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Getting Rid Of Puffy Eyes

The eyelids are very sensitive and can easily become irritated, red and puffy, but don’t despair; it is easier to get rid of puffy eyes than you may realize especially minor puffiness. Minor puffiness is the kind that you notice when you wake up, but is then reduced or eliminated by mid-morning as gravity drains the fluid that has accumulated throughout the night. Here you will find some simple techniques to relieve the swelling so you can get on with your life.

Symptoms of Puffy or Swollen Eyes:

  • Puffiness or swelling of the upper and lower eyelids, usually in the morning.
  • Occasionally accompanied by itching and/or redness.
  • Not able to open or close the eyes.

1. Common Causes of Puffy Eyes:

  • Dehydration. When the body gets dehydrated it begins storing up water, which can cause puffy eyes.
  • Diet. Drinking alcohol or eating salty foods before going to sleep. Alcohol can cause puffy eyes because it lowers anti-diuretic hormones (ADH) in the body, but the levels will normalize and the puffiness will usually subside at about the same time your hangover subsides.
  • Insufficient sleep.
  • Allergies. If your puffy eyes are accompanied by redness and itching, the cause may be associated with an allergy. Possible contributing factors include feather pillows, linen fabric, face-creams, dust, pollen, or food.
  • Aging. As you get older the skin begins to loose elasticity, causing swollen eyes.
  • Hormonal changes. The days just before and during menstruation cause hormone levels to fluctuate, this can result in water retention around the eyelids.
  • High blood pressure, which pushes fluids into the tissue around the eyes, can result in swelling.
  • Eyelid dermatitis, a rash on the skin which just affects the eyelids, that is usually caused by an allergic reaction to make-up or skin-care products.
  • Possible diseases.
    • Blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelid
    • Orbital cellulitis, an infection of the orbital tissue
    • Chalazions, small tumors on the eyelid that are benign
    • Kidney infections
    • Thyroid problems
  • Drugs. Drugs such as lithium that cause the thyroid to become less productive can also result in swollen eyes.
  • Heredity.

2. Preventing Puffy Eyes:

  • Stay hydrated!!! If you are thirsty, you are dehydrated. When properly hydrated, your urine will be nearly clear. (Note that some drugs and foods can alter the color of your urine.)
  • Lower your salt intake. The body can only store salt in fluid suspension – which will gather in the skin around your eyes. (Bonus: Lowering your salt consumption can improve your overall health.)
  • Never sleep wearing eye make-up. Regardless of how tired you may be, always use an eye make-up remover and continue until the cotton ball or pad shows no signs of make-up. Use a cotton pad rather than a tissue because it is less irritating. Removing eye make-up will prevent it from entering the eyelid and causing irritation.
  • Beware of bacteria. Speaking of eye make-up…Do not use mascara or any other eye product that is older than a few months. Bacteria that have grown in the make-up would love a new home in your eyes, and will cause your eyelids to swell. On this note it is probably a good idea not to share your eye products with anyone else either.
  • Be sure you get enough quality, regular sleep.
  • Sleep with your head elevated to allow better circulation and prevent fluid from collecting around your eyes.
  • Sleep on your back so that gravity does not route fluid directly to your eyes.

3. How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes:

There are many methods for preventing and eliminating swelling of the eyes. Some however, will require time and patience before you see results. Following are some natural remedies for puffy eyes.

Getting Rid of Puffy Eyes:

  • Wear a mask that is filled with cold water or gel for a few minutes when you wake up in the morning.
  • Wrap pieces of ice in paper towels and place them on your eyelids for a few minutes. The cold will reduce the swelling.
  • Keep your eye creams in the refrigerator. The cool cream will help reduce your puffy eyes. When applying the cream, gently tap it onto your eyelid with your ring finger, so as to stimulate fluid drainage.
  • Keep two teaspoons in the refrigerator and when you have an attack of the swollen eyelids; rest them on your eyelids for a minimum of one minute or until they warm up.
  • Soak cotton-wool pads in a bowl of ice-cold milk and then squeeze most of the liquid out. Place the pads on your eyes and repeat as they warm up for about 15 minutes. This will also brighten the white in your eye.
  • Dip cotton balls in ice water, and then squeeze the water out. Apply the cotton balls to your eyes for 5-10 minutes.
  • Place black or chamomile tea bags soaked in cold water on your eyelids for 15 minutes. The tannic acid in tea will constrict the blood vessels and reduce inflammation. To accelerate drainage, gently press from the inside corner to the outside corner of the swollen eye.
  • Place slices of cucumber, potatoes, or apple over the puffy eyelids for 10-15 minutes. Potatoes will reduce dark circles under the eyes and apples have pectin which aids in anti-oxidation.
  • Give your eyes a salt bath by soaking cotton pads in a saline solution or a solution of one teaspoon of salt in one pint of hot water. Place the pads on your puffy eyelids for a few minutes.
  • Taking over the counter diuretics can help reduce fluid retention, especially if you experience bloating before your period. (Note: Diuretics also lower your blood pressure, so be sure to have yours checked before going this route.)
  • Apply a hemorrhoid cream to the puffy area around the puffy eye, being EXTREMELY CAREFUL not to get any in your eye. Be sure to look for a cream that contains yeast and shark’s liver oil.

*Allergy related puffiness can become a permanent condition if not treated and eliminated. When the connective tissues in the eye become damaged from repeated swelling, the skin stretches and becomes looser. This can result in pouches under your eye, called blepharitis, because the fat around the eye has bulged. These pouches do not respond to home remedies like normal, occasional puffiness does. There is a minor surgery that can be performed called “blepharoplasty,” where the surgeon makes a very small incision under the lower eyelid to remove the excess skin, eliminating the pouches.

The Great Eye Gel Debate:

Many people question whether over the counter eye gels work. Some of these gels contain ingredients such as chamomile or witch hazel which have been known to reduce puffiness. The gels can be beneficial when worn under make-up because they act as a primer, making it easier for the make-up to glide on. The make-up will not flake off as easy and therefore will not irritate your eyes. These eye gels are water-based rather than oil-based which means that they will moisten the skin and hide lines, rather than make it greasy. If you keep your gel in the refrigerator the temperature alone will help soothe and refresh your eyes.

Click here for more information on how to get rid of puffy eyes.

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  1. Try to relax the space. You can do this by wetting a Q-tip and then freezing it for a little while. Then you should gently wipe under your eyes in the areas where the circles are occurring. When wiping, close your eyes and try not to flinch.

  2. I put slices of cucumbers in the freezer. I don’t have to wait for 15 minutes for the puff to disappear. It’s instantly improved. Letting them rest on your eyes for at least 5 minutes is drastically improved. I haven’t tried any longer because I don’t have time in the morning to be messy with puffy eyes.

  3. the cold milk compresses are very effective…a prescription for cortisone helps too..I was at the end of my rope but better now. High blood pressure meds can cause this…

  4. use your left over tea bag that has been soked in hot water to bring out the anti-oxidant (dont add sugar)leave it in the freezer and when its really cold to frozen gently dab around eye area till it softens down, then u can rest it on ur eye for a few minutes.
    you can try dipping the tea bag into milk befor popping it in the freezer for clearer whiter eyes.

    benifits = anti-oxidant good luck

  5. Ice does the trick, get ice cubes and gently place around the eye area in a circular motion, you will find that your eyes will become a bit sticky, which means that the ice is breaking up the mucas. However I suggest that you do this for couple of minutes only.

  6. Make in your very clean ice cube tray your own ice cubes consisting of a mixture of very strong coffee (Caffiene constricts), very strong tea (tannic acid), herbal chamomile tea, witch hazel, and ground or shredded cucumbers. In the mornings use 2 wrapped in wash cloths or paper towels for a few minutes. Make sure you have time to wipe your eyes clean afterword.

