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Your Guide for Shaving Pubic Hair

There comes a time when a person looks down at their pubes and decides that it’s time for a change. Maybe your partner asked you to ‘neaten’ yourself up a little. Maybe you don’t want it to look like you have a rug hanging out of your bikini. Whatever the reason, male or female, we have the answers to all your pubic hair trimming questions right here.

Things You Should Consider First

Before you reach for that trimmer or those scissors you should take a couple of things into consideration:

  1. Your Partner – You may want to tell your mate what you are about to do so you can deal with any issues they may have before the big change.
  2. Proper Undergarments – Pubic hair helps dissipate excess moisture by keeping a layer of air between our genitals and our underwear. Removing some or all of the “hair down there” means you will need to make sure you wear only undergarments made from breathable materials like cotton or silk. Failure to let the area breathe can be uncomfortable and irritating. If you’re a woman it also puts you at greater risk of a yeast infection.

Pubic Hair Removal Methods

There are many options available when it comes to trimming your goods. Your tools should be selected based on the end result you desire. If you want clean shaved privates, look into shaving or waxing. If you only desire a trim then maybe scissors or trimmers would be best, followed up with some shaving, tweezing or waxing of the surrounding areas. Follow along as we explain each method and then make the decision for yourself.

How to Trim Your Pubic Hair

If you’re growing a forest down there and all you desire is a trim to neaten up your appearance then there’s two ways you can do it, with scissors or with trimmers. Scissors work, but take a while and require dexterity. A good beard trimmer with an adjustable guard will let you shave all of your pubic hair to a uniform length in seconds, making quick work of the job.

Shaving Pubic Hair

Shaving your pubic hair is a pretty simple process that takes a while to get used to. If you’ve never shaved ‘down there’ before then it’s almost guaranteed that you will experience some irritation. Your skin is not used to coming into direct contact with anything due to the hair that acts as a buffer between you and your clothes. On top of that, a close shave will irritate the skin until it has been conditioned to the practice. In most cases it only takes a month or so to get your skin used to shaving, but depending on your particular physiology it could be less time or more time. Listen to your body and don’t rush – this isn’t a race.

You will need: A new razor, hair conditioner or shaving cream / gel, a bowl of steaming hot water, and an unscented moisturizing lotion.

Not needed but nice to have: A freestanding or hand mirror for those hard-to-see areas.

  1. Take a Long, Hot Bath – Soaking in hot water will soften up both your skin and hair. Gently exfoliate the area you are about to shave using a loofah or exfoliating pad to remove dead skin.
  2. Trim – Using either scissors or a trimmer, cut your pubic hair as short as you can. This will make shaving easier, shaving long hair will cause your razor to become clogged in no time flat.
  3. Lubricate – Using hair conditioner (shaving creams and gels work, but conditioner works better), lather up the area to be shaved.
  4. Shave – With one hand pull the skin tight, with the other slowly and deliberately shave off your pubic hair moving in the direction of hair growth, not against. Always use a new razor each and every time you do this. Pubic hair is thick and will dull a blade after just one shave, and using a dull blade is a pathway to painville. Clean the razor after every stroke by repeatedly tapping it against the side or bottom of the bowl and then visually inspect it to make sure it’s clean before continuing. If you need to go back over an area, first apply a fresh layer of lubricant.
  5. Post-Shave – After you’ve finished shaving, lightly rub an ice cube over the skin you shaved to close up your pores and then pat the area dry with a clean towel. Apply a unscented moisturizer to the area to help soothe the freshly shaved skin.

When you are first getting used to shaving you should shave only once every few days – wait for the irritation from the last shave to heal before you shave again. With every successive shave, the irritation should lessen until it stops altogether. After shaving, wear a long shirt or boxer shorts to let the area breathe – only wear loose, breathable fabrics. You will find that a close shave will last anywhere from 1-3 days and will begin to itch as it grows back if you don’t shave it regularly.

Not everyone has the skin for shaving, if you find that you have a real problem with irritation or ingrown hairs then you should consider a close trim instead. It will still look and feel clean but without all of the pain.

Waxing Pubic Hair

Many people prefer waxing over shaving because it lasts much longer. Waxed pubic hair can take anywhere from two to four weeks before it starts re-growing, meaning there’s much less time spent maintaining it. The trade off is pain. Waxing hurts, but the pain can be controlled by pulling more or less hair out at one time. Continued waxing will also cause hair growth to diminish over time.

You can perform this at home, or go to a professional to have it done. Professionals are fast and have the best tools but can be expensive and embarrassing. The ultimate choice is really up to you. If you choose to perform the waxing yourself, supplies can be purchased at any drug store, or even made at home. Below is a simple recipe for a sugar solution that can be used instead of wax along with instructions for its use.

  • 2 cups white sugar
  • ¼ cup water
  • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil


  1. Prepare a one square foot area on a clean counter top or large glass cutting board by coating its surface with olive oil.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil.
  3. Simmer until the sugar solution reaches approximately 250F (the mixture will take on a light, caramel color, approx 10 minutes – do not overcook).
  4. Immediately turn off the stove and pour the solution onto the oiled surface. Be careful not to get any on yourself or you will get burned!
  5. Once it’s cooled enough to handle and before it hardens, work it into a ball with a spatula or spoon and place it into an airtight container inside the fridge for storage.

When it’s time for use, break off about a tablespoon sized chunk and heat it up in the microwave until it’s warm and soft, then work it in your hands until it’s nice and pliable. Be careful not to burn yourself, it only needs about 20-30 seconds to warm up.

Instructions for use:

  1. Spread a small quantity over the hair to be removed (start small!).
  2. Press a strip of porous fabric firmly over it (cotton, muslin, whatever you’ve got).
  3. Yank the strip off in the exact opposite direction of hair growth (pull it back, not up).
  4. Continue using the same cloth strip and sugar until it fails to pick up more hair.
  5. Start again at step 1 until all you’ve completed the job.

After you’ve removed all the unwanted hair, apply an unscented moisturizing lotion. There are many people who swear by sugaring as an easier and cheaper alternative to waxing. If smooth is your thing, give it a try!

Chemical Depilatories

Chemical depilatories are usually some sort of liquid or cream that are applied directly to the skin over unwanted hair, allowed to sit for a specified time during which they dissolve the hair, and then are washed off along with the unwanted hair. These products work by dissolving the keratin in each hair so it can easily be wiped away, the drawback is that your skin also contains keratin so it’s imperative to keep it on only long enough to remove the hair and not damage the skin.

There’s no exact science to these, they work fantastically for some people, while they irritate the heck out of others. If you choose this route – try it out on a less sensitive area and wait 48 hours to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions to it. When using to remove pubic hair, make sure the product states that it is safe for the bikini area and never apply it directly to your genitals. These are best used to neaten up the area around your goods, folks.

Pubic Hair Styles

So you know how to remove your pubic hair… now what? Do you shave it all off, or just trim it? Shave some of it and trim the rest? Dye it another color entirely? The choice is yours. Here are some common styles to get you started.

Pubic Hair Styles for Men

  • Natural – Just what the name implies, and what you probably have now.
  • Brazilian – All bare, no hair.
  • Uniform Trim – All of the pubic hair trimmed to a uniform length. This is best done with a beard trimmer.
  • The Patch – Completely shaved except for a uniform tuft of hair above the penis and over the pubic bone.
  • Custom Designs – Completely shaved except for a custom shaped patch above the penis and over the pubic bone. Shapes can be anything; triangles, arrows, half-circles, etc..

Pubic Hair Styles for Women

  • Natural – Just what the name implies, and what you probably have now.
  • Brazilian – Again just what the name implies, all bare, no hair.
  • Uniform Trim – All of the pubic hair trimmed to a uniform length. This is best done with a beard trimmer.
  • Bikini Line – Hair is removed from around the sides and above of the vulva so that it cannot be seen while wearing a bikini. This gives the appearance of an upside-down triangle.
  • Landing Strip – Completely bare except for a vertical strip of hair 1/2-1/4” long centered directly above the vulva.
  • G-Wax – Completely bare except for a tiny tuft of short hair centered directly above the vulva.
  • Custom Designs – Completely shaved except for a custom shaped patch centered above the vulva. Shapes can be anything including triangles, arrows, hearts, etc..

Feel free to add your tips to this page using the form below. Happy styling!

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  1. Shaving is a quick way but not that best way to remove hair. The matter of fact, i got more hair now by shaving and wish i never have touched the razor when i was a teenager. Waxing is the best way and the second best is the hair removing creams and Gels especially for sensitive skin by Nair. Clarins is coming up with a new product for men where the user will use the product on desired shaving areas such as face, armpits etc. The product is going to be in the market by january 2007 and is likely a lotion or gel, So after putting the product on a desire area for the whole night and shaving in the morning will get rid of after 6pm hair growth and the face will still be nice and smooth like you just shaved. It will also slow the hair growth and i believe it will also be benificial for girls as we shave our legs etc. The company is called Clarins and can be found in macy’s.

  2. Shaving doesn’t cause more hair to grow back. It’s just that most people start shaving at a young age when they haven’t finished growing, nor has all their hair come in yet. They just have more because they are older. Oh and waxing for guys, the actual genitals hurts more than it’s worth.

  3. any idea how to get rid of those really unwanted hairs on my testicles without harming those heavenly balls…….down there!

  4. For Bhassi: In a warm shower, go nice and slow with a straight razor (kind you use on your face). I don’t use any soap or shaving cream or anything. After the first few times the irritation goes away and you’ll be good to go.

  5. @Bhassi
    I use a regular hair trimmer for my whole body. I take a lot of precautions while trimming ‘down there’, though… I don’t want to get ‘burns’.

  6. I used Nivea with aloe and vitamin E cream first, then a Mach 3 fresh blade in the shower, do small parts a little at a time. The easiest way is to achieve an erection to ensure all skin is as tight as possible. Massaging your berries, pushing them close into your body causing them to bulge should give you a nice smooth surface. There usually isn’t much hair there so it will not be as complicated. In fact, you can ‘point and shoot’ and shave each hair almost individually there, unless you’re a hairy monster.

    My challenge is getting underneath in ‘no mans land’. Oh what a feeling!

  7. This will sound incredibly dumb, but I made the incredible rookie mistake of shaving ‘down there’ 2 days in a row in hopes of getting the closest shave. it was close alright, not only did i get massive razor burn, it also got infected bc i had a terrible reaction to the spermicide from the condoms my partner and i used. it was incredibly painful and miserable. For anyone who is shaving for the first time, please make sure you gradually increase how many times you shave, and ALWAYS use a new razor!!

  8. The problem with shaving is not that more hair regrows but that the hair will grow back more coarse and bushy. Hairs are not cylindrical shaped but rather grow wider from the base at the follicle so the tip is actually thinner than the base. When shaving you cut the hair above the follicle so as it grows the tip will be wider than it was before shaving. This gives the hair a bushier/thicker appearance. Unless you plan to keep shaving , depilatories or waxing is a better option because this will remove the hairs at the root ensuring regrowth is a completely new hair. Happy bareness!

  9. OK, kinda gross and too detailed, but for guys:

    As you know the warmer your testicles are, the more they ‘hang’. I have found that it is easier to either shave or to trim if the the balls are “close” to the body. Far less knicks and cuts. For teh balls to come up close, they either must be cold or you must be ‘turned on’. Cold isn’t as good, since the pores aren’t opened as much as they should be, so the option is to be in a warm shower, get yourself turned on, and shave/trim it then. You get a closer, neater trim on the ole sack, and lses irritation

  10. Here’s the deal with shaving your bits, guys.

    First off, as stated above, use a trimmer first. Shorten it or you’ll be there all day.

    1) ALWAYS shave toward the genitals. Do not ever shave away, this is against the grain of your hair. Shave toward the penis or scrotum, whichever is closer at the time.

    2) Stretch the scrotum and penis such that you get a flat surface for your strokes. Your goal in shaving your pubic region should be a dramatic reduction of the hair, not a total elimination of it.

    3) When shaving your scrotum, shave toward the penis. Use an exceedingly light touch on your scrotum. Do not press the blade against it. Get stubborn long hairs by using a trimmer first, or if you’re really tough, pluck them.

    4) Do NOT EVER attempt to shave your butt-crack and the area around your anus. There are plenty of reasons for this, the most dominant of which is that it is exceedingly hard to see there, the second of which is that dingleberries are way easier to wipe than smears on your skin. So leave that hair alone; you can live with it, even if you may think you can’t.

    5) Go slowly. Use one half inch strokes and clear your blade every third stroke. It will take longer, but the fruits of said time are way less irritation.

    6) Now this one is contrary to conventional knowledge, but do not use any sort of shaving cream. a fairly constant stream of hot water (just about as hot as you can stand it) is all the lubrication you need. Precision of sight is way better than such things, and if it’s foamy, you won’t be able to see what you need to, so you’ll end up going over the same places more.

    7) Before you shave and after, wash very well with an antibacterial (and preferably) moisturizing soap. Dial body wash works great. When you’re done, use an alcohol-based aftershave or injection-grade rubbing alcohol. Yes, this may increase the irritation factor, but at this point, what is most important is STERILIZATION. Shaving, even gentle shaving, creates microscopic nicks and cuts in your skin.

    8) While not mandatory, I highly recommend you sterilize the shaven area with alcohol or an alcohol-based solution (your aftershave) two to three times a day for at least two days, and follow up with a strong moisturizer once the burn goes away. This negates almost any possibility of infection and lowers the irritation factor greatly.

    9) Finally, do not shave more than twice a month. The skin there is exceedingly sensitive and over-shaving it will send you to Hell on Earth.

    Done right, there should be almost zero irritation, and zero infection. Yes, the alcohol will burn like crazy (and never, ever let it get onto the head of your penis) but I ask you… burn for 20-30 minutes, or itch/burn for several days? Or worse, get infected?

    I’ve shaved twice a month for ten years. I’ve not had so much as a single bump of razor burn in well over five. I know what I’m doing and if any of you other shavers out there heed my advice, the initial hell of experimentation I went through will be well worth it. TMI? Too bad. I’m way more than willing to dispense advice on this.

  11. rite, every time i have shaved my public hair is has ended up in a horrible rash and it just doesn’t work for me . however then i tryed hair removal creams which isthe best for my body type this may be the bes for yours , you dhould try methods then decide on what works best for you !

  12. I was never pleased with waxing results. Shaving was difficult and dangerous! And, I thought that the creme depilatories left me with too much 6 o’clock shadow. Now, however, I have moved on to trimming and tweezing. I am not very hairy, but the fighters that I do have are coarse. They are super easy to tweeze and I do not lose skin to the wax strips. Tweezing is yielding the best results for me, so far. I would love to try Sato’s shaving suggestions but I am not a fan of the stubbly feeling when I miss a razor-session.

