up a signal. Since the blinking dots are evenly distributed on the screen, all the phosphors are utilized, causing the after-image to fade. You have to chance up on an empty channel or purchase a special DVD that plays “white noise” continually. For the burnt images to be removed, it must be played for several hours straight. You have to sacrifice some TV time if you want your TV to be back to normal.

Moving Images

You can watch your favorite TV programs and resolve the plasma screen burn-in at the same time. Though, the program and the channel must follow several conditions, otherwise you may end up damaging your TV even more. Put in mind the benefits of “white noise” and check if your favorite programs make the grade. Here are the parameters that you should follow:

  • The TV show must have constantly shifting scenes and pretty active characters.
  • The channel should not have any fixed marks, such as logos, words or objects. Prolonged exposure to those things may only add more burns to the screen, despite of the presence of constantly moving images.
  • Continuous exposure to moving images is required, which is actually welcomed by TV buffs. You can also purchase the DVD of a good TV series, so you can watch for several hours straight.

If your favorite TV programs and your viewing habits match the parameters, you’ll have much fun taking care of those unwanted burn-ins.

Quick Channel Surfing

Channel surfing comes as an unconventional solution, as long as it is done at a speedy pace. Browse through the channels, as if you are in a hurry. The varying images displayed by the channels will distribute light on the phosphors equally. As a result, the after-images will eventually fade or vanish. Just make sure you have indefatigable fingers, powerful enough to continuously browse channels for hours.

Anti-Burn-In Program

A program that specializes in fixing plasma screen burn-ins can be downloaded on the internet – JScreenFix. Once you have the program, you need to hook up the TV to your computer for it to work. The procedure may be taxing, but the program is one of your best bets in removing the after-images. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go online and open your browser.
  2. Head to a reputable search engine then search for “Jscreenfix.” Download the program.
  3. Once downloaded, hook up the computer to the TV using the appropriate cables.
  4. Set the TV’s brightness, contrast and resolution to maximum.
  5. Run the JScreenFix program. Let it work on your television for six hours.
  6. End the program then check if the after-images have faded. If they are still prominent, let both the TV and computer rest for a few hours. Run the program again for six hours right after.

You, while running the program, should check the TV screen from time to time. The software’s effects may lower the TV’s brightness, contrast and resolution permanently, if left running beyond six hours.

Screen Calibration DVD

The screen calibration DVD works just like the anti-burn-in program, only more convenient to use. All you need to do is run the DVD in your DVD player and set your TV to Video. When the DVD is played, it will run a diagnostic then calibrate your TV for a few hours. It, being pretty effective, stands a good chance of removing the plasma screen burn-ins. If you have trouble running the program, run the DVD on your computer to get the user’s manual.

The Lowdown

Among all of the options, the screen calibration DVD and the anti-burn-in program are the most effective means to get rid of plasma screen burn-ins. They are specially made to remove, or at least reduce, after-images, with a only a few possible risks for your TV. The program is free but entails much work, on your part. The DVD, on the other hand, is easy to use but you have to pay several bucks to secure it. Now the choice is yours.

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