  7. I have had puffy eyes for several months and was eating tomatoes 2 times a day and then eliminated them for 1 week and the puffy eyes were gone. Never thought it could be tomotoes.

  8. get 8 hours of sleep , sleep whith a mask put cucumbers on ur eyes 4 30min and wash your face whith cold water that should do the trick

  9. Soak a regular tea bag in water as if your making tea (nothing with citrus or any other herbs…it burns…xD) then, let the bag cool off and put it on your eyes for about an hous to get rid of ALL of the bagginess to your eyes, or do this for at least 15 minutes a day…and please…SLEEP A LOT MORE.

  10. Someone mentioned a prescription for cortisone as being helpful… I do not know if it is or not, but I was warned by a veterinarian not to allow hydro cortisone cream to get into my cat’s eye because it breaks down the tissues of the eye.
    Just wanting to make sure no one thinks the two drugs are the same, or starts putting hydrocortisone cream on their eyes.

  11. i have had black baggy eyes for a long time its through not sleeping wash in cold water go to bed with a cold eye mask with cucumber underneath it for 20mins and when u wake up do the same again hopes this works for all of you.

  12. I just bought a very expensive eye cream from sephora and IT DOESN’T WORK ONE BIT just to warn everyone….i havn,t tried putting it in the refrigerater however the directions say nothing about that but i will have to try the frozen milk cotten ball thing… i likethe idea of it making my eye whiter whiter!!! hopefully it works!

  13. try rubbing your eyes with cold water, it wakes you up, makes you look less tired and takes the puffiness away.

  14. The preparation H theory does seem to work but you have to give it at least a week or so to start working and it does feel really greasy so a little under each eye at bedtime is best and yes….if you can sleep on your back (which is hard for me to do) then it does help a lot.

  15. I have aquired some uneven puffiness from sleeping on my right side and that side is a little more damaged then my left side.

  16. i got my puffy eyes from having a pimple on my left eye lid next to my eyebrow. and i was trying to pop it and my eyes got puffy the next day.and iam using the tips on this web page hope it works. thanks everybody.

  17. FYI: Another cause of swollen eyes is excessive crying/tears for a long time before you go to bed. Any treatment will just about work.

  18. I just heard from a neighbor (who’s husband is an allergist) that Maybelline Mascara has some new ingredients that are causing a lot of allergic reactions. I was using Maybelline Mascara- Great Lash, I think. I think I had problems with other brands too so I stick with high-end, dept. store mascara and my eyelids are SO much better. I was getting so desperate with the puffy eyelids and even acquired a Chalazion which was terrible!

  19. With cool fingertips press firmly but gently with a rolling movement on the bag, this encourages the water to disperse quickly. Repeat when required. I used this technique to get the swelling down after a nose job – it works and I now have a lovely nose and no puffy eyes!

  20. Drink lots of water. Puffy eyes often indicate water retention, which you can alleviate by drinking plenty of liquids; this flushes excess salt from your system

    Try an ordinary ice pack. The cold temperature may help reduce swelling.

    Always wear UV sunglasses during the day. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside, even on cloudy days. Excessive exposure to the sun or unexpected sunburns often contributes to puffy eyes and leave you feeling bloated the next day.

    Avoid overly windy conditions. Wear glasses or goggles to help protect your eyes and act as a buffer against intense environmental conditions.

  21. Soothing Eye creams with aloe and Vitamin E can be applied to the eyes

    Avoid salty foods, which cause the under eye area (and the rest of your body) to hold fluid.

    A few egg whites, stiffly beaten, and applied with a brush to the face and under the eyes will make the skin feel tighter and look less puffy. Add a drop or two of witch hazel which also reduces swelling and will keep the egg whites from drying to rapidly.

  22. hello every1 i have had swollen eyelids for around a month the doctor has give me quite a few antibiotic eyedrops which have not worked is there any good methods which i can try for this as it is affecting my vision

  23. Before i did nothing, then it got worse, so i used eye cream to mosturise them and then use ice cubes in the morining for a few minutes it takes away puffiness! Yay!
    I Hate Bags!
    Cucumbes never work though!
    Waste of good vedge!
    Lol xxxx

  24. I woke up with the worst case of under eye bags and I know what it’s from, crying all nite. Here’s the tip stop crying over your man. I want to thank you all for your tips I’m trying them now wish me luck.

  25. IRONIC. I drink excessively and have puffer fish eyes in the morning. Never fear… the Vodka that made them puffy in the first place is chilling in the freezer. I use my SKYY bottle over each eye while I watch the news re-cap in the morning. It seriously is a perfect fit!;)

  26. Has anyone ever had eyelid surgery? I have had bags and dark circles for at least 10 years and have tried everything but nothing works. My genetics and severe allergies are the cause. I am looking for feedback on surgery. Anyone have it? What was recovery like?

  27. Swollen itchy eyelids sometimes red, for 4 months!
    Last night I put Aloe Vera gel from leaves, it removed the wrinkles but I still woke up with swollen eyelids. I just put cool tea on a flat cotton on my eyes for 20 minutes and the swelling eased a lot!
    I still need to find the cause; tonight I won’t use my two pillows: feather and the other latex. Hopefully that would be it!
    I hope this helps!

  28. Thanks Lina. I will try the tea bags. I hope your eyelids feel better.

    P.S. I don’t drink any alcohol. Never have. Maybe I should 🙂

  29. Hey Daria,
    I hope your eyelids are better. The tea bags helps a bit but I still need to reach the cause …
    I naturally have dark circles under my eyes, may be that makes them already sensitives.
    Changing pillows and not using any eye cream on my eyes did not make any difference. I am now using cortisone 2.5% on Dr’s recommandation.
    It seems I have an allergy, but to what? With the cortisone my eyes eased for a week. But I woke up this morning with puffy, red itchy eyes! back to square 0….

  30. I don’t have a tip, but I want help! I have spent countless hours online searching for a cure for my puffy eyes. I cannot figure out what is wrong with me and it’s driving me nuts. I even canceled a date tonight because I look like a swollen nightmare. NO TO THESE REMEDIES: frozen spoons, eye creams, refrigerated eye creams, preparation H, milk, tea, diuretics, antihistamines, eye drops, eye washes, hypoallergenic pillows, etc….pretty much EVERYTHING that is listed in this forum. Does anyone have any other suggestions or references? I am so, so, so tired of consistently looking this way. HELP ME!

  31. I woke up with such puffy eyelids it was hard to see. Crying over my insensitive man was the reason. My solution was cool gel mask and I am getting out of this relationship.

  32. hi i havent puffy eyes as such but just at the top of my cheek bones are like tiny sacs swollen,i mentioned it to my doc and he said get plastic surgery !ive tried the t-bags cucumber etc but still there, can any one help? julie

  33. hey julie I’ve got the same thing, ice cubes/being out in the cold helps but it comes back. A few people in my family have it slightly but I’ve got it the worst, I think it’s genetic caused by too much blood flow in that area. What’s the surgery procedure? it could just be a case of removing some blood vessels, maybe all it is is an injection? I wouldnt want to pay £2500 to look like micheal jackson…if you find a cure let me know, cheers.

  34. i think i may have the flu or a head cold, and my eyelids and all around the bridge of my nose have been VERY puffy looking and they feel squishy almost. please, someone help! i need them gone TOMORROW!

  35. Hmmm…. lets see… i usually have swollen eyes when i wake up, but sometimes it doesnt go away. To get rid of my swollen eyes in the morning, i usually take a shower, wash my face (with cold water) they WILL go away quicker if you don’t rub them! If it is to the point when you CANNOT open them, see a doctor quick.