  13. I’m here to tell you I have tried it all,trimming, shaving,all of it
    and the absolute BEST way of removing pubic hair no matter how you want to shape it or remove it all male or female is to use an epilator. It removes the hair at the root, no ingrown hairs no bumps just smooth sexy skin. I trim mine with a triangle above my dick and it is the absolute best way to go. Trim the hair short,Soak in a tub first to soften things up, and go for it. Make sure you are totally dry, a little powder can help. I use an emjoy optimax and the first time is a little painfull but after that it’s SMOOOOOTH going. Have fun.

  14. OMG to Jake: DO NOT USE AN EPILATOR!!!!!!!!! Thats exactly what my sister and friend thought until they got super bad ingrowns and scars all over legs and bikini area, its been 2 years since my sister used it and she still has scars on her legs im warning everyone do not try that there great the first few times but unless u have very very fine hair use it but if u have coarse hair do not try it.

  15. Well, for me the best one is shaving, definitely. Not painful at all for me and lasts long enoguh. If you take a shower everyday, it’s really easy to keep neat…whenever you feel it’s growing/stubbly just shave again. And if you have a sensitive area (me it’s closer to my tighs) where you get a razorburn (the red bumps) then use shaving cream only on that area.
    Waxing is a hugeeee pain and the ingrown hairs are just impossible to get rid of for a long time.

  16. My advice is to forget shaving……and go right to the “laser hair removal”. You will spend thousands of dollars in your life on shaving, waxing and whatever “method of the week” happens to be out there.
    You can get the pubic hair removed PERMANENTLY for less than $1000.00 an dnever have to deal with shaving or pubic hair again. Of course, you want to make sure that you want it gone for good…bu tif you decide that’s what you want (liek I did), then save yourself a ton of money, aggrivation, ingrown hairs razor burn and rashes, and look up some laser hair removal centers. The one I went to is in the Boston area (Burlington) and I have never had to shave again. It took 6 visits spread out over a year, (hair grows in cycles so it’s necessary to space the treatments out), but after my first treatement, I had almost no regrowth…..and by the time I had my third fourth treatment…I had ZERO regrowth. The last two treatments were basicaly “maintenance”…..and I didnt even need them. Total cost for me was 895.00…..and I am so happy and I don’t ever have to chave again. google “laser hair removal centers” in your area and get a list of other. Just make sure that it’s a professonal center with nurses and not some fly by night , here today, gone tomorrow” type place. Get references and do research. If you have questions, I am happy to answer them…just email me

  17. I recently trimmed my hair — I don’t want to shave all the way, just to trim so that it doesn’t look like a forest — only problem is I have wiry pubic hair and the trimmed hair pokes and hurts my partner during sex. Is there a way to a) trim so that hair of my type is not so pointy or b) treat the hair so that it becomes softer? (I have been using conditioner down there, it is not making much of a difference.) Thanks.

  18. i thought shavin makes the area really sharp after a few days. the tiny hair that grow back can be very sharp. it doesnt stay smooth for over a week.

  19. ok………i shaved my bikini and now the result is that hairs grow more more faster and my skins gone all dark and ive been told recently taht the more you shave, more your skin gets darker.i advice not to shave specilly for that anyway i can get rid of that dark skin..please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  20. I shave my vag completly bare. I find that if I shave everyday or other day I get bad razor burn, so I usually shave on fridays before i go out for the weekend. It stays smooth thru the weekend, and since the hair is a little longer (since it grows through out the week)i get a clean burn-free shave. When you do get razor burn, rub some triple antibiotic cream or neosporin on it. It will go away in 1-2 days.

  21. I like to shave my balls and my penis bare, and leave the rest. I trim the hair above my penis, just barely taking mabe 1/4 the length of the hair, as I tend to look rather scraggly when not trimmed because I have hairs, some curly, some that get straight from being too long. I use a beard trimmer for this purpose, and it looks like I have a natural looking, even amount of hair above my penis. I have tried both shaving gels, aloe gel, and neither works too well for shaving. I decided to try a lube, like Astroglide, sold just about anywhere including Wal-Mart where I buy a large bottle that lasts a long, long time. (I also mix lube with my shaving gel for my face for baby smooth skin!) I also recommend using a vibrating razor like the ones offered by Mach Power, and Fusion. I like to shave while standing in front of the sink with a towel on the floor to catch any stray hair and water drips, and use a warm, wet cloth to open my pores. Then I apply the lube to my penis and scrotum, and start shaving my scrotum from the back to the front while stretching the skin and going very gently over a small area at a time, and the lube usually gives me an erection which also aids in tightening the skin where shaving. I usually do this just prior to taking my shower, so I can ensure a thorough cleaning, and because I can see better what I am doing outside the shower. Using the vibrating razors may seem a bit hary at first, but I get a perfectly smooth, hairless shave without a single nick or cut, and never have trouble with ingrown hairs. After taking my shower, I apply a non-alcoholic, herbal toner for the face to the shaved areas, and, of course, I use a new razor every time I shave my pubic area. I have never had any kind of infection, and using a non-alcoholic hebal toner that is safe for sensitive facial skin, you can be sure it is safe for your genitals, and will not dry out and irritate skin the way alcohol would. Staying clean is key, but you need not burn your skin with alcohol. You need to treat your genitals as carefully as you would your face, and, frankly, alcohol should not be used after shaving ANYWHERE on your body, face included! It strips your skin of necessary oils that naturally protect your skin from harm. I also use a facial quality moisturizer on my gents, and always use natural body cleansers to bathe. Never, Never use soap on your body, because, just as alcohol, it strips your skin of protective, natural oils necessary for healthy skin. This is especially so for those with dry, sensitive skin as I have. My best advice to everyone is, Learn how your body works, so you do not harm it trying to help it!

  22. Wow- so many peeps doin’ the Kleen Thing these days. Good to hear- I’ve been shaving ‘Lucy’ most my life. I dont know what the hell these poeple who are saying shaving doesnt make it grown faster or thicker are talking about-my sister is a dermotologist. I am 39 and first shaved when I became sexually active (in my mid twenties!!) I have always had a barely there bush. Sparing and patchy. Have a full head of long hair, but hardly no body hari (beautiful Cherokee genes!) Anyhow, but I wanted silky skin for my first munchie! So I call up sis-she tells me the best methodes..blah,blah-but warns me of the reprocussions. Those being exactly what I got. After shaving the first time, it came back horribly thick, (I knew this to be because of cutting it off at the shaft where it is thicker as someone said-it grows out without the tappered end) but I grew hair out where I never had it before!! My slight, sparing bush of almost no substance, came in a virtual forrest, and over twice the area it EVER was. After a few months of shaving and getting the hang of things, I beat the beast down and now shave so regularly, its second nature and I havent givin it a chance to rear its ugly head again, but boy did it try the mutiny on my lower extremities when I first shaved! THE best thing, soak in a hot tub first. It makes everything so much nicer from beginning to end, and cuts down on rash untill you skin gets used to it. I cant even fathom having public hair now. I broke my shoulder a few years back and couldnt shave for almost a year and OMG-my periods grossed myself out…lol….soo much more hygenic and friendly when its clean and petty!! and you ladies will know what Im saying-the atrosities that come along with our ‘monthly’. When you shave, no more itchy, smelly, ickity-ness.

  23. Here’s a tip that is simple and cheap. I learned it in Zaire, where the women practice it on the men. You should start with a full untrimmed bush. First of all, most men have less hair on their balls (scrotum) and this hair is not fixed very strongly, because the skin is softer there. So, this hair is very easy to pluck. No shaving, no waxing. Just pluck it with little plucks at the time, and it will all be gone before you know it. You should pull the skin while plucking the hair. Now, since your scrotum is bare, you can continue plucking your way up, going to the left and right of your penis, upwards towards the middle of your pelvis. This hurts a little, but once you have the dexterity to take the right plucks, not too much at a time, you can remove all hair within an hour. Here and there, there can be a little resistant hair that you can remove with a tweezer. But the result is magnificent ! Baby soft skin that has a great feel. Once you have done this, the maintenance is very simple. Just use the kind of waxpads, to be used cold, that are sold in most beauty care places, and use them on your pubic area once a week. This will not hurt much because there is almost no hair to remove. Usually the waxpads are delivered with some rosin impregnated pads that soften the skin and prevent infection after the treatment. It is advisable to let your pubic hair grow every once and a while to renew the plucking operation, because, since pubic hair is hormone-based hairgrow, there are new fine short hairs that start popping up and are difficult to remove. I hope that the females among you readers also give it a try. There is also a traditional way that is practiced by married women in the Arab world. They wax with sugar and lemon juice, as mentioned above. So, you see, there is nothing new under the sun…

  24. Alright for u guys. Ive tried mostly everything. Only thing i haven not tried is laser hair removal… considering im too young haha. Shaving is the beston your upper legs, pubic bone, and sides of your sac, but on your actually scrotum i would suggest plucking. I have never gotten an ingrown hair on my scrotum and if u follow the directions right on shaving then u wont get razor burn or nothing. I shave about every four days and pluck regularly. Now one big problem i find with guys is if your preatty dang hairy your going to get light hair on you penis itself. I pluck, but your going 2 want to rub some alcohol on it and use a moisturizer. u can get ingrown hairs easy on that log of yours and if u dont take care of it it can get infected and turn into scar tissue and its not pretty. soo Be carefull! it can get nasty down thur. Ma 2 cents.

  25. I’ve been shaving my bits for years and it has been good and bad, ie sometimes razor burn or ingrown hairs, i tried waxing (at home) oh my what a mistake… serious pain and ingrowns, so recently i tried Veet cream, holy mutha what a mistake that was, whilst it worked fine on most of the area (and i’d like to point out i did the recomended test) one strip down the outside of my dick and down my testicals got chemical burned, not something i recomend to anyone. So be very careful when using depilatory cream, maybe little tests all over the area you want to strip before use. Good luck and happy bareness 🙂

  26. I’ve just experimented with trimming, shaving and waxing all in one day… I have to say the trimming can leave you looking a bit sparse if you have no experience, shaving leaves you VERY uncomfortable as it grows back, and I ALWAYS get ingrowing hairs when I shave.. Waxing however, gives a fairly good result (still not sure how to wax the very netherest of nether regions *ahem*) but can hurt like hell! I’d advise taking an aspirin or paracetamol beforehand, just to take away that temporary sting..

  27. I shave everyday in the shower. After shaving daily for a couple of weeks the skin will adjust. Start off perhaps once a week and then increase. The itching turns some off, but if you keep with it and can shave daily you will not want to go back to hair. It takes me less than 30 seconds to do the entire area. Soap,stroke,shave,rinse. I shave against the grain but beginners should go with the grain until the skin adjust to being bare. Happy Shaving

  28. I’m plucking my pubic hair, because I really don’t want to get it waxed, it will hurt too much and I don’t want to shave, because it will grow back a lot thicker.

  29. i hate shaving!! it kills i just want to permanatly get rid of it with no fuss or pain grrr why do we have body hair! i am ashamed of my body because of it my arms upper lip belly legs toes even my fingers are covered in it i look in the mirror everyday and just wish id wake up with non of it!!! i hate shaving my pubic area i just get a rash i have been shaving it for years and still rash after rash and i get decent razors too! why are women the ones expected to shave all their hair off!!! any tips anybody please help me 🙂

  30. I shave down there, but I just recently started shaving the whole thing. Shaving doesn’t boter me at all. But I have hair on the lips of my vagina, and I’m scared to shave them, becuse they’re so soft and all that. Any suggestions?

  31. Try stretching the skin (gently of course) around the lips taut so you don’t cut yourself accidentally. I didn’t stretch the skin once and I actually cut myself a bit on one of the lips-it isn’t as painful as it sounds, but its panicked me somewhat! Also make sure if you shave the hair on the lips, use a razor specifically meant for shaving pubic hair. They have razors that are more suited for the genitals and I cut myself with an ordinary razor because they are not meant for shaving genital hair. Good luck, and also take it slow and gentle!

  32. Are we suppose to shave like the hair even lower than our vagina? Like around our hole area? I know it is preference, but I know alot of people shave everything and I’m wondering how.

  33. hey so i have been shvaing for ever and i have not really tried anything else but what i dont really like is the fact that i dont get razor burn i just get really red bumps where my leg meets my vegina and its embrassing because i also swim and you can see it and i cant not shave becasue you can see so what do i do

  34. I do not like the Nair type of products they do take some of the hair off but it still feels stubbily. I have tried saeveral different razors for the bikini area and the ones I like the best are the Noxzema bikini razors, shick quattro for women and the gillette fusion (vibrating one) for men. I like the Bikini Zone products they have shave gel and after shave gel for the bikini area. I also like skintamite lotionized shaving cream even for my legs they feel so much smoother( My husband uses it to shave his face). What works great for me is to sit in the tub and then drain the tub a bit. I sit sideways so I face either the wall or shower curtain. I sit so the soles of my feet touch and relax the legs (like at the DR.) I use lots of gel or cream to avoid razor burn. I also shave the lips I hold one taut and shave away once you have done it a couple times it’s not so scarey. After getting out of the tub I use Bikini Zone after shave right away(dry first of course) and several times through out the next few days. I shave again before the hair coming in starts to get Itchy. It seems like if you wait too many days and the skin gets bumpy and you shave over it OUCH!! You will be looking like a man scratching constanly. I would suggest to expirement until you find a way that works for you it took me 8 years to find a product that works. Bikini Zone (walmart) seems to work the best if you apply it right away and keep applying throught the first day or two of shaving. It also works for those red bumps that you get on your bikini line. I do not wear underwear right after or I wear the boy shorts that don’t have the elastic around the thigh ( Victoria’s secret Pink Collection are great) the elastic seems to irratate my skin right after I shave bikini area.

  35. well, i tried to shave without even researching a bit, it didn’t go well. i now have some little hairs that have just started to grow back and it looks ugly. i shaved the wrong way and i really regret it. though i can’t say it’s ichy or anything like that but still not pleasent…

  36. Im a bit scared to wax but ive tried and failed at everything else. what should i do? I cant just stop getting rid of it because im expected to get rid of it by my boyfriend coz its not as good sex with it. what do you think i should do about it?

  37. I made the mistake of shaving my balls and surrounding area a few days ago, it has felt like sandpaper between my legs ever since, with the stubble regrowth. I dont really want to commit to shaving there regularly so I guess I will just have to put up with it! Anyone else had similar exp?

  38. I think shaving down there is not worth it, unless you get use to shaving every 2-3 days. Your best bet for long term hair removal would probably be a small epilator, if anything the pain is the same as waxing but the results will last at least 2-3 weeks. I recommend trying it on the patch first, just to get use to the sensation. Emjoi makes one of the better epilators for that area, Sin Dolor, and Emjoi Light Caress. Dont know about the guys, but this will remove the redness and the itching associated with waxing and shaving.

  39. I have been shaving for a long time now. but recenbtly i realised these red bumps and they r like not the best thing to see down there.i think its called rasor burn. Any advice on how to get rid of them?

  40. Ben,
    Welcome to the club.
    When the temperature rises and swimming season starts, I perform my annual “maintenance.”

