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Did you know that in the United States alone, there are 40 billion plastic bottles used each year for beverages alone? About two-thirds end up in landfills. No matter how you look at it, this situation is not doing any good for the environment. You need to get rid of plastic bottles the right way.

Recycling is one of the best ways to help Mother Nature. Plastic bottles can be used in more ways than you can imagine. Below is a list of ways you can save the environment through recycling plastic bottles.

Plastic Bottles as Sand Bags – Who would have thought that even plastic bottles can be used as sand bags? Sand bags can be messy when they break, and handling them can prove to be difficult. To avoid handling big and messy sand bags, use two-liter plastic bottles and put sand in them. Make sure that the sand is dry so that it can be easily moved. Every time you are stuck in an extreme weather condition, feel free to get a bottle and sprinkle sand under your car tires to get you on the way in just a few seconds.

Potpourri Holder – To make potpourri holders, you should first cut the bottom of the plastic bottle and then fill the cut part of the bottle with potpourri. Cover the open part with silk or curtain lace. Glue this to the outside of your plastic bottle. You will have to cover the raw edges using lace or ribbons.

Ice Packs – If you have large plastic bottles, you can fill them about two-thirds of the way with water. Freeze them so that you’ll always have ice packs on hand. If the ice packs melt, you’ll have cold water to drink instantly. If your plastic bottles are are in 250, 300 or 300 milliliters, fill half a bottle with water and then freeze it. The next morning, you can fill it with juice or just fresh tap water so you or your kids can enjoy cold drinks without bringing bulky ice packs in their lunch box.

Decorative Containers – Cut the top of the plastic bottle. You will use the bottom part to create decorative containers. Paint the outside of the plastic bottle. If you don’t want to paint it, you can cover it with fabric or decoupage it (Tips on how to decoupage). Create a hinge out of ribbon. Or, you can create small holes to attach two bottles together. You can do this by wiring the bottoms of the plastic bottles. With this, you now have a container that has an opening. You can have a piece of ribbon, a button or glue on a bead to use as a handle. You can now use your decorative container to keep candies, jewelry or small gifts.

Substitute Funnel – You can simply cut off the base of the bottle and then turn it upside down. After this, you are done. It is that simple. You can now use a substitute the funnel you just lost. Filling jugs or putting oil in your car has never been this easy.

Ocean in a Bottle – Just our in half a bottle of water and half a bottle of oil. Add glitter and food coloring. That’s it! If you want something for your baby to play with, you can use smaller bottles.

Wind Socks – To use a plastic bottle as a wind sock, cut off the base of a two-liter plastic bottle. Use a hole punch to create four holes spaced evenly at the topmost area of the cylinder. Tie a fishing line to each hole, preferable a 12-inch piece for each. Attach all these to a big swivel snap. Sand the plastic bottle and decorate it. You can paint it and color it with your desired designs. Once it’s dry, create holes every inch around the base. Tie a ribbon in each hole. You can have different colors for each hole, or have the same colors for all of them. You are now ready to hang it up for display.

Plastic Butterfly – Create a stencil using cardboard in the form of a butterfly, 6×6 or maybe even 4×4. Trace the butterfly out onto your precious plastic bottles. After tracing, cut it out. Bend the butterfly by applying pressure at its center. Bending will create arches on the butterfly. Just put some design on the wings by painting it in any color. Stick it up using putty.

Seed/Plant Starter – Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle and then fill it up with sand. Put in some water and add some seed to the sand. Put the top of the bottle (the portion that you cut) back to its body using tape. Keep it in a warm place. The seeds will be germinating and when they are all tall enough, you can transfer the seedlings to your garden. If you don’t have a garden, you can transfer the seedlings to a larger pot.

Door Stop With No Bending Required – You can cut an old soda bottle into two equal halves. Create a hole at the center of the cap and then secure the “stick” with a dowel to create a handle. Weigh the bottom because you should be able to lift it. After weighing the bottom, you can glue the top back on. The plastic bottle will have to stand with the handle you created. The handle should be sticking out at the top. Of course, you will need to decorate this so you may consider wrapping it in lace and satin. Secure it with decorative roses and cording. Expect the handle to stick up to door knob level. This way, you can close and open the door very easily.

If you have no time to recycle, you have to at least cooperate with some of the community guidelines in terms of waster management. Usually, there are special curbside collection areas in your town intended for collecting items for recycling. You can also get rid of plastic bottles by putting them in a bottle bank.

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