  36. I just read the post above regarding Maybelline Mascara- Great Lash causing puffy eyes. Big WOW, because I just bought a new tube of the stuff a few days ago and now the last two mornings have woken up with swollen eyes. I’m going to try the other suggestions, but I think I’ll be throwing that stuff in the trash!!!

  37. obviously sleeping more reduces puffiness but put used teabags in the fridge over night then onto your eyes for 20 mins before you do your make up(unless your male!) sound weird but works for me!! x

  38. I’m not that much of a feminine guy really, it’s just that humans use their face to communicate and if some1 had cleftlip you wouldnt think of them as feminine for wanting to sort it out, it’s kind of how this is. It’s not that bad really, it wouldn’t stop you girls instantly falling in love with me, but when the light shines in the wrong direction it can look out of the ordinary. I’m probably in the wrong thread anyway, it’s not really puffy eyes. I have swollen areas about 2-3 inches below my eyes.

  39. For Rich & Julie, I also have the puffy areas at the top of my cheekbones, which depending on the light angle can disappear or look really awful. I don’t believe any of the remedies for puffy eyes are effective for this problem; I believe its tissue not fluid, thus the doctor’s advice for surgery. The only way I’ve found of diminishing their appearance is with makeup, darker in that area not lighter, which would only “highlight” them…sorry Rich.

  40. Who would have thought this is so commom, my eyelids have been on fire for a month, the itching is unbearable, I now look like a lizard, but I know that this always happens after a cold, I drink alot of lime juice, ginger and honey, I think I over did it, but I dont know what ingredient is the one that caused it, now I am afraid of all three.But, a combination of aloe vera juice, Q10 and also flax seed in your food help rid your body alleries, if that is the cause.

  41. i just wanted to say thanks. i have been struggling with swollen
    eyes for a couple of months. it was continually getting worse.
    i thought is was our cats. but then i read here about maybelline
    mascara. sure enough i stopped using it and the swelling has
    stopped, they still hurt a little but getting better. i never
    would have thought of the mascara. i was thinking of getting rid
    of the cats. thanks so much.

  42. hi kate

    is the eye cream from sephora called optimilogist? didn’t work for me either 🙁 don’t waste your money (it is expensive)

  43. Hey, everyone…I am plagued with dark circles, but, within the last 4 days, I caught a bad cold, and it affected my eyes, I have puffy eyes like I did when my parents died, and I have not been crying!!!!
    So I appreciate you all for all suggestions( I am going to try everything!) and I will let you all know what works for me!!

  44. usually when i get puffy eyes, it’s only one eye, and not the other. So i look somewhat assymetrical. Today they were so puffy that everyone kept asking me if i had been crying! puffy eyes are ugly and annoying!
    p.s- i tried the thing with the ice cubes and it didn’t help 🙁

  45. No tip, I have tried everything; cucumbers, honey and milk–which does make a nice face mask, ice cubes, cold rags, expensive eye creams, eye creams in the fridge, aloe vera, preparation H, cortisone, YOU NAME IT!!. I still have puffy eyelids AND under my eyes. I think it is genetic. I just ordered the eye cream that is linked to this page–Stripeptin. I figured why not, I’ve done everything else. The surgery that some were asking about is called blepharoplasty. Also, you can try botox which will appeart to lift the skin. I’ve tried that too! Anyway, it stinks having puffy eyes. I will post if the eyecream works.

  46. To Lana, I found another couple of things that seem to work at times, first is Arnica ointment, it works well to take down swelling if you get punched in the eye, I have tried it in the puffy eyelids overnight, not bad, and this Russian herb called Mumiyo, that just does wonders for overall stuff in your body. because it might just be a permanent inflamation of that area, which is not good, cause it will stretch the skin in that place..Also if you smoke, that will give you puffy eyelids. for sure.

  47. I have just started having puffy eyes. It is at the same time as a allergy to night shade foods (eggplant, tomato, peppers, potatoes) I am convinced that the two are related. What you eat affects how your body works, and the skin is our largest organ. Look at what you are putting into your body. If your body doesn’t like it it will eliminate it any way possible. #1 the skin. get all of those doctors to do allergy test instead of prescribing medications… good luck.

  48. …have read all your posts. thanks. i will try the remedies. because i work on the computer all the time, i feel the strain on my eyes – and have noticed my eyelids getting puffy.

    i literally have to pull myself from the computer when I start lookiing BAD. after a few days, i see some results, but then, eventually, i have to get back on.

    anybody have this experience?

  49. I started getting puffy eyelids when I changed to a different brand of mascara…all along I used Revlon and never had a problem…I decided to switch to Maybelline and the next day both of my eyes were completely swollen, red and itchy for like a week…I stopped using it and the puffiness went down…I used cucumbers, tea bags and a lot of cold water which helped…

  50. Has anyone tried an electric eye-zone massager mask? You wear it for 15 minutes and it causes the under eye bags to recede by draining the fluids away. You can literally feel the draining action at the back of your nose and throat. Also a great device called Tua Viso for tightening ****** muscles ( look it up on the internet), when applied at the top of the cheekbones , has the same action. Its working for me – slowly but surely.

    I was in New York recently , popped into a beauty shop on 5th Avenue ( should have known better) Was persuaded to buy a small pot of Freeze 24 for $100. Good for wrinkles , but useless for under eye bags. The shop assistant did say the bags are due to ‘inflammation”

  51. I have puffy eyes and it doesnt go away after the morning… Puffy eyes will make a good looking person un-attractive so i hope these remedies work for me… Wish me luck…

  52. I had a chalazion for many years and finally got it removed about 5 months ago. I got puffy eyelids here and there when I had a chalazion but since I got it removed I get puffy eyelids more often.
    What works for me is putting cold, wet, and clean washcloths on my eye for a few minutes.
    To avoid puffy eyes I don’t sleep with make-up or contacts on. Crying before I go to sleep has caused me puffy eyes a couple of times.

  53. hey guys
    i have a problem with red,flaky eyelids.its really gross and makes me extremly self concious.the cram im using doenst work mand if i cover it up with makeup it gets!

  54. To Alisa: Thanks for the tip, I will try both. I have not heard of the herb, I will look it up. I have recently been using a facial exerciser, very lightly. It does help some, but not completely. The Stripeptin did not work all that well for me. To Jessie: I was tested for allergies about 2 years ago…none. Good tip though.

  55. Drink lots and lots of water and there is a product on the market that you can cleanse the eyes with it comes in a bottle with two boxes of sterile cotton pads.
    An eye specialist recommended it to me I cannot think of the name but all pharmacists sell it and I found it helped my red puffy eyes.

  56. I quickly read through the tips here and wanted to add this: puffy eyes are also a symptom of infectious mononucleosis (just google it to find out more). I’ve just been diagnosed with it and it turned out it’s a very common disease, some people don’t even know they have it. And symptoms like tiredness and puffy eyes can go on for months… My puffy eyes are a bit better now thanks to less alcohol and salt and more water, sleep and leafy greens.

  57. Oh and what also seems to help, is trying to relax your face. All the time, night and day! It’s very hard to do and it takes effort and practice, but I can feel the skin around my eyes become more ‘one’ with the rest of my face, smoother so to say (you fellow-puffy eye sufferers will understand waht I mean).