    And you’re not alone: It Hurts. Two days after, I always find myself asking, “Is this worth it? DON’T EVER DO THIS AGAIN, FOOL.”

    However, this year I tried something different.

    One one leg I used Nair.
    On the other leg, I used Philips Norelco’s new BodyGroom shaver. The box boats, “TRIMS AND SHAVES ALL BODY ZONES.” In fact, the starving model boy on the box used it to shave his Armpits, Chest, Abs, Legs and Pubes.
    Yet read the fine print and discover, the BodyGroom is NOT for any hair above the neck. Basically, you cannot use it on your face.

    After 5 days, I can report I have fewer bumps and red dots on the BodyGroom side than the Nair side. I left the Nair on for almost ten minutes while reading in the tub. That might have been too long. I can also report when the hair started growing back, it hurt. I felt like I had strapped sandpaper to my legs.

    Today, there are still several red bumps, but the sandpaper feel has gone away. I also Nair-ed the hair away on the small of my back (who likes looking at butt hair that grew too far north). Still today, my back it itching from the Nair. I will try the BodyGroom back their next time.

    A friend who played water polo in college gave me this tip: He always used a new razor with a foamy lather of Dove soap, following a warm shower. The warmth will loosen the hair and reduce the irritation. And the Dove acts like a moisturizer. He also said a cheap, Bic razor will do, since you’ll want to toss it after one use.

    As for your rocks, unless you’re teabagging a lot, skip it. I discovered God gives us hair on our scrotums for a reason. The hair acts as an extra layer to help your boys bounce better. It is like insulation… offering padding and on-board air conditioning. Without the hair there, your sac is bound to stick to your thigh and sweat more.

    I found Philips Norelco’s new BodyGroom shaver at Wal*Mart for $38.00. I tried it on my abs, but I found a razor gives a clloser shave. However, on my upper thigh, the BodyGroom is a champ. And since it can be used in the shower, I made sure the skin was warm before going to town.

    I will shave both sides again when the bumps dissappear and hope their are few with the BodyGroom the second time around.

    Good Luck!

  41. I’ve been shaving down there since I was about 15. I’m 19 now and I decided to be a lil crazy. I shaved everything…. EVERYTHING… and then was stupid and showed my boyfriend. We had sex in there shower and in the bedroom and I think due to the shaving, then sex right after I ended up with either an infection or some serious razor burn. It feels like lil pin pricks and its itchy. Its also sort of red… no real bumps… I’ve been letting the hair grow back since I did it about 4 days ago but it’s just getting more annoying! Any suggestions… It’s saturday so I have to wait until monday to even think about going to the OBGYN and I’m trying to avoid her haha. Thanks for any advice you can give me!

  42. soo,
    im only 17,
    and ive only really become sexually active lately,
    and im not sure which the best method is?
    ive tried to use nair, but i have sensitive skin,
    and i’d be too embaressed to goto a clinic,
    any ideas minus shaving?
    like, any natural or whatever the word is ways?

  43. I have been shaving for years now and have done everything!!!! I love waxing. once you get used to it, it doesnt hurt anymore. But if you shave…and have red bumps or any redness at all I suggest after you get out of the shower use a ice cube and rub it on the red areas. or you can use camemille tea bags, cool them down with cold water and placing them on the red areas or bumps and let them sit there for a while. For really fast relief you could use an over the counter cortizone cream or visine eye drops right before that “time”. But make sure to rinse it off or it could make him…or her sick!!! But remember before you shave make sure you soak your area well and use a oil like bath oil or what ever you wish as long as it’s thin and won’t irratate your skin. Use the oil as a sort of shaving “cream”. Well thats all I have for the moment if you have any more questions I would love to help. Feel free to ask.

    your friend

  44. i perfer waxing because it may hurt a little bit for a while for waxing just hurts like ….. for like a min or 2 any replies?

  45. Men. Use a new blade everytime. I use Mach 3 and Edge Sensitive Gel. I very rarely get bumps. Trim first with a beard trimmer. Clean the are with witch hazel wipes when finished. Once you trim, you’ll never want to stop.

  46. Girls just bite the bullet and wax it off-u’ll get over the pain and hey beauty takes sacrifice!!!!..just make sure u wax properly!!!dont mess it up-IT WILL KILL!!!!

  47. Wow- I have been shaving my pubic area since I was eighteen, and my skin should be use to it by now, but it still becomes irritated. Growing up it didnt bother me to have a forrest down there, but when guys come into the picture, you become very self concious. I recently began using Nair for the bikini area, but my other problem is I have ingrown hair and its so anoying! I wish I could just lazer everything off! Best thing to do is keep on shaving if you have been doing so, but just be careful about it. Ive been hearing a lot that waxing is better tho, but i dont wanna go thu that pain. Why were we cursed like this!? Hair removal cream for sensitive skin is good, if you know how to use it right.

  48. well i have this pretty gross problem.. i have hair in my butt crak.. i really dont want any hair down ther.(around my penis, scrotum, inner thighs, or in my butt) whats a good way to get rid of it, and keep things comfortable

  49. I jst love shaving my pubic area….its hygenic…looks better…feels better…and i like it…i shave 1ce a month…
    ADVICE: use new razors::use lubes::keep antiseptic handdy::do it in good light::1st time u shave u might not like it for few days but its really good aftr 2nd -3rd time….

  50. I’m scared i’m a boy i’m only 13 years old
    i’ve shaved my legs at young age i wasn’y bein gay i was coping other people. i hate to have hair and tell should i do this or not i’m embarras that i have long hair on my leg WHAT SHPOULD I DO
    PLEASE HELP ME I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. hey i didn’t think this many people actually went 4 the whole clean thing. after shaving my skin is usually bumpy and rough so i used these like sandpaper things (i brought from a beauty shop, don’t use proper sandpaper ouch!!!) they gently exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrown hairs their really good but there is one problem my bikini line gets really irritated and bumpy any suggestions?? :):)

  52. For me the easiest way to get rid of pubic hair is shaving.Make sure that you use a new razor and if you don’t take ahot showr or bath than yous a cotton ball with cleaning alcohaol or prep pad and rub on your pubic hair (don’t get in the vigina or it will really sting(i did this when i tried to peirce my vigina and it really stug and it hurt like hell every time i pissed)after your done with that take the razor and go the same way that the pubic hair grows in(don’t go over the same spot more than 2-3 times).You will get razor burns the first 3-5 times you shave, but then your skin should be used to it. Use neospoain itch relife to make it not itch after the first 3-4 days after you shave. That is if you don’t shave every 2 days (don’t shave your pubic hair every day because it will make the razor burn you got the day befor that is not healed worse).Thanks for letting me share my tips!

  53. I am using veet for around 3 years now and I find it working perfectly for me . just be sure to keep an eye on the time because if its left on for too long it will burn the hell out of u I use it twice a week and me and my wife is all clean and smooth all over.
    and applying it is also a turn on and when the shower is done its so smooth and shiny you will not believe it

  54. I need help badly….I want to have sex with my boyfriend and I shaved a few days ago but now I am irritated and I think it would be really embarrassing to be all red and nasty when we do…Is there anything I can do to get rid of it fast

  55. I had the same problem as ‘MajorBurn’ and since you guys were no help, I had to try and fix myself up with what I have here. After shaving I put a warm wash cloth over my area, to help calm my skin, and then I put mini bandaids on the places that were bleeding, or very red, and put on moisterizer. After 5min I took off the bandaids, used an ice cube to close up my pores, put on some baby powder and mixed up some more moisterizer with a bit of conceler and I’m good to go 🙂

  56. I recently started shaving, and I always get nasty razor burn, even when using the right stuff. My hair is just way too coarse and thick. I tried a full brazilian wax at a salon, and although it was painful at the time, it looked and felt wonderful afterwards. I was a little embarrassed at the idea of spreading my legs for a complete stranger at first, but just realize you’re never going to see any of these people (waxer, receptionist, etc) again. They’re very professional about it, and use gloves and pieces of gauze so they don’t touch your vulva. It was about $60 plus tip, which can get expensive, but I’d highly recommend it. The bf loved it.

  57. ive always shaved my pubic area, and alot of the time get left with rashes, spots, ingrown hairs etc, leaving alot of discomfort, ive thought about waxing, but its to expensive for something you need 2 go quiet regularly and plus.. ouch!
    So, ive recently strted to pluck the hairs, jus with normal tweezers, i think it leaves a brilliant result. But, i do then shave the lips… i never have any problems there! Sooo go for it girls.. have a goooo!
    Also, Apply vaseline to the pubic hairs when plucking if your find it to painful.. helps! X

  58. hiya im jess
    im 13 & i have shaved my pubic area
    but i have come up with a rash/spots & some lumps
    i really dont know what to do
    as i did this for my boyfriend
    plz help me as i need some help
    i have read some of the comments on this site and i have realised i need to use a cream to reduce the redness apart from that i dont hae a clue how to sort it out
    i dont want 2 grow my pubi hair back
    and i cant be putting up with having 2 shave it ever day at the moment like i am, as it seems to grow so qucikly

    i used to work at a beauty supply store and we sold it there. my problem was the itchiness i would get in my legs after i shaved, i have super sensitive skin. so i bought it, tried it, and my problem was solved. i gave it to my boyfreind to try it for his face and it worked wonders. finally i used it one day down there and no more razor burn, itchiness or irritation.
    the only thing is that ir burns, allot but only for like 2 seconds. then all the pain, ingrown hairs, etc will be GONE. look up the product online or check beaty supplies to see if they have it bu DO IT. it will solve allot.

  60. well, ive been shaving since i was about 12, and all these 13 year old kids on here looking for advice, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! REALLY! shaving sucks, no doubt. sometimes shaving works great, and theres no problems. other times, not so much. my hair grows back really thick, and i almost always have bumps and irritation. not to mention ingrown hairs…god. i hate it. ive tried so many things, and really the only thing thats worked wonders is that bikini zone stuff, which can be found at any drug store or walmart. however, i also shave in between my butt cheeks, which sounds really gross, but im SUPER paranoid the bf will be grossed out by it. im kinda hairy, but i dont even shave my actual butt cheeks but i still get lil razor-bump like things on them.. anyone know anything i can do about this? i want to be a suicidegirl, which is basically a nude model, and i cant have that! anything i can do to fix it? ive tried baby powder, lotions, you name it. nothing works. ive even tried Nair-ing the area and i still get the bumps. I also have a bit of a hairy stomach, but it jsut seems to get worse when i shave… ive naired that too, and it works, but it feels kinda stubbly after, but looks fine. I just want to feel smooth and stuff eveywhere! what can I do?

  61. im 13 but 14 in a week im pretty hairy down there and im going on holiday in a few days and im so worryed about wereing a bikini!
    ive tryed shaving but i come out in rashes and ingrown hairs.. and id be too scared to wax! what else can i do please help me im so worryed 🙁

  62. Okay, has anyone tried a product call Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System? I found it googling (just like I found this site – which I really like) and it uses radio frequency. I hate shaving my bikini area and waxing is too painful afterwards. Electric shavers don’t work well either. The only thing I haven’t tried is a creme or gel remover. Do they really work? I have really fine hair just above the pubic bone, so I don’t know what else to try.

  63. I met with my boyfriend and i got scratches inside of my vagina now he told me that it is the pubic hairs that are cuts the labia..which makes sense and there is friend of mine who has proposed waxing that area. I hear it hurts like hell..has anybody done it?

  64. I’m a guy and tried everything except for laser. Shaving gives me irritation. Epilators give me irritation. For my sack I just pluck, and for the rest I use Magic Shaving Powder. It’s super cheap, works like a charm on me. I tried fancy brands like Vete, but they didn’t work well enough even if I kept them on for 20 min. Magic Powder, I keep it on for 3 min and I’m good to go. I use a CD to scrape the hair away gently, lots of short strokes. Result no irritation at all, even after it hair start growing back. Now I just have a rectangular patch there.

    Oh yeah, trimmers also rock. I use one of Philips models.

  65. I think that shaving is good for some women it really all depends on if u like it shaved or not or if ya man does. But the only reason i started shaving is because my man like a smooth bikini area and i’m all about pleasing him.

  66. How can I get rid of ingrown hairs and those red bumps caused by shaving??? I really want to wear my bikini but those bumps look bad, can anyone help me to get rid of them fast???

  67. So i shaved for the first time about 2-3 weeks ago, and all went fine, i had red bumps, but they went away fast enough. But then yesterday when i went to shave i don’t think i let the hair grow out long enough or something, because it hurt like heck, and gave me bad rasor burn. Should i just wait longer to shave next time?

  68. I used Nair and Veet lotions to remove my pubic hair, and it worked a little bit… but now I`m using Sally Hansen Hair Remover Lotion, and it works really well!! It is especially good on coarse and areas where it is hard to remove hair… I highly recommend it!! If you`re scared of waxing and getting those red bumps…

  69. I have gotten rid of my pubic hair various ways; shaving, trimming first, and even plucking. It has been removed 20 times now. Most of the time with a manual razor, one and two blade. The next time I will take a three or four blade to it. The last several times I have used an electrical Remington shaver which worked really well. Starting with around the 15th shave, it grew back a little thicker. After the seventh or eighth time it didn’t itch anymore when it started to grow back. If my future wife likes me better bald, I will let her remove it permanently or shave me every day.

  70. Lil’bunny, what kind of electric razor did you try ? I use a Remington shaver, 6 volt which works really well. I would think that if I, a man can whack it all off with that, a woman could too and which even more ease. You don’t have to trim at all. It is quick and effortless. I just position the blade up on my skin and start running it downward and it tumbles off by the bundles. I just have to go a slower when I get beneath my member. Hope this helps.

  71. Jenny, how long does it take you to pluck using tweezers ? I have used my index fingers and thumbs and just pulled with quick jerks. It comes out effortlessly this way, although the first 10 yanks can be somewhat painful. However, I have not been able to pluck every single hair out this way and was wondering if you have with tweezers ?
    I pluck as much as possible which is about 95 % of it and then I shave the rest. Do you get any rash or little bleeding from plucking ?

  72. Hi Tiff. Do you trim your hair short before shaving it ? I have only done that once and it didn’t seem to cut down on the little bumbs and slight redness right afterwards. If I may ask, what is your age and how often do you shave ?

  73. curiousme, I think if you just shave real gently with a new razor, you can get all the hair on your lips without much of a problem.

  74. ive tried everything, from creams to gels and shaving but i will not wax, what else is there for me because i want it all gone?

  75. i have just used veet in shower cream ‘down below’ and has caused in-growing pubic hair
    i’m only young and havnt told my mum
    what do i do ?!

    it hurts like a btch and gets all sticky & starts to bleed–it’s a nightmare.
    For me, Nair worked but it left a cactus feeling to it, & i still wasn’t fully satisfied.
    In result, I’m thinking maybe i should’ve just trimmed it before i used Nair.
    Shaving sucks. Because for us girls, we can’t see what we shave once we get deeper down there. Even if you do the whole pampering thing–yeah it feels smooth, but it leaves you dark-colored skin. I think the dark-colored areas SUCK! I can’t afford the laser hair removal thing, but i bet it works. I bought the Veet hair removal gel for arms, legs, bikini etc. But when I read directions, it said don’t use it around the genitals.. even though it said for BIKINI. idk, maybe that area’s only for the “forest” and not for the “hills”.

