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Beating around the BUSH is often a bad thing, especially if you’re a guy with a very thick thatch of pubic hair. Thick, long, and dense thatches of pubic hair can make men feel insecure, and can gross out even the most understanding of sexual partners. Walking on the beach with hair sticking out the crotch of your trunks or underwear is embarrassing enough as it is, and having a really thick patch of pubic hair does not help with hygiene either. You can restore your self-confidence (Tips on how to build self-confidence), self-esteem, and quit beating around your own bush as well, with these simple steps to get rid of public hair.

Why Get Rid of Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is meant to protect your genital region from irritation, and to help wick away excess moisture from the penis and the scrotum. There’s nothing wrong with having pubic hair, although having too much hair down there can lead to a lot of problems:

  • Odors. Sweat, as well as traces of urine and semen, can mingle on your pubic hair and form an unappealing odor.
  • Infections. Parasites like crab lice and mice can make your pubic hair their home. Once they breed and multiply, they can cause rashes and other skin diseases. Certain parasites can also carry sexually transmitted diseases. (Learn how to get rid of crabs)
  • Insecurities. Having a thick patch of pubic hair can give your partner the optical illusion that you have a small penis. Once you trim or shave your pubic hair, you can show your partner that your penis size is just right.

Pubic Hair Styles

Trimming your nether regions depends on your own personal preference. Like haircuts, there are many styles and ways by which you can trim your pubic hair. Here are some options you can choose from:

  • Natural style refers to untrimmed, uncut, or unshaven pubic hair.
  • Patches usually refer to a completely shaved pubic area, save for a small tuft of trimmed pubic hair just above the penis.
  • Trimmed pubic hair, also known as a uniform cut, refers to pubic hair that’s trimmed to an even length.
  • Brazilian treatment refers to waxes and depilatories applied to the penis and the scrotum to completely remove all the pubic hair.
  • Shaped patches are custom trim jobs where the pubic hair is shaped to form a decorative patch above the penis.


Trimming pubic hair is a good option for guys who want the clean look, but are hesitant or turned off about shaving their pubic regions completely bald. You only need a few tools and steps to trim your pubic hair:


  • Soap and water
  • Towel
  • Electric shaver
  • Trimming scissors


  1. Wash your pubic region thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Dry the penis and the scrotum thoroughly with a towel.
  3. Shave off the excess pubic hair. Use the “Low” setting on the electric shaver until you reach the desired length of the pubic hair.
  4. Carefully trim the rest of the pubic hair with a pair of sharp trimming scissors. Make sure not to pierce, cut, wound, or sever your nether regions.
  5. Wash the pubic area again with soap and water.


Shaving is one of the most common and popular ways to get rid of unwanted hair. While shaving is a bit tricky and complicated for men, it can be performed with a few simple tools and steps:


  • Soap and water
  • Towel
  • Shaving cream or pubic shaving lubricant/lather
  • Electric shaver (use a shaver or blade meant for pubic hair)
  • A really sharp straight razor


  1. Wash the pubic area with soap and water.
  2. Dry the pubic area thoroughly with a towel.
  3. Shave off the excess pubic hair with the shaver first. Get as close as possible to the skin without having to cut along the very root of the hairs.
  4. Apply a small amount of shaving cream or shaving lubricant on the hair, and shave. Skin along the pubic area, especially at the base of the penis and the scrotum, is thinner compared to the rest of the body. Make sure not to wound or damage the area.
  5. Some hairs may be out of reach of the shaver, particularly the ones along the groin. Use a straight razor for this purpose. When using a razor, make sure that you do not accidentally wound – or worse cut off – the shaft of your penis.
  6. Wash and rinse off the area.


Waxing is a common way to get rid of unwanted pubic hair. While waxes are usually used as a maintenance procedure for shaved pubic regions, they can also be used to remove certain unwanted patches of pubic hair, particularly along the groin. Many cosmetic clinics offer hair waxing services, although you can buy waxing kits from pharmacies.

When using waxing kits, keep in mind the following reminders:

  • Check the package instructions to see if you have any allergic reactions to the ingredients in the waxing kit.
  • Follow the instructions very carefully when using a waxing kit.
  • It may help to test the waxing kit first on hairs on your hip or the groin. If you can’t stand the hair-pulling sensation, you may want to use shaving methods or depilatory creams.

Depilatories and Electrolysis

If you don’t want to make a ritual out of shaving your pubes, depilatory creams and lotions get rid of your pubic hair problem in a snap. Depilatories work by removing the hair from the root, closing the pores, and making sure hair doesn’t grow back again. Keep in mind that depilatories are not permanent solutions; even the best depilatories will still make some patches of hair grow.

The best way to get rid of pubic hair forever is to permanently have them removed through electrolysis. Tattoo parlors, body modification shops, and cosmetic clinics offer electrolysis services for unwanted pubic hair, although they can cost a lot. Electrolysis is particularly useful for hard-to-shave areas like the scrotum and the hair surrounding the base of the penis.

Shaving your pubes may not be the most appealing thing in the world, but it helps to restore your self-esteem, self-confidence, and make cleaning yourself easier. Getting rid of pubic hair is simple enough for you to take up the tools, and beat around that bush for yourself. For more information regarding this article read how to get rid of pubic hair.

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