  58. has anyone tried youthology eye gel? just saw an infomercial and would like to know if it works – and to what degree. thanks

  59. I had red, swollen, itchy eyes for months, I was even put in the hospital for 2 weeks with what the doctors diagnosed as cellulitus.
    I finally got help from a specialist that told me to rub 1% hydrocordizone cream on my eyelids 3 times per day for 5 days. The first day I used the cream my eyelids were better. I’ve spent and my insurance company around 30,000.00 for a cure, when all I needed was a 3.00 over the counter cream.

  60. this swollen eye thing probably started seriously within the last 4-6 months; after reading all of these posts I’m going to start with ditching the mascara – it could be the “new” $22 Lancome mascara I probably have been using for that amount of time – I figured it was probably a combination of factors; age (48), salt (yeah, too much), sleep (never enough!) and alcohol occasionally . . . it really sucks; like my eyelid disappears, not a pretty look and um where the **** to put the makeup??? I was afraid to use anything that has been in the freezer – I mean the skin around the eye is delicate; um, freezer burn anyone??? but some of the remedies sound worth giving a try – I don’t have much to offer at this point, but I will continue to read this post for more information, and if and when I find something that works I will post it – thanks to everyone for their input 🙂

  61. Yes, Cumcumbers work but not just sliced. Grate a piece of cucumber with a cheese grater. Wring out excess juice, but not all. Store in plastic bag in freezer. Ready to use when you need it.

  62. For the last 4 months I started to wake-up with bags under my eyes, sometimes really large ones. I bought 4 different eye creams, spent close to $200.00 nothing worked. So I read that tapping lightly under the eyes where the puffiness is would work. Apparently it releases the water build up. Well it worked for me! I am thrilled with the results. I gently tap under my eyes in the morning for a couple of minutes and before I go to bed. So far so good. My next move was going to be surgery.

  63. i had eye surgery almost a year ago to reduce the pufiness under my eyes and on my eye lids. God i look great..10 years younger but to my despair that lasted only 5 to 6 months only when my eyes start to have bags again. I watch my salt intake and i drink plenty of water, apply eye cream ( very expensive one ) but nothing works. Very very disapointing…

  64. Thanks to those above. My Maybelline mascara will be going STRAIGHT in the trash can tonight when I get home! The bags under my eyes are beginning to look so bad it looks like I’ve been hit. Lots of interesting tips above that I will also try.

  65. I get puffy eyes when I cry before I go to bed…..every time, I hate it! it ruins my entire day and makes me more tired. I also have the maybelline mascara… the trash, I haven’t noticed a puffy eye due to that, but I wont take any risks. I try the cold water and the tea, doesn’t so much work for me, also i also bought the expensive eye creams…..doesn’t work at all I don’t think. but all these tips have deffinantly saved my day! and made me not so sad about looking so gross…thanks!

  66. My biggest problem is that I love red wine. If I have a few glasses with dinner I wake up the next morning with puffy eyes. I noticed that one eye is more puffy than the other. After reading the previous post I now see why. Thanks for the tips, I’ll give them a try, just cant put the bottle down.

  67. Gently tap the under eye area and eye socket area from inner to outer corner and back again. Do it 5 times each side, morning and night, followed by a glass of water. This helps drain away toxins which cause the dark shadows and puffiness. Also, cutting out booze and caffeine for a few days will improve the appearance of eyes quite dramatically. Plenty of Sleep, but not too much, as this makes eyes look worse sometimes, and lie on your back if poss!

  68. I had no idea so many people had my problem, the pouches of whatever that collects about an inch unber the eyes, and yes one is worse then the other.
    I used vitamin E oil,(pure), and my eyes, after using this for many years swelled up top and bottom like balloons. I had to go to the doctor in sunglasses and they gave me to cortisone cream too, and 3 times a day for 5 days and it went away, now anything with vitamin E is taboo for me….but the bags are back, and surgury is booked…but I had tried a product with vitamin E in it that you injest, and I think that’s what did it again, (not quite so bad though) but looking for the source of the problem before the surgury so it never comes back.

  69. great tips. I tried: rolling your finger back and forth over the bags under your eyes, and it work some what and the day is not over yet, so that is great. I’m going to try tapping under my eye area and tapping 5 times on the eye socket from the inner to outer corner at night and in the morning, i can see this working, it makes sense. sometimes the creams is not the answer, its just an internal thing. I do have to say that my bags arent really that big, but I don’t want any bags. i have been using creams on my face since i was 16th and my skin is great, no wrinkles at 45 years of age, but the bags wont go away. i have to tell people never to use eye gels with drying agents, they dry the skin and wrinkles will pop out..

  70. I have another question to anyone out there, does anyone drink alot of carbonated spring water? I love President Choice Lime flavoured spring water and was drinking about 6 750ml bottles per day, maybe it’s the lime, the other girl was saying something about lime, maybe that’s it???

    Anyone any thoughts?

  71. Wow! GREAT site… thankx for all the tips! I went to see an opthomologist for the THIRD time yesterday and was finally given Tobradex for the swollen eyes (a combination of antibiotic and steroid). It seems to be helping, but is irritating also. I have found taking vit A with D is helpful internally and externally. I went to Whole Foods and was told that turmeric force by New Chapter is good for inflammation. I am also taking Quercetin in a product called Mirac… also for inflammation… more specifically inflammation from allergic reaction. I have also used bag balm around my eyes, but I am thinking that maybe the sulfur is a bit too harsh? I am looking for any suggestions of what to use to help with the ruff skin around the eyes once the inflammation goes down. My eyes seem to be very sensitive to everything.
    BTW… I did the tapping!! worked great!!

  72. I have had puffy eyes for about a year now. I have read these suggestions on this forum and I think the ice pack works the best for me. But I needed to get to the cause. In reading these tips, I think I have discovered that the reason for my puffy eyes is a combination of stress, lack of sleep and crying over a man. As I think back, I realize that I have been crying over the same man for two a years now. I ended the relationship 6 months ago and I have been trying now for about 4 months to get rid of my puffy eye….yes only one is puffy….the left one! It’s not too bad and is getting better….I strongly suggest 8 hours of sleep and icing regularly. And most importantly, if you are crying over a man….get out before it really takes a toll on you! Good luck!

  73. I’ve always had puffy eyes – even as a young child my eyes were affected really badly if I cried – but for the past few weeks they’ve been particularly bad. I’ve been to the doctor’s three times in the past week only to be told its because of my age, and perhaps I should consider surgery – apart from that, no advice at all. I’m so desperate to look normal again that I’ve booked an appointment with a plastic surgeon …… only problem is, I’ve heard that if you have sensitive eyes, which I obviously have, they might refuse to do the surgery. Anybody know anything about that? By the way I’ve tried absolutely everything to help my swelling – to no avail. The only thing that helps at all is to cover my eyes up with sunglasses – which is fine when the suns shining…..
    Oh, one thing I hadn’t tried before is the tapping…. shall have a go with that!!!

  74. I have been having insanely puffy eyelids for a few weeks now and my eyes have also been itchy. I actually looked up that this is a symptom of autoimmune thyroid disease. I have a few more of the symptoms, so I’m going to an endocrinologist to see if he can help. Also, one of the autoimmune thyroid diseases is Graves Disease which is actually prevalent in women and is known for causing swollen and puffy eyelids. Just a thought for those who these tips aren’t working for, you may want to get a blood test and see if you have a thyroid disease.

  75. I was stroking my next door neighbour’s cat and my eye began to really itch. I had no idea I was having an allergic reaction to her. I was rubbing my eye like **** and constantly wiping it with a tissue because it wouldn’t stop weeping.

    About half an hour later when my husband entered the room he said “Omigod, you look like you’ve had two rounds with Mike Tyson!” I looked in the mirror and to my horror saw that my eyeball was hardly visible but the area around it was bulging out.