    Also, for waxing, I heard that waxing should NEVER hurt. & the only reason why it’d hurt is because it isn’t made of 100% pure honey.

    If it’s made with sugar, oils, & lemon juice, it’s not gonna work. I tried it & cried. Don’t use it please!

    I’ve also been curious to know if the NADS BIKINI DESIGN KIT would work. But I can’t find it anywhere even though it said you can buy it at walmart, ride-aid, & walgreens…

    Have any of you guys/girls tried using it? & does it work??

  77. Thats it, first chance i get: its going perminately, along with a few other disgusting areas. I just cant pick which sploch of terrible hair goes first.

  78. I had thoughts of shaving my pubic area, but I prefer to keep my pubic hairs nicely trimed around my penis. It is also important that you clean your crotch with soap and water after a cold or warm shower.

    I hear stories that women like a hairless crotch area, including men.
    That is if you think having a smooth crotch is sexy. Secondly, do not
    be embarress if it is your first time shaving your pubic area. If
    someone looks or ask. They must like what they see, and are probably

    In my own opinion, it is not uncommon for women to shave their pubic area. That is why women do not question it. As for men, they are more likely to look and question why another man’s shaved pubic area. Like I said, they must like what they see, and are probably interested.

  79. to claire or anyone that has the same hairiness issue…i am very hairy too, i practically have black hair anywhere! but i started removing hair since i was 11 (i’m 17 now) and now guys think i’m very attractive. i know u feel gross and weird cuz u might have them on ur fingers or chest or any other weird spot…but crying over it won’t solve the problem! just start taking action! now i’m so used to it that i take my sundays off just for this and my hair grows back always less. i use epilator for my lower body, waxing for my tummy and tweezers for upper lip, eyebrows and fingers. it takes a while but then i have the night free for meeting my friends and my bf and also a week or two of complete freedom from gross hair. i’m thinking now of shaving my vag and anal zone cuz they r pretty hairy and uncomfortable when it comes to sex but i won’t shave cuz my hair it’s coarse and it would just make it worse. any advice for waxing at home? thx!

  80. i found the easyest way to get ared of pube hair, Grab you nearest plyers and pull one hair at a time. it takes time and note don’t pull it fast. what you trying to do is collaspive the the tunnel behide the hair so it won’t re grow i have been doing this for years and i have none or little white/clear pubes you would have to use a microscope to see. it’s removes them permanlty, to neone who shaves the reason you get more hair/ busher too is cause when you shave the hair grows off the bases and comes in thinker making the base larger too. also because your cutting the “clear” hairs too they come back and grow back black. so grab some plyers or your nearest “pluckers” and start plucking. hey if you want to spend money on razers and wax go ahead but i got no pube hairs and i had hairs from side to side and Very bushy almost 2 1/2 inchs long so you make up your own mind on what you want.

  81. im almost 16 and i shaved down there for the 1st time 2 days ago
    i pretty much made all the mistakes that a rookie could….my skin is irriated. i dont think im goin 2 remove hair from there in a while not until im older and maybe when i become intimate
    any suggestions for products or methods that actually remove hair sucessfully for future experiences? and do u think its best 2 continue hair removal?

  82. Ok so once I tried waxing and it hurt so I kinda stopped. Then I decided I would do it while I was drunk so it wouldn’t hurt too bad. Yeah… NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!!!!!! It hurts and the wax strips tried to rob me of my damn skin!!! Just don’t do it!!

  83. I’m a guy and I’ve been thinking of getting the finishing touch for my down there hair. Anybody have any experience with this? And was it a good experience?

  84. Hey guys…i could do with some tips. i want to get rid of my pubic hair, ive brought some Veet hair removal cream. And well im kinda nervous about using it…cause i’ve never done anything like it before or have i shaved or anything. Can you help me please?

  85. ugh, when i shave i get red bumps all along my groine. i tried aloe & it took them away a little bit, but i want them completly gone. its summer, i want to look good in a bikini! help anyone?

  86. I found that if you shave regularly it stops itching after about 2 weeks, I want to try a cream but not too sure which one.
    It would be easier!

  87. I need some help. no matter how many times you shave, you still get left with a small amount of visble hair. It’s the same with hair removal creams. I’m thinking of waxing, but it’s so much more hassle. Does anyone have any advice, or tips?

  88. For a while now I have been shaving my bikini line, and keeping the hair trimmed, but I don’t like having pubic hair at all, and want to remove all of it. However, as a younger person, I would be embarrased to go to and get it waxed professionally. Also, shaving or or hair removal creams always leaves a small amount of hair behind. Is it a good idea to attempt to remove all of it by waxing at home?

  89. OK. About the whole like waxing thing. Like i think it depends on what you like. I know that you choose to shave you have to maintain it more. But if you go and get your area waxed then you have to deal with making appointments and stuff. I have used self waxing kits before and they work fine. 😀 so thats what i think. My questoin for you guys is this. Ok in the past my boyfriends havn’t cared if i had hair down there or not. But i just got a new guy and he is from latin america. and i was wondering if anyone knows if the latin men have a prefrence…. i don’t want him to be surprised if i do one or the other.

  90. If you’re the type using waxing or sugur … you know those which take the hair from the roota I advice you not to wash the area but scrub with either a lime or olive oil; it really extends the period of hair growing and eliminate the outstreched growing.

  91. rite hello,
    iv bin usin veet cream for bout 6 months now personly i think it is the best way but im not totaly sure if its okay to use,i dnt no if its sutibal for my skin as it stings sooooo much after and burns,i think it mite be to strong even tho i have got the sensitive skin stuff its still not made to be used dwn ther i was just wonderin if ther is a cream specialy designed for removin hair dwn ther?, i wudnt want to wax i dnt think, as it does sound so painful 🙁

    and if any1 has had the same experiance?

    please if u could help me by getin bk to me i would REALLY appriate it.

    thank u soo much abz x

  92. I usually shave but I am now pregnant and can’t see down there anymore. I am scared to have the husband come at me with a razor. Should I wax? My husband thinks that I should go all natural, I can’t!!!!

  93. i’m really against shaving down there.
    i got a staph infection from shaving down there, and i almost died.
    go with a hair remover made for that area.
    but DO NOT shave as staph infection is becoming drug resistant.
    and people HAVE died from it before.

  94. I’ve been shaving for about 10 years and I love it. I usually go fully bald just because it’s easier than shaving a design into it.

    I used to encounter those red razor bumps and razor burn a lot – plus that sucky itching when the hair starts to regrow a bit. But I found this great all natural product called Venereous Mountain Mist ( from Newf Brand which you just spray on after shaving. It has aloe vera to moisturize the skin, witch hazel to stop bleeding and reduce infection and vitamin e and silk proteins to give you skin a nice smooth feeling. Good stuff 🙂

  95. just recently shaved down. there it is my 3rd time to doing it. first time since 2 years ago. i did in grade 10. did it a second time during summer. did it last thursday. this time there is very minium irration, when i used a razor. i will try some of the tricks that you guys and gals posted for shaving. as for waxing didn’t try, i am too macho to go by waz stripes or w/e you call it. as for hair removal, what would be the best and would it be at walt mart?

  96. I agree with ‘no you you know’ of 28 August. I have trimmed, shaved, waxed but all have problems. The best way for me is to get my skin soaked – swimming, bath, shower, or just wetting – then pluck my pubic hairs with thumb and forefinger. Its great to see the hairs come out either singly or in clumps. My skin feels so smooth – it gets a little red but that goes in a day or two. I usually then let the hair grow again. But I will now follow his advice, and continue plucking as soon as they get long enough – say about 1/2 inch with the aim of being completely smooth – permanently. Being smooth is a great feeling – though my wife is not so keen.

  97. I forgot to say (25 Sept) that I have strong fingers so many of you will need to use tweezers. And the last few hairs are more difficult to pull out – tweezers are then a must for me.

  98. I have been shaving off all my pubic hair,chest hair and even under my arms for years now. I love the smooth clean feel and so does my partner. It is no big deal to shave, but it does require maintenance every day in the shower. I have no red bumps or irritation of any kind either. I use the Gillette Venus razor. It is the best brand with a new blade ever week or two. Keep up the steady shaving and it will work very well for you. I will never let it grow out again!

  99. I been shaving for a long time. I love the smooth feel and so does my boyfriend. I apply a hot cloth before I begin to shave. I use hair conditioner and then with an ice cube I gently rub the area….This is really works for me. Make sure you trim down the hair if needed and use a new razor each time as the blade gets dull.

  100. I have been plucking for the last month and it wasn’t too bad. I normally pluck the upper part of my vagina. As I get closer to the lips, it hurts more :S I want to get rid of the hair from the lower part but I’m worried about the pain, bumps, in-growns and all. I’ve thought of shaving but after reading all these tips and comments, it doesn’t sound like such a good idea for me. Waxing sounds much better and I’ve kinda gotten use to the pain of plucking so I think I might be able to handle it. I have a waxing kit at home so I don’t have to worry about booking appointments and exposing myself but I’m still unsure, do you think it is better to wax or shave?

  101. To avoid irritation shave with regular hair conditioner, or apply conditioner after shaving with shaving cream.

    It works wonders! It makes it itch, sting, or irritate less

  102. I’ve been shaving off and on for about 5 years but have been doing so on a regular basis for about the last year. I’ve gotten it down to a fine art.

    First, shower in hot water (as hot as you can stand it) for about ten minutes making sure to thoroughly rinse the entire region. Dry well with a clean towel and trim everything down with a body or beard trimmer with the exception of the *******, glutues maximus (as I’m not very hairy there, for others you might want to) and shaft as they will need very special attention.

    I use a sensitive skin shaving cream made by Alveeno. It has an almondy scent and you can pick it up from Walgreen’s or CVS. Similar products will work well, too. I apply entirely over my thighs both front and back, butt (even around the ****), pubic area and stomach. Using a fresh razor, a Mach III, I take everything off rinsing with very, very hot water after every two to three strokes. The trick is to go slowly and to use very short strokes. The more care and gentler you are, the better it will look and the chances of decreasing bumps or burns will increase dramatically.

    I take everything off, including the **** region. Some people are against it, but if you do it meticulously you’ll have no problems. I give special attention to the ******* and shaft. Stretch the skin and make very short strokes. I use the trimmer on the lowest setting on my chest and armpits to give my body a succinct look.

    I take it all off with the except of a small region above my penis. I like to trim that area down with a beard trimmer leaving a concise 1 inch wide by 2 inches high strip of hair. If I’m in the mood, what the ****, I’ll take that off too.

    After shaving, rinse with cold water and apply ice cubes all of the region shaved for about 4 to 5 minutes. Dry the area well and apply vaseline all over and sprinkle with body powder. If you can, try to not wear clothes over the area for about an hour and for the next day or two wear loose clothing.

    I shave about every two weeks. Follow these directions and you’ll have silky smooth skin and a sexy look. Trust me.

  103. use tweezers pull each one out at a time will take hours and hours and is borring but no groth will come back for months one at a time grab at base and dont think just pull hard the pain will be terrible but strangly addicting

  104. I use those hair removing creams uh “down there”they work great just get the kind for sensitive skin (cuz like that’s the most sensitive spot you’ve got on your whole body) leave it for a few minutes, and then wipe it off with like a wascloth and take a shower, it works great for me, and the whole area looks great afterwards:) It might not work fo you, but give it a try:)

  105. Recently shaved “down there”, didnt hurt or anything, but I STILL have stubble! No matter how close I shave. How do I make it go away ASAP before I meet the boy friend this weekend? HELP

  106. I recently shaved down there, but i got loads of red bumps, i figured it was coz it wos the first time i had done it, but i have shaved a few times since then, and i keep getting them…will it stop over time once my body gets used to it, do you have any tips on how to prevent it? or do i need to find another method? i have tried some of the tips above, like using hair conditioner, but nothings worked…

  107. No matter what method you use, Pubic hair removal is healthy, better looking and erotic. Encourage your close friends to try it. My erections look bigger, I feel cleaner and my wife loves the smooth feel. After all, who wants to fight a forest of hair during oral sex? I know I don’t and neither does she.

  108. Why do it? Simple, drop an ice lolly in a cat basket, pick it up and lick it. So try this

    Trim the pubic hair to between 1/2 and 1/4 inch long, best done with a standard type trimmer set to a number 3.

    The hair lays like this //////, so put a thin wax strip (about 1/2 inch wide, 2 inches long) that follows the direction of the hair. Then pull sharply from the direction of growth like this //////

  109. I tried shaving for a while and it worked OK. After I got used to it, I decided I wanted to make it permanent. Laser hair removal works, but is expensive. Electrolysis is more affordable and gives the same permanent results but takes more time per treatment. Electrolysis is also more painful so I recommend using a numbing cream like LMX5.

    I had the hair removed from my penis and scrotum all the way back around my anus as well. If you are not sure, try a depilatory cream first to see how well you like it; but trust me, the first time you feel your girlfriends tongue you will be hooked.

    Before you decided to go with permanent removal, keep in mind that the natural function of pubic hair (including armpits and ***) is to reduce friction between moving body parts. Without it you may want to use talc or bodyglide solid lubricant in those areas to avoid getting a rash.

  110. Hey I’m 14 and not sexually active so I was wondering… is there any point in me doing anything “down there”? I shaved 6 months ago and my hair is bushy now and it makes me self-consious even though nobody even sees it.

  111. I would just suggest if it is your first or second time just trim don’t try to go all the way! I swear the scrotum stubble is going to drive me crazy…i hate you all why did you talk me into it. I’m 13, not really sexually active, but this seriously sucks. I have to wear sweat pants to school because denim rubs against it. I have to go to the bathroom and pad down with t.p. every now and then. I have took neosporin in my backpack so i can reapply a couple of times a day. Hella bad man, helllaaa badddd!

  112. To Not GIving In…If ur not sexually active then why worry…i mean when i was your age i didn’t shave and i missed out on a lot of growing experiences just because i knew what guys like….i regreted it then but now i’m glad i didn’t give in…..and if ur a guy then don’t worry about it at all…girls won’t think anything of it…and if ur a girl then you might just want to shave to feel cleaner…or you can shave right before you go out with ur friends just incase…

  113. im 13 and a male and i shave all the time well when i see hair growin i love the feel of lol some of the chicks in my grade hav now seeen my **** and now they shav down there

  114. I used a razor on my pubic hair for the first time when I was 16 or 17. I shaved on and off for the next 15 years until I started shaving regularly at 31. Loved being smooth but hated the maintenance so three years ago I started with an epilator and a hair inhibitor on my entire body. Now, at age 46, neck to toe all the hair is completely gone. I just use a razor every couple of months to clean up a few stray hairs that are awkward to reach with the epilator and the peach fuzz. Patience, patience, patience. It’s worth it.

  115. Im thinking of trimming down below but dont realy know how short to go? I dont feel confident enough to go smooth but think a good trim is in order. do many men go for the ‘patch’ look? What do most men do?

  116. The “patch” look? Ick! It always looks like a Hitler moustache or a misplaced eyebrow. Trim it back to 1/2 inch or so and then decide if you want to go shorter. If you mess up it will always grow back. Mine won’t but that is a personal preference.

  117. I used to use veet for my legs and it worked real well and my legs were just fine, but then I got tired of waiting for the cream to work on my legs.(the cream kinda stinks after awhile and is cold!) So i switched to just a regular razor and shaving cream and it was fast and easy, but I have to shave a bit more often then with veet. No biggie though. But for some reason veet wouldnt work for under my arms and down there (another reason I switched) So I just use the reg razor and cream for my pits and it works. lol, I still have trouble with hair down there though. But, on the bright side, I only shave there cuz of swimming and its not like I go swimmin everyday. And for those of you who shave for your partners, if it just doesnt work out for you, tell them and they should understand, and you could still trim the hair or hey, they might even like the hair. Some people do, some dont, some like trimmed, it just depends. Its your body, dont feel that you have to adjust it for anybody. and btw, im 13 and a chick. hope this helps some of you out andsry if it bored you to death

  118. SHAVING
    -you always get the stubbly bits :/
    -Its cheaper

    -Lasts longer
    -No stubble
    -Reduced hair growth and becomes thinner

    -Can cause skin to go red
    -Can leave some stubble
    -Sometimes reduces it and leaves it comfortable

    -Can leave it spikey
    -Can be irratating
    -It seems asthough it grows back worse but apparently it doesnt.


  119. alright. i’ve read about sugaring and its success.. but mine doesnt work! the mixture seems a bit sugary (grainy i mean) and its a honey color and i put it in the microwave until it bubbled and let it cool a little.. then i got some powder (not cornstsarch though because we dont have any.,. maybe thats the problem=/ ) i used baking powder actually but powder none the less.. then i made sure my bikini line was dry and put a little powder and a ‘thin’ layer of the sugar.. the stuff i must say doesnt go on thin. at least mine doesnt. so i ended up having to use my finger to apply it. it still seemed a little grainy but i went with it. then i got the strips id cut out of old tee-shirts and put them over top of the sugar and rubbed it the opposite way of the hair (like you’re supposed to do) then i pulled it off.. but it just came off like i had placed it over skin and pulled it off…NOTHING happened..

    shaving doesnt work for me i got those stupid bumps and red irritation.. im not going to do anything extreme like laser zapping yet soo..anyone have any suggestions?? help!!

  120. if i could, and wasnt afraid of infertility…

    i would just dip my whole ******* in a vat of nair. testicle hairs are SOO annoying!

  121. ok im a 15 year old girl. i have like a bush down there. and i want to get ride of makes me self consuious cuz i dont what guys to make fun of me. like i am ready to be sexually active and i dont want to be all hairy for guys. so can any one help me.? plzz

  122. i’m pretty sure me and my boyfriend are ready for sex. i’m 15 and i shave my bikini line and trim the rest. whats your opinion if i’m goin to become sexually active?
    plz wb to this!!!!
    female btw.

  123. I started reading all of these posts a few days ago trying to decide if I wanted to wax or use the cream. I have shaved before and as a mom of 3 I really don’t have time to deal with shaving and it usually tends to hurt hubby after a while of sex because of the stubble. So, I decided to try waxing. The pain wasn’t really that bad *for me* (maybe cause I’ve had much worse pain). I would suggest though that you have your hair around 1/4 to 1/2 inch long when you do it. When I did my first strip mine was around 1/2 an inch and it left behind about 15-20 hairs so I thought I would trim it a little more thinking it would get more that way. Nope, left a lot more behind that way. I tweezed the ones that were left (which wasn’t bad since your skin was still a little ‘buzzed’ from just being waxed). I don’t think I’ll be doing anything other than waxing from now on. The idea of being smooth for way longer way outweighed the pain factor for me. Good luck!

  124. I’ve always shaved just beacuse I don’t like the hair down there,But I started using “Magic” brand powder hair remover and it works really well.You can get it at any drug store.

  125. to “Harry Nutsax ” roflmaoo XDD
    i shave :] its quick and easy but i always have little stubbies on the day i shaved its annoying and it itches. i think the sugar thing is the best! but it sorta hurts D:

  126. Sally Henson brazilian hair removal works really well, the with the brush. I’ve tried Veet, waxing (which hurts really bad) and shaving. Shaving is really bad you could get cuts and bruises which isn’t good. Please try it, make sure you don’t leave it on more than 8 minutes. You can test it by using an tissue to make sure the hair is being remove after 4 minutes. The box says after three minute but when I checked my hair it was still there. After about 8 minutes the hair was coming off with the tissue, I was so excited. Now everything is nice, clean and smooth. One trick I did was use a gauge or tissue between my private, so chemicals couldn’t get in, and I could protect my prize.

  127. I Always Didnt Lyk Thaa Buff Lol..Ive always wanted to get it waxed but ofcourse it would hurt..No Pain-No Gain..However i never got round to doing it. So i started thinkin if i used the epilator it would be the same as waxing..IT HURT! Very silly of me.. then for the Areas that hurt to much Id Use Hair Removel Cream–Veet:Immac which works wonders. So this has become a routine now..But the hair does grow back In 3-4 days…Il pluck up the courage to get it waxed!

  128. i got a big problem. first, once i accidentaly shaved oppisite from the hair growth, or shaved going towards my head. is this bad? *PLEASE HELP* and second, my hair grows back really quick. and then when it itches, i pull the little hairs up and it hurts. so i prefer close trim. much better.

  129. Ok wel.. i started shaving my private.. and about 2 days later id get little pimples and tiny cuts. it happends everytime i shave.. and its really anoyying.. it itches and is a little tender but not too painful but id really like to know whats better to use.. and wld not give me these little pimples.
    Thanks !

  130. The pimples are probably ingrown hairs, hairs that are just growing through the skin. I Get them to Beckyy it sucks.

  131. It’s a pain in the balls, but I have found that plucking provides a more sastifactory result than shaving.
    Because, you can’t constantly shave down below, it can cause your partner alot of discomfort after the 2nd day of regrowth; especially if you have course hair. Trim to a short, but not skin-close length if you are starting from scratch (This just helps single out the hairs). It can take 2 to 3 sessions (every time you use the toilet instead of reading “HOT ROD magazine”),to get the shaft all the way to about 1/8 to 1/4 ” past the base and the ball sack, but after that its just maintenance (10-12 hairs)every 2 to 3 days as you notice them. If you want to have a patch of hair, then just trim that part. I just pluck about 75% of the main ******** area and shave the hard to reach areas. You have to grab the hair as close to the skin as possible, pull it out in the direction it is growing and also apply pressure against rising folicle (especially ball sack region) to alleviate the pain that you will feel. Those follicles down their have an especially strong grip and it is important to not yank it out, but rather pull untill it dislodges from the root in a very controlled manner. Or maybe you can just dish out the 1000$ for laser surgury. Plucking is cheaper if you can “afford” a little bit of pain.

  132. I shave my pubic area every month, because I like to keep my pubic hair nice and trimed. Before shaving, I use hot water, then I apply the shaving cream and I use a triple-blade. After shaving, my skin is smooth and I get no redness, no cuts, and no irritations. Finally, it feels clean.

  133. I just started shaving a while back and surprisingly enough, I found that shaving the penis and the ******* were a breeze. I have NO trouble whatsoever getting those shaved. Where I have the problem is over the pubic bone. I can get it smooth but it has the five o’clock shadow goin’ on and I’m not too sure how to fix it. I’m going to try depilatories, but is there something else out there that removes the root itself like waxing does (only minus the extreme pain)?

  134. I’ve recently decided to go hairless on my back and legs a couple months ago. I started out with industrial strength Nair for Men, since I have a very durable forest of hair. What a mess! First of all it never did get rid of the hair completely. It always felt like a wire brush plus I started getting huge areas of red ingrown hairs. I tried shaving – within 12 hours I was back to the wire brush feel and my wife absolutely does not appreciate the very sharp stubble when we’re making love.
    I bought a small emjoi epilator to see if yanking the hair out by the roots would prolong the smooth result and hopefully when new hair began to grow back, at least it wouldn’t be razor sharp.
    It was slow going with such a small device but eventually I got my legs and crack done. I was impressed. The bumps left over from the Nair debacle are gradually disappearing and my skin in actually staying fairly smooth for 2-3 days. The publicity says 3-4 weeks, yea right! For women maybe but not for male hair.
    I have ordered another larger and heavier duty emjoi to speed up the process and do a better job of yanking the hair out.
    Does it hurt? Yeah sure but if you are tackling massive tracks of hair, just lightly go at it and if it gets to painful go to a different area. Some areas are much less sensitive, ie the butt crack. The most sensitive area was the back of the thigh. You will get used to it.

  135. To everyone who mentioned using baby powder or cornstarch near the female pubic area: DON’T. Studies have shown that Talc can contribute to ovarian cancer, and cornstarch can lead to yeast infections. Please, ladies, for your health, find something else to use down there.

    On the subject of electric razors: for the ones designed for pubic areas, like the body bare and hair erazor, how close a shave do those really give you if you’ve got coarse hair? After 4 years of careful shaving down there, my skin never acclimated to the blades, and I’m thinking of trying an electric.

  136. okay i just shaved down their for the 1st time. i just want to make sure i did not do anything wrong. i took a warm bath for 5 minutes, then applied gell along with a conditioner. then i applied shaving cream and shaved it took a while. didn’t shave against the grain. got no razor burn nor irratition. after shaving rubbed shaved spot with ice cube and dryed with a towel. is there anything i did wrong or missed?
    gell i use was suave
    conistioner i used was bain de terre

  137. H E L P ! ! !
    this probably sounds like the stupidest question in the world… but WHERE should i shave/wax/cream??? and i’m not looking for the polite answer of “everybody has a different preference, its your choice, find whats right/comfortable for you”. i want to know whats the most common and expected?????? i dont want to make the wrong choice and have a partner thats like “wtf” when we mess around. lol ya know?
    I seriously need some help. whats NORMAL?

  138. HAIR BUMBS COME FROM DEAD SKIN CELLS,exfoliate the skin (with a Loofa sponge for example) to prevent the dead skin from accumulating and causing hair to become ingrown.

  139. shaving is simple and works great for most folks, just take your time and use a new razor.

    does anyone know if any of the creams are safe or work well for the *******? thats the one spot that shaving is less than good for, since the stubble factor is a big issue there.

    also, has anyone used those bod worx shavers, or anything similar?

  140. Hi. I do not shave but I am using depilator. I was wondering if I may use permanent laser hair removing even if I am absolutely blond there? Is it necesary to have dark hair for this?

  141. Wow I didn’t know so many MEN did this!
    So I basically made every rookie mistake imaginable
    -no hot/warm water to relax skin
    -shaved AGAINST grain
    -not new razor
    -no moisturizing afterwards
    -didn’t trim as much possible beforehand
    My GOD am I paying for it, holy im in irritated **** here!
    and there’s STILL stubble left, I started to pluck them out, for fearing ingrowns. but it took to long so i gave up.
    The plucking pain doesn’t bother me as much, kinda like comparing a papercut/scrape to a regular cut or maybe a bruise.
    cause the bigger wounds stop annoying you after they scab(ew).

    I do not suggest shaving, especially if you’re one of those many active teens planning to do it before THE weekend *nudge, nudge*
    your partner will be grossed out by the red bumpiness, plus the stubble hurts man! a lot.

    I read ALL 158 comments here, lots of people like shaving, but they do mention irritation at least the first try. Personally I dunno how I got myself into doing this.

    Wax/sugaring goes #1
    Laser (if you have the dough)
    Lots of people think Nair is terrible, but different creams and such work, so shop around for that one

    My question is:
    Now that I cursed myself royally; Am I going to be stuck with this pointy shrub forever, cause it has to grow back before I wax, and then I heard some horror stories about ingrowns, so I dunno if I can wait!

  142. though might I say I look like I’m 12, or before puberty-ish and I kinda like it, but somehow makes me look overweight.
    I did not know Hello minus the O was a swear, cause it got bleeped.
    sorry mates

  143. sorry i meant “down there”, not me. I’m in my late teens. Not sexually active but probably would be a dead cat if you get the proverb (curiosity)

  144. Yeah you can get your hair lasered from any part of your body. And btw dont use any hair removal creams! Yeh it dissolves the hairs but it also dissolves a vitamin in your skin, it makes your leg and not including the whole room smell horriable. I would reccomend waxing, =] x

  145. this is to all the guys
    im 20 years old and have been shaving for a while but dont really
    know if men prefer girls to be totaly shaved or to have some hair down below. my bf is no help as he says he likes it both ways

  146. I have really fair skin, and really dark hair. So even when I shave, I can still see the hair beneath the skin. I tried waxing and it just doesn’t work for me. Does anyone have any ideas of what I should do?

  147. i got some bad razor burn even after i followed precautions and whatnot and it wont go away maybe im not doin it right?but someone please help fast!!

  148. I dont really like shaving my vagina.. but i like how it looks. i didnt shave it for a long time until my boyfriend told me he wanted me to do before he comes home from vacation with his family. I pretty much juss hate razor burn! im going to try the moisturizing n everything! but if it doesnt work… i quit!!! haha

  149. i tried shaving before but i feel that it makes your skin itch and the stuble that returns just seem too unsightly.
    Till i went for waxing. Initally it sucks cos i was itching like **** despite all the moisturizing lotions i put on my newly waxed skin.Its worse when its near your ****.

    However after about 3 times or more, the pain involved in waxing and the itching wasn’t that bad.

    Waxing has also two types: the hard wax, and the other wax that kinda looks like liquid and requires usually like a cotton like cloth. I advise using hard wax as it certainly makes the pain more bearable.

    Now as i am in a foreign land, it may be tougher for me to find waxing salons. I end up plucking them. Its tiresome but at least it certainly takes a longer time for them to grow and they will not be stubby and hard.

    P.S. Check out if the therapist is reusing their wax. There are therapists that re boil the wax and remove all the hair that was previously used on another customer. I don’t know about how particular you are about hygiene, but i would rather not use the wax that someone else have used before. =|

  150. i shave everyday
    so i dont get irritated
    youonly get irretated if you dont
    so likee yeah =]
    try it
    and i also shave the opposite way to the hair growing
    gets closer
    and stops the stubble it gets rid of it
    much prefer it. =] x

  151. Im 15 an I just shaved my ****. It hurts like a muther and I even folowed all the instructions.
    And doesn’t shaving make the hair come back even faster?