    I quickly washed my eye out with cold water and pressed a frozen bag of peas on it. The bag of peas was very uncomfortable to hold on my eye for more than 3 seconds so I gave up and hoped that if I go to bed and get a good night’s sleep the swelling will have gone down by the morning.

    Morning arrived and my eye didn’t look too much better so I came onto this website to find out what to do. I was drawn to the tip that read: “Soak cotton-wool pads in a bowl of ice-cold milk and then squeeze most of the liquid out. Place the pads on your eyes and repeat as they warm up for about 15 minutes. This will also brighten the white in your eye”.

    So I tried the cold milk theory and within about an hour of doing so my eye had drastically reformed to normality. Therefore, I now what to do if it happens again. Either that or stay away from next door’s cat!

    I hope that anyone reading about my experience can relate to it and/or gain some help from it. xxx

  76. This site is fabulous! I’m 48 and have always HATED my eyes… I have always had a puff, then a black recession part.. and more puff…. Well, at 32 I had eye surgery.. twice! I told the doc not to pull the eyes too tight and it wasn’t enough… but the whole thing did NOT fix my problem.. in fact, I think it made my skin and eye area look worse.. so for many of you out there.. think twice.seriously.. it didn’t solve my problem…
    So I am a real health nut and beauty product lover… I have done some auyervedic cleanses ( like a 7 day cleanse).. and I have found that during that time my under eye area looks AMAZING… but the moment I go back to regular eating, the puffs are back… I eat no salt on a regular basis.. and no added sugar… and I have switched from coffee/sugar/ cream in the mornings to just green tea and stevia… but the puffs really aren’t better, which I thought they would be. So about 2 years ago I started drinking red wine, and I have to say that I think the red wine in the evenings is a BAD thing… I think I am going to stop that except on the weekends… Also, I just ordered a new eye cream that had great reviews on the web.. it’s called Eyevive.. and I’m NOT impressed… and you do NOT get your money back as they say.. so do not order Eyevive..and do not order Remede’ from Sephora.. doesn’t work.. and neither does Creme de La Mar…. god I am such a sucker for a miracle in the jar or tube…. SO.. I think it all has to do with diet, personally…and I am about to get serious about doing my all raw food diet, which means no coffee… maybe even no caffine in the way of green tea.. no sugar.. no cooked oil… no nightshade veggies… I am SERIOUS about getting to the bottom of this because it bugs me … I know this is radical.. but I at least want to know why I have the puffy eyes….. so.. email me if you want to know how it is going or just talk about this in general… my email is: … notice there is no “e” in cybr…. so if any of you find a solution, please let me know!!


  78. I had an allergic reaction to something (possibly my eye makeup removal cream)and woke up with very puffy bags under my eyes. It added ten years to my face. Over several days by using a variety of techniques, I was able to remove all the puffiness. The cold tea compresses felt great and helped a lot. I also gently dabbed arnica cream under my eyes. It brings down swelling because it’s used for bruising. Be sure that none of it gets in your eyes. You really need to nurse that under-eye skin. It’s very thin and, I think, becomes more sensitive with aging. Once my eyes came back to normal, I splurged and bought some Andrew Weill, MD, eye cream made for Origins. It’s really top flight stuff made with mushroom extract, etc. I have been happy with it.

  79. I’ve tried the stripepin pe for a month now and noticed very little improvement. I believe after three months I can say with better confidence about this product. BUT what I’ve noticed was that my eyes became co-dependent on this product. WIthout use, my eyes were worse then when i first started off. Please be aware that there is no natural ingredient in this product and has a very strong odor. Also, the product has no consistency in the thickness of the cream and the amount is very disappointing, when you expect to at least have the cream fill up more than half. I personally do not recommend it.

  80. My eyelids have been red, swollen & itcy for 3 weeks now. Allergy Dr treating me with Prednizone which worked but came back as soon as stopped. Was blaming it on my two pups for bringing molds & tree spores in (I’m highly allergic to trees & mold) but then read about the Maybelline Mascara. I had recently purchased some. I’ve used it before without problems so didn’t think that was it, but IF they are trying new ingredients…just now THREW THE 2 tubes out! We’ll see whaat happens now.

  81. For Sherrianne, about the rough skin around the eyes, I was told by a plastic surgeons nurse, just dab some vaseline at night and it goes away….but make sure you don’t dab it right under neath your eyes, at least a inch (minimum)away.

  82. Hey Barb,

    Thanks for the tip about Dr. Weils’ eye cream, I went out to get one to try too. The girl that sold it to me says it’s a huge seller and she uses it, and it lasts close to 2 years, and she swears by it. And also another possibility for my swelling is eggs. I have cut them out for 2 days now and have notice a huge difference. The lady that sold me the cream said she had the same problem, and that she now buys organic eggs and doesn’t have the swelling anymore.

  83. In a recent Newsweek magazine there is an advertisement for a product called Hydrolyze ( I am wondering if anyone has tried this and had results particularly for puffiness, rather than for dark circles or wrinkles.

    I am 32 and have had puffy eyes for as long as I can remember and for the first time in my life am considering trying something to reduce the puffiness. I have always followed a very healthy lifestyle but find that regardless of how healthy I am the puffiness persists. Observations I have made are that drinking or eating dinner by 5:30pm (which is, sadly, very hard to do) and nothing again before bed has a positive effect, and the closer my meal is to the time I go to bed the puffier my eyes are in the morning. And, of course, sleeping enough helps wake up looking refreshed.

    This website is great, by the way… so thank you all for contributing!

  84. I’m 13 and I have basically had this problem for as long as i remember
    theres not really any puff under my eye
    they are slightly puffy eyelids but it in basically every photo
    it looks half shut =(
    I would love to find a solution soon (no surgery way xD)
    So if anyone knows
    please say

  85. Ok, just an update for you all…
    I switched my diet …. I went back to The Blood Type Diet ( … the book on that is Eat Right For Your Type.
    My blood type is type O, so that means I am supposed to eat a lot of veggies ( not all, you have to look at the book) and small portions of protein, especially beef. So, I started eating more salads with romaine lettuce and fresh raw turnip greens( I love these) with good quality browned ground beef.. lots of olive oil.. and salt! believe it or not… basically more salad for dinner with olive oil and some raw nuts….
    I had been making this thing in the oven that I cook ahead.. it has olive oil in it.. and I was eating that for dinner and also some leftovers for lunch. I think the cooked oil / leftover combination was really clogging up my system. Since I started back on this, my skin has cleared up and I’m back to zero pimples.. I can hardly see my pores my skin is so clear.. and my eyes are VERY smooth and no feeling of puffiness or inflamation. I have also cut out fruit except for an occasional apple or a few dried figs…
    I can’t believe I have been using salt, drinking a glass of red wine, and having some coffee in the morning and still do NOT have puffiness once I switched back to The Blood Type Diet… it really is amazing… sooo.. my eye problem is gone!

  86. Just wanted to let you all know that I tried using Preparation H and it did not work. I left it on for over an hour with no change. I always have puffy eyelids leftover from crying – even the next day (which is not one of the listed causes of puffy eyes above). I have tried it all – frozen spoons, tea bags, gels/creams – so any other suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

  87. I have really puffy eyes under my eyelids when i wake up and it is soooooooo embarrising at school. Help! My eyes are half closed!!!!!!!

  88. Had puffy eyes for a year now, after not drinking water and the stress of doing my homework after 7 hours of gaming. Poor me… used to look so hot. Try to soak your face daily 5 minutes a day with cold water for one week. did the trick for me 😛

  89. im 13 i have puffy dark eyes since i can remember, im always going to church camps, sleepovers, a night at the beach and all those outings there is no sleep and now that summer is coming thats all i will be doing…any way to help or even remove puffy dark eyes from my life??? i also have kinda saggy under eyes that seem to never go away even in the latter day.