  152. i shaved and little hairs grew all over the place and its really itchy and it kinda stings, what can i do to stop this. I am also getting little red spots all over even though it was a new clean razor. how long will it take until the hair grows back and it stops itching

  153. I found that shaving your vagina gives it hard, unstoppable stubble- the best way is probably to soften the hair with conditioner first and then brace yourself for a shave. The ***** are especially sensitive, so watch out there. As for **** hair- trim then wax.


    Lol! I sound so perverted

    xoxo kisses

  154. if you’ve never shaved before and are thinking of doing it…DONT! its such a pain because you have to do it every 2-3 days because it grows back so horribly and quickly and often painfully…ive been doing it for 2 years and it still hurts
    no only that but it grows back 10 times worse than before, so u cnt just leave it…its like a life long commitment.
    but if you decide its absolutely necessary…make sure u dnt shave beyond the visible hair…because any other non-visible hair grows back thicker and more visible making the chore worse than ever.

    trust me, if you dont need too..dont start!

  155. i have been shaving for years and havent had any problemms i perfer that guys shave as well it make there**** bigger

  156. yeh I shaved today and i find it really uncomfortable. I know it grows back harder n stubblier but then again, makes the boy happy =P

    But, my underwear interferes with it and i find it embarrassing when you have to like pull away you clothes, people look and i find it funny lol

    Anyway, yeh, im going to give the home made waxing a try, when the parents arn’t home 😉


  157. Shaving does’nt necessarily make the hair grow back faster. If you leave it you’ll notice it doesn’t actually keep growing forever and ever. But when you shave it and leave it yes it can grow back quickly but it doesn’t mean it’s going to keep up the pace. I also shave against the hairs, people always say not to but it never irritates me and gets a much closer shave. Make sure to check with your fingers first which way the hair is growing, it’s different on the top down the sides of the lips and around the *** so check first for a closer and smoother shave. 🙂

  158. Hey i’m 16 and i’m thinking of shaving down below just incase something happens between me and a guy. I don’t want to be unprepared and for him to think it’s gross cause i have a jungle! I really hate that a lot of guys don’t like pubic hair down there. I really couldn’t care less about whether THEY shave theirs! Arhh i don’t know what to do!! I sound so pathetic by getting in such a state about it lol i just worry especially as next spring i will be visiting a guy and i think stuff might happen..i HOPE stuff might happen hehe. NOT IF I HAVE A JUNGLE THOUGH :/

    WOW i’ve talked a lot. Does anyone have any advice for me?? Except from the fact i need to calm down and shut up?? =D =P

    X x x

  159. this is not a tip but a complaint of sorts…i tried the sugar wax listed above…it does not work worth a damn! it just makes a sticky mess. it does not harden at all and certainly does not remove any hair (which is the purpose).

  160. i shaved the other day and it really didnt bother me except tryin to get to those places u cant really see without some assist like a mirror or let ur hubby do it lol

  161. after shaving and trimming my pubic hair testes and pole, I now shave below and wax above, after a few times you get pretty goodat it and it really last a long time, I would not try on the *******, it is really sensetive, good luck. also my wife likes my smooth look, remember we don’t live in caves any longer.

  162. Dude, shave sucks. i shave againt the grain and i get razr burn and ingrown hairs. i tried this shizzle that melts the hair off, and it didnt work. so pretty much im not waxing my junk, thats out. so ya this wasnt a tip at all i just wanted some advise on how to get rid of that razer burn.


  163. Shaving is ok but trimming can iritate , cuz the hair gets like “pokey” resulting in an embarassing itch for some time .

  164. I don’t get it — I’m in my mid-40s and am now dating for the first time in 20 years and guys are expecting me to be shaved like I’m some pre-pubescent girl. When did all this come about? What is wrong with being natural? It isn’t like we expect them to be hairless either.

    I am completely baffled…

  165. i used to think that shaving was a crazy and stupid idea until my friend talked me into and really it is worth it. it feels so much more comfortable without hair and (at least for me) doesnt grow back or get stubbly for like 2 or 3 days. i only shave about once a week, and i don’t get too much irritation unless i do it sooner than that. i even shave against the grain for a completely smooth shave and let me tell you, girls like it more.

  166. im gonna give shaving a try again, the other times ive tried ive really had problems with pain… but still it feels really good before it starts hurting… also, i cant buy razors all the time, so im just gonna go with the same one for a while… sux, but i have no choice xD

    LUCY: just s u know, u might already know this but, most guys (at least the ones ive talked to) dont really care that much… and i mean, if it is a problem, theyd tell you after a while, and you could do it then… i dont think alot of guys would be like all disgusted and not have sex because they think its ugly or whatever… anyways, if u dont wanna shave, just trim it short 😛 i mean it doesnt look bad in any way, an you wont get irritated 😛 but shaving is pretty nice, it feels good 😛

  167. do guys care if you have natural hair down there? i’m always ashamed of it and when a guy gets too close i don’t want him to see it. but really i want to know do they think it’s gross or don’t mind at all??

  168. i’m glad i came across this. I hope the wax thing works. I didn’t know it takes 2-4 weeks to grow back!!! heck, i’ve been having all these years right on the underwear line… ughh.. not it’s hot out and I’m all broken out! gosh that’s the worse! Didn’t know the “new razer” is the key really.. duhh.. you would think after all these yrs, i would have figured it out. As for CAROLYN….. welcome to the dating game. if they expect you bald… I’d watch out for them and your kids! More so than anything, they just want you “cleaned” up and not an amazon down there. Not only that. keeping it shorter is better for other “activities” not toooooo short tho! Word of advice, have him grow a goatee! LOL

  169. this isn’t a tip.

    i trim, tweeze, sometimes shave completely. in the beginning, i got flawlessly smooth skin. but now, i get ingrown hairs and razor bumps and sometimes pus in the hair follicle.

    i tried waiting for the hair to grow out, so that the skin can breathe and not be irritated, but it’s not growing properly! it’s leaving short thin hairs, and i look bald and bumpy. HELP!

  170. one thing left out in this article, is that for females, it is more effective if you shave in the downwward direction, (direction of hip bones to you crotch). it is cleaner for women to shave their ‘pubes’, sometimes men just don’t like the feel of itchy hair against their…well you know.

  171. I was talking to a friend of mine and he said if you take a match, light it, and put it to the end of your pubic hair it will travel down and completely be gone and not come back… is this true or has anybody done it

  172. i tried the shaving thig, and at frist it was bumpy… but after about the third time i did it, it stoped being bummpy and now it is just smothe… so for all the women out thier.. dont give up if the first time u get bummpy its normal!

  173. Yeah, i’m now down for shaving as everyone says dont give up! so why should it .. exactly! i mean i’ve tried waxing but that hurts so much. And i don’t really want to go trough all that pain again as i do it myself and i give up after a few strips?.. is their any way i could make this less paninfull?

  174. I just have a question…well, a few.

    I’m a catholic and I feel bad about trimming up or shaving at all down there. I happened to cut off a lot of hair today but scared to shave. I was wondering if its bad in the cathloic religon to do that? And my other question was that every other site I’ve been to says that once you start DO NOT STOP! Well, what if I don’t want to shave there anymore or I’m going to be gone and I don’t want to shave it? Do I still have to continue or should I just trim it less and less until its normal? From what I’m told, once you shave it off, it will come back worse than before…

  175. Jessica stop being a wimp and start being sexy! Gawwwd, do you really think you’ll go to hell for shaving?!!! Ridiculous!

  176. It’s interesting that somebody mentioned if it’s okay for Catholics to shave.
    In Islam (Muslims), I’ve heard that it’s actually encouraged if not required to shave. I’ve been shaving for about 6 years now. You know who is the person that told me to start doing it??? You’ll never guess!!!………… My mother told me that I should shave. I was shocked and surprised, haha.

  177. I have been shaving since I was 11 and I always get razor bumps and pimples which is seriously not cute because it makes ur partner believe u have a serious std…but um…I want to wax altho I’m scared of the pain..I need Oo2 by a trimmer

  178. Jessica:

    Shaving your genitals is a personal pereference, not a sin!
    You aren’t doing it to be sexy or to have sex, so what’s the problem? The hair is bothering you, so get rid of it.

    Also, I sometimes go in shaving “hiatus” where I stop shaving for like a week or two because I get too busy or I’m lazy. It doesn’t come back “Worst”, it just comes back in general, and once it starts bothering me, I shave again.

    Don’t feel bad about getting rid of your pubic hair. =) As long as you are comfortable, neat, and clean, it’s honestly a pure thing. =]
    I wouldn’t worry hunny.


  179. Megan:

    Quick tip:

    Shave with shaving cream/soap/conditioner if you don’t already!

    Take a HOT bath and shave your genitals LAST, so the hot water opens up the pores. THEN apply the cream/conditioner and let it soak into your skin for 5 minutes or more if you’d like.

    This helps prevent razor burn.

    Or, after you after, try rubbing a little baby oil on the SURFACE of your vagina (NOT within the vulva lips!) =)

    Hope that helps.

  180. Hi i hav one question! after u hav shaved or trimmed, where do u put the……..u know….hairs?????? do u just wash them down the drain or what???

    please help me

  181. I would like to say people that shave good luck to yall because every time i shave i get nasty big red boils i have some now so good luck but i dont no if i wanna try to wax or use nair removing creme any suggestions?

  182. Guys. Do what the experts say. Start with a small area. You don’t have to shave the entire lawn first try. It will itch. Itch I tell you. Itch, itch, itch. Even if you just trim with scissors your clothes will push the hairs into your skin. Shave the shaft a little or around the lamp post. Don’t go crazy. It is going to itch. Use the right products, take time, don’t be high or drunk. I am not a hairy person. It will itch. If you have a gnarly bush like a shrub you had better take it a little at a time. In the end there are benefits but don’t go crazy. And did I mention it will itch. There are things to help but even if it isn’t red or pimply it will still….you know. I am glad I removed some hair (not all) but I wish I had done more research. No hair on the shaft makes for easy glide. BTW, I am past 50 and still enjoying every minute of life. Good luck with the itch.

  183. Look gals, i shaved for the first time and i was fine. dnt go against the grain and everything wil be ok. also, i pluck as well, and i get worse effects from that! so i dunno, u gotta try stuff out. and no it doesnt grow back 10 times worse. it grows back normally.

  184. Hey

    Just thought id come onto the page and check it out..
    My opinion on shaving is that it is ur own choice, if you dont care…then dont do it, for me…i shave because i like the feeling…but doing it to impress a guy is just wasting your time…ive met alot of descent guys that really dont care…but there are alot of guys that do….waxing is another option…the result is really good but it is painful i ended up bleeding and in tears from it…and ive noticed with shaving if u shave when it first starts growing back it tends to cut.. idk if this is just my experience or it happens to really like to hear your opinions…but dont do it if u dont like it..its the same with masturbation, u dont like it or your not comfortablr with it. then dont do it.

  185. samantha:
    i am 16 and very hairy i hav shaved befor and it does leave a nasty red patch i just found this site and i am very pleased i learned the proper way to shave and am looking forward to losing the beast lol i also felt better after your tips so thanx everyone you have been a major help and wen the next pleasure opertunity comes along ill look and feel my best 🙂 this site is a savior keep it updated much love!

  186. For the Guys…If you can, find a product called Remington LEKTRO Shave. It is battery powered by 1-AA battery. I use Gillette Teflon blades, and EDGE shaving gel. I always shave in the SHOWER. I shave my penis, testicles, and shape my pubic hair into an inverted triangle about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide at the top. I shave the hair above this and around my naval. I keep the triangle trimmed close with a beard trimmer. I also shave my anal area with the LEKTRO shaver. This takes practice and patience. You must “squat” in the shower and hold the LEKCTRO shaver so you get down to the bottom of your crack and pull outward on your buttocks. I have been shaving my pubes/anal area since 1988, and I love the clean, smooth feeling, as does my wife of 51 years.
    If you can’t find the Remintgon LEKTRO shaver, Gillette has a battery powered version on the market now.

  187. I started shaving as a young teen and I must say it makes me feel less conscious about my bits. My boyfriend seems to like it and it gives pleasure for both. So if you haven’t tried it, maybe you should consider it:D?

  188. I’m a girl who normally shaves; but I recently realized while I was with my boyfriend that the clean shaven look only lasts a day or two, and this is a bother. (I wait quite a few days between shaves to eliminate irritation) I want to try waxing and I’m not sure where to go for a commercial waxing. Will most businesses even accept minors for pubic waxing?

    also, I have hair on my labia as well as a bit further inside it, which can be a real problem. how should I go about waxing or plucking the hair in this area? (It’s much more sensitive than above.)

  189. Afeter i’m done shaving… skin is left with a nasrty red rash and i also get these nasty red boils….what should i do in order to prevent this

  190. If you have sensitive skin moisturizing the days before will help with the irritation.

    I shave because it makes me feel sexy and helps me to get turned on.

  191. Hey everybody,

    Now, just recently, me and a few girls were talking about whether we shave or don’t shave. And basically, all the girls in my dorm shave their lower region and I was the only one who didn’t. I’m not saying that I haven’t shaved before because I have, but the annoying feel and the look of 1 day regrowth (in my case) was just … eek. So after I broke up with my first boyfriend, I stopped shaving, waxing etc for about a year until my next boyfriend where I was like ‘oh god not back to shaving’. and then I was like. Stuff this. If he likes me for the way I am he won’t care if i’m natural. And he didn’t! He actually preferred me natural. I was like ‘im in love’ haha but yea. And basically my oppinion on the shaving waxing etc etc is that ladies pubic hair is a sign that we have matured. when you shave wax etc you basically look … like a 5 year old girl! a 5 year old girl!!!

    So it’s all about you. Your preference. So when i mentioned the 5 year old girl thing to the girls in my dorm they were quick to shuttup about me beaing alnatural. Though to this day, I do hear the words hair ball thrown in my and my bf’s direction =P



  192. To prevent red bumps, boils, and any kind of irritation related to shaving the public and/or genital area, just pick up some generic 1% Hydrocortisone Cream. It’s an excellent solution. “Unscented lotion” is better than nothing, but I’m still prone to get red bumps and boils if I use it. Not so with hydrocortisone. Just be sure to apply the cream immediately after shaving, even if it stings a little! It doesn’t sting that much and it’s totally worth it to get smooth, “bumpless” baby soft, not red, skin. I don’t get razor rash at all anymore. Another tip: it helps if you don’t shave against the grain so to speak. Try shaving in the direction of hair growth for the first couple of passes, then shave sideways to get a closer shave if need be. Shaving against the grain will cause red bumps everytime! By the way, I’ve recently started using an epilady on my legs and I got “epilady rash” big time. Then it dawned on me, “Duh,” use the hydrocortisone on the legs, too. Now I don’t get a rash, and again, you need to apply the cream, immediately after shaving before irritation sets in.

  193. I used a product called bikini zone… it TOTALLY saves me from the irritation and red bumps, and the itchiness which initially prevented me from shaving except for special occasions. It’s a lifesaver, and totally cheap… like $5 for a tube that’ll last quite awhile.

  194. DO NOT shave. it grows back stubbly and very fast – and you are very prone to irration.
    wax – it is the only way to go – afterwards you feel clean, fresh and ready for anything. plus you get no irritation at all and it grows back about 4 weeks later. waxing hurts the first time, but afterwards you’ll get used to it and it’s really not that bad. a tiny bit of pain for 4 weeks of benefits… what would you choose?

  195. I’m a girl, and I shave everything.
    Not because my boyfriend likes it, (though it is a plus)
    but because it makes me feel more comfortable about myself.
    The only negative is that I get regrowth the next day!
    Shaving the area everyday causes major bumps and irritation.
    To avoid this, I shave every other day, or every 3 days.
    My boyfriend doesn’t mind, because it isn’t out of control,
    and I still feel comfortable!

  196. There is nothing embarrassing about getting waxed professionally! YOU may FEEL embarrassed, but the professional is NOT going to look at you and make you feel uncomfortable. The waxer does this for a living and couldn’t care less about how you look (except in a professional manner). Just wanted to point that out…

  197. Guys. Started to shave a on the shaft and above home base. Since that I went on to using the hair trimmer everywhere else down to 1/16 inch. It is safer and the growback isn’t uncomfortable. Wish I had done it years ago. Feels great and not a lot of upkeep. Love the skin-on-skin feel during sex. Still shave for that feelin. Have the patch but it may go soon. Be careful, go easy, you don’t want mistakes. Used Lanacane spray the first couple of times. Now it isn’t needed.

  198. I think comparing a shaved crotch to a five year old girl is absolutely insane. I shave my legs, arms, armpits, and my pubic hair. I think hair is messy and not attractive at all. My boyfriend has hardly no hair which is weird for a guy but I’m extremely happy. Yeah, the regrowth is a bitch and shaving can be too but it just looks so sexy and clean. I think every woman should shave. And if you don’t shave/wax all your hair off atleast trim it. No guy wants a “furburger” or to be a “carpet muncher.” why is taking care of yourself considered such a hassel? Laziness is what i call it.

  199. Interesting topic! For myself, I just could not go the “shave it all off” way. My girlfriend thought it would look goofy. Anyway she found a site called BareNakedBalls that has this real neat guard you use with a common depilatory cream that gets your balls and rod smoother than any razor and without the cuts, etc. I tried the razon. Even one of the five bladed ones. Cut the shit out of me. And boy is it hard to stop the sack from bleeding!!! Not any more.

  200. I shave and my skin has never got use to it.although i put lotion on it daily and shave every other day.DOVE lotion helps alot.

  201. Hey

    im a pro wrestler for the CWE. What i do is: use ducktape….simple.use it the same way as wax,it has the same effect yet is much more cost effective….


    just shave chest and arm hair and trim pubic hair and legs with a clipper…

    Chester Gage

  202. Hi you guys and girls ! I just read some of this stuff and I thought I should tell you my story about my pubic hair.Ok like when I was 9 or 10 my mom put me into this kids agency and I did some modeling for clothes and stuff and I really like it and I still do it. So the only thing was that my body developed really quick when I was just a kid, ok like I had soft blond hair when I was 10. I wanna say it was just peach fuzz but it was actually real hair but not that much and because I modeled bathing suits mostly, my mom said that it was time that I could try a brizilian wax cuz she is a professional model and has this person that does it for her. So I got my first wax at age 10 and it hurt just a little bit but hardly any cuz I dodnt have very much hair. Well I would get one evry 4 Months for about a year and a half and now I dont have to get it done any more at all !! cuz it doesnt grow any more and I am like really smooth and I really like it that way cuz it feels REALLY good and it is cleaner and guys like it and pubic hair just sucks. I am 14 now and all my school friends are shaving or just starting to shave and they hate shaving and one tried getting waxed but she has a lot of hair and it really hurt a lot. SO I would say that if you start waxing when your hair first starts to grow, it wont hurt and if you keep doing it, you wont have to worry ever again cuz it will be gone !!

  203. Hey all-

    Very cool to find this question and comments! I wish I had something like forum this to help me when I was first exploring shaving – would have saved me alot of ouches lol.

    I’ve been shaving and trimming my pubic region for several years. I personally leave a patch on top but shave the rest around my shaft and scrotum. I just love the smooth feeling and leaving some on top helps reduce the friction and irritation that usually causes those red bumps (ingrown hairs) in that area that rubs up against your boxers and jeans or whatever you are wearing.

    I have also found that most of the girls I have dated enjoyed the clean look and certainly the hygiene aspects of me being shaved.

    For the girls here, just my own opinion. Some of the girls I’ve known have shaved and some have not. I prefer them to shave at least on the bottom along the sides of their labia, but if they leave some up top it doesn’t bother me. But I do think it looks and feels really nice when shaved and even tates different.

    It does seem to me that the trend is to shave or wax completely, so for those of you feeling like there is pressure to shave I’d agree. I think guys are sort of expecting it, whether they see it in movies or magazines or whatever, and now people seem to think you are weird if you don’t. But you should do what YOU are comfortable with, not what you think people want. If you have a BF/GF and they want you to do it, have a conversation about it. And if they expect YOU to shave, you should feel free to ask them to do it too! Make it something fun you can both try.

    If you’re nervous about it, go very slow, use a brand new razor or an electric, and trim the hair as close as you can before you try shaving. I always shave in the shower after doign everything else so the skin has time to steam and relax.

    I could go on and on, so if you have any more questions you can contact me at this name at G mail.

  204. ok. so basically ive tried shavin SOOOOO many times and my skin just cant seem to get used to it.
    i wanna start getting it waxed but dont know where to go.
    i live in a small town and dont got any place to get it done.
    i would ask my mom to help me out..
    but me and my mom arent close about stuff like that.. suprisingly.
    im 16 and we still arent like that.
    is there like a kit or somethin i could buy?
    also… the red bumps suckk!!!!!
    is there any more advice i could get on gettin rid of’em?

  205. Try a Seiko Clean Cut. Not as close as a shave but no bumps or cuts. Takes a battery but lasts a long time. Very safe. No matter how smooth you can get it grows back so fast that the smooth lasts only hours. They sell rechage electrics at WalMart, etc. but the Seiko is nice and you can use it daily. Good luck.

  206. Here’s the thing:: I have asked my mom about it, but she doesn’t want me to start shaving or waxing. She only let’s me trim… I really want to start shaving it, but I don’t want the hassle of having to shave every day [I hate having stubble and what not]. Sooo….the next step is..waxing? Well…because of Mom I can’t go anywhere to get it done without her knowing. I have a very close family, and I could NEVER sneak something like that. [I’m only 14 and I haven’t gotten my permit for driving either]. I’m not wanting to get rid of it because of anyone else, I honestly just feel more comfortable without hair in that area…. Does shaving sound like a good choice? I have razors already, and I have conditioner and cream and soap and other lubes…so…hmmm *thinks*

  207. Yes Emily the red bumps do suck! Sounds like you’re in a tough spot – you probably don’t want to deal with waxing that area on your own just because it’s hard to see and reach everything. I’m assuming there are no spas or waxing places near you? If not, maybe you can bring it up with your mom about your skin getting irritated and that waxing might help out. Especially if you play sports – that’s always a good excuse 🙂

    My advice to Nikki is to go slow – you have to give you skin time to adjust and get used to the shaving. I’d just trim as close as you can at first and then slowly shave a little bit off the edges and work your way down over a few weeks and see how your skin reacts. I wouldn’t shave it all right away just in case your skin reacts badly.

    I’d recommend taking a nice long soaking bath before you do it so your skin has time to soften up – that will also help to prevent the razor burn. And moisturize after or even use some antibiotic ointment until you get used to it.

    Hope this helps!

  208. i just started shaving today and i just shaved around the outside and then trimed in the middle and my skinwas really itchy after. Is this normal?

  209. Just a tip…I’m not sure if this will work as well for others, but for me, using conditioner instead of shaving cream was really good. When I used shaving cream, it was pretty sore, and I got some razor burn >>
    I don’t know if the brand really makes a difference, but I used Herbal Essence’s hello hydration.
    Happy shaving/waxing/plucking/whatever 🙂

  210. Yes Stefanie that’s not unusual the first few times…it takes the skin a little bit to get used to the shaving. The skin also gets rubbed by your clothing more now that there’s no hair protecting it, so sometimes it’s helpful to put on some ointment or lotion post-shave.

    And it’s always good to gradually ease into shaving – give your skin some time to adjust and don’t shave too often – every few days or so.

    Hope this helps!

    As always, I can be reached at frankdadrummer at gmail or AIM for any further discussion. 🙂

  211. hey look im 15 n i barely started shaving…cleaning your area and trimming before shaving or waxing really helps believe me it can really soothe your skin n helps with the irritation:)hope it helped

  212. hey guys. need HELP lol
    i am 14 and i reaaaaally want to shave my pubic hair cleanly off, as it is a pain in the arse. heres the story: i tried shaving down there, with womens shaving cream, but even with a sharp razor, it didnt work! if i shave upwards (which i know i shouldnt), it hurts and leaves red marks, and when i shave downwards, it basically just trims the hair and leaves about 2 mm of it still there.
    im embarrassed to talk about it in detail with people, especially my mum, so thats ruled out lol… although, i did talk to my friend, and she said she shaves downward and gets it as smooth as her legs! i dont understand why i cant do this as well! it really sucks when im swimming and i HAVE to wear boardies.
    PLEEEEEEEEEASE help me, if you’ve got any tricks of anything that make it easier, please please tell!!!!!
    thanks guys 🙂

  213. Hi Katelin-

    There’s some food advice already given here by alot of people if you haven’t checked it out already.

    A few things to definitely try:

    1. A brand new sharp razor! This helps alot.
    2. Soaking in the tub fir a while first to soften your skin and the hair.
    3. Some people swear by using conditioner instead of shaving cream – ask your other friend who you talked to what she uses.
    4. Go slow – a little tiny bit at a time – not big long strokes like you do on your legs.
    5. Trim it as close as you can before you try shaving it.

    Hope this helps!

    FrankDaDrummer at gmail dot com

  214. hey guys
    well im 14 and i need help im shaving my pubic hair but i always seem to leave some out for some reason i just wanted to kno better ways to do it n what things i can use so my skin doesnt get irritated

  215. Hi Alexa-

    If the other tips on this page haven’t helped you yet, please leave us another comment and we’ll try to help you figure it out. Don’t lose hope! 🙂

    Frankdadrummer at gmail or AIM

  216. I use neem cream after shaving. It is a herbal cream that I get from a vitamin store or health food store. It has stopped the itching. I had been shaving for a few months but would still get irritated, red and itchy.

  217. Hey, I Just Got My Order Of Sooth Away In Today And I Was Wondering If It’s Safe To Use On Public Areas. Can Anyone Help Me?


  218. i just wanted to say that i trim my hair also. i trim it all the way down to where its very short. i use my trimmers to trim away the excess hair. it feels so much better down there.

  219. So today I was trimming my hair and I accidently cut it a bit too short. >.< It looked a bit stubly and was itchy so when in the shower i decided to just shave the front off and see how my skin reacted to shaving. I got a bit carried away and just shaved it all XD At first it felt a bit weird to not have the hair there but i don't dislike it either. Feels clean and soft so I recommend that every girl try shaving it all just to see if she likes it! I'll probably start shaving just for the nice feeling of my clothes against my shaved skin.

  220. Hi Jessica-

    I wouldn’t recommend using Amooth Away on the pubic area as it’s an abrasive and might irritate your skin. From what I’ve heard it works better on thin light hair and can make the skin pretty raw if you have to work at it – it’s basically sandpaper.

    I’d be interested in hearing from people if they recommend any similar products because I haven’t found any that really work.


    frankdadrummer at Gmail or AIM

  221. Hi, i’m 16 and my girlfriend asked me to shave. I said OK but the thing is i used scissors to get the hair easier to shave. Now i’m wondering, does shaving the scortum, the testicul part hurts?? like could it be cut and is it bad?? let me know please. ty

  222. Patrick-

    It doesn’t hurt, but you need to go slowly and be gentle. If you’re nervous about it, keeping it trimmed really short with scissors might be a better option until you feel more comfortable.

    Frankdadrummer at gmail and AIM

  223. This mostly seems written by kids. I’m older, my hair growth “down there” and all over the shaft gets out of control. I’m used to shaving it in the shower, but that really has to be done EVERY DAY for me, or the stubble growth scratches my wife. She really notices it. I try to pluck when I have time. That lasts obviously a lot longer, but with my forest, it takes hours. My question is the electo-tweezers. Is there any risk of damaging nerve cells and losing some sexual function? I don’t want to risk anything at my age (40+) I’m losing it as it is, and I don’t want any permanent loss of function. Any words?

  224. Heyy,, im not sure weather i sould start shaving. Ive been told that it grows back further down your legs, is that true? And is there and other painless methods you could suggest that WILL work?
    Thank you

  225. Try IPL. I have had it done on pubic area, underarms and legs. I have had about 5 treatments and havent needed to shave again. Only 1 or 2 stray hairs that pop up occasionally. It works permanently and didnt hurt at all. I ended up paying under $2500 for 5 treatments to my lip, underarms, bikini and legs. Pretty good considering I dont have to spend 30 mins in the shower shaving every morning. I went to the Skyline Skin Clinic in Chevron Renaissance on the Gold Coast and would highly recommend them.

  226. I am 13 and i am going on holiday in one month. I tried on my bikini and i feel so uncomfy because my pubic hair is out of control! I told my mum (embarassing as it was, but hey everyone gets it)she said to use scissors to trim it down, i did i have to say it did help but now i have started to think of real ways to remove it, my mum and auntie said that hair removal cream is the best because it grows back thinner. Would anyone recommend any good creams to me? Will it be thinner within a month or not? Please help! xxxx

  227. Hi Emma-

    Depending on how much you want to take off, dipilatory creams like Nair may be good, but be sure to read the labels and make sure they are for use on sensitive skin. Some of those products are made for legs and aren’t suitable for your more gentle regions.

    As for it growing back thinner, it will probably take months or years for that to happen, if it happens at all. Laser treatment is really the only sure way to keep it off or very minimal.

    Otherwise, just keeping it trimmed close or shaving is probably your best solution for the time being. If you make it part of your regular routine in the shower, it’s not that bad!

    Hope this helps.

    frankdadrummer at Gmail or AIM

  228. Hi
    my pubic hair grows like outwards/downwards
    and over the area
    and it looks really messy..

    im 15 and i only have like scissors to use!
    how short should i trim it if i decide to.
    and wha direction i dno what way it grows lol.