  90. update for you all…
    I quit preparing foods with cooked oils.. specifically olive oil…. I was doing a lot of cooking with olive oil, and since I have quit ingesting the cooked oils I seem to have no more inflammation around the eyes.
    I bought some stuff called Eyevive and was quite disappointed with it.. it was about $76 and did nothing, as most creams…. so you think the dr. weil stuff is good?
    hmm.. about eggs.. I never eat them, but I just had two this morning! I’ll keep a watch!

  91. i tried rubbing a small amount of yogurt under my eyes and it helped but everybody’s skin is different.

    hope it works for you!!!

  92. i use an OTC product called Sudden Change easily purchased at a drug store……… works for a couple of hours then you have to reapply. The product is not stable as once you are half way through it, it chalks up and leaves white deposits under your eyes. It is pricey kind of. a small unit is about $6 and the larger one is $12. I t beats having puffy under eyes.

  93. Vie: I did try the Youthology (having been happy with my only other infomerical purchase, Proactive). It does work for a several hours. I have never kept it on for a typical workday. If you need it for special occasions, I recommend it. Practice the application once or twice before you go in public because you don’t want to end up with white flakes. For as little as I use it, the price was right and they also sent some other goodies. Its like a mild glue but its comfortable. You will see the results nearly instantly and that is pretty cool.

    I have just one eye that gets puffy. Looks like I have been crying when I have not. It seems to be worse since I had Lasik but I think my glasses used to hide it. I read a tip about using a bag of frozen peas as a cold pack. It only provides minimal relief of the puffiness. I do drink a lot of coffee (and some beer) and my salt intake is probably higher than it should be. I guess I have to give up my vices for the sake of vanity. I am self-conscious and often don sunglasses when I run errands. As as lawyer, I can’t get away with sunglasses in court, hence my interest in these posts.

  94. Hey errm this isn’t really a tip but more of a want for tips if that makes sense? Basicallyyy, i’ve had a swollen eye (left) for about a year and a month!!! I have dark skin if that makes any difference to what I should do to it? =S
    Stilll, answers are greatlyyy appreciated-I’ve tried eye drops (isotop I think it’s called), I’ve tried cold compress, warm compress…pleasee help lol.

    Thanks 🙂
    Hugs and kisses
    Margherita x o x o x o

  95. more stuff on eyes…
    I have learned so much! Cooked oils are definitely a NO.. as are natural raw oils IF you are eating sugar in anything.. fruit, wheat, breads.. etc… Currently I’m following the 80/10/10 Diet….. eating a ton of fruit and raw veggies on this… NO oils… my skin is crystal clear and zero PUFFY EYES!! no bloating.. no dark circles…. this is wonderful! it’s very hard to eat this way, but it’s worth it if you want to make those puffs, pimples and dark circles go away!

  96. Warm compress does work for some people I think. It worked for me-for a few days now inside my lower eye lid (the area where they check for anaemia) sort of in the middle but more to my left side, there’s a red patch there and it hurts if I squint my eye or touch the outside of that part i.e the lower eye lid itself. I tried warm compress (got a towel, bolied water-poured the boiling water on to a section of the towel and then held it over my eye) and the swelling of the lower lid has gone down, it wasn’t too swelled up before though? And the slight pain is still there. And the red mark inside? Would anyone happen to know what that red mark is?
    To Jane: The girl who said her eyes are so puffy that they’re half closed-do your eyes hurt? If they do then use ice-that would numb the pain which could actually be the cause of them puffing. If not then try warm compress like I did.

    Thanks and hope that this helps
    x o x o x o

  97. I don’t have a tip, but would like to know if anyone shares my specific problem. Both eyelids swollen, one more than the other. Some flaky dryness on lids (one worse than the other). Mild to moderate itchiness (not always present) and wateriness. Much worse in morning; does not totally subside by evening. Cold spoons, cucumbers, ice packs, etc. do not seem to work. I believe I have predisposition to baggy eyes due to aging (39 y.o.), smoking moderately for 10+ years, drinking, sleeping on my face (I know this is a factor as the side on which I have slept for years is worse than the other; if you are in your twenties or early thirties: stop sleeping on your face NOW.). Have had morning puffiness over the past several months. So age and behavior catching up. The latest flare up is allergy related I think. I moved to a high-pollen area. I have tried Claritin and Benadryl, both with minor help. Still after a few days no total relief. I am so afraid I will look like this forever! I do not have money for expensive doctors and surgeries. Thank you for any advice/encouragement.

  98. “im 13 i have puffy dark eyes since i can remember”
    Sarah it sounds like you have to change your eating habits. If you are eating a lot of junk food and fast food you may not be getting proper nutrition. This will cause your skin to be saggy and you will have dark circles under your eyes. Eat more raw veggies and stay away from McDonalds and prepackaged foods. Drink water, not sodas and sports drinks. Those sports drinks are nothing but empty calories and salt.

  99. Update for you all…. yes, it’s the cooked oils.. things like heated olive oil, heated butter… those things really clog up the system and when you add sugar into the mix ( and I mean anything that turns into sugar in the body.. fruits, starches like potatoes, rice, grains) then when you wake up your eyes are REALLY puffy !
    I’ve been seriously watching what I’ve been eating.. and sort of experimenting…. and each time I add a lot of fat to a meal then my undereye area ends up really puffy in the morning.
    So, I’ve been controlling my eyes through diet… haven’t found a cream that works.. but my undereyes look GREAT!

  100. just laugh often…
    your face will be brighter and your eye bags will shy out to appear.

    rock up!

  101. forget the hemorroid cream solution. i’ve read about it in glamour magazines as well and tried it several times. i ended up with a very irritating rash around my eye. the dermatologist asked me if i had used any anti-inflammatory things on my face. i jokingly told her i tried hemorroid cream and she to my surprise told me that that was the culprit. months later, and with medication, and it’s only now going down. don’t use it.

  102. there is a tradition of cleansing that is de-toxing your eyes in a particular way in India will address this problem. Take water full mouth as much as possible till the time your cheeks starts looking like a full blown balloon and wash your eyes in cold water, this will release the muscles and adress this problems immedietly. let me know if this works for you

  103. 49 yr old black female with hypothroidsm, and have been dealing with puffy eyes for 2 years.
    A mild smoker, and quitting as we speak. I have tried warm compress,$50.00 creams, cold towels, etc. I think it may be related to the throidism and the smoking for all these years . Does any one have any feed back on what i can do to help eliminate these eye bags.

  104. The three tips that worked for me were: (1) cut down on alcohol (2) hydrate w/plenty of water, (3) sleep w/head elevated.

  105. TO VICTORIA, JUNE 23: Your eyelid irritation sounds like a form of blepharitis (inflammation of eyelids which have a little colony of bacteria throwing a party and getting rowdy at your expense). From my eye doctor, she says to simply wash your eyelids with diluted Johnson’s Baby Shampoo 1 to 2 times daily. Put a dot on a very wet washcloth, lather, and apply it directly to the edge of your eyelids–you can pull them up/down to get to the edges or just go in a circular motion with the washcloth against the edges of your eyelid. RINSE WELL because it will sting a little bit from the soap. Not only does this work for getting rid of unwanted bacteria causing eyelid sensitivity, but it is my cure of choice for the occasional “stye” on an eyelid (usually in the inside corner or bottom lid of my eyelid), and was also my optometrist’s suggestion. A stye is simply a clogged pore, like a pimple on your eyelid. Washing with baby shampoo works wonders for the stye, gets rid of it in a day or two, and is really cheap too. Hope this helps.