  229. heyya, i want to know what the best hair removal cream is best to use, atm i use veet but thats not very good. any suggestions. xxx

  230. First, trim as much of the bush as will be taken off comfortably with a small pair of scissors. Then take a hot shower for at least ten minutes to soften the remaining stubble. When you are convinced that this is as soft as it likely will become, spread Noxema shaving cream for sensitive skin (the model in the red can), following the directions on the can before dispensing. Apply a thin coat of this cream to the area to be shaved; only a small area at one time. Begin shaving with a small safety razor ONLY, e.g., one of the inexpensive models by Gillette. All surfaces between the navel and the entire area between the buttocks can be shaved safely. But, be careful on scrotal skin, which is thinner and more sensitive than all other shaveable skin. As a further caution, be especially careful using scissors over scrotal skin. Don’t try to clip large patches from that skin. In the interest of safety, take as much time as needed by clipping no more than one or two hairs at once.

    Depending somewhat on the hair growth patterns of an individual person, all shaved areas will resume hair growth shortly after shaving. If one likes the look and feel of shaved surfaces then a commitment must be made to stay with this procedure because hair in this region may regrow with the rapidity of facial hair.

    The first two or three shavings may yield an uncomfortable itch. Ask your local pharmacist – by phone in a distant neighborhood if this kind of subject might cause you unease in person – to recommend an OTC skin powder to relieve this condition. Or, perhaps better yet, live with the itch and notice if it diminishes over a short time. As with all medications, the fewer the better!

  231. i trimmed for the first time recently, as im in the first long term relationship ive ever been in, and i can see this becoming an issue where it’s never bothered me before.
    i didnt trim too short, just neatened up the edges and took off some of the length.

    last night, i couldnt sleep i was in so much pain from the itching.
    how can i help the itch, and how can i avoid it in future?

    please help!

  232. katie: I had the same issue 3 days ago I had trimmed…and was uncomfortable…2 days ago I took it all off and feel great. I wish I’d done it years ago

  233. Katie-

    Without knowing more details, it’s hard to give you advice on where you went wrong. I’m assumuing you used a razor to neaten up the edges – did you use a new, sharp razor and take your time to prepare your skin?
    It took my skin several weeks to get used to shaving down there so I always recommend to people to take their time and not rush things.

    Check out the rest of the tips people have posted – there’s some good stuff here and you may find something helpful. If not, make another post and let us know some more about what you did and what went wrong.

    If nothing else, you can always just try trimming it close with scissors or a trimmer. This gives decent results, still looks nice and shouldn’t cause any complaints =)

    Frankdadrummer at gmail or AIM

  234. Katie-

    Without knowing more details, it’s hard to give you advice on where you went wrong. I’m assumuing you used a razor to neaten up the edges – did you use a new, sharp razor and take your time to prepare your skin? It took my skin several weeks to get used to shaving down there so I always recommend to people to take their time and not rush things.+

    Check out the rest of the tips people have posted – there’s some good stuff here and you may find something helpful. If not, make another post and let us know some more about what you did and what went wrong.

    If nothing else, you can always just try trimming it close with scissors or a trimmer. This gives decent results, still looks nice and shouldn’t cause any complaints =)

    Frankdadrummer at gmail or AIM

  235. I shaved with out my mom knowing and one time she figerud out and like flipped out and i am not supose to shave down there but i do….well now it has goten really stublie on the edges and like i dont know wat to do cuz if i shave it all off and my mom knows idk what she would do….and like also all of my friends shave it all off and i want to its i just dont know wat do or how to tell my mom

  236. EVERYBODY USE NADS waxing cream this is very good no heating … i use it every 6 weeks or more depending on he growth of the hair but this is a bit expensive . You can buy it in any stores .. So happy waxing for a smooth skin

  237. Hi. I have been shaving everything for quite a while, and it looks great until my boyfriend and I become intimate. It seems that any friction at all makes my entire shaved area really red and irritated. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? I have tried waiting until the day after I shave, but by that point I have stubble.

  238. Im 15 and I have a question and a tip. I shave down there because it makes me uncomfortable having the hair. So i was wondering when shaving my hair grows in all different directions which makes it harder to shave, even when i shave downwards. I also always get razor bumps which are itchy and red, is there anyway I can avoid razor bumps? ive tried using shaving cream and special shaving cream for the pubic area to avoid the razor bumps, which doesnt work for me anyways.
    And also i got this new razor that is called Quattro For Women: Trim Styles by shick, this razor is a great tool it has a pupic hair trimmer on one side and regular razor on the other, i love it and it should help make things easier.
    but it still gives me razor bumps. I HATE THEM! haha.

  239. is there a cheap cream or like easy kit that i can use? dont really hav too much of a problem at all, im just tired of shaving & like i want the hair root to just be gone for a lil bit & not be noticeable. instead of like plucking or gettin a bikini wax-embarrassingg

  240. I have been shaving down their for the past 5 years. i haven’t experienced any problems. a few days a go i stole my boyfriend razor being a gillette fusion 5 blade. i used a new blade and just wow. it’s lasted for a good 3 days so far using it. no iratation was so ever. no bumps or redness. it is so smooth. i think i may have to steal his razor more often.

  241. Hey. i have a question.

    I’m 13 years old, i’ve shaved it all off once of twice, but i’ve been SO uncomfortable from the itching!! i haven’t told my mum about it. but its starting to get annoying, the hair growth is out of control! my best
    friend and i had a conversation about it last night, and she said she does it nearly every week and it
    never itches or hurts for here, i was so embarrassed. It even itches quite a bit when i just trim it. I haven’t done it for a month or two because it itched so much.

    Please send me some tips!!
    – s.elise.w

  242. Im a 16 year old girl and ive had a problem with my pubic hair for years. Ive shaved it a couple of times but it just grows back twice as thick and more of it and it just gets out of hand! i have a had a bikini wax before and that hurt so much that i doubt i could take the pain of having everything waxed. Ive had enough of it now but cant think of anything to get rid of it.
    please help

  243. I’m fifteen and have been shaving for a few years now. I’m very uncomfortable with my body and want to stop. The only reason for this is because I have pubic hair in my butt. Yes I know it’s sounds so disgusting but I need good, simple,quick tips to get rid of it and for the hair to stay away as long as possible.
    Thank you!

  244. Im 15 and I shave now and again because i dont like the sight of the hair down there but i want to shve it all off but am afraid to because of the itchiness ive had when it rubs against my legs and what not how can i prevent itching?

  245. My age is 25, and im going to get married within 2 months, i have following problems, i want the effective remedy to get rid of it. I have thick hairs on my upper lip, chin, underarms and pubic area..I use removing creams for upper lip and chin but within two days it grows again,, for the underarms and pubic part i use either the cream or razor to shave but the hair grows within a day, and my underarms and pubic part has become so darker basically im a very fair girl, having dark arms looking very ugly, Im worried im going to get married soon, and it should not affect my married life

  246. I’m 16 and i have been shaving for about 3 years. Almost every time i shave i get bumps or razor burn. Eve if it doesn’t right after I shave in the next few days I will get ingrown hairs or something. It is so embarrassing Is there anything i can do for this to stop?

  247. I tried shaving my hairs down their , for a day or 2 it is good but they comes up again and that itches badly, so i stopped it. but when i get intimate to my boyfirend he asked me why don’t i remove these hairs , but i don’t feel any problem when we were very close or he was inside me. it just they were messey sometimes, so don’t know why my bofriend wants me to remvoe them.

  248. Those of you who are between the ages of 12-15 shouldn’t shave, but I understand the embarrassment. There are a few things you could do: Wax, Shave (properly) or nothing at all. Chemicals are not recommended, they can cause lots ok problems. If you decide to wax do it right. Start with a small area and pull away not up. Always pull in the opposite of hair growth direction. If you decide to shave, trim hair first and ALWAYS USE A NEW BLADE EVERY TIME!!! Use conditioner over shave gel its works better. Shave in the direction the hair is growing.

  249. I’m a girl I hate having pubes and I’ve been trying out lots of different hair removal methods but nothing seems to do me any good. I shave at the moment but I have ingrown hairs galore and my vag looks all red and lumpy. Getting professionally waxed is too expensive for me because I’m young and I don’t have a job so that’s a no. I tried waxing myself but it did not work and i still had hair. I used hair removal cream but that didn’t do much and I don’t know what else I can do 🙁 help!

  250. If you shave your bikini line:
    When you’re done, run over the part you shaved with deodorant! I promise, it prevents razor burn!

  251. I am 15 and I have a lot of pubic hair my mom will not let me shave down there two times a day she looks there to make sure that i have not shaved

  252. I’m a 17 year old female and I’ve been shaving “down there” for about maybe 4 years. i try to shave every other day rather everyday so i don’t irritate the area too much. but lately i have been getting really bad ingrown hairs around the edges and around my inner thighs. i am extremely conscience about them since i love to swim but am afraid to with out long shorts on. i don’t really have the money to keep buying expensive creams or wax or hair removal chemicals. is there ANYTHING that will actually work to get rid of the bumps that is natural or cheap? please help me out. thank you!

  253. I’m 15 and i’ve been lasered. Lasering is when a machine eliminates the root of your hair, and you never have to shave. If your interested type in Laser Hair Removal. Its not a chemical if anyone is worried about that.

  254. I am 15 years old and have started lasering. Ive had 4 sessions and it still is barely helping my excessive pubic hair. I mean it has helped a bit but i still get red bumps from shaving in between treatments. I also have a problem where my hair grows 3 inches into my inner thigh and i dont know what to do! I cant wear bathing suits let alone short shorts without being able to open my legs or cross my legs for sitting. Even if i have just shaved you can tell that i have pubic hair growing in that region. I am always so jealous of the girls that have it easy with pubic hair. When they complain about little red dots that dont even show past their bathing suits it kills me. I just want this problem to end for good. Can anyone help?

  255. Im 13, i got pubic hairs all of the side of my dick and the sides of my balls and shit, and i shave like once a week, sometimes ill get a pimple, like the spot below ur tummy and above ur spot, or w.e u wanna call it, i got dick girls got pussys, but anyways, i dont mind shaving that spot all the time, but what do i do about the hair on the side of my dick?

  256. I am 15 years old and i have been shaving for about 2 years now at first i never got red bumps and now i get a lot of red bumps also there is a lot of irritation and iching my boyfriend would like it all off and so would I. so i am considering waxing but the pain is too much. Is there anything i can do to get rid of all the hair with out waxing and with out irritation?

  257. Im 15 and my mom staed letting me date and have protected sex while on the pills. its not that i am embarrased he likes it but i dont. he says its fine but i dont think so. i dont know what to do he says its my desicion i want it gone but i dont know whats the best way i can do it. ive tried 2or3 times shaving but everytimes it grows back there is itching. and it is not cute. then theres the the thin hair on my inner thigh that you can see when i wear bathing suits. what do i do?? its very frustrating.

  258. Hi im 16, and i have excessive pubic hair growth “ON” my penis, i want help to remove it!!! Ive been trying to pluck the hair to damage the folicle, but it keeps growing back. Any help?

  259. I’m a girl 16 and i been shaving and also using nair.. and every time i shave i a get a razor burn and also have trap in grown hairs and i get the razor burn bump on my sotmach which havent gone and also on my bikni line i have the razor bump which goes away and turn dark. and i don’t know what to do with the hair that growing between “down there”.. Can you help plese 🙁

  260. I’m 12 and starting getting a little hair above my special purpose about 2 months ago. My mom took me to a place she goes to and they waxed it all off. It hurt, but she doesn’t want me to have any hair down there now that I’m dating.

  261. Hey people.. Ive had a lot of experience with this, i would say the best thing to do is get waxed it makes regrowth much much finer, and in some places stops it growin at all.. It does take a little getting use to but u can be hair free for 4weeks so no need for extra shavin, and dont be embarrassed to go 2 a salon they have seen it all! There nice and friendly n wil give u advice too. Shavin makes it worser and thicker in the long run.. Hope this help x

  262. Honestly all of you guys are saying that it wold be embarrassing to get a bikini wax? They see the land down under everyday. The waxers are obviously okay with it or else it wouldn’t be there job. You just need to be comfortable with yourselves because they are.

  263. Hello,
    I wanted to let you all know that I recently discovered NOXEMA RAZORS! I have the most sensitive skin on the planet, but these are small razors about the size of your thumb and they work amazing! No irritation, everything gone, but it’s like a one-two time use only. They come in a pack of three and at walmart they are like 2 bucks. I’ve seen them in pink and green. I’ve tried waxing, trimming, creams etc. If you want to try a cream, try smells, but it basically trimmed my area for me. It didn’t remove everything, but i’m 20..ya’ll are mostly just starting..if you can start with nair, go for it! Goodluck, and I hope this helps 😀

  264. I have a tough dark growth of hair on my pubic region and want to get rid of it. But shaving hurts and i get cuts. Help me remove them without hurting.

  265. Hi, my name is — ive had really bad pubic hair since i was 4. i tried shaving it, but have you ever seen evan almighty when he shaves and instantly it comes back? well, thats my problem. i shave and within the minute, it just grows back like a freeking bush. what should i do? can you help me?
    kyle from newport.

  266. I have discovered the best way of getting rid of the hairs that grow in the buttocks, for the past ten years I have been using my Epilady machine, and most of the hairs on my buttocks are gone, they are growing thinner shorter more sparse and some of them do not grow anymore, the Epilady machine does not cause any discomfort or irritation to the skin, and as you get use of the machine you do not feel any pain, I also use the Epilady under my arms and the hair has mostly dissappear, and the few I got they grow very thin and short, if you want to try to do it with the Epilady machine you must do it often and every time you need it, do not shave because shaving will change the way your hair grows, I hope my experience with the use of the Epilady machine will be of help to other people with the same problem I had, hairs in the buttocks and in the arm pit. P.S the Epilady is not suitable for the pubic hair for that you need profesional waxing.

  267. My secret to get rid of the hairs in the buttocks, I’ve been using the Epilady machine for the past ten years and the hairs in my buttocks are mostly gone or they grow very thin and sparse, also under the arms I used the Epilady and the hairs in the armpits are very short thin an sparse, now for the pubic area the Epilady is not reccomended, you need to see a profesional in waxing the pubic area, I hope somebody will find this useful after all I have found many ways to use the Epilady other than the legs.

  268. Baby girl you shouldn’t be shaving for dates at 12. You shouldn’t even have dates at 12. But no matter what your being encouraged to do just know that your worth waiting for. Your day will come and it shouldn’t be anything you should have to be ashamed of and that time is not know… You have to answer to your body someday and you have to look in the mirror today… This is the advice you should be getting and if anyone is telling you different there wrong.. Baby girl you are worth waiting for.. Trust that in time… you’ll be a stronger wiser you that is more adored for your virtue than the girls that that gave there’s up way too soon. It’s never to late to take a stand for yourself and set boundaries..

  269. I have harsh hair INSIDE the lips of my vagina… it is dangerous to shave there and I am wary of using chemicals to get rid of it since it is inside the lips… and obviously laser is not good… or is it? help

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