  106. I have puffy eyes too 🙁 I have tried the eyevive cream (which didn’t work), cucumbers, cold spoons, ice cubes, preparation h (for 5 days – didn’t work). Im desperate, i don’t know what to do . I have no allergies so i guess for me must be water retention (as i gave birth 4 months ago and since then i have this puffy eyes.) They disappeared for a week and then came back again.
    I appreciate all your tips and reccomandations. Im now on water balance pills and im gonna try cutting on oils, eggs, tomatoes.
    If anything will work for me i will let you know!
    Good luck to you all!!

  107. am 29, from last couple of yrs i observed my eyes are getting more and more baggy day by day..(i was a regular drinker), i went to couple of eyes specialist and physicians as well they did all the tests
    (KFT/Thyroid/ECG). It kept growing, i dint know the cause and i never bothered to search on net as well. I dint find one person out of 1000 with same kind of eyes :-)..

    Now bags underneith my eyes and little on the upper side is permanent… i saw one cosmo surgeon..and as per him there is a small cosmetic surgury, where surgoen will cut ur eye lids and take out the fat..

    I have left drinking/reduced salt consumption/taking 7 to 8 lts water everyday and also i am using elevated pillow also do yogas..

    Mine is not growing anymore..thanks to precautions i am taking..else the way it was growing it would’ve been busted..

    If you have extra weight try to reduce that as well. parellely fat under ur eyes will also decrease, though it wont disappear..

    My gf is most bothered about my eyes though.. 🙂

    I have taken this seriously earlier, but now i am not that much bothered.

    All the best to all of you…your eyes are the best in the world an unique in thousands as well 😉

  108. Put two spoons in the freezer for a while,when you take them out,put the spoons on the puffiness(under the eyes) but not the eye.

  109. I like my cocktails at night. But I’m a teacher and I can’t look like I like my cocktails at night. My eyes are a true give-away. Even when I can minimize the puffiness, the redness comes back by lunch. Eye drops are a temporary (maybe 2 hour) fix. Any ideas?

  110. Hi, My friend used a reputed under eye cream for dark circles and gained itching, allergy. slight inflammation under eyes. She quitted the use but worried about the irritation. Please help

  111. I have had puffy eyes in the AM for a couple years now. A friend mentioned the problem when he was in the hospital freshly diagnosed with diabetes, heart problems and kidney failure. I too have diabetes so started wondering about a coorelation there. Recently having gone on a diet my eyes have not been puffy. So I think it was a combination of dehydration, excess sodium in my diet and the diabetes. My blood sugars are very good when I am on the diet and of course drinking lots of water is part of it. People have been saying how much weight I have lost, being only 20lbs I wonder if I look better because my eyelids are no longer the size of lemons!

  112. ive tried every, like actually everything, and no matter what it wont go away, im so frustrated and discouraged in the mornings, ive bought eye products that will decrease the puffyness, that didnt work, ive bought products that will slowly over time completly banish puffy eyes, that also did not work, ive tried sleeping on my back with my pillow elivated, didnt work, ive tried ice cubes, cucumber potatoes, ice masks, everything, and nothing works, im super emmbarresed to go out in public when my eyes are puffy, what on earth do i do??

  113. My puffy eyes are definitely environmental. They started when I moved into this apartment and I look hideous. I stayed at a hotel last week for a sales meeting and by day two my eyes were beautiful and normal-sized again. When I got home my eyes started itching again, my nose started stuffing up, and by morning my eyes were huge.

    I’m going to the allergy doctor on Monday, and I’ve asked the landlord if there were pets in the apartment before I moved in last month, but nothing of the sort. I think it might be the paint. I’ve been here nearly 2 months and I can still smell the paint on the walls. That, or the peace lily I bought to eat up the VOCs from the paint on the wall. I have hardwood floors so it’s not from carpet.

    I don’t know. I already take Zyrtec every day for skin allergies, but it doesn’t help my eye problem, I don’t know how I’m going to fix this. After staying in the hotel I was shocked at how different I looked. I’ve been puffy for so long I forgot how much better I look when my eyes look normal. It really makes me sad.

  114. I came down with a cold 10 days which I got from my boyfriend. It started in my throat and then went up to my nose and sinuses. I was congested and blowing my nose a lot and had runny eyes. Since about 4 days ago I am no longer congested but I still feel a bit run down and now my eyes are puffy. The lids are puffy and under my eyes are also not normal. I do live in an area surrounded by a lot of trees, plants and flowers in southern california. I have never had allergies before but I’m wondering if my cold weakend my system and then I was more suseptible to them? My eyes are not red and are not watering. They are just puffy and I feel run down. I have had conjunctivitis before but I was told that it is not that because I do not have any discharge. My eyes are glossy but not watering. any feedback much appreciated.

  115. I have had allergies since i was born, I am basically allercic to everything, except food. i usually get the swollen eyes so bad i cant see, they look like golf balls. One time it was so bad my actual eye was swollen around my pupil and i had to go to the hoptital. Usually they go away after i put eye drops in and sleep a night. And usually i know where they come from, whether it be from dusting, hay, or small animals. Yesterday, however, I just randomly started sneezing and my eyes got really puffy. This happened in a few years. So i put in the eye drops and went to sleep but this morning, my eyes are still really puffy and a little wrinkly. I have also built up an immunity to Benadryl and Claritin. I am trying my hand ad Zyrtec now. Does anyone know why the swelling didn’t go down this time? And why they are wrinky?

  116. Victoria, I had the same problem. Eyelids were swollen and flakey. I went to the dermitoligist and she immediatly said it was a allergy to fingernail polish(an ingrediant in). I have been polishing my nails since I was 12 and never had a problem. I started getting gel nails and it had not happened since.

  117. I am 13 and last year whenever it will turn to Summer the end of the year My eyelid would get swollen.AT first it woulf be on eye lid, not bad. Then it will turn into both eyelids really bad. And this year,two days ago, my lips were really itchy and the next day my eyes were swollen the lids, i just put ice, but since i know myself i know that it wouldbget worse, i couldn’t go to school today because of how terreible it looks, its even swollen in the bottom eyelid also. I put ice, but nothing is working=/

  118. i get puffy eyes every morning,i hate it so much even wheni put make up on it still looks so ugly,,i dont frink alot of water but am not dehydrated either,plz give me an advice ,how to get rid of puffy eyes

  119. i am 12 years old and i’ve always had dark circles under my eyes. but lately they are really bad. they are slightly red and itchy and quite puffy. do you think i am allergic to anything? (i was allergic to pure wool when i was younger but ive grown out of it)

  120. For the past week I have been waking up with puffy eyes. I think it was an allergic reaction to my new acne medicine. I stopped using it and every time I wake up they are still puffy. As the day goes on it is not as bad, but it is annoying. What do I do?

  121. I am 19 years old and ever since i was a young girl i have always had dark circles under my eyes and they sit just above my cheek bones i jst want to know… because i have almost tried everything… how do i know if they are hereditary… especially if no one else in my family tree has the same problem!? help!

  122. My eyes have been swollen and flakey for the past couple of days but I have no idea what caused it. I’ve never had this before. I thought what caused it was me crying for hours one night because the next morning I woke up with the swollen eyes, but it hasn’t gone away. and i havent worn makeup this whole week. Im lost. please help. going to school is kindof embarassing. I look like E.T


    Hi everybody. I suffered from puffy eyes which went down and left in their place bright red areas under each eye and dryness. The problem would happen for about a week, then they would be fine for a couple of weeks, then it would come back again. I got really bogged down with this. Went to my doctor each time, and they just gave me the whole “you must be allergic to your makeup” etc and kept prescribing me with more and more moisturiser. Eventually, I came off the contraceptive pill figuring that that is the only thing I hadn’t tried and now i’ve never had the problem back since! Just something to consider if any of you are taking this. Sara x

  124. Im 13 years old i cry almost evry day because i miss my boyfriend that left. We are still together but i stil miss his hugs and kisses ever day that i wake up i get puffy eyes and nothing works for me plz help me 🙁

  125. I’m 14, and have had seriously baaad puffy eyes for suuuch a loong time, liiike, it started off while i was on holiday like two years agooo – in the summer holidays, and we went to a reeally hot n sandy country – and yeahh, my sleeping habits were a bit off, bt still – was pritty much still getting enough sleep etc, but liiike, ever siince, i’ve dad reeeally puffy eyes, and liiike, they get worse over time, like, at first, they were just the top eyelids, and then it was the bottom ones as well, and i reeally dont kno what to doo, because theyr not liike this just in the morning, but rather like, coonstantly, throughout the daay – soo anyhelp anyone? Because it seems like all the advice is for those who only had puffy eyes in the morning kinda thing, soo, yhh, :S (:

  126. Hi, im 13 and I have no idea what happened. I just woke up last Sunday and my eyes were all dry, puffy and swollen! its Saturday and it just gets worse and worse!!!! D: I cant stand it anymore!!!!!!!! HELP!

  127. I have had puffy eyes every morning since i was 13 and now i’m 25 and still get it. It goes away after I take a shower and move around. I’ve tried everything and went to doctors but nothing really worked. I notice it is bad when I am about to get my period and when I’m stressed out. Also what seems to help is taking a steamy shower and putting anti puff eye cream on after, drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day and doing yoga or exercise to get your circulation going. Oh and stay off of salty foods!

  128. Tnx for ya all out there i thought i wuz alone. Im gonna be 41 this year n never had any facial skin problems n bout 4mths back under my lower eyelid i deloveped alot of red,puffy,dry itchy irritated patches. I’ve been on lithiun for da past 11yrs, i do drink alot of water, my relationship is not that great so I do alot of cryn, sleep comes n goes, drinkin alochol is not an issue and I’ve tried expensive creams n over da counter notin seems to work!!!!!! a n d ointment is da best so far. I look like a monster n its so hard to deal with any response will be gladly appriciated n considered. take care n be good to ure self. Tinamarie P

  129. I am 14 years old and whenever i wake up i always get puffy eyes. Especially if i have been crying the night before, and to get rid of puffy eyes i put two slices of cucumbers of my eyes. and get a face cloth and wet it with cold water. and then by the time you go to school or whatever you eyes wont be puffy! 😀 And i don’t drink a lot of water so that is probably why i always get puffy eyes in the morning, so drink lots of water!!!!

    p.s. putting a cold damp face cloth of your eyes really does work!

  130. I am 43 years old and get puffy eyes when I wake up. Puffiness disappears by the time I take bath. There is no other problem from puffiness other than appearance. I have noticed puffiness occurs when I drink alcohol the previous night or do not sleep well.

  131. I have had puffiness under both eyes. like small sacks containing fluid, now under my right eye within the puffiness you can see a nerve continually flickering, this has been happening for about 4 days, spoken to nurse who says no need to be concerned, however, it is beginning to worry me, any tips??

  132. Hi i am 28 and usually suffers from migraine.Whenever i use pills such as aleve, excedrin and advil i get an allergic reaction where my eyes swells.It usually takes about 2 days for the swelling to disappear.This doesnt happen when i use the regular aspirin.Any advice would be appreciated.

  133. I took some pre-workout supplements called nitrix made by bsn. while working out with my buddies. they decided to have an arm wrestling contest. i armwrestled furiously for two to three minutes. as i was doing so, i clinched my eyes really hard throughout the arm wrestling. afterward my eyes were bloodshot, and my upper and lower eyelids looked bruised with red arteries or arterioles showing and not going away. please let me know what i can do to remedy this…

  134. Ihad puffy eyes for years until recently. The problem occurs for many reasons, lack of sleep, alcohol, dry eyes, allergies etc etc. What I’ve found is that being careful not to get my face wash / shampoo near my eyes and never getting moisturizer near the delicate eye area really helps. Previously I would have moisturised there thinking it helped however it was the cause! The moisturiser has a high moisture content (obviously, i know)and osmosis occurrs, the moisture is drawn in around the eye and makes it puffy. I dont get foundation near my eyes anymore either, instead I use concealer around the eyes. On dry eye days I use eye drops to lubricate my eyes and I never ever rub them. These are all small measures but you see results quickly.

  135. Just realized yesterday when I was taking off my make-up that my under eyes were red and they hurt, I don’t know why, or how to get rid of them!!!

  136. I suffer from puffy eyes in the summer and fall from allergies. I take xyzal and they still stay puffy and dark, any ideas to help me out???

  137. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any tips on how to get rid of swollen/puffy eyes from Hyperthyroidism. I stay pretty hydrated, avoid salty food and apply a cold bag of peas to my eyes on a daily basis. One of my eyes is also slightly protruding. Any ideas on how to get rid of that too… Please help!

  138. My swollen eyes come back when the weather cools- itchy,red,swollen– I’m allergic to eye drops- my biggest aggravation is that, now at 50. the wrinkles are hugely evident. I’ve been using Neutragena eye cream- and yes, I’m careful
    about cosmetics-. Any of you feel my pain?

  139. I have done nothing for over a week now because of my eyes…too embarrassed to go out without a ton of make up to cover this stuff. It started out with an itch on my left eyelid, within 2 days both eyelids were swollen, then I developed huge bags under my eyes. Being unemployed/uninsured, I tried everything but as of today I still look like a freak.From what I’ve read about doctors, it doesn’t sound like they are helping much. I turned 53 last Sunday and people used to say I looked much younger but now I look 73+.I have had eczema on my hands many times(feet once), tried eczema cream on eyes. Not sure it’s eczema since there was no improvement. Had a job interview this past Friday but they cancelled until Monday. I was hoping to look better by then. At a loss on what to try next, any suggestions?

  140. In answer to Beatrice’s question, i get the same thing, if i have had a fair few pints the night before and i then go for a bath in the evening i find that on most occassions my left eye only will start to itch in the corner, if i dare to scratch it you can see the upper skin above the eyeball swell up in about 15 seconds and then the skin below the eye goes the same as well, liquid in there. I have only found out recentley that in my case it is dehydration, if i drink a pint of water half an hour before having a bath it does not happen. Having said all this i have found on rare occassions if i have been sweating in the garden and only slightly thirsty the same can happen, but booze the night before does make it worse. The worst thing is that it takes 3 days to go back to normal.As i have said before in my case it is not drinking enough fluid.

  141. I am 49 and my eyes have absolutely no wrinkles or puffiness at all. I look like a friggin movie star. And yet I’ve never taken especially good care of myself. I guess it’s just genetic.

  142. Hi, I’m 15 and i have superrrrr serious puffy AND dark bags under my eyes! My top eyelids are also puffy, too. I have astigmatism, I’m not sure if the shapee of my eye is affecting my eye bags because I have my aunt has the same case, just not as worse sursprisingly. I have desperatley been looking for a treatment! I can’t get surgery untill I’m older & i have tried natural remedies like cocumbers, potatoes, tea bags, cold spoons and even skin whitening cream & NOTHING has worked. Everyone asks me at what time I slept last night ’cause I look so tired or tell me to stop driking or doing drugs when I don’t sleep late or drink/do drugs! I’m really concerned :c I will try these things hoping this can work at least a